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Fans Of Reality TV 8/26/04 The Wrath Of Whitney

Reality TV Calendar 8/26/04 The Outdoorsy Episode: Episode 5 Recap

CBS 8/25/04 The Desecration Wagon

Boston Herald 8/25/04 It's a hit and `Amish' on UPN's tempting reality show

TVRules 8/22/04 Amish In The City: Episode 5 Preview 8/25

Reality News Online 8/22/04 Amish in the City, Episode 5: Organic Whoopee?

Fans of Reality TV 8/20/04 Find An Organic Way To Do It (8/18 recap)

TVRules 8/19/04 Amish In The City: Episode 4 Summary-8/18/04

Reality TV Calendar 8/19/04 The New Age Episode: Ep 4 Recap

TV Guide 8/19/04 Confessions of Amish Mose

Salon 8/18/04 Amish out of water

Reality News Online 8/17/04 Amish in the City, Episode 4: Programming on the Fly

News Leader 8/16/04 'Amish in the City' makes little splash in Valley

Times Star 8/16/04 'Amish' has little to do with culture -- or authenticity

TVRules 8/14/04 Amish In The City Shows Steady Ratings Growth

TVRules 8/14/04 Amish In The City: Episode 4 Preview 8/18

Reuters 8/13/04 After Slump, UPN Enjoys a Return to 'Amish' Ways

Fans Of Reality TV 8/13/04 Amish in the City Recap 8/11/04 – No Electricity? Barbecue Time!

TV Barn 8/12/04 “Amish” keeps growing

Reality TV Calendar 8/12/04 Amish In The City: Episode 3 -Are The Sharks Happy?

Milwaukee Journal 8/10/04 'Amish' puts the fun in rubbing two sticks together

Reality News Online 8/9/04 Amish in the City, Episode 3: Taking Sides

Dayton Daily News 8/9/04 Will TV stardom spoil Ohio's Amish?

Herald News 8/8/04 Local guy turns celeb

Pioneer Press 8/8/04 Amish 'reality' show gets bad reviews from experts

Telegraph 8/8/04 From bonnet to bikini: Amish get first taste of reality TV

World Magazine 8/6/04 Amish in the City exploits a loophole in Amish theology

Montgomery Advisor 8/6/04 Critics now take aim at 'Amish'

Dallas News 8/6/04 Since you asked: What is rumspringa?

Reality News Online 8/6/04 Amish in the City, Episode 1, Part 2: A Question of Pride

Fans of Reality TV 8/6/04 A Lot of Horsing Around

Florida Today 8/6/04 Group blasts Amish series

TVRules 8/5/04 Amish In The City: Episode 3 Preview 8/11

Reality TV Calendar 8/5/04 Dirty Underwear & Horse Manure: Episode 2 Recap

TVRules 8/5/04 Amish In The City: Summary Episode 2, August 4, 2004

Sun Herald 8/5/04 'Amish in the City' is surprisingly sweet reality show

Media Life 8/4/04 UPN's big prayer for tonight's 'Amish'

Zap2It 8/4/04 UPN Pairs 'Player' with 'Amish'

Mobile Register 8/4/04 'Amish' is a good surprise

Toronto Star 8/4/04 Living with dolts one more chore for Amish

News OK 8/3/04 Amish amasses viewer interest

The New Republic 8/2/04 Amish Country

Journal Now 8/2/04 Show about Amish no documentary, experts say

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/2/04 Viewers give UPN's 'Amish' high marks

Reality TV World 8/2/04 Ratings: UPN's controversial 'Amish in the City' scores big in premiere

Herald & Review 8/1/04 UPN show 'Amish in the City' stirs controversy

Sun Journal 8/1/04 Americans need some protection from reality

Monterey Herald 8/1/04 Amish kids meet reality

TVRules 7/31/04 Amish In The City: Episode 2 Preview 8/4

Buffalo News 7/31/04 Local Amish shrug off media attention

Post Gazette 7/31/04 'Amish' premieres with high ratings, changed opinions

ABC News 7/30/04 Plain Folk Gone Wild?

Journal Gazette 7/30/04 Friends of Amish: Reality missing from new show

Christianity Today 7/30/04 The Amish Come Knocking

Hollywood Reporter 7/30/04 UPN 'Amish' debut delivers 18-49 demo

Zap2It 7/30/04 Pa. Affiliate Decides to Air 'Amish'

Reality News Online 7/30/04 Amish in the City, Episode 1A: Is This the Real World?

Reality TV Calendar 7/30/04 Controversy And Exploitation Or Just More Of The Same? 

York Daily Record 7/30/04 After a look, WLYH will air 'Amish in the City' 7/30/04 Anger over Amish TV show

Christianity Today 7/29/04 "Knock, knock." "Who's there?" "The Amish."

Fans of Reality TV 7/29/04 Sock To The Face, Cows Come From Space (7/28 recap)

TVRules 7/29/04 UPN Hits Big With Amish In The City Premiere

Zap2It 7/29/04 UPN's 'Amish' Plainly a Hit

E!Online 7/29/04 "Amish" Amazin' in Premiere

TV Barn 7/29/04 Huge numbers for “Amish in the City”

Elites TV 7/29/04 Amish in the City - Two Worlds Collide!

Washington Post 7/29/04 'Amish in The City': Hollywood's Urban Desert

TVRules 7/29/04 Amish In The City: Episode 1, 7/28 Summary

Dallas Morning News 7/29/04 Who has the last laugh?

Washington Post 7/28/04 Conflicting Images Of Amish Life

Chicago Tribune 7/28/04 Reality of `Amish' is that the `regulars' look like the rubes

Arizona Republic 7/28/04 'Amish' is intriguing despite a heavy hand

Mercury News 7/28/04 Amish in the fast lane

Seattle Times 7/28/04 Amish more pedestrian than buggy

Houston Chronicle 7/28/04 Real worlds collide when Amish trade simple life for L.A.

Kansas City Star 7/28/04 There's nothing to fear from ‘Amish'

Miami Herald 7/28/04 Amish eyes are smiling -- especially in the city 7/28/04 So this is 'Amish' gone wild? Don't buy it

Knox News 7/28/04 Cultures clash when 'Amish' gets real

Zap2It 7/28/04 Pennsylvania Amish Can't Watch UPN Show

USA Today 7/28/04 Amish reality TV show takes the lowest road yet

Star Telegram 7/28/04 Amish face reality after show is over

Houston Chronicle 7/28/04 'Amish' reality show prompts protest at UPN affiliate

Newsday 7/28/04 "Amish In The City"

Orlando Sentinel 7/28/04 Culture clash makes compelling TV

NY Times 7/28/04 Trading Buggies and Bonnets for Stardom

Boston Herald 7/28/04 Survive L.A.? Amish man has a prayer

Boston Herald 7/28/04 Sects and the city: `Amish' falls to temptations of reality-show stereotypes

USA Today 7/28/04 'Amish in the City' wrongs a rite

Virginian Pilot 7/28/04 Has reality TV gone too far with ''Amish in the City''?

Union Tribune 7/27/04 'Amish in the City' has a dull edge on the competition

Hartford Courant 7/27/04 Young Amish And The City

TV Barn 7/27/04 “Amish,” with all due respect

Deseret News 7/27/04 Critics blew it on 'Amish'

Christian Science Monitor 7/26/04 'Amish in the City': Nobody drives buggies in L.A.

Detroit Free Press 7/25/04 Amish youth turn tables on reality TV

STL Today 7/23/04 Amish replace "hillbillies" in UPN reality show

Knox News 7/22/04 Amish reality show pictures culture clash

Wisconsin Ag Connection 7/22/04 Wisconsin Amish Man to be Featured in Reality TV Show

Denver Post 7/22/04 Reality show moves us as it exploits Amish

Reality TV World 7/22/04 UPN releases 'Amish in the City' contestant details, screens premiere for TV critics group

Houston Chronicle 7/22/04 New fall series should put UPN back on the map

TVRules 7/22/04 UPN Releases Amish In The City Cast List

Post Gazette 7/22/04 Tuned In: Amish give 'Real World'-style show a twist

Chicago Sun-Times 7/22/04 Amish aren't the buggy ones on reality show

SF Chronicle 7/22/04 Relax -- these reality shows don't mean the sky is falling

Star Ledger 7/22/04 Amish kids come out winners in encounter with modern life 7/21/04 Ohio Amish Women Don Bikinis For Latest Reality Show

CBS 7/21/04 Bright Lights, Big City Amish

Zap2It 7/21/04 Meet the 'Amish in the City'

Beacon Journal 7/21/04 Reality series seems to spare Amish

TV Barn 7/21/04 The Amish are coming! The Amish are coming!

Munster Times 7/21/04 Amish traditions no place for a reality show 7/21/04 'Amish in City' bypassed those from Pa. 7/21/04 There'll be no sneak peek at 'Amish' even for Congress 7/21/04 No Amish were harmed in the making of this show

Hollywood Reporter 7/21/04 UPN brass quizzed on new series

Washington Post 7/21/04 UPN Gets the Critics' 'Amish' Up

Dallas Morning News 7/21/04 Press Tour: UPN reaping wild oats

USA Today 7/21/04 Will plain Amish take a fancy to Los Angeles?

NY Daily News 7/21/04 'Amish' reality show's a bit buggy

NY Daily News 7/21/04 Buzz puts fall sked in Dutch

Milwaukee Journal 7/20/04 Wisconsinite part of UPN's Amish series 7/19/04 'Amish in the City' shows no disrespect, producers say

TVRules 7/19/04 Amish In The City: Two Hour Series Premiere Preview 7/28

York Daily Record 7/18/04 Amish TV show pure manure

Munster Times 7/14/04 Amish not looking forward to new reality show

WNDU 7/14/04 Amish reality TV show stirs up controversy 7/11/04 Reality show with Amish to air despite criticism

CBS 7/9/04 Amish Youth Meet Urban Excess

TVRules 7/9/04 Amish In The City Comes To UPN, July 28

Reality TV World 7/9/04 UPN's 'Amish in the City' to premiere July 28

TV Barn 7/9/04 Here it comes! "Amish in the City"

E!Online 7/8/04 UPN: Amish Next Hot Thing

Zap2It 7/8/04 UPN's 'Amish in the City' Ready to Roll 7/5/04 Amish community extends invitation

Media Post 5/13/04 UPN Deems Shake Half-Baked, Network Shuns 'Amish' From Fall Schedule

Baltimore Sun 4/26/04 Next step down in 'reality' television: exploitation of the Amish

York Daily Record 3/17/04 State steps up to defend the Amish

Brigham Young NewsNet 3/8/04 New Amish reality show hopes to hit networks

Zap2It 3/7/04 UPN Sticks by Amish Reality

Media Guardian 3/5/04 Amish reality show provokes outrage

NY Times 3/4/04 UPN Show Is Called Insensitive to Amish

Parkesburg Ledger 2/26/04 Pitts decries TV show he claims mocks the Amish

E!Online 2/23/04 Unplugging UPN's Amish Experiment?

USA Today 2/23/04 Lawmakers protest Amish reality series

Washington 2/21/04 Congressmen, Amish Protest Unreality Series

Ananova 2/21/04 Anger over planned Amish reality TV series 2/20/04 Rep. Pitts opposes Amish “reality show” 2/17/04 Amish community opposes creation of new UPN reality show

Tri-City Herald 2/12/04 UPN plans reality show on the Amish

CBS 2/5/04 Leave The Amish Alone

The Times Herald 1/24/04 Amish qualify as worthy of TV humiliation
Collegiate Times 1/22/04 Newest reality TV show goes too far in the name of entertainment

Beacon Journal 1/21/04 UPN eyes Amish for reality TV

Daily Herald 1/21/04 Amish 124

Washington Times 1/21/04 The real 'Amish' world

Mercury News 1/20/04 Doubts about Amish teen reality show

Hollywood Reporter 1/20/04 Amish reality show on UPN 2004 agenda 1/19/04 Reality TV takes a look at the Amish

Washington Post 1/19/04 Reality TV Goes Amish -- and Amiss

Seattle PI 1/19/04 Even the Amish can't escape the lens of reality TV

NY Daily News 1/19/04 Stay tuned for 'Amish Run Wild'

SB Sun 1/19/04 CBS on the lookout for Amish teens gone wild

Zap2It 1/18/04 UPN Plans 'Amish Gone Wild' Reality Series


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