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TV Guide 12/23/12 Bethenny Frankel Separating from Husband Jason Hoppy

People 6/6/12 Bethenny Frankel Shoots Down Divorce Rumors

Reality TV Magazine 5/29/12 Bethenny Ever After: Welcome To Bethenny’s New World

Zap2It 5/29/12 Bethenny Frankel gets talk show advice from Ellen DeGeneres

Reality TV Fans 5/28/12 It’s Moving Day Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Zap2It 5/28/12 Bethenny Frankel teases 'Bethenny Ever After' Season 3 finale

Reality TV Magazine 5/24/12 Bethenny Frankel Promises to Address Divorce Rumors on New Talk Show

E!Online 5/23/12 So True? So False? Are Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy Headed for Divorce?

Reality TV Fans 5/14/12 Bethenny Divulges Her Obstacles With Jason To Dr. Amador Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Reality TV Fans 5/7/12 Bethenny Is More Worried Than Ever About Nick’s Health Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Reality TV Fans 4/30/12 Jason And Bethenny Continue To Struggle With Relationship Issues Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Reality TV Fans 4/23/12 Bethenny And Jason Take Their Marriage Problems On Vacation Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Zap2It 4/10/12 'Bethenny Ever After': Julie Plake's decision to leave Bethenny Frankel was difficult

Reality TV Fans 4/9/12 Bethenny Goes Furniture Shopping For Her New Apartment Tonight on Bethenny Ever After

Zap2It 3/26/12 'Bethenny Ever After': Bethenny Frankel says she'll never speak to her mother again

Reality TV Magazine 3/20/12 Wardrobe Malfunction: Bethenny Frankel Flashes Anderson Cooper

Reality TV Magazine 3/18/12 Bethenny Ever After: Preview Of Monday’s Episode

Daily Mail 3/6/12 'We don't like each other': Bethenny Frankel reveals the cause of her marriage troubles with husband Jason Hoppy

Reality TV Magazine 2/21/12 Bethenny Frankel: I Have A Hole In My Heart And My Esophagus After Miscarriage

Reality TV Magazine 2/20/12 Bethenny Frankel Shares Miscarriage Story On Today Show

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/12 Inside Bethenny Frankel’s Sexless Marriage

Reality TV Magazine 10/12/11 Skinnygirl Mogul Bethenny Frankel Promotes Healthy Halloween Treats, Appetizer Contest,..

Reality TV Magazine 9/22/11 E! True Hollywood Story on Bethenny Frankel Recap

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/11 Bethenny Frankel Is Now Skinny Dipping

Reality TV Listings: 8/24/11 Bethenny Frankel Now A Talk Show Host

Reality TV Magazine 8/18/11 Bethenny Frankel: The Skinny On Her Weight

Reality TV Magazine 8/7/11 Bethenny Frankel Ready For Another Baby

Daily Mail 4/14/11 ‘They were still saggy, only now they were bigger!' Bethenny Frankel on her implant nightmare

Reality TV Magzine 11/4/10 Skating With The Stars: Bethenny Celebrates Birthday With Her “Ice Husband”

Zap2It 9/6/10 Bethenny Frankel on 'Regis and Kelly': 'Real Housewives' was like a 'pyramid scam'
Daily Mail 8/20/0 Bethenny Frankel is a very happy Housewife as she shows off baby Bryn

E!Online 8/9/10 Bethenny Frankel Plies Chelsea With Vodka

US Magazine 8/9/10 Bethenny Frankel: "I Don't Listen" to Parenting Advice

Zap2It 8/5/10 'Bethenny Getting Married?' finale: Mothering gets easier, right?

Extra 8/4/10 Bethenny's Table-Dancin' Days Are Over

People 7/29/10 Bethenny Frankel’s Blog: My Lessons Learned

People 7/22/10 Bethenny Frankel’s Baby Won’t Be a Reality Star

Digital Spy 7/19/10 Frankel: 'I'm really done with Housewives'

E!Online 7/16/10 Sun, Sand and Scatological Humor on Bethenny Getting Married?

Reality TV Fans 7/15/10 Bethanny and Jason Honeymoon in St. Barts and Head Home Tonight on “Bethenny Getting Married?”

TV Guide 7/15/10 Bethenny Got Married — Now What?

LA Times 7/15/10 Max Meisel knows how to assist a 'Real Housewife'

Reality TV Fans 7/11/10 Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel Gets Married

People 7/9/10 Why Bethenny Frankel’s Wedding Planner Almost Quit

E!Online 7/9/10 Bethenny Frankel Slams Scripted Reality Shows

E!Online 7/9/10 Bethenny Getting Married? Yes; Bethenny Squatting Over a Bucket? Also Yes

Reality TV Fans 7/8/10 After Several Obstacles Bethenny Makes it to the Altar Tonight on Bethenny Getting Married?

Zap2It 7/8/10 'Bethenny Getting Married?': Bethenny Frankel is ready to potty

People 7/7/10 Sneak Peek: Bethenny Pees in a Bucket — in Her Wedding Dress

Reality TV Fans 7/2/10 Up Close With Bethenny Frankel

LA Times 7/2/10 'Bethenny Getting Married': Cake boss

Reality TV Fans 7/1/10 Alex McCord Hosts a Bridal Shower for Bethenny Tonight on “Bethenny Getting Married?”

TV Guide 7/1/10 Bravo's Bethenny: "You'd Have to Drag Me" Back to Real Housewives

People 7/1/10 The Blow-Up Over Beef Tartare on Bethenny Getting Married?

Reality TV Fans 6/24/10 Bethenny Has a Great Time at Her Bachelorette Party Tonight on “Bethenny Getting Married?”

People 6/23/10 The Bride Has Control Issues on Bethenny Getting Married?

Reality TV Fans 6/18/10 Bethenny Frankel talks to Jimmy Fallon about The Real Housewives and Bethenny Getting Married?

People 6/18/10 The Best One-Liners from Bethenny Getting Married?

Zap2It 6/17/10 'Bethenny Getting Married?' preview: Can Bethenny Frankel play sane fiance?

People 6/16/10 Sneak Peek: Is Bethenny Frankel a Bridezilla?

Reality TV Magazine 6/12/10 Real Housewives of New York City: Bethenny Frankel On Marriage & Motherhood

Reality TV Fans 6/12/10 Ratings Report: Bethenny Getting Married Debuts to Over 2 Million Viewers

LA Times 6/11/10 'Bethenny Getting Married': Baby mama's (no) drama

Zap2It 6/11/10 'Bethenny' breaks a record, 'Grey's Anatomy' gets a new regular

Zap2It 6/11/10 'Bethenny Getting Married?': Should Bethenny Frankel have hired Max, the assistant?

People 6/11/10 The Best One-Liners From Bethenny Getting Married?

Reality TV Fans 6/10/10 “Bethenny Getting Married?” Premieres Tonight on Bravo

NY Daily News 6/10/10 'Bethenny's Getting Married?'

USA Today 6/10/10 Bethenny getting moving in the morning; see video

TV Guide 6/10/10 Bethenny Frankel Talks Marriage & Motherhood

People 6/10/10 Sneak Peek: Bethenny Tells Fiancé She Needs Therapy to Get Down the Aisle

NY Times 6/10/10 Little Bethenny, Positioning Herself to Be Happy at Last

USA Today 6/10/10 Bethenny getting moving in the morning

NY Post 6/10/10 Matri-phony

Zap2It 6/9/10 Bethenny Frankel: What's in a name?

Examiner 6/9/10 Bethenny Frankel reveals she had secret first husband

Miami Herald 6/9/10 Bethenny Frankel has it all

NY Daily News 6/9/10 Bethenny Frankel reveals secret first marriage to Peter Sussman: 'I got married too young'

US Magazine 6/9/10 It's "Ridiculous" to Question Bethenny's Baby Weight Loss, Says Alex

E!Online 1/10/10 Bravo Doubles Up on Bethenny Frankel


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