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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


The Idol Guy. 12/31/08 How Old Is This Song? 2.0
Reality TV Magazine 12/31/08 American Idol: Simon Cowell Admits To Whispering In Paula Abdul's Ear
Reality TV Magazine 12/31/08 American Idol: Finalist Gina Glocksen To Be Married Wednesday
Foxes On Idol 12/30/08 Idol Chartwatch, December 30: Idols Hold Their Own on the Billboard Charts
Tampa Tribune 12/30/08 Disney Offers 'American Idol' Experience In Lake Buena Vista
MSNBC 12/30/08 'American Idol’ turns viewers into loons
New York Post 12/30/08 Simon Wants Britney as 'Idol' Mentor
WFLX 12/30/08 American Idol: Season 8
WFIE-TV 12/30/08 Carrie Underwood to write more for third album
Tulsa World 12/30/08 Carrie Underwood tops country video list
Tri Valley Herald 12/30/08 In this 'Idol,' age doesn't matter
South Town Star 12/30/08 Tinley Park 'Idol' contestant to be married Wednesday
Examiner 12/30/08 'American Idol': The Best Of 2008, By Jim Cantiello
Times Colonist 12/29/08 Simon Cowell defends American Idol integrity

Tampa Tribune 12/29/08 Disney Offers 'Idol' Experience
Reality TV Magazine 12/27/08 American Idol: Simon Cowell Does Christmas In The Barbados
NY Post 12/27/08 A Carly, Daughtry Connection
Reality TV Magazine 12/26/08 American Idol: Kara DioGuardi And Paula Abdul Gang Up On Simon Cowell
Reality TV Magazine 12/26/08 American Idol: Coldplay Wants Simon Cowell To Criticize Their Performance
Reality TV Magazine 12/26/08 American Idol: Jennifer Hudson Will Perform For MusiCares In February
LA Times 12/26/08 ‘Idol’ Spurs Optimism at Fox Once Again
Entertainment Weekly 12/26/08 'American Idol': The 10 Worst Performances Ever
Celebrity Today 12/24/08 Simon Cowell Goes Shirtless
Reality TV Magazine 12/24/08 American Idol: New Judge Kara DioGuardi Doesn't want Paula Abdul's Job
Reality TV Magazine 12/24/08 American Idol: Ruben Studdard and Frenchie Davis In Ain't Misbehavin' Tour
Reality TV Magazine 12/24/08 American Idol: Clay Aiken Reflects On Being A New Dad And Coming Out
LA Times 12/24/08 Kelly Clarkson: The return
BuddyTV 12/23/08 'Idol' Runner-Up Melinda Doolittle "Coming Back to You"
LauraBelle 12/23/08 The Positives and Negatives of American Idol
Reality TV Magazine 12/23/08 American Idol: Paula Abdul Launches Jewelry Collection
Reality TV Magazine 12/23/08 American Idol: Melinda Doolittle To Release Debut Solo Album
Foxes On Idol 12/22/08 Idol Chartwatch, December 22: New Idol Albums on the Horizon
Reality TV Magazine 12/21/08 The Bachelor: ABC Announces The Bachelorette's For Season 13
Reality TV Magazine 12/21/08 American Idol: Canadian Idol Will Take A Hiatus in 2009
Reality TV Magazine 12/20/08 American Idol: Simon Cowell Leaving The Show?
Reality TV Magazine 12/20/08 American Idol: Stripper Idol Being Sued
Reality TV Magazine 12/20/08 American Idol: Carly Smithson Says Post-Idol Future Bleak

BuddyTV 12/19/08 'American Idol' Gets Theme Park Attraction
Foxes On Idol 12/19/08 American Idol Vital News, December 19: Paula Fallout
Reality TV Magazine 12/19/08 American Idol: Simon Cowell Rethinks His Harsh Comments After Fan Death
MSNBC 12/19/08 Scoop: Will Simon leave ‘American Idol’?
NY Daily News 12/19/08 Cowell says 'Idol' will deliver first-class males
VIP Breakdown 12/19/08 Simon Cowell on Season 8 Changes
KUTV 12/19/08 Cowell wants Spears for Idol
Examiner 12/19/08 Paula Abdul staying at 'American Idol'
Boston Herald 12/19/08 Men’s Club being sued for ’Stripper Idol’ show name
Entertainment Tonight 12/19/08 Simon Cowell Weighs in on the New Season of 'American Idol

BuddyTV 12/18/08 Season 7 'Idol' Wannabe Luke Menard Finally Cancer-Free
Reality TV Magazine 12/18/08 American Idol: Carrie Underwood To Perform At The 35th Annual People's Choice Awards
Reality TV Magazine 12/18/08 American Idol Wild Card Show Will Include Judges' Picks
Reality TV Calendar 12/18/08 "I Don't Mean To Be Rude, But..." Interview with Simon Cowell 12/18/08 Simon Cowell Wants Britney Spears On 'American Idol'

Entertainment Tonight 12/18/08 Simon Cowell Defends 'American Idol' Producers
MTV 12/18/08 Simon Cowell Has 'No Idea' If Four-Judge 'American Idol' Panel ...
USA Today 12/18/08 Cowell: 'Idol' auditions will continue as is, despite apparent suicide
Akron Beacon 12/18/08 'American Idol' finalists on Christmas tour
Entertainment Weekly 12/18/08 American Idol 'Idol' responds to Paula's claims
BBC News 12/18/08 Idol 'remains same' despite death
Monsters and Critics 12/18/08 FOX New Years Live has David Cook, Scott Weiland, Robbie Knievel ...
Money Times 12/18/08 Cowell regrets fan death but says ‘Idol’ will continue like always
South Asian Women's Forum 12/18/08 Simon Cowell wants Britney Spears on American Idol
Reuters UK 12/18/08 Paul McCartney and Britney Spears top "Idol" wish list
Edmonton Sun 12/18/08 Simon says:
Associated Press 12/18/08 Simon Cowell's got Beyonce, Britney on his mind 12/18/08 Does Simon Cowell of 'American Idol' feel beat up?

Sun Sentinnel 12/18/08 Simon Cowell: American Idol's key voice
TV Guide 12/18/08 Idol Fan's Death "Hit Us Like an Express Train," Says Simon

Newsday 12/18/08 Simon: 'Idol' crew not aware fan was so troubled

Philadeliphia Inquirer 12/18/08 What's new for 'Idol'
Gossip Girls 12/18/08 Carrie Underwood’s Rainy Arrival
News OK 12/18/08 Carrie Underwood to perform at People’s Choice Awards
AceShowbiz 12/18/08 Carrie Underwood Tapped to Perform at 35th Annual People's Choice ...

Chicago Tribune 12/18/08  'Idol ' producer wants Abdul to stay

Celebrity Cafe 12/18/08 Paula Goodspeed’s Death Difficult for Simon Cowell

Edmonton Sun 12/18/08 Simon Says: Producers unaware of dead fan’s emotional troubles

OK! Magazine Cowell: 'Tragedy Hit Us Like An Express Train'
Joe's Jams 12/18/08: Top Ten Songs Performed By American Idol Artists

Miluakee Journal 12/18/08 'American Idol' is most - and second-most - DVR'd show on TV

NBC Bay Area Former ‘American Idol’ Contender Luke Menard ‘Cancer Free’
Reuters 12/18/08 Fan death made "Idol"s Cowell think "long and hard"

Billboard News 12/18/08 Simon Says: Five Hints About 'Idol' '09
BuddyTV 12/17/08 American Idol 8: Conference Call With Simon Cowell
BuddyTV 12/17/08 Less 'Idol' Audition Episodes? Well, Not Exactly...
Reality TV Tickets 12/17/08 American Idol Season 8 Live Show Taping Tickets Up for Auction
Reality TV Magazine 12/17/08 American Idol: Jordin Sparks Leaves 19 Management Record Label
Los Angeles Times 12/17/08 Carly Smithson's post-'Idol' blues

Los Angles Times 12/17/08 Carly Smithson: Up From 'American Idol'
BuddyTV 12/16/08 Paula Abdul's Spot Safe as 'Idol' Gears for Four-Hour Premiere
Celebrity Today 12/16/08 David Archuleta - A Little Not Too Over You Music Video
The Idol Guy 11/16/08 Meet the New Idol, Same as the Old(er) Idol
Reality TV Magazine 12/16/08 American Idol Finalist Kristy Lee Cook Leaves Arista Nashville
Reality TV Magazine 12/16/08 American Idol Season 8 Schedule
Reality TV Magazine 12/16/08 American Idol Cuts Idol Gives Back This Season
Reality TV Magazine 12/16/08 Former AI Producer Nigel Lythgoe Denies Paula Abdul was Intentionally Ignored by Idol Producers
Radar Online 12/16/08 Changes At American Idol
San Francisco Chronicle 12/16/08 Abdul Staying At "American Idol"
Reuters 12/16/08 "American Idol" is most time-shifted show--Nielsen
MTV 12/16/08 Why Is 'American Idol' Taking A Year Off From 'Idol Gives Back'?
Jossip 12/16/08 American Idol to Abandon Entire Reason for Existing
Pittsburg Channel 12/16/08 'Idol' Rips Abdul's Alleged Stalker Claims
First Coast News 12/16/08 'American Idol' Defends Itself over Fan Suicide

Boston Globe 12/16/08 'Idol' drama begins and ends with Abdul
New York Daly News 12/16/08 Changes slated for 'American Idol,' but Paula Abdul there to stars
Entertainment Tonight 12/16/08 All-New 'American Idol' Promo: David Cook's Whirlwind Year
Newsday 12/16/08 "American Idol:" Paula to Stay, Forever
Monsters and Critics 12/16/08 American Idol producer Ken Warwick backs up Lythgoe's remarks
Los Angeles Times 12/16/08 American Idol' Daily: Change is a comin'
Gawker 12/16/08 We Can't Tell the Bad American Idol Changes From the Really Bad Ones
Associated Content 12/16/08 American Idol Season 8 Schedule is Announced
Los Angeles Times 12/16/08 American Idol’ producer Ken Warwick admits, ‘It got a bit boring’
Reality TV World 12/16/08 Fox releases 'American Idol' schedule, confirms format changes
ET 12/16/08 More on Paula Abdul's 'American Idol' Controversy
The Celebrity Cafe 12/16/08 American Idol is Singing A Different Tune for Season 8
Kansas City Star The "Idol" tweaks: So suddenly quality matters?
Actress Archives 12/16/08 'American Idol' Singing the 'We Love Paula' Tune
Rolling Meadows Reviews 12/16/08 American Idol' changes: more semifinalists, wild card returns 12/16/08 \ 'American Idol' Producer Says Paula Abdul's Job Is Safe
UPI 12/16/08 Producer: Paula an integral part of 'Idol'

Huntington Herald Dispatch 12/16/08 Nigel Answers Paula...
TV Blips 12/16/08 ew Schedule of 'American Idol' Season Eight - American Idol , Reality
BuddyTV 12/15/08 Planned 'Idol' Changes: Less Audition Episodes, More Semi-Finalists
Reality TV Fans 12/15/08 FOX Announces American Idol Season 8 Schedule To Finalist Rounds
Idolhead Ed 12/15/08 A Sharp, A Flat, and the Rest of the Best Post-Idol Performances
Reality TV Magazine 12/15/08 American Idol: Big Changes In Store This Season
Reality TV Magazine 12/15/08 American Idol: Jennifer Hudson Murders Caused by Jealousy?
Examiner 12/15/08 American Idol Season 8 preview
Dog Channel 12/15/08 Paula Abdul Supports Dogs in Women's Shelters
Times and Transcript 12/15/08 Lythgoe says Paula Abdul is a liar
AHN 12/15/08 Fox Gears Up For New And Improved Season Of "American Idol"
Reuters 12/15/08 "American Idol" changes its tune a little
Reality TV Magazine 12/15/08 American Idol: Jennifer Hudson Murders Caused by Jealousy?
People 12/15/08 REPORT: American Idol May Come Back Revamped
TV Guide 12/15/08 Idol Season 8 to Emphasize Quality over the Crazy
E Canada Now 12/15/08 Big Changes For American Idol Before Season Begins
USA Today 12/15/08 'American Idol' freshens format with Season 8 changes
Washington Post 12/15/08 "American Idol" changes its tune a little
Celebrity Today 12/12/08 American Idol Makes Big Changes

Foxes On Idol 12/12/08 American Idol Vital News, December 12: Paula’s Tale

LA Times 12/12/08 Why Paula Abdul is forever 'American Idol's' girl
Zap2It 12/12/08 Reports: 'American Idol' Won't 'Give Back' This Year
NY Post 12/12/08 Report: Ex `Idol' producer responds to Abdul
Los Angeles Times 12/12/08 David Letterman tells Paula Abdul to sue Fox over stalker

Extra 12/12/08 Ex 'Idol' Producer on Paula's Stalker Claims

Albumista 12/12/08 Is Paula Abdul Burning Her Bridges with FOX?
Examiner 12/12/08 Paula Abdul does Letterman
Union Tribune 12/12/08 TV News: Changes on "American Idol"

Defamer 12/12/08 Letterman Urges Abdul To Sue Fox Over Misguided 'Idol: Stalkers ...
TMZ 12/12/08 "American Idol" Reality Check
MSNBC 12/12/08 Report: ‘Idol’ to make changes in 2009
People Magazine 12/12/08  Ex-Idol Producer Responds to Paula Abdul
Reality TV World 12/12/08 Former 'Idol' finalist Kristy Lee Cook "parts ways" with Arista ...
WalletPop American Idol cancels 'Idol Gives Back' fundraiser
Reality TV Magazine 12/11/08 Paula Abdul Lashes Out At Fox Broadcasting, American Idol Producers And Simon Cowell
Reality TV Tickets 12/11/08 American Idol Finalist Kellie Pickler Announces January & February Performances

Radar 12/11/08 Paula Abdul About To Double Her Idol Salary
ET Online 12/11/08 Ryan Seacrest Talks Dating and American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 12/11/08 American Idol's Clay Aiken: The E! True Hollywood Story
TV Guide 12/11/08 Where Will David Cook Ring in 2009?
The Post Courier Preview 12/11/08 'American Idol' winner to perform, host dinner for local nonprofit
Herald Dispatch 12/11/08 American Idol's Phil Stacey coming to Huntington for April show
Courier Post Online 12/11/08 'American Idol' winner to star in Philly performance
Reality TV World 12/10/08 Former 'Idol' finalist Jennifer Hudson returning to work, filming video
Reality TV Tickets 12/10/08 Diana DeGarmo, Kimberley Locke, David Hernandez & Chikezie Perform in Idols in Concert

Celebrity Today 12/10/2008 Abdul & Idol Go On From Stalker
Reality TV World 12/9/08 Paula Abdul lashes out at 'American Idol,' Fox, and Simon Cowell
Reality TV World 12/9/08 Former 'American Idol' champ Fantasia Barrino's home up for auction
Extra 12/9/08 Is Paula Leaving Idol?
TMZ 12/9/08 Fantasia -- Foreclosure's Just a Fantasy
TMZ 12/9/08 Abdul Attacks Idol: They Knew About Stalker
TMZ 12/9/08 Abdul -- Stalker Wanted Me Dead
TMZ 12/9/08 Spotted: Mr. Perfect with Miss Not-So Perfect
Digital Spy 12/9/08 Abdul: 'I was stalked for 17 years'
Reality TV World 12/8/08 Former 'Idol' champ Jordin Sparks 'parting ways' with 19 Management
Foxes On Idol 12/8/08 Idol Chartwatch, December 8: Jennifer Hudson Nominated for Four Grammys
Reality TV World 12/8/08 Paula Abdul: Fan had previously attempted suicide outside her home
Jam! 12/8/08 Paula Abdul selling 'American Idol' gifts on shopping channel
USA Today 12/8/08 Paula Abdul: Contestant death was 'devastating'
Chicago Sun-Times 12/8/08 Paula Abdul selling homemade jewelry on HSN
Digital Spy 12/8/08 Simon Cowell 'loving single life'
MasterclassLady.Com 12/5/08 A Vocal Masterclass Review Of David Archuleta's New CD
Reality TV World 12/5/08 Blake Lewis has new manager, new record deal "in the works"
Reality TV World 12/5/08 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul selling home after recent suicide
NY Post 12/5/08 Paula Sells House After Fan Suicide
Chicago Sun-Times 12/5/08 Jennifer Hudson says she's honored by Grammy nods
Zap2it 12/5/08 ABC Seeks 'Security' Opposite 'American Idol'

Reality TV World 12/4/08 Hudson, Barrino, Underwood, and Sparks land Grammy nominations
Reality TV Tickets 12/4/08 American Idol Runner Up David Archuleta Makes December Appearances

Los Angeles Times 12/4/08 'American Idol' Daily: What's on Jason Castro's mind
EW 12/4/08 'American Idol' : Season 8 Rumors Begin!
Extra 12/4/08 An 'Idol' Giving Back Glow
The Evening Sun 12/4/08 'American Idol' stars sing holiday classics

Chicago Tribune 12/4/08 Prosecutors unveil circumstantial evidence against William Balfour in Jennifer Hudson case

E! Online 12/4/08 Kathy Griffin on Clay Aiken: "He Was Not Very Nice"
PopEater 12/4/08 Comic Begs Clay Aiken For Forgiveness
BuzzSugar 12/4/08 Which Strategy is Best For Selling American Idol?

Isthmus 12/4/08 Carrie Underwood, Little Big Town
CMT 12/4/08 Carrie Underwood Still Gets Nervous in Nashville
Seattle PI 12/4/08 Blake Lewis to appear Dec. 9 in Downtown Seattle
AZ Central 12/4/08 Jordin Sparks' first Grammy nod
M 12/3/08 2003 'Idol' winner 'Ain't Misbehavin' at Miller Auditorium
NY Post 12/4/08 'Idol' Could Change Luck For Youngster Axed By B'Way At Age of 12
Examiner 12/4/08 David Archuleta Gets Cougar Kiss

Reality TV Tickets 12/3/08 American Idol Ruben Studdard on Tour in Ain’t Misbehavin Show
Reality TV Tickets 12/3/08 Idol Finalist LaKisha Jones to sing National Anthem Sunday at Lions / Vikings Game
Reality TV Magazine 12/3/08 American Idol Season 8 Cast Rumours

Reality TV Magazine 12/3/08 Simon Cowell Tracking Incident?

Gossip Girls 12/3/08 David Archuleta: Road To A Cure Cutie

E! Online 12/3/08 Hudson's Estranged Brother-in-Law Denied Bail; Prosecution Offers Motive

TMZ 12/3/08 Hudson Murders -- A Motive Emerges

TMZ 12/3/08 No Bail for William Balfour
TV Guide 12/3/08 Jennifer Hudson's Brother-in-Law Formally Charged with Murder

AP 12/3/08 Bond denied for suspect in Hudson family killings

CNN 12/3/08 Sister's ex killed Hudson relatives in jealous rage, prosecutor says 12/3/08 Is Randy Jackson The Next "Weight-Loss" Idol?
Contact Music 12/3/08 Paula Abdul-Abdul is Selling 'Suicide' House
Top-40-Charts 12/3/08 Melinda Doolittle First Single It's Your Love Debuts
BuddyTV 12/2/08 American Idol 8: First Season 8 Spoilers!
Reality TV Fans 12/2/08 Arrest made in Jennifer Hudson Family Killings
Reality TV Tickets 12/2/08 Idols Melinda Doolittle & George Huff Perform in Michael W. Smith’s It’s a Wonderful Christmas Show
TMZ 12/2/08 Balfour Charged in Hudson Murders
Examiner 12/2/08 A Kelly Clarkson/Chris Daughtry pairing: Could it be true?
Celebrity Cafe 12/2/08 Clay Aiken Is Taking to Fatherhood 12/2/08 Clay Aiken: I'm a Hands-On Dad

Celebrity Today 12/1/08 Breaking News: Balfour Arrested IN Hudson Murder Case
Reality TV World 12/1/08 Estranged relative arrested in Jennifer Hudson family members killings
Reality TV World 12/1/08 Simon Cowell: I'm 100% a guy will win 'American Idol's eighth season
Reality TV Magazine 12/1/08 Idol Alumni Clay Aiken and Kimberely Locke Are Not Friends Anymore
OK Magazine 12/1/08 Clay Aiken's New Life

Foxes On Idol 12/1/08 Idol Chartwatch, December 1: David Cook Hits the Charts

MTV 12/1/08 William Balfour Expected To Be Charged In Murders Of Jennifer Hudson's Relatives
NY Daily News 12/1/08 'American Idol' Judge Simon Cowell Bugged Over Getting Bugged
GAC 12/1/08 Carrie Underwood Sets Limits
KCBA 12/1/08 Taylor Hicks takes his (Broadway) show on the road

NY Post 12/1/08 Hear Michael Johns New Song!
BuddyTV 11/28/08 As Season 8 Gets Closer, 'Idol' Gets David Cook Plugs (and More Cars)
BuddyTV 11/28/08 Holiday Gift Guide: 10 Gifts for an American Idol Fan
Idolhead Ed 11/28/08 Is David Cook about to break the Idol winner drought?

LA Times 11/27/08 'American Idol' Daily: visiting with the Christmas tour
Reality TV Fans 11/26/08 David Cook’s Self-Titled Album Debuts at #3 on the Billboard Album Charts
Reality TV Fans 11/26/08 Daughtry Wins at American Music Awards
Celebrity Today 11/26/08 Beyonce Beats Out Idol Winner
Zap2It 11/26/08 'American Idol' Winner David Cook Debuts at Number Three
Access Hollywood 11/26/08 Kimberely Locke: 'Clay and I Aren't Really Friends Anymore'
Reality TV Tickets 11/25/08 American Idol Taylor Hicks to Star in National Tour of Grease Beginning Dec. 2
TV Robot 11/25/08 David Archuleta's Self Titled Album - No. 2 at The Billboards

NY Post 11/25/08 Look Who's Going to Hollywood

Extra 11/25/08 'Idol' Attracts Notables
Los Angeles Times 11/25/08 Idols Give Thanksgiving

Reality TV Tickets 11/24/08 American Idol Finalist Bucky Covington December Performances Announced
Reality TV Magazine 11/24/08 David Archuleta Debuts At No. 2 On The Billboard 200

Foxes On Idol 11/24/08 Idol Chartwatch, November 24: David Archuleta Hits the Charts
Reality TV Tickets 11/22/08 American Idol Star Josh Gracin Headlines Holiday Benefit Concert at Barona for Toys for Tots
Los Angeles Times 11/21/08 Idols Everywhere
BuddyTV 11/20/08 American Idol: Is Paula Abdul On Her Way Out?
Austin 360 11/20/08 Jordin Sparks Will Sing at the Tree-Lighting Event Saturday
Desert News 11/20/08 Carrie Underwood Shows Her Command Of, and Joy For, The Stage
CMT 11/20/08 It Sounds Like A Carrie Underwood Christmas
FOX 11/20/08 Hanging Out With Carrie Underwood
LA Times 11/20/08 'American Idol' Daily: Digits on the Davids
Chicago Sun-Times 11/20/08 Jennifer Hudson Drops Out of Star Plaza Show
Reality TV World 11/19/08 David Archuleta's debut album sells 183,000 units, debuts at No. 2
NY Post 11/19/08 Take A Bite Out of David Cook
LA Times 11/19/08 American Idol Daily: King Cook
Celebrity Today 11/18/08 Simon Dumped By Text, David Cook's CD Is Out
Reality TV World 11/18/08 Simon Cowell denies $9 million Terri Seymour parting gift report
Reality TV Tickets 11/18/08 American Idol Fantasia Barrino Performing With Comedian Rickey Smiley

Los Angeles Times 11/18/08 David Cook's Steps Forward
Chicago Sun-Times 11/18/08 David Vs. David, Round 2: Duel of CDs for Rivals
Big Fun On the Bayou 11/18/08 David Cook Isn't Quite Cooking Here
SF Gate 11/18/08 'Idol' Champ David Cook Keeps Rocking On New Album
My Fox Kansas 11/18/08 David Cook: 'The Whole Album Felt Rushed'
CNN International 11/18/08 'Idol' Sensation, 17, Still Adjusting To Limelight
Reality TV World 11/17/08 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul denies report of show departure
Reality TV Calendar 11/17/08 American Idol David Cook And Kimberly Caldwell "Still Going Strong"
Reality TV Magazine 11/17/08 Nigel Lythgoe Isn't Thrilled With American Idol's Fourth Judge Addition
Foxes On Idol Idol 11/17/08 Chartwatch, November 17: New Idol Album on the Charts
Digital Spy 11/17/08 Paula Abdul To Choreograph Vegas Show?
Extra 11/17/08 Paula Abdul: Haunted?
Starpulse  11/17/08 Prescription Drugs Found on Paula Abdul's 'Stalker'
Women on the Web 11/17/08 Is a Freaked-Out Paula Abdul Leaving 'American  Idol?'
Newsday 11/17/08 Review: David Cook's Debut CD
Austin 360 11/17/08 Jordin Sparks Speaks!
E! Online 11/17/08 No Official Cause Of Death After Paula Abdul Fan Autopsy
Newsday 11/16/08 Chris Daughtry 6th 'American Idol' On a Sitcom or Drama
LA Times 11/15/08 'American Idol': Paula Abdul is staying, says her rep
BuddyTV 11/14/08 Gap Goes Through With Jennifer Hudson Ad, Despite Family Tragedy
Extra 11/14/08 Did Paula's Fan Send Flowers?
TMZ 11/14/08 Bo Bice Brain Farts
Extra 11/14/08 Stalking Expert: Paula Was Lucky Not to Be Home
Daily Mail 11/14/08 Simon Cowell 'Humiliated American Idol Reject Who Committed Suicide' Says Her Distraught Family
LA Times 11/14/08 'American Idol' David Cook: His New Album, Hair Metal, and The Ladies
MSNBC 11/14/08 Is Paula Abdul Leaving 'American Idol'?
TV Squad 11/14/08 Will Paula Abdul Leave American Idol?
LA Times 11/14/08 'American Idol': The Fallout Continues

X17 11/14/08 Is American Idol Guilty?

Star 11/14/08 American Idol Suicide Tragedy
The Insider 11/14/08 Jennifer Hudson's New Words After Family Tragedy
The Insider 11/14/08 Former 'Idol' Stars On Paula Abdul Fan Tragedy
CBS News 11/14/08 Jennifer Hudson Thanks Fans For Support
NY Daily News 11/14/08 Friends Defend Paula Abdul Fan Who Committed Suicide
BuddyTV 11/13/08 American Idol: Carrie Underwood Triumphs at the CMA Awards
Celebrity Spider 11/13/08 American Idol Raises $64 Million For Charity
Whats Hot On TV 11/13/08 The High Price of Fame - Stalkers for Paula Abdul and Sandra Bullock
Reality TV Calendar 11/13/08 American Idol Carrie Underwood Is CMA Female Vocalist Of The Year Again
Reality TV Magazine 11/13/08 Dead Body Found Near Paula Abdul's Home
NY Daily News 11/13/08 Paula Abdul Fanatic Paula Godspeed Found Dead Near Singer's Home
Daily Mail 11/13/08 Humiliated American Idol Reject 'Commits Suicide' Outside Judge Paula Abdul's House
Times Online 11/13/08 Paula Abdul Fan Who Was Mocked In American Idol Audition Commits Suicide
New York Post 11/13/08 Kellie Pickler Can't Pick'er Icon
E! Online 11/13/08 Brother: Dead Paula Abdul Fan Was Not Stalker
BBC 11/13/08 Paula Abdul's 'Shocked' Over Death of Fan
MTV 11/13/08 Jennifer Hudson Has Not Been Invited To Perform At Inaguration, Obama Camp Says
Washington Post 11/13/08 A Tragic Note For 'Idol' Singer
Digital Spy 11/13/08 'Idol' Stars Talk of Paula Abdul Fan Tragedy
New York Post 11/13/08 Adding Fourth Idol Judge a Bad Idea
Los Angeles Times 11/13/08 'American Idol' Daily: Tragedy Strikes Idollland
Los Angeles Times 11/13/08 David Archuleta's Future Revenge: Grammy's Galore?
WETM-2 11/13/08 Ruben Studdards Stops By WETM
San Francisco Chronicle 11/13/08 David Archuleta Still Adjusting To The Limelight
Reuters 11/13/08 David Archuleta On Life After 'Idol'

My Fox 11/13/08 David Cook Fans Review New Album
My San Antonio 11/13/08 David Archuleta Release Debut Album
Suffolk News-Herald 11/10/08 Bringing The Bice

CMT 11/13/08 Carrie Underwood: 'Revenge Isn't So Sweet'
MTV 11/13/08 Kelly Clarkson's New Single Could Recapture Her 'Since U Been Gone' Glory, Producer Says 11/13/08 Since U Been Gone, Kelly Clarkson's Recorded A New Album
Sturgis Journal 11/13/08 Pairing of Reba McEntire, Kelly Clarkson Is Double Treat 11/13/08 Paula Goodspeed's Suicide: Don't Blame 'Idol', Even As We All Scrutinize It's Audition Process
BuddyTV 11/12/08 American Idol: Paula Abdul's Stalker Kills Self Outside of Paula's Home
Celebrity Today 11/12/08 David Archuleta Hits TRL
Reality TV Calendar 11/12/08 American Idol Contestant Commits Suicide Outside Paula Abdul's House
Celebrity Today 11/12/08 Stalker Commits Suicide Outside Paula Abdul's Home 11/12/08 Kelly Clarkson Producer Says Her New Single Could Be Out By December 11/12/08 David Cook To Perform On American Music Awards Pre Show
E! Online 11/12/08 Dead 'Idol' Contestant Had History Of Hounding Paula Abdul
TV Guide 11/12/08 Carrie Underwood Talks Hosting The CMAs, Idol, and More!
TMZ 11/12/08 Paula Abdul's Obsessed Fan OD'd There Before
TMZ 11/12/08 Obsessed Fan's Car A Fixture In Paula Abdul's Hood
TMZ 11/12/08 Alleged Stalker: Paula Abdul Was 'My Secret Crush'
TV Guide 11/12/08 Police: Woman Dead Outside Paula Abdul's Home Auditioned For Idol
The Hollywood Reporter 11/12/08 Fan Found Dead Near Home of 'Idol' Judge
LA Times 11/12/08 Woman Found Dead Near Paula Abdul's House May Have Been Her Stalker 11/12/08 American Idol Contestant Found Dead Near Paula Abdul's Home
Idolator 11/12/08 How Are The 'American Idol' Producers Going to React To Paula Goodspeed?
E! Online 11/12/08 Idol Gives Back: Donating With The Stars
Digital Spy 11/12/08 Woman Found Dead At Paula Abdul's Home
The Insider 11/12/08 Paula Abdul 'Shocked & Saddened' By Fan's Death
CBS News 11/12/08 Paula Abdul Fan's Body Found Near Star's Home
Newsday 11/12/08 'American Idol' Gives Over $64million in Grants to 6 US, International Charities
LA Times 11/12/08 American Idol Daily: Let The Giving Back Begin
Chicago Sun-Times 11/12/08 Donald Trump: Jennifer Hudson Safe At My Hotel
Reality TV Calendar 11/12/08 Fan Found Dead Outside Paula Abdul's House
Jam! 11/12/08 Paula Abdul Fan Found Dead In Car
GuideLive 11/12/08 Body Of Fan Found In Car Near Home of Paula Abdul
LA Times 11/11/08 'American Idol' Daily: The Dawn of David Archuleta
USA Today 11/11/08 David Arhuleta Pops With Teen Tunes In First Album
NY Daily News 11/11/08 'Idol' David Archuleta Unleashes Puppy Love With Irresistible Sincerity
MTV 11/11/08 'American Idol' Producers Never Intended To Block Josiah Leming's Debut Album
LA Times 11/10/08 David Archuleta: The Critics Have Voted
Celebrity Today 11/10/08 David Archuleta Goes Up Against Taylor Swift
Foxes On Idol Idol 11/10/08 Chartwatch, November 10: Idol Castoff Hits the Charts
Reality TV Magazine 11/10/08 American Idol Season 8 Premieres January 13
The Canadian Press 11/10/08 Carrie Underwood Becomes A Steady Hit Maker After Meteoric Rise
Citizen-Times 11/10/08 Buncombe Student Sings With Kellie Pickler
Boston Herald 11/10/08 David Archuleta
Times Colonist 11/10/08 David Archuleta Eager To Show He Has More To Offer Than Syrupy Ballads
AceShowbiz 11/10/08 Artist Of The Week: David Archuleta
Sacramento Bee 11/10/08 David Archuleta Is Sweet, But He's Still No "Idol"
Boston Globe 11/10/08 Love Songs From an 'Idol'
NY Daily News 11/10/08 'American Idol' Back In January; 'House' Relocates
Celebrity Today 11/8/08 David Archuleta Set For Macy's, Simon Speaks Out
Entertainment Weekly 11/7/08 David Cook: 'I Just Think This Record Is Me'

Radar Online 11/7/08 Cook & Caldwell: American Love Idols

St. Louis Today 11/7/08 David Archuleta vs. David Cook
International Business Tribune 11/7/08 Clear Channel Embraces American Idol Alumni With Sneak Peek Program  
Boston Herald 11/7/08 David Cook: The Grungiest Idol
TMZ 11/7/08 Still Cookin'

BuddyTV 11/6/08 'American Idol 8' to Premiere January 13
Reuters 11/6/08 David Archuleta Set To Move Beyond 'Idol'

USA Today 11/6/08 'Idol' Runner-Up David Archuleta Is Poised For Record Debut
Associated Content 11/6/08 David Archuleta To Release Self-Titled Debut On November 11th
Reality TV Calendar 11/5/08 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Gives Up On Women
Reality TV Magazine 11/5/08 Simon Cowell And Girlfriend Split

Entertainment Weekly 11/5/08 NBC's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to feature Miley Cyrus, David Archuleta
The Salt Lake Tribune 11/5/08 Debut Album In Mind, Idol's David Archuleta Exploring Options
LA Times 11/5/08 'Idol' news wrap 11/5/08: Underwood loses respect for celebs
Popeater 11/5/08 It's David vs. David in 'Idol' Sales Election
People 11/5/08 Simon Cowell Swears Off Women After Break Up
Just Jared 11/5/08 Clay Aiken Hits Spring Awakening
Entertainment Weekly 11/4/08 David Archuleta (2008)
RockyMount Telegram 11/4/08 Judge: Clay Aiken Book Writer Can Pursue Damages
Fay Observer 11/4/08 Appeals Court Allows Suit Against Clay Aiken  
Celebrity Today 11/4/08 Music Video: David Cook 'Light On'
Reality TV Calendar 11/4/08 American Idol Carrie Underwood On The Presidential Election
Reality TV Calendar 11/4/08 American Idol Carrie Underwood Changes Her Story, Both Of Them
Reality TV Magazine 11/4/08 American Idol Bully Rejected Josiah Leming With Legal Action
Reality TV Magazine 11/4/08 David Cook Says, "Life Hasn't Changed"
TMZ 11/4/08 Fantasia Lends Voice To Jennifer Hudson's Grieving

AceShowbiz 11/4/08 Jennifer Hudson Kissed Mother Goodbye, Fantasia Barrino Sang At Private Service 11/2/08 What's Up With Bo Bice?
Fox News 11/4/08 Carrie Underwood Loses Respect For Stars Who Endorse A Candidate
E! Online 11/4/08 Carrie Underwood: Don't Tell Me How You're Voting
CMT 11/4/08 Kellie Pickler's Got Carrie Underwood's Back
BuddyTV 11/3/08 American Idol: Stalker of Diana DeGarmo to Stand Trial in Australia
Reality TV Fans 11/3/08 American Idol David Cook to Perform in NYC 11/18 to Celebrate Album Release
Reality TV Calendar 11/3/08 American Idol Judge And Terri Seymour Are History
Foxes On Idol 11/3/08 Idol Chartwatch, November 4: Carrie Gets a Holiday Boost
Associated Press 11/3/08 Mourners Gather For Private Hudson Family Funeral

Idolator 11/3/08 What Your 'American Idol' Also-Rans Are Up To: A Guide

Post Chronicle 11/3/08 Homeless Idol Josiah Leming Photo, Video: Mother Dying as Album Threatened
OK! Magazine 11/3/08 David Cook: 'I've Won The Lottery Of Life'
Kansas 11/3/08 David Cook Shows Big Time Skills on 'Saturday Night Live'
Entertainment Weekly 11/3/08 David Archuleta Talks About His Loooooong Liner Notes

NY Post 11/3/08 Song Of Davids

Whats Hot On TV 11/2/08 American Idol - Cowell Told to Pack Bags, as He’s Going Home
Celebrity Spider 11/1/08 Simon Cowell Splits With Terri Seymour

Dallas News 11/1/08 Carrie Underwood's voice was in fine form at Nokia concert, but she's still finding her emotional groove

Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Jordin Sparks' Prayers For Jennifer Hudson
Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Hudson Funerals To Take Place Next Week
Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Kellie Pickler's Python To Spice Up CMAS?
Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Jennifer Hudson Sets Up Foundation For Murder Victims' Families
Celebrity Spider 10/31/08 Kellie Pickler Beat Depression With Lists, Friends, & New Love
Reality TV Calendar 10/31/08 American Idol David Cook: “I’m Still A Goober From The Midwest"
Reality TV Magazine 10/31/08 Carrie Underwood Is A Vegetarian Buddy
Entertainment Weekly 10/31/08 David Archuleta's liner notes break the word count bank
E! Online 10/31/08 Public Memorial Set For Hudsons
ET Online 10/31/08 Clay Aiken's Words For Jennifer Hudson
TMZ 10/31/08 Report: Julian King's Body Covered, Hidden
TMZ 10/31/08 Gun Found in Chicago Is Hudson Murder Weapon
TMZ 10/31/08 Cops: Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Shot In SUV
BuddyTV 10/30/08 'American Idol' Contract Dispute May Bury Josiah Leming's Debut Album
BuddyTV 10/30/08 American Idol: David Cook Gives Plain-Looking Midwesterners Hope, Keeps Dating Kimberly Caldwell
Celebrity Spider 10/30/08 American Idol Bosses Block Contestants Album
Celebrity Spider 10/30/08 Police Uncover Suspected Hudson Murder Weapon
Celebrity Spider 10/30/08 Simon Cowell Gets Lifetime Achievement Award
Reality TV Calendar 10/30/08 More American Idol Romance - David Cook Romances Kimberly Caldwell
Reality TV Calendar 10/30/08 American Idol Carrie Underwood Calls Bachelor Travis Stork Her Boyfriend
MTV 10/30/08 'American Idol' Bigwigs Threaten Legal Action Over Contestant Josiah Leming's Major Label Debut: Report
My Fox 10/30/08 David Cook Contest Sends Fans to Live Performance
Gay Sociality 10/30/08 Former 'American Idols' Kimberly Caldwell and David Cook are Dating
Boston Herald 10/30/08 Starry-Eyed Fans Meet Their 'Idol'

Idolator 10/30/08 'American Idol' Bigwigs Continue To Screw With Josiah Leming

Contact Music 10/30/08 American Idol Bosses Block Contestant's Album
GAC 10/30/08 Carrie Underwood Earns "Dream" No. 1

TMZ 10/30/08 Hudson Family Memorial -- Monday Mourning
TMZ 10/30/08 Julia Hudson -- Still 'Friends' With Murder Suspect
TMZ 10/30/08 Hudson Suspect Refuses To Get Hooked Up 
California Chronicle 10/30/08 Brad Paisley & Carrie Underwood Host "The 42nd Annual CMA Awards"
CMT 10/30/08 Little Ones Join Carrie Underwood On Stage In Tulsa
News Oklahoma 10/30/08 Carrie Underwood "Carnival Ride" Brings Her Back To Oklahoma
San Diego 10/30/08 Carrie Underwood Steps Out With 'Bachelor' Travis Stork

Celebrity Spider 10/29/08 Carrie Underwood 'Dating Reality TV Doctor'
Celebrity Spider 10/29/08 Did Hudson Killer Have An Accomplice?
Celebrity Spider 10/29/08 Hudson Suspect 'Was Freed By Judge'

Reality TV Magazine 10/29/08 Carrie Underwood Has A Double
LA Times 10/29/08 American Idol: A grassroots groundswell for Brooke White?
Reality TV World 10/29/08 Shotgun rack maker exploiting Jennifer Hudson deaths for promotion
Reality TV World 10/29/08 Police think Jennifer Hudson family killer suspect may have had help

Reality TV World 10/29/08 Former 'American Idol' finalist Kellie Pickler becoming a vegetarian
Extra 10/29/08 Ryan Seacrest: Our Thoughts & Prayers Are With Jennifer Hudson
FOX News 10/29/08 Scared to Sing: Katharine McPhee's Performance Paranoia
Los Angeles Times 10/29/08 American Idol Castoff Josiah Leming's Big Recovery
Asbury Park Press 10/29/08 David Cook Flicks 'Light On' New Single
Idolator 10/29/08 David Archuleta Tries To Break Robbie Williams In The US
TMZ 10/29/08 Suspected Murder Weapon Recovered
TMZ 10/29/08 Drug Raid At Hudson Murder House In 2002
TMZ 10/29/08 Gun Toting D-Bag Exploits Hudson Murders For $$
BuddyTV 10/28/08 American Idol' Champ Carrie Underwood Dating Dr. Travis Stork of 'The Bachelor'
Celebrity Spider 10/28/08 Dreamgirls Auditions Postponed
Celebrity Spider 10/28/08 Fans Hold Vigil Outside Jennifer Hudson Home
Celebrity Spider 10/28/08 Paula Abdul's Prayers For Jennifer Hudson
Reality TV Calendar 10/28/08 Simon And Paula Reach Out To Jennifer Hudson
Extra 10/28/08 Luke Menard Conquers Cancer
Extra 10/28/08 Jennifer Hudson's American Idol Auditions
Extra 10/28/08 Jennifer Hudson Is In Hiding
Reality TV World 10/28/08 Report: Carrie Underwood "canoodling" with ex-'Bachelor' Travis Stork
LA Times 10/28/08 'American Idol' castoff Josiah Leming's big recovery
Digital Spy 10/28/08 Cowell, Abdul send condolences to Hudson
Reality TV Calendar 10/28/08 American Idol Cari Underwood Dates Bachelor Travis Stork
ET Online 10/28/08 Carrie Underwood Becomes A Diet Mentor!
GAC 10/28/08 Carrie Underwood Goes Home
People 10/28/08 Kellie Pickler Gets Help Eating Her Veggies From Carrie Underwood
BuddyTV 10/27/08 American Idol: Body of Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Found in Chicago
Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson Devastated After Body Is Found

Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson's Nephew Found Dead?

Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 American Idol Pals Offer Support To Jennifer Hudson
Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson Offers $100,00 Reward For Nephew's Return
Celebrity Today 10/27/08 Update: Body Found in Hudson Case
Celebrity Spider 10/27/08 Body Found Is Jennifer Hudson's Nephew
Foxes On Idol 10/27/08 Idol Chartwatch, October 27: ‘Idol’ CDs Hold Their Own
USA Today /27/08 David Cook flicks 'Light On' his new single
Voice of America 10/27/08 American Idol's New Judge

Knoxville News 10/27/08 American Idol-ist Josiah Leming's Debut CD News

WJTV 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson Tragedy

Chicago Tribune 10/27/08 Vigil Forms Outside Hudson Home
TV Guide 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson: Stays Close To Roots In Tragedy

CBS 10/27/08 Looking Back On Jennifer Hudson's Rise to Fame

Monsters & Critics 10/27/08 Police Find Boy's Body in Hudson Triple Murder Case
The Independent 10/27/08 Child's Body Found In Hunt for Hudson Boy

Celebrity Cafe 10/27/08 Celebs and Politicians Pour Out Support for Jennifer Hudson
MyFox Kansas 10/27/08 David Cook Uses New Application to Turn 'Light On' iPods & iPhones
Daily Mail 10/27/08 Police Hunting Nephew of Jennifer Hudson Find Child's Body in Abandoned SUV
BBC 10/27/08 Body Found in Jennifer Hudson Nephew Hunt

TMZ 10/27/08 Chicago PD--Body Is Jennifer Hudson's Nephew
TMZ 10/27/08 Cops Confirm Worst News to Hudsons

TMZ 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson To ID Body
TMZ 10/27/08 Boy Shot In Head
Extra 10/27/08 Paula Abdul On Jennifer Hudson Tragedy
Extra 10/27/08 Jennifer Hudson: Thank You For Support
Extra 10/27/08 Mugshot: Jennifer Hudson's Ex Brother In-Law

Extra 10/27/08 Simon Cowell Horrified By Jennifer Hudson Tragedy
E! Online 10/27/08 Police Identify Body Jennifer Hudson's Nephew

Celebrity Spider 10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson 'Screaming' Down Phone After Hearing of Mom's Murder
Celebrity Spider 10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson Thanks Fans For Support & Appeals For Return of Nephew
Celebrity Spider 10/26/08 Jennifer Hudson's Sister Pleads For Return of Missing Son
Celebrity Spider 10/26/ 08 Simon Cowell's Message of Sympathy for Jennifer Hudson
Idol Thoughts 10/26/08 Barack Obama Comments on the Deaths of Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother
Reality TV World 10/26/08 Former 'American Idol' Jennifer Hudson's sister issues plea for son

BuddyTV 10/25/08 American Idol: Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Brother Found Dead
Celebrity Spider 10/25/08 Hudson Murder Suspect Arrested, Star's Nephew Still Missing
Whats Hot On TV 10/25/08 Jennifer Hudson’s Family Tragedy
Reality TV World 10/25/08 FBI joins search for former 'Idol' Jennifer Hudson's missing nephew
BuddyTV 10/24/08 American Idol: David Cook to Perform on November 1 'Saturday Night Live'
Idol Thoughts 10/24/08 Jennifer Hudson's Mother and Older Brother Shot to Death
Foxes On Idol 10/24/08 – Foxes On Idol’s Exclusive Interview with Bo Bice
Reality TV Fans 10/24/08 American Idol Finalist Constantine Maroulis Tonight on Don’t Forget the Lyrics
Extra 10/24/08 Report: Jennifer Hudson's Mother Murdered
Reality TV Magazine 10/23/08 Former American Idol Finalist Blames Simon Cowell For Her Depression And Drug Use
Reality TV Fans 10/23/08 American Idol David Cook to Appear on Saturday Night Live November 1
Rolling Stone 10/23/08 David Cook Crafts Heaviest 'American Idol' Album Yet
Orlando Sentinel 10/23/08 'American Idol' Victor David Cook To Perform on Nov. 1 SNL
Herald Sun AU 10/23/08 Woman To Stand Trial Over American Idol Stalking Claim
CMT.Com 10/23/08 Carried Underwood Immortalized In Wax at Madame Tussauds
KBS Radio 10/22/08 Carried Underwoods Adds A Little Christimas Spirit To Carnival Ride

Entertainment Weekly 10/22/08 David Cook: On the scene at his 'Light On' video shoot
Digital Spy 10/22/08 Cowell 'rejected scripted put-downs'
Indy.Com 10/22/08 Live: Five things learned watching Bucky Covington 10/22/08 What American Idol Hopefuls Can Teach Us About Discovering Our Dream Job
AceShowBiz 10/22/08 Shooting 'Light On' Music Video, David Cook 'Felt Real Timid' 10/22/08 More Details Unfold for David Archuleta's Debut
St. Louis Dispatch 10/22/08 American Idol's Ruben Studdard Fights Sickle Cell Disease In St. Louis
Free Times 10/22/08 Blake Lewis Pull "Dick Move"
Celebrity Spider 10/21/08 Simon Cowell Denies Retirement Plans
SingersRoom 10/21/08 Jennifer Hudson's 'Argument' With Fantasia Turns Golden
Seattle Times 10/21/08 Archies beat the sunrise to meet their favorite "American Idol"
EW 10/21/08 Who Is Your Entertainer Of The Year?

Idolhead Ed 10/20/08 Kristy Lee is getting her shot.......really?
Foxes On Idol Idol 10/20/08 Chartwatch, October 20: Jennifer Hudson Remains in the Top 10
Seattle Times 10/20/08 "Idol's" David Archuleta on KISS-FM Tuesday

My Fox 10/20/08 David Cook Sings About Brother, Adam Cook, on New Album
Boston Globe 10/20/08 Curtain closes on Clay Aiken

Daily Press 10/20/08 Are You Eligible For 10 Dollar Carrie Underwood Tickets?
MTV 10/20/08 'American Idol' Champ David Cook's One Wish For 'Light On' Video: 'I Hope I Don't Blow It'
Idol Thoughts 10/19/08 David or David: Which American Idol Finalist's CD Are You Most Looking Forward To?
Celebrity Spider 10/17/08 American Idol Contestant Nikki McKibbin Left 'Depressed' By Simon Cowell
MTV 10/17/08 'American Idol' Vet Nikki McKibbin Comes Clean About Problems, Says 'I Don't Blame' Simon Cowell 10/17/08 Q&A : Diana DeGarmo 'Rewinds' Her American Idol Experience
LA Times 10/16/08 'American Idol': David Cook heading to 'SNL'
The State 10/16/08 Blake Lewis gets back to his beatboxing roots
Reality TV Fans 10/15/08 American Idol David Cook to Release Debut Album November 18th
Entertainment Weekly 10/15/08 David Cook puts the finishing touches on his upcoming album
Digital Spy 10/15/08 Abdul 'upset by Cowell pay reports'
E! Online 10/15/08 Idol's Davids Not Game for Rematch
Hampton Roads 10/15/08 Review: 'American Idol' contestant Lewis shines at The Jewish Mother
Foxes On Idol 10/14/08 Idol Chartwatch, October 14: J’Hud, Pickler Hit the Charts
Reality TV World 10/14/08 Carrie Underwood, Daughtry, Jordin Sparks receive AMA nominations
BuddyTV 10/13/08 American Idol: Nygel Lythgoe Discusses Simon Cowell's Salary
Celebrity Spider 10/13/08 Simon Cowell's $36 Million Salary Sparks Controversy on U.S. Show
BuddyTV 10/10/08 American Idol: Paris Bennett Gives Birth to First Child
Celebrity Spider 10/10/08 Jennifer Hudson Won't Limit Her Talent 
Foxes On Idol 10/10/08 American Idol Vital News, October 10: Measure of a Man
Reality TV Magazine 10/10/08 Release Date For American Idol Champion Taylor Hicks New Album
Reality TV Magazine 10/10/08 David Archuleta Has A Manager
Celebrity Spider 10/9/08 Paris Hilton: The Sitcom

Celebrity Spider 10/9/08 Kellie Pickler Picks Up Pieces After Terrible 2007
Reality TV Tickets 10/9/08 American Idol Finalist Josh Gracin October & November Tour Dates Announced
Reality TV World 10/8/08 Kelly Pickler's second album debuts at No. 9, sells 43,000 units
Reality TV World 10/8/08 Former 'American Idol' finalist Kellie Pickler reveals depression battle
Reality TV World 10/8/08 Jennifer Hudson's debut album sells 217,000 units, debuts at No. 2
Reality TV World 10/8/08 Report: 'Idol' runner-up David Archuleta signs with Azoff Management
Entertainment Weekly 10/8/08 David Archuleta signs with Azoff Management
Celebrity Spider 10/7/08 American Idol Teen Paris Bennett Is A Mom
Reality TV Fans 10/7/08 American Idol Taylor Hicks to Release New Album in February

NY Daily News 10/7/08 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest brings radio show to Z100
Celebrity Spider 10/6/08 American Idol Lakisha Jones Weds
Reality TV World 10/6/08 Former 'American Idol' finalist LaKisha Jones gets married 

Jam! 10/4/08 Carrie Underwood far from idle
People 10/4/08 Idol's LaKisha Jones to Marry on Sunday 
Reality TV Magazine 10/3/08 Katie "Jordan" Price To Guest Judge on American Idol
BuddyTV 10/2/08 American Idol: David Archuleta to Guest Star on 'iCarly'

Celebrity Spider 10/2/08 David Archuleta Returns To Small Screen
Reality TV World 10/2/08 'American Idol' runner-up David Archuleta to make his acting debut

Foxes On Idol 10/2/08 American Idol Vital News, October 2: LaKisha Getting Married, Jaymes Talking Back, and Much More
Extra 10/2/08 Archuleta: From 'Idol' to Actor
Detroit News 10/2/08 Carrie Underwood's star keeps rising long after 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 9/30/08 Clay Aiken Receives Support From Former Idol Contestants
Celebrity Spider 9/29/08 Jennifer Hudson Had To Dig For Her Engagement Ring

Foxes On Idol Idol 9/29/08 Chartwatch, September 29 – Kristy Lee Hits the Charts
Reality TV Magazine 9/29/08 American Idol Producers Now Casting Male Musicians
USA Today 9/29/08 Jennifer Hudson's 'Idol' prediction is still coming true
BuddyTV 9/26/08 American Idol: BuddyTV Users React to Clay Aiken's Coming Out
Celebrity Spider 9/26/08 Clay Aiken Is A 'Great Dad'
Entertainment Weekly 9/26/08 David Archuleta vs. David Cook: Is the 'Idol' competition over?
Celebrity Spider 9/25/08 Clay Aiken: 'I Don't Struggle With My Faith'

Celebrity Spider 9/25/08 Clay Aiken Thanks Well-Wishing Fans
Reality TV World 9/25/08 Simon Cowell on Clay Aiken's gay confirmation: "That's a shock"
Entertainment Weekly 9/25/08 David Cook's 'Light On': Resistance is futile
Celebrity Spider 9/24/08 Clay Aiken Thought Homosexuality Was A 'Phase'
Celebrity Spider 9/24/08 Clay Aiken: 'I didn't Lie To Fans'
Celebrity Spider 9/24/08 Clay Aiken: 'My Mother Struggles With My Homosexuality'

Celebrity Spider 9/24/08 New Dad Clay Aiken Reveals All About His Sexuality

Idol Thoughts 9/24/08 Clay Aiken Talks About Faith, Dating Status and Coming Out to Mom - Quotes!
Reality TV World 9/24/08 Former 'Idol' Clay Aiken comes out of the closet, confirms he's gay
Foxes On Idol 9/24/08 Clay Aiken Comes Out

MTV 9/24/08 Simon Cowell, 'Claymates' React To Clay Aiken's Coming Out

BuddyTV 9/23/08 American Idol's Clay Aiken is Officially Gay

Idolhead Ed 9/23/08 Kristy Lee Cook hits the music shelves and get ready for a shock
Idol Thoughts 9/23/08 OMG! Clay Aiken Comes Out of the Closet!
Foxes On Idol 9/22/08 Idol Chartwatch, September 22: Good week for ‘Daughtry’

LA Times 9/17/08 Video: Can 'American Idol' finally zoom ahead of 'Amazing Race'?

E! Online 9/17/08 Burning Q's: The Idol Stage Parade & Fox Shots
Reality TV World 9/16/08 New 'American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi: "I'm getting my groove"
NY Post 9/16/08 'Killer Kara'
Foxes On Idol 9/15/08 Idol Chartwatch, September 15: Good Week for Idol Singles
Reality TV World 9/15/08 'American Idol' winner David Cook's debut album to drop November 18
Foxes On Idol 9/12/08 American Idol Vital News, September 12: Whose Brand of Purity?

Celebrity Spider 9/11/08 Jordin Sparks 'Not Sorry' Over Brand Jibe
Idol Thoughts 9/11/08 Carrie Underwod and Kellie Pickler Nominated for CMA's
Reality TV Magazine 9/10/08 Jennifer Hudson Still Watches American Idol
BuddyTV 9/9/08 'American Idol' Jordin Sparks Defends the Honor of Promise Rings
Reality TV Magazine 9/9/08 Idol Auditions Are Crashed By Rachael Ray
Reality TV World 9/8/08 'American Idol' champ Jordin Sparks defends purity rings at VMAs
Foxes On Idol 9/8/08 Idol Chartwatch, September 8: New Idol Releases on the Horizon
BuddyTV 9/5/08 New 'American Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi to Appear on 'Talk Show with Spike Ferensten' Premiere
Reality TV Magazine 9/5/08 More Changes Are Coming On American Idol

Celebrity Spider 9/4/08 Paula Abdul Hits Out At Kara DioGuardi Feud Rumors
Foxes On Idol 9/4/08 American Idol Vital News, September 4: Forever Your Frenemy
BuddyTV 9/3/08 America Has Spoken: Obama's Speech Gets More Viewers than 'Idol' Finale
Foxes On Idol 9/3/08 Idol Chartwatch, September 3: Idols Slow Down on the Charts
FOX News 9/3/08 Pop Tarts: New 'Idol' Judge Starred in Reality TV Bomb
NY Post 9/3/08 'American Idols': Where Are They Now?
Reality TV Tickets 9/2/08 American Idol Jordin Sparks to Perform Friday September 26th in Trenton, New Jersey
Live Daily 9/2/08 Blake Lewis assembles ADD tour
Celebrity Spider 9/1/08 David Archuleta Won't Talk About Romances
Celebrity Spider 8/31/08 Fantasia Barrino Comes Clean About Tumor Surgery
Foxes On Idol 8/29/08 American Idol Vital News, August 29: Here Comes the New Judge!

Celebrity Spider 8/28/08 Jordin Sparks Plans Duet With Leona Lewis

Digital Spy 8/28/08 'Idol' host denies judges rivalry
Seattle PI 8/28/08 New 'American Idol' judge, let's raise the bar
BuddyTV 8/27/08 American Idol: The Kara DioGuardi Era Begins
Reality TV Magazine 8/27/08 American Idol Chart Topper…David Archuleta!
Foxes On Idol 8/27/08 Idol Chartwatch, August 27: David Archuleta “Crushes” the Competition!
Zap2It 8/27/08 Ace Young In, Taylor Hicks Out of 'Grease'

NY Daily News 8/27/08 'American Idol' judge Kara DioGuardi stole show - at 12

NY Post 8/27/08 Sister Act
Celebrity Spider 8/26/08 Jordin Sparks: 'I Fancied Simon Cowell'

Celebrity Spider 8/26/08 Kara DioGuardi's Shock At Idol Call-Up

Celebrity Spider 8/26/08 Paula Abdul's 'Concerns' Over New Idol Judge
BuddyTV /26/08 Why Did 'American Idol' Hire Kara DioGuardi?
Whats Hot On TV 8/26/08 American Idol - Finally a New Judge

MTV 8/26/08 Paula Abdul Changes Her Tune, Says 'It's About Time Another Girl Joined' Her On 'American Idol'

NY Daily News 8/26/08 Who is Kara DioGuardi, the new 'American Idol' judge?
MSNBC 8/26/08 New judge will instantly improve ‘Idol’
LA Times 8/26/08 Podcast: Ryan Seacrest on hosting and being an Emmy nominee
Dallas Morning News 8/26/08 Jason Castro, other Idols talk about their new realities
E! Online 8/26/08 Paula Actually Looks Forward to Newbie Judge
AM New York 8/26/08 Want to be on American Idol? Call the reality TV guru
ET Online 8/25/08 'American Idol''s New Judge Talks to ET
Los Angeles Times 8/26/08 Should new 'American Idol' host Kara DioGuardi be eligible for an Emmy?

NY Post 8/26/08 'Idol' Panel Gets Tune-Up

MTV 8/26/08 New 'American Idol' Judge Kara DioGuardi Promises She'll 'Say It Like I See It' In Season Eight
Chicago Tribune 8/26/08 'American Idol': Which judge should leave?
USA Today 8/26/08 Songwriter Kara DioGuardi joins 'American Idol' panel
Chicago Sun-Times 8/26/08 'Idol' may give Paula the hook next year

Washington Post 8/26/08 'American Idol' Adds a Leg to The Judges' Table
Digital Spy 8/26/08 Abdul speaks out on new 'Idol' judge
NY Daily News 8/26/08 Kara DioGuardi ready to face 'American Idol' music
BBC 8/26/08 Songwriter joins Idol judge panel

BuddyTV 8/25/08 'American Idol' Adds Fourth Judge, Songwriter Kara DioGuardi
Reality TV Calendar 8/25/08 Kara DioGuardi Named 4th American Idol Judge
Idol Thoughts 8/25/08 American Idol Adds Fourth Judge!

Uncle Barky 8/25/08 Idol adds 4th wheel; Dancing names 13 new celebs

Zap2It 8/25/08 New 'American Idol' Judge Promises Honesty, Awaits Unique Singers
LA Times 8/25/08 Kara DioGuardi: Getting to know the new 'American Idol' judge

Chicago Tribune 8/25/08 'American Idol' adds a judge
E! Online 8/25/08 Idol Adds a Fourth Judge
Hollywood Reporter 8/25/08 'American Idol' getting 'more girl power'
Entertainment Weekly 8/25/08 'American Idol' adds fourth judge
Extra 8/25/08 New Judge Added to 'Idol'
Idolhead Ed 8/24/08 Kristy Lee Cook fans are about to be vindicated
NY Post 8/22/08 Simon: 'I'm In Charge'
BuddyTV 8/22/08 American Idol: David Archuleta Out-Climbs David Cook with First Single
Reality TV Tickets 8/21/08 American Idol Winner Fantasia to Perform September 20th in Bossier City, LA

Foxes On Idol  8/21/08 American Idol Vital News, August 21: Love and Babies!
USA Today 8/21/08 Nationwide on Sanjaya's side
Associated Press 8/21/08 Sanjaya of 'American Idol' on Nationwide's side

Idolhead Ed 8/20/08 Atlanta Idol concert review: Been there, did that and loved it.
NY Post 8/20/08 A Jersey Mob of 'Idols'
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Contra Costa Times 3/26/08 “American Idol”: Cook-ing It On Stage

Chicago Sun Times 3/26/08 '80s hits -- and misses

NY Post 3/26/08 A 20-somethings Tour

MTV 3/26/08 'American Idol' Recap: David Cook, Michael Johns Rock Their Respective Years

Knox News 3/26/08 'American Idol' makes the transition

Dallas Morning News 3/26/08 On 'Idol,' Brooke White is 'Breath'-taking, repeatedly

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/08 Recap : My Gimmick, Let Me Show You It

Reality TV World 3/25/08 Report: Ex-'Idol' hopeful Josiah Leming lands major record label deal

Reality TV Calendar 3/25/08 American Idol 7 Songs From the Year They Were Born Recap

BuddyTV 3/25/08 American Idol 7: Top 10 Performance Rankings

Wild Bluff Media 3/25/08 American Idol: Top 10 Performance Recap - March 25, 2008

Idolhead Ed 3/25/08 Top 10 are………… tops

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Idolhead Ed 3/25/08 Top 10: Who are the Champions?

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Entertainment Weekly 3/25/08 'American Idol': Rock of Ages

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Foxes On Idol 3/25/08 American Idol 7: Idol Ideals for the Top 10

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 American Idol Finalist Phil Stacey Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut This Weekend

Celebrity Spider 3/24/08 Chris Daughtry Rocks for Bono's Charity

Reality TV Magazine 3/24/08 American Idol Songwriter Competition Details Announced

Idolhead Ed 3/24/08 What I learned about the top 10 this week 3/24/08  Beatles Week II: Here Comes The zzzzzzz.......

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BuddyTV 3/24/08 American Idol's Josiah Lemming Signs Record Deal?

Variety 3/24/08 'American Idol:' Better or boring?

Newsday 3/24/08 American Idol boring? Verne Gay doesn't think so

Chicago Tribune 3/24/08 The 'American Idol' Top 10: Who can win, who can't?

The Trades 3/23/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: Top 10 Power Rankings

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Idolhead Ed 3/23/08 The odds take a turn……on Carly

Idolhead Ed 3/23/08 A Sharp, a Flat, and the Year they were Born: Song Choices

NY Post 3/23/08 Hear No Idol

Chicago Sun Times 3/23/08 The curse of the front-runner

Celebrity Spider 3/21/08 Beyond Reality - American Idol Top 11 Results Show Recap Video

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Reality TV World 3/21/08 Amanda Overmyer talks about 'American Idol' ouster, uniqueness

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Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/21/08 Interview with Amanda Overmyer: The Colorful Hair Curse Strikes Again

LA Times 3/21/08 'American Idol': Simon & Randy pick faves, ridicule Ryan's Botox

Orlando Sentinel 3/21/08 Simon Cowell predicts David Archuleta will win "American Idol"

LA Times 3/21/08 Ho hum, now it's the usual pop smorgasbord

Roanoke Times 3/21/08 Missing out on Top 10 is a blessing in disguise

NY Daily News 3/21/08 Amanda won't 'Idol' - she'll 'move on'

LA Times 3/21/08 On 'American Idol,' it's song choice, song choice, song choice

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 Celebrity Mentors Announced for This Season of American Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 Ace Young, Bo Bice & Jon Peter Lewis to Mentor at American Idol Camp 2008

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 American Idol Recap: Another Idol's Dreams Shattered

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Fans of Reality TV 3/20/08 Recap : Blonde Ambition

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Washington Post 3/20/08 For Amanda Overmyer, the Road Wasn't All That Long and Winding After All

Washington Post 3/20/08 'American Idol': Nurse Overmyer Sent Packing

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MTV 3/20/08 'American Idol' Recap: Amanda Overmyer Handles Elimination Announcement With Grace

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LA Times 3/20/08 Last words: Fallen Idol Amanda Overmyer says goodbye

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Knox News 3/19/08 'American Idol' removes one more piece

MSNBC 3/19/08 Rocker sent packing on ‘American Idol’

Zap2It 2/19/08 'American Idol' trims to 10

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The Trades 3/19/08 A Dose of Reality: American Idol 7: The Top 11 - Beatles Week, Part 2 3/19/08 The Beatles "Take 2"

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Reality Shack  3/19/08  American Idol 7, Mar. 18th – Too Much of a Good Thing?

Sea of Islands 3/19/08 American Idol 7: Top 11 performance review "I Should Have Known Better...Than To Choose That Song'

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Idol Thoughts 3/19/08 Ranking the Top 11 -- I Am So Over the Beatles

Washington Post 3/19/08 Idolettes Get Into a Groove With the Beatles. Whoever They Are.

Washington Post 3/19/08 'American Idol': 11 More Beatles Songs Mangled

LA Times 3/29/08 Guitars gently weep

Entertainment Weekly 3/19/08 'American Idol': Jon Peter Lewis on the Top 11

MTV 3/19/08 'American Idol' Recap: Only David Archuleta, Syesha Mercado Fab Enough On Second Beatles Night

IGN 3/19/08 American Idol: "Top 11 Finalists Perform" Review

Chicago Sun Times 3/19/08 Another hard day's night on 'American Idol'

Knox News 3/19/08 'American Idol' removes one more piece

LA Times 3/19/08 Idol Tracker: Archuleta De Triumph

NY Daily News 3/19/08 A look at the 11 contestants left on 'American Idol'

RealityShack 3/19/08 Interview with Jon Peter Lewis of American Idol, Season 3

Orlando Sentinel 3/19/08 Lennon-McCartney songbook stumps many performers on "Idol," but David Archuleta bounces back

NY Daily News 3/19/08 'American Idol' goes to Beatles for today's standards

Reality TV Calendar 3/18/08 American Idol 7 Top 11 Perform The Beatles' Repertoire Recap

BuddyTV 3/18/08 Ranking the Top 11 Performances

TV FunSpot 3/18/08 Top 11 Performance Review

Idolhead Ed 3/18/08 Our Top 11: Who Should Have Known Better?

Reality TV Magazine 3/18/08 Second American Idol Beatles Night Proves To Be A Disaster

Variety 3/18/08 American Idol - March 18, 2008

Entertainment Weekly 3/18/08 'American Idol': Mersey Killing

IBA 3/18/08 “American Idol”: Let It Be; Enough Of The Beatles

Arizona Republic 3/18/08 'Idol:' Too much Beatles?

Celebrity Spider 3/18/08 Kellie Pickler Performs Wednesday on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/18/08 Kelly Clarkson Goes Commando

Foxes On Idol 3/18/08 American Idol 7: Idol Ideals for the Top 11

Wild Bluff Media 3/18/08 American Idol: Top 12 Performance Preview - March 18, 2008

Foxes On Idol 3/18/08 American Idol 7: Which Idol Will Go Second?

NY Post 3/18/08 The 'Idol' Feuding is 'Real'

Celebrity Spider 3/17/08 American Idol's "Idol Gives Back" Charities Announced

Celebrity Spider 3/17/08 Paula Abdul's Freudian Crush on Simon Cowell

Foxes On Idol 3/17/08 American Idol 7: Ranking the Top 11 – Beatle Me Baby One More Time

Foxes On Idol 3/17/08 This Week in American Idol History: The Somewhat Predictable Top 11

Idolhead Ed 3/17/08 The Week that was #4

Boston Globe 3/17/08 Kin-dread spirit: Castro family musical

Fox News 3/17/08 Mariah Carey to Guest Judge 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Simon Cowell Spies on His Neighbors With Telescope

Celebrity Spider 3/16/08 Bo Bice to be a Dad Again

Reality TV Magazine 3/16/08 American Idol Song Selection Process Is Confusing

Tulsa World 3/16/08 Nowhere man

Deseret News 3/16/08 Natural talent + fate = Utah 'Idol' Archuleta

London Free Press 3/16/08 Fallen Idols

Buffalo News 3/16/08 ‘Idol’ thoughts

Jam! 3/16/08 Reality rumble: 'Idol' vs. 'Dancing' 3/16/08 ‘Idol’ rejects show nicks from judge’s sharp tongue 3/16/08 Votes are in: 'Idol' is a favorite

Toledo Blade 3/16/08 Food bank to get $15,000 through ‘American Idol’


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