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Reality TV Calendar 9/11/12 Disturbing And Sleazy, But There Is A Proposal - Recap and Commentary

Entertainment Weekly 9/11/12 Chris Harrison blogs the 'Bachelor Pad' season finale

TV Guide 9/11/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Nick Was Wrong to Do a "Touchdown Dance on Rachel's Soul"

People 9/11/12 Exclusive: All About Blakeley Jones’s ‘Dream Come True’ Engagement Ring

Zap2It 9/11/12 'Bachelor Pad's' Nick Peterson: 'It's better that neither of us get it or I get it all'

BuddyTV 9/10/12 'Bachelor Pad' Finale Recap: Ultimate Betrayal or Genius Move?

Reality TV Magazine 9/10/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Best Snake’s Shake-Up – Season Finale Shockers

Fearless-Diva 9/10/12 Bachelor Pad Recap- The Sizzling Season Finale

People 9/10/12 Bachelor Pad Finale Is Full of Surprises

Zap2It 9/10/12 'Bachelor Pad' finale: Nick Peterson and Rachel Trueheart -- did they split the money?

E!Online 9/10/12 Bachelor Pad Finale: A Proposal, Betrayal and So Many Tears

Zap2It 9/10/12 'Bachelor Pad' finale: Blakeley Jones and Tony Pieper get engaged

Reality TV Fans 9/10/12 Get Ready For The Most Dramatic Season Finale In Bachelor Pad History Tonight on ABC

Entertainment Weekly 9/10/12 'Bachelor Pad': Chris Harrison talks 'disturbing' finale, plus an exclusive sneak peek

Examiner 9/7/12 'Bachelor Pad': Chris Harrison teases season 3 finale and 'Bachelor'

BuddyTV 9/6/12 'I Think of Boobs When I Think of Motor' and More Best Quotes from 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 7

BuddyTV 9/6/12 'Bachelor Pad' Host Chris Harrison: 'I Get Why Jaclyn Was Pissed'

Zap2It 9/6/12 'Bachelor Pad's' Chris Harrison on the finale: Chris Bukowski's family 'disappointed' in his 'atrocious' behavior

TV Guide 9/6/12 Bachelor Pad Finale: Which Couple Should Win?

Reality TV Fans 9/5/12 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene: Rachel Misses Michael

Reality TV Calendar 9/5/12 A Villain Is About to Win - Here's The Rankings

Parade 9/5/12 Michael Stagliano's 'Bachelor Pad' Blog: The Finale Will Be 'Incredible'

NY Post 9/5/12 ‘Pad’ of love?

Reality TV Calendar 9/4/12 Hanging By A Thread And Belting Off Key - Recap and Commentary

Digital Spy 9/4/12 'Bachelor Pad' episode seven recap: "I just feel completely betrayed"

Zap2It 9/4/12 'Bachelor Pad': Jaclyn's fancy college didn't teach Friendship 101

Entertainment Weekly 9/4/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 7

Entertainment Weekly 9/4/12 'Bachelor Pad' recap: Rock Bottom

Reality TV Magazine 9/3/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Karaoke Queen Throws BFF Under the Bus

Fearless-Diva 9/3/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Lap Dancing and Dry Humping to Sister Christian?

TV Guide 9/3/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: I Can't Believe Nick Took Control of the Game

E!Online 9/3/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: The Final Two Couples Are Revealed

Reality TV Fans 9/3/12 A Karaoke Challenge Throws An Alliance Off Key Tonight on Bachelor Pad

BuddyTV 9/2/12 'Bachelor Pad' Week 7 Sneak Peek Photos: Karaoke Competition

US Magazine 8/31/12 Bachelor Pad's Kalon McMahon: Falling For Lindzi Cox Was "Effortless"

Digital Spy 8/31/12 'Bachelor Pad' Kalon McMahon Q&A: "Lindzi and I are 100% dating'

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/12 Was Michael Stagliano Playing With Rachel Truehart On The Bachelor Pad?

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/12 Winners Get the Boot! Here's The Rankings

BuddyTV 8/28/12 'I Don't Want to Look Like A Whore': Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 6

Reality TV Calendar 8/28/12 Sucking Up For Roses - Recap and Commentary

TV Guide 8/28/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Ed Makes Every Situation Worse

Entertainment Weekly 8/28/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 6

US Magazine 8/28/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Bukowski: I Still Have Feelings for Emily Maynard

Zap2It 8/28/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' finale spoilers: Which couple wins and which couple is engaged?

BuddyTV 8/27/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Players Abuzz Over Spelling Bee

Reality TV Magazine 8/27/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: How Do You Spell Awkward?

Fearless-Diva 8/27/12 The Bachelor Pad Recap-- From Bully to Baby Talk

Fearless-Diva 8/27/12 Bachelor Pad Couple Gets Engaged

E!Online 8/27/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Can You Spell Immunity?

Zap2It 8/27/12 'Bachelor Pad': Can you spell 't-h-e-r-a-p-y'?

Reality TV Fans 8/27/12 The Latest Challenge Spells Trouble Tonight on Bachelor Pad

TV Guide 8/27/12 Bachelor Pad Exclusive Clip: Who Is Kalon Targeting?

Us Magazine 8/27/12 Video: Bachelor Pad: Rachel Trueheart Sobs After Michael Stagliano's Exit: "I Was Falling in Love!"

BuddyTV 8/23/12 'Bachelor Pad's Erica Rose: She Regrets Trusting Michael

BuddyTV 8/22/12 'I'm Taking This House Down With Me': Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 5

Gather 8/21/12 'Bachelor Pad': Chris Harrison Talks About The Shocking Exit

Reality TV Calendar 8/21/12 Kalon Makes A Connection And A Favorite Goes Home - Recap and Commentary

US Magazine 8/21/12 Bachelor Pad: Lindzi Cox Wears $250,000 in Diamonds for Date With Kalon McMahon

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/12 'Bachelor Pad' bonus: Erica gets fresh with phallic objects -- Video

TV Guide 8/21/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: The Twist Forced Michael to Play Out in the Open

Digital Spy 8/21/12 'Bachelor Pad' episode five recap: "This is karma"

Entertainment Weekly 8/21/12 'Bachelor Pad' recap: Say Goodbye to Your Little Friend

BuddyTV 8/20/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: A Twist Sends Everyone Scrambling

Reality TV Magazine 8/20/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Twist Leaves Alliance Shattered

Fearless-Diva 8/20/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Make Ups and Shake Ups

E!Online 8/20/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: "Thank You, Hooters!"

Reality TV Fans 8/20/12 Relationships Get Hot but Betrayal Gets Hotter Tonight on Bachelor Pad

US Magazine 8/20/12 Video: Bachelor Pad's Kalon McMahon: Lindzi Cox Is My Dream Girl

Digital Spy 8/20/12 'Bachelor Pad' Chris Bukowski: 'Bachelor would be great opportunity'

People 8/18/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Bukowski Defends His Lies

Examiner 8/17/12 'Bachelor Pad': Chris Bukowski talks about season and 'Bachelorette'

Digital Spy 8/17/12 'Bachelor Pad' Chris Bukowski Q&A: 'I feel for Jamie'

Reality TV Fans 8/16/12 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene-Chris and Sarah’s Movie

Zap2It 8/16/12 'Bachelor Pad's' Chris Bukowski 'expected a big hug from Jamie'

BuddyTV 8/15/12 'All I Do is Look at Her Boobs': Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 4

BuddyTV 8/15/12 'Bachelor Pad' Deleted Scenes: Let's Talk About Sex

Reality TV Fans 8/15/12 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene: Chris’ Sexual Questions

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/12 Deception, Lies, Smoke And Mirrors - Recap and Commentary

Examiner 8/15/12 'The Bachelorette': Emily defends Chris' 'Bachelor Pad' antics

Reality TV Calendar 8/14/12 Will King Stagliano Be Dethroned? Here's The Rankings

People 8/14/12 Jaclyn Swartz: I'm Still in Bachelor Pad for Money, Not Love

Entertainment Weekly 8/14/12 'Bachelor Pad' recap: Fevered Switch

Entertainment Weekly 8/14/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 4

Digital Spy 8/14/12 'Bachelor Pad' episode four recap: Chris gets cornered

Digital Spy 8/14/12 Emily Maynard defends 'Bachelor Pad' Chris Bukowski: 'He's sweet'

BuddyTV 8/13/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: If You Play with Fire, You Get Burned

Reality TV Magazine 8/13/12 The Bachelor Pad Recap: Bring On The Love Rectangle

Fearless-Diva 8/13/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Delusional Girls

Hollywood Reporter 8/13/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Don’t Hate The Player, Hate the Game

Zap2It 8/13/12 'Bachelor Pad': Starting a collection for Jamie Otis' therapy

E!Online 8/13/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Bed-Hopping, Partner-Swapping and an Elimination Shocker

Reality TV Fans 8/13/12 The Claws Come Out When A Challenge Turns Personal Tonight on Bachelor Pad

US Magazine 8/13/12 Video: Bachelor Pad: Sarah Newlon Dishes on "Hot" Sexual Chemistry With Chris Bukowski

BuddyTV 8/9/12 Bachelor Pad's Jaclyn Swartz: 'Partnerships and Couplings Will All Change'

Reality TV Fans 8/9/12 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene – Chris’ Apology

Zap2It 8/9/12 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers: Reality Steve says Erica Rose to blame for spoiler removal

BuddyTV 8/7/12 'There's Just Pee in My Jeans Now': Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 8/7/12 A Night At The Prom And A Trip To The Wax Museum - Recap and Commentary

Entertainment Weekly 8/7/12 Reality Steve ceases 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers

Entertainment Weekly 8/7/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 3

Reality TV Magazine 8/6/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Bachelorette Slimeball Leaves Feeling Like A Loser

Fearless-Diva 8/6/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Vengeance Denied

TV Guide 8/6/12 Bachelor Pad Host Chris Harrison: Reid Got His Hand Caught In the Cookie Jar — Again

Zap2It 8/6/12 'Bachelor Pad': Hot Sludge Fun Day and tears. So many tears.

Reality TV Fans 8/6/12 Contestants Enjoy A Hot Sludge Funday Tonight on Bachelor Pad

People 8/6/12 Bachelor Pad Betrayal: Ed Swiderski Confronts Reid Rosenthal

Digital Spy 8/6/12 'Bachelor Pad' David defends Kalon: 'He gets the worst rap ever'

Digital Spy 8/6/12 'Bachelorette' Kasey Kahl denies sniffing paint thinners before fight

Zap2It 8/5/12 'Bachelorette's' Kasey Kahl arrested for felony assault - report

Reality TV Magazine 8/4/12 Kasey Kahl Arrest Drama Continues – Was He Sniffing Paint Thinners?

Star Tribune 8/4/12 Q&A with C.J.: Ryan Hoag survives 'Bachelor Pad' chastity intact

Reality TV Magazine 8/3/12 Bachelor Pad Sneak Peek: Things Get Personal Next Week

Examiner 8/3/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' week 3 photos and spoilers: A battle is coming

Digital Spy 8/3/12 'Bachelor Pad' Ed Swiderski Q&A: 'Next week is a turning point for me'

TV Guide 8/3/12 Bachelor Pad Video: The Contestants Get Sludgy

BuddyTV 8/2/12 'Bachelor Pad's Ed Swiderski: 'Expect A Big Blowout' with Reid

BuddyTV 8/2/12 'Bachelor Pad' Week 3 Sneak Peek Photos: Hot Sludge Funday

Reality TV Fans 8/1/12 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene 7-30

BuddyTV 7/31/12 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Week 2 Photos: America's Least Graceful Gymnasts

BuddyTV 7/31/12 'Bachelor Pad' Week 2 Deleted Scenes: A Twin Opens Up -- Without Fighting

BuddyTV 7/31/12 'I Thought My Ears Were Bleeding Gallons of Blood': Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3, Episode 2

Fearless-Diva 7/31/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Manipulations and Melt Downs

Reality TV Calendar 7/31/12 Party Time, Hook Ups, And Quitters - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 7/31/12 Reid Mounts Another Unsuccessful Campaign - Here's The Rankings

Extra 7/31/12 Extra Scoop: ‘Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Walk-Offs, Hookups and Ribbon Dancing

Parade 7/31/12 Michael Stagliano 'Bachelor Pad' Blog: What You Didn't See

Entertainment Weekly 7/31/12 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad': Ta-ta twins

US Magazine 7/31/12 Pics: Bachelor Pad Cast Performs Awkward Olympics-Inspired Gymnastics Routine

Entertainment Weekly 7/31/12 'Bachelor Pad' recap: Rhythm is Gonna Get You

BuddyTV 7/30/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: A Player Leaves the House

Reality TV Magazine 7/30/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: 32 Year-Old Virgin Pickled By Partner

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/12 'Bachelor Pad' Recap: Ribbon Dancing Never Looked So Bad

WGCL Atlanta 7/30/12 Local "Bachelor Pad Super Fan" Chris Bain shares his experience

E!Online 7/30/12 Bachelor Pad Recap: Sneaky Hookups and Rhythmic Gymnastics

TV Guide 7/30/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: No One Was Sad That the Twins Left

Zap2It 7/30/12 'Bachelor Pad': The twins and most of the house go completely off the rails

Wall Street Journal 7/30/12 ‘Bachelor Pad’ Episode 2: TV Recap

Reality TV Fans 7/30/12 A Fan Favorite Finds Unexpected Sparks On A 3-on-1 Date Tonight on Bachelor Pad

BuddyTV 7/27/12 'Bachelor Pad' Super Fan David Mallet: The 'Bachelor' Alums Treated Us as 'Outsiders'

Reality TV Fans 7/26/12 Bachelor Pad – Blakeley and Jaclyn Deleted Scene 7-23

Reality TV Fans 7/25/12 Bachelor Pad – Paige and Reid Deleted Scene 7-23

Reality TV Calendar 7/25/12 A Bad Twist Is Almost At Its End! Here's The Rankings

NY Post 7/25/12 TV shows we love to hate: 'Bachelor Pad'

BuddyTV 7/24/12 'We're Ben's Dumpster Trash': The Best Quotes of 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Premiere

Fearless-Diva 7/24/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-- Highlighted Contestants

Fearless-Diva 7/24/12 Bachelor Pad Recap-It's Going to Be A Wild Season

Reality TV Calendar 7/24/12 Five Hours Of The Most Dramatic Rose Ceremonies Ever - Recap and Commentary

US Magazine 7/24/12 Chris Bukowski Hooks Up With Jamie Otis on Bachelor Pad Premiere

TV Guide 7/24/12 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Kalon Is Still Pompous and Arrogant

BuddyTV 7/23/12 'Bachelor Pad' Premiere Recap: Scheming Begins Anew

Reality TV Magazine 7/23/12 Bachelor Pad Season Premiere Recap: Newbies Don’t Have The Numbers

BuddyTV 7/23/12 'Bachelor Pad': 5 Questions Before the Premiere

Reality TV Calendar 7/23/12 Can Stagliano Win Again? - Here's The Initial Rankings

Reality TV Fans 7/23/12 Super Fans Join Veterans to Compete for Love and Money Tonight on the Bachelor Pad Season Premiere

Examiner 7/20/12 Chris Harrison teases romances and more on 'Bachelor Pad 3'

People 7/20/12 Bachelor Pad Drama: Jaclyn Swartz Hates Blakely Jones 'So Much It Hurts'

Zap2It 7/19/12 'Bachelor Pad's' Chris Harrison: There's a 'love octagon' in the house 7/18/12 Bachelor Pad 3 to Feature Holly Springs Resident

Zap2It 7/18/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' spoilers: Who hooks up and who leaves on their own?

Reality TV Magazine 7/17/12 Bachelor Pad’s Kalon McMahon And Lindzi Cox Are Dating

Reality TV Fans 7/17/12 ABC Announces 20 New Contestants for Season 3 of Bachelor Pad

Hollywood Reporter 7/17/12 'Bachelorette' Star Kalon Hints at Romance on 'Bachelor Pad' (Video)

Cherokee Tribune 7/15/12 Holly Springs man looking for love on ABC reality series

Examiner 7/13/12 Chris Harrison teases 'Bachelorette' finale and 'Bachelor Pad 3'

Examiner 7/9/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' cast photos: Kalon McMahon teases season

Zap2It 7/9/12 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers: Who are the final two couples?

BuddyTV 7/6/12 'Bachelor Pad' Cast Photos: Meet the Shirtless Guys, Bikini-Clad Girls and Mysterious 'Superfans' of Season 3

BuddyTV 7/6/12 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 Premiere Sneak Peek Photos: Love-Seekers, Troublemakers and Superfans

Fearless-Diva 7/3/12 Bachelor Pad 3 Spoilers: Who Hooked Up

US Magazine 7/3/12 Chris Bukowski Joins Bachelor Pad 3

TV Guide 7/2/12 Exclusive Video: Get a First Look at Bachelor Pad 3

Digital Spy 6/18/12 'Bachelorette' Emily: 'Bachelor Pad Kalon makes me want to stab eyes'

BuddyTV 6/14/12 'Bachelor Pad' 3 Cast Revealed: 'Baggage' Boy Kalon, Lindzi Cox, Season 2 Winner Michael Stagliano

Fearless-Diva 6/14/12 Bachelor Pad Season 3 Cast Announced-- Michael Stagliano and Erica Rose Will Be Back

Reality TV Magazine 6/14/12 Bachelor Pad 3 Cast Revealed

TV Guide 6/14/12 Check Out the Cast of Bachelor Pad 3

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' Cast to Feature Some of the Franchise's Most Controversial Contestants

E!Online 6/14/12 Bachelor Pad 3 Cast—Former Winner Michael Stagliano and Bachelorette's Kalon Make the Cut

Zap2It 6/14/12 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3 cast: Kalon McMahon, many Ben Flajnik rejects and super fans

Reality TV Magazine 6/2/12 Bachelor Pad Stars Holly Durst and Blake Julian Married

US Magazine 6/2/12 Exclusive: Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst, Blake Julian Get Married

Gather 6/1/12 'Bachelor Pad 3' Cast Shows 'Bachelorette' Men: Who Does Emily Dump?

Zap2It 5/29/12 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers: 'Bachelorette' contestant Kalon McMahon 'pretty much confirmed'

Gather 5/25/12 First Details About 'Bachelor Pad' 3: When Does Filming Start?

Reality TV Magazine 4/17/12 Bachelor Pad Opens Season Three Casting Calls To The Public

BuddyTV 4/5/12 ABC Summer 2012 Schedule: 'Duets,' 'Bachelor Pad' and More

TV Guide 3/19/12 Video: Bachelor's Jake Pavelka Shares Tips on How to Get Cast on Bachelor Pad 3

Life & Style 3/14/12 Life & Style Exclusive: Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky Says, I Will Never Be on Bachelor Pad

Digital Spy 3/13/12 'The Bachelorette' to debut May 14, 'Bachelor Pad' gets third season

Zap2It 3/13/12 'The Bachelor's' Lindzi Cox 'very interested' in 'Bachelor Pad'

Zap2It 3/12/12 'Bachelor Pad' Season 3: You can compete

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/12 ABC renews 'The Bachelor Pad' -- Exclusive

Variety 3/12/12 Harrison comfy as mentor, matchmaker

TV Guide 3/6/12 Watercooler: Did the Women Tell All Tell Us All About Bachelor Pad 3?

People 1/23/12 Kasey Kahl: Why I'm Smiling in My Mug Shot

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/12 Kasey Kahl Accused Of Beating Up A Woman And A “Jersey Shore” Wannabe

People 1/18/12 Kasey Kahl's Assailants Were Just Trying to Get Famous: Rep

Reality TV Magazine 1/17/12 Kasey Kahl Arrested For Drunk And Disorderly Conduct

E!Online 1/16/12 Bachelor Pad Hunk Kasey Kahl Busted for Bender With the Boys?

E!Online 1/16/12 You Can Rent ABC's Bachelor Pad For How Much?

Reality TV Magazine 1/9/12 The Bachelor Pad’s Kiptyn Locke Undergoes Emergency Surgery
E!Online 1/6/12 Bachelor Pad Alum Kiptyn Locke Undergoes Emergency Spinal Surgery

OK Magazine 1/6/12 Bachelor Pad's Kiptyn Locke Hospitalized and in the ICU

Daily Mail 12/28/11 Vienna Girardi storms off the set of new reality show Relationship Rehab when confronted by ex-boyfriend

Examiner 11/21/11 'Bachelor Pad': Kasey Kahl opens up about Vienna Girardi break-up

Reality TV Magazine 11/20/11 Kasey Kahl Chats About Split From Vienna Girardi

Reality TV Magazine 11/16/11 Vienna Girardi Moves Back In With Her Parents After Split From Kasey Kahl

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/11 Vienna Girardi And Kasey Kahl Confirm Split

Digital Spy 11/14/11 'Bachelor Pad' Vienna Girardi, Kasey Kahl confirm split

Reality TV Magazine 11/9/11 Have Vienna Girardi And Kasey Kahl Split Or Not?

Examiner 11/9/11 'Bachelor Pad': Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl split rumors denied

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/11 Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl Vacation In Cozumel

Examiner 10/26/11 'Bachelor Pad' star reveals she is bisexual, new 'Bachelor' photo

TV Guide 10/24/11 Bachelor Pad's Krisily Kennedy: "I'm Bisexual"

Reality TV Fans 10/4/11 Bachelor Pad: Michael Stagliano Interview

US Magazine 10/3/11 Pic: See Bachelor Pad's Holly Durst's Engagement Ring

Examiner 9/24/11 'Bachelor Pad': Is Michael Stagliano moving on from Holly Durst?

Examiner 9/17/11 'Bachelor Pad': All about Holly's ring and Michael's reaction

Reality TV Fans 9/15/11 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene 9-12-11

Reality TV Magazine 9/15/11 Bachelor Pad 2: Michael Stagliano’s Biggest Regret…

Reality TV Fans 9/14/11 Bachelor Pad – Diaries of the Departed – Week 6

Reality TV Magazine 9/14/11 Bachelor Pad 2: Holly Durst’s Engagement Ring Details

People 9/14/11 Bachelor Pad Couples Update

TV Guide 9/14/11 Bachelor Pad Winner Michael Calls Holly's Engagement Reveal Terrible

BuddyTV 9/13/11 'Bachelor Pad' Roundup: What Everyone's Saying About That Awkward Finale Today

BuddyTV 9/13/11 'Bachelor Pad' 2 Finale Photos: The Final Challenge, Reunion and Meeting the New Bachelor

Reality TV Fans 9/13/11 Beyond Reality – Bachelor Pad Finale Recap 9/12/11

Reality TV Magazine 9/13/11 Bachelor Pad 2: Blake Confirms Engagement With Holly On Reunion Show

Reality TV Magazine 9/13/11 Bachelor Pad 2: Michael Stagliano Reacts To Holly’s Engagement

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/11 Shares Well With Others Means Big Money - Recap and Commentary

TV Guide 9/13/11 Bachelor Pad's Chris Harrison: Holly Should've Told Michael About the Engagement

People 9/13/11 All About Holly Durst’s Engagement Ring

NY Daily News 9/13/11 'Bachelor Pad 2' finale: Holly, Michael win - and she announces her engagement to Blake

TV Guide 9/13/11 Watercooler: How About Bachelor Pad's Split Decision?

People 9/13/11 Bachelor Pad's Michael: 'I Was Humiliated' by The Finale Surprise

Reality TV Magazine 9/12/11 Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Season Finale

BuddyTV 9/12/11 'Bachelor Pad' 2 Finale Recap: The Neverending Story (Plus: Engagements, Winners and a Bachelor, Oh My!)

BuddyTV 9/12/11 'Bachelor Pad' Finale Sneak Peek: Ella Says the Final Challenge is Scarier Than Childbirth

Digital Spy 9/12/11 'Bachelor Pad' recap: The last competition, final four are chosen

Digital Spy 9/12/11 'Bachelor Pad' Jake Pavelka on Vienna Girardi: 'She was not kind at all'

Reality TV Fans 9/9/11 Bachelor Pad Uncensored – Heavy Lifting

Examiner 9/9/11 'Bachelor Pad': Vienna Girardi on the latest Kasey Kahl issues

Zap2It 9/9/11 'Bachelor Pad': Erica is a creepy harasser, Michelle and Graham awesomely game the system

Digital Spy 9/9/11 Blake Julian, Erica Rose talk Holly/Michael/Blake love triangle and giving roses to Kasey and Vienna

Reality TV Fans 9/8/11 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene 9-5-11

Reality TV Magazine 9/8/11 Bachelor Pad: Are Holly and Blake Engaged?

Examiner 9/8/11 'Bachelor Pad': Did Michelle Money and Holly Durst find love?

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/11 Bachelor Pad’s Ella Nolan Shows Off Hot New Body Courtesy Of Plastic Surgery

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/11 Bachelor Pad 2 Season Finale Spoilers

Reality TV Magazine 9/7/11 Bachelor Pad’s Blake Talks Holly and Michael’s Vote: The Favor Was Not Returned

Daily Mail 9/7/11 'I feel incredible!': Bachelor Pad's Ella Nolan reveals she had five plastic surgery procedures in one day

BuddyTV 9/7/11 'Bachelor Pad' Finale Spoilers: Who Wins? Who's Engaged? Reality Steve Spills All

Reality TV Fans 9/7/11 Bachelor Pad – Diaries of the Departed – Week 5

Reality TV Fans 9/7/11 Beyond Reality – Bachelor Pad Recap 9/5/11

Reality News Online 9/7/11 Bachelor Pad 2, Episode 5: Has Anyone Seen Michael’s or Erica’s Dignity?

BuddyTV 9/6/11 (Infographic) 'Bachelor Pad' Drama Map, Week 5: Your Guide to Who's Fighting and F***ing This Week

BuddyTV 9/6/11 'Bachelor' News Roundup: ABC Confirms Ben as New 'Bachelor,' Final 'Pad' Challenge Details

BuddyTV 9/6/11 'Bachelor Pad' Week 5 Recap: Makin' Whoopie

Reality TV Calendar 9/6/11 With One Week Left Who Should Win? Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 9/6/11 Sex and Strategy Don't Mix - Here's The Rankings

NY Daily News 9/6/11 'Bachelor Pad 2' ep. 6 recap: Erica makes a play for Blake, but his heart belongs with Holly

Entertainment Weekly 9/6/11 Chris Harrison blogs 'Bachelor Pad' episode 5

Digital Spy 9/6/11 'Bachelor Pad' recap: The nearlyweds game, a twist at the rose ceremony

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/11 Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Deal With The Devil

Reality TV Fans 9/5/11 The Contestants Couple Up Tonight on “Bachelor Pad”

Examiner 9/3/11 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers, photos, and preview: A twist causes drama

BuddyTV 9/2/11 The Phantom and the Crazy: Highlights from William and Melissa's 'Bachelor Pad' Exit Interviews

Reality TV Fans 9/2/11 Bachelor Pad Uncensored – Dancing

Reality News Online 9/2/11 Bachelor Pad 2, Episode 4: How to Ruin the Kissing Contest

Reality TV Fans 9/1/11 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene 8-29

Digital Spy 9/1/11 'Bachelor Pad' interview: Melissa Schreiber, William Holman talk strategy, emotions and who they want to win

BuddyTV 8/31/11 'Bachelor Pad' News Roundup: Chris Says Blake Has 'Big Ones,' and He Doesn't Mean Molars

Reality TV Fans 8/31/11 Beyond Reality – Dirty Bachelor Pad Recap 8/30/11

BuddyTV 8/30/11 (Infographic) 'Bachelor Pad' Drama Map, Week 4: Your Guide to Who's Fighting and F***ing This Week

Reality TV Fans 8/30/11 Bachelor Pad – Diaries of the Departed – Week 4

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/11 The Kissing Contest And Crying In The Limo - Commentary and Recap

Reality TV Calendar 8/30/11 Kiss of Death, Kiss of Survival - Here's The Rankings

TV Guide 8/30/11 Chris Harrison: Graham and Michelle Are the King and Queen of Bachelor Pad

Digital Spy 8/30/11 'Bachelor Pad' recap: Kissing contest, Melissa becomes upset with Blake

BuddyTV 8/29/11 'Bachelor Pad' Week 4: Kiss Kiss Barf Barf

Reality TV Magazine 8/29/11 Bachelor Pad 2 Recap: Slippery Slope

Zap2It 8/29/11 'Bachelor Pad': Melissa loses it, the Kissing Contest returns

Reality TV Fans 8/29/11 Another Guy Fills Jake’s Annoying Shoes Tonight On Bachelor Pad

Examiner 8/29/11 'Bachelor Pad': Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl talk marriage

Reality TV Magazine 8/28/11 Vienna Girardi & Kasey Kahl Move in Together: If We Have a Reality Show, It Would be a Big Hit

Examiner 8/28/11 'Bachelor Pad' spoilers, photos and preview: The kissing contest returns

Reality TV Fans 8/27/11 Bachelor Pad: Graham Bunn Interview

Reality TV Fans 8/25/11 Bachelor Pad Uncensored – Kasey’s Song

Examiner 8/25/11 Photos of 'Bachelor Pad' Jackie dating another 'Bachelorette' man

BuddyTV 8/24/11 'Bachelor Pad' Roundup: How Does Michael Love Holly? Let Us Count the Ways...

Reality TV Fans 8/24/11 Bachelor Pad – Deleted Scene 8-22

Digital Spy 8/24/11 'Bachelor Pad's Kasey Kahl on serenading Vienna Girardi: 'It was just a funny moment'

BuddyTV 8/23/11 'Bachelor Pad' Week 4 Photos: The Return of the Kissing Contest

BuddyTV 8/23/11 (Infographic) 'Bachelor Pad' Drama Map, Week 3: Your Guide to Who's Fighting and F***ing This Week

Reality TV Fans 8/23/11 Beyond Reality - Bachelor Pad Recap 8/22/11

Reality TV Magazine 8/23/11 Who Does Chris Harrison Blame For The Demise Of Jake Pavelka?

Reality TV Magazine 8/23/11 Bachelor Pad 2: Watch Jake Pavelka’s Diaries Of The Departed Video

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/11 Lying, Whining, Plotting, Planning And A Promise - Recap and Commentary

Reality TV Calendar 8/23/11 To Be Continued? - Here's The Rankings

Reality News Online 8/23/11 Bachelor Pad 2, Episode 3: The Power of the Package

Digital Spy 8/23/11 'Bachelor Pad' Vienna Girardi: 'I'll get married to Kasey Kahl'

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/11 'Bachelor Pad 2:' Chris Harrison Says Jake Pavelka Had a 'Massive Target on His Back'

Hollywood Reporter 8/23/11 'Bachelor Pad's' Vienna Says She'll Wed Kacey

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