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TMZ 3/9/07 Barba: Skanky Pics Were an "Unnecessary Distraction"

E! Online 3/9/07 Antonella's No Idol

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 Antonella And Sanjaya - The Conspiracies Begin

Foxes On Idol 3/9/07 American Idol 6: Why Antonella Lost

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 Antonella - The Bidding War Has Begun

MTV 3/9/07 Antonella Barba: 'I Want To Be Known For Singing, Not In Any Other Way'

Trentonian 3/9/07 Say it ain’t so, Antonella

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 More Exit Interviews

1010 Wins 3/9/07 Ex-Idol Contestant Barba: I Was Betrayed by Photos Release 3/9/07 Singing, not scandal, puts Antonella off 'Idol'

Trentonian 3/9/07 Antonella Barba is purportedly shown at a party in this undated Internet photo 3/9/07 Walk on 'Wild' side in Barba's future?

E!Online 3/9/07 Antonella's No Idol

Star Ledger 3/8/07 Jersey Girl Barba eliminated from 'Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/07 Pron Idolgate: Antonella Offered $250,000.00!

Reality TV World 3/8/07 Simon Cowell predicts an end to Antonella Barba's 'Idol' journey

Courier Post 3/8/07 Another iffy 'Idol' day for Barba

Morning Call 3/8/07 "American Idol" contestant asked to host "Girls Gone Wild" video

Star Ledger 3/8/07 Simon says: 'I feel for you,' Antonella, but ...

TMZ 3/8/07 Antonella Barba: The XXX Bidding War

Reality TV Magazine 3/7/07 Antonella Barba Controversy Finally Mentioned On American Idol

Reality TV Calendar 3/7/07 Porn Idolgate - Antonella Affair With Simon?

Reality TV World 3/7/07 'Girls Gone Wild' makes Antonella Barba a $250,000 hosting offer

Home News Tribune 3/7/07 Barba gets good and bad news on "Idol"

VH1 3/7/07 The Antonella Barba Black Market: T-Shirts, CDs

TMZ 3/7/07 Girls Gone Wild: We Want Antonella Barba

US Magazine 3/7/07 Antonella Going Wild?

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 American Idol Contestant Antonella Barba Tops Lycos Search List

TV Guide 3/6/07 'Idol' final follies: A history of mysteries

TMZ 3/6/07 Female Idols in a Bunch over Barba

MTV 3/6/07 The Antonella Barba Black Market: T-Shirts, CDs ... Poop Art?

Sun Sentinel 3/6/07 Send Antonella packing, please

Foxes On Idol 3/5/07 American Idol 6: Despite What Activist Says, Antonella Situation Not a Double-Standard

Reality TV Calendar 3/5/07 Porn Idolgate - No Voice - So What She's Naked Dude

Reality TV Calendar 3/5/07 Frenchie Davis Plans Protest And More

Foxes on Idol 3/5/07 Idol Thoughts, March 5: Antonella-Gate - Ignorance is Bliss, Right?

TMZ 3/5/07 Antonella Barba is Toast

Beavers On Idol 3/4/07 Antonella Barba Revelations

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/07 Antonella Barba Photos Creating American Idol Phenomenon

LauraBelle 3/3/07 Antonella Barba, American Idol's Newest Scandal

Foxes On Idol 3/2/07 American Idol 6: Antonella May Have Sucked, But She’s Staying

TV Robot 3/2/07 Behind on the Barba Scandal is No Excuse

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/07 Porn Idolgate - Antonella To Pose For Playboy

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/07 Porn Idolgate - What The Fans Are Saying

Star Ledger 3/2/07 Jersey 'Idol' survives again despite hitting a low note

Trentonian 3/2/07 Swept up in Barba fever

TV Guide 3/2/07 Voters back "Idol" star in sex scandal

Dallas Morning News 3/2/07 Sexy photo scandal? What scandal?

The Trentonian 3/2/07 American Idol beauty safe for another week

NY Post 3/2/07 2 Local 'Idols' Make The Cut

BuddyTV 3/1/07 American Idol: More Antonella Barba

Foxes On Idol 3/1/07 American Idol 6: Antonella Barba Scandal Update – Idol Crew Speaks Out While Antonella Sings Poorly

Trentonian 3/1/07 Barba panned by judges, now voters get to decide

Reality TV Calendar 3/1/07 Antonella Barba - Porn Idolgate Won't Go Away Soon

Asbury Park Press 3/1/07 Web site says Barba may survive another week

Digital Spy 3/1/07 Cowell defends 'American Idol' hopeful

Star Ledger 3/1/07 Voice lacked but she had lip

Courier Post 3/1/07 Another tough week for N.J.'s `Idol'

MSNBC 2/28/07 Antonella Barba is not picture perfect on ‘Idol’

Reality TV Calendar 2/28/07 It's Official - "Porn Idol" Antonella Is Safe

Foxes On Idol 2/28/07 American Idol 6: All Eyes Are on Antonella

Celebrity Spider 2/28/07 Antonella Barba Appears to Still be on American Idol 6

Foxes On Idol 2/28/07 American Idol 6: What Should Antonella Sing?

Trentonian 2/28/07 Food for thought on Barba’s rise to fame

Trentonian 2/28/07 ‘Idol’ beauty faces music tonight

Teen People 2/28/07 Simon Cowell Speaks Out on Idol Scandal

Foxes On Idol 2/27/07 American Idol 6: Antonella Barba Photo Scandal Update – Real or Hoax?

Reality TV Calendar 2/27/07 Antonella "Horrified" By Sex Scandal

Foxes On Idol 2/27/07 The Idol Analyst: Scandal!

MTV 2/27/07 'Idol' Hopeful Antonella Barba's Pal Says X-Rated Pics Are Fake

USA Today 2/27/07 'Idol' singer Barba nets instant fame

Reality TV Calendar 2/26/07 Sex Scandal Rocks American Idol

CBS 2/26/07 Friend: Racy Pix Not 'Idol' Contestant

Star Ledger 2/26/07 After 'Idol' dreams, an Internet nightmare

NY Post 2/26/07 Don't Boot Antonella

South Bend Tribune 2/26/07 Internet gossip links racy photos to 'American Idol' contestant

Foxes On Idol 2/24/07 Compromising Photos of Antonella Barba Spark New ‘Idol’ Scandal

Reality TV Magazine 2/24/07 Will Antonella Barba Photos Help Or Hurt Her American Idol Chances?

LAist 2/24/07 Will American Idol Cancel The Next American Idol Antonella Barba Over Sex Scandal?

TMZ 2/23/07 Britney Who? Web Searchers Want "Idol" Vixen

Jam! 2/23/07 Internet gossip links racy photos to 'American Idol' contestant

WTOP 2/23/07 Catholic U. Student Survives First 'American Idol' Cut

Star Ledger 2/22/07 Jersey's Antonella Barba saved from 'Idol' elimination

Reality TV World 2/22/07 Provocative photos of 'American Idol 6' singer Antonella Barba surface

Courier Post 2/22/07 N.J.'s `American Idol' hopeful faulted

Morning Call 2/22/07 Can 'American Idol' scandal mean slot for Valley singer?

Home News Tribune 2/22/07 'Idol' girls show how it's done, but will Antonella survive?

Extra 2/22/07 Will Antonella's Racy Photos Hurt Her Chances of Winning 'Idol'?

Star Ledger 2/22/07 Signs point to exit

Newsday 2/20/07 Racy 'Idol' photos cause a stir

Delaware Online 2/20/07 'Idol' fans are searching for 'Jersey Girl'

NY Post 2/19/07 Searching for Idol Jersey Girl

NY Daily News 2/17/07 2 'Idol' contenders are locally grown

Home News Tribune 2/15/07 Antonella Barba of Point Pleasant in final 24 on "American Idol"

WCBS 2/15/07 NJ Woman Makes the Cut on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 2/15/07 Top 24 American Idol Contestants Revealed; American Begins Voting Next Week

Asbury Park Press 1/25/07 Two Shore-area women advance to Hollywood on 'American Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 1/25/07 Amanda Coluccio & Antonella Barba, Best Friends On American Idol 6


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