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Zap2It 1/12/06 Bravo Wants More 'D-List,' 'Blow Out'

Wireless Flash News Service 8/2/05 `Blow Out' Star Blows His Horn Over Season Reunion

Celebrity Spider 7/28/05 Blow Out Reunion Special Will Air on August 3rd

Reality TV World 7/26/05 Bravo's 'Blowout' star Jonathan Antin to be a father

Zap2it 7/26/05 'Blow Out' Star Expecting Baby

Fans of Reality TV 7/21/05 The Final Blow Dry

Reality Reel 7/21/05 Jonathan Ventures To The Big Apple For Some Big Sales At Sephora

Reality Shack 7/20/05 Pay DIRT for Jonathan? - Blow Out 2, Episode 7

Reality Reel 7/14/05 Jonathan Is Ready For QVC, But Is QVC Ready For Him?

Fans of Reality TV 7/13/05 Banging Out Hair on the Short Bus

Reality Shack 7/13/05 No TLC from QVC - Blow Out 2, Episode 6 7/13/05 - Jonathan goes QVC; let the primping begin!

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/8/05 Respect The Comb, Tame The Hair

MSNBC 7/8/05 ‘Blow Out’ features a lively blow-up 7/6/05 - You're Disinvited

Reality Shack 7/6/05 Hey Jonathan, Nice Package! - Blow Out 2, Episode 5

Reality Reel 7/6/05 Kiara's Feeding Frenzy Leaves Alyn Hungry For Change

Celebrity Spider 7/1/05 Get Set for More Hair Raising Drama on Blow Out Season Finale July 19th

MSNBC 7/1/05 ‘Blow Out’ features a lively blow-up

Reality Reel 7/1/05 Jonathan Product Is Ready For Packaging, But Will The Delivery Ever Arrive?

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/1/05 One Pill Makes Your Head Larger

Reality Shack 6/29/05 Back in LA-LA Land - Blow Out 2, Episode 4

Fans of Reality TV 6/23/05 I'm a Hairdresser and I'm Okay! 6/22/05 - Style Off

Reality Shack 6/22/05 West Hollywood Shuffle - Blow Out 2, Episode 3

Fans of Reality TV 6/16/05 He Styles the Hair that Makes the Whole World Schwing 6/16/05 - Jonathon Fights With His Double

Reality TV Calendar 6/16/05 Grab a Xanas And A Stiff Drink: Episode 2 Recap

Reality Shack 6/15/05 Let Go My Ego? - Blow Out 2, Episode 2 6/15/05 - Jonathan throws his 900th hissy fit! 6/10/05 - 'Blow Out 2' Premiere

Fans of Reality TV 6/9/05 "I'm a Hairball, Man"

Reality TV Calendar 6/9/05 I Love The Smell Of Hair Product In The Morning: Episode 1 Recap

Houston Chronicle 6/7/05 A double dose of bad reality 6/7/05 Too much camera time for 'Blow Out's' Antin

USA Today 6/7/05 'Blow Out' returns with a new 'do

Zap2It 6/6/05 Jonathan Antin Gets to 'Blow Out' Again

Wireless Flash News Service 6/2/05 Hairstylist Has Cutting Remarks For Tom Cruise

Celebrity Spider 4/29/05 Bravo Announces Season 2 of Blow Out  

Post Gazette 4/25/05 Hollywood hairstylist is back in 'Blow Out'

TVRules 4/21/05 Bravo's Blow Out Returns For Second Season

NBCUMV 4/20/05 Tears, Tension, And Celebrity Tresses Abound With The Return Of Bravo's 'Blow Out' On June 7

Reality TV Calendar 4/20/05 Season Two Is Set To Premiere

Zap2It 4/20/05 Bravo Sets Return Date for 'Blow Out'

Press Release 1/13/05 Casting Call - Blow Out, Season 2

TVRules 11/9/04 Bravo's Blow Out Returns For Second Season

Reality TV World 11/8/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' to return for a second season

Zap2It 11/5/04 Bravo Makes Appointment for More 'Blow Out'

Reality TV World 10/12/04 CNBC to rebroadcast Bravo's 'Blow Out' beginning October 14

Reality TV World 7/16/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' finale ends big, sets series ratings records

TVRules 7/13/04 Blow Out: Season Finale Preview 7/13

NY Times 7/11/04 Jonathan Antin: Reality 'Shampoo'

Fans Of Reality TV 7/9/04 Blow Out Episode 5 Recap: Jonathon's House of Powertrips

Fans Of Reality TV 6/30/04 Blow Out Episode 4 Recap - Big Hair, Brats and Buh-bye Brandon

TVRules 6/30/04 Blow Out: Episode 5 Preview 7/6

USA Today 6/29/04 No ill wind at home of 'Blow Out'

Fans Of Reality TV 6/27/04 Blow Out Episodes 2 and 3 Recap - All This For A Haircut?

TVRules 6/23/04 Blow Out: Episode Four, June 29 Preview

Zap2It 6/22/04 Jonathan Antin Survives a 'Blow Out'

TVRules 6/21/04 Blow Out: Episode Three, June 22 Preview

Reality TV World 6/14/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' premieres to over 645,000 viewers, repeats well

TVRules 6/14/04 Blow Out Preview Episode Two, June 15 6/9/04 Blow Out: Episode 1 Premiere Summary 6/8 6/8/04 Blow Out: Episode One Preview 6/8

Boston Globe 6/8/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' is a bad hair piece

NY Times 6/8/04 Pumped to Conquer Beverly Hills, One Hairdo at a Time

Newsday 6/8/04 'Reality' with style

Milwaukee Journal 6/7/04 Snippy stylist at center of big 'Blow Out'

PRNewswire 6/7/04 American Express announces major sponsorship of Bravo's new series 'Blow Out'

Hollywood Reporter 6/7/04 American Express cuts deal with 'Blow Out'

Zap2It 6/6/04 Bravo Lets its Hair Down with 'Blow Out'

Reality TV World 6/4/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' featuring stylist Jonathan Antin premieres June 8

Zap2It 6/4/04 Bravo's 'Blow Out' Is Hair Apparent to 'Restaurant'


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