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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Newsday 5/1/03 An 'Idol' Mystery

UNC Niner 5/1/03 Aiken update: On his way to being the next 'Idol'

Jokers Updates 5/1/03 Numfar's Pre-Show Rankings - The High Five

Foxes On Idol 5/1/03 My Trenyce Goodbye 5/1/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/30/03

Zap2It 5/1/03 'Simpsons' May Make Cowell Yellow Fellow

Reality Stars 5/1/03 American Idol - Not Unexpected

Foxes On Idol 5/1/03 Why Trenyce Lost

Fans of Reality TV 5/1/03 Top 5 Results: Too Little, Too Late

Foxes On Idol 5/1/03 ‘American Idol’ Discovers New Winner: The Re-Dial Button

Charlotte Observer 5/1/03 `Idol' Gossip

Charlotte Observer 5/1/03 View is sweet for 'Idol' hopeful

Toronto Star 5/1/03 American Idol isn't into `fame thing'

Birmingham News 5/1/03 Studdard escapes elimination

Go Memphis 5/1/03 It's apparent who gives support to the daughter

News14 5/1/03 Raleigh native a step closer to becoming an American Idol

USA Today 5/1/03 Simon likes Ruben and Clay, but not guest judges

Zap2It 5/1/03 Trenyce Goes Rolling, Rolling, Rolling Off 'Idol'

Reality News Online 5/1/03 American Idol 2, April 30: Love Won’t Keep Us Together

TV Rules 4/30/03 America Can't HEAR! 4/30 Summary

TV Rules 4/30/03 The Wilcard Show Part One

TV Rules 4/30/03 American Idol-The Results Show 4/30 Down to Four

Reality TV Talk 4/30/03 AI Roundtable Discussion - Songs from the 60's / Neil Sedaka Songs

Reality TV Talk 4/30/03 American Idol 2 60s/Neil Sedaka Recap 4/30/03 Randy Jackson on "Good Day Live"

Zap2It 4/30/03 Foxy 'Idol' Caldwell Finds New Fox Home

Foxes On Idol 4/30/03 Kelly Clarkson’s Fans Reach Out to the Troops

Zap2It 4/30/03 'Idol' Single Tops Charts

Reality TV World 4/30/03 'AI' judge Simon Cowell to guest on 'The Simpsons'

The Trades 4/30/03 Roundtable Discussion -American Idol 2 4/30/03 'Idol' Finalists To Hit The Road Again 4/30/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol's Win Streak Hits Twenty Straight

TV Rules 4/30/03 American Idol 4/29 Summary-Five Remain

Foxes On Idol 4/30/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, April 29: Some Move Up, Others Go Down 4/30/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/29/03

Elites TV 4/30/03 Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard - Entertainer vs. Studio Singer?

The Tennessean 4/30/03 Tennessee's 'Idol' hopeful changes tune

Go Memphis 4/30/03 Ratings aren't idle as Trenyce stirs up region

Detroit News 4/30/03 Gracin's hopes fading

Mansfield News Journal 4/30/03 Mansfield's very own 'American Idol' judges

Zap2It 4/30/03 Sedaka Rocks 'Idol'

Reality News Online 4/30/03 AI 2, April 29: Two-for-Tuesday with Neil Sedaka

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/03 American Idol, Top 5: The 60's and Sedaka

Fans of Reality TV 4/29/03, The FORT Interview with Carmen Rasmusen

Foxes On Idol 4/29/03 First Impressions of the AI2 Love Songs CD

Milwaukee Journal 4/29/03 Keeping 'Idol' real, fresh

Arizona Republic 4/29/03 With Carmen's exit, heat's on Trenyce, Josh

Foxes On Idol 4/29/03 The Voters Get It Right – Finally

Foxes On Idol 4/28/03 Celebrity Judges: Yay or Nay?

Foxes On Idol 4/28/03 Vocal Masterclass 101 for ‘American Idol’ Contestants

Television Without Pity 4/28/03 Bleatdown

Foxes On Idol 4/28/03 American Idol: The Best Voting System for Its Purpose

Time 4/27/03 American Idol Worship

Newsday 4/27/03 The 411 On 205

Beacon Journal 4/27/03 `American Idol' winner proves she can sing but fails to wow

Newsweek 4/27/03 Getting ‘Idol’-Ized 4/26/03 Fuller Scores US Triple 4/26/03 The Inside Story

Television Without Pity 4/26/03 The End Of The World Has Been Cancelled

Go Memphis 4/26/03 Trenyce-ville hosts Idol finalists Aug. 16

WCF Courier 4/25/03 Judges cast off bad Carmen

Extra 4/25/03 Simon Cowell

Indy Star 4/25/03 Live 'Idol' spinoff show visits malls this weekend

Foxes On Idol 4/25/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Uncomfortably Numb

Birmingham News 4/25/03 Superintendent defends dress code, praises Ruben

Salt Lake Tribune 4/25/03 Carmen's Journey May Be Just Beginning

Daily Southtown 4/25/03 Touring American Idols wow 'em at Orland Square

Indiana Digital Student 4/25/03 'Idols' visit College Mall

Go Memphis 4/24/03 Utahan voted off Idol; Trenyce, others told to improve acts

Reality TV World 4/24/2003 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Diane Warren Hits Edition" 4/24/03 - Can't Wait for the Finals!

Foxes On Idol 4/24/03 The K’Lo Crew

Niner Online 4/24/03 Aiken update: Working his way up the 'American Idol' ladder

Deseret News 4/24/03 Utah's Carmen is out — but calls 'Idol' a dream 4/24/03 Vanessa, Jim, EJay & Kristin on Local FOX News 4/24/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol Goes To 28 Wins In 29 Tries

Foxes On Idol 4/24/03 Idol Trenyce Thoughts and the Fan Base She Now Has

Reality TV Talk 04/24/03 American Idols Shine "Diane Warren Results Recap"

Fans of Reality TV 4/24/03 Top 6: Last Stop on the Gravy Train for . .

Foxes On Idol 4/24/03 Why Carmen Lost

Charlotte Observer 4/24/03 Studdard, N.C.'s Aiken run close in 'Idol' polls

Salt Lake Tribune 4/24/03 Carmen Bows Out in 'Idol' Balloting

Elites TV 4/24/03 Clay Aiken: Pulling Ahead In The AI Marathon Competition?

USA Today 4/24/03 Rasmusen's 'Love' lost

NY Times 4/24/03 'American Idol' Fulfills Its Premise

Zap2It 4/24/03 Carmen Makes Her Trip Back to Bountiful

USA Today 4/24/03 A welcome boost for album sales

Reality News Online 4/24/03 American Idol 2, April 23: Love Didn’t Lead Them Back

Reality Stars 4/23/03 American Idol - Down to Fab Five 4/23/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 4/23/03

TV Rules 4/23/03 American Idol - Results Show 4/23 OG's Version

The Trades 4/23/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2

Reality TV World 4/23/2003 First CD album from 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson debuts at #1

Reality TV Talk 4/23/03 AI Roundtable Discussion - Diane Warren Songs!

Zap2It 4/23/03 'Idol' Indeed: Clarkson Tops Charts

TV Rules 4/23/03 American Idol-Results Show 4/23

Foxes On Idol 4/23/03 Simon Says… I’ve Got to Market One of These Singers

Foxes On Idol 4/23/03 Reports on Kelly Clarkson in ‘Starship Trooper’ Sequel Incorrect 4/23/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol Atop The Heap Yet Again

Deseret News 4/23/03 'Idol' isn't all about talent

Reality News Online 4/23/03 American Idol 2, April 22: Big Hits and Bigger Misses

Foxes On Idol 4/23/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, April 22: Top 3/Bottom 3 4/23/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/22/03 4/23/03 American Idol 4/21/03 - Half Way Home

Reality TV Talk 4/23/03 Halfway Home: I'm Halfway Asleep

USA Today 4/23/03 Sweetness and tripe

Detroit News 4/23/03 Strong ballads may keep Trenyce in the running

Detroit News 4/23/03 'American Idol' bombs on ballads

NY Daily News 4/23/03 We're not fallin' for 'Idol' debut

Hollywood Reporter 4/23/03 Gilded 'Idol': Clarkson is No. 1 in bow

Reality Stars 4/23/03 American Idol - A Horse Race

Fans Of Reality TV 4/23/03 American Idol, Top 6: The World of Diane Warren

Zap2It 4/23/03 Warren is Borin' on 'Idol'

Extra 4/22/03 'American Idol'

News Observer 4/22/03 Those feet of Clay's

TV Rules 4/22/03 American Idol 4/22-Time to Sing to Move to the Top Five

Zap2It 4/22/03 'American Idol' To Star in 'Starship Troopers' Sequel

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/2003 Interview with Kimberly Caldwell 4/22/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol Swoops In For The Kill Monday

Fans of Reality TV 4/22/03 Halfway Home: No Judges? No Problem!

Foxes On Idol 4/22/03 Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Thankful’ – A Full Review

Charlotte Observer 4/22/03 Inside scoop on 'American Idol'

Star-Ledger 4/22/03 'Idol' notions

NY Daily News 4/22/03 'Idol' helps put Fox on pedestal 4/22/03 Reasons to be 'Thankful'

Reality News Online 4/22/03 American Idol 2, April 21: The ‘Halfway Home’ Special

Reality TV World 4/21/03 'American Idol 2' grand finale to air on Tuesday 5/20 & Wednesday 5/21

TV Rules 4/21/03 American Idol 4/21-Special Monday Night Episode Summary

Foxes On Idol 4/21/03 The Newest Information on the American Idol 2 Love Songs CD

Reality TV Talk - 4/21/03 American Idol Roundtable Discussion - Billy Joel Songs!

TV Rules 4/21/03 American Idol Halfway Home Special

Business Wire 4/21/03 Mobliss Receives More Than 2.5 Million Text Messages For 'AI'

Seattle Times 4/21/03 AT&T Wireless' 'Idol' gamble

Crimson White 4/21/03 Ruben fuels campus interest in 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/21/03 The Case for Kimberley Locke

Television Without Pity 4/21/03 The Wrongest Time

Foxes On Idol 4/20/03 My Case for Trenyce

NY Newsday 4/20/03 He's Still Billy Joel To Them  

Zap2It 4/19/03 Get Your 2-0-5

Jokers Updates 4/19/03 Alden Wynn Chat Transcript 

Foxes On Idol 4/19/03 Vanessa Olivarez: The Uninvited

Reality TV World 4/18/03 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Billy Joel Hits Edition"

Zap2It 4/18/03 FOX Is Halfway Home with "American Idol" Special (04/21/03)

Foxes On Idol 4/18/03 American Idol: The Mind of the Voter

Birmingham News 4/18/03 Fans keep Ruben in the running on 'American Idol' 4/18/03 - Kim Caldwell on "The Pulse"

Foxes On Idol 4/18/03 About Carmen

Foxes On Idol 4/17/03 American Idol 2: Corey’s Story

Extra 4/17/03 'American Idol' 4/17/03 Kimberley Locke, A Jewel to America

Foxes On Idol 4/17/03 An American Idol Passover

Deseret News 4/17/03 Viewers overrule judges, keep Utah teen on show

Foxes On Idol 4/17/03 Why Kimberly Lost

Fans of Reality TV 4/17/2003 Say Goodbye to Hollywood, Top 7 Results 4/17/03 American Idol Life 

Foxes On Idol 4/17/03 American Idol: Don’t Expect a Better Voting System

Reality TV Talk 4/17/03 AI Live (4/15) A State of Grace Somewhere Along the Line

UNC Niner 4/17/03 Aiken still makin' his way towards 'American Idol'

Salt Lake Tribune 4/17/03 Close Call for Utah's Idol

Milwaukee Sentinel 4/17/03 Wannabe from Texas loses place on 'Idol'

Go Memphis 4/17/03 Texan booted, but Idol keeps Trenyce

USA Today 4/17/03 Caldwell kaput on 'Idol'

Zap2It 4/17/03 'Idol's' Carmen Comes and ... Stays

Reality News Online 4/17/03 American Idol 2, April 16: Wake Up, Virginia…

Reality Stars  4/16/03 - American Idol - Hard to Justify 4/16/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 4/16/03

TV Rules 4/16/03 American Idol - The Results Show

Reality TV Talk 04/16/03 - American Idol Results Recap "Billy Joel Songs"

Zap2It 4/16/03 In the Crowd for 'American Idol' 4/16/03 This is your song, Clay

Foxes On Idol 4/16/03 America, Your CD Has Arrived

Dallas Morning News 4/16/03 Idol's Clarkson too busy to sing?

The Trades 4/16/03 Roundtable Discussion -American Idol 2

Deseret News 4/16/03 Fox overkills 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/16/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges, April 15: Sing Us a Song…

Fans of Reality TV 4/16/2003 Top 7: An Evening with the Piano Man

USA Today 4/16/03 All Joel all night long

Foxes On Idol 4/16/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, April 15: Streetlife Serenaders

Charlotte Observer 4/16/03 Tuesday was Clay night at UNCC student center

Wichita Eagle 4/16/03 Wichita's ejected 'Idol' says his career is just beginning

Washington Post 4/16/03 'Idol' Winner Gets Off on A Good Note

Zap2It 4/16/03 Smokey Gets In Their Eyes on 'Idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/16/03 American Idol, Top 7: An Evening With The Piano Man

Reality News Online 4/16/03 American Idol 2, April 15: You Have to Be a Big Shot, Don’t You?

UMNS 4/15/03 Choir member becomes ‘American Idol’ finalist

Birmingham News 4/15/03 Ruben returns to `Idol' stage 4/15/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 4/15/03

Reality Stars - 4/15/03 - American Idol - Competition Tightens Up

TV Rules 4/15/03 American Idol Summary 4/15- Only the Good Move On

Fans Of Reality TV 4/15/03 American Idol, The FORT Interview with Rickey Smith

Foxes On Idol 4/15/03 American Idol: Paving the Way for Excellence in the Music World

Foxes On Idol 4/15/03 A First Look at Kelly Clarkson’s New Album

Foxes On Idol 4/15/03 American Idol’s Corey: Too Much Ado to Bid Adieu?

WIBW 4/15/03 Former American Idol's Court Appearance Delayed

Star Telegram 4/15/03 What's next for Burleson 'Idol'?

MTV 4/15/03 As Kelly Clarkson Drops LP, She's Thankful For Simon's Barbs

Edmonton Journal 4/15/03 American Idol: the Edmonton connection 4/15/03 Ousted 'Idol' contestant has a few allegations of his own

Seattle PI 4/15/03 Mariners have their 'Idols,' too, but not everyone likes Simon

USA Today 4/15/03 Clarkson's 'Thankful' much obliged to many

USA Today 4/15/03 Kelly: An 'Idol' curiosity in a culture of fame

Extra 4/14/03 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/14/03 American Idol 2: Mid-Season Report Card

Washington Post 4/14/03 On Fox, Reality Bites 'Boston Public'

Teen Hollywood 4/13/03 Cowell Lashes Back At Clooney

Television Without Pity 4/13/03 A Call to Carms

Foxes On Idol 4/13/03 Miss Independent Returns to Her Stage

Zap2It 4/12/03 'Idol' Finalist Strips Down

Foxes On Idol 4/12/03 I May be the Unofficial Spokesman for Trenyce

Contra Costa Times 4/12/03 Keeping an 'Idol' revved up Momentum is critical

WCF Courier 4/11/03 Celine wannabes slather on the schmaltz

TV Rules 4/11/03 Junior Idol AKA American Juniors Casting Information

WSET 4/11/03 American Idol Kelly Clarkson Releases 'Thankful' Album

Foxes On Idol 4/11/03 Rickey’s Loss Shows the Power of Fan Support

Reality TV Talk 4/11/03 AI 2 - AI Roundtable Discussion - Billboard's #1 Hits

Reality TV World 4/10/2003 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Billboard #1 Hits Edition"

Press Telegram 4/10/03 Thunder returns to the streets of L.B.

Go Memphis 4/10/03 Memphis singer Trenyce survives another week on Idol

Davis County Clipper 4/10/03 Carmen survives despite challenge 4/10/03 Rickey's Gone, Who'll be Next?

Reality TV Talk 4/10/03 AI Results Recap Billboard #1s "America Gets It Wrong (Again)"

Charlotte Observer 4/10/03 Aiken invites 'fill-in family' to see show

Foxes On Idol 4/10/03 Why Rickey Lost 4/10/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/9/03

Milwaukee Journal 4/10/03 Viewers whittle 'American Idol' to 7

Salt Lake Tribune 4/10/03 Utah's Idol Survives

USA Today 4/10/03 'Idol' not endless for Rickey

Zap2It 4/10/03 Hey Rickey, What a Pity

Reality News Online 4/10/03 American Idol 2, April 9 – Corey Clark: The Aftermath

Reality TV Talk 4/10/03 American Idol 4/8/03 episode "AI Remember Bill "Bored's" Number Ones"

Reality Stars - 4/9/03 - American Idol - Where's the Fairness?

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/03 Top 8 Results Show: So Long, Hercules

TV Rules 4/9/03 American Idol - 4/9 Summary America Drops the Ball

Extra 4/9/03 'American Idol' 4/9/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Rocks On, Imagine That

Birmingham News 4/9/03 Ruben's shirt making 205 code famous 4/9/03 Kelly Clarkson Says Thanks On Debut Album

Fans of Reality TV 4/9/2003 Top 8 (Pt. 2): "Top of the Charts" Performances

Foxes On Idol 4/9/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, April 8: Too Much Celine, But… 4/9/03 Method Man Has His Eyes Set On Tamyra Gray

Foxes On Idol 4/9/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges, 4/8: They Can’t All Be #1 4/9/03 Attack of the Killer Ballads 4/9/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/8/03

Reality Stars 4/9/03 American Idol - Ruben Judge's Pet

Reality News Online 4/9/03 AI2, April 8: No, Really, What Did You Think?

The Trades 4/9/03 Roundtable Discussion -American Idol 2

Go Memphis 4/9/03 Trenyce's ballad captivates 3 of 4 Idol judges

USA Today 4/9/03 Battle of the ballads

Detroit News 4/9/03 Marine wows judge on 'Idol'

Zap2It 4/9/03 Night of Endless Love on 'Idol'

Birmingham News 4/8/03 The Ruben connection

TV Rules 4/8/03 American Idol Summary 4/8: Let's Top the Billboard

Beacon Journal 4/8/03 `Idol' contestant has no regrets 4/8/03 'Idol' Sings With Billboard No. 1s Theme

Milwaukee Journal 4/8/03 'Idol' cheats during war coverage

CBS 4/8/03 Seacrest: Riding Wave Of Success

Foxes On Idol 4/8/03 At Last! Information about Kelly’s Album

Foxes On Idol 4/8/03 American Idol 2 Finalists’ CD Provokes Questions

MTV 4/8/03 Kelly Clarkson Single Co-Written By Christina Aguilera

Niner Online 4/7/03 UNCC's Aiken continues his 'Idol' run

Foxes On Idol 4/7/03 Vanessa Olivarez Gets Naked (and Other Vanessa News)

Television Without Pity 4/7/03 Blame It On The Boogie

Daily Nebraskan 4/7/03 New 'AI' contestants struggle to embody star qualities

Newsday 4/6/03 'Idol' Theme: Police Rap

Launch 4/5/03 'American Idol' Mall Tour To Kick Off Saturday

Zap2It 4/4/03 'Idol' Judges and Kelly Clarkson Guest on FOX's "Mad TV"

Foxes On Idol 4/4/03 Readers Speak Out on the Joshua Gracin Controversies

Deseret News 4/4/03 Fox 'Idols' away an hour

Reality News Online 4/4/03 American Idol 2: The Charity CD Confusion

Dateline Alabama 4/4/03 Alabama talent makes it big on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 4/4/03 The Case for Carmen

Chicago Sun-Times 4/4/03 Not too awesome, dawg:

Foxes On Idol 4/4/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: The Torture Chamber

Zap2It 4/3/03 'American Idol' At Your Fingertips 4/3/03 Stay Awhile Longer 4/3/03 Song Suggestions for Billy Joel Night 4/3/03 An Abject Lesson In Singers, Studios, Talent and Technology

Foxes On Idol 4/3/03 Trenyce: How Could This Possibly Happen?

Reality TV Talk 4/3/03 American Idol 2 Results Recap "Disco Inferno"

Foxes On Idol 4/3/03 The Joshua Gracin Controversies 4/3/03 Stephanie's Recap of Tonight's American Idol - 4-2-03 4/3/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/2/03

Fans Of Reality TV 4/3/03 AI, Top 8 Results Show: Last Dance for...Nobody? 4/3/03 Fox/American Idol Jerks Us Around Yet Again

Salt Lake Tribune 4/3/03 Utah Idol Spared

Charlotte Observer 4/3/03 Autistic teen's family all Aiken fans

Ananova 4/3/03 American Idol gets patriotic

USA Today 4/3/03 Shaft? Shut your mouth!

Zap2It 4/3/03 Corey's Dismissal Spares Trenyce, Carmen

Reality News Online 4/3/03 American Idol 2, April 2: Too Much Time on My Hands

TV Rules 4/2/03 American Idol - And Then There Were.....

Reality TV Talk 4/2/03 American Idol Roundtable Discussion - It's Disco Night!

Jokers Updates 4/2/03 Numfar's Rankings & Spankings for Disco

Zap2It 4/2/03 'Idol' to Release Greenwood Charity Single

Foxes On Idol 4/2/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, April 1: Get Up and Dance

Foxes On Idol 4/2/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges, April 1: Let Disco Die

The Trades 4/2/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2 4/2/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Again Tops Tuesday Nielsens

Teen Hollywood 4/2/03 Cowell: Sarah Michelle Who? 4/2/03 Oh, those Americans, only focused on 'Idols'

BBC 4/2/03 American Idol raises US flag 4/2/03 American Idol Season 2 - 4/1/03

Fans Of Reality TV 4/2/03 American Idol, Top 8: Tuesday Night Fever 4/2/03 Burn This Mutha Down

Reality News Online 4/2/03 American Idol 2, April 1: Fool Me Once…

Reality Stars 4/2/03 American Idol - 70's Party Music Episode

USA Today 4/2/03 'Idol' gets disco fever

Go Memphis 4/2/03 Trenyce wows the judges again

Detroit News 4/2/03 Clark pleads on 'Idol' show

Zap2It 4/2/03 'American Idol' Channels Spirit of Disco Duck

Hartford Courant 4/2/03 Brookfield Woman Watching `Idol' From Home Now

Reality TV Talk 4/1/03 All Funked Up With Disco Night

Star Bulletin 4/1/03 Hawaii for Aiken

Extra 4/1/03 'Idol' Finalist Disqualified

TV Rules 4/1/03 American Idol-4/1 The Final...Eight?!

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/2003 Interview with Julia DeMato

Zap2It 4/1/03 Corey Shown the Door on 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/1/03 Corey Clark: Exodus

Arizona Republic 4/1/03 Kimberly did nothing to deserve this

Plain Dealer 4/1/03 Life after 'Idol' far from idle

Foxes On Idol 4/1/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Death Before Disco

Foxes On Idol 4/1/03 Corey Clark Booted for Beating Allegations

Washington Post 4/1/03 'American Idol's' Most Wanted

Ananova 4/1/03 Third Amercan Idol contestant disqualified over shady past

USA Today 4/1/03 Wanted: 'Idol' contestants

Herald Tribune 3/31/03 'American Idol' player Corey Clark booted after arrest revealed 3/31/03 - Corey Exposed

Foxes On Idol 3/31/03 Corey Clark Faces Battery and Resisting Arrest Charges

Foxes On Idol 3/31/03 Why Is Everyone So Hard on Kimberly Caldwell?

The Smoking Gun 3/31/03 Another "American Idol" Scandal

Television Without Pity 3/31/03 You Say "DeMato," I Say "Goodbye"

Detroit Free Press 3/31/03 'American Idol' or just plain idle?

Indy Star 3/30/03 'Idol' risks all to do as she likes in music

TV Rules 3/30/03 Junior Idol Casting Call

Reality TV Talk 3/30/03 American Idol2 "Country/Rock Night Recap" 3/29/03 'Idol' Finalists Team Up For Charity Single

Hartford Courant 3/28/03 Show's Over For DeMato

Foxes On Idol 3/28/03 Trenyce’s Past Arrest Exposed

BBC 3/28/03 Marine Idol 'could still fight'

Jokers Updates 3/28/03 Numfar's Rankings & Spankings for Country / Rock Week

Reality TV Talk 3/28/03 American Idol 2 Recap "Country Crock Results" 3/28/03 Clay and Kimberley Locke Top 2 Vocal Performers 

Elites TV 3/28/03 Kimberley and Ruben Rock the Country

Huntsville Times 3/27/03 Birmingham crooner could well be next American Idol

Television Without Pity 3/27/03 Tennessee Schmaltz

The Smoking Gun 3/27/03 American Idol -  Trenyce

Huntsville Times 3/27/03 'Idol' Ruben Studdard star already at home in Alabama

Foxes On Idol 3/27/03 Why Julia Lost 3/27/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 3/26/03

Fans Of Reality TV 3/27/03 AI, Top 10 results show, Did America get it right?

Charlotte Observer 3/27/03 N.C.'s Aiken advances on `Idol' 3/27/03 Michigan native moves to next round of American Idol

Digital Spy 3/27/03 Third finalist voted off

Ananova 3/27/03 Simon Cowell gets waxwork at Madame Tussaud's

USA Today 3/27/03 'Breathe' snuffs out Julia

Salt Lake Tribune 3/27/03 Utah's Idol Survives

Zap2It 3/27/03 Faith Fails Julia on 'Idol'

Reality News Online 3/27/03 American Idol 2, March 26: Third Time’s the Charm

The Trades 3/26/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2

TV Rules 3/26/03 American Idol - Proud to be American

Extra 3/26/03 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/26/03 'Idol' Marine May Not Remain Idle for Long

Reality TV Talk 3/26/03 AI 2 - Roundtable Discussion - Week 3 Performances

TV Rules 3/26/03 June 3 Premiere For Junior Idol

Foxes On Idol 3/26/03 Thoughts and Impressions on ‘American Idol’: March 25 3/26/03 American Idol Season 2 - 3/25/03

Fans Of Reality TV 3/26/03 American Idol, Top 10: They're a little bit Country....

Reality Stars 3/26/03 American Idol - Right on Ruben!

Reality News Online 3/26/03 AI 2, March 25: Country? Rock? Or Just More Ballads?

USA Today 3/26/03 Rating 'Idol' hopefuls

Go Memphis 3/26/03 Trenyce scores with song, clothes

Detroit News 3/26/03 'Idols' try bit of country

Zap2It 3/26/03 American Idols Xana-do Country-Rock

TV Rules 3/26/03 American Idol: Country Rock 3/25 Summary

Cleburne Times-Review 3/25/03 Television show finalist once SWAU student... 

Fans of Reality TV 3/25/03 Interview with American Idol 2's Charles Grigsby

Zap2It 3/25/03 Seacrest Looks to Build on 'Idol' Gig

Arizona Republic 3/25/03 Jeering Julia, lamenting Charles ouster

Hollywood Reporter 3/25/03 Seacrest strips for Twentieth TV

Charlotte Observer 3/24/03 Female fans achin' for Aiken

Zap2It 3/24/03 Tamyra Gray Hits 'Boston Public' Stage

Foxes On Idol 3/24/03 Trenyce: The True Wild Card

Reality TV Talk 3/23/03 "Vive's View: Movie Week, or "Ricky has a Tootsie and Charles takes a Wiz"

Foxes On Idol 3/21/03 Versatility Will Narrow the Field 3/21/03 We're hooked on "American Idol"

Foxes On Idol 3/20/03 Most Contestants Raising Their Game

Go Memphis 3/20/03 Trenyce survives cut on Idol

Extra 3/20/03 'American Idol'

Fans of Reality TV 3/20/03 Top 11 Results Show: Sorry, Charlie 3/20/03 - Cried on Tuesday, Cried on Wednesday

Deseret News 3/20/03 Utahns miss 2 star shows 3/20/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-War Starts As Idol Takes The Hour

Foxes On Idol 3/20/03 Why Charles Lost

Reality TV Talk 3/20/03 American Idol2 "Movie Song Results Recap" 3/20/03 American Idol Season 2 - 3/19/03

USA Today 3/20/03 'Idol' bumps Grigsby

Salt Lake Tribune 3/20/03 War Interrupts Utahns' TV Singing Success

Charlotte Observer 3/20/03 His star rises with each round on 'Idol'

CBS 3/20/03 'American Idol' beats American war

Zap2It 3/20/03 Everybody Beats 'The Wiz' on 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 3/20/03 American Idol 2, March 19: You Can’t Win

TV Rules 3/19/03 American Idol - Mansion...I Hardly Knew You!

Extra 3/19/03 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/19/03 “Young Profiles” Book Shows Why K Clarkson is an American Idol

Reality TV Talk 3/19/03 Roundtable Discussion - Week 2 Performances

The Trades 3/19/03 Roundtable Discussion-American Idol 2

Foxes On Idol 3/19/03 Thoughts and Impressions on ‘American Idol’: March 18 3/19/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol Wins 16th Ratings Battle in 17 Tries

Fans of Reality TV 3/19/03 Top 11: A Night at the Movies 3/19/03 American Idol Season 2 - 3/18/03

Reality News Online 3/19/03 American Idol 2, March 18: Grooving to the Movies

Reality TV Talk 3/19/03 3/18 Recap – One Down and 11 To Go! 3/19/03 Trenyce dresses daringly

Detroit News 3/19/03 Julia DeMato may be asking, "Where Did My Love Go?"

Green Bay Gazette 3/19/03 Our ‘Idol’ judges agree: DeMato’s outta here

Detroit News 3/19/03 Carmen's hopeless, Idol' experts say

Zap2It 3/19/03 ‘American Idol’ Movie Night Is a Pip

Reality Stars 3/18/03 American Idol - Josh Wows Crowd

TV Rules 3/18/03 American Idol: Movie Songs 3/18

Fans Of Reality TV 3/18/03 Interview with American Idol 2's Vanessa Olivarez

Reality News Online 3/18/03 Fox Trying to Decide Details on ‘J Millionaire’ and ‘AI’ Sequels

Foxes On Idol 3/18/03 How to Get Out of the Shadows of Ruben and Clay

USA Today 3/18/03 First 'Idol' returns to show to launch album, movie

Arizona Republic 3/18/03 Vamanos, Vanessa; who's next?

Detroit Free Press 3/18/03 Viewers say heavy favorite looks fine

Slate 3/17/03 Why is that grouch from American Idol selling Coke?

Zap2It 3/17/03 Cowell Opens Door for 'Idol' Return

Foxes On Idol 3/17/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: The X Factor

Foxes On Idol 3/17/03 Is It Better to Be Bad than Mediocre?

Mobile Register 3/17/03 Riley makes friends with 'Idol' finalist

Stars and Stripes 3/17/03 Lance Corporal still dreamy, makes latest 'Idol' cut

Television Without Pity 3/17/03 Boobies Over Booty

Reality TV Talk 3/16/03 AI episode 11 recap

Zap2It 3/15/03 Ex-'Idol' Hopeful to Stand Trial for Assault

Foxes On Idol 3/15/03 What Do People See in Clay?

Deseret News 3/14/03 Utah 'Idol' survives

Foxes On Idol 3/14/03 Why Clay Aiken Should NOT Win ‘American Idol’ 3/14/03 Vanessa Olivarez on 'FOX News'

The Olympian 3/14/03 'Idol' is more than a show -- it's a phenomenon

Zap2It 3/13/03 Clarkson and Movie Themes Top Next 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/13/03 Why Vanessa Lost

San Diego Tribune 3/13/03 Pendleton Marine advances in 'AI' talent show

Foxes On Idol 3/13/03 March 12 Results: A Good Scare for Julia

Reality News Online 3/13/03 American Idol 2, March 12: Blame the Producers

Media Fiends 3/13/03 America Was Fooled 3/13/03 Michigan native moves to next round of American Idol 3/13/03 Trenyce survives first Idol cut, but Atlantan doesn't hang on

Media Fiends 3/13/03 American Idol Season 2 - 3/12/03

Reality TV Talk 3/13/03 Roundtable Discussion - Week 1 Performances

Fans of Reality TV 3/13/03 Top 12 Results Show: The First To Go Home Is...

Reality TV Talk 3/13/03 American Idol 2 "Motown Results" Recap

Access North Ga 3/13/03 Gainesville's Olivarez out on American Idol

Salt Lake Triune 3/13/03 Utah's Idol Moves On

Charlotte Observer 3/13/03 Wannabe 'Idol' from UNCC advances

San Bernardino Sun 3/13/03 Rialto's Corey Clark sustains 'Idol' climb

Mobile Register 3/13/03 Alabama man advances on 'Idol'

USA Today 3/13/03 No longer hangin' on

Zap2It 3/13/03 'Idol' Viewers Lose a Bette, Vote out Vanessa

Jokers Updates 3/12/03 Numfar's Shameless Rankings & Spankings

Foxes On Idol 3/12/03 Cheaper by the Dozen

TV Rules 3/12/03 American Idol: Results Show 3/12

Media Fiends 3/12/03 Escapism to Entertainment - AI 3/11/03

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/12/03 'American Idol' sets the standard for talent shows

Foxes On Idol 3/12/03 The Changing Look of the American Idol

The Trades 3/12/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2

Fans Of Reality TV 3/12/03 Finals Week 1, The Sound of Motown

Foxes On Idol 3/12/03 The Top 12 Show Why They’re There

Media Fiends 3/12/03 American Idol Season 2 – 3/11/03

USA Today 3/12/03 A big hurray for Clay 3/12/03 Michigan native performs on American Idol

MTV 3/12/03 Guarini May Tour With Clarkson After Dropping Pop-Soul Debut

Access North Ga 3/12/03 Gainesville's Olivarez competes on American Idol

Reality News Online 3/12/03 American Idol 2, March 11: Make Me Motown

Memphis Online 3/12/03 Trenyce wows Idol judges

Deseret News 3/11/03 Fox is overexposing 'Idol'

Detroit News 3/11/03 'American Idol' panel sounds off on favorites

Charlotte Observer 3/11/03 Shut up, Simon! Charlotte thinks he's cute

Arizona Republic 3/11/03 Final 12 take stage; panel can't wait

Foxes On Idol 3/11/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Attack of the Drones

Boston Herald 3/11/03 No time for `Idol' speculation, let the games begin

Star Ledger 3/11/03 'Idol' schemes

Detroit Free Press 3/11/03 'American Idol' kids sing Motown for a legend

Zap2It 3/10/03 Stop! Dozier Will Be There to Lead 'Idol' to Motown

Philadelphia Inquirer 3/10/03 Taking a hard look at 'reality' contestants' looks

Television Without Pity 3/10/03 Faker's Dozen

Sunday People 3/9/03 Mr. Nasty a Flop With the U.S. Girls

Reality TV Talk 03/08/03 Advice to the Final 6 Guys

Reality TV Talk 3/8/03 American Idol 2: Advice to the Final 6 Ladies

TV Rules 3/7/03 American Idol Jr?

Henderson Hall News 3/7/03 Marine advances to the final 12 in "AI"

Deseret News 3/7/03 Utahn stays on track to be 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/7/03 The Carmen Conspiracies

Deseret News 3/6/03 Surly Simon says, 'You're it, Carmen'

Extra 3/6/03 'American Idol'

Troy Record 3/6/03 Billy Joel Joins American Idol 3/6/03 Justin named Bucks 'ambassador'

Foxes On Idol 3/6/03 Carmen Who?

TV Rules 3/6/03 The Real Reason Jaered Was DQ'd From AI 3/6/03 - AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Still Enjoying Hit Status

Salt Lake Tribune 3/6/03 Utahn Makes Final Idol Cut

Dallas Morning News 3/6/03 Texas singer advances on 'American Idol'

Media Fiends 3/6/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 3/5/03

Media Fiends 3/6/03 - Watch out for Clay, AI2 3-5-03

Go Memphis 3/6/03 Memphian reaches Idol final dozen

Beacon Journal 3/6/03 Ohio `Idol' hopeful gets boot

Fans of Reality TV 3/6/03 Wildcard Results: The Cast is Complete

Reality News Online 3/6/03 American Idol 2, March 5: Justify My Love

Reality TV Talk 3/6/03 American Idol2 "Wild Card Results - Double Trouble"

USA Today 3/6/03 'Idol' adds final four

Louisville Channel 3/6/03 'Idol' Contestant Charged In Fight That Led To Death

Zap2It 3/6/03 'American Idol' Continues on Feat of Clay

Foxes On Idol 3/5/03 The Wildcard: Original Semi-Finalists Show Their Stuff

The Trades 3/5/03 Roundtable Discussion - American Idol 2

Go Memphis 3/5/03 Trenyce likely to become finalist after she wows all but Cowell

Reality News Online 3/5/03 American Idol 2, March 4: Pretenders and Contenders

Daily Journal 3/5/03 Columbus woman excited at 2nd shot

Media Fiends 3/5/03 American Idol Season 2 - 3/4/2003

Fans of Reality TV 3/5/03 Wildcard Performances: One Last Chance

TV Rules 3/5/03 American Idol: The Way We Was, part one

Jokers Updates 3/4/03 Brad Estrin (AI 1) Episodes 7 & 8 (or is it 9 & 10)

The Intelligencer 3/4/03 Justin named ambassador of Bucks County

Extra 3/4/03 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/4/03 A REAL Wild Card at AI: How Would Stars Past Have Fared?

Go Memphis 3/4/03 'I'm really happy to be back,' says Idol returnee

The Olympian 3/4/03 Without 'Idol,' Frenchie Davis Basks in the Spotlight

Dallas Morning News 3/4/03 Texan singers rebound on 'American Idol'

Indianapolis Star 3/4/03 Hoosier singer's on 'Idol' tonight

USA Today 3/4/03 'Idol' hopefuls await final shot

Deseret News 3/3/03 Utahn trying again to be 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 3/3/03 Jaered’s Expulsion Explained… by Arrest for Assault

Staten Island Advance 3/3/03 'At Last,' Islander to be featured on 'AI'

The Smoking Gun 3/3/03 Fox reality contestants held like enemy combatants

Foxes On Idol 3/3/03 American Idol: The Plot Thickens

Reality News Online 3/3/03 Wild Speculation on the ‘AI’ Wildcard Twist

Television Without Pity 3/3/03 The Marine And The Moron

USA Today 3/2/03 No feet of clay for Frenchie

Reality TV Talk 3/2/03 "Maybe if I bash my head through a wall..."

Idol Online 3/02/2003 Beauty Qualifies You For What?

Gainesville Times 3/2/03 Olivarez aims to be 'American Idol'

Honolulu Advertiser 3/1/03 Back among friends, Jordan's idolized

Courier-Journal 2/28/03 Frenchie got celebrity without being 'idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/28/03 Corey Clark: Foolish Heart or Heartthrob?

USA Today 2/27/03 'Idol' calls in Marine

Zap2It 2/27/03 Four 'Idol' Wild Cards Will Advance, More Twists to Come

Foxes On Idol 2/27/03 Handicapping the Wildcard, Part 2: Who Should Have Gone In 2/27/03 - AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Still #1 With Viewers

Reality News Online 2/27/03 American Idol 2, February 26: Gotcha!

MTV 2/27/03 Kelly Clarkson Dispels Dating Rumors, Clears Up Movie Plot

Orange County Register 2/27/03 Local voted off 'American Idol' 2/27/03 Palmer man's daughter won't be next 'AI'

Go Memphis 2/27/03 Idol hands Memphis singer a 2nd chance

MSNBC 2/27/03 ‘Idol’ judge labeled ‘dangerous’

SB County Sun 2/27/03 Contestant from SB advances on Fox TV's 'AI'

Media Fiends 2/27/03 - 2.26.03 American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 2/27/03 Week 6 Results: Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Media Fiends 2/27/03 - American Idol is fiesty and what's the wildcard twist?

Reality News Online 2/27/03 AI 2, February 25: Dying Flowers and Sinking Ships

Detroit News 2/27/03 Westland's Gracin advances to 'Idol' finals

Zap2It 2/27/03 AI: From The Halls of Montezuma To A Bar In Hollywood

North County Times 2/26/03 Singing Marine awaits results of 'American Idol'

Reality TV Talk 2/26/03 AI2 RECAP Group Four Results

Television Without Pity 2/26/03 The Best And/Of The Worst

The Trades 2/26/03 Roundtable Discussion: American Idol 2 2/26/03-AI2 Ratings Tracker-Idol Back Atop The Ratings Heap

Go Memphis 2/26/03 American Idol contestant quick to return judges' fire

Media Fiends 2/26/03 - 2.25.03 American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 2/26/03 Wk 6 Performances: Attitude Adjustments All Around

Foxes On Idol 2/26/03 The Fourth Group: Egos Over Talent

Detroit News 2/26/03 Simon is no threat to Westland 'Idol' competitior

Go Memphis 2/25/03 Memphian gets break, second chance on Idol

Zap2It 2/25/03 Tamyra Gray Signs for More 'Boston Public'

USA Today 2/25/03 'Idol' countdown continues

Detroit Free Press 2/25/03 Marine Josh Gracin is well-trained for competition on 'AI' 2/24/03 Palmer man's daughter to sing on Tuesday's 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/24/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: The Gloves Come Off

Washington Post 2/23/03 'Idol' Star Lands 'Boston Public' Role

Idol Online 2/23/03 Surprise! The Results Are Unsurprising!

Television Without Pity 2/23/03 Moon Over Miami

Deseret News 2/22/03 Tamyra sings in 'Public'

Foxes On Idol 2/22/03 Round Three, Strike Three

Deseret News 2/22/03 'Idol' auditioners merit respect

Media Fiends 2/22/03 - Spider Bite made Equoia wiggly weird- Al 2/19/03

Washington Post 2/22/03 'Idol' Star Lands 'Boston Public' Role

Reality TV Talk 2/21/03 "Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo, this group just ain't got no Flow"

Elites TV 2/21/03 Talent vs. Image

Zap2It 2/21/03 Tamyra Gray Sings Her Heart Out for 'Boston Public'

Foxes On Idol 2/21/03 Be Careful What You Wish For: The Fashion of AI’s Grp 3

MegaStar 2/21/03 Cowell weighs in on 'lardy' yank

Honolulu Advertiser 2/21/03 'Idol' finalist eager to show she can act

Tribune Star 2/21/03 'You're a shining star'

Reality TV Talk 2/20/03 The Good, The Bad, and Keith

Teen Hollywood 2/20/03 American Idol Stars Movie Sneak Peek

Extra 2/20/03 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 2/20/03 AI “Best of the Worst” Special: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly

Media Fiends 2/20/03 - American Idol Extra - The Best of the Worst 2/20/03 - AI2 Ratings Tracker - Ratings Hiccup For AI2

Jackson Sun 2/20/03 Trice won't be 'American Idol'

Press of Atlantic City 2/20/03 Local ‘Idol’ contestant fails to make finals

Honolulu Advertiser 2/20/03 Hawai'i's 'Idol' misses cut

Reality News Online 2/20/03 American Idol 2, February 19: Whatever Works

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/03 Week 5 Results: Can You Hear Me Now? Good!

Dallas Morning News 2/20/03 Texan makes it into 'Idol' finals

Access North Ga 2/20/03 Gainesville's Olivarez makes American Idol finals 2/20/03 Memphian just barely misses her Idol dream

Macon Telegraph 2/20/03 Lizella woman falls out of 'Idol' competition

USA Today 2/20/03 Two more make 'American Idol' cut

Zap2It 2/20/03 Hercules! Hercules! Rickey, Vanessa Top Tepid 'AI' Group 3

TV Rules 2/20/03 Hope Sinks, Part 2 Results Show

Media Fiends 2/19/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 2/19/03

Reality TV Talk 2/19/03 AI2 Group Three Winners

Media Fiends 2/19/03 - No Sparks, Lot's of Nerves = DULL AI2 2/18/03

Extra 2/19/03 Ryan Seacrest

News Tribune 2/19/03 'American Idol' contestant back on the national stage

The Trades 2/19/03 Roundtable Discussion - AI 2 

Idol Online 2/19/02 It's Not Coming Back To Me Ever

Fans of Reality TV 2/19/03 Week 5 Performances, If it's Good Enough for J-Lo 2/19/03 - AI2 Ratings Tracker - AI2 Owns Another Tuesday

MTV 2/19/03 Kelly Clarkson Promises Blues, Ballads, Hip-Hop On Debut LP

Access North Ga 2/19/03 Gainesville woman performs on American Idol

Honolulu Advertiser 2/19/03 Barb fails to burst 'American Idol' bubble

Jackson Sun News 2/19/03 Trice competes on 'American Idol'

The News Examiner 2/19/03 Voice coach has ‘Locke’ on success

Dallas Morning News 2/19/03 'Idol' contestant Rickey Smith building a fan base..

Media Fiends 2/19/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 2-18-2003

TV Rules 2/19/03 AI 2/18/03 Episode Summary: Hope Sinks

Foxes On Idol 2/19/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges – The Third Group: Eh…

Foxes On Idol 2/19/03 Jim Verraros Discusses ‘American Idol’ and His Future

Reality News Online 2/19/03 American Idol 2, February 18: Group Dynamics

USA Today 2/18/03 Countdown to 'Idol'-try

Wichita Eagle 2/18/03 Former Wichitan on 'American Idol' tonight

The Times 2/18/03 Shreveport native aims to be an 'American Idol' 2/18/03 2 Tennesseans shooting for stardom, on American Idol

Honolulu Advertiser 2/18/03 Jordan confident, collected for 'Idol' performance

Foxes On Idol 2/18/03 Moving Right Along from Group 2 to Group 3

Foxes On Idol 2/18/03 Handicapping the Wildcard

Philadelphia Inquirer 2/17/03 He's 'Idol'-ing in L.A.

Macon Telegraph 2/17/03 Lizella teen ready to take 'Idol' stage again

Honolulu Advertiser 2/17/03 Hawaii's 'Idol' will compete tomorrow

Television Without Pity 2/17/03 Large And In Charge

Foxes On Idol 2/17/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: The Empire Strikes Back

USA Today 2/17/03 Banished Frenchie looking past 'Idol'

Ventura County Star 2/16/03 'AI' singer plays shy student on 'Boston Public'

Birmingham News 2/16/03 Clothing company's number ringing after Ruben picks his Flava

Teen Music 2/16/03 Abdul Helps Shamed American Idol Star 2/15/03 Gainesville woman to appear on 'AI'

Star-Tribune 2/15/03 TV's 'American Idol' claims Utah telemarketer fraud

Dallas Morning News 2/15/03 These Idols can't match Kelly yet

Media Fiends 2/14/03 - American Idol 2/12/03

Reality TV Talk 2/13/03 AI2 - Group Two Performances Recap

TV Rules 2/13/02 The Great Frenchie Debate: Who Loses Out?

Extra TV 2/13/03 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/13/03 Pulling Together the Newest Information on Frenchie’s Expulsion

E!Online 2/13/03 An "Idol" Impostor

Media Fiends 2/13/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 2/12/2003

Foxes On Idol 2/13/03 AI Fashion – What Worked and What Didn’t in Group 2?

Washington Post 2/13/03 Fans' 'Idol' Threats: Fox Takes Heat for Booting Frenchie

Fans of Reality TV 2/13/03 Week 4 Results, Paula Pulls the Plug

Reality TV Talk 2/13/03 American Idol2 Recap Group Two Winners

NY Daily News 2/13/03 The bare facts behind a fallen 'Idol'

USA Today 2/13/03 Two more 'stars' move on up

Detroit Free Press 2/13/03 Sacre bleu! 'Idol' boots off Frenchie

Zap2It 2/13/03 It's Vocals Over Image on 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 2/13/03 American Idol 2, February 12: This Year’s Model

Television Without Pity 2/12/03 Same Old Snit, Part III

Extra TV 2/12/03 'American Idol'

TV Rules 2/12/03 ''The Smoking Gun'' Finds the Frenchie 411

Foxes On Idol 2/12/03 More Details and Reader Feedback on Frenchie’s Expulsion

The Smoking Gun 2/12/03 "American Idol" Star Bounced 

E!Online 2/12/03 Foxy Frenchie No "Idol"

Zap2It 2/12/03 'Idol' Semi-Finalist Dismissed from Show

The Trades 2/12/03 Roundtable Discussion

Foxes On Idol 2/12/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges–The Second Group: Singers & Fighters

Media Fiends 2/12/03 - 2.11.03 American Idol

Honolulu Advertiser 2/12/03 'American Idol,' here we come

Fans of Reality TV 2/12/03 Week 4 Performances, The Bar Has Been Raised

Foxes On Idol 2/12/03 Frenchie Davis Booted from ‘AI’ Without Giving the Audience a Say

Reality News Online 2/12/03 American Idol 2, February 11: Jive Talkin’

TV Rules 2/12/03 Frenchie Davis Out Of American Idol

Milwaukee Journal 2/12/03 Bond outargued Cowell, but it's the audience that will decide her fate

USA Today 2/11/03 'Idol' contestant booted for working for adult Web site

Long Beach Press 2/11/03 An 'American Idol' from Woodland Hills? 2/11/03 Oklahoman hopes to make next round of 'Idol'

The Arizona Republic 2/11/03 Julia's win on 'Idol' shocks local singer

Newsday 2/11/03 His Money Can Buy Shabbiness

Morning Journal News 2/11/03 'Idol' finalist ready to 'go for the gusto'

USA Today 2/11/03 Two more will join 'Idol' finalists

TV Rules 2/10/03 American Idol- Who are the next 8?

Orlando Business Journal 2/10/03 Playing with toys is my Idol pastime

Television Without Pity 2/10/03 Accentuate The Negative

Foxes On Idol 2/10/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: The First Skirmish

Post Gazette 2/9/03 Simon says, and viewers tune in

Toledo Blade 2/8/03 Searching for a song

Extra 2/7/03 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/7/03 One Down, Four to Go

Fans of Reality TV 2/7/03 Week 3 Results Show, the first two finalists

Foxes On Idol 2/6/03 Charles Grigsby: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Extra TV 2/6/03 'American Idol'

Go Memphis 2/6/03 Memphians get the hook in American Idol TV vote

Birmingham News 2/6/03 'American Idol' finalist Studdard has solid home support

Democrat and Chronicle 2/6/03 Local 'American Idol' twins will greet Twins

Media Fiends 2/6/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 2/5/2003

TV Rules 2/6/03 American Idol- First result show

Foxes On Idol 2/6/03 Julia vs. Kimberly – The “Rivalry” Pushes Julia Ahead

USA Today 2/6/03 'Idol' adds 2; Trista subtracts 1

Reality News Online 2/6/03 American Idol 2, February 5: Don’t Call It An Upset

Reality TV Talk 2/5/03 AI2 Group One Auditions

Zap2It 2/5/03 First 'Idol' Vote Breaks Up Rivalry

Reality TV Talk 2/5/03 American Idol Group 1 Results

The Trades 2/5/03 Roundtable Discussion American Idol 2

Chicago Sun-Times 2/5/03 They sound so smashing

Zap2It 2/5/03 Fox Airs American Idol The Best of the Worst

Extra TV 2/5/03 'American Idol'

Media Fiends 2/5/03 - American Idol Season 2 - 2/4/03

Foxes On Idol 2/5/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges – The First 8: Daddy’s Boy Fights Back

Fans of Reality TV 2/5/03 Week 3, Fashion, Family Members, and...Joe Millionaire?

TV Rules 2/5/02 American Idol: The First 8

Go Memphis 2/5/03 Local Idol contestants rated 'unbelievable' and 'just OK'

Reality News Online 2/5/03 American Idol 2, February 4: Parental Guidance Not Recommended

Dallas Morning News 2/5/03 Fox now rules roost in battle for ratings

Arizona Republic 2/5/03 2 local 'Idols' miss cut, but keep on singing

Seattle PI 2/4/03 'Bachelorette' finalist Sutter formerly made plays for Neuheisel

USA Today 2/4/03 'American Idol': The spinoffs

Honolulu Advertisers 2/4/03 Getting juiced on 'American Idol' hope

Foxes On Idol 2/4/03 Potential Idols Who Don’t Fit the Mold – Can Simon Take It?

Television Without Pity 2/4/03 Which Show is this Anyway?

DM News 2/4/03 'Idol' Begins Voting by Text Messaging

Go Memphis 2/4/03 3 Memphis women feel 'the rush' of being American Idol finalists

USA Today 2/4/03 The first eight: 'American Idol' semifinalists battle tonight

Foxes On Idol 2/3/03 American Idol 2 – Finally, Let the Games Begin!

TV Barn 2/3/03 Fox affiliate airs news story critical of "Idol"

USA Today 2/3/03 First came 'Idol,' now come objects to idolize

TV Rules 2/3/03 American Idol- Who are the 32...

Macon Telegraph 2/1/03 Lizella teen with 'big voice' taking shot at 'Idol' fame

Teen Hollywood 1/31/03 American Idol Winner Set To Wed Runner-up?

Extra TV 1/31/03 'American Idol'

Launch 1/31/03 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson In Gay Film

Foxes On Idol 1/31/03 Can the New Contestants Live Up to the Old?

News Times 1/31/03 Shes 1 of 32 still in American Idol field

SMU Daily Campus 1/31/03 'American Idol' reject makes it to next round of 'Rocks' 1/31/03 UNCC student is finalist for 'Idol'

Wichita Eagle 1/31/03 'American Idol' finalist is former Wichitan

News Observer 1/31/03 North Carolinian advances on 'Idol'

Times Picayune 1/31/03  Close, but no cigar in Chalmette


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