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News Articles about NBC Networks Average Joe show


Fans of Reality TV 2/28/04 Episode 8: "R-E-S-P-E-C-T"

Patriot Ledger 2/28/04 Boston attitude shines on TV

TV Guide 2/27/04 Average Joe Reject's Revenge

Reality News Online 2/26/04 Average Joe 2, Episodes 7 & 8: Fat Suits and Submarines

Reality News Online 2/26/04 “We Weren’t Seeing Eye to Eye”: An Interview with Average Joe's Tony

NoPointNecessary 2/25/04 Average Joe 2 Episode 8 Recap "It's Not Over Yet"

Beacon Journal 2/25/04 Cleveland `Average Joe' nobody's fool

TVRules 2/24/04 Average Joe: One Show To Go 2/23 Summary

The Trades 2/24/04 Average Joe: Hawaii -- Episode 8

Beacon Journal 2/24/04 Ohio's `Average Joe' tells show to kiss off

TVRules 2/23/04 Average Joe Hawaii: Season Finale Preview 3/1

Sun Sentinel 2/23/04 Pompano man tapped as 'hunk' on NBC's Average Joe

Toronto Star 2/23/04 Meet Average Joe's gal

Fans Of Reality TV 2/20/04 Average Joe:Hawaii Episode 7 Recap

Reality News Online 2/19/04 An Interview With Average Joe 2’s Michael Cardamone

Reality News Online 2/19/04 Average Joe 2: Looks Do Matter, But…

Reality TV World 2/19/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 7 summary

Reality TV World 2/18/04 'Average Joe 2' ratings climbing significantly as series nears end

NoPointNecessary 02/18/04 Average Joe 2 Episode 7 Recap "Big Momma's House"

Boston.com 2/18/04 Go 'Joe' go

TVRules 2/17/04 Average Joe: Hawaii Interview With Bill Hansen

TVRules 2/17/04 Average Joe: Hawaii-Interview With Phuc Le

The Trades 2/17/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 7

TVRules 2/17/04 Average Joe: Hawaii: Episode 7-2/16 Summary

Reality TV World 2/16/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 6 summary

Crazy4RealityTV 2/16/04 Interview With Sean Pashley of Average Joe: Hawaii

TVRules 2/16/04 Average Joe Hawaii: Episode 8 Preview 2/23

Beacon Journal 2/16/04 2 `Average' Clevelanders keep spots on reality show

Reality News Online 2/16/04 “I Had Great Fun”: An Interview with Thomas Grande of ‘Average Joe 2’

Reality News Online 2/12/04 “I Don’t Think I Can Meet a Girl This Way”: An Interview with Brian G.

Fans Of Reality TV 2/11/04 Average Joe Hawaii Episode 6 Recap

Reality News Online 2/11/04 Average Joe 2, Episode 6: All’s Fair in Love, War, and Himbo Stupidity

NoPointNecessary 2/11/04 Average Joe 2 Episode 6 Recap "The Twilight Zone"

Boston Globe 2/11/04 Go, Joe, go

The Trades 2/10/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 6

Reality News Online 2/10/04 Average Joe 2: Finally, Some Crayons!

TVRules 2/10/04 Average Joe-Episode 6 (2/9 Summary) Down To The Final Six!

TVRules 2/9/04 Average Joe Hawaii: Episode 7 Preview 2/16

Reality TV World 2/9/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 5 summary

Reality News Online 2/9/04 “Follow Your Dreams”: An Interview with David Daskal of ‘Average Joe’

Reality News Online 2/6/04 “We Were America”: An Interview with Sean Pashley of ‘Average Joe 2’

Reality News Online 2/6/04 Episode 5: 30 Grams of Protein + 1 Mirror = 8 Obnoxious Men

Fans Of Reality TV 2/5/04 Word up.Episode 5 Recap - "Mr. Happy Shiny Happy People Pants"

Reality News Online 2/5/04 Average Joe 2: Weights, Hair Gel, and Protein Bars, Oh My!

NoPointNecessary 2/3/04 Average Joe Episode 4 Recap "She screwed up!!"

Reality TV World 2/3/04 'Average Joe 2' ratings level off as fifth episode draws 11+ million viewers 

The Trades 2/3/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 5

NBC10 2/3/04 Local 'Joe' Drops 70 Pounds After Show

TVRules 2/3/04 Average Joe-2/2 Summary Major Elimination Night-6 Go Home!\

ATN Zone 2/3/04 Average Joe Hawaii - Finale Review

TVRules 2/2/04 Average Joe 2 Hawaii: Episode 6 Preview 2/9

The Trentonian 2/2/04 Average Joe: Hawaii’ sad, shocking

Reality TV World 1/31/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 4 summary

Fans Of Reality TV 1/30/04 AJ2 Episode 4 Recap - "Marketer And The Tramp"

Reality News Online 1/29/04 Average Joe 2, Episode 4: Please… I Beg You… Eliminate Someone!

STL Today 1/29/04 St. Louis claims the babe and a geek in "Average Joe: Hawaii"

Daily Northwestern 1/29/04 Dumber than your 'Average' reality show

Philly.com 1/28/04 Old City's hefty chef is still cookin' on 'Average Joe'

NoPointNecessary 1/28/04 Average Joe 2 Episode 4 Recap "Have you seen Pete?"

Reality TV World 1/27/04 Fourth 'Average Joe 2: Hawaii' episode wins key demos,....

The Trades 1/27/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 4

TVRules 1/27/04 Average Joe: Hawaii Episode 4 Summary 1/26

Reality TV World 01/26/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 3 summary

TVRules 1/26/04 Average Joe 2 Hawaii: Episode 5 Preview 2/2

Courier Post 1/26/04 Deptford native stars on reality TV
Deseret News 1/24/04 'Average Joe' is built on lies

TVRules 1/23/04 Average Joe: Hawaii-Interview With Sam

Fans Of Reality TV 1/22/04 Episode 3 Recap - "Ethics? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Ethics!"

CNN 1/22/04 'Average Joe' pre-empted, fans unhappy

Reality News Online 1/21/04 Average Joe 2, Episode 3: Enter the Himbos

NoPointNecessary 1/21/04 Average Joe Episode 3 Recap "The Hotties Arrive."

TVRules 1/20/04 Average Joe's Melana To Co-Host GSN's World Series Of BlackJack

Reality TV World 1/20/04 Ratings jump for third episode of 'Average Joe 2: Hawaii'

Reality Reel 1/20/04 'Average Joe' Ratings Up 37%

NBCMV 1/20/04 'Average Joe: Hawaii' Scores Highest Rating Yet, Up 37% From Last Week

Reality TV World 1/20/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 2 summary

TVRules 1/20/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii: Episode 4 Preview 1/26

The Trades 1/20/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 3

MediaFiends.com 1/20/04 - Attack of the Clones

TV Guide 1/20/04 Average Jane's New Job

TVRules 1/19/04 Average Joe 1/19 Summary

WKYC 1/19/04 Another Clevelander to be introduced on 'Average Joe: Hawaii'

The Trades 1/19/04 Average Joe: Hawaii -- Interview with Tim Long

Plain Dealer 1/18/04 Clevelander heats up competition on Average Joe: Hawaii'

Reality TV World 1/17/04 Second episode of 'Average Joe: Hawaii' draws 8.3 million viewers,...

Fans of Reality TV 1/16/03 Episode 2: The Island of Missed Opportunities

TVRules 1/16/04 Casting Call For Average Joe 3: Adam Returns

Reality News Online 1/16/04 An Interview with Average Joe 2’s Donato

Orlando Sentinel 1/16/04 Joe' schmoes make average look good

Beacon Journal 1/15/04 Funny Joes, nasty Dennis

Orlando Sentinel 1/15/04 NBC says `it's Adam's turn'

Daily Item 1/15/04 Two Average Joe contestants have ties to Peabody

Beacon Journal 1/15/04 Clevelander is Everyman in Hawaii

Reality News Online 1/15/04 “Average Joe” Runner Up Adam to Star in His Own Dating Show

NBCMV 1/14/04 'Average Joe: Adam Returns' Gives 'Average Joe' A 2nd chance at romance on 3/15

NoPointNecessary 1/14/04 Average Joe Ep 2 Recap "Fat Boy & Little Man"

Reality TV World 1/14/04 Adam Mesh to return in his own 'Average Joe: Adam Returns' series

Zap2It 1/14/04 'Average Joe' Adam Gets Another Shot

Reality News Online 1/14/04 Average Joe 2: Dissecting the Joes

TVRules 1/14 Average Joe: Adam Returns!

Boston Globe 1/14/04 Go, Joe, go

The Trades 1/13/04 Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 2

Reality News Online 1/13/04 Average Joe 2, Episode 2: Dropping the “J” Bomb

Reality News Online 1/13/04 Average Joe 2, Episode 1: B-B-B-But Where’s Kathy?

TVRules 1/13/04 Average Joe: Episode Two Summary 1/12

MediaFiends.com 1/13/04 - On " Rocky" Ground

TVRules 1/12/04 Average Joe 2: Preview 1/12

TVRules 1/12/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii Episode 3 Preview 1/19

Fans Of Reality TV 1/11/04 Average Joe 2 Premiere Recap - "Crips and Quips and Busted Lips"

Reality TV World 1/11/04 Average Joe 2: Hawaii - Episode 1 summary

The Gleaner 1/10/04 There's no shame being 'Average Joe'

Somerville Journal 1/8/04 Local Joe now stars on NBC

Elites TV 1/8/04 Average Joe - The Search For True Love

Reality Reel 1/7/04 “This has to be a F#$&!%@ joke!”

The Enterprise 1/6/04 An 'Average Joe Brockton' is going Hawaiian

Reality TV World 1/6/04 'Average Joe 2: Hawaii' premiere draws 9.6 million viewers

TVRules 1/6/04 Average Joe: Hawaii Premiere 1/5 Summary

NoPointNecessary 1/6/04 Average Joe Ep 1 "Meet the new crew"

Zap2It 1/6/04 CBS Wins Monday; Second 'Joe' Just Average for NBC

The Trades 1/6/04 Reality Bites- Average Joe: Hawaii - Episode 1

Reality News Online 1/6/04 Average Joe 2: Abnormal Personalities and Another Beauty Queen

MediaFiends.com 1/6/04 Average Joe 2: A Below Average Start

WKYC 1/5/04 Cleveland man is contestant on Average Joe: Hawaii

Reality TV World 1/5/04 'Average Joe' producer: "Sure we stacked the deck... guilty"

Denver Post 1/5/04 In the eyes of the beholder

Grand Rapids Press 1/5/04 'Average Joes' in Hawaii are hoping for happier ending....

Deseret News 1/5/04 'Joe' is less than 'Average'

Boston Herald 1/5/04 `Average' Hub men vie for beauty queen's reality-show love

Globe and Mail 1/5/04 One shocked beauty and 18 geeky beasts

Plain Dealer 1/5/04 Cleveland's Joe rates himself above-average

Beacon Journal 1/5/04 `Average' audience may require Prozac

The Oregonian 1/5/04 'Average Joe' back with more real people for your voyeuristic kicks

Star Ledger 1/5/04 Below 'Average'

Philly.com 1/5/04 Will 'Average Joe' work magic again?

Dallas Morning News 1/4/04 Beauty and the geeks, part two

KARK 1/2/04 Average Joe from North Little Rock

TV Guide 1/2/04 Average Joe 2: The Scoop!

Reality News Online 1/2/04 A Follow-Up Interview with Average Joe’s Runner-Up, Adam Mesh

TVRules 1/1/04 Average Joe: Hawaii-Series Premiere (1/5 Preview)

Tri-Town News 1/1/04 Former BlueClaws worker to be seen on ‘Average Joe’

Zap2It 1/1/04 'Average Joe' Ups the Ante in Hawaii

Reality TV World 12/29/03 'Average Joe 2' Larissa Meeks: "I did it for the art...& to be part of history"

Boston Globe 12/24/03 NBC looks to Boston for more `Average Joes'

Philly.com 12/23/03 Philly chef handles all that 'Joe' cooks up

Reality News Online 12/23/03 The Man Behind the Egg: An Interview with Average Joe’s Zach

NY Daily News 12/22/03 One Mo. time on 'Joe'

Philly.com 12/17/03 Philly chef hush-hush about his 'Average Joe' hula

Reality TV World 12/17/03 Average Joe - Finale Episode summary

NBCMV 12/16/03 A Way-Above-Average 'Joe' Leads NBC's Strong Week

Dallas Morning News 12/12/03 Can networks be happy after 'Average Joe' and Trista's to-do?

Reality News Online 12/11/03 Average Joe: Love the Ending, Hate the Plastic Playa

Reality News Online 12/11/03 Average Joe, the Finale: And Then the Dog Caught on Fire

Hartford Courant 12/11/03 Anne Lee Has More Than Average Week

Post Gazette 12/11/03 'Average Joe' earns above-average ratings

Philly.com 12/10/03 'Average Joe' really stands out for NBC in show's finale

The Times 12/10/03 Another 'Average Joe' bites the dust

Philly.com 12/10/03 'Joe's' beauty doesn't go for average

Mobile Register 12/10/03 Average' guys always finish last

NBCMV 12/9/03 TV Viewers Choose 'Average Joe' Finale, ......

Reality TV World 12/9/03 'Average Joe' finale draws 17.4 million viewers,....

Reality TV World 12/9/03 'Average Joes' left out as Melana picks Jason Peoples over Adam Mesh

Fans of Reality TV 12/9/03 Finale: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Melana?

Zap2It 12/9/03 'Joe' Way Above Average for NBC Monday

The Trades 12/9/03 Reality Bites- Average Joe - Episode 6

NY Times 12/9/03 In a Made-for-Television Romance, the Most Telegenic Man Wins

Grand Rapids Press 12/9/03 OK, so 'Average Joe' gal goes for the looker; would you?

TVRules 12/9/03 Average Joe Finale 12/8 Summary

NoPointNecessary 12/9/03 Average Joe Finale "And the winner is..."

Zap2It 12/9/03 Melana Says 'No' to Average Joe

Miami Herald 12/9/03 Melana Chooses Jason in 'Average Joe'

Reality News Online 12/8/03 A Look Back in Time to Melana Scantlin’s High School Photos

Media Life 12/8/03 The pretty boy or the geek?

Reality News Online 12/8/03 Average Joes Host L.A. Finale Party

TVRules 12/6/03 A Better Than Average Gathering With The Average Joe's

TVRules 12/6/03 Average Joe Series Finale Preview, December 8

TVRules 12/6/03 Average Joe: Interview With Zach

Reality News Online 12/4/03 The Last Average Joe Standing Tells (Almost) All:..Adam Mesh

TVRules 12/4/03 Average Joe: Interview With Alex

TVRules 12/4/03 Average Joe: Interview With John

Reality News Online 12/3/03 Episode 5: Like Extreme Makeover – In Reverse!

Reality News Online 12/3/03 Average Joe: Melana’s Holier-Than-Thou Attitude

Reality TV World 12/2/03 Penultimate 'Average Joe' episode sets ratings highs,.....

Fans Of Reality TV 12/2/03 Average Joe - DUFF, Not Just for Homer Simpson Anymore

NoPointNecessary 12/2/03 Average Joe Episode 5 Recap "The Fat Girl"

NBCMV 12/2/03 'Average Joe' Soars To A Five-Year Slot High....

Reality News Online 12/2/03 Average Joe: Melana the Hypocrite

The Trades 12/2/03 Reality Bites- Average Joe - Episode 5

TVRules 12/2/03 Average Joe: December 1 Summary

TVRules 12/2/03 Average Joe: An Interview With Tareq

Reality TV World 12/1/03 NBC's 'Average Joe: Hawaii' sequel to premiere January 5

TVRules 12/1/03 Average Joe: Hawaii Premiere Set For January

Reality News Online 12/1/03 Average Joe: Melana and the Models

Zap2It 11/28/03 Second 'Average Joe' Heads to Hawaii

Reality TV World 11/27/03 Average Joe - Episode 4 summary

Reality News Online 11/27/03 Average Joe, Episode 4: Another Question of Sexual Identity

TVRules 11/26/03 Average Joe: Interview with Brad

NBCMV 11/26/03 Average Joe Hawaii Simmers With Tropical Twists and Turns

TVRules 11/26/03 Average Joe Preview, December 1

TV Barn 11/26/03 NBC PR: And now, "Average Joe: Hawaii"

Slate 11/26/03 All Geek to Me

La Crosse Tribune 11/26/03 ‘Average Joe' comes home

TVRules 11/26/03 Average Joe, Tareq Gets A Second Chance At Love

Digital Spy 11/26/03 Second 'Average Joe' coming in January

NBCMV 11/25/03 'Miss Match' Gives 'Average Joe' Tareq Kabir a 2nd Chance at Love

Zap2It 11/25/03 'Miss Match' Meets an 'Average Joe'

La Crosse Tribune 11/25/03 Local ‘Joe' gets booted from reality show

The Trades 11/25/03 Reality Bites -Average Joe - Episode 4

Fans of Reality TV 11/25/03 I'm an Average Joe - Get Me Out of Here!

NoPointNecessary 11/25/03 Average Joe Recap Ep. 4 "Geek v. Chic"

Zap2It 11/24/03 Second 'Average Joe' a Go

Philly.com 11/24/03 'Average Joe': Not too bad

Reality News Online 11/24/03 Average Joe: Hunks or Joes?

Boston Herald 11/24/03 Hunks vs. lunks reality show turns delightfully vicious

Hartford Courant 11/24/03 Enough Already Of `Millionaire;' Another Twist On `Average Joe'

TVRules 11/20/03 Average Joe: Interview With Marc

TVRules 11/20/03 Average Joe: Interview With David

Reality TV World 11/20/03 Average Joe - Episode 3 summary

Reality News Online 11/19/03 Average Joe, Episode 3: Let’s Twist Again… Yawn

Reality TV World 11/18/03 '3rd episode of 'Average Joe' rebounds in ratings, draws 10 million viewers

NBCMV 11/18/03 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'Average Joe' Keep the Pressure on Monday's Rivals

Fans of Reality TV 11/18/03 Everybody Loves Adam (11/17 recap)

The Trades 11/18/03 Reality Bites- Average Joe - Episode 3

NoPointNecessary 11/18/03 Average Joe Episode 3 "Winners & Losers"

TVRules 11/17/03 Average Joe Summary 11/17

Reality TV World 11/17/03 NBC's 'Average Joe 2' won't feature "average janes"

Palm Beach Post 11/17/03 Zach not 'Average' to his PB Gardens parents

Boston Globe 11/17/03 In pursuit of the dream, 'Average Joe' finds reality

Reality News Online 11/17/03 Average Joe: Oh My Gosh!

Reality TV World 11/13/03 Average Joe - Episode 2 summary

Reality Reel 11/12/03 Average Joe: Give Me A Break NBC!

Reality News Online 11/12/03 Episode 2: A Curiously Strong Mint for Your Curiously Strong Breath

Fans of Reality TV 11/11/03 Honestly, I'm Not Shallow! (11/10 recap)

NBCMV 11/11/03 'Fear,' 'Vegas' and 'Average Joe' Keep NBC Hot on Monday Night

The Trades 11/11/03 Reality Bites- Average Joe - Episode 2

TVRules 11/11/03 Average Joe Preview 11/17

NoPointNecessary 11/11/03 Average Joe Ep 2 Recap The Dirty Dozen

Contra Costa Times 11/10/03 'Joe's' better than average show

Business Wire 11/10/03 Average Joes Can Get the Girl!

TVRules 11/10/03 Average Joe: 11/10 Episode 2 Summary

Reality TV World 11/10/03 'AJ' producers changed the show's tone due to the guys' "depth of feeling"

TV Guide 11/10/03 Average Joe Crushes Male Ego

Billings Gazette 11/8/03 Are these 'Joe' guys being set up as fools?

NY Daily News 11/5/03 It all averages out in the end

Reality TV World 11/5/03 NBC to rebroadcast 'Average Joe' premiere on November 8

Reality TV World 11/5/03 Average Joe - Episode 1 summary

Reality Reel 11/5/03 An Average Joe Gave "CSI: Miami" Its Highest Ratings

TVRules 11/5/03 Average Joe Premiere Rebroadcast

NoPointNecessary 11/5/03 Average Joe Recap Ep. 1 "Meet The Geeks"

TVRules 11/5/03 Average Joe Preview November 10

Reality News Online 11/5/03 Viewers Say Average Joes Better than a Millionaire Joe

Fans of Reality TV 11/4/03 Beauty & The Geeks (Premiere recap)

Reality News Online 11/4/03 Average Joe, Episode 1: Bait and Switch

Reality TV World 11/4/03 'Average Joe' draws best reality series premiere since 'Joe Millionaire'

The Trades 11/4/03 Reality Bites- Average Joe - Episode 1

Desert Sun 11/4/03 Average Joe’s star stayed in Palm Springs

TVRules 11/4/03 Average Joe: Episode One-Meet the Group

NBCMV 11/4/03 'Average Joe' Scores Way-Above-Average Premiere Numbers

Post Tribune 11/4/03 TV show’s a ball for Highland bouncer

TBO 11/3/03 This Dating Game Attracts Interest Of Average Joes

Mercury News 11/3/03 `Average Joe' gets a chance

Reality TV World 11/3/03 'Average Joe's Melana reported to have run off the set after seeing the "joes"

Dallas Morning News 11/3/03 Review: Looking for love in all the wrong faces on 'Joe'

Newsday 11/3/03 'Average Joe' Sinks to New Low

Deseret News 11/3/03 'Average Joe' is just mean

Chicago Tribune 11/3/03 The joke is on 'Average Joe' for reality spin on sitcom plot

Knox News 11/3/03 'Average Joe' hostess likes show's 'real' stars

Go Memphis 11/3/03 'Average Joe' pits beauty, beasts

Post Gazette 11/3/03 Griffin plays it straight on 'Average Joe'

Washington Post 11/3/03 'Average Joe' Viewers: Real Losers

NY Daily News 11/3/03 In reality, this 'Joe' is gentler

Houston Chronicle 11/3/03 New show's cast not exactly 'hot'

Detroit Free Press 11/3/03 Hey, Joe, say it ain't so: She's hot, they're not

Palm Beach Post 11/3/03 NBC applies law of averages in 'Joe'

Boston Herald 11/3/03 `Average Joe' plays matchmaker to beauty and 16 regular guys

Times Star 11/3/03 'Average Joe' lacks personality

Philly.com 11/3/03 Ex-Philly newsman helms 'Average Joe'

IndyStar 11/3/03 'Average Jay' among reality show's 16 'Joes'

Desert Sun 11/3/03 Palm Springs site of yet another reality TV show

Sun Sentinel 11/3/03 Cruelty hits new high in Average Joe

Munster Times 11/1/03 Average is good enough for Highland man

Zap2It 11/1/03 'Average Joe:' This is What it Sounds Like When Men Cry

Zap2It 10/30/03 Kathy Griffin Tears into Reality Competition

TVRules 10/27/03 Average Joe November Sweeps Preview

TVRules 10/27/03 Average Joe 2 Already In The Can

Mobile Register 10/27/03 Next Joe' tanks, new Joe' looms

Reality TV World 10/23/03 NBC already has 'Average Joe 2' filmed and ready to go

NY Daily News 10/23/03 When 'hot' meets 'not'

Chicago Sun-Times 10/23/03 Looking for a few average Joes

Chicago Sun-Times 10/22/03 We're looking for beasts with beauties on their arms

Reality News Online 10/21/03 Can an ‘Average Joe’ Win a Cheerleader’s Heart?

TVRules 10/20/03 Average Joe Coming To NBC November 3

Reality TV World 10/18/03 NBC's 'Average Joe' series to premiere Monday, November 3

Zap2It 10/18/03 NBC Books 'Average Joe,' Ships 'Third Watch' to Friday

NBCMV 10/17/03 'Average Joe,' A New Relationship Series, Premieres November 3 on NBC

TV Guide 8/13/03 Kathy Griffin Gets Real

Reality TV World 8/11/03 'Average Joe' host Kathy Griffin developing 'The D-List' comedy for NBC

Beacon Journal 8/7/03 Actress is candid about reality TV

Reality TV World 7/25/03 'Meet My Parents' beauty Melana Scantlin to star in 'Average Joe'

Digital Spy 5/13/03 Griffin to host NBC's 'Average Joe'

NBCMV 5/12/03 Kathy Griffin Hosts NBC's 'Average Joe,' Premiering This Summer

Zap2It 5/12/03 Griffin Hosts NBC's 'Average Joe'

E!Online 4/24/03 "Just Shoot Me" Faces Firing Squad


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