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News Articles about American Idol 4 Contestant Anthony Fedorov


MSNBC 5/12/05 Some fans think Anthony should have stayed

MTV 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov Doesn't Make 'Idol' Final Three 5/12/05 - Anthony Federov gets his Walking Papers!

Foxes On Idol 5/12/05 American Idol 4: Why Anthony Lost

Entertainment Weekly 5/12/05 Fed X'd

USA Today 5/12/05 Anthony Federov knocked off 'American Idol'

Zap2It 5/11/05 American Dream Deferred on 'Idol'

Morning Call 5/11/05 Bucks' 'Ukrainian Cowboy' better than some flagging 'Idol' foes 5/11/05 Fedorov's supporters rely on superstitions 5/10/05 Psssssst, Anthony ...

SF Chronicle 5/9/05 'Idol' Finalist Fedorov Feels Lucky 5/5/05 'Idol' survival is icing on his birthday cake

Morning Call 5/5/05 Fedorov makes 'Idol' final four 5/4/05 Fans says Fedorov has it all 5/4/05 Did you know this about Anthony?

Miami Herald 5/4/05 Anthony's next 'Idol' song: `See you later, alligator'

Morning Call 5/3/05 Anthony Fedorov vies tonight for one of four 'Idol' slots 4/27/05 Fedorov fans endorse their favorite 'American Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/05 In Defense Of Anthony's Raw Talent 4/21/05 Anthony makes it into the final six

Morning Call 4/20/05 Bucks contestant shines as 'American Idol' nears another cut 4/14/05 Fedorov hears praise from fans and judges 4/13/05 Anthony a hit in Bucks 4/13/05 Anthony passes test from two Bucks critics

Morning Call 4/12/05 His voice, his looks, his story — 'Idol' fans find a lot to like about Anthony Fedorov 4/7/05 Viewers still love Anthony 4/6/05 Fedorov hits sour note with judges 3/31/05 'Relief' for Fedorov fans

The Morning Call 3/31/05 Bucks' Fedorov dodges 'Idol' bullet

The Morning Call 3/30/05 Fedorov founders as 'Idol' judge goes for jugular 3/30/05 Fedorov tries new look for latest performance 3/30/05 Guarini vs. Fedorov: Both are knockouts

The Morning Call 3/29/05 Fedorov resumes 'American Idol' quest tonight 3/24/05 No 'Idol' snafu in Bucks County 3/23/05 Last chance to sound off on Bucks County's Idol

Morning Call 3/22/05 Friends and fans fuel Fedorov 'Idol' fever 3/22/05 Anthony Fedorov's friends Idol-ize him 3/17/05 America holds on to Fedorov 3/16/05 'Idol' judges' comments break up Fedorov party 3/10/05 Lower Southampton teen keeps on singing 3/9/05 Yo, Simon: Bucks wants Anthony 3/9/05 Fedorov faces music tonight

KYW 3/8/05 Buxco Man May Be The Next American Idol 3/8/05 Fedorov goes Latin in bid to advance 3/8/05 Something to croon about 3/7/05 Idol hopeful trying to stay grounded

The Trentonian 3/6/05 Locals pursue ‘American Idol’ glory 3/3/05 Fedorov raises his game on 'Idol'

The Morning Call 3/1/05 'Idol' contestant's parents say he is destined for great things

Morning Call 2/25/05 Bucks singer moves up to the next 'Idol' round 2/24/05 Bucks contestant keeps on singing 2/22/05 Local 'Idol' plays it safe 2/17/05 Fedorov representing Bucks as 'Idol' finalist 2/16/05 Teen makes 'Idol' cut 2/16/05 Bucks' Fedorov advances on 'Idol' 2/10/05 Just an 'Idol' glimpse of Bucks contestant


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