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News Articles about The Australian Idol show on Network 10

Press Association 11/24/08 Neighbours star quits for his music

Adelaide Now 11/24/08 'I owe it all to home' says SA-born Australian Idol winner Wes Carr
News.Com.Au 11/24/08 Australian Idol Winner's Main Interest is Luke Dickens
Live News.Com.Au 11/21/08 The 'Australian Idol' journey: a guaranteed road to ruin
Live News.Com.AU 11/21/08 Australian Idol lashes out at

Sony BMG Australia 11/17/08 'Australian Idol' Top 10 Album Now In Stores!

News.Com.AU 11/17/08 Mark Spano Off Channel 10's Australian Idol Amid Voting Glitch
Daily Telegraph 11/11/08 Three Left As Teale Jukubenko Kicked Off Australian Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/9/08 Chris Isaak's Idol Guest Spot

News.Com.Au 11/4/08 Australian Idol Singer Chrislyn Hamilton Says She Had 'Fat Club' With Kyle Sandilands

Defamer 11/3/08 Everybody Wins When It's Jermaine Jackson Week!

Defamer 11/3/08 Australian Idol: Just In Case You Missed It...

Herald 11/2/08 Tough Gig For Idol Talent
Adelaide Now 11/1/08 Our Wes Emerges As Idol Favorite
The 10/31/08 Moment of Fleeting Glory
News.Com.Au 10/30/08 Australia's Idol Ricki-Lee Coulter To Move to Los Angeles

Young Witness 10/30/08 Australian Idol's Luke Dickens Has Many Reasons to Sing

The Northern Daily 10/29/08 Viewers Doubt Australian Idol Votes Were Counted

Xbox World 10/29/08 Xbox 360 Teams Up With Australian Idol

Melbourne Herald Sun 10/27/08 Chris Brown Takes 36-Strong Posse to Australian Idol

The Sydney Morning Herald 10/27/08 Idol Fan Mania Rolls In

Parramatta Sun 10/24/08 Australian Idols to Perform at Westfield Parramatta 10/23/08 Australian Idol Star Joel Turner's Sales Fell After Jaw Smashed 10/21/08 Marcia Hines Slams 'Vicious' Australian Idol Critic 10/17/08 Australian Idol is brutal, actor Richard E. Grant says
Celebrity Spider 10/8/08 Australian Idol Star 'Didn't Kill Himself' 10/7/08 Friends pay tribute to fallen Idol, Levi Kereama

Celebrity Spider 10/6/08 Australian Idol Dies In Hotel Plunge 10/1/08 Guy Sebastian's the one that Olivia Newton-John wants
Sydney Morning Herald 9/21/08 Idol plays down muso past
Undercover 9/18/08 Guy Sebastian Joins The Army Tomorrow 9/17/08 Australian Idol host Andrew G's unusual contraception

Celebrity Spider 9/16/08 Idol Winner Attacked 9/16/08 Australian Idol's Jonny Taylor Happy To Be Out 9/16/08 Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan hurt in Coogee bar fight
Live News 9/15/08 Cyndi Lauper to shake up Australian Idol

Defamer 9/15/08 Australian Idol Round-Up: Final 12 Week
Sydney Morning Herald 8/22/08 Australian Idol determined not to fail

Ebroadcast 8/21/08 Australian Idol announces world-first format change
Daily Telegraph 8/21/08 Naked Cowboy failed Australian Idol audition
Herald Sun 8/20/08 Ian Dicko Dickson sorry for Australian Idol ex-judge Mark Holden
Courier Mail 8/20/08 Ricki-Lee Coulter to co-host Australian Idol
Sydney Morning Herald 8/18/08 A stitch in time saves Ten
Live News 8/13/08 Will Beyonce touchdown on Australian Idol? 8/12/08 Paul Mercurio out of Dancing and Ian Dickson's Idol fears 8/12/08 Kate DeAraugo reveals truth behind end of Jenny Craig deal
Sydney Morning News 8/11/08 'Fat' Kyle to tell Idol contestants to lose weight
Sydney Morning News 8/11/08 Idol judges escape chop 7/2/08 Australian Bridal for host Andrew G
Courier Mail 7/2/08 Idol finalist in Q Song Awards top eight 7/1/08 Guy Sebastian on a high in US
Herald Sun 6/12/08 Act of faith unites Australian Idol rivals for Pope
The West 6/5/08 Idol star in no rush to aisle 6/4/08 Kyle Sandilands 'did not have heart attack
Herald Sun 6/1/08 Tragic loss for Guy Sebastian's bride Julie Egan 5/31/08 Meryl shines for our Idol
Courier News 5/30/08 Ricki-Lee Coulter to host Australian Idol
Adelaide Now 5/27/08 Guy's intimate wedding secrets
Sky News 5/19/08 Noll admits drug use 5/19/08 Married Guy Sebastian dances all night
Daily Telegraph 5/18/08 Guy weds his sweetheart
Adelaide Now 5/16/08 Guy Sebastian's bucks night paint-ball shootout
Sydney Morning Herald 5/16/08 With this fine deal, I thee wed
Undercover HD 5/15/08 Guy Sebastian To Marry This Weekend
Live News 5/14/08 Wil Anderson vs Shannon Noll in verbal fisticuffs - Round two
SSONet 5/14/08 Australia’s Swing Sensation
Herald Sun 5/13/08 John Foreman and Matt Lee reported to be together 5/12/08 Andrew G's honeymoon to be Idol
The Daily 5/7/08 Guy visits Coast
Courier Mail 5/7/08 Wrestling bout turns Kyle into the biggest loser
PR-USA 5/7/08 Idol competition goes online
Messenger Community News 5/6/08 Guy and his doll
The Advocate 5/5/08 Success a shock to songstress 
PR Inside 5/3/08 Popular Chinese Australian Idol contestant says he will donate $1m to charity fund if he wins Idol 

Digital Spy 4/30/08 Arena, Hayes to join 'Australian Idol'

Celebrity Spider 4/28/08 Veronicas Star Engaged to Australian Idol Dean Geyer

AdelaideNow 4/28/08 Damien Leith takes the stand

Courier Mail 4/27/08 Young man on the rise

Herald Sun 4/24/08 Leith's got it covered 4/24/08 Ex-pats raid Australian Idol in Britain

Undercover 4/21/08 Guy Sebastian Is Hanging With The Croppers

Celebrity Spider 4/18/08 Australian Idol Kidnapped by Ex 4/18/08 Idol star Jessica Mauboy's dad charged with assault 4/17/08 Australian Idol diva Tarisai Vushe says she was kidnapped

Cairns Post 4/16/08 Auditions for Idol talents

Sunshine Daily Coast 4/15/08 Idol crooner on tour 4/15/08 Shannon Noll explains drunken gig

Sunshine Coast Daily 4/15/08 A Wicked break 4/11/08 Is Australian Idol judge Tina Arena a reality hypocrite? 4/11/08 Mark Holden made my life a misery, says Idol judge Dicko

Celebrity Spider 4/10/08 Tina Arena and Darren Hayes Sign Up for Australian Idol 4/10/08 Australian Idol's LA auditions canned already

Sunshine Coast Daily 4/8/08 Damien Leith coming to Caloundra 4/7/08 Guy Sebastian's wedding singer revealed

Illawarra Mercury 4/5/08 Nervous idol rocks the Gong

Malaysia Star 3/29/08 The Memphis Album

Courier Mail 3/26/08 Idol's Bobby Flynn still doing it his way

Reality TV Links 3/25/08 Casting Call - Los Angeles Audition for "Australian Idol" April 13

Manly Daily 3/25/08 Casey's on deck to help 3/25/08 Australian Idol star Ricki-Lee enters Aussie charts

Sunshine Coast Daily 3/19/08 Guy Sebastian is headed for Nambour

Perth Now 3/17/08 Australian Idol recruit overseas talent 3/17/08 Australian Idol auditions in LA, London 3/17/08 Kyle, Dicko jet off for Idol search

Camden Advertiser 3/12/08 Guy's a singer with soul 3/7/08 Axed Australian Idol judge Holden kept a Diary

Sydney Morning Herald 3/6/08 Exit makes 'em want to shout 3/6/08 Idol star praises blowhard Holden

Sydney Morning Herald 3/5/08 Holden voted off judging panel of Idol

TVNZ 3/4/08 Australian Idol judge quits

Sydney Morning Herald 3/3/08 Sebastian fills some big shoes 2/29/08 Anthony Callea's straight up TV kiss for It Takes Two

Daily Record 2/23/08 Idol Hits Right Tone 2/21/08 Band's on a mission for Guy

The Daily 2/20/08 Our 'Idol' returns 2/18/08 Idol loser signed up for album

Herald Sun 2/13/08 Australian Idol Damien Leith is inspired by kids 2/13/08 Tim Campbell confirms romance with Anthony Callea 2/11/08 Idol finalist signs record contract

Liverpool City Champion 2/6/08 Idol siren on tour soon

Courier Mail 2/4/08 Callea's Big Gay Day at The Wickham Hotel on March 9 1/28/08 Australian Idol reject Tarisai rocks on

Courier Mail 1/28/08 Idol Damien turns to a career on TV

Nine MSN 1/26/08 Guy bridges gap between genres

Maitland Mercury 1/24/08 From Idol star to film for young artist Ben

Fairfield City Champion 1/23/08 Casey launches logo

Courier Mail 1/21/08 Guy pours his broken heart into new album

Defamer 1/21/08 Guy "Booker T" Sebastian To Tour With The MGs 1/16/08 Shannon Noll's US blitz

Fairfield City Champion 1/16/08 Casey and Alvin are coming

Herald Sun 1/15/08 Kate DeAraugo to drop kilos in bulge battle

Adelaide Now 1/14/08 DeAraugo throws her weight behind Jenny Craig 1/13/08 A country twang for soul Guy 1/13/08 Callea's new direction

Adelaide Now 1/7/08 A jewel for Jules 1/7/08 Guy Sebastian to marry girlfriend

Courier Mail 12/28/07 Natalie Gauci is a realistic Australian Idol 12/24/07 Idol Carl Riseley on the way up 12/22/07 Cautious Corby gets his space

Undercover 12/22/07 Casey Donovan Proves There Is Life After Idol 12/18/07 Idol Matt Corby signs record deal with Sony 12/17/07 Idol winner Natalie Gauci bombs out

Undercover 12/16/07 Idol Album Fizzes

Live News 12/14/07 Casey Donovan releases EP

Herald Sun 12/13/07 Australian Idol Natalie Gauci tuned in for success

Times of Malta 12/10/07 Down-to-earth singer living life of the stars 12/10/07 Natalie Gauci's Idol search for lost love 12/9/07 Stop bagging Idol, says Natalie Gauci 12/7/07 Anthony Callea's new support act

Sydney Star Observer 12/6/07 Independent Boy

Herald Sun 12/6/07 Crooner Anthony Callea speaks about being single 12/5/07 Guy Sebastian says Idol's a bore

Sydney Morning Herald 12/4/07 Three questions: Guy Sebastian

Ararat Advertiser 12/4/07 Australian Idol's Dan in Ararat

Village Voice 12/4/07 Lyall kicks on after Idol act

Courier Mail 12/4/07 Anthony Callea sets the record straight 12/3/07 Guy Sebastian goes back to music's Memphis roots

Live News 12/3/07 Damien Leith's xmas giveaway

Sydney Morning Herald 12/3/07 Casey's poor but happy

Adelaide Now 12/3/07 Gauci first Idol 'runner up'

Herald Sun 11/28/07 Idol offends fashion police 11/27/07 Milly wraps up Idol for another year

Herald Sun 11/27/07 Australian Idol Natalie Gauci beats image problem

Sydney Morning Herald 11/26/07 The night belongs to Natalie

Courier Mail 11/26/07 Matt Corby's loss bring tour de force

The Age 11/26/07 Melbourne singer claims Idol crown 11/26/07 Idol winner says she was starstruck

Herald Sun 11/26/07 Australian Idol winner's perfect birthday

Courier Mail 11/25/07 Natalie Gauci wins Australian Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/25/07 Idol contenders all smiles before showdown 11/24/07 Guy Sebastian tells of struggle for respect 11/24/07 Taunt leaves Corby in tears

Memphis Flyer 11/22/07 Guy Sebastian's "Memphis" Album Is Actually Good 11/22/07 Idol Guy Sebastian goes global

Perth Now 11/19/07 Who's Australian Idol 2007, Matt Corby or Natalie Gauci?

Herald Sun 11/19/07 Winner's single not a dud, Idol pair say

The Age 11/18/07 Real poll on song for Sunday

Sunshine Coast Daily 11/18/07 Divas wow beach crowd

Courier Mail 11/18/07 Idols Corby and Gauci hit back at Dicko

Sydney Morning Herald 11/17/07 I'm a soul man

Adelaide Now 11/17/07 Dicko says Idol's Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci 'beautiful but boring'

Herald Sun 11/16/07 Melbourne's Natalie Gauci ready for Australian Idol final

Courier Mail 11/14/07 Memphis helps bring back Guy's soul

Digital Spy 11/14/07 Corby, Gauci make 'Australian Idol' final 11/14/07 Milly weighs up Matt and Nat 11/14/07 Idol Carl's happy note

Herald Sun 11/13/07 Public switches off 'rigged' Australian Idol

Herald Sun 11/13/07 Australian Idol's Carl Risely 'relieved'

Geelong Advertiser 11/13/07 Australian Idol final: Natv Matt 11/13/07 God, girls, bookies: everyone loves Matt Corby

Sydney Morning Herald 11/13/07 Idol finalists announced 11/13/07 Matt Corby and Natalie Gauci in Australian Idol final

Sydney Morning Herald 11/12/07 Hines still an Idol - for now 11/12/07 Carl kicked out, Idol down to two

Sky News 11/12/07 Idol calls cops

Herald Sun 11/11/07 Real life intrudes on reality TV for Idol stars 11/11/07 Idol calls cops in on paparazzi

Courier Mail 11/10/07 Idol make or break for Coast's Carl 11/8/07 Australian Idol marched off the Harbour Bridge 11/7/07 What becomes of fallen Idols?

Adelaide Now 11/6/07 Guy Sebastian's soul roots

Brisbane Times 11/6/07 'Agro' Idol Marty looks to future

Herald Sun 11/6/07 Eddie's callers mistakenly voted for Australian Idol 11/6/07 Resilient Marty Simpson bows out of Australian Idol 11/5/07 Marty is the weakest link

Sydney Morning Herald 11/3/07 Idol worship's hollow ring

Memphis Flyer 11/3/07 Guy Sebastian's Memphis Album is Out

Herald Sun 10/31/07 No worship of Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 10/30/07 Eliminated Idol lets fly at fans

Daily Telegraph 10/30/07 Tarisai to Idol : 'I don't give a f...' 10/30/07 Tarasai: 'I'm no fake'

West Australian 10/29/07 Guy Sebastian turns soul man 10/29/07 Tarisai blasts judges 10/27/07 Origliasso dumps Australian Idol

Christian Post 10/24/07 'Australian Idol' Stars Barred from God Talks

Courier Mail 10/24/07 Home for Idol hand

Sydney Morning Herald 10/24/07 Wise words from fallen idol

Courier Mail 10/24/07 Idol's fight night

Ararat News 10/23/07 Just a soulful Guy 10/23/07 Daniel Mifsud knocks Tarisai as “weird”

Brisbane Times 10/23/07 Idol fans hang scarf lover 10/22/07 Milly rates the remaining Idols

Sunshine Coast Daily 10/22/07 Which Australian Idol judge would you vote off?

Sydney Morning Herald 10/21/07 Ten slaps gag on Idol Worship

Courier Mail 10/21/07 Idol judges Dicko and Mark turn on each other

Zap2It 10/19/07 Dicko Comes to America

Herald Sun 10/17/07 Australian Idol's Mark Holden has osteoporosis 10/16/07 Ben McKenzie a shock Australian Idol evictee 10/16/07 Marcia Hines shock: 'I'll quit Idol'

GenQ 10/13/07 Anthony Callea to star in Rent 10/12/07 Hillsong Church vote OK by Australian Idol

Live News 10/10/07 Who's responsible for the Idol Christian camp?

Herald Sun 10/10/07 Australian Idol's Jacob Butler a two-time loser 10/10/07 Idol fans' angry at vote bloc

Daily Telegraph 10/9/07 Australian Idol rigging row 10/8/07 Jacob Butler loses Australian Idol fight

Courier Mail 10/7/07 Pressure's on Idol wannabes

The Age 10/7/07 Ten wary of false idols — and rivals

Herald Sun 10/4/07 Australian Idol touchdowns are oh so special 10/3/07 Idol reject down but not out

UnderCover 10/3/07 Guy Sebastian Wraps Up Recording At Ardent Studios

UnderCover 10/3/07 Damien Leith, Another Idle Idol

Herald Sun 10/3/07 Mark Da Costa marks down Australian Idol contestants 10/1/07 Da Costa the first male eliminated from Australian Idol 10/1/07 Milly returns to the scene of the crime

Herald Sun 9/30/07 Guy Stax up 9/29/07 Clarkson, Butler reunite

Herald Sun 9/28/07 Casey Donovan keeps her man under wraps

Perth Now 9/27/07 Ex-Idols prove there is life after the show

The Australian 9/27/07 Idol runner-up wins Deadly Award

Herald Sun 9/27/07 Australian Idols cheers take on jeers 9/27/07 Jessica Mauboy outsings competition

Daily Telegraph 9/26/07 Kelly Clarkson to perform on Australian Idol 9/25/07 Eliminated Lana Krost loves her Australian Idol gossip

Daily Telegraph 9/25/07 Lana Krost voted off Australian Idol

The Australian 9/24/07 School leaver fails Idol exam

Sunshine Coast Daily 9/24/07 Goodbye Lana

Daily Telegraph 9/23/07 'This is Idol, not BB' 9/20/07 Surprise, Marcia not impressed

Herald Sun 9/19/07 Brianna Carpenter: Australian Idol scandal 'laughable'

West Australian 9/18/07 Brianna wants more after time on Idol

Broadcast Newsroom 9/18/07 Australian Idol Winner Guy Sebastian Records at Ardent 9/18/07 Quirky Brianna the second to go from Australian Idol 9/18/07 Idol Cosima faces court

Daily Telegraph 9/18/07 Idol Marty's romance mystery

Sunshine Coast Daily 9/17/07 It hurt to watch Idol bloodbath

Herald Sun 9/17/07 Brianna the second to go from Idol 9/17/07 Callea makes Idol comeback 9/17/07 Ball of confusion for Milly

Daily Telegraph 9/16/07 AFL dumps Idols

Brisbane Times 9/15/07 All eyes on 'lucky charm' Brianna's Idol act 9/14/07 Idol Mark Da Costa's sleazy club night 9/11/07 Idol pair papped in spa 9/11/07 G, what a camera

Brisbane Times 9/10/07 Lukewarm response to 'our' Idol 9/10/07 Bartender Holly the first Idol finalist eliminated 9/10/07 Idols fail to stir Milly

Herald Sun 9/10/07 Idols since they were kids

Courier Mail 9/9/07 Australian idol Ricki-Lee Coulter secretly weds

Daily Telegraph 9/6/07 Idol judges' blow-up over wildcards

Herald Sun 9/5/07 Holden clashes with producer on Australian Idol 9/4/07 Wildcard entrants complete Australian Idol Top 12 9/3/07 Milly sets the stage for Top 12

Memphis Flyer 9/3/07 Guy Sebastian's Memphis Diary: Week Five

Advertiser Adelaide 9/3/07 Grace meets her idol

Sydney Morning Herald 9/3/07 Noll finds fans in pond where big fish swim

Herald Sun 9/3/07 In my own words – Ian Dickson

Courier Mail 9/2/07 Brianna hopes Idol will be her big break 9/2/07 Kyle claims he's no bully

Herald Sun 9/2/07 Why I left my wife for an Idol

GenerationQ 9/2/07 Roxane talks Sexy

Daily Telegraph 9/2/07 Idols cool for school

Courier Mail 8/31/07 Australian Idol eight chosen but four wildcards to come

Herald Sun 8/31/07 James bungles Idol exclusive 8/30/07 Teen Idol's win raises eyebrows 8/30/07 Shannon turns it up for latest album 8/30/07 Idol Bobby's hair to stay 8/30/07 Blundell talks - for a price

Live News 8/29/07 Idol humiliation has gone too far: Casey

Sunday Times 8/29/07 WA's Lana Krost shocks Australian Idol judges

Daily Telegraph 8/29/07 Idol star Matt Corby has an angel 8/28/07 Idol Jesse Curran sings for James Blundell

Herald Sun 8/28/07 Donovan's weighty fight

Perth Now 8/28/07 Lana Krost, 17, WA's Australian Idol hopeful talks about her life

Digital Spy 8/28/07 'Idol' judges to appear on 'Neighbours' 8/28/07 Dicko to be judge on new US talent show 8/27/07 Kannis' fake web wife apologises 8/27/07 Idol's Damien Leith debuts at No.1 8/27/07 Milly checks the boys out

Sydney Morning Herald 8/26/07 Idol lifts the bar by plucking the pros

Herald Sun 8/26/07 Blundell falls for front-row fan

Memphis Flyer 8/25/07 Guy Sebastian Is Apparently Still in Memphis 8/24/07 Milly sorts out the Idol wannabes 8/24/07 Nova lures Idol pair

Daily Telegraph 8/23/07 Guess who Guy had dinner with 8/23/07 Damien Leith's beautiful partnership 8/22/07 Idol fans claim favouritism

Daily Telegraph 8/22/07 Angry Idol outburst 8/21/07 New South Wales the Australian Idol state

Perth Now 8/20/07 'We're too tough' says Idol judge

Daily Telegraph 8/19/07 Guy Sebastian - Memphis blog 8/19/07 It’s an Idol bloodbath

Herald Sun 8/19/07 We're too tough

Sunday Telegraph 8/19/07 Holden stalked by Idol losers

Courier Mail 8/17/07 Dicko should never have left, says Marcia Hines

Courier Mail 8/16/07 One hell of a journey

Sydney Morning Herald 8/16/07 Keeping Idol chatter in-house

Gen Q 8/14/07 Missy Higgins on Aussie Idol 8/14/07 Idol spunks catch Milly’s eye

Sydney Morning Herald 8/13/07 Edgy start to songs in the attic 8/13/07 Milly’s Melbourne musings

Daily Telegraph 8/12/07 No new Leith on life

Courier Mail 8/12/07 Idol gets a glamour boost

Memphis Flyer 8/11/07 Guy Sebastian Is Getting Closer to Memphis

Daily Telegraph 8/9/07 Anthony Callea reveals his secret gay ordeal

Sydney Morning Herald 8/9/07 It's all about soul for Idol's hit crooner

Courier Mail 8/7/07 Dicko chuffed to see Brit bands

GenQ 8/6/07 Australian Idol continues to shine

The Age 8/6/07 Idol return strong

Sydney Morning Herald 8/6/07 Idol circus returns like migrating geese 8/6/07 Milly joins us for Idol chit-chat

Herald Sun 8/6/07 Lovesick Idol jets off to US

Undercover 8/6/07 Damien Leith, The Latest Idol Roadkill

Daily Telegraph 8/5/07 Guy's diary of an Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 8/5/07 It's rent-a-sledge

Daily Telegraph 8/5/07 Why Damien Leith's flying high 8/1/07 Ian 'Dicko' Dickson is back on Australian Idol

Herald Sun 8/1/07 Leith trips up on Steps

Herald Sun 8/1/07 Jury's out on Idol judges

Courier Mail 8/1/07 Dismay at Idol waste

Sydney Morning Herald 7/30/07 Judgment day

Herald Sun 7/26/07 Q & A with Damien Leith 7/26/07 Australian Idol - overview

Digital Spy 7/26/07 Another ex-'Idol' star joins 'Neighbours'

Village Voice 7/24/07 Momentum builds again

Herald Sun 7/19/07 Q & A with Anthony Callea

Daily Telegraph 7/16/07 Aussie Idol stars' big hit 7/13/07 Anthony Callea not happy about Vic Larusso radio outing

Sydney Star Observer 7/12/07 Callea Now in Harmony

Herald Sun 7/10/07 Callea special, says Stanley

Daily Telegraph 7/2/07 Meldrum monsters 'fat' Kyle

The Age 6/28/07 Welcome to Bobbyland, a site under construction

Brisbane Times 6/25/07 Damien Leith's recording sessions

Daily Telegraph 6/24/07 Guy gives voice to God

Celebrity Spider 6/23/07 Australian Idol's Rickie-Lee Coulter Quits The Young Divas to Go Solo
Adelaide Now 6/18/07 Guy sings for swinger

Daily Telegraph 6/18/07 Paulini swaps leaguie for rugbie 6/15/07 Sophie's bra ousts Idol's Roxy

Sony BMG 6/13/07 Watch Guy Sebastian's New Vid 'Cover On My Heart'

Daily Telegraph 6/12/07 Idol's Paulini cuts free

Sony BMG 6/12/07 Guy To Write And Sing World Youth Day 2008 Song

Sun Herald 6/4/07 New arrival for Idol's Damien Leith

Herald Sun 6/3/07 Cosima's back

eBroadcast Australia 5/25/07 Idol franchise down but not forgotten

Daily Telegraph 5/22/07 Kids idolise healthy Casey

The West 5/21/07 'Idol' Donovan losing it her own way

Sky News 5/21/07 Idol heads campaign

Sydney Morning Herald 5/20/07 Idol aspirants: queue here for stardom

Daily Telegraph 5/20/07 Australian Idol search begins

The West 5/20/07 Idol five already a 'hit'

Herald sun 5/20/07 Idol Geyer in fast lane 5/18/07 50,000 apply to become Australian Idol

Herald Sun 5/14/07 Guy's dental as anything

Catholic News 5/14/07 Aussie idol to sing WYD theme song

Adelaide Now 5/14/07 Idol Dean a taken man

Herald Sun 5/11/07 Dicko regrets Logies laugh

Daily Telegraph 5/10/07 Love finally finds a way

Courier Mail 5/9/07 Andrew's impressed

Adelaide Now 5/9/07 Is she our next Idol?

Adelaide Now 5/9/07 Boys just love to be idle

The Age 5/8/07 Guy Sebastian returns, and this time it's personal

Adelaide Now 5/7/07 Chords lost and found in hunt for Idol

Herald Sun 5/3/07 Geyer leaves Myer wondering 4/30/07 Happy days for Guy

Herald Sun 4/26/07 Casey Donovan's rescue reality

Herald Sun 4/24/07 Geyer likes the girls

Courier Mail 4/22/07 Thousands at South Bank 4/17/07 Wedgie for Idol judge

Daily Telegraph 4/17/07 Young Diva's toilet tantrum 4/16/07 Mauboy voices her approval

Daily Telegraph 4/16/07 Devilish Dicko back at Idol

Northern Territory News 4/15/07 Our Jess gees up NT Idol hopefuls

Sony 4/13/07 Anthony Callea Announces 'New Chapter' Tour This July 4/10/07 Casey's pals in footy punch-up

Daily Telegraph 4/10/07 Idol Casey a catfight target

Brisbane Times 4/4/07 Idol heart-throb unveils debut single

The Advertiser 4/3/07 Guy, don't stone the Crows

Tasmania Mercury 4/2/07 Eight aspire to Idol worship 3/30/07 A single and still singular

Celebrity Spider 3/27/07 Australian Idol Anthony Callea Comes Clean About His Sexuality

Daily Telegraph 3/27/07 Idol Callea: I'm gay

Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 Producer Fired Over Australian Idol "Outing" Incident

Canberra Times 3/19/07 Latest Idol not so idolised as auditions roll into town

Village Voice 3/13/07 Leith returns to roots

Herald Sun 3/12/07 Callea stays silent 3/8/07 Idol runner-up outed 3/6/07 TV crushes Mauboy's bid

Border Mail 3/3/07 Dicko in Kalgoorlie launches new search

Canberra Times 3/1/07 Idol auditions go bush

Border Mail 2/28/07 Idol fever ready to hit again

Courier Mail 2/23/07 Teen idol grows up 2/20/07 Idol may be a sister act

Kalgoorlie Mail 2/19/07 Australian Idol coming to Kalgoorlie-Boulder

Adelaide Now 2/19/07 Hands-on type of Guy? 2/18/07 Idol judge used to drink three bottles of wine a night

Daily Telegraph 2/15/07 It's Idol time again

The Advertiser 2/15/07 Kate’s the idol of her boyfriend’s eye

eNews 2/14/07 Australian Idol reaches out further than ever

Sydney Morning Herald 2/11/07 Leith's an idol on stage and page

Daily Telegraph 2/7/07 Not good enough for Idol

Border Mail 2/7/07 Idol to snub our region

Herald Sun 2/2/07 Casey pays her own way

The West 2/2/07 Anthony Callea reaches settlement

Daily Telegraph 2/1/07 Idol's healthy reception

Herald Sun 2/1/07 Back for another swipe

Daily Telegraph 1/31/07 G-whiz, Noa's new show

Herald Sun 1/24/07 Dicko's dinky-di Aussie oath

Sydney Morning Herald 1/22/07 Damien's journey goes live

The Age 1/15/07 Former Idol holds top spot

Daily Telegraph 1/7/07 Guy about town

Herald Sun 12/28/06 Australian Idol stays at top

Undercover 12/27/06 Damien Leith Has Biggest Seller Of The Year 12/27/06 Idol champion tops charts

Herald Sun 12/19/06 Damien Leith baby secret revealed 12/18/06 Idol Damien's baby joy

Border Mail 12/15/06 Lisa offers Idol gossip to delighted students

Digital Spy 12/11/06 Damien Leith number one in Aussie charts 12/9/06 Malaysian-born Singer To Stay In Sydney

UnderCover 12/6/06 Damien Leith Platinum? You're Kidding? 12/5/06 Idol song soars into charts

Herald Sun 12/5/06 Idol goes into sales decline

Sydney Morning Herald 12/4/06 Sun shines on Leith

Sunday Times 12/4/06 Dicko's back on Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 12/4/06 Idols dominate music charts

Malaysia Star 12/1/06 Stronger than before

Sydney Morning Herald 11/30/06 Dicko ready to return to Idol ranks

Daily Telegraph 11/28/06 Idol dream but no sleep 11/27/06 Damien Leith wins Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/27/06 An Irish chemist creates the winning formula

Herald Sun 11/27/06 An Irish Idol smiling

Courier Mail 11/26/06 Leith's night of his life

Sydney Morning Herald 11/26/06 Idol stars who'll never be idle again

Courier Mail 11/26/06 Idol pleasures

Sydney Morning Herald 11/25/06 Eyeing Idol glory

Courier Mail 11/21/06 Final countdown for idols

Daily Telegraph 11/21/06 Palms waving goodbye to Guy

Daily Telegraph 11/20/06 No time for our Guy to be idle

Herald Sun 11/20/06 Idol illness hushed up

Sydney Morning Herald 11/19/06 Damien's Idol pledge: I'll be proud to be an Aussie

Herald Sun 11/19/06 Tension in Idol house

Nine MSN 11/15/06 Idol pin-up Geyer may become an actor 11/14/06 Idol has no time for love 11/14/06 Idols down to just two

Irish Examiner 11/13/06 Irish singer favourite to win Australian Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/13/06 Geyer axed from Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/13/06 Vocal heroes

Sydney Morning Herald 11/12/06 Idol at odds with her rivals 11/9/06 Guy Sebastian

Herald Sun 11/9/06 Donovan recording

The West Australian 11/7/06 Idol puts artists up too early: Bennett 11/7/06 Last hurrah for Murphy

Daily Telegraph 11/7/06 Fallen Idol finds solo voice

Celebrity Spider 11/6/06 Row Erupts Over Australian Idol Judge Comments

The Australian 11/6/06 Murphy misses out in Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 11/5/06 Jessica has a win under her belt

Daily Telegraph 11/5/06 Singing for survival

Top 40 Charts 11/2/06 Get The Anthony Callea iTunes Exclusive Track 'Meant For Love' This Tuesday

Hollywood Reporter 11/1/06 Australian 'Idol' format tweaks boost ratings

The Australian 11/1/06 ARIA flashing TV presenter quits 11/1/06 Guy Sebastian

The Age 11/1/06 The Idol Edge 11/1/06 Fallen Idol is Savaged

Sydney Morning Herald 10/31/06 Muscat 'suffered anxiety'

UnderCover 10/31/06 Ex-Idol Uncovers Statuette At ARIAs 10/31/06 Muscat fired off Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 10/30/06 Axle Whitehead rapped for exposing himself

Adelaide Now 10/30/06 Ricky voted off Australian Idol

Sydney Morning Herald 10/29/06 Keen teens scream for Dean 10/27/06 Callea's 'love life' message

Adelaide Now 10/27/06 Guy refuses to kiss Miss Universe

Herald Sun 10/26/06 Album wait over for Idol Guy

Nine MSN 10/26/06 Anthony Callea releasing new album

Herald Sun 10/25/06 Jen? It's a Guy thing

Border Mail 10/25/06 To fans, she is already an Idol 10/23/06 Jess swings through Idol idyll

The West Australian 10/23/06 Lisa Mitchell out of Australian Idol

Adelaide Now 10/22/06 What's Guy done to deserve this?

Daily Telegraph 10/22/06 And the winner is...Dean

Daily Telegraph 10/22/06 Paulini's in ideal shape

Border Mail 10/18/06 ‘Sideshow Bob’ to keep his hair

Sydney Morning Herald 10/18/06 Fallen idol no loser, fans say

Sydney Morning Herald 10/17/06 Fallen Idol forgives Kyle's 'mong' blurt

Sydney Morning Herald 10/17/06 Flynn booted off Idol 10/17/06 Bobby no dazzler for Idol

Adelaide Now 10/17/06 Too much hair is not enough

The Age 10/17/06 Out like Flynn - for now

The Australian 10/16/06 Bobby no dazzler for Idol audience 10/16/06 Idol success is instrumental 10/16/06 Idol revamp pays off

Sydney Morning Herald 10/15/06 Instrumental change for Idol acoustic set

The Age 10/15/06 Here's Bobby — idol to some, idiot to others

Sydney Morning Herald 10/15/06 Tonight the Idol Seven will be stripped down to their bare essentials

Herald Sun 10/13/06 Former Idol mugged

Daily Telegraph 10/12/06 Idol Act mugged in robbery

Courier Mail 10/11/06 Idol almost exploded on to scene

Herald Sun 10/11/06 Critical Kyle blasted 10/10/06 Idol farewells Lavina

The Australian 10/9/06 Lavina leaves Idol

Border Mail 10/9/06 Lisa’s heart not in heels

Daily Telegraph 10/9/06 Why Jess is my Idol

eNews 10/9/06 Australian Idol bounces back

Daily Telegraph 10/9/06 Hard night for boned Idols

Sydney Morning Herald 10/8/06 Favourite finalist anything but idle

The Age 10/8/06 Perfect pitch

Daily Telegraph 10/7/06 Casey fails as Biggest Loser

Border Mail 10/6/06 Kyle has no idea: Paulini

AJN 10/6/06 Idol’s backstage prankster

Sydney Morning Herald 10/5/06 A hand-crafted musician versus the Idol machine

Herald Sun 10/4/06 Marcia Hines in tune 10/4/06 Idol row: Was Marcia miming?

Herald Sun 10/4/06 Jessica favourite despite low placing

The Age 10/4/06 Marcia's turn to be judged 10/3/06 The Mutto Idol dream ends

Sydney Morning Herald 10/3/06 Idol judge blasted over 'mong' slur

Courier Mail 10/3/06 Call to axe Kyle

Digital Spy 10/2/06 'Australian Idol' boots off another hopeful 10/2/06 A good year

Courier Mail 10/1/06 Loves those Idol moments


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