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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Brian Heidik


Reality News Online 12/16/02 Survivor: Brian Heidik vs. Rich Hatch

Zap2It 12/15/02 'Survivor' Castaway's Wife Accused of Hitting Him

Smoking Gun 12/12/02 Brian Hiedik Beaten by Wife

Reality News Online 12/10/02 Survivor: Thailand - It's Brian's Game to Lose

St. Petersburg Times 8/21/02 If you think that arm looks familiar....

Hollywood Reporter 8/21/02 'Survivor' contestant has soft-core past

New York Daily News 8/20/02 Survivor's soft-core past bared

Reality News Online 8/20/02 Soft Porn Actor a ‘Survivor: Thailand’ Contestant

Extra TV 8/20/02 'Survivor' Controversy

Online Casino 8/20/02 Used Car salesman favourite to win Survivor 5

Zap2It 8/19/02 CBS Omits 'Survivor's' Porn Credits

Smoking Gun 8/19/02 Exposing a Soft-Core Survivor

Extra TV 8/15/02 'Survivor: Thailand'

CBS 8/15/02 16 Face 'Survivor' Experience

Zap2It 8/15/02 Meet the 'Survivor: Texas' -- er, 'Thailand' -- Castaways

Digital Spy 8/15/02 "Survivor 5" cast list revealed?


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