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Reality News Online 9/2/08 America's Toughest Jobs, Episode 2: We Got a Big Ol' Convoy…
Reality TV Magazine 9/2/08 America's Toughest Jobs Kicks Into Gear!
Seattle Times 9/1/08 "America's Toughest Jobs" just doesn't work
RealityShack 8/28/08 America's Toughest Jobs, Premiere – If You Puke In The Sink, You're Doing Dishes
Reality TV Magazine 8/27/08 America's Toughest Jobs Crabby Contestants!
Reality News Online 8/26/08 America's Toughest Jobs, Episode 1: It's Crab-tastic!
Rocky Mountain News 8/26/08 Softies trade office for 'America's Toughest Jobs'
BuddyTV 8/25/08 America's Toughest Jobs: Premiere Review
Reality News Online 8/25/08 America's Toughest Jobs: A Preview
South Coast Today 8/25/08 'Toughest Jobs' goes from 'Deadliest' to just deadly
Knox News 8/25/08 Familiarity breeds contempt for 'Jobs'  

Newsday 8/25/08 Review: 'America's Toughest Jobs'
USA Today 8/25/08 Could you really do one of the 'Toughest Jobs'?
NY Daily News 8/25/08 Civilians test their mettle with 'America's Toughest Jobs'
Chicago Tribune 8/25/08 He-man titan Thom Beers arrives on NBC with 'America's Toughest Jobs'
Variety 8/24/08 America's Toughest Jobs
Los Angeles Times 8/24/08 'America's Toughest Jobs' is even tough to watch
LA Times 8/24/08 'America's Toughest Jobs' is even tough to watch
NY Post 8/24/08 Don't Die On The 'Job'
Orlando Sentinel 8/24/08 Will America get dirty with 'Toughest Jobs'?
Post Gazette 8/24/08 Tuned In: Tough Jobs
Uncle Barky 8/22/08 NBC extinguishes its Olympic torch and fires up America's Toughest Jobs
BuddyTV 8/20/08 Taking a First Look at 'America's Toughest Jobs'
BuddyTV 7/31/08 'America's Toughest Jobs' to Premiere on NBC
NY Magazine 4/11/08 What's Next From the King of Dangerous-Job Reality Television?


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