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Latest News about Avril Lavigne  


Zap2It 10/30/04 Lavigne Slams Simpson for Lip-Synching

Teen Music 10/30/04 Lavigne Blasts Lip-syncers

NY Times 10/29/04 Lavigne Says Fake Pop Starlets Are 'Pathetic'

Chart Attack 10/27/04 Avril and McLachlan Fight Each Other For The People

Contact Music 10/27/04 Lavigne's Acting Ambitions

CTV 10/26/04 Lavigne, McLachlan are People's Choice nominees

Teen Music 10/20/04 Lavigne Slams Celebrities Who Pursue Music Careers

123Bharath.com 10/20/04 Celebrities attempts at singing "sad and stupid", says Avril Lavigne

Contact Music 10/20/04 Lavigne Eats Healthy After Junk Food Binge

Contact Music 10/18/04 Whibley Delays Gig For Lavigne

NMC 10/13/04 Avril Lavigne and Usher in Vogue

Ananova 10/8/04 Avril wants to play Courtney

The Tennessean 10/7/04 Avril Lavigne proudly showcasing artistry after 'angry' debut

Teen Hollywood 10/7/04 Lavigne Goes Blonde To Play Love

Contact Music 10/6/04 Lavigne Wants to Be Treated Like a Woman

Guardian 10/6/04 Avril Lavigne

Contact Music 10/4/04 Lavigne Smashes Up Dressing Room

Sunday Life 10/3/04 Avril Lavigne: Growing Pain

Teen Hollywood 10/2/04 Lavigne Lands Spongebob Theme

Chart Attack 10/1/04 Avril Lavigne Heads Up SpongeBob SquarePants Soundtrack

Rolling Stone 10/1/04 Avril Sings "SpongeBob"

NMC 10/1/04 Avril Lavigne Gets Squarepants

Launch 10/1/04 Avril gets animated

Ananova 10/1/04 Avril Lavigne to sing SpongeBob SquarePants theme song

VH1 10/1/04 Flaming Lips, Wilco, 'Commercial Weirdo' Avril Lavigne Head Up 'SpongeBob' LP

Contact Music 10/1/04 Lavigne Lands SpongeBob Theme

Contact Music 9/29/04 Lavigne Bares Her Breasts For Fans

NMC 9/28/04 Avril Donates Song To Burma Benefit CD

Contact Music 9/23/04 Avril's Alleged Stalker Fights Back

NMC 9/22/04 Avril Auctions Tank to Stop Child Abuse

Contact Music 9/22/04 Lavigne Swears By Her Boots

Teen Music 9/22/04 Lavigne's Battles With Producers

Ananova 9/22/04 Avril says she loves getting drunk

Contact Music 9/21/04 Lavigne Relaxed About Stalkers

Contact Music 9/20/04 Lavigne: I'm Bored With My Hits

Webindia123.com 9/18/04 Avril Lavigne gets seriously 'engaged' in canoodling!

The Mirror 9/17/04 Avril Lavigne

News.com.au 9/17/04 Avril gets complicated

NMC 9/17/04 Avril Lavigne Announces More Tour Dates

Daily Record 9/17/04 Skater Girl Goes Glam

Hello 9/16/04 A happy ending as Avril Lavigne gets engaged

Chart Attack 9/16/04 Avril, Celine Represent Canada At The World Music Awards

Rolling Stone 9/16/04 Avril Invades the U.S.

Access Hollywood 9/16/04 Avril Lavigne Announces Tour

NMC 9/16/04 Avril and Usher on Oprah Tomorrow

MegaStar 9/16/04 Diva's wedding charts

Contact Music 9/16/04 Lavigne 'Not Marrying' Whibley

Launch 9/16/04 Avril not engaged?

Ananova 9/16/04 Avril may not be engaged after all

MTV 9/15/04 Sum 41 Singer Not Engaged To Avril Lavigne, His Reps Say

Chart Attack 9/15/04 Avril And Deryck To Get Married?

MegaStar 9/15/04 Avril's wedding bells

Launch 9/15/04 Avril gets engaged

Ananova 9/14/04 Avril Lavigne is engaged

Contact Music 9/14/04 Lavigne Engaged To Sum 41 Star

Chart Attack 9/7/04 Avril Lavigne Announces T.O. Show

NMC 9/7/04 Avril Lavigne TV Time

Contact Music 9/7/04 Lavigne's Bondage Confession

Teen Music 9/5/04 Avril slams hometown

Contact Music 9/3/04 Lavigne Infuriates Home Town

NMC 9/2/04 Avril and Alicia on Totally Hits 2004

NMC 9/1/04 Up Late with Avril

Herald Sun 9/1/04 Avril stalking charge denied

British Vogue 9/1/04 Avril Rocks On

Celebrity Justice 8/30/04 Avril Lavigne's Stalker Scare

Chart Attack 8/30/04 Lavigne Stalker Charged With Felony Stalking

E!Online 8/30/04 Avril's Stalker Boi Busted Again

News.com.au 8/30/04 Avril fan charged

Canada.com 8/28/04 Charges laid against Lavigne stalker

NMC 8/26/04 Be Nice to Avril Lavigne Or Else

Irish Examiner 8/25/04 Lavigne finds lyrics Complicated

Teen Music 8/24/04 Lavigne Finds Lyrics Complicated

Stuff.co.nz 8/23/04 Skater girl little different to most teens

News.com.au 8/20/04 Lining up for Lavigne

News.com.au 8/18/04 Avril shops til she drops

Malaysia Star 8/18/04 Get under Avril Lavigne's skin

NMC 8/17/04 Avril Lavigne's School of Rock

Teen Music 8/17/04 Lavigne Slams Aiken's 'weird' Music

News.com.au 8/17/04 Sk8ter girl a class act

China Post 8/14/04 'Shy' Avril Lavigne to open Taipei music festival tonight

NMC 8/13/04 Lavigne Rules the Yule at Jingle Ball 04

Canada.com 8/13/04 Avril, Beyonce kick off NY Fashion Week

New Kerala 8/11/04 Avril Lavigne gets a kick out of doing laundry

Teen Music 8/9/04 Lavigne Dreads Dirty European Tour

123Bharath.com 8/9/04 Avril Lavigne wants to chill out with her mum

Chart Attack 8/5/04 K.D. Lang Can't Stop The Lavigne Machine

Chart Attack 8/3/04 Avril Lavigne Donates Song To Kelly Clarkson

Chosun Ilbo 8/1/04 Avril Lavigne to Perform in Korea Once Again

MTV 7/30/04 Avril Tries Her Hand At Acting In 'Nobody's Home' Video

Chart Attack 7/30/04 Avril Lavigne Hits The Street And The Symphony In New Video

MTV 7/30/04 Avril Tries Her Hand At Acting In 'Nobody's Home' Video

Chart Attack 7/29/04 Top Of The Charts: Avril Fends Off Eddie To Stay At The Top

NMC 7/28/04 Avril Lavigne Goes The Distance

Webindia123.com 7/27/04 Avril Lavigne hates giving interviews

Korea Times 7/27/04 Avril Lavigne Returns to Give Concert for Korean Fans

Globe and Mail 7/27/04 Canadians Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne earn MTV nods

Chart Attack 7/22/04 Top Of The Charts: Lavigne And Duff Take Their Squabble To The Charts

Times Dispatch 7/22/04 Music Review: Avril Lavigne

The Record 7/20/04 Catch Avril in Taipei

Courier Post 7/16/04 Three lend voices to albums celebrating Olympic spirit

Chart Attack 7/15/04 Canadians Continue To Clamour For Lavigne

Launch 7/12/04 Avril poops Party

Webindia123.com 7/12/04 Avril Lavigne gives the royal snub to Prince Charles

Ananova 7/12/04 Lavigne snubs Prince at Party In The Park

News.com.au 7/12/04 Avril and Lenny party on

Sunday Mirror 7/11/04 Av It; Avril Has Sum Fun

Teen Music 7/9/04 Lavigne Attacks 'sex Symbol' Spears

Orlando Sentinel 7/9/04 Avril Lavigne: Under My Skin

Launch 7/8/04 Lavigne slams Spears

NMC 7/6/04 Lavigne and Jones 'Diaries'

NMC 7/2/04 Avril Lavigne US Tour Shaping Up

Billboard 6/30/04 Avril, Clarkson Sing For 'Diaries'

Jam! 6/30/04 Avril reclaims No. 1 spot

Live Daily 6/29/04 Avril Lavigne plotting U.S. arena shows

NMC 6/28/04 Canadians Choose Avril Lavigne

Staten Island Advance 6/27/04 Avril returns with a new range

Webindia123.com 6/27/04 Avril lavigne hates giving interviews

Chart Attack 6/25/04 Avril, Raine, Chantal And Sam Speak Out On The Vote

Rocky Mountain News 6/25/04 Lavigne brings faux-punk rock show to Pepsi Center Nov. 14

Teen Music 6/23/04 Lavigne Slams Duff's Truce Promise

NMC 6/22/04 Must-See Avril

Ananova 6/22/04 Avril announces more UK dates

NME 6/22/04 Avril's 'Happy Ending'!

Webindia123.com 6/20/04 A meal with Avril Lavigne can cost you 16,000 dollars!

Teen Music 6/19/04 Lavigne Offers Up A Lunch

Teen Music 6/18/04 Durst Denies Avril Claims

Launch 6/16/04 Durst disses Lavigne

Ananova 6/16/04 Fred Durst denies wanting sex with Avril Lavigne

Buffalo News 6/9/04 Avril's newest is more of the same

NMC 6/9/04 Avril Lavigne Says She's a Writer

The Spoof 6/9/04 Local Girl Reports She Wants to "Punch" Avril Lavigne

icBirmingham 6/7/04 Rocking Avril to play NIA

Chart Attack 6/7/04 Avril, Sam Roberts, OLP To Present At MMVAs

Launch 6/7/04 Lavigne snubs Durst

POAC 6/7/04 Avril Lavigne’s sophomore slump- Singer fails to impress teen panel with her new CD

Teen Music 6/4/04 Avril Lavigne Hates Awards Ceremonies

Launch 6/4/04 Limp Bizkit's Durst Dissed By Avril Lavigne

Chart Attack 6/3/04 Top Of The Charts: Avril’s Under Everyone’s Skin

Rolling Stone 6/3/04 Avril in Action

Ananova 6/3/04 Fred Durst expected me to 'bang him' says Avril

NY Daily News 6/3/04 Her 'Skin' goes clear to top spot

USA Today 6/2/04 Buyers are big on Lavigne, even if radio isn't

Chart Attack 6/2/04 Avril Loves Sum 41 And Marilyn Manson, Hates Fancy Awards Shows

Indiana Digital Student 6/2/04 Avril Lavigne tackles teendom

Rolling Stone 6/2/04 Avril in Action

Rolling Stone 6/2/04 Avril Unseats Usher

BBC 6/2/04 Avril Lavigne announces UK tour

Launch 6/2/04 Avril in the UK

Billboard 6/2/04 Avril Adds Another No. 1 Album

Ananova 6/2/04 Avril Lavigne lines up UK tour

Belfast Telegraph 6/1/04 Avril Lavigne for Odyssey

CTV 6/1/04 More mature Avril Lavigne adds emotion to work

CTV 6/1/04 More mature Avril Lavigne adds emotion to work

CTV 5/31/04 Lavigne willing to let people 'under her skin'

Times of India 5/31/04 Caught in the bad act!
New Zealand Herald 5/30/04 Avril Lavigne: Under My Skin

Teen Music 5/29/04 Lavigne's TV Controversy

Ananova 5/29/04 Avril Lavigne says Britney's stage act is inappropriate

National Post 5/28/04 Older Avril Lavigne introduces piano, emotions to her body of work

NMC 5/28/04 Avril Lavigne Sings for Olympics

Jam! 5/28/04 'Whatever'

CTV 5/27/04 Canadian Superstars Avril Lavigne and Diana Krall to visit Canada AM

Access Hollywood 5/27/04 Avril Lavigne: Beware Britney!

WebIndia 123 5/27/04 Avril's single muscles into the Olympics album

Rolling Stone 5/27/04 Avril Gives "TRL" the Finger

Ananova 5/27/04 Lavigne gives MTV the finger

NY Daily News 5/26/04 Avril's new approach complicates matters

Teen Music 5/25/04 Lavigne Refuses To Endorse Products

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/25/04 Lavigne gets personal with her second CD

Canada.com 5/25/04 Avril seeks to showcase artistry

Times of India 5/25/04 I'm no material girl: Avril Lavigne!

Chart Attack 5/25/04 Avril Lavigne Preaches Olympic Unity

The Trade 5/24/04 "Avril Lavigne "Under My Skin"" Review

USA Today 5/23/04 Avril: Adult, but still herself

NY Daily News 5/23/04 Avril on the attack

Independent 5/22/04 Avril Lavigne: Riot girl

Boston Globe 5/21/04 Avril Lavigne is driven by maturity, not celebrity

Chart Attack 5/21/04 Avril : "I’m really sensitive & Emotional & I’ve Done A Lot Of Growing Up"

Guardian 5/21/04 Avril Lavigne, Under My Skin

Billboard 5/21/04 Avril Lavigne

Boston Herald 5/21/04 No longer punk’d, Avril Lavigne shows her passion

Rolling Stone 5/21/04 Week in Weird: Ozzy, Avril

Chart Attack 5/20/04 Avril Lavigne Kicks Off Album Promo With Free NYC Show

Rolling Stone 5/20/04 In Brief: Avril, Johnny Cash

Washington Post 5/19/04 Avril and Alanis: Blame Canada

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/19/04 Angry lyrics? Avril Lavigne blames the carbs

Teen Music 5/18/04 Lavigne's Bad Diet

Ananova 5/18/04 Lavigne's angry lyrics down to bad food

MSNBC 5/17/04 Lavigne blames carbs for her angry lyrics

NY Times 5/16/04 The Solipsisters Sing Out Once Again

CBBC 5/15/04 Avril rocks in Your Charts

Webindia123.com 5/15/04 Single Avril loves to mingle with Mason!

Times Online 5/14/04 The bland stand

Teen Music 5/14/04 Avril Plans To Leave Canada

Teen Hollywood 5/14/04 Lavigne Find A Friend In Manson

NMC 5/14/04 Avril Goes for Gold

Chart Attack 5/13/04 Avril, Sam, Simple Plan Up For People’s Choice MMVAs

MSNBC 5/12/04 Britney Spears gets scolding from Avril Lavigne

Sky.com 5/12/04 Avril's Sk8er Boi Search

Teen Music 5/12/04 Lavigne's Bodyguards Block Her Hopes Of Romance

Ananova 5/12/04 Lavigne suitors scared away by bodyguards

CTV 5/11/04 Three arrested at Avril Lavigne's family home

NMC 5/10/04 The Darkness in Avril

Teen Music 5/10/04 Avril Disses Drug Users

Teen Music 5/7/04 Lavigne Slams Punk Label

Chart Attack 5/6/04 Avril Lavigne Wants To Get Intimate With You

BBC 5/5/04 Don't label Avril!

Teen Music 5/3/04 Lavigne Wants To Work With The Darkness

Rolling Stone 5/3/04 Avril, Jack White on TV

VH1 5/3/04 Avril Lavigne Reveals What's Under Her Skin

NY Times 5/2/04 Avril's Second Act

The Times 5/2/04 Cover story: Avril Lavigne

Teen Music 4/30/04 Avril Lavigne Picked by Prince Harry

News.com.au 4/29/04 Avril cheers up

Launch 4/28/04 Avril plays Monarch

News.com.au 4/27/04 Avril's sk8ter prince

Sky.com 4/26/04 Harry Asks For Avril

Ananova 4/26/04 Harry gets pass to meet Avril Lavigne

Houston Press 4/22/04 An Avril Afternoon at the Mall

CTV 4/21/04 Under our skin

Houston Chronicle 4/16/04 Lavigne holds court -- the food court-- at Katy Mills

Arizona Republic 4/14/04 3,000 hear free Avril concert at mall

Contra Costa Times 4/13/04 Mall stop buys Avril time with adoring fans

Launch 4/13/04 Lavigne 'stalker' arrested

Arizona Republic 4/12/04 Avril Lavigne to give free Fiesta Mall concert

Criminal Justice 4/12/04 Pop Princess Lavigne Living in Fear

Chart Attack 4/12/04 Alleged Avril Stalker Picked Up By Cops

Daily Review 4/10/04 Nothing 'Complicated' for Avril Lavigne fans

The Oregonian 4/10/04 Lavigne's a scream for teens and tweens

Defy 4/9/04 Avril's Stalker Caught

Sky.com 4/9/04 Fan Bailed By US Court

BBC 4/9/04 Pop star Lavigne's 'stalker' held

AZ Central 4/8/04 Avril's surprise

Seattle Times 4/8/04 Lavigne rocks Southcenter mall

Mercury News 4/8/04 Lavigne to sing for free Friday at mall in Hayward

Seattle PI 4/8/04 Singer's free show at Southcenter Mall draws fans -- and a few non-fans

The Oregonian 4/7/04 Avril Lavigne plans free acoustic show Thursday in Portland

Fort Frances Times 4/6/04 Avril Lavigne springs surprise free concert

MTV 4/6/04 Avril Lavigne Album Preview: Rock Rules On Under My Skin

Seattle PI 4/5/04 Avril's to hold free show at at Westfield ShoppingTown Southcenter

Teen Music 4/2/04 Avril's Ex Quits The Band

Chart Attack 4/2/04 Avril Confirms That Jesse’s Out And Craig Is In

Ananova 4/2/04 New album shows Avril's goth side

Rolling Stone 4/1/04 Avril Lavigne's Dark Side

Manila Times 3/27/04 She’s a rebel

Post Dispatch 3/26/04 Teen pop star's free show packs mall

Indy Star 3/26/04 Lavigne earns free publicity

Plain Dealer 3/25/04 Avril brings her music to mall (and lots of screaming girls)

Indy Star 3/25/04 Avril Lavigne serenades fans at mall

Washington Times 3/24/04 Avril's quick sale: 30 minutes at mall

Kentucky Post 3/24/04 'She rocks, she's hot'

WKYC 3/24/04 Avril Lavigne holds concert at Westfield Shoppingtown SouthPark

Chart Attack 3/23/04 Avril Lavigne Busts Hilary Duff’s Chops… Again!

Access Hollywood 3/23/04 Teen Feud: Avril Vs. Hilary?

Kentucky Post 3/22/04 Young pop star Lavigne to play at mall

MTV 3/22/04 Avril Lavigne

MSNBC 3/17/04 Nobody's Fool

Chart Attack 3/17/04 Hilary Duff Gets Under Avril Lavigne’s Skin

Canada.com 3/16/04 Lavigne shows up late, but can do no wrong

Teen Music 3/16/04 Lavigne Slams Duff

Rolling Stone 3/15/04 Avril Flashes "Skin" in Malls

NY Daily News 3/15/04 Avril knocks Hilary on Duff

Canada.com 3/12/04 Lavigne delights kids at Toronto mall

Ottawa Citizen 3/12/04 Blogging on Avril

Billboard 3/10/04 Avril Lavigne / March 9, 2004 / Troy, Mich. (The Somerset Collection)

Detroit News 3/10/04 Punk-pop's Avril Lavigne tears up Somerset mall

WDIV 3/9/04 Avril Lavigne Gets Ready To Rock Somerset Collection

Kane County Chronicle 3/9/04 Avril Lavigne show brings mixed reviews

Chart Attack 3/9/04 Avril Lavigne Announces Toronto Mall Show

Chart Attack 3/8/04 Avril Lavigne To Show Some Skin In Toronto This Week

MTV 3/6/04 Avril Lavigne Just Lets Go In 'Don't Tell Me' Video

Star Tribune 3/5/04 Review: Avril Lavigne enchants the mall crowd

MTV 3/5/04 Avril Lavigne Sells New Songs At Mall Tour Opener

Milwaukee Journal 3/5/04 Admiring Avril fans pack Racine mall

Oregonian 3/4/04 Avril Lavigne sets Portland tour stop to promote 'Skin' disc

Chicago Tribune 3/3/04 Avril Lavigne readies mall tour

Milwaukee Journal 3/3/04 Avril Lavigne celebrates new release at Racine mall

Journal Times 3/3/04 Avril Lavigne to perform at mall

Rolling Stone 3/3/04 Avril Lines Up Surprise Tour

Billboard 3/2/04 Lavigne Teams With AOL For Surprise Tour

MTV Asia 3/1/04 Avril Lavigne To Show Fans What Lies Beneath On New Album

Chart Attack 3/1/04 Avril Hits The Mall

Observer Dispatch 3/1/04 Lavigne to make 'flash mob' appearances

Teen Music 2/28/04 Lavigne Hits The Shops

MTV 2/27/04 Avril Lavigne To Show Fans What Lies Beneath On New Album

Jam! 2/27/04 Avril Lavigne announces mall tour

Rolling Stone 2/27/04 Avril, 50 Reap DVD Success

Rolling Stone 2/13/04 Avril Gets More Complicated

Chart Attack 2/11/04 Avril, Shania, Sarah Up For Juno Fan Choice Award

CTV 2/5/04 Lavigne, Twain up for three Grammys each

Chart Attack 2/4/04 Avril, Shania, Nickelback, Eugene Levy To Represent Canada At Grammys

Calgary Sun 1/26/04 Avril: Hold the 'cheesy'

Chart Attack 1/26/04 Sarah McLachlan, Nickelback, Avril To Perform At Junos

Ananova 1/22/04 Avril's secret folk sessions

Teen Music 1/20/04 Avril's Secret Tea-time Tunes With Chantal

NME 1/15/04 Lavigne Gets Moody!

NMC 1/14/04 Evanescence Guitarist Writes With Avril

Ananova 1/14/04 Avril working with ex-Evanescence guitarist

MTV 1/13/04 So Where's Evanescence's Ben Moody? Ask Avril Lavigne

NMC 1/8/04 Avril More Popular Than Iraq

Chart Attack 1/6/04 Avril, Justin, Beyonce Star On Grammy Noms CD

NMC 12/30/03 Avril Embarrassed At Comedy Rock Show

Teen Music 12/21/03 Lavigne's Embarrassing Night Out

The Province 12/9/03 Avril tops hair awards

Chart Attack 12/4/03 Avril, Nickelback, Shania Nominated For Grammy Awards

CTV 12/4/03 Lavigne, McLachlan, Nickelback get Grammy nods

Chart Attack 11/25/03 Sam Roberts, Tom Cochrane, Avril Lavigne Shine At SOCAN Awards

CTV 11/25/03 Avril, Remy top list of radio's most-played in 2002

DVD Talk 11/17/03 Avril Lavigne - My World (DVD & CD)

WTEV 11/11/03 Go Behind the Scenes with Avril Lavigne

Beacon Journal 11/9/03 Singer Avril Lavigne shares her world on DVD

Teen Music 11/7/03 Avril Lavigne: 'new Lp Will Reflect My Wisdom'

NME 11/7/03 Avril Lets Go Of The Past

VH1 11/6/03 Avril Lavigne Grows Up, Sheds Her Newbie Ways For Upcoming LP

Chart Attack 11/5/03 Avril, Gob, The Dirtmitts Get On The Movie Train

WXXA 11/5/03 Go Behind the Scenes with Avril Lavigne

Business Wire 11/3/03 Avril's 'My World' Concert DVD to Premiere at AMC Theatres in 24 Cities

Teen Music 10/29/03 Avril Slams 'Showgirl' Britney

Chart Attack 10/28/03 Avril, Kathleen, Two Sarahs And Three Tanyas On Oxygen Compilation

Billboard 10/27/03 Dido, Sarah, Avril Contribute To 'Oh!'

Launch 10/26/03 Avril Lavigne To Launch 'My World' DVD

NME 10/25/03 Her World!

Ananova 10/24/03 Avril Lavigne to release live DVD

Rolling Stone 10/24/03 Avril Goes to Big Screen

Chart Attack 10/21/03 Sarah McLachlan And Avril Lavigne Band Together In TV Concert

TV Week 10/20/03 Lavigne, McLachlan Concert to Air on Oxygen

BBC 10/4/03 Avril returns as rock star in Your Charts

Launch 9/30/03 Avril, DMB, Guster, Sixpence & More On New Christmas Compilation

MTV 9/23/03 Avril Lavigne's 'World' Comes Down In November

Teen Hollywood 9/23/03 Spears Plays Down Avril Outburst

BBC 9/17/03 Lavigne and Dion up for US awards

Teen Hollywood 9/16/03 Hilary Duff Slams Avril Lavigne

Chart Attack 9/10/03 Avril, Rufus, Flaming Lips Make Christmas Bright

Rolling Stone 9/9/03 Avril, Lips Do Xmas "Too"

Chart Attack 9/8/03 Avril, Matt Good, Gob To Star In CHUM Movie

MTV 8/29/03 Avril, Diddy, 50 Cent, Fallon, Olsens: Backstage At The VMAs

BBC 8/29/03 Avril and Orlando named coolest celebs

Teen Music 8/13/03 Avril Blocks Teenage Boyfriend's Loveletters Sale

Chart Attack 8/13/03 Avril To Present At MTV VMAs

Teen Music 7/26/03 Avril Lavigne Is A Songwriting Slob

Chart Attack 7/15/03 Avril Lavigne Live EP Available Online

Billboard 7/15/03 Avril Plugs Into iTunes

Launch 7/14/03 Avril Lavigne To Release Live Album DVD This Fall

Launch 7/10/03 Foo Fighters, Avril Lavigne, ..On 'American Wedding' Soundtrack

NMC 7/10/03 Beef Between Michelle Branch And Avril

The Record 7/9/03 Avril Set For Second LP

Jam! 7/9/03 Lavigne releasing live CD, DVD

Teen Music 7/9/03 Avril The Diva

BBC 7/8/03 New Album for Avril

Rolling Stone 7/7/03 Avril Gets Personal

Gainesville Sun 6/25/03 Avril Lavigne Pictures Causing a Stir

Teen Music 6/24/03 Kelly Osbourne's A Closet Avril Fan

Rolling Stone 6/23/03 Avril, Sum Rock for Toronto

MTV 6/13/03 New Avril Lavigne, New Found Glory Songs On 'American Wedding' Soundtrack

Teen Hollywood 6/10/03 Lavigne Contradicts Herself

NMC 6/9/03 Avril's Special

Launch 6/8/03 Avril Lavigne The Subject Of ABC-Family Television Special

SMH.com 6/5/03 Avril Lavigne, Entertainment Centre

MTVAsia.com 6/4/03 Em, Avril, Others Selling Their Scribbles To Fight Cancer

Ottawa Citizen 6/3/03 Avril, Ashanti, Shane West among stars to attend annual MuchMusic awards

The Age 6/1/03 Reloading the other Matrix

MTV.com 5/28/03 Avril Lavigne, Sum 41 Work To Fight Toronto's SARS Woes

Hollywood Reporter 5/28/03 Lavigne's 'Boi' to roll as Par film

Launch 5/22/03 Avril Lavigne Benefit Single Raises $100,000 To Date

NMC 5/20/03 Fred And Avril Friends Forever?

Boston Herald 5/17/03 Solid Avril stands her ground at fan-packed Tsongas Arena

AJC 5/9/03 Avril Lavigne first arena tour shows no typical cover girl

Teen Music 5/9/03 Avril Lavigne Watches The Pennies

NMC 5/8/03 Weird Al Takes On Eminem, Avril

MTV Asia 5/7/03 Avril, Snoop Dogg, Lisa Marie Presley Bow Down To Metallica

Alameda Times-Star 5/3/03 Not-so-enchanted Avril: Dry concert from Lavigne in San Jose

AZ Republic 5/1/03 What's so 'Complicated'?

Seattle PI 4/29/03 Lavigne and co. deliver a crowd-pleasing romp

The Gazette 4/12/03 Lavigne leaves 'em happy

NY Times 4/12/03 This Is for You, Mom and Dad

NMC 4/10/03 Avril's A Big Girl Now

Canada.com 4/10/03 Lavigne puts on impressive first show

Teen Music 4/9/03 Lavigne Goes For Gob

Launch 4/9/03 Avril Lavigne Begins Headlining Tour

BBC 4/7/03 Lavigne sweeps Canadian awards

CTV 4/2/03 Twain and Lavigne to lead Juno fashion show

Teen Music 3/30/03 Avril Covers Dylan For Charity

NMC 3/28/03 Avril's Tops Pop eTrack...Again

NMC 3/28/03 Avril's Got The HAC eTrack...Too

Launch 3/27/03 Avril Lavigne Recalls Recording 'I'm With You'

Teen Music 3/26/03 Avril's Romantic Side

This is Local London 3/26/03 Avril’s drumming up support for Sam

Guardian Unlimited 3/25/03 Avril Lavigne

Teen Music 3/22/03 Avril's Rules For Wannabe Boyfriends

Teen Music 3/19/03 Avril Lavigne takes up curling

Teen Music 3/19/03 Avril Lavigne Undergoes Image Overhaul

The Observer 3/15/03 Mean Lavigne

NMC 3/14/03 It's Avril Topping Pop eTrack

MTV 3/13/03 Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne Fall Into The Matrix

MLive.com 3/11/03 Freeland teen tours with Avril Lavigne

MTV 3/10/03 Avril Lavigne — Fashion Rebel With A (Good) Cause

NMC 3/7/03 Avril Still Tops Pop eTrack

BBC 3/5/03 Report on an Avril Lavigne gig!

Teen Music 3/5/03 Her Upbringing Helps Avril Make The Right Choices

Teen Music 3/4/03 Avril Puts Napanee On The Rock Map

Teen Music 3/3/03 Avril's Stylists Make Her Life Complicated

Teen Hollywood 2/28/03 No Swearing For Avril

NMC 2/28/03 It's Avril Atop Pop eTrack

Launch Yahoo 2/26/03 Avril Lavigne Is 'Losing Grip' For New Single

Teen Music 2/25/03 Avril Lavigne's Tacky Tuxedo Gang

Teen Hollywood 2/23/03 Lavigne's Success Comes Home

NMC 2/21/03 Avril's Number One On Pop eTrack

UPI 2/19/03 Interview: Avril Lavigne

Billboard 2/12/03 Avril Scores Six Juno Nominations

BBC 2/6/03 Avril's aversion to music press...

Hollywood Reporter 2/5/03 Lavigne 'Go'-ing 5 times platinum

Pop Politics 1/31/03 The Most Original and Most Appropriable Girl

Net Music Countdown 1/30/03  Avril Ties Chart Record

Net Music Countdown 1/24/03 Avril Takes Pop eTrack

The Kingston Whig-Standard 1/15/03 For Avril, there’s no place like Home

MSNBC 1/14/03 Avril Lavigne, unvarnished

Jam! 1/10/03 Avril gaffe was wowi

AtNewYork.com 1/9/03 Avril Worm May Makes Things Complicated

The Globe and Mail 12/26/02 Avril and the selling of punk lite

CNN 12/27/02 Avril Lavigne: Teen rocker of 2002

Chart Attack 12/18/02 Our Lady Peace To Tour With Avril Lavigne

BBC 12/11/02 Avril adds date to tour 

NY Times 11/24/02 Avril Lavigne: What She Wants Is What She Gets

Teen Hollywood 11/22/02 Lavigne Showered With Marriage Proposals

Net Music Countdown 11/22/02 Avril Tops Pop eTrack

Teen Hollywood 11/21/02 Avril: I'm Still A Child

San Francisco Chronicle 11/18/02 Avril Lavigne, LL Cool J, others join cast of `The Sims Online'

Zap2It 11/11/02 Singer Avril Lavigne Guest-Stars on Sabrina

Chart Attack 11/11/02 Avril Lavigne Talks Back

NY Times 11/10/02 Avril Lavigne

Launch 11/8/02 Sum 41 Kicked Out Of N.Y.C. Bar With Avril Lavigne

Chart Attack 11/5/02 Avril To Headline The Billboard Awards

Louisville Channel 11/1/02 Avril Lavigne Warns Fans Of Web Impostor

Net Music Countdown 11/1/02 Will The Real Avril Please Stand Up?

Chart Attack 10/30/02 Avril Lavigne Works With Christina's Dirrty Director

Chart Attack 10/28/02 Avril Lavigne Songwriting Team Sign New Deal

Chart Attack 10/25/02 Avril Lavigne Wins A Latin MTV Award. Really!

Free Lance Star 10/22/02 Avril Lavigne: Fashion icon

VH1 10/4/02 Avril Lavigne Added To VMAs Latin America Lineup

Net Music Countdown 9/27/02 Avril Again Tops HAC eChart

Net Music Countdown 9/20/02 Avril Still Number 1 on HAC eChart

Guardian 9/19/02 Avril Lavigne

Chart Attack 9/19/02 Avril Lavigne's Dreams Come True

Net Music Countdown 9/13/02 Avril Lavigne Tops HAC eChart

Q4Music 9/11/02 New To Q: Avril Lavigne

VH1 9/5/02 Avril Lavigne Writing Next LP, Yearns For The Open Road

Q4Music 9/4/02 UK single and gigs for Avril Lavigne

Net Music Countdown 9/4/02 Avril Impersonated

Beacon Journal 7/30/02 Singer Avril Lavigne says she's no Britney

VH1 7/11/02 Avril Lavigne: Too Much Too Young

USA Today 7/10/02 Avril Lavigne skates straight to the top

Teen Music 6/15/02 Avril Lavigne is Spunky Fun

Music Critic 5/28/02 Anything But Ordinary

Chart Attack 4/19/02 Avril Lavigne Hates Britney Spears


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