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Wellesley Townsman 6/1/06 Ayla Brown here June 4

Dover Sherborn Press 6/1/06 Ayla Brown checks in for hospital fair June 10

Hanover Mariner 5/31/06 'Idol' contestant Ayla Brown to perform at Hanover Day

Metro West Daily News 5/25/06 Ayla Brown takes in 'Idol' finale

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 5/21/06 Ayla Brown wows crowd at Kiss Concert 2006

Daily News Transcript 5/3/06 America Idol star drops in
Metro West Daily News 5/3/06 Ayla Brown to appear at fundraiser

Portsmouth Herald 4/23/06 Ayla Brown pitch perfect for fans of ‘American Idol’

Portsmouth Herald 4/18/06 An ‘American Idol’ guest

Harnesslink 4/17/06 American Idol At Plainridge Racecourse 

Metro West Daily News 4/16/06 Ayla Brown is seldom ’Idol’

Boston Globe 4/13/06 Shooting star, after 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/22/06 American Idol 5: Why Ayla Lost

Wellesley Townsman 3/16/06 Idol she’s not, but Brown has superstar status at home

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/13/06 Area welcomes `Idol' contestant Brown

Milford Daily News 3/13/06 Ayla gets warm welcome from fans at mall

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/13/06 Area welcomes 'Idol' contestant Brown with pride, adoration

Metro West Daily News 3/12/06 Tears and applause for Ayla

Hub Politics 3/11/06 Ayla: "I Have No Regrets"

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/11/06 Final thoughts

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/06 Did Ayla Brown's All-American Image Hurt Her On American Idol?

MSNBC 3/10/06 ‘Idol’ viewers think Gedeon, Ayla were robbed

MTV 3/10/06 Kinnik, Will, Ayla And Gedeon Discuss Their 'Idol' Exits

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/10/06 Ayla Brown says her experience changed her outlook

Daily News Transcript 3/10/06 Ayla Brown voted off Idol

Boston Channel 3/10/06 Local Singer Cut From 'American Idol'

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/10/06 Wrentham teen voted off of TV talent show

Daily News Transcript 3/9/06 Ayla Brown gets out the vote

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/8/06 Idolizing Ayla

Metro West Daily News 3/8/06 Ayla Brown takes a chance, singing current hit on ’Idol’

Daily News Transcript 3/8/06 Ayla’s dad is her biggest fan

Portsmouth Herald News 3/8/06 Idol Watch

Metro West Daily News 3/7/06 ’Idol’ competition continues for Ayla

Boston Globe 3/5/06 'Idol' raises profile of political dad

Milford Daily News 3/3/06 She’s sweet 16 all over again: Ayla Brown passes muster for second week on ’American Idol’

Sun Chronicle 3/3/06 Brown makes the cut

Boston Globe 3/3/06 Ayla Brown advances on 'Idol'

Sun Chronicle 3/3/06 Idolizing Ayla

Bellingham Country Gazette 3/3/06 Ayla sings her heart out

Reality TV World 3/1/06 Ayla Brown's dad dismisses report of 'American Idol 5' political tie

News & Observer 3/2/06 BC recruit standing out on 'Idol'

Boston Globe 3/2/06 Aloft in the 'Idol' world

Milford Daily News 3/2/06 Ayla has God on her side

Portsmouth Herald News 3/2/06 Father splits time between ‘Idol,’ Statehouse

Projo.com 3/2/06 Mixed praise for Ayla Brown on American Idol

Daily News Tribune 3/1/06 Ayla impresses again

Portsmouth Herald News 3/1/06 Idol Watch

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/1/06 Brown wows judges

Boston Globe 2/28/06 Is `American Idol' impeding Healey's choice for a running mate?

Milford Daily News 2/28/06 Ayla Brown to perform tonight on ’Idol’: Local girl says she’s rehearsing constantly

Portsmouth Herald News 2/27/06 Chasing a dream: ‘Idol’ hopeful has relatives in Seacoast

OurSports Central 2/27/06 Ayla Brown's Magic Number is 08

Boston Globe 2/26/06 Rox root for Ayla on 'Idol'

Daily News Transcript 2/24/06 Rooting for Ayla

Milford Daily News 2/24/06 Rooting for Ayla: Friends glad Wrentham girl has advanced on ’Idol’

Bellingham Country Gazette 2/24/06 Ayla reflects on ’Idol’ so far

Projo.com 2/23/06 Ayla Brown gets lukewarm praise from Idol judges

Daily News Transcript 2/23/06 Brown has earned her spot in the sun, friends say

Needham Times 2/23/06 Ayla's knocking out the competition

Milford Daily News 2/22/06 Ayla sings her heart out on ’Idol’

Sun Chronicle 2/22/06 Brown in the spotlight

Metro West Daily 2/22/06 Ayla Brown gets good reviews on ’Idol’

Bismarck Tribune 2/21/06 'Idol' contestant has Bismarck connection

Milford Daily News 2/21/06 Online comments praise and criticize Ayla

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/19/06 Brown back on 'Idol' on Tuesday night

Daily News Transcript 2/17/06 Ayla Brown is ready to ’kick butt’

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/17/06 Ayla battles `all-American' image

Projo.com 2/17/06 Idol wannabe Ayla Brown may face a tough decision

Bellingham Country Gazette 2/17/06 Ayla advances on 'Idol'

Milford Daily News 2/16/06 Local teen gets trip to Hollywood

Boston Herald 2/16/06 Hub hopeful Ayla Brown nabs top 24 ‘Idol’ spot

Daily News Transcript 2/16/06 Local teen gets trip to Hollywood

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/16/06 Brown moves on

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Top 24 American Idol Semifinalists Revealed

Milford Daily News 2/15/06 ’Idol’ of their eyes?

Projo.com 2/10/06 Area teen may yet be Idol material

Town Online 2/10/06 Ayla makes the ’Idol’ cut

Wellesley Townsman 2/9/06 Senator’s daughter advances on ’Idol’

Boston Globe 2/8/06 Local 'Idol' winners get TV time

Milford Daily News 2/8/06 Wrentham teen advances on ’American Idol’

Sun Chronicle 2/8/06 Brown moves ahead

Daily News Transcript 2/7/06 Wrentham girl expected to be on ’Idol’ tonight....

Milford Daily News 2/7/06 Wrentham girl expected to be on ’Idol’ tonight: Daughter of state senator hopes for trip to Hollywood

Sun Chronicle 11/5/05 Idol finalist was our star before she became Simon's

Nobles News 1/8/04 Ayla Brown reaches 1000 Points


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