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News Articles about FOX Networks American Juniors


Reality News Online 8/20/03 American Juniors, The Grand Finale: Meet the American Juniors

Ventura County Star 8/17/03 Camarillo girl sings her way to 'American Juniors' on Fox 8/15/03 - Making the Band 8/14/03 - The Band is Complete!

Reality TV World 8/14/03 Danielle White becomes the final 'AJ' group member

St Petersburg Times 8/14/03 'One Step Closer' to fame

St Petersburg Times 8/13/03 Bradenton girl makes 'American Juniors' group

Reality TV World 8/13/03 'American Juniors' CD single release flying up the Amazon charts.. 

Reality News Online 8/13/03 American Juniors, August 12: Band By America

TBO 8/12/03 Bradenton Girl Finds Out Tonight If She'll Bop With `American Juniors'

Southern Illinoisan 8/12/03 Mount Vernon Girl Does Not Make Final Group

Delaware Online 8/12/03 A.J. doesn’t make ‘Juniors’ cut

Foxes On Idol 8/11/03 Previewing the American Juniors Single

Foxes On Idol 8/11/03 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Juniors, August 5 8/6/03 - Six of One...

TVRules 8/6/03 American Juniors- The Final Performance Episode

Reality News Online 8/6/03 American Juniors, August 5: Never Had a Dream Come True

Billboard 8/5/03 Jive Slates 'American Juniors' Single, Album

News Journal 8/5/03 A.J. takes final shot tonight to capture spot in singing group 8/4/03 Stage Fight? -- Kids ready to compete for stardom

Foxes On Idol 8/2/03 Lucy Hale, Mother Hen?

Fans of Reality TV 7/31/03 Real Men Don't Wear Canary: July 30 Results

Go Memphis 7/31/03 Cordova teenager advances on show

TVRules 7/31/03 American Junior Spoiler Results

News Journal 7/31/03 One chance left for A.J.'s dream

Reality News Online 7/31/03 American Juniors, July 30: I Gotta Have Some of Your Attention! 7/30/03 - Estrogen or Testosterone?

Register News 7/30/03 Crowd calling, calling, calling for McCoy

Southern Illinoisan 7/30/03 Fans Gather To Support McCoy

TV Barn 7/30/03 Simon Cowell Gives America Its First Look at 'AI' Auditions on 8/5 

Foxes On Idol 7/30/03 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Juniors, July 29

Zap2It 7/30/03 Cowell Visiting 'American Juniors'

Fans Of Reality TV 7/30/03 That was like totally awesome 1980, dude!

TVRules 7/30/03 American Juniors- Episode 8 7/30/03 Gag Me With a Spoon!

Reality News Online 7/30/03 American Juniors, July 29: I’m Special, So Special

Reality TV World 7/30/03 Chauncey Matthews becomes third member of final group

Southern Illinoisan 7/29/03 City Cheering Jordan McCoy

St Petersburg Times 7/29/03 Shrinking stardom down to size

TV Barn 7/28/03 Grammy Award Winner Monica Serves as Guest Judge on 'AJ' 7/29 

News Journal 7/24/03 Del. youngster has 2 more chances

Slate 7/24/03 American Juniors' happy talent show is surprisingly good. 7/24/03 American Juniors- 7/23 Recap

TVRules 7/24/03 American Juniors: Episode 7 Results Show

Reality News Online 7/24/03 American Juniors, July 23: Do You Love Me?

Fans of Reality TV 7/24/03 American Juniors July 23rd Results Show

Reality News Online 7/23/03 American Juniors, July 22: Notice Me

TVRules 7/23/03 American Juniors- Episode 7

Bradenton Herald 7/21/03 Fan club campaigns for Danielle

Herald Tribune 7/19/03 Singer's friends launch voting campaign 7/18/03 The Thompson Twins

News Journal 7/17/03 Young singer must wait again on show

Foxes On Idol 7/17/03 The Thompsons Are In, So Let the Contest Begin

Go Memphis 7/17/03 Cordova teen still has chance to make band

Reality News Online 7/17/03 American Juniors, July 16: Two for the Road

Foxes On Idol 7/16/03 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Juniors, July 8

News Sentinel 7/15/03 Pint-size singers put on good show

Contra Costa Times 7/13/03 'Juniors' semifinalist to keep belting it out 7/9/03 - All Hale Lucy!

TVRules 7/9/03 American Juniors- Episode 6

Fans of Reality TV 7/9/03 Debbie, Gladys...Did Ya Have To Call Us Chicks?

Reality News Online 7/9/03 American Juniors, July 8: Noise from the Back of the Class!

NY Times 7/7/03 Networks Play 'Who Wants to Exhaust a Franchise?'

Foxes On Idol 7/4/03 American Juniors, July 1 and 2: It’s Good to Be Number One

Reality TV World 7/3/03 Taylor Thompson first member of final 'American Juniors' group

Reality Reel 7/3/03 24: The Reality TV Show Version 7/3/03 American Juniors Results 7/3/03: And Then There Was One

News Journal 7/3/03 Young singer has 4 more chances

Reality News Online 7/3/03 American Juniors, July 2: Making the Band

TV Rules 7/3/03 American Junior-Episode 5 Results Show

Fans of Reality TV 7/3/03 American Juniors Results: Proud and Merry 7/2/03 Hot Fun in the Summertime

Fans of Reality TV 7/2/03 Believe It Or Not, Kids, There Was A Year 1969

Foxes On Idol 7/2/03 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Juniors, July 1

TV Rules 7/1/03 American Juniors- Episode 5

Reality News Online 7/1/03 American Juniors, July 1: How You Gonna Pick Just One?

News Journal 7/1/03 Reality TV creates more kid performers

Foxes On Idol 6/29/03 American Juniors, June 24 and 25: We Have Our Finalists!

Arizona Republic 6/27/03 Valley youth returns home from Fox show

Go Memphis 6/26/03 Cordova teen voted into American Juniors finals

Reality TV World 6/26/03 Final 10 'American Juniors' finalists announced, finals to begin July 1st

Southern Illinoisan 6/26/03 'Junior' Voters Advance McCoy

Reality TV World 6/26/03 'Fame' beats 'American Juniors' head-to-head in Adults 18-19 ratings

TV Rules 6/26/03 American Juniors: Episode 4 Results Show

Reality News Online 6/26/03 American Juniors, June 25: …And Then There Were 10 6/25/03 - Bye Bye Bye … Bye Bye

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/03 The Girls Are Alright

Foxes On Idol 6/25/03 American Juniors: Contestants and Judges, June 25

Fans of Reality TV 6/25/03 Episode 4, Nylon and On We Go...

TV Rules 6/25/03 American Juniors- Episode 4

Reality News Online 6/25/03 American Juniors, June 24: Ten More Tries 6/25/03 Wise Beyond their Years

TBO 6/24/03 Bradenton Girl Wows Judges, Viewers To Reach Finals Of `Juniors'

Southern Illinoisan 6/24/03 11-Year-Old On 'American Juniors'

JokersUpdates 6/24/03 American Meanies

Gainesville Sun 6/24/03 Gibson Discovers Children's Resilience

The Courier 6/24/03 11-yr-old seeking singing slot on TV is Dover couple’s granddaughter

Cincinnati Enquirer 6/23/03 From Forest Park to fame

Bradenton Herald 6/22/03 Star comes home

Reality Reel Media 6/20/03 The finalists so far on American Juniors

American Daily 6/20/03 Turning Off "American Juniors"

Foxes On Idol 6/20/03 American Juniors Surprises, June 17 and 18

Delaware Online 6/19/03 New Castle singer makes finals of Fox show

Media Fiends 6/19/03 American Juniors Results 6/18/03: Stuffed Ruben 6/19/03 'Junior' journey ends

Reality TV World 6/19/03 'AJ' Grp 1 semi-final winners selected, Grp 2 to compete 6/24

Reality News Online 6/19/03 American Juniors, June 18: Five Alive

Register News 6/18/03 Mt. Vernon pupil competes on live television show next week

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/03 June 18 American Juniors Results Show Recap

TV Rules 6/18/03 American Juniors Results Show- June 18 6/18/03 Idoling Away the Time Until January

Fans of Reality TV 6/18/03 Episode 3: From Justin to Juniors

Foxes On Idol 6/18/03 American Juniors: Contestants and Judges, June 17

Reality News Online 6/18/03 American Juniors, June 17: Honest and Pure

TV Rules 6/18/03 American Juniors Episode 3-Let The Show Begin

Coos Bay World 6/18/03 Bandon couple's granddaughter to compete on 'American Juniors'

Zap2It 6/17/03 Knight, Gibson Will Judge 'American Juniors'

Contra Costa Times 6/17/03 Danville girl takes a shot at stardom

MSNBC 6/17/03 Look out, it’s Idol Jr.!

NY Daily News 6/17/03 Deborah Gibson named 'Juniors' judge

Reality TV World 6/17/03 Gladys Knight & Deborah Gibson to serve as 'American Juniors' judges

Southern Illinoisan 6/16/03 Local Girl On Fox Show 6/16/03 - One Step Closer

Go Memphis 6/14/03 Lucy getting closer to fulfilling her American Juniors dream

Hampton Union 6/13/03 Girl shoots for the stars

Media Life 6/13/03 'Juniors' fast fade among the junior set 6/13/03 Moment in the spotlight

St Petersburg Times 6/13/03 From Bradenton to the big time

Foxes On Idol 6/13/03 American Juniors: The Cuties Who Went Home

Extra TV 6/11/03 Reality Check

Fans of Reality TV 6/11/03 Ep 2, Parents Looking for Work

Delco Times 6/11/03 Delco boy hitting high notes on TV

TV Rules 6/11/03 American Junior Premiere Auditions Part 2

Reality News Online 6/11/03 American Juniors, Episode 2: Little Hearts, Big Heartbreaks

NY Daily News 6/10/03 Gladys Knight a judge on new Fox talent show 6/10/03 Juniors' Showcases Riverview Girl Who's Hopelessly Devoted To Singing

Reality TV World 6/9/03 Paula Abdul turned down role as 'American Juniors' host

Zap2It 6/9/03 'American Juniors' Strut Their Stuff

Zap2It 6/9/03 Abdul Turned Down 'Juniors'

Foxes On Idol 6/9/03 Morgan Burke: From Talented Kid to American Junior

Miami Herald 6/9/03 Abdul Turns Down 'American Juniors' Gig

Salina Journal 6/7/03 Young singer shines

Reality News Online 6/6/03 American Juniors: Perspective from a Sane Parent

SF Examiner 6/5/03 Let kids be kids

Reality News Online 6/5/03 Episode 1: Some Great Kids and a Nasty Mom

Reality TV World 6/4/03 'American Juniors' premiere wins timeslot....

Fans Of Reality TV 6/4/03 American Juniors - Episode One: Parents Behaving Badly

Reality TV Hall of Shame 6/4/03 Ashley Olson: Shameful Stage Mom of ‘American Juniors’ 6/4/03 Isn't This Supposed to Be About the Kids?

TV Rules 6/4/03 American Juniors Auditions -Part 1 or Parents Who Behave Badly 6/4/03 Local boy to compete on Fox

NY Daily News 6/4/03 'American Juniors' a minor achievement

Milwaukee Journal 6/3/03 Mom's failed dreams fuel 'Juniors'

USA Today 6/3/03 'American Juniors': It's a pint-sized, cruelty-free 'Idol'

NY Daily News 6/3/03 'Idol' star Seacrest is anything but idle

Reality TV World 6/2/03 Ryan Seacrest signs on to host 'American Juniors'

E!Online 6/2/03 Ryan Seacrest Hosts Jr. "Idol"

TV Rules 6/2/03 Ryan Seacrest To Host American Juniors

CNN 6/2/03 Seacrest to host 'American Juniors'

Reality News Online 6/2/03 American Juniors: No News Is Surprising News

Farmington Valley Post 5/30/03 She's no Britney but this girl could be America's junior idol

NY Daily News 5/29/03 Who'll judge son of 'Idols'?

Extra TV 5/27/03 'American Juniors'

Hollywood Reporter 5/15/03 Fox betting on 'Juniors' to perform

Digital Spy 5/15/03 'American Juniors' startdate set

Zap2It 5/14/03 June Is for 'Juniors' on FOX

TV Rules 5/6/03 Let the Summer Season Begin: American Juniors

WXXA 5/1/03 American Juniors Auditions Begin

Zap2It 4/29/03 FOX Gives 'Juniors' a Shot at Stardom

Tahoe Daily Tribune 4/21/03 A singing star in the making

TV Rules 4/11/03 Junior Idol AKA American Juniors Casting Information

TV Rules 3/26/03 June 3 Premiere For Junior Idol

Reality News Online 3/10/03 Reality Child’s Play Coming Soon

TV Rules 3/7/03 American Idol Jr?


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