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Zap2It 9/28/07 Ex-'Law & Order' DA Takes Her 'Shots'

Uncle Barky 9/27/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Big Shots (ABC)

Boston Globe 9/27/07 These guys don't go over big

Deseret News 9/27/07 Male Bonded

LA Times 9/27/07 No 'big' deal

TV Guide 9/27/07 From CIA to CEO: Alias' Michael Vartan Takes Some Big Shots

NY Times 9/27/07 Four Rich Guys Behaving Unbelievably

Milwaukee Journal 9/27/07 TV debuts du jour

Newsday 9/27/07 Review: ABC's 'Big Shots'

Courier Post 9/27/07 ABC's 'Big Shots' explores the boardroom and bedroom

Washington Post 9/27/07 CEOs Keep Bad Company On ABC's Randy 'Big Shots'

Detroit Free Press 9/27/07 'Big Shots' brings big fun

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 9/27/07 TV Review: 'Big Shots' delves into secret lives of men

NY Daily News 9/27/07 'Big Shots' has nothing to boast about

Knox News 9/27/07 ABC's 'Shots' doesn't have a shot

San Francisco Chronicle 9/27/07 TV review: 'Big Shots,' 'Moonlight' big wastes of time

USA Today 9/26/07 'Big Shots' is too silly to drink in

Chicago Tribune 9/26/07 'Big Shots,' please go away

Sun Sentinel 9/25/07 The New Fall Season: A wealth of fine new dramas

Celebrity Spider 9/11/07 Big Shots to Premiere September 27th on ABC

USA Today 9/7/07 Thursdays: 'Big Shots' on ABC

Chicago Tribune 8/6/07 Fall's best and worst new shows - and why ABC should dump one and hype the other

Zap2It 8/3/07 'Dresden Files' Star Targets 'Big Shots'

Zap2It 7/25/07 ABC Spreads Out New Series

Celebrity Spider 5/16/07 ABC Announces New Fall Series "Big Shots"


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