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Standard Bred 7/30/07 'Model' to Clinton Raceway

The Record 7/25/07 A model for others

Regina Leader-Post 7/21/07 That winning smile

Jam! 7/21/07 'Top Model' winner aims to succeed

Metro 7/20/07 Rebecca ready for challenge

Reality TV Calendar 7/19/07 The Final "Real World" Rankings

Jam! 7/19/07 'Canada's Next Top Model' crowned

Metro 7/19/07 ‘High fashion’ look wins

Jam! 7/12/07 'Top Model' contestant Cori says she's not as weak as show portrays

Metro 7/12/07 Twenty minutes of Cori-hating

Reality TV Calendar 7/5/07 Ranking The Top 5, Again!

Metro 7/5/07 Top models dish out cruelty on Cori

Reality TV Calendar 7/2/07 Ranking The Top 5

Metro 6/29/07 Heartbreak hits for Mo

Jam! 6/28/07 'Canada's Next Top Model' boots Mo

Metro 6/28/07 Models told just to be themselves

Metro 6/22/07 I lost my shot: Gina

Jam! 6/22/07 'Top Model' a Maxim-type gal

Metro 6/21/07 More shouting, more crying

Toronto Sun 6/20/07 Top Model CariDee has long, sweeping blond hair, sparkling green eyes, and ... the heartbreak of psoriasis

Cornwall Standard Freeholder 6/15/07 Cornwall model removed from TV show

Metro 6/15/07 Octopus tears were real: Booted hopeful

Jam! 6/15/07 Beker diss costs Top Model

Metro 6/14/07 Leg razor commercial proves bit too much of a challenge

Ottawa Citizen 6/14/07 Cornwall teen off the runway at Top Model

Daily News 6/13/07 Canada's Next Top Model looks, sounds better

Metro 6/8/07 Top Model oustee might just be too sweet

Reality TV Calendar 6/7/07 Ranking The Top 8

Channel Canada 6/7/07 Second Girl Eliminated from "Canada's Next Top Model"

Metro 6/7/07 Top Model’s odd pairing of girls and live seafood

National Post 6/6/07 He's a man for all models 6/4/07 Model from Val Caron wows judges of Canada's Next Top Model

Jam! 6/2/07 'Top Model' has hot Canuck start

Sudbury Star 6/2/07 Val Caron girl vies to be TV's next 'it' girl

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/07 Ranking The Top 9

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/07 Getting Naked At Club Schmooze: Episode 1 Recap

Metro 5/31/07 Top Model ushers in pretty girls

Northern Life 5/31/07 Model from Val Caron wows judges of Canada's Next Top Model

Metro 5/31/07 Iman has designs on show

Reality TV Calendar 5/28/07 Here's The Initial Rankings

Edmonton Journal 5/27/07 Power to the models

Toronto Star 5/24/07 He's raising eyebrows

Now Toronto 5/24/07 Canada's next top ego

CTV 5/10/07 Jay Manuel to host 'Canada's Next Top Model'

Standard Freeholder 5/9/07 Groulx vying to become a top model

Jam! 5/2/07 Canadian 'Top Model' begins again

Canada NewsWire 5/1/07 Citytv Reveals the 10 finalists in the running to become "Canada's Next Top Model" with host Jay Manuel

Channel Canada 3/26/07 Check out who will be Canada's Next Top Model

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Judges Announced for Season 2 of Canada's Next Top Model

Celebrity Spider 11/21/06 Jay Manuel From America's Next Top Model to Host Canada's Next Top Model

Reality TV Links 11/20/06 Casting Call - Canada's Next Top Model

Jam! 11/2/06 'Top Model' disillusioned by industry

Toronto Star 11/1/06 New host lands on the runway

Metro 11/1/06 Top Model's Manuel to host Canada's version of show

Jam! 10/31/06 Manuel to host Canadian 'Top Model' 10/31/06 Canada's Next Top Model gets a new host

Metro 7/21/06 Top Model Forges Ahead

Reality Shack 7/20/06 It's Bound to End In Tears - Canada's Next Top Model, Finale

Jam! 7/20/06 'Canada's Next Top Model' named

Toronto Star 7/20/06 'Too thin' Andrea next top model

Jam! 7/18/06 Remaining contestants are all strong, says 'Model' judge

Reality Shack 7/14/06 A Suitcase of Candy & A Ton of Cheese - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 7

Metro 7/14/06 ‘I was stunned’: ousted model

Jam! 7/8/06 'Top Model' judge on divas, disasters

Metro 7/7/06 ‘It was a surprise,’ ousted model says

Jam! 7/7/06 Ousted 'Model' looks older on TV

Reality Shack 7/6/06 Up Close and (Way Too) Personal! - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 6

Metro 7/6/06 Mortified model stresses over body

Jam! 6/30/06 'Top Model' Tenika not picture perfect

Metro 6/30/06 Tenika bounces back from Next Top Model

Reality Shack 6/29/06 A Gothic Tale of Corsets and Catfights - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 5

Channel Canada 6/29/06 Tenika fifth girl out of Canada's Next Top Model

Metro 6/23/06 Ousted Top Model contestant speaks out

Jam! 6/23/06 'Top Model' voted off catwalk

Reality Shack 6/22/06 The Miss Manners Guide to Topless Modeling - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 4

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/06 Would You Kick Him Out Of Bed? Episode 4 Recap

Metro 6/22/06 Toplessness turns into topsy-turvy anxiety

Reality TV Calendar 6/22/06 Breaking The Scale: Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of June 22nd

Jam! 6/19/06 Canada's Next Top Model heats up

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/06 Walk This Way: Episode 3 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 18th

Metro 6/16/06 Demands pressed ex-model

Reality Shack 6/15/06 Invasion of the Body Snatchers (and other forms of B.S.) - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 3

Metro 6/15/06 Catty, jealous girls told to fit Top Model mould

Toronto Star 6/10/06 Crude, rude and disrespectful

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/06 Knocking Out The Competition: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of June 9th

Jam! 6/9/06 'Top Model' reject looks to the future

Reality Shack 6/8/06 WWF: Waifs With Fierceness! - Canada's Next Top Model, Episode 2

Metro 6/8/06 Beautiful girls whine like little babies

Jam! 6/8/06 'Top Model' sends bartender packing

Jam! 6/2/06 Edm’s 'Top Model' contestant ousted

Reality Shack 6/1/06 So You Wanna Be a Model, Eh? - Canada's Next Top Model, Premiere

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/06 Previewing Canada's First Next Top Model

Jam! 5/31/06 Jay helps find Canada’s Next Top Model

Jam! 5/31/06 Jay helps find Canada’s Next Top Model

Toronto Star 5/31/06 Next Top Model a sure catfight — please

Jam! 5/31/06 'Top Model' gets Canadian makeover 5/31/06 Just don't call them fierce

Edmonton Sun 5/29/06 Catwalk caretaker

Metro 5/26/06 Top Model comes to Canada

Jam! 5/4/06 Calgarian lands spot on Top Model

CNW Telbec 5/4/06 Canada's Next Top Model" Announces Guest Stars For The First Episode

Reality TV Links 11/29/05 Casting Call - Canada's Next Top Model

Metro 11/29/05 Top Model heads north

Toronto Star 11/22/05 Come out, my pretties

Jam! 11/22/05 Tricia Helfer struts her stuff on CNTM

Toronto Star 11/22/05 Tyra vs. Tricia: matchup of model hosts

Digital Spy 11/21/05 'Next Top Model' headed for Canada


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