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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Fans of Reality TV 3/15/08 Interview With David Hernandez : "I'm Planning To Shop Around An Album"

Reality Shack 3/15/08 American Idol, March 12th Results -- Get Back 3/15/08 American Idol: Honest Advice for Those That Want To Audition and Win

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 Paula Abdul: "I'll Adopt Soon"

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks Gets Tattooed

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 Jim Carrey is the Elephant in the Room on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/14/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Top 12 Results Show Video Recap

The Trades 3/14/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 11 Power Rankings

Idolhead Ed 3/14/08 A Sharp, a Flat, and Full Lengths on Itunes! Check out David Cook

Idolhead Ed 3/14/08 The odds are up and Kristy is down. Way down

Fans of Reality TV 3/14/08 Recap : Beatling Your Brains Out 3/14/08 Meet the Idols

Fans of Reality TV 3/14/08 Recap : Hernandez Hears A Boo

Idolhead Ed 3/14/08 A Sharp, a Flat, and a Sober View of Beatles Week

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/08 Jim Carrey Advises American Idol Stripper To Not Get On The Internet

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/08 American Idol: David Hernandez Says Stripping Not To Blame For Elimination

Idolhead Ed 3/14/08 What I learned about the top 11 this week

amNewYork 3/14/08 Who's going to win American Idol? We rank the finalists

Billboard 3/14/08 Catching Up With Past "American Idol" Finalists

E!Online 3/14/08 "Hallelujah" for Idol

Access Hollywood 3/14/08 'Runway' Winner Visits 'Betty' & Dresses 'Idol'

LA Times 3/14/08 'American Idol's' Season 7 challenge

NY Daily News 3/14/08 'Idol' blames loss on singing, not stripping

Entertainment Weekly 3/14/08 'American Idol': Why We Love the Top 11

Hollywood Reporter 3/14/08 Moonves: 'American Idol' a 'monster'

Celebrity Spider 3/13/08 American Idol Results: Bye, Bye to an American Idol Hopeful

Celebrity Spider 3/13/08 Paula Abdul: "Bob Dylan Wore Disguise to Two American Idol Tapings"

Reality TV Calendar 3/13/08 American Idol 7 ScoreBoard

Reality TV World 3/13/08 'American Idol' finalist David Hernandez talks about his ouster, past

BuddyTV 3/13/08 American Idol 7 David Hernandez Elimination Interview

Sea of Islands 3/13/08 AI7 Top 12 Results "America Got It Right Even If I Didn't"

Chancelucky 3/13/08 David Hernandez Meets Pete Best (Idol 7 Round of 12)

MasterclassLady.Com 3/13/08 Top 12 American Idol Season 7 Vocal Masterclass: The Lennon-McCartney Songbook

The Trades 3/13/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 12 Results 3/13/08 American Idol Eliminates First Top 12 Contender

Reality TV World 3/13/08 David Hernandez becomes the first 'American Idol' finalist eliminated

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/13/08 The Idol Guy, Top 12: The Cook-Archuleta Disaster Handbook

Troubled Hollywood 3/13/08 American Idol - Current Count, 2 Davids and 2 Cooks

Reality News Online 3/13/08 American Idol 7, March 12: Hello, Goodbye

Foxes On Idol 3/13/08 American Idol 7: Why David Hernandez Lost 3/13/08 The first of the top 12 gets the boot

Idol Thoughts 3/13/08 David Out: "The Whole World Knows I Stripped in a Gay Bar and I Don't Even Get to Tour"

Billboard 3/13/08 Ten Secrets About An American Idol Taping

Washington Post 3/13/08 We Won't See More of David H., on 'Idol' Anyway

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/08 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: David Hernandez

LA Times 3/13/08 American Idol: The Crying Girl prefers last season

Palm Beach Post 3/13/08 The American Idol Bootee Call: David Hernandez

Variety 3/13/08 American Idol: Long dayís night

Washington Post 3/13/08 'American Idol': First Finalist to Go

LA Times 3/13/08 Do You Hear the Drums Hernando?

NY Post 3/13/08 'Idol' Strips David From The Competition

Arizona Republic 3/13/08 Glendale's Hernandez exits 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 American Idol Two Night Finale Announced for May 20 & 21

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 Paula Abdul: "I Am Hot"

Reality TV Calendar 3/12/08 Result Show-Simon is Sexy? Recap

BuddyTV 3/12/08 Top 12 Results Show Recap 3/12/08 Bow Chicka Mow Mow

Wild Bluff Media 3/12/2008 American Idol: Top 12 Results Recap - March 12, 2008

Idolhead Ed 3/12/08 One down, 10 to go. The best bottom 3 ever?

Reality TV Magazine 3/12/08 American Idol Results

Idolhead Ed 3/12/08 Top 12 Results: Did America Get it Right?

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/08 ''American Idol'': Bottomed Out

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/08 'American Idol': Chris Sligh on Top 12 Week

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 American Idol Recap: Twelve Idols Compete

Reality TV World 3/12/08 Simon Cowell sees 'Idol's David Hernandez, Kristy Lee Cook in trouble

Idolhead Ed 3/12/08 The Top 12 Sing: Two Old Guys in Their Sixties 3/12/08 American Idol Top 12 Performs Much Anticipated Lennon-McCartney Songbook

Reality TV World 3/12/08 'American Idol' Top 12 seventh-season finalists take the stage and perform

Foxes On Idol 3/12/08 We'll Be the Judge of That! -- American Idol 7, March 11

Idol Thoughts 3/12/08 Elimination Prediction: Ramiele, David and Syesha in the Danger Zone

The Trades 3/12/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: The Top 12 - Idol Takes on the Beatles

TV FunSpot 3/12/08 Top 12 Performance Review

Celebrity Spider 3/12/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Top 12 Show Video Recap

The Trades 3/12/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: The Top 12 - Lennon and McCartney go Idol

Wild Bluff Media 3/12/08 American Idol: Top 12 Results Preview & Predictions - March 12, 2008

Troubled Hollywood  3/12/08  American Idol - Top 12 Come Together and Take a Risk

Idolhead Ed 3/12/08 Let the contest really begin. Our top 12 sing. Only a few shine.

Foxes On Idol 3/12/08 The NGH Report: American Idol 7ís Top 12 Ė ďSpeechlessĒ 3/12/08  You Can't Do That

Uncle Barky 3/12/08 Idol: Latest evictee not grinning, not baring it

Idolhead Ed 3/12/08 A Sharp, A Flat, and One Drugged up View of Beatles Week: Top 12 3/12/08 Top 12 Try Singing Beatle Tunes

Reality Shack  3/12/08  American Idol 7, Mar. 11th Ė Let It Be ... Fantastic

Reality News Online 3/12/08 American Idol 7, March 11 - Please Please Me

Sea of Islands 3/12/08 AI7 Top 12 Performance Review "How Can Beatles Night Suck?"

Idol Thoughts 3/12/08 Ranking the Top 12: Chekezie Shines While Archuleta Falters

Washington Post 3/12/08 Ob-la-di Ob-la-'Idol'

Variety 3/12/08 American Idol: All together now

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/08 ''American Idol'': A Hard Night's Daze

IGN 3/12/08 American Idol: "Top 12 Finalists Perform" Review

Newsday 3/12/08 "We Can Work It Out," but David Archuleta doesn't

Contra Costa Times 3/12/08 ďAmerican IdolĒ: Beatlemania

LA Times 3/12/08 Idol Tracker: Stunner in the Idoldome

Chicago Sun Times 3/12/08 Maybe 'Idol' should have let Beatles songs be

Knox News 3/12/08 'American Idol' gets down to business

Orlando Sentinel 3/12/08 Chikezie, Brooke White lead top 12 on "American Idol"

Dallas Morning News 3/12/08 Four please with Beatles tunes on 'Idol'

MTV 3/12/08 'American Idol' Recap: David Archuleta Debacle Caps Night, While Brooke White, Chikezie Shine

Reality TV Calendar 3/11/08 Top 12 Perform A Doozy of a Theme: The Lennon-McCartney Songbook.

Reality TV World 3/11/08 Ex-'American Idol' finalist Nikki McKibbin denies suicide attempt report

BuddyTV 3/11/08 Ranking the Top 12 Performances

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/08 American Idol Golden Boy David Archuleta Forgets The Words

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/08 American Idol: Seacrest Goes Crazy And Grabs Chikezie

Wild Bluff Media 3/11/08 American Idol: Top 12 Performance Recap - March 11, 2008

IdolheadEd 3/11/08 Our Top 12: Who Can Work it Out?

Reality TV Magazine 3/11/08 American Idol Top Twelve: Beatles Bring Out The Best And The Worst In Finalists

Fans of Reality TV 3/11/08 Interview : Top 12 Here We Come 3/11/08 Top 12 - Good, Bad & Indifferent

Orlando Sentinel 3/11/08 Chikezie, Brooke White lead top 12 on "American Idol"

Foxes On Idol 3/11/08 American Idol 7: Which Idol Will Fall First?

Reality TV World 3/11/08 Asia'h Epperson blames 'American Idol' ouster on performance order

Reality TV World 3/11/08 Ousted 'Idol' hopeful Luke Menard tuned out Simon Cowell's criticism

Wild Bluff Media 3/11/08 American Idol: Top 12 Performance Preview - March 11, 2008

Foxes On Idol 3/11/08 American Idol 7: Ranking the Top 12 Ė Scandal Me This

Palm Beach Post 3/11/08 Some tough advice for the 12 'American Idol' finalists

NY Times 3/11/08 Formula for ĎIdolí: Popular Yet Predictable

NY Post 3/11/08 'I'm lucky to be here'

Star Ledger 3/11/08 David Archuleta: Inevitable 'Idol'

Perth Now 3/11/08 American Idol contestant Michael Johns dreamed of fame

St. Petersburg Times 3/11/08 Idols sing Beatles: 'Help!'

BuddyTV 3/10/08 Top 12 Ideal Song Choices - Beatles Week

Reality TV World 3/10/08 Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul voice in on David Hernandez's past

Idol Thoughts 3/10/08 American Idol Top 12: Who Will Be The First To Go?

Foxes On Idol 3/10/08 American Idol 7: Why Asia'h Lost

Reality TV World 3/10/08 Ousted 'American Idol' hopeful Kady Malloy didn't get personality criticism

Foxes On Idol 3/10/08 American Idol 7: Why Kady Lost

Reality TV World 3/10/08 Eliminated 'Idol' semifinalist Danny Noriega: My personal life is private

Reality TV Magazine 3/10/08 American Idol Contestants Try To Avoid The Internet

Foxes On Idol 3/10/08 This Week in ĎAmerican Idolí History: Let the Games Begin

Idolhead Ed 3/10/08 The Week that was # 3

Walton Sun 3/10/08 American Idol Beat

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 3/10/08 Quiet demeanor belies Idol' stage presence

Newsday 3/10/08 Predictions from Newsday's 'Idol' psychics

USA Today 3/10/08 Let's hear it for the boys in this year's 'Idol' competition

MTV 3/10/08 'American Idol' Judges Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson Say David Archuleta Doesn't Have Contest Wrapped Up Yet

Entertainment Weekly 3/10/08 Beatles Night Preview

Newsday 3/10/08 Predictions from Newsday's 'Idol' psychics

LA Times 3/10/08 'Idol's' Season 7 is sheer heaven

Detroit Free Press 3/10/08 A guide to the remaining 12 'American Idol' contestants

LA Times 3/10/08 David Archuleta: Who the people want

Daily Reveille 3/10/08 American Idol reveals sexist tendencies

Reality TV Magazine 3/9/08 Going First On American Idol Can Be Bad

The Trades 3/9/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 12 Power Rankings

Reality TV Magazine 3/9/08 Eliminated Idol Wants To Be Spokesperson For Gay Rights

Idolhead Ed 3/9/08 The Top 12 Performances so far

Idolhead Ed 3/9/08 A Sharp, A Flat, and What Beatle's they Should Sing

Idolhead Ed 3/9/08 What I learned about the top 12 this week 3/9/08 Who Won "The Battle of Whitney"?

Reality Shack 3/9/08 American Idol 7, March 6th Results Show -- The Middlemen Go Home

NY Post 3/9/08 Kid Rock

Hollywood Reporter 3/9/08 'Idol' rocks Fox site

Ozarks First 3/9/08 American Idol Returns Home To Branson 3/9/08 Lessons learned from AI

Sarasota Herald-Tribune 3/9/08 More 'Idols' in Sarasota for Van Wezel in 2009

Sunday Mirror 3/9/08 Paula Abdul: Simon thinks I want him Ė but Iíve resisted so far

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/08 American Idol 7 ScoreBoard

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/08 The Idol Guy, Top 16 : Work Smarter, Not Harder

Celebrity Spider 3/8/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Results Show Video Recap

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/08 Danny Noriega Calls Video Controversy Sad

Reality TV Calendar 03/8/08 American Idol 7 Introducing The Top Twelve

MasterclassLady.Com 3/8/08 Well "Hello" David Cook And Welcome To American Idol Season 7 Top 12

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/08 American Idol Contestants React To Not Making The Top Twelve

Blue Springs Examiner 3/8/08 She spotted her Idol's talent early

NY Post 3/8/08 Danny Has No Regrets 3/8/08 Down to an 'Idol' dozen

Tulsa World 3/8/08 Cook cooks

Lansing State Journal 3/8/08 E. Lansing grad sings way to 'American Idol' audition finals

Celebrity Spider 3/7/08 American Idol: Four More Go Home

Celebrity Spider 3/7/08 Lionel Richie Wants to Release Idol David Cook's Hello Cover

Reality TV World 3/7/08 'Idol' finalist David Hernandez 'not really concerned' about stripper past

Chancelucky 3/7/08 Houston We Have a Problem (Round of 16 results)

Idolhead Ed 3/7/08 America Chooses By Talent, Not Scandal

Reality TV World 3/7/08 'American Idol' cuts final four semifinalists, reveals Top 12 finalists

Idolhead Ed 3/7/08 Odds makers still like David Archuleta, but what about the rest

The Trades 3/7/08 A Dose of Reality - American Idol 7: Week 3 Results

Troubled Hollywood 3/7/08 American Idol - Not Many Surprises In This Final 12

Foxes On Idol 3/7/08 American Idol 7: Why Luke Lost 3/7/08 This Is Why They're Three Stooges

Foxes On Idol 3/7/08 American Idol 7: Why Danny Lost

Reality News Online 3/7/08 American Idol 7, March 6: Donít Dream Itís Over

Idolhead Ed 3/7/08 America we have our top 12 and I canít say I disagree

Uncle Barky 3/7/08 Lone Star? A single Texan remains in Idol's Final 12

Extra 3/7/08 Ex-ĎIdolí Appearance in Psych Ward?

Fox News 3/7/08 Reality Check: 'Idol' Voting Right on the Money

Colorado Media Matters 3/7/08 Discussing Idol contestant Danny Noriega

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/08 'American Idol': Q&As with the Top 12

MTV 3/7/08 'American Idol' Castoffs Speak

E!Online 3/7/08 David Archuleta Is a Small Wonder (and Other Dirt from Idol's Top 12 Party)

Jam! 3/7/08 Utah teen an unlikely 'Idol' star

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/08 'American Idol' Q&As: The Latest Cuts

LA Times 3/7/08 'Idol' Tracker: Best season in history? The numbers speak

LA Times 3/7/08 'Idol' Banter: Oh, Danny Boy

Deseret Morning News 3/7/08 'American Idol' Top 12 chosen ó Archuleta advances

Newsday 3/7/08 Now it's down to a ditty dozen on "American Idol"

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/08 ''American Idol'': Rough Cut

USA Today 3/7/08 'American Idol' picks finalists, and they're a diverse dozen

LA Times 3/7/08 For the women, it's still an uphill climb toward the 'American Idol' crown

Deseret News 3/7/08 It's OK if practice doesn't always make perfect

Toronto Sun 3/7/08 Idol voters asking, 'gay or nay?'

NY Post 3/7/08 Your 'Idol' Dozen

MTV 3/7/08 'American Idol' Cuts Kady Malloy, Luke Menard, Asia'h Epperson, Danny Noriega

Metro 3/7/08 American Idol reveals Top 12

Reality TV Calendar 03/6/08 American Idol 7 We Have our Top Twelve

Reality TV Calendar 3/6/08 American Idol 7 Top 8 Girls Recap

Buddy TV 3/6/08 American Idol 7: Top 16 Live Results

Idolhead Ed 3/6/08 A Sharp, a Flat and not Danny & Asia'h...stupid Kristie...

BuddyTV 3/6/08 Top 16 Results Show Recap

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/08 American Idol Results: Top Twelve Revealed 3/6/08 Just Go Go

Wild Bluff Media 3/6/08 American Idol: Top 16 Results Recap - March 6, 2008

Idolhead Ed 3/6/08 The Top 12 Are Chosen: Did America Get it Right?

MSNBC 3/6/08 Down to the final 12 on ĎAmerican Idolí

E!Online 3/6/08 Idol Seats a Sturdy Dozen

Celebrity Spider 3/6/08 Recap: Eight American Idol Women

Celebrity Spider 3/6/08 Blake Lewis to Debut New Single "How Many Words" Tonight on American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 3/6/08 AI 3/6 Recap : The Final Countdown

The Trades 3/6/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Round of 16 - The Girls

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/6/08 Recap: Like, Gag Me With a Spoon, Okay?

Celebrity Spider 3/6/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Top 8 Women Video Recap

Idolhead Ed 3/6/08 Is Middle America Ready for Both a Black President and a Gay American Idol?

Troubled Hollywood 3/6/08 American Idol - 2 Whitneys Is Too Much

Reality TV World 3/6/08 'American Idol' Top 8 female semifinalists take to the stage and perform

Reality Shack 3/6/08 American Idol 7, Mar. 5th Ė Ladies Night Out, Rockers and Whitneys

Foxes On Idol 3/6/08 We'll Be the Judge of That! -- American Idol 7, March 5

Sea of Islands 3/6/08 American Idol 7 - Top 8 Girls Performance Review and Plea: How Can We Send Two of Them Home?

Foxes On Idol 3/6/08 The NGH Report: American Idol 7ís Top 8 Girls Ė ďHeís Talking About YogurtĒ

TV FunSpot 3/6/08 American Idol - Top 8 Girls Performance Review

Reality News Online 3/6/08 American Idol 7, March 5: Against All Odds

Idolhead Ed 3/6/08 Top 12 or bust! How did the girls do?

Idolhead Ed 3/6/08 The Top 8 Girls: There are Singers and There are Musicians

Idol Thoughts 3/6/08 Elimination Prediction -- Kady and Luke are Shoo-Ins to Go, But Who Will Join Them?

Idol Thoughts 3/6/08 Ranking the Top 8 Girls -- Brooke on Top, While Amanda Makes a Big Comeback

Entertainment Weekly 3/6/08 'Idol': Nadia Turner on the Top 8 Women's Performances

Washington Post 3/6/08 'American Idol': Eight Chicks on Embarrassment

Entertainment Weekly 3/6/08 ''American Idol'': Houston, We Have a Problem

Fox News 3/6/08 Reality Check: Girls Outshine Boys on 'Idol'

MSNBC 3/6/08 ĎIdolí girls just wanna have fun on í80s night

USA Today 3/6/08 Show of support for 'Idol' contestant Hernandez

Knox News 3/6/08 Winner declared already for 'American Idol'

Metro 3/6/08 Women hit all the right notes

Dallas Morning News 3/6/08 Hello? The singing?: 'Idol' judges' non-focus distracts from competitors

BuddyTV 3/5/08 Ranking the Top 8 Female Performances 3/5/08 Shut up Paula

Fans of Reality TV 3/5/08 AI7 Recap: She Bop

Reality TV Magazine 3/5/08 American Idol Top 8 Girls Take On The Eighties

Idolhead Ed 3/5/08 Top 8 Girls: Who Stepped it Up and Who's Gonna Go Against All Odds?

Idolhead Ed 3/5/08 A Sharp, A Flat, and the Top 16 Sing 80s...really well

Celebrity Spider 3/5/08 Recap: Eight American Idol Men

Celebrity Spider 3/5/08 American Idol Producer Doesn't Care About David Hernandez Past

Reality TV Calendar 3/5/08 American Idol 7 Top 8 Guys' Performances.

Reality TV World 3/5/08 'American Idol' Top 8 male semifinalists take to the stage and perform

TV FunSpot 3/5/08 Top 8 Guys Performance Review

Chancelucky 3/5/08 My Way or the Subway (Men round of 16)

Foxes On Idol 3/5/08 Weíll Be the Judge of That! Ė American Idol 7, March 4

Celebrity Spider 3/5/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Top 8 Men Video Recap

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/5/08 Faith, or Lack Of, 1987

The Trades 3/5/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Round of 16 - The Guys 3/5/08 American idol Guys Battle For Their Top 12 Spot With Music From The 80's

Foxes On Idol 3/5/08 American Idol 7: Ramiele's Photos "Racy" and "Risque" or Ridiculous?

Wild Bluff Media 3/5/08 American Idol: Top 8 Women Performance Preview - March 5, 2008

Troubled Hollywood  3/5/08  American Idol - Hallelujah As the Scandal Is Ignored

Foxes On Idol 3/5/08 The NGH Report: American Idol 7ís Top 8 Guys Ė ďThe Breakfast ClubĒ

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/5/08 Interview: Four More Gone, Fifteen More to Go

Reality Shack  3/5/08  American Idol 7, Mar. 4th Ė One Word ... Hallelujah

Foxes On Idol 3/5/08 American Idol Producer Says David Hernandez Stays, ďThe Public Will Make the DecisionĒ

Sea of Islands 3/5/08 AI7: Top 8 Guys Performance Review & Prediction: Who Earned a Ticket Home?

Idolhead Ed 3/5/08 I knew there was a reason I couldnít remember the 80ís music. I didnít want to.

Reality News Online 3/5/08 American Idol 7, March 4 - Totally '80s

Idolhead Ed 3/5/08 The Picture Gets Clearer on Guys' Night

Idol Thoughts 3/5/08 Ranking the Top 8 Guys: Three David's Top the List for the Second Straight Week

Washington Post 3/5/08 "American Idol": Eight Guys' Most Embarrassing Moments

Entertainment Weekly 3/5/08 'American Idol': Nadia Turner Plays Judge

IGN 3/5/08 American Idol: "Top 8 Boys Perform" Review

The Day 3/5/08 American Idol: From Boys to Men

BuddyTV 3/4/08 Ranking the Top 8 Male Performances 3/4/08: Wake Me Up

Wild Bluff Media 3/4/08 American Idol: Top 8 Male Perfomance Recap - March 4, 2008

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/08 American Idol Top 8 Guys Finally Show Their Talent

Idolhead Ed 3/4/08 Top 8 Guys: Who Stepped it Up and Whoís Go Go Going?

Entertainment Weekly 3/4/08 ''American Idol'': Sixes and Sevens

Contra Costa Times 3/4/08 ďAmerican IdolĒ: Guys Rock The í80s

Orlando Sentinel 3/4/08 Best of night on "American Idol": a rock version of Lionel Richie

AOL 3/4/08 American Idol: The Stripper and the Satanist

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/08 American Idol: Simon Cowell Makes Rude Comment About David Hernandez Stripping

Celebrity Spider 3/4/08 American Idol 6 Contestant Antonella Barba Becomes Spokesperson for ElectionMall's Voter Space

Celebrity Spider 3/4/08 Carrie Underwood & Keith Urban Tour Continues

Celebrity Spider 3/4/08 FOX Announced "Idol Gives Back" to Return April 9

Foxes On Idol 3/4/08 American Idol 7: Source Says David Hernandez Will Perform Ė But What Criticism Will Follow?

BuddyTV 3/4/08 David Hernandez: Male Stripper

Idolhead Ed 3/4/08 You Just Knew It Had To Happen

Foxes On Idol 3/4/08 American Idol 7: David Hernandezís Stripper Past Revealed Ė Should He Be Stripped Out of Idol?

Wild Bluff Media 3/4/08 American Idol: Guys Performance Preview - March 4, 2008

Foxes On Idol 3/4/08 American Idol 7: Which Idols Will Fall in the Final Semi-Final Round?

Foxes On Idol 3/4/08 American Idol 7: Idol Ideals for the Top 16

Troubled Hollywood  3/4/08  American Idol - David Hernandez, Newest Scandal

MTV 3/4/08 'American Idol' Front-Runner David Archuleta: Where Did He Come From?

Newsday 3/4/08 Strip club: 'Idol' once danced here

Patriot News 3/4/08 Archuleta remains the Idol to topple

Daily Voice 3/4/08 Double standard? Frenchie Davis and David Hernandez get different treatment on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/3/08 American Idol 3 Finalist Jon Peter Lewis Set to Release New Single

BuddyTV 3/3/08 Who is David Archuleta?

The Trades 3/3/08 A Dose of Reality - American Idol 7: Top 16 Power Rankings

Foxes On Idol 3/3/08 American Idol 7, Ranking the Idols -- The Top 8 Guys: Use the Force, Luke

Reality TV World 3/3/08 Alaina Whitaker disappointed by 'American Idol' ouster, still grateful

Foxes On Idol 3/3/08 American Idol 7, Ranking the Idols Ė The Top 8 Women: Flavor of Kool-Aid

Reality TV World 3/3/08 Ruben Studdard recording 'American Idol' seventh-season exit song

Reality TV World 3/3/08 Ousted 'Idol' hopeful Robbie Carrico says hair, rocker image are real

Idolhead Ed 3/3/08 A look at the week that was

Reality TV World 3/3/08 'American Idol' semifinalist Alexandrea Lushington dishes on ouster

Idol Thoughts 3/3/08 Spoiler: Songs for American Idol's 80's Week

Idolhead Ed 3/3/08 What I learned about the top 16 this week

MSNBC 3/3/08 Humility could doom Archuleta on ĎIdolí

WBKO 3/3/08 Homeless ex-American Idol Contestant Given Free Car, Gifts

Daily Collegian 3/3/08 ĎIdolsí talk about getting kicked off show

Union Tribune 3/3/08 'American' made

Sun Sentinel 3/3/08 Idol's spotlight on unfair singing field

Idolhead Ed 3/2/08 A Sharp, A Flat, and What they Should sing for 80s Week.

Tulsa World 3/2/08 Bye, bye Alaina 3/2/08 First batch of ĎIdolí rejects not sore

Journal and Courier 3/2/08 'Idol' gives back to Lafayette

Belleville News Democrat 3/2/08 'Idol' thumbs down doesn't discourage singer

Hattiesburg American 3/2/08 Lucedale man used nail clippings to catch judges' attention

Celebrity Spider 3/1/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Results Show 2/28 Video Recap

Celebrity Spider 3/1/08 Preview for Next Week's American Idol Episodes; Blake Lewis Performs Thursday

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/08 American Idol Contestants Deny Feuding Reports

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/1/08 The Idol Guy, Top 20: Hopelessly Befuddled

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/08 Alaina Whitaker Glad She Gave Her Final American Idol Performance

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/08 Eliminated Idol Denies Wearing Wig

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/08 American Idol: Robbie Carrico Says Leave Britney Spears Alone 3/1/08 The Female Power Failure

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/1/08 Recap: It's WKRPÖin Hollywood 3/1/08 Awesome Results: George Lushington Slept Here

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/1/08 Recap: The 70's Were Not Good to Some

Sun Sentinel 3/1/08 Idol's spotlight on unfair singing field

MTV 3/1/08 'American Idol' Castoffs Speak

LA Times 3/1/08 'Idol's' blow should knock some sense

NY Daily News 3/1/08 Divorce no 'Idol' threat for reality judge Simon Cowell

Deseret News 3/1/08 'American Idol' overcomes Oscars

Orlando Sentinel 3/1/08 'Hot Blooded' left 'Idol' panel cold

Herald Tribune 3/1/08 'American Idol' judge promoting sloppy 'fashion'

Celebrity Spider 2/29/08 American Idol: Adios to Four More

Reality TV World 2/29/08 'American Idol' eliminates four more seventh-season semifinalists

BuddyTV 2/29/08 Elimination Interviews with Lushington, Whitaker, Yeager and Carrico

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BuddyTV 12/4/07 Exclusive Interview with American Idol Contestant Elliott Yamin

Idol Thoughts 12/4/07 Will Daughtry, Clarkson or Pickler Snag a Grammy Nomination?

NY Daily News 12/4/07 Blake Lewis' debut a hip transplant

Newsday 12/4/07 Review: Blake Lewis' 'Audio Day Dream'

Celebrity Spider 12/3/07 American Idol's Jessica Sierra Arrested After Drunken Brawl

Reality TV World 12/3/07 Police: Ex-'Idol' finalist Jessica Sierra offered sex to escape new arrest

Reality TV World 12/3/07 'American Idol 7' wraps 'Hollywood Round,' judges gush about talent

SofaChip 12/2/07 American Idol Contestant Singing the Prison Blues Again

Seattle PI 12/2/07 Blake Lewis' 'Audio Day Dream' is a wealth of styles

NY Post 12/2/07 Blake Lewis 'Breaks'

Miami Herald 12/1/07 Former American Idol finalist jailed after early morning fracas

Idol Thoughts 11/30/07 Kellie Pickler Proves The Ditzy Blonde Act is No Ruse

Foxes On Idol 11/30/07 Idol Chartwatch, November 30: Jordin Sparks Hits the Charts

Extra 11/30/07 Simon Reveals Huge 'Idol' Secret

Newsday 11/30/07 'Idol' Jordin Sparks acts her age on her debut CD

Entertainment Weekly 11/30/07 Fantasia's brother gets 'American Idol' axe

Celebrity Spider 11/29/07 Vanessa Hudgens Planned American Idol Audition

MTV 11/29/07 Jordin Sparks' Debut Has Weakest-Ever Opening For An 'American Idol' Champ: What Went Wrong?

Press & Sun Bulletin 11/29/07 'Idol' appearance opens doors for Doolittle

Idol Thoughts 11/28/07 How Do the Idol Champs' Debut Sales Weeks Stack Up?

Reality TV World 11/28/07 Jordin Sparks' debut album sells only 119,000 copies in first week

Washington Post 11/28/07 Movin' From 'Idol' Adulation to Stage Charm

Foxes On Idol 11/26/07 Idol Chartwatch, November 26: Blake Hits the Charts and More

NY Daily News 11/24/07 'American Idol' winner Jordin Sparks has flavorless debut CD

AZFamily 11/24/07 Sparks flips on lights at Glendale Glitters

Celebrity Spider 11/23/07 Carrie Underwood's Care Bear Leads Charity Toy Auction

Arizona Republic 11/23/07 Jordin to sing at Glendale event tonight

Celebrity Spider 11/21/07 Jordin Sparks Pleased to Duet With Chris Brown

Celebrity Spider 11/21/07 American Idol Finalist Sentence to One Year Probation

LA Times 11/21/07 Daughtry gets all the basics right

Celebrity Spider 11/20/07 Simon Cowell: "I Will Never Have Children"

Reality TV World 11/20/07 'Idol 6' champ Jordin Sparks' debut album drops, has a "personal feel"

Foxes On Idol 11/20/07 Idol Chartwatch, November 20: Jordin Hits Top 20 and More

ABC News 11/20/07 Will Jordin Sparks Be the Next Carrie Underwood?

Boston Globe 11/20/07 'American Idol' winner makes satisfying debut

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Carrie Underwood & Chris Daughtry Are Triple Winners At AMAS

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Simon Cowell: "I Don't Have Plastic Surgery - Just Botox"

Celebrity Spider 11/19/07 Simon Cowell Denies Gay Rumors

Idolhead Ed 11/19/07 Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry take home the glass

Reality TV World 11/19/07 Chris Daughtry, Carrie Underwood dominate American Music Awards

MTV 11/19/07 'American Idol' Runner-Up Blake Lewis Creates Own Genre On A.D.D. Debut

Dallas Morning News 11/19/07 'Idol' winner Jordin Sparks debuts first album

Fort Worth Star Telegram 11/19/07 'Idol' winner Sparks is ready to shine

Chicago Sun Times 11/19/07 Sparks' musical fire grows on strength of 'Idol' win

Wild Bluff Media 11/18/07 American Idol Update: Daughtry Wins Breakthrough Artist

South Bend Tribune 11/18/07 Fan group prepares for 'Idol' star's local show

Celebrity Spider 11/16/07 Katharine McPhee Wedding Imminent?

Celebrity Spider 11/16/07 Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson Team Up for Winter Tour

Malaysia Star 11/16/07 Jordin grows up

MSNBC 11/16/07 Blake Lewis: Influenced by Taco?

Arizona Republic 11/15/07 'Idol' winner has busy schedule to promote CD

Rolling Stone 11/15/07 Album Review: Jordin Sparks

WSOC 11/15/07 Kellie Picklerís Mother Talks About Why She Disappeared From Her Childís Life

Celebrity Spider 11/14/07 American Idol's Blake Lewis Sings About His Crush on Natalie Portman

MTV 11/14/07 Katharine McPhee and Tyson Ritter ĎKnow What Boys Likeí

Reality TV World 11/12/07 Carrie Underwood announces 24-city winter tour with Keith Urban

Foxes On Idol 11/12/07 Idol Chartwatch, November 12: Carrie Wins at the CMAs and Changes to the Charts

Mercury News 11/12/07 Versatile Clarkson delivers

Arizona Republic 11/11/07 Sparks' debut shows promise

LA Daily News 11/10/07 Abdul's young 'Idols' make her so proud

Greensboro News Record 11/10/07 'Dawg' of a cook: She mixes her Idol fever into Chicken Soup

Celebrity Spider 11/9/07 Jennifer Hudson Dumps Boyfriend for Sports Star

Reality TV World 11/9/07 Kellie Pickler's estranged mom: Leaving was the hardest decision

Arizona Republic 11/9/07 Sparks to release album Nov. 20

Reality TV World 11/8/07 Fox announces 'American Idol's seventh season to debut January 15

Reality TV World 11/8/07 Carrie Underwood wins two more CMA awards, Kellie Pickler cries

Idol Thoughts 11/8/07 Former Idols All Over Country Music Awards

Idolhead Ed 11/8/07 The CMAís: Carrie takes home some statuesÖ.again.

Huntsville Times 11/8/07 Bo Bice hits town to sign copies of latest release 'See the Light'

Digital Spy 11/8/07 Byrne: 'Cowell is bigger than Brad Pitt'

Celebrity Spider 11/7/07 KT Tunstall Fumes Over American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 11/7/07 Carrie Underwood Wins CMA Female Vocalist Of The Year Again

Zap2It 11/7/07 FOX Postpones '24,' Sets 'American Idol' Premiere

Reality TV World 11/5/07 'American Idol' producer discusses seventh-season format changes

Foxes On Idol 11/5/07 Idol Chartwatch, November 5: Itís All About Carrie Underwood

NY Post 11/5/07 'American Idol' Shake Up

North Jersey 11/4/07 'Idol' extending a hand by way of Africa benefit

Yuma Sun 11/2/07 Sentencing of former 'Idol' star continued

Idolhead Ed 10/31/07 Itís all about Carrie and I think Simonís from the future

Reality TV World 10/31/07 Carrie Underwood's new 'Carnival Ride' album debuts at No. 1

Buffalo News 10/31/07 Clarkson Stands and Delivers

E!Online 10/31/07 Carrie Rides Carnival Straight to No. 1

Celebrity Spider 10/29/07 Simon Cowell: "I'm a Father to Five Million"

Toronto Star 10/29/07 Fans still idolize edgier Kelly Clarkson

Digital Spy 10/29/07 Foxtel to air 'American Idol' in tandem with US

Celebrity Spider 10/28/07 Simon Cowell Defends Lap-Dancing Obsession

Reality TV World 10/28/07 Carrie Underwood's new 'Carnival Ride' album from 'a personal place'

Celebrity Spider 10/27/07 Simon Cowell Was a Nightmare Child

NY Post 10/27/07 Glance at 'Idol' Charities Spending

NY Post 10/27/07 'Idol' Donations to Africa Filter Down

Reality TV World 10/25/07 Report: Katharine McPhee and Nick Cokas to get married in February

Foxes On Idol 10/26/07 Idol Chartwatch, October 26: Decent Week for Idols on the Charts

Idolhead Ed 10/25/07 A Sharp, A Flat, and Carrie's Catchy Carnival Ride

Idol Thoughts 10/25/07 Concert Review: Kelly Clarkson at The Beacon

The Heights 10/25/07 Idol Underwood takes us on a 'Ride'

Niagara Gazette 10/25/07 Kelly Clarkson: Five things you might not have known

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Ryan Seacrest "Dates" by Remote Control

Celebrity Spider 10/24/07 Paula Abdul: "American Idol Destroys Kids' Dreams"

Idolhead Ed 10/23/07 Carrie Underwood's sophomore CD. Is it a ďCarnival RideĒ?

Mrs Jones on Idol 10/23/07 Calling All Bo Bice Fans

Washington Post 10/23/07 More of Carrie's Kind of Country On This 'Ride'

LA Times 10/23/07 Carrie Underwood is atop a 'Carnival Ride'

Celebrity Spider 10/22/07 Carrie Underwood Nervous About Lingerie Shopping

Reality TV World 10/22/07 Diana DeGarmo among CMT's 'Gone Country' reality competition cast

Foxes On Idol 10/22/07 Idol Thoughts, October 22: Bo Bice Finally Sees the Light

Hartford Courant 10/22/07 Review: Kelly Clarkson at Mohegan Sun

Newsday 10/23/07 Review: Carrie Underwood's 'Carnival Ride'

Reality TV Magazine 10/19/07 Carrie Underwood Featured On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

Foxes On Idol 10/19/07 Idol Chartwatch, October 19: Idols Break Into the Holiday Chart

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Clay Aiken Lands Spamalot Role

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Carrie Underwood Denies Tony Romo Romance Reports

Celebrity Spider 10/17/07 Carrie Underwood: "I'm Not Stupid"

Reality TV World 10/17/07 Former 'Idol 3' finalist LaToya London wants to be just "London"

OC Register 10/17/07 Bo Bice is feeling better, musically and physically

Reality TV World 10/16/07 'American Idol' seventh-season auditions end, judges dish on process

Reality TV World 10/15/07 Report: 'Idol' judge Paula Abdul living with boyfriend, talking marriage

Idolhead Ed 10/15/07 Idol news

Reality TV World 10/15/07 Ex-'Idol' finalist Melinda Doolittle to host PBS Christmas Eve concert

Arizona Republic 10/15/07 Ex-'American Idol' contestant pleads guilty to harassment

Idolhead Ed 10/14/07 The Idolhead goes to the Atlanta auditions. Not what youíd expect

Daily Mail 10/13/07 What Simon Cowell did on his week off: Spend £1 Million on Two cars

Celebrity Spider 10/12/07 Corey Clark Faces a Year in Jail as Legal Woes Continue

Foxes On Idol 10/12/07 Idol Chartwatch, October 12: Oldies but Goodies Push Idols Down the Charts

AM New York 10/12/07 'American Idol' tour settles with NY over child labor violations

Reality TV World 10/12/07 'American Idol' concert tour fined for child labor law violations

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 American Idol Finalist Jon Peter Lewis Gets Record Deal

Celebrity Spider 10/11/07 Kid Rock Fed Up With American Idol Covers

Ralston Recorder 10/11/07 In case you missed it ... Ralston grad gets cut by 'American Idol'

Las Cruces Sun-News 10/10/07 'Idol' chatter: Former finalists to perform

Foxes On Idol 10/9/07 Idol Chartwatch, October 9: Idols Slippiní and Slidiní

Grand Rapids Press 10/9/07 Yamin is no lightweight

Celebrity Spider 10/6/07 American Idol Star Clay Aiken Caught Up in Church Gay Controversy

MyFox Kansas City 10/6/07 'American Idol' Auditions Return To Omaha

Toledo Blade 10/6/07 Toledo singer to be on American Idol Rewind 10/5/07 'American Idol' judges scheduled to come to Omaha bar 10/5/07 Sparks to appear at Phooson concert on Oct. 12

USA Today 10/5/07 The votes are in for Ultimate Idol

Celebrity Spider 10/4/07 Kellie Pickler Goes Public With Jordin Tootoo Split

BuddyTV 10/4/07 American Idol Jordin Sparks Almost Done with New Album

Omaha World Herald 10/4/07 'American Idol' camera crews hitting Omaha streets today

MTV 10/3/07 'American Idol' Champ Jordin Sparks Puts Finishing Touches On Debut, Considers Acting

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Paula Abdul: "I Want Kids"

Idol Thoughts 10/2/07 Daughtry the Only Idol Representative on the Top 50 Album Chart

Omaha World Herald 10/2/07 Ralston grad gets cut by 'American Idol'

BuddyTV 10/1/07 Dolly Parton Too Nice to be a Judge on 'American Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 10/1/07 American Idol Contestant Jonathan Jayne Sings God Bless America

Idol Thoughts 10/1/07 Season 1 Finalist Jim Verraros Reaches Out to Fellow Contestants

CBS 10/1/07 Randy Jackson's Struggle With Diabetes

Walton Sun 10/1/07 Fans say final goodbye to season six Idols

Republican 10/1/07 Taylor Hicks delights 'American Idol' fans

Yahoo 9/30/07 'Simon Cowell is self involved': Ryan Seacrest

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 American Idol Rewind Returns in National Syndication September 29

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Katherine McPhee Engaged

Celebrity Spider 9/28/07 Dolly Parton Turns Down American Idol Guest Judge Spot

Foxes On Idol 9/28/07 Idol Chartwatch, September 28: New Idol Singles on the Charts

Celebrity Spider 9/27/07 Reba McEntire is Kelly Clarkson's Idol

Reality TV Magazine 9/27/07 Bucky Covington Films Music Video For It's Good To Be Us

Mass Live 9/27/07 Taylor Hicks' fans ready for Big E

Buddy TV 9/24/07 Sanjaya Malakar Talks About His Upcoming Album

Foxes On Idol 9/21/07 Idol Chartwatch, September 21: Idols Fall on the Charts

TV Guide 9/20/07 On Tour with American Idol: The Sanjaya Malakar Q&A

Dallas Morning News 9/20/07 'American Idol' auditions continue at W Hotel

Baltimore Sun 9/20/07 American Idol show in Baltimore

TV Guide 9/20/07 American Idol's Sad Story Has a Happy Ending

Baltimore Sun 9/20/07 'American' Dream

Celebrity Spider 9/19/07 Simon Cowell Ridicules Ryan Seacrest at Emmys

Daily Press 9/19/07 'Idol' chatter rocks city

Virginia Pilot 9/19/07 American Idols' performance at Coliseum turns 'most foul'

Idol Thoughts 9/18/07 Daughtry Gets a Boost and Underwood Hangs in the Top 50 on This Week's Album Chart

Reality TV World 9/17/07 Mike Darnell dispells 'myth' that Fox ordered 'Idol' at Murdoch's behest

Herald Dispatch 9/16/07 'Idol' finalists perform at Big Sandy Arena

Daily Press 9/16/07 Want to be an idol? Wear flip flops, show up late for auditions

Daily Press 9/16/07 'Idols Live!' a mixed bag

Daily Press 9/16/07 Welcome home, Chris

WCAV 9/16/07 American Idol Tour Comes To Charlottesville

Washington Post 9/15/07 Will 'Idol' Be the Emmys' William Hung?

Celebrity Spider 9/14/07 American Idol Judges Offer to Save Britney Spears Career

Celebrity Spider 9/14/07 Elliot Yamin: Fighting Diabetes

Foxes On Idol 9/14/07 Idol Chartwatch, September 14: Idols Improve While New Albums Approaching

Hollywood Reporter 9/14/07 Credit where it's due

CBS 9/14/07 Daughtry On Top

Indy Star 9/14/07 'Idol' contestant now sings in 'Greatest Show'

Fox News 9/14/07 Simon Says: If Ryan Seacrest Fails at Emmys, 'Idol' Will Suffer

Dothan Eagle 9/14/07 Teen tries out for 'American Idol'

Idol Thoughts 9/13/07 Kimberley Locke Responds to Tour Rumors with Clay and Ruben

The Advocate 9/13/07 Learn like an ĎIdolí

Daily Press 9/13/07 Q&A: Idol's Chris Richardson talks about his future, his home

Burlington Times News 9/13/07 'Idol' concert provides lots of family fun

Celebrity Spider 9/11/07 Kimberly Locke's Christmas Gift

Celebrity Spider 9/11/07 Jennifer Hudson Joins Sex and the City: The Movie Cast

BuddyTV 9/10/07 'American Idol' Wins First Ever Emmy

Idol Thoughts 9/10/07 Aiken, Studdard and Locke Reuniting on the Road?

Reality TV World 9/10/07 'Idol' breaks Emmy losing streak, 'Kathy Griffin', 'Dance' score first wins

Sentinel and Enterprise 9/10/07 'American Idol' tour showcases some talent, and some lack thereof

TV Guide 9/10/07 On Tour with American Idol: The LaKisha Jones Q&A

Stuff 9/10/07 American Idol finally clinches an Emmy

Burlington Times News 9/9/07 'American Idol' contestants head to N.C. for tour

Arizona Republic 9/8/07 'Idols' tour on track, not failing, says promoter

Courier Post 9/8/07 'Idol' champ, also-rans thrill crowd

Celebrity Spider 9/7/07 American Idol Finalist Jessica Sierra's Battery & Drug Trial Rescheduled

Foxes On Idol 9/7/07 Idol Chartwatch, September 7: News on Upcoming Albums and This Weekís Charts

Buddy TV 9/7/07 American Idol: 2007 Tour Ticket Sales Down

Boston Globe 9/7/07 'Idols Live' feels too scripted

TMZ 9/7/07 "Idol" Wannabeen Headlines at SC Balloon Fest

Courier Post 9/7/07 'Idol' fans get pre-concert treat

Cincinnati Post 9/7/07 'Idol' camp

Celebrity Spider 9/6/07 Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo "Just Good Friends"

Reality TV World 9/6/07 'American Idol 3' champ Fantasia Barinno dishes on 'Color Purple'

Reality TV World 9/6/07 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest may sing during Emmy Awards

Worcester Telegram 9/6/07 ĎIdolí exuberance fills DCU

Sentinel & Enterprise 9/6/07 'Idol' mania 9/6/07 'Idol' finalist moves on -- quickly

Miami Hurricane 9/6/07 True Confessions: I tried out for 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 9/5/07 Kelly Clarkson Back on Tour

Celebrity Spider 9/5/07 Carrie Underwood Hits Out at "Party Girl" Tag

Celebrity Spider 9/5/07 Drunk Driving Hazards Keeps Kelly Clarkson Indoors

Reality TV World 9/5/07 'American Idol' 2007 concert tour down compared to previous years

Idol Thoughts 9/5/07 Kelly Clarkson Grabs First #1 Country Single

Idol Thoughts 9/5/07 Clarkson Drops Out of Top 50 on Album Chart; Daughtry and Underwood Remain

Seattle Times 9/5/07 "American Idol" campers hope to help their odds

Reality TV World 9/4/07 Ex-'Idol 6' finalist Sanjaya Malakar moving to Hollywood with family

Idol Thoughts 9/4/07 Kelly Clarkson Announces Dates for Smaller Tour

USA Today 9/4/07 'Idols Live' tour now facing empty seats

Post Standard 9/3/07 Two Stars to Idolize

The Morning Call 9/3/07 Show is 2nd chance to judge 10 American Idol talents

News 10 Now 9/3/07 American Idol Tour takes over Grandstands

Journal and Courier 9/3/07 Cowell idles Monticello's 'Idol' contender

NMC 9/3/07 Labor Day A Day Of Labor For Bucky Covington 9/2/07 Making the Idol' cut not all about talent 9/2/07 'Idol' judges underwhelmed

Times Union 9/1/07 A quick, obligatory 'American Idol' revue 9/1/07 Simon, Paula, Randy come to town

Allentown Morning Call 9/1/07 The Idols are live! 9/1/07 Philly fails to wow 'Idol' judges

WFMZ-TV Online 9/1/07 American Idols Live at the Allentown Fair

Christian Today 9/1/07 American Idol Star to Tour with Michael W Smith

Journal and Courier 9/1/07 Miller's Idol audition pushed back one day


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