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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Express Times 1/30/03 Palmer pop set to lead daughter's campaign for 'American Idol' title

USA Today 1/30/03 'Idol' leads 'Bachelorette'

Extra 1/30/03 'American Idol'

TV Rules 1/30/03 American Idol- Round 2 Elimination's

Media Fiends 1/30/03 - 1.29.03 American Idol

Digital Spy 1/30/03 American Idol names its final 32

Zap2It 1/30/03 'ElimiDate' Diva Doesn't Make 'Idol' Cut

Fans of Reality TV 1/30/03 Week 2B: To Practice Or To Party, THAT Is The Question 1/30/03 Locals lacking among 'Idol' finalists

Reality News Online 1/30/03 American Idol 2, January 29: Four Days to 32

Extra 1/29/03 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 1/29/03 Reality News Update

TV Rules 1/29/03 American Idol- A New Beginning Part 3

Zap2It 1/29/03 'American Idol' Lifts FOX on Tuesday

Reality News Online 1/29/03 January 28: The Good, the Bad, and the WORST

Reality TV Talk 1/29/03 American Idol 2 - Atlanta & Nashville Auditions Recap

Fans of Reality TV 1/29/03 Week 2A, When Good Madonna Songs Go Bad

Marines Online 1/28/03 Marine Advances In American Idol Contest

Media Fiends 1/28/03 - 1.28.03 American Idol

Extra 1/28/03 'American Idol'

Zap2It 1/28/03 Marines: No Special Treatment for 'Idol' Hopeful

Reality News Online 1/28/03 RNO Roundtable: Should 'AI' Have an Age Limit?

TV Guide 1/28/03 Idol Host Feuding with Kathy Griffin?

USA Today 1/28/03 'Idol' producers busily trying to keep the franchise fresh

CNN 1/27/03 'Idol' judge Simon Cowell lets it rip

Television Without Pity 1/27/03 Same Old Snit, Part II

Ananova 1/27/03 Marine delays war duty for US 'Pop Idol' appearance

Beacon Journal 1/27/03 `Idol' judges aren't bashful about ripping bad singers

Television Without Pity 1/26/03 "Where Are They Now?" Special

Reality TV Talk 1/26/03 Episode 2 Recap-Where's The Talent? Not in Detroit!

TV Rules 1/24/03 Simon Fuller Reaches For The Stars

Reality TV Talk 1/24/03 First day of Auditions: Let the madness begin!

Washington Post 1/24/03 'American Idol' Proves It Can Carry a Tune

NY Daily News 1/24/03 'Bachelorette' jilted for 'Idol'

USA Today 1/23/03 In the reality clash, 'Bachelorette' no match for 'Idol'

TV Rules 1/23/03 American Idol- The New Beginning Part 2

Zap2It 1/23/03 'American Idol' Premiere No. 1 with a Bullet

Extra 1/23/03 'American Idol'

Zap2It 1/23/03 'Idol' Keeps Momentum for FOX Wednesday

Reality News Online 1/23/03 AI 2, January 22: L.A. Talent, Detroit Bust

Fans of Reality TV 1/23/03 Week 1: The Good, The Bad, and The Tone Deaf

NY Times 1/23/03 Season Debut of 'American Idol' Is a Triumph for Fox

Hollywood Reporter 1/23/03 'Idol' worship stuns Fox

NY Times 1/23/03 'American Idol' Feeds Hopefuls to a Shaky Music Business

NY Daily News 1/23/03 'Idol' eve is Fox peak

Media Fiends 1/22/03 - 1.22.03 American Idol

Extra 1/22/03 'American Idol'

Zap2It 1/22/03 Return of 'American Idol' Gives FOX a Tuesday Win

ABC News 1/22/03 ‘Torture’

Zap2It 1/22/03 50-Year-Old Sues 'American Idol' over Age Limits

BBC 1/22/03 US Idol still hits the spot

Reality News Online 1/22/03 American Idol 2, January 21: It’s Back!

St. Petersburg Times 1/22/03 Magic formula

Foxes On Idol 1/22/03 The Original ‘AI’ Top 10: Where Are They Now?

Ananova 1/22/03 Simon Cowell calls contestant's bluff

TV Rules 1/22/2003 American Idol- A new beginning

NY Daily News 1/22/03 It's no 'Idol' boast: Show still a winner

Milwaukee Journal 1/22/03 'Idol' judge gets a taste of his venom

BBC 1/21/03 Simon Cowell - the real 'American Idol' winner?

Knox News 1/21/03 Simon's back -- Cowell won't let up on 'Idol' hopefuls

Detroit News 1/21/03 'American Idol,' with faults, is still a lot of fun

Reality News Online 1/21/03 What AI 2 Contestants Probably..Um.Don’t Really Need to Know

Deseret News 1/21/03 'American Idol' starting again

Foxes On Idol 1/21/03 What American Idol 2 Contestants Need to Know

SF Gate 1/21/03 Judges sharpen insults for next 'Idol'

USA Today 1/21/03 Old 'Idol' hands are hard at work

Chicago Sun-Times 1/21/03 'Idol' worship: Round 2

Globe and Mail 1/21/03 Another season of pulling down false idols

Mobile Register 1/21/03 'Idol' returns with same judging panel

Detroit Free Press 1/21/03 'American Idol' to start 2nd verse

Milwaukee Journal 1/20/03 Manipulating 'Idol' formula

Miami Herald 1/20/03 Age discrimination charge filed against American Idol

Extra 1/20/03 Simon Fills In For Regis

St Petersburg Times 1/20/03 Brace yourself

NY Daily News 1/20/03 'Idol' honchos dis 'Star' power

Zap2It 1/19/03 'Idol's' Simon Promises Not to Hold Back

Sarasota Herald Tribune 1/19/03 'American Idol' Returns for Second Round

New Jersey Online 1/19/03 Ford to spend $20 million on 'American Idol'

The Miami Herald 1/19/03 America's sweethearts act out love story in S.Fla

The Times-Picayune 1/18/03 Louisiana's idolmaker

Extra TV 1/17/03 'American Idol'

Nielsen Research 1/17/03 Nielsen Highlights “American Idol” Phenomenon

Seattle Times 1/17/03 'American Idol' fans can vote via text messaging

USA Today 1/17/03 Idol time

Media Fiends 1/15/03 - Ryan Seacrest on 'The View'

Foxes On Idol 1/16/03 “Hey, Fox, Where’s My Album?”

Zap2It 1/16/03 'Idol' Special Follows Up on Kelly and Co.

Extra TV 1/15/03 'American Idol' Auditions

Zap2It 1/15/03 Cowell Goes All 'Cupid' for CBS

Television Without Pity 1/14/03 AI 2 Audition Journal

Zap2It 1/13/03 'Star Search' Takes Cues from 'American Idol'

Boulder Daily Camera 1/12/03 'Idol'ized

USA Today 1/10/03 'From Justin to Kelly,' a movie made in Miami

Centre Daily 1/10/03 `Idols' Want You

Foxes On Idol 1/9/03 Kelly, Stardom, and Those Who Would Tarnish Her Name

Extra TV 1/8/03 Reality Check

Ananova 1/8/03 Ant and Dec's audition fools Pop Idol's Mr Nasty

Pasadena Citizen 1/5/03 "American Idol"'s Helton performing benefit concert in memory of cousin

Media Fiends 12/31/02 American Idol 2 Preview

Television Without Pity 12/27/02 They're Slithering To The Finish Line Like The Rest Of Us

Reality News Online 12/27/02 Reality High Test Results, December 15-21: The Finals

Straits Times 12/27/02 Zach: Flo deserves prize

Foxes On Idol 12/26/02 Kelly Clarkson: She Can’t Believe It’s Happening to Her

Zap2It 12/22/02 'American Idol' Single 2002 Best Seller

Hawaii Channel 12/17/02 'Idol' May Have To Pass The Tiara

Omaha Channel 12/16/02 Network Denies 'American Idol' Winner Cheated

Zap2It 12/16/02 Clarkson Fends Off 'Idol' Accusations

Digital Spy 12/16/02 ITV2 buys rights for 'American Idol 2'

Reality News Online 12/16/02 American Idol – Does Season Two Have a Chance?

The Miami Herald 12/14/02 2 S. Florida singers will compete on 'Idol' show

Washington Post 12/13/02 Fox: Kelly Clarkson Still Our Idol

Foxes On Idol 12/13/02 Additional Information on Ineligibility Accusations Against Kelly

Foxes On Idol 12/12/02 New Facts Revealed Regarding Accusations Leveled at Kelly

Foxes On Idol 12/12/02 Kelly Accused of Being Ineligible to Win ‘American Idol’

The Miami Herald 12/12/02 And then there were three

The Miami Herald 12/11/02 'Idol' contestants from S. Fla find out their fates Friday

Times-Daily 12/10/02 'Talent waiting to be discovered' gets shot on 'Idol'

The Bellevue Leader 12/10/02 Playing the part of an 'American Idol'

Digital Spy 12/10/02 ITV2 buys rights for 'American Idol 2'

The Baytown Sun 12/9/02 Woman auditions for spot on popular TV show

The State 12/7/02 Six from S.C. going to L.A. hoping to win 'Idol'

U-San 12/3/02 'Rules' vs. 'Idol' among new midseason rivalries

Billboard 12/2/02 'Idol 2' Kicks Off With 2 Specials

South County Journal 12/1/02 Kent resident gets her shot at `Idol' fame

Winchester Star 11/30/02 3 Shenandoah University Students Audition for Popular Television Show

Digital Spy 11/29/02 "American Idol 2" gets start date

Cleburne Times Review 11/27/02 An American Idol comes home

Extra TV 11/27/02 'American Idol 2'

Ralston Recorder 11/27/02 Ralston graduate experiences ups, downs of "American Idol" competitions

Zap2It 11/26/02 'American Idol' Returns in January
The Trades 11/26/02 "American Idol LIVE!" Review

Foxes on Idol 11/26/02 Why Kristin Holt Should Not Be Working on "American Idol 2

St. Petersburg Times 11/25/02 Idol threat

Trentonian 11/24/02 Ewing teen’s appearance not ‘Idol’ gossip

Digital Spy 11/24/02 "Idol's" Kristin back for second season

Visalia Times Delta 11/23/02 Tulare County performers savor star turns during 'Idol' tryouts

Zap2It 11/22/02 In Line to Be the Next 'American Idol'

Salon 11/22/02 Rear admirable

Zap2It 11/21/02 Former 'American Idol' Contestant Lands Co-Host Gig 11/21/02 Two - yes two! - local singers are headed to Hollywood for `American Idol 2'

Cleburne Times Review 11/21/02 Burleson to hold celebration for Kelly Clarkson

The Trades 11/20/02 Through the Wringer
Extra TV 11/20/02 'American Idol'

Times Star 11/19/02 'American Idol' tour good; Gray, Clarkson even better

San Francisco Chronicle 11/19/02 'Idol' finalists share the love with no judgment in San Jose

Extra TV 11/18/02 'American Idol' Auditions

Foxes on Idol 11/18/02 The American Idol Tour Wraps Up. and Off They Go!

Mercury News 11/18/02 Idols keeping busy being pop stars

Pasadena News 11/17/02 Next 'American Idol' could be discovered in line at Rose Bowl

Mercury News 11/16/02 'American Idol' takes talent show on the road

News Herald 11/15/02 South Euclid woman wins audition spot for 'American Idol 2'

Seattle PI 11/15/02 'Idol' Ryan Starr plans to use her status to help others

Dallas Morning News 11/14/02 'Idol' worship leads to copycat explosion

The Courier 11/14/02 New Caney graduate may be singing her way to next 'American Idol' finals

Crimson White 11/13/02 Student named finalist for 'American Idol'

Chetek Alert 11/13/02 Chetek grad finalist for "American Idol"

Western Herald 11/13/02 Student heads to American idol

News Daily 11/13/02 Woman voices desire to be an idol

Nevada Appeal 11/12/02 Carson High graduate to compete for "American Idol" title

Foxes on Idol 11/12/02 “Foolish” Justin – Honest Review of the “American Idol” Runner-up’s New Single

York Daily Record 11/12/02 Real people get stomped by ‘Idol’ 11/11/02 Chico singer wins 'Idol' competition

Rocky Mountain News 11/11/02 'Idol' mindset
NY Times 11/11/02 Tour of 'Idol' Finalists Forgoes an `Idol' Hit

St. Petersburg Times 11/10/02 Idol 2: Freaks and peaks

Tri City Herald 11/10/02 Moxee teen wins 'American Idol' audition

Index Journal 11/10/02 Abbeville man is hoping to become the next ‘American Idol’ 11/9/02 Fame likely to be fleeting for false TV show gods

Times Record News 11/9/02 Burk teen moves on in 'Idol' competition

My Inky 11/9/02 'I want to perform' KSU student named finalist for Fox's American Idol

Yakima Herald 11/9/02 Performers Flock to Earn Tryout for 'American Idol 2'

Indy Star 11/8/02 'Idols' lacking in originality

Times Record News 11/8/02 Local 'American Idol' hopeful doesn't make the cut in Austin

Denver Post 11/8/02 Still idols?

Foxes on Idol 11/7/02 Tamyra Gray Fans Unite to Show Support

Beacon Journal 11/6/02 Area performers competing for `Idol' audition

Reality News Online 11/5/02 My American Idol 2 Audition

Washington Post 11/5/02 Worshipful Fans Flock to Hear Synthetic Sounds of 'American Idols Live'

News 8 11/4/02 Looking for Austin's idol

Jackson Sun 11/2/02 Henderson native makes third round of 'Idol' auditions

BBC 11/1/02 Pop Idol 'nets founder £30m'

Indianapolis Star 11/1/02 'Idol' dreams become reality

Daily Star 11/1/02 Teen's 'American Idol' tryout was 'hard, cold'

Daily Journal 11/1/02 Cell phone ring during audition won't deter singer with a dream

Zap2It 10/31/02 New 'American Idol' Judge Bails

Television Without Pity 10/31/02 American Idol Live!

Foxes on Idol 10/31/02 Angie Martinez Backs Out of ‘American Idol 2’

NY Daily News 10/31/02 Angie not so Hot for 'Idol'

E!Online 10/30/02 New "Idol" Judge Ejects

New York Daily News 10/29/02 Zealous singers aim for 'Idol' pleasures

The State 10/28/02 'American Idol' hopeful from S.C. shines in Atlanta

WacoTrib 10/27/02 Hopefuls belt out tunes for local ‘American Idol 2’ competition

NY Times 10/27/02 Not Idols Yet, Just Practicing

Detroit News 10/26/02 Snippy Simon, other judges cast votes at 'Idol' tryouts

NY Daily News 10/26/02 Fame around the corner?

Detroit Free Press 10/25/02 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell finds area talent 'dreadful'

Detroit News 10/25/02 Competitors are more than ready for next round of 'Idol' auditions

Daily Journal 10/25/02 Area singer faces biggest challenge

Extra TV 10/24/02 'American Idol'

Zap2It 10/24/02 New York DJ Likely to Join 'Idol' Judges

Foxes on Idol 10/24/02 Why Angie Martinez as the Fourth Idol Judge is a Good Choice

St. Petersburg Times 10/24/02 Idol fantasy

Extra TV 10/23/02 'American Idol'

Film Jerk 10/23/02 With Love, "From Justin To Kelly"

Foxes on Idol 10/23/02 Fourth Judge Added to ‘American Idol 2’ – But Why?

Detroit Free Press 10/22/02 'Idol' time: Pop star hopefuls mob auditions in Detroit

Miami Herald 10/22/02 'American Idol' overdose?

LSJ 10/22/02 Charlotte man survives 'Idol' crowd, heads to next round

Detroit News 10/21/02 'Idol' hopefuls brave Detroit chill

Charlotte Observer 10/21/02 300 try their hearts out for 'Idol'

Detroit Free Press 10/21/02 Open auditions are over, but metro "American Idol" competition continues

OA Online 10/19/02 Odessans compete for chance to be next American Idol

E!Online 10/18/02 "Idol" Trifecta Reunites

Reality News Online 10/18/02 News on American Idol 2, Star Search, and The Show

Zap2It 10/18/02 Fourth Judge May Join 'American Idol 2'

Reality News Online 10/18/02 What ‘American Idol 2’ Hopefuls Need to Know

BBC 10/18/02 Judges return for next US Idol

Detroit Free Press 10/18/02 It's 'Idol' worship at the Fox

Detroit News 10/18/02 'Idols' rise, fall in performances at Fox Theatre

Hollywood Reporter 10/18/02 Abdul, Jackson back on 'Idol' judges' bench

Tampa Bay Online 10/17/02 Life Is Idyllic For "Idol' Finalists

Cincinnati Post 10/17/02 TV's 'American Idols' bring their music to Cincinnati

Zap2It 10/16/02 Record Deal for 'Idol's' Gray

Detroit Free Press 10/16/02 Metro kids discount the flash-in-the-pan in picking their heroes

Foxes on Idol 10/16/02 Just What Is It About Justin Guarini?

Miami Herald 10/16/02 'Idol' search hits Miami Beach

Zap2It 10/15/02 FOX Looks to Cash In on 'Idol 2'

Herald Tribune 10/15/02 Abdul Says 'Idol' Good As Can Be

Ad Age 10/14/02 American Idol Sets TV Ad Rate Record

NY Times 10/14/02 An 'American Idol' Tops the CD Charts

New Jersey Herald 10/14/02 Newton High School students to audition for ‘American Idol’

My San Antonio 10/13/02 American Idols tour delights crowd
Dallas Morning News 10/13/02 The 'Idol' Bunch

Washington Post 10/12/02 Looking for Fame Just Around the Corner

Zap2It 10/11/02 'Idol' Contestant Gray Enrolls in 'Boston Public'

Foxes on Idol 10/11/02 An Uncool Grandmother’s Perspective on the American Idol CD

Austin Business Journal 10/10/02 'American Idol' to scout in Austin

Foxes on Idol 10/10/02 How I Came to Love Kelly Clarkson

Detroit Free Press 10/10/02 'American Idol' auditions set Oct. 21

Zap2It 10/9/02 'American Idol 2' Sets Audition Dates

Foxes on Idol 10/9/02 San Diego “American Idol” Concert Review, October 8, 2002

Zap2It 10/9/02 'Idol' Runner-Up Gets Record Contract

Reality News Online 10/9/02 American Idol: Who Will Replace Dunkleman?

Foxes on Idol 10/9/02 Getting Your Idol Fix - the American Idol CD and DVD

BBC 10/8/02 US Idols begin tour

Pop Politics 10/8/02 Empty Emblems

Brainerd Dispatch 10/7/02 Pequot man to try to be next 'American Idol'

Teen Hollywood 10/7/02 Applegate's 'Idol' Obsession

Foxes on Idol 10/7/02 Kelly and American Idol: Changing My Musical Landscape

WorldNet Daily 10/7/02 An "Idol" undeserving of worship

Sign on San Diego 10/7/02 You watched the show, now give yourself a 'reality' check

Arizona Republic 10/6/02 The 'Idol' life

Foxes on Idol 10/4/02 American Idol’s Greatest Moments CD – A Foxes On Idol Review 

Extra TV 10/3/02 "American Idol" on DVD

St. Petersburg Times 10/3/02 Kelly Clarkson is bigger than the Beatles

Foxes on Idol 10/3/02 Top 30 Contestant Natalie Burge Talks to Foxes On Idol

Detroit News 10/1/02 Clarkson's single tops sales, for the moment

Foxes on Idol 10/1/02 Kelly Silenced for Now Due to Vocal Chord Nodes

Ananova 10/1/02 Will Young plans duet with Kelly Clarkson

Foxes on Idol 9/26/02 Vegas Show Proves Kelly Is Worthy

BBC 9/26/02 US Idol winner storms charts

Ananova 9/26/02 American Idol winner tops US chart

St. Petersburg Times 9/26/02 Voting With Your Money

Zap2It 9/25/02 'Idol' Winner Clarkson's Single Hits No. 1

VH1 9/25/02 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson Crushes Singles Chart Competition

Reality News Online 9/25/02 American Idol: The Vegas Concert

Ananova 9/25/02 Simon Cowell sets up own TV company

Media Fiends 9/24/02 American Idol in Vegas The Brady Bunch Variety Show

Financial Times 9/24/02 Pop Idol judge goes head to head with his partner

Detroit Free Press 9/21/02 30 'Idol' finalists star in Vegas

Hollywood Reporter 9/20/02 Fox casts vote for Seacrest in 2nd 'Idol' round

Zap2It 9/20/02 Seacrest Signs to Host 'Idol 2'

Rolling Stone 9/20/02 Kelly, Idols Collect "Moments"

Billboard 9/19/02 RCA Compiles Memorable 'Moments' From 'Idol'

Extra TV 9/19/02 Reality Check

Las Vegas Review Journal 9/19/02 'Idol' reunion taping draws true fans, others who exit early

USA Today 9/18/02 Kelly the 'American Idol' now must sing for her supper

Zap2It 9/18/02 'Idol' Stars Return to the Airwaves

Salon 9/18/02 Slaves of celebrity

Foxes on Idol 9/18/02 American Idol’s Vegas Special: Get Ready to Dial for Kelly Again

Hollywood Reporter 9/18/02 'Idol' wannabe in 'Public' school

Aftonbladet 9/18/02 Britneys nya kille - Justin

Contra Costa Times 9/18/02 Clarkson's CD is idle endeavor (click to order)

Foxes on Idol 9/17/02 Carrying Yourself with Class Is Not a Crime

BBC 9/17/02 US Idol's big moment

Reality News Online 9/17/02 What if 'American Idol' Wasn't Reality TV?

Dallas Morning News 9/17/02 Kelly's win was only the beginning

BBC 9/17/02 US Idol's passé pop

San Francisco Chronicle 9/17/02 'American Idol' winner in tune with marketing

Foxes on Idol 9/16/02 Three Important Factors for Past and Future American Idol Contestants

Reality News Online 9/15/02 American Idol, Week 13, Part 2: The Results Show

Foxes on Idol 9/13/02 American Idol's Debut Album Delayed

Calgary Sun 9/13/02 Celebrity stylists have plans for newfound American star

Billboard 9/13/02 Billboard Bits: Kelly Clarkson

Fox News 9/12/02 "American Idol" sings

Foxes On Idol 9/12/02 Handicapping the Future of 'American Idol' Participants

Reality News Online 9/11/02 American Idol – Looking Ahead

USA Today 9/11/02 Maven images: How they'd redo an idol

Zap2It 9/11/02 FOX Considers a Movie 'Idol'

Hollywood Reporter 9/11/02 Film 'Idol' may be next Fox tune

Ananova 9/11/02 Simon Cowell joins 'pop's nastiest' list in US

Rolling Stone 9/11/02 Will "Idol" Winner Be a Star?

Zap2It 9/11/02 'American Idol': The Movie?

MRC 9/11/02 Cheers for 'American Idol'

Extra TV 9/10/02 The World According to Simon

RealityNewsOnline 9/10/02 American/Pop Idol: Where There's a Will, There's No Way

Foxes On Idol 9/10/02 The American Idol Hits Her First Notes of Discord

Reality News Online 9/9/02 American Idol: Where Do We Go from Here? 9/9/02 Fans expect big things from 'Idol' star

Extra TV 9/9/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 9/9/02 American Idol, Week 13, Part 1: The Final Two Perform

Zap2It 9/9/02 'MAD TV' Debuts With 'Idol' Guests

Extra TV 9/9/02 Paula Abdul

Telegraph 9/8/02 Copy of 'Pop Idol' leaves US hungry for British TV ideas

NY Times 9/8/02 The Fleeting Fame of TV

Houston Chronicle 9/8/02 Being an idol `cool beans' to her

USA Today 9/8/02 Real winner of 'American Idol': Coke

Television Without Pity 9/7/02 The Winner Takes It All

Foxes on Idol 9/7/02 He's Still Our Justin, and He Deserved Better

St. Petersburg Times 9/7/02 'American Idol' finale popular in Tampa Bay area

Guardian 9/6/02 Fox licks its lips as 23m feast on American Idol

NY Times 9/6/02 'American Idol' Star Wants to Withdraw From Sept. 11 Event

Louisville Channel 9/6/02 'Idol' Singers Justin, Kelly Recording Duet

Extra TV 9/6/02 Tamyra Gray

BBC 9/6/02 Viewers flock to Idol finale

Globe and Mail 9/6/02 Finally, the end of Idol turbo-hype

Hello 9/6/02 Kelly Clarkson on the Road to Pop Stardom After Winning American Idol 9/6/02 'Idol' judge: It pays to be rude

Reality News Online 9/6/02 American Idol – What Reality TV Should Be About

Foxes on Idol 9/6/02 Why America Loves Kelly Clarkson – An Average Viewer’s Opinion

NY Times 9/6/02 Success of 'American Idol' to Spawn Many Copycats

New York Daily News 9/6/02 Big 'Idol' winner: Fox

Hollywood Reporter 9/6/02 'Idol' sweet music to RCA

Extra TV 9/5/02 'American Idol' Finale

Zap2It 9/5/02 'Idol' Finale Sets FOX Ratings Records

Extra TV 9/5/02 The World According to Simon

Media Life 9/5/02 Sniff! A critic's heart melts for Kelly

Reality News Online 9/5/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, the Final Week

Zap2It 9/5/02 Backstage at the 'American Idol' Finale

Extra TV 9/5/02 Kelly Clarkson

Dallas Morning News 9/5/02 Burleson celebrates 'American Idol' champ

Media Fiends 9/5/02 American Idol Finale Kelly Wins!

Beacon Journal 9/5/02 Clarkson shines brightest on `Idol'

Zap2It 9/5/02 Kelly's 'Moment' Makes Her the 'American Idol'

BBC 9/5/02 US picks its Idol

Washington Post 9/5/02 The Pop Vote

Hartford Courant 9/5/02 Summer's Big Hit Show Makes `American Idol' Of Kelly Clarkson

St. Petersburg Times 9/5/02 An idol is born

Hollywood Reporter 9/5/02 Clarkson America's 'Idol'

Digital Spy 9/5/02 Kelly Clarkson wins "American Idol"

Ananova 9/5/02 Texan girl wins US version of Pop Idol

Hollywood Reporter 9/5/02 Fox 'Idol'-ized on Wednesday

Globe and Mail 9/5/02 Superstar search is over as American Idol chosen

Chicago Sun Times 9/5/02 Title belt goes to Kelly

Indianapolis Star 9/5/02 America's newest idol: Kelly Clarkson

Detroit News 9/5/02 American viewers crown Kelly Clarkson as 'Idol'

USA Today 9/4/02 America has its 'Idol': Kelly Clarkson

Foxes on Idol 9/4/02 American Idol Winner Deserved It

Media Fiends 9/4/02 American Idol Contest Who Sang It?

Digital Spy 9/4/02 'American Idol' winner to appear on 'Tonight'

Extra TV 9/4/02 'American Idol'

USA Today 9/4/02 'Idol' worship: It's not over yet

Reality News Online 9/4/02 Handicapping the Finale of American Idol

Zap2It 9/4/02 'Idol' Finalist Reacts to Mom's Surgery

Zap2It 9/14/02 American Idols To Take The Stage For "Mad TV" Premiere

BBC 9/4/02 Simon Cowell - American idol?

Courier Times 9/4/02 Justin faithful party in Bucks

Ananova 9/4/02 Simon Cowell 'to get $1 million for American Idol 2'

Zap2It 9/4/02 Cowell Signed Up For 'Idol 2'

Hollywood Reporter 9/4/02 'Idol' hangin' judge Cowell re-ups

Guardian 9/4/02 Millions expected for American Idol's swan song

Reality News Online 9/4/02 American Idol: The Case for Kelly

Foxes on Idol 9/4/02 A Nikki Fan Voting for Kelly 9/4/02 How to make an "American Idol"

York Daily Record 9/4/02 York’s aspiring idols love Kelly

Reality News Online 9/4/02 My Night with American Idol

Washington Post 9/4/02 September 11: 'American Idol' Seizes the Day

Orlando Sentinel 9/4/02 Less bombast would increase 'Idol' worship

Dallas Morning News 9/4/02 It's been an 'Idol' summer

Ananova 9/4/02 American viewers vote for their Idol

New York Daily News 9/4/02 'Idol' worship is in viewers' hands

San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/02 Watching Simon pummel the contestants has been half the fun

Extra TV 9/3/02 The World According to Simon

Digital Spy 9/3/02 Cowell to return for "Pop Idol 2"

Zap2It 9/3/02 Flood of Offers Deluges 'Idol's' Cowell

Cleburne Times Review 9/3/02 Burleson grad Clarkson competes for 'American Idol' title tonight

St. Petersburg Times 9/3/02 Idol curiosities: I hate it

San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/02 Oddly riveting 'American Idol' reaches finale

Extra TV 9/3/02 'American Idol' Rehearsals

Foxes on Idol 9/3/02 Why People Should Vote for Kelly

Globe and Mail 9/3/02 Revenge of the Idolizers

Foxes on Idol 9/3/02 Nikki’s Revealing Past

San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/02 What would Simon say?

RealityTVLinks 9/3/02 Are TV Networks Cheating at Game Shows? Probably!

New York Daily News 9/3/02 An unlikely new 'Idol'

Milwaukee Journal 9/3/02 ...And then there were two

Zap2It 9/2/02 The Gang's All Here for 'Idol' Finale

Reality News Online 9/2/02 American Idol, Week 12: Finally

Toronto 9/2/02 Judges' rancour a part of Idolatry

BBC 9/2/02 America to vote for its Idol

Indy Star 9/2/02 Idol pastime

Detroit Free Press 9/1/02 Top 10 'American-Idol' moments 9/1/02 `Idol' thoughts out of Hickory

Detroit Free Press 9/1/02 With his goo-goo eyes, he was born to be idolized

Detroit Free Press 9/1/02 Natural talent makes her the natural choice

NY Times 9/1/02 'American Idol': The Only Losers Are the Audience's Ears

Detroit Free Press 9/1/02 Dueling idols: 'American Idol' is near its end

Zap2It 8/31/02 Celebs Pick Their 'American Idol' Songs

Foxes on Idol 8/31/02 Nikki Will Always Be My Idol

Television Without Pity 8/31/02 The Sixth Time's The Charm

Foxes on Idol 8/31/02 Why I Will Miss Nikki

Seattle PI 8/31/02 'American Idol' on its way to Seattle

Knox News 8/30/02 All quiet on the 'Idol' front? More or less

MTV 8/30/02 'American Idol' Finalists Plan Arena Tour, Compilation Album

Extra TV 8/30/02 Simon on the VMA's

Zap2It 8/30/02 'American Idol' Finale Will Feature U.K. Winner

BBC 8/30/02 Millions tune in to American Idol

Foxes on Idol 8/30/02 The Rightful Demise of Nikki McKibbin

Foxes on Idol 8/30/02 Paula Abdul: Is the 'Nice' Judge Too Nice?

Pollstar 8/30/02 American Idols On Tour 8/30/02 'Idol' chitchat with our Justin

Foxes on Idol 8/30/02 A True Nikki Fan Says Goodbye

New York Daily News 8/30/02 It's Kelly vs. Justin for 'Idol' title

Extra TV 8/29/02 'American Idol'

The Trades 8/29/02 American Idol Roundtable Discussion

Foxes on Idol 8/29/02 The Irony of Nikki

Zap2It 8/29/02 Texas Twosome Cut to One on 'American Idol'

BBC 8/29/02 And then there were two...

Reality News Online 8/29/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 12 8/29/02 If you have some 'Idol' curiosity, it has come down to Justin and Kelly

Media Fiends 8/29/02 American Idol - Episode 23 The Loooooong Show

Reality News Online 8/29/02 American Idol: The Perfect Package

Foxes on Idol 8/29/02 What Is an American Idol, and Who Will Win?

Dallas Morning News 8/29/02 Two left in 'Idol' search

TVRules 8/29/02 The Final Three to the Final Two

CNN 8/29/02 'American Idol': And now there are two 

Digital Spy 8/29/02 Down to two in "American Idol"

Reality News Online 8/29/02 AI’s Official Book – Flashy, Positive, & What You Would Expect

CBS 8/28/02 This Girl Is A Star

USA Today 8/28/02 'Idol' fans show love — loudly

Elites TV 8/28/02 Nikki's Friend Dionne Rants about Tamyra's Expulsion from American Idol

Foxes on Idol 8/28/02 "Which Song Would You Choose for American Idol Contestants?

Extra TV 8/28/02 Simon gives his thoughts on the final three

Foxes on Idol 8/28/02 Out of the Closet and Power Dialing for Nikki

Ananova 8/28/02 Will Young to appear on American Idol

CNN 8/28/02 'American Idol': Who will survive?

Foxes on Idol 8/28/02 Can Nikki Survive?

Extra TV 8/28/02 Justin, Nikki, and Kelly are celebs in their own hometowns

USA Today 8/28/02 'Idol' worshipers give Fox a 1-2 punch

Reality News Online 8/28/02 Handicapping Week 12 of American Idol

Extra TV 8/27/02 'Idol' Celebrity Judges

Zap2It 8/27/02 'Idol' Finalists Will Reunite in Vegas

Reality News Online 8/27/02 American Idol: Factors Against Conspiracy Claims

Foxes on Idol 8/27/02 It's a Popularity Contest, and Tamyra Couldn't Cut It

Extra TV 8/27/02 'American Idol'

Cleburne Times Review 8/27/02 Clarkson among last three to sing tonight on 'American Idol'

Globe and Mail 8/27/02 Summer's ending but American Idol cringes on

USA Today 8/27/02 'American Idol' starring in bookstores   (Click here to buy)

Arizona Central 8/27/02 'Idol' singers, fans wonder who's next?

Contra Costa Times 8/27/02 'American Idol' winning throngs of Bay Area viewers

Extra TV 8/26/02 'American Idol'

Foxes on Idol 8/26/02 Tamyra Signed to Contract, Rumors Quashed

Zap2It 8/26/02 'Idol' Oustee Gets a Contract

Foxes on Idol 8/26/02 Why Nikki Is an American Idol

USA Today 8/26/02 'This girl is a star,' and now Tamyra has a contract

Reality News Online 8/26/02 American Idol, Week 11: Shocker!

Lubbock Online 8/26/02 Two 'Idol' finalists hail from Texas

Television Without Pity 8/25/02 Didn't She Almost Have It All?

Reality News Online 8/24/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 11

Reality News Online 8/24/02 The Stars of American Idol - Yes, Even Including Nikki

Cleburne Times Review 8/23/02 And Kelly Makes Three

Extra TV 8/23/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/23/02 Blunt Thoughts on This Week’s American Idol Vote

Foxes on Idol 8/23/02 Looking at the Bright Side of Tamyra's Loss

Dallas Morning News 8/23/02 Family, friends root for 'Idol' finalist from Grand Prairie

Reality News Online 8/23/02 American Idol: Tamyra, Nikki, and the Fight for Votes

Toronto Star 8/23/02 Don't worry about Tamyra

Sacramento Bee 8/22/02 'Phone phreaks' are no 'Idol' threat

The Trades 8/22/02 American Idol Roundtable Discussion

Foxes on Idol 8/22/02 Tamyra Is Better Than This

Extra TV 8/22/02 'American Idol' Shocker

Reality News Online 8/22/02 American Idol: More Reactions to Tamyra’s Loss

Zap2It 8/22/02 'American Idol' Shocker: Tamyra Sent Packing

CNN 8/22/02 Gasp! Tamyra is voted off 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/22/02 American Idol, Nikki, and the Voters

Foxes on Idol 8/22/02 What Is Nikki Thinking?

New York Daily News 8/22/02 'Idol' worship is on the rise

Ananova 8/22/02 US Pop Idol gets ratings boost

Hollywood Reporter 8/22/02 'American Idol,' 'Big Bro' light up Wednesday

Foxes on Idol 8/21/02 Tamyra: A Victim of American Idol's Success

Reality News Online 8/21/02 American Idol: Initial Reactions to the August 21 Results

Media Fiends 8/21/02 American Idol - Episode 21 The Mighty Have Fallen

Extra TV 8/21/02 'American Idol'

Cleburne Times Review 8/21/02 Clarkson: Final Three?

Zap2It 8/21/02 'Idol' Mom Delivers the Goods on Simon

Foxes on Idol 8/21/02 Kelly Clarkson's Ever-Improving Road to Fame

Foxes on Idol 8/21/02 Tamyra Gray Brings Consistent Skills Along the American Idol Path

Zap2It 8/21/02 'Idol' Site Offers Sneak Peeks

Reality News Online 8/21/02 Handicapping Week 11 of 'American Idol'

New York Daily News 8/21/02 Ringing endorsement for 'Idol'

Deseret News 8/21/02 Are 'Idol' finalists really so chummy?

Foxes on Idol 8/21/02 Justin Guarini, the Unconventional Fox

Foxes on Idol on Fox 8/21/02 Looking at Nikki McKibbin's Progress As She Has Dodged the Bullets

Elites TV 8/21/02 American Idol and The Genius of Simon Cowell

MSNBC 8/20/02 On ‘Idol,’ a curious but ever fun mix

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Dallas Morning News 8/20/02 Burleson is already 'Idol'-izing homegrown hopeful

Reality News Online 8/20/02 American Idol: Why Nikki Has Made It This Far

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The State 8/20/02 'American Idol' is the American Way - and I love it

Reality News Online 8/20/02 American Idol: In Defense of Nikki McKibbin

USA Today 8/19/02 Voting for 'Idol' could mean a hang-up

Extra TV 8/19/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/19/02 American Idol, Week 10: Fast Forward

Reality News Online 8/18/02 American Idol Voting May Be Skewed

Reality News Online 8/17/02 Simon Cowell: Why We Love to Loathe Reality TV Villains

Ananova 8/17/02 US Pop Idol final could be ruined by phone voting rig

MSNBC 8/16/02 Speed dialers target ‘American Idol’

Television Without Pity 8/16/02 One Less 'Bot To Answer

Reality News Online 8/16/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 10

St. Petersburg Times 8/16/02 American Idol to stop in Tampa

The Trades 8/15/02 American Idol Roundtable Discussion

Zap2It 8/15/02 Christian Says Cowell's Crush Cost Her 'Idol'

Extra TV 8/15/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/15/02 American Idol: More Questions than Answers

Zap2It 8/15/02 R.J. Caught Between Moon and 'Idol' Voters

Reality News Online 8/15/02 Idol Rumors

Digital Spy 8/15/02 R.J. voted off "American Idol"

CNN 8/14/02 Christina Christian talks about 'American Idol'

Media Fiends 8/14/02 American Idol - Episode 19 About Time
Extra TV 8/14/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 8/14/02 Handicapping Week 10 of ‘American Idol’

Reality News Online 8/14/02 Confessions of an American Idol Virgin

Zap2It 8/14/02 'American Idol': Live on Tape

Reality News Online 8/14/02 American Idol’s Simon Tells It Like It Is in TV Guide

Dallas Morning News 8/13/02 Tamyra the safest bet for 'Idol' wagerers

Media Fiends 8/13/02 American Idol - Episode 18 Love Songs

Zap2It 8/13/02 'Idol' Coming to DVD

Extra TV 8/13/02 'American Idol'

USA Today 8/13/02 'Idol' fans smell a conspiracy

Dallas Morning News 8/13/02 'American Idol' contestant in and out of hospital

Zap2It 8/12/02 Odds Favor 'American Idol's' Tamyra

Dallas Morning News 8/12/02 Much of Wednesday 'American Idol' is idle

Reality News Online 8/12/02 American Idol, Week 9: Dunderheads

Reality News Online 8/11/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 9

Television Without Pity 8/10/02 The Silencing Of The Lamb

Reality News Online 8/10/02 American Idol: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Kelly Clarkson?

Gainesville Sun 8/10/02 UF 'Idol' contestant in good spirits despite loss

Cleburne Times Review 8/9/02 Clarkson nets top spot in final five

Extra TV 8/9/02 Paula Abdul

Zap2It 8/9/02 One 'Idol' Will Rule the World

Reality News Online 8/9/02 American Idol: A Christina Christian Conspiracy?

Washington Post 8/9/02 Christina's Bad-News Night

CSM 8/9/02 'Idol' is burnished, but still tarnished 8/9/02 'American Idol' finalist from S. Florida is out

The Trades 8/8/02 American Idol Roundtable Discussion

WSVN 8/8/02 "American Idol" Hopeful Returns Home

Reality News Online 8/8/02 Simon Says: American Idol Single Will Be a Hit

Reality News Online 8/8/02 The Linkin Park Factor

Reality News Online 8/8/02 American Idol: How Did Christina Lose?

Zap2It 8/8/02 'American Idol' Cuts Christina Christian

Hollywood Reporter 8/8/02 Fox's 'Idol' top-rated on Wednesday night

Media Fiends 8/7/02 American Idol Episode 17 What Was America Thinking?

Reality News Online 8/7/02 Handicapping Week 9 of ‘American Idol’

Media Fiends 8/7/02 American Idol - Episode 16 Big Band Era

The Trades 8/6/02 American Idol Roundtable Discussion

Detroit Free Press 8/6/02 Idol chatter: The odds on the final 6 8/6/02 'Idol' threat

Mobile Register 8/6/02 Idol,' Brother' top summer shows

Deseret News 8/5/02 Judge is the real 'Idol' star

Reality News Online 8/5/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 8

Reality News Online 8/4/02 American Idol, Week 8: Strange Votes

Cleburne Times Review 8/2/02 Clarkson survives another round

Television Without Pity 8/2/02 Baby, Baby, Don't Get Hooked On (Eeeeeee!)

San Francisco Chronicle 8/2/02 'Idol's' secret is all about humiliation

Beacon Journal 8/2/02 `American Idol' to hit road for votes

Hollywood Reporter 8/2/02 Fox bests NBC as 'American Idol' looks good

Zap2It 8/1/02 'American Idol': Catch a Falling Starr

New York Daily News 8/1/02 For 'Idol,' a song of the open road

Digital Spy 8/1/02 Ryan Starr out in "American Idol"

Hollywood Reporter 8/1/02 'Idol' hits highs, buries 'Mole'

Media Fiends 7/31/02 American Idol - Episode 15 Justin is in the Bottom 3

BBC 7/31/02 Simon Cowell offends US audiences - again...

Extra TV 7/31/02 'American Idol'

Media Fiends 7/31/02 American Idol - Episode 14 Songs From The 70's

Cleburne Times Review 7/30/02 Clarkson vies for next round tonight on FOX

Extra TV 7/30/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 7/30/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 7

Washington Post 7/30/02 'American Idol': Fool's Gold From Fox

USA Today 7/30/02 Fox hit 'American Idol' mixes music, meanness

Reality News Online 7/29/02 Interview with American Idol's Natalie Burge

BBC 7/28/02 Idols to compete for world pop crown

Digital Spy 7/28/02 Global "Pop Idol" in the works

Washington Post 7/27/02 'American Idol'

Go Memphis 7/27/02 Idol's savage 'honesty' something new in wannabe TV

Television Without Pity 7/26/02 Nonsense and Peppermints

Reality News Online 7/26/02 American Idol, Week 7: Betrayal

Reality TV Talk 7/25/02 Episode 10: Live Competition # 2

Media Fiends 7/25/02 American Idol - Episode 13 One More Down

USA Today 7/25/02 RCA hopes 'Idol' tunes spin gold

Hollywood Reporter 7/24/02 Fox, 'Idol' win again Tuesday

Beacon Journal 7/24/02 Fox commentators don't mince words

BBC 7/23/02 Cowell Scowls at charitable wannabes

Extra TV 7/23/02 'American Idol'

Washington Post 7/23/02 California Screamin': 2 'American Idol' Judges Trade Insults at Press Show

New York Daily News 7/23/02 'Idol' speculation

St. Petersburg Times 7/23/02 American Idol, or insult

Chicago Sun Times 7/23/02 'Idol' already has made one star

Detroit Free Press 7/23/02 Judges' barbs tend to overshadow talent hunt

Milwaukee Journal 7/22/02 Ornery producer tame before critics

Zap2It 7/22/02 Judges Game for Another 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 7/22/02 American Idol, Week 6: Two Gone, But Were They the Right Two?

News Tribune 7/22/02 Tacoma contestant makes it to next round of 'American Idol'

BBC 7/22/02 US Pop Idol gets second series

Seattle PI 7/22/02 Next 'American Idol' series set for early 2003

Television Without Pity 7/21/02 Warbling 'Round That Motown Sound

Zap2It 7/21/02 Second 'American Idol' Will Pop on FOX

Reality TV Talk 7/19/02 Episode 9 Recap: The Live Competition

Media Week 7/19/02 'Idol' Idolizes Motown

Extra TV 7/18/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 7/18/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 6

Zap2It 7/18/02 America Voted -- and 2 'Idol' Contestants Are Gone

Digital Spy 7/18/02 EJay, Jim get the boot in "American Idol"

Hollywood Reporter 7/18/02 Ratings build up 'Idol' for Fox win

Media Fiends 7/17/02 American Idol - Episode 10 The 10 Finalists Perform Live

Detroit Free Press 7/16/02 If being nice is the best we can do, we're sunk

Times Review 7/16/02 Is Joshua's Clarkson an American Idol?
Extra TV 7/16/02 'American Idol'

Mobile Register 7/16/02 American Idol

Reality News Online 7/16/02 Age and Talent on ‘American Idol

USA Today 7/16/02 Simon says he's not a TV idol, but ...

Seattle PI 7/16/02 Sure, 'American Idol' is a hit but WB chief says he still wouldn't air it

USA Today 7/15/02 'Idol' largely a game of Simon says

Reality News Online 7/15/02 American Idol, Week 5: The Wild Wildcard

Pasadena Citizen 7/14/02 Helton moves one step closer to "American Idol" status

Television Without Pity 7/12/02 Nothing Wild

Reality News Online 7/12/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 5: The Wildcard

BBC 7/12/02 Big Brother beats US Pop Idol

Media Fiends 7/11/02 American Idol - Episode 9 Wild Card

Reality TV Talk 7/11/02 Episode 8 Recap

Zap2It 7/11/02 R.J. Punches Wild Card to 'American Idol' Finals

Digital Spy 7/11/02 R.J. wins "American Idol" wildcard

Augusta Chronicle 7/11/02 Only one will become a star

Fame Tracker 7/10/02 Pop Goes the Gene Pool
Zap2It 7/10/02 The Top 10 Compete on a 90-Minute American Idol

Reality News Online 7/10/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 4

Hollywood Reporter 7/10/02 'Idol' hands demo victory to Fox

Extra TV 7/9/02 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 7/9/02 American Idol - Who, Oh Who Will the Wild Card Be?

Reality News Online 7/8/02 American Idol, Week 4: Excitement with the Judges, Not the Singers

Beacon Journal 7/8/02 Talent-show judge right to skewer most singers

NY Times 7/7/02 Night Out With Simon Cowell

Deseret News 7/5/02 'Idol' judge is the real star

Television Without Pity 7/5/02 Simon Is A Meanie!

WSVN 7/5/02 Miami's Potential 'American Idol' Comes Home

Guardian 7/5/02 Brit hits make it big in US

Zap2It 7/4/02 'American Idol' Gangs Up on Simon, Picks Three More

Media Fiends 7/4/02 American Idol - Episode 8 Final 3 makes 9 Finalists

Play Louder 7/4/02 American Idol get's judged...

Media Fiends 7/3/02 American Idol - Episode 7 Mediocre Talent

Reality TV Talk 7/3/02 Episode 7 Recap

Hollywood Reporter 7/3/02 'Idol' helps Fox sing Tues. ratings song of victory

Times Online 7/2/02 Surviving the cut, living the dream

Detroit Free Press 7/2/02 Host turns wanna-bes to weepers

Ananova 7/2/02 American Idol host is fed up with Simon Cowell

Dallas Morning News 7/2/02 Love her or hate her, area woman is ready

Zap2It 7/1/02 'American Idol' Contestant DQ'd for Lying About Age

Reality News Online 7/1/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 

Dallas Morning News 7/1/02 Karaoke queen setting her sights on pop singer stardom

Pasadena Citizen 6/30/02 Pasadena native chases dream all the way to finals

Television Without Pity 6/29/02 Second Verse, Same As The First

Reality News Online 6/28/02 American Idol, Week 3: Dana's Justin & Two Others Move On

Chicago Sun Times 6/28/02 Kindly callers defy Simon's 'Idol' remarks

Sacramento Bee 6/27/02 'American Idol' strikes back

Zap2It 6/27/02 Simon Foiled Again in 'American Idol' Vote

Media Fiends 6/26/02 American Idol - Episode 6 The Simon Factor

Post Gazette 6/26/02 'American Idol' thrives on harsh sniping

Media Fiends 6/26/02 American Idol - Episode 5 Second Group of 10

Reality News Online 6/26/02 South African Idols – Mired in Controversy

USA Today 6/26/02 Repeats roll over for 'Dog,' 'Idol'

Reality News Online 6/25/02 American Idol, Week 2: Let the Vote Begin

Television Without Pity 6/25/02 Pushing America's Buttons

Knox News 6/25/02 'American Idol' judge: Dish city

BBC 6/25/02 Row over South African Pop Idol

Time 6/24/02 Rhyme and Punishment

Guardian 6/24/02 US Pop Idol puts Ford in driving seat

Sign on San Diego 6/24/02 Don't slam the door on your way out

Digital Spy 6/22/02 Cowell blasts 'Idol' psychologist use

Mercury News 6/22/02 `American Idol' quietly becomes a hit

Digital Spy 6/21/02 American Idol: First three through

Reality News Online 6/21/02 Thoughts and Impressions from American Idol, Week 2

Hollywood Reporter 6/21/02 Ford in focus on Fox hit 'Idol'

Extra TV 6/20/02 'American Idol'

Zap2It 6/20/02 Fans Push Three to 'American Idol' Finals

Media Fiends 6/20/02 American Idol - Episode 4 Sympathy Over Talent

Ananova 6/19/02 American Pop Idol rejects offered counselling

Extra TV 6/19/02 'American Idol'

Reality TV Talk 6/19/02 American Idol~ Episode 3 Recap

Media Fiends 6/19/02 American Idol - Episode 3 First Group of 10

Reality News Online 6/18/02 Must an America Idol be Thin to Win?

Reality News Online 6/18/02 American Idol: Judges Aren't the Only Ones with Weight Bias

OA Online 6/17/02 From Odessa to Hollywood: An Idol’s story

St. Petersburg Times 6/17/02 "American Idol" scores high ratings for Fox

Reality News Online 6/17/02 American Idol, Week 1, Episode 2: Down to 30

Television Without Pity 6/15/02 Pick Your Poison, Part II

Guardian 6/14/02 Pop Idol fever sweeps US

BBC 6/14/02 US Pop Idol proves ratings hit

Reality News Online 6/14/02 American Idol, Episode 1: Harsh Reality

BBC 6/14/02 American Idol: Your views

Reality TV Talk 6/14/02 American Idol: Episode 2 Recap

Reality TV Talk 6/14/02 American Idol: Episode 1 Recap

Television Without Pity 6/13/02 Pick Your Poison, Part I

Digital Spy 6/13/02 'American Idol' leads Fox to ratings win

Hollywood Reporter 6/13/02 New 'Idol' sings for Fox in solid Tuesday victory

Sacramento Bee 6/12/02 Talking with an 'American Idol'

Zap2It 6/12/02 'American Idol' Premiere Tops Charts

BBC 6/12/02 Simon Cowell's US judgement

BBC 6/12/02 US Idol sticks to formula

BBC 6/11/02 US Pop Idol makes debut

Reality News Online 6/10/02 American Idol: A Preview

Chicago Sun Times 6/10/02 Fox wants to make you a 'Superstar'

Indianapolis Star 6/9/02 New talent-search show is an 'Idol' pursuit

Standardnet 6/9/02 Goofiness is heating up on the air

Zap2It 6/7/02 'American Idol' Launches Search for a Pop Star

Extra TV 6/7/02 'American Idol'

Zap2It 6/4/02 American Idol Premieres on FOX

Extra TV 5/23/02 'American Idol' Auditions

Ananova 5/20/02 Simon Cowell will give Big Rik the boot if he shows up in US

BBC 5/10/02 Rik Waller 'to enter US Pop Idol'

Digital Spy 5/1/02 Hosts announced for "American Idol"

BBC 4/29/02 US starts Pop Idol search

BBC 4/29/02 Global worship of TV's pop idols

Seattle PI 4/25/02 Who wants to be a rock 'Idol'? Hundreds do

Seattle PI 4/24/02 Here's your chance to audition for 'American Idol'

BBC 3/21/02 US gets Pop Idol

BBC 2/18/02 Pop Idol 'sold to US'

BBC 1/2/02 Cowell to write stardom manual


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