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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Birmingham News 8/5/03 Studdard paid, 205 Flava says 8/5/03 Fans gear up for Clay to come home

Foxes On Idol 8/5/03 Why Clay Didn’t Win – and Why His Fans Should Be Glad

Extra TV 8/4/03 'American Idol'

Beavers On Idol 8/4/03 A Brief Introduction of Canadian Idol to American Idol Fans

NBC13 8/4/03 205 Flava Claims Payments Were Made To 'Idol'

USA Today 8/4/03 'Idol' auditions kick off with California dreaming

WXXA 8/4/03 Idol Sets Sail For Hawaii

Digital Spy 8/4/03 'American Idol 3' auditions begin

Star-News 8/3/03 Over 5,000 wannabes show up at Rose Bowl for a chance to be the next AI

Zap2It 8/3/03 'Idol' Auditions Begin in Pasadena 8/3/03 Fairest of them all

Capital News 8/3/03 An American Idol in Gloversville

Times Picayune 8/3/03 Misadventures in the 205

Leader Herald 8/3/03 'Idol' Star Comes to Gloversville

Reality TV World 8/2/03 'AI' winner Ruben Studdard sues maker of '205' jerseys

Foxes On Idol 8/2/03 The Three Wise “Men” – Born to Judge

NY Times 8/2/03 No Contest as the 'Idols' Sing for Fun

Newsday 8/2/03 No Tribute Need Be Paid These 'Idols'

NY Daily News 8/2/03 Ruben's got a big beef with 205 shirt co.

NMC 8/1/03 Idol Runner Up Starts Foundation
Zap2It 8/1/03 Lawyers Represent the 205 as Studdard Sues Clothing Maker

Birmingham News 8/1/03 Studdard suing 205 Flava

MegaStar 8/1/03 Idol Kelly's UK challenge

Fayetteville Online 8/1/03 American Idol 2 stars to perform in Raleigh

Launch 8/1/03 Clay Aiken Starts A Charitable Foundation 7/31/03 American Idols Live! Tour Recap

Leader Herald 7/31/03 'Idol' contestant says she found success in loss

Beacon Journal 7/31/03 'Idol' star hardly idle

Times Dispatch 7/31/03 Idol thoughts 7/31/03 Being an American Idol means a lot of pressure

San Bernardino Sun 7/31/03 "American Idol'' open auditions

Honolulu Advertiser 7/31/03 'Idol 3' auditions plan September stop in state

USA Today 7/31/03 Without TV show, 'Idol' singles fade

TVRules 7/30/03 First American Idol 3 Audition Is Announced

Teen Music 7/30/03 Mariah Carey Overwhelms Kelly Clarkson

TV Barn 7/30/03 Simon Cowell Gives America Its First Look at 'AI' Auditions on 8/5 

Zap2It 7/30/03 Cowell Visiting 'American Juniors'

Reality TV World 7/30/03 Clay Aiken's single hits 8th week as #1 in sales - by 600 units

Times Dispatch 7/30/03 American Idols to Play Richmond

Herald Sun 7/30/03 'Idol' star Aiken sings to Sen. Dole in D.C. trip

Washington Post 7/30/03 Orchestrated 'Idols' With Real Live Fans

Reality TV World 7/30/03 FOX announces 'American Idol 3' August 3 Los Angeles audition details

News14 7/29/03 Group hopes to raise money for autism

Star Bulletin 7/29/03 TV's "American Idol" to film show in Waikiki

Miami Herald 7/29/03 Guarini Respects Advice of Cowell, Abdul

Beavers On Idol 7/29/03 American Idol: The Artist Versus the Artisan

Reality TV World 7/29/03 'AI' winner Kelly Clarkson to appear on NBC series 'American Dreams'

WRAL 7/29/03 Clay Aiken Takes His Star Power From Wall Street To Washington

Boston Globe 7/28/03 Reality of 'American Idol' tour: lots of style but little substance

News Observer 7/28/03 A cabal against Clay 7/28/03 'American Idol' Clarkson living 'American Dream'

Go Memphis 7/26/03 Enthusiastic fans enliven life on bus for Idol bunch

Live Daily 7/26/03 'American Idol' star Clay Aiken

Dallas Morning News 7/26/03 From Kelly to Peggy for Clarkson

Business Journal 7/25/03 Wachovia event to feature 'Idol' star Aiken

Launch 7/25/03 Kelly Clarkson Puts Her Best Foot Forward For Candie's

Billboard 7/25/03 Top Stars Have 'American Dreams'

Business Wire 7/25/03 AI Ruben and Ashanti Featured on the Cover of August Sister 2 Sister 

TVRules 7/24/03 NBC Plays American Idol On American Dreams

Reality TV World 7/24/03 'AI' wins 'Program of the Year' from TV Critics Association

USA Today 7/24/03 Plush maker reaches for the stars

Plain Dealer 7/24/03 Screams, tweens greet the 'Idol' troupe

Beacon Journal 7/24/03 Aiken no runner-up with CSU crowd

Extra TV 7/23/03 Ryan Seacrest

Chart Attack 7/23/03 Live: American Idols Live!

Lubbock Online 7/23/03 Local auditions set for 'Idol'

The Plain Dealer 7/23/03 Pop go the Idols

WRAL 7/23/03 Clay Aiken's First Music Video Inspired By Magazine Photo Shoot

WBBM 7/22/03 Clay Aiken Heads To Washington

WOKR 7/22/03 Simon Cowell's in the Money

Beavers On Idol 7/22/03 American Idol: To AI or Not to AI

Foxes On Idol 7/22/03 The Marketability of Clay and Ruben

VH1 7/21/03 Beyonce, Ruben Studdard To Appear In Luther Vandross Video

Detroit Free Press 7/21/03 'American Idol'-worshiping crowd gets its fill

Foxes On Idol 7/21/03 Idol Chartwatch, July 21, 2003

Foxes On Idol 7/20/03 American Idol 2 Tour in Chicago: A Review

Reality TV World 7/19/03 'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson has gastric bypass surgery

Hartford Courant 7/19/03 `American Idol' Live, Just How Cool Is That?

Detroit Free Press 7/18/03 Ruben won 'American Idol,' so why is Clay Mr. Popularity?

Extra TV 7/18/03 'Scary Movie 3'

Detroit News 7/18/03 'American Idol' finalists take the stage at Joe Louis

Reality TV World 7/17/03 Emmy nominations honor 'Amazing Race,' 'American Idol,' & 'Survivor'

Media Guardian 7/17/03 American Idol and Survivor compete for Emmy

Beavers On Idol 7/17/03 American Idol: A New Breed of Fans for a New Breed of Star

Reality TV World 7/16/03 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell lands $2 million book deal

MTV 7/16/03 A New 'Low' For Kelly Clarkson

Post Gazette 7/16/03 Locke a standout on 'American Idols Live' tour

News14 7/16/03 Clay's single continues strong sales

Detroit News 7/16/03 'American Idol' takes Detroit off tryout list

Zap2It 7/16/03 Cowell Signs Deal for 'Idol' Book

TVRules 7/16/03 American Idol Auditions

BBC 7/16/03 Cowell signs £2m Idol book deal

MTV 7/15/03 'American Idol' Looking For Its Next Champ

Beavers On Idol 7/15/03 American Idol: Follow Up to "Is Clay Aiken a True Idol?"

Star Tribune 7/15/03 Hooters customers get to indulge in 'Idol' worship

Reality TV World 7/15/03 'American Idol 3' announces first audition dates and locations

MTV 7/14/03 Clay Aiken's 'Night' Video Says 'This Is The Soul'

Launch 7/14/03 Kelly Clarkson Wears Disguises When Visiting Hometown

MTV 7/14/03 Ruben Studdard Confronted By Rabid Claymates At Tour Stop

Zap2It 7/14/03 'American Idol 3' Sets First Audition Dates

Foxes On Idol 7/14/03 Catching Up With Season One’s ‘American Idol’ Group 7/14/03 Fans Ask FCC To Investigate 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 7/13/03 American Idol: Is Clay Aiken a True Idol? 7/13/03 American Idols' tour improves from 2002

Rolling Stone 7/12/03 Ruben Ready to Roll

Launch 7/12/03 Clay Aiken Fans Claim 'American Idol's' Results Fixed

Chicago Tribune 7/11/03 'American Idol' tour on a roll

Foxes On Idol 7/11/03 Watch the Birdie!

Chicago Sun-Times 7/11/03 'Idol' worship not deserved

SB Sun 7/10/03 Believe and anything is possible

The Smoking Gun 7/10/03 American Idol 

News14 7/10/03 Nationwide "American Idol" tour begins

Reality TV World 7/10/03 Kelly Clarkson to perform on August 6th '2003 Teen Choice Awards' 7/9/03 Clay-Mania Continues

Star Tribune 7/9/03 'American Idol' Clay in St. Paul makes Web celeb of metro woman

Foxes On Idol 7/9/03 The Cult of Clay Aiken

Star Tribune 7/9/03 Familiar faces, familiar formula at 'Idol' concert

Foxes On Idol 7/9/03 Does the Winner Take It All?

Launch 7/8/03 'American Idols' Launch Summer Tour In St. Paul

Reality TV World 7/8/03 Simon Cowell commits to judging 'American Idol' until 2006

NY Daily News 7/8/03 Nasty as he wants to be

Digital Spy 7/8/03 Cowell signs up for three more 'American Idol'

New Zealand Herald 7/8/03 Music manager not idle after idol 7/7/03 Simon Cowell signs three-year deal with `American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 7/7/03 Idol Chartwatch, July 7, 2003

Zap2It 7/7/03 'Idol' Singles Begin to Fall

Star Tribune 7/6/03 American idols go to Hooters

Charlotte Observer 7/5/03 On Amazon chart, Clay is No. 1

Teen Hollywood 7/5/03 Justin Guarini Performs on 'GMA'

Pioneer Press 7/4/03 Idol thoughts

Hartford Courant 7/4/03 Second-Place Stardom

WRAL 7/4/03 Aiken's Album Follows Path Of Single -- Straight To No. 1

Birmingham News 7/3/03 Tourism officials hope to build on image set by `Idol' Studdard

BBC 7/3/03 American Idol star faces fine

Reality TV World 7/3/03 Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard have CDs delayed until September

Reality TV World 7/3/03 Clay Aiken falls from top spot on Billboard chart but remains top-selling single

Star Tribune 7/3/03 Clay Aiken gets a taste of Minnesota nice

Chart Attack 7/3/03 Justin Guarini Faces The Texas Courts

Zap2It 7/2/03 Ex-'Idol' Star Cited in Boating Mishap

Teen Music 7/2/03 American Idols In Trouble

MTV 7/2/03 Justin Guarini Faces Possible Jail Time For Near-Miss Accident

Reality TV World 7/2/03 'AI' finalist Josh Gracin recalled to Marine duty, leaves live tour

Indy Channel 7/1/03 'American Idol' Contestant Has To Go Back To Marines

Reality TV World 7/1/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' ends as bonafide flop

E!Online 7/1/03 "American Idol" Showdown Avoided

NBC4 7/1/03 From Stardom To Citation: Police Ticket 'American Idol' Runner-Up

WPXI 7/1/03 'American Idol' Contestant Has To Go Back To Marines

Reality TV World 7/1/03 Justin Guarini cited for "unsafe boat operation"

NY Times 7/1/03 'Idol' Creator Busy with Next Big Music Idea 6/30/03 Large Brothers We Love

Foxes On Idol 6/30/03 Idol News and Updates

Foxes On Idol 6/30/03 Marines Say Josh Gracin Won’t Tour – Fans Respond with Petition

Baltimore Sun 6/28/03 Beware the latest product of 'Idol' hands

Zap2It 6/27/03 Gracin Skips 'Idol' Tour of Duty

Television Without Pity 6/27/03 From Justin To Kelly

NY Daily News 6/27/03 Simon's no $10M man: Readers

Foxes On Idol 6/27/03 Why Fame Can’t Fill the American Idol Void

Reality TV World 6/26/03 'Idol' Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard keep 1-2 slots on Billboard chart

Billboard 6/26/03 'Idols' Still Rule Billboard's Singles Charts

Zap2It 6/26/03 Simon Says: I'll Probably Return to 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 6/26/03 Simon Says: Let’s Rip on Clay

NY Daily News 6/26/03 Simon sez: More $$$

Salon 6/25/03 "From Justin to Kelly"

Milwaukee Journal 6/25/03 Bad timing leads to big flop for 'Idol' movie

Beavers On Idol 6/25/03 AI: Should Clay and Ruben Still Watch out for Kimberley Locke?

Rocky Mountain News 6/25/03 Bad writing beaches Justin-Kelly vehicle

Reality TV World 6/24/03 'American Idol 2' live tour outselling 'Idol 1' tour

County Record 6/24/03 Midland County Fair welcomes AI winner Kelly Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 6/24/03 Recording Masterclass for Ruben’s and Clay’s CDs

Foxes On Idol 6/24/03 Clay Aiken – On the Cover of the Rolling Stone

Foxes On Idol 6/23/03 Marilyn vos Savant Tackles the AI Voting Issue

Reality TV World 6/23/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' flops on opening weekend

Elites TV 6/23/03 Clay Aiken: The Real "Winner" of American Idol 2?

Foxes On Idol 6/23/03 From Justin and Kelly

Foxes On Idol 6/23/03 Clay Aiken: The First Web Idol

BBC 6/23/03 'Ticket boost' for Idol tour

Birmingham News 6/22/03 Another Cat to join 'American Idol' tour 

Newsday 6/22/03 'Idol' Fans Seem Tuned To Clay

Teen Music 6/22/03 American Idol Finalists Storm The Pop Charts 6/22/03 This Week's Hits: Clay Aiken, Superstar

Toronto Star 6/22/03 Idols may want to bury their heads in the sand

Go Memphis 6/21/03 55 days, 40 cities, one week to prepare: Trenyce is ready

Washington Post 6/21/03 'Justin to Kelly': The 'Idol' Kids' Losing Number

Chicago Sun-Times 6/21/03 Give us a (spring) break! TV idols try big screen 6/21/03 An 'Idol' effort

NY Daily News 6/21/03 Beach Blanket Stinko

Billboard 6/20/03 Studdard & Aiken: American Idols

Zap2It 6/20/03 Joined at the Hip: 'Idol' Finalists Plan Dual August Releases 6/20/03 Fuller himself

WRAL 6/20/03 Clay Aiken Reacts To 'Rolling Stone' Cover, Article

Launch 6/20/03 Kelly Clarkson Isn't Afraid Of The 'Hulk'

Beavers On Idol 6/20/03 American Idol: The Unlikely Idols

Billboard 6/20/03 Aiken, Studdard Albums Due On Same Day 6/20/03 Harmless bouncing on the beach

Times Star 6/20/03 It's like 'Grease' on the beach with music and choreography

Foxes On Idol 6/20/03 Idol Chartwatch, June 20, 2003

Launch 6/19/03 Clay Aiken Contacted By Birthfather 6/19/03 Interview: Clarkson Adjusts To Role Of Movie 'Idol'

Reality TV World 6/19/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' described as only 'for fans'

Reality TV World 6/19/03 'AI' finalists Clay Aiken and Ruben Studdard grab top 2 spots on Billboard

CBS 6/19/03 'American Idols' Beach Party

USA Today 6/19/03 'Idol' worship keeps Ruben, Clay on top 6/18/03 From Justin to Kelly to video rental

Houston Chronicle 6/18/03 Clay bests Ruben on the charts with No. 1 single

Chicago Sun-Times 6/18/03 Will Clarkson be a film idol, too?

MTV 6/18/03 Has America Changed Its Mind? Clay Beats Ruben On Singles Chart

Sun-Sentinel 6/18/03 For former Idol stars, reality becomes a whirlwind of publicity 6/18/03 Aiken, Studdard Storm Billboard Chart

Zap2It 6/18/03 Big Ruben Hits Big Screen with Big Dog

MSNBC 6/18/03 Clay Aiken’s first big tell-all

USA Today 6/18/03 Matinee 'Idols' hit the beach

BBC 6/18/03 Fuller equals US chart record

Beacon Journal 6/18/03 Studdard Has Cameo in 'Scooby-Doo' Sequel 6/18/03 American Idol 2 Op/Ed: Clay Aiken is The X Factor

Reality TV World 6/18/03 'American Idol' dominates U.S. singles sales charts

BBC 6/18/03 Simon Fuller: Guiding pop culture

Reality TV World 6/17/03 'American Idol' Ruben Studdard to appear in 'Scooby-Doo 2' movie 6/17/03 From Justin and Kelly to you

Launch 6/17/03 Kelly Clarkson To Kick Off Macy's Fireworks Spectacular

WXXA 6/17/03 Kelly Clarkson: Critics Will Hate My Movie

Beavers On Idol 6/17/03 American Idol: New Idol Music

NY Daily News 6/17/03 Justin & Kelly do Frankie & Annette

Charlotte Observer 6/16/03 Clay takes on Rolling Stone

Miami Herald 6/16/03 Aiken Not Out to Beat Studdard in Sales

Fox News 6/16/03 Ruben Studdard 'Can't Even Process' Success

Time 6/16/03 The Singin', Dancin' American Idyll

MTV 6/16/03 Justin Guarini's To Do List: Children's Book, Movie, No Bar Mitzvahs

Milwaukee Journal 6/15/03 'Idol' moments

Morning Call 6/14/03 A night to remember: Screaming in the rain for Justin

Guardian Unlimited 6/12/03 'I'm one of the best in the world'

Foxes On Idol 6/12/03 A First Look at Justin Guarini’s Debut CD

MTV 6/12/03 Fat Joe, 'Idol' Ruben Studdard Team Up To Say 'Can I Get Your Attention?'

Reality TV World 6/12/03 'Idol' winner Ruben Studdard may have real grievance over '205' jerseys

Extra TV 6/11/03 'From Justin to Kelly'

WOKR 6/11/03 Ruben Studdard's Exclusive Interview 6/11/03 Clay Aiken's Single Released

Reality TV World 6/11/03 'Idol' finalist Justin Guarini credits his hair for his success

Reality TV World 6/11/03 'AI' winner Ruben Studdard nixes '205' jerseys, seeks more cash

Foxes On Idol 6/11/03 Another Idol Tuesday – Clay, Ruben, and Justin on Oprah

Elites TV 6/11/03 Ruben Studdard Fires 205Flava-via the Associated Press!!!

Extra TV 6/10/03 Justin Guarini

BBC 6/10/03 American Idols begin chart battle

Reality TV World 6/10/03 'AI' competition moves to record stores, as 3 CDs released today

Foxes On Idol 6/10/03 A First Look at the Ruben & Clay CDs

Foxes On Idol 6/10/03 Idol Chartwatch, June 10, 2003

MTV 6/10/03 Justin Guarini Sets Out To Prove 'I Can Really, Really Sing'

WNBC 6/10/03 'Idol' Runner-Up Guarini Releases Album

Birmingham News 6/10/03 Single success

USA Today 6/10/03 Justin the Idol brought swoons, but 'Justin' the CD brings yawns

NY Daily News 6/10/03 'Idol' pair are now single guys

Reality TV World 6/9/03 Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini say 'AI' movie filming was 'piece of cake'

Reality TV World 6/9/03 'American Idol' Judges' Chairs to be Auctioned

Foxes On Idol 6/9/03 RJ’s Time

Foxes On Idol 6/9/03 Déjà Vu from Across the Ocean

Birmingham News 6/9/03 Studdard parts ways with 205 Flava owners

Birmingham News 6/9/03 Fans pack park for Ruben's video shoot 6/9/03 Kelly, Justin say movie a breeze next to Idol

Foxes On Idol 6/9/03 Clay Aiken: The Star Factor

BBC 6/6/03 Idol rivals set for chart battle 6/7/03 'American Idol' judge's chairs set for auction

Detroit News 6/7/03 Could Ruben be the next Luther?

NY Daily News 6/7/03 Ruben, Clay play deejay

Washington Post 6/6/03 On Broadway, Frenchie Finds A Perfect Fit

Extra TV 6/6/03 Simon Cowell

Reality TV World 6/6/03 FOX cancels full theatrical trailer for 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly'

Foxes On Idol 6/6/03 June 10: American Idol Day! 6/5/03 Studdard, Aiken Singles To Go Head-To-Head

RCA Records 6/5/03 RCA Records Signs 'American Idol' Runner Up Clay Aiken

Reality TV World 6/5/03 'American Idol' spinoffs still dominate sales charts

Rolling Stone 6/5/03 Ruben Plots His Next Move

Reality TV World 6/5/03 Fox delays video release of 'From Justin to Kelly' movie after theaters complain

MTV 6/5/03 'Idol' Heroes Ruben And Clay About To Do Battle Again 6/5/03 'Idol' movie, single pushed back

USA Today 6/5/03 'Idol' speculation on career prospects

National Enquirer 6/4/03 American Idol Ruben Still Looking For Love

Reality TV World 6/4/03 'AI' movie 'From Justin to Kelly' cancels press screenings..

Digital Spy 6/4/03 RCA signs record contract with Clay Aiken

Birmingham News 6/4/03 Ruben's coming for video shoot

Washington Post 6/4/03 'Thankful' for Sales Over 1 Million

Newsday 6/4/03 'Idol' Wins This Audience, Too

Foxes On Idol 6/4/03 ‘From Justin to Kelly’ Postponed to June 20!

Foxes On Idol 6/4/03 Looking Ahead to American Idol 3: The Audition Cities?

Foxes On Idol 6/3/03 Updates on CDs from Clay, Ruben, and Justin

Launch 6/3/03 American Idol Studdard Flattered By Vandross Comparisons

News Observer 6/3/03 Ruben's 'redneck' vilifier

Reality News Online 6/3/03 Fame: Can It Hold a Candle to Idol?

WCVB-TV 6/2/03 Aiken Beating Studdard In Record Sales

CTV 6/2/03 Ruben, Clay visit Canadian Idol finalists

Foxes On Idol 6/2/03 Idolmaker

CNN 6/2/03 Seacrest to host 'American Juniors'

Globe and Mail 6/2/03 A few thoughts from America's Idol(s)

Foxes On Idol 6/2/03 Idol Chartwatch, June 2, 2003

NY Times 6/2/03 Unlikely Pop Idol Sells Like Real Thing

Foxes On Idol 6/2/03 American Idol 2: Fallen Idol Makes ‘Rent’

Huntsville Times 6/1/03 'American Idol' shows the world Birmingham's a better place

News Observer 5/31/03 Hometown idol 5/31/03 Claymania rages on in the Triangle

WXXA 5/30/03 Simon Cowell Quits American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/30/03 Clay and Ruben Save the Universe

Foxes On Idol 5/30/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Justin Time for Another Article

Go Memphis 5/29/03 Party tonight with Trenyce

KFMB 5/29/03 American Idol Marine To Perform At Homecoming

Zap2It 5/29/03 'Idol' Finalist Julia and the Pussycats

SCN 5/29/03 'American Idol' not likely to produce original stars

NMC 5/29/03 Sara Evans' "American Idol"

Foxes On Idol 5/29/03 Clay Aiken – Idol to Icon

USA Today 5/29/03 Fans weigh in: Size doesn't make Ruben less of an Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/29/03 American Idol: Ten Ways to Make Season Three Even Better

Zap2It 5/28/03 'Idol' Movie Slows Its Rush to DVD

Fortune 5/28/03 Dialing for Dollars 5/28/03 'American Idol' gives Fox ratings win at season's end

Foxes On Idol 5/28/03 Ruben and Clay: They’re Everywhere!

Foxes On Idol 5/28/03 Full Steam Ahead for the Claytrain

CNN 5/28/03 'Idol' Studdard: 'I've not changed at all'

Reality News Online 5/28/03 The Music Industry’s Stake in Reality Talent Shows

Foxes On Idol 5/28/03 Clay’s Chemistry in Close-Up

Fans Of Reality TV 5/28/03 American Idol, The FORT Interview With Clay Aiken

Greene County Online 5/28/03 Greeneville Woman Enjoys ‘AI’ Hollywood Trip

Reality TV World 5/28/03 'American Idol' voting overtaxed U.S. phone systems

Hollywood Reporter 5/28/03 Fox rethinks 'Idol' film's vid window

Reality TV World 5/27/03 Did misdials cost Clay Aiken the title on 'American Idol'?

Fans of Reality TV 5/27/03 The FORT Interview with Ruben Studdard

FOX News 5/27/03 Simon Not Leaving American Idol: Stakes Too High

MSNBC 5/27/03 Fans ‘Thankful’ for Clarkson bonus content

News Observer 5/27/03 There's too much of Ruben

Foxes On Idol 5/27/03 Life After American Idol 2

Foxes On Idol 5/27/03 Making Something Outta Nothing

Reality TV World 5/27/03 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Grand Finale Edition"

News Observer 5/27/03 Achin' for you-know-who

Foxes On Idol 5/27/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: So What Have We Learned?

USA Today 5/27/03 'Idol' voting strained nerves, nation's telephone systems

Teen Music 5/26/03 Westlife Get American Idol Cover

Foxes On Idol 5/26/03 American Idol Vocal Masterclass: Top of the Class

Reality TV World 5/26/03 'AI's Clay Aiken & Ruben Studdard appear on NBC's 'Today' show

Washington Post 5/26/03 'American Idol' Finalists Visit 'Today'

Teen Hollywood 5/26/03 Ruben Was a Reluctant Idol

News Observer 5/26/03 Clay's winning example

Charlotte Observer 5/26/03 Patriotism reigns at race

Elites TV 5/26/03 The New Kings Of The World

Zap2It 5/25/03 Cowell Says He Won't Do 'Idol 3'

Television Without Pity 5/25/03 An Idol Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich

Hoosier Times 5/25/03 Church flooded with misdialed 'Idol' votes

Birmingham News 5/25/03 He may be America's idol, but he's my brother

Reality TV World 5/25/03 'American Idol' vote count controversy continues

Reality TV World 5/25/03 'AI' winner Ruben Studdard and runner-up Clay Aiken sign with BMG

Teen Music 5/24/03 Kelly Clarkson's High School Memories

Washington Post 5/24/03 Fox: 'Idol' Host Given Faulty Numbers

Elites TV 5/24/03 Finale - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Rocky Mountain News 5/24/03 Simon sez

AJC 5/23/03 'American Idol' scores highest ratings here

CNN 5/23/03 Interviews With Ruben Studdard, Clay Aiken

Beacon Journal 5/23/03 `American Idol' battle moves to charts

Extra TV 5/23/03 Simon’s Sibling

CBS 5/23/03 Success In Second Place

Reality TV World 5/23/03 Did Clay Aiken know 'American Idol' winner in advance?

Montgomery Independent 5/23/03 Ruben's win lifts Birmingham's image

Zap2It 5/23/03 Ruben, Clay Sign Record Deals

NY Times 5/23/03 Fox Mulls How to Exploit the Mojo of 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/23/03 Why America Still Loves Kelly Clarkson

New Zealand Herald 5/24/03 Kiwis tune in to Pop Idol Ruben

Media Guardian 5/23/03 American Idol 2 bows out with 34m viewers

Washington Post 5/23/03 Wins, Losses And the Real Score 5/23/03 Ruben deserves to savor his win

Birmingham News 5/23/03 Ruben finds 'Idol' has little idle time

Charlotte Observer 5/23/03 Ruben's hometown beat Aiken's in `Idol' ratings

News Observer 5/23/03 Clay Aiken's rise to fame

WISN 5/23/03 'Idol' Finalists Releasing Singles In June

News Observer 5/23/03 Aiken's fans cry foul

Foxes On Idol 5/23/03 It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again

Foxes On Idol 5/23/03 Clay Fans Still Love Him

Reality TV World 5/23/03 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest to host new daytime show

Toronto Star 5/23/03 Ruben's big night on Idol plays small

Drudge Report 5/22/03 Calls for Audit Hit Idol

Hollywood Reporter 5/22/03 J inks 'Idol' winner Studdard; Aiken joins RCA

Reality TV World 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard won by 130,000 votes, not by 1,335 or 13,000

USA Today 5/22/03 Ruben's win got bigger shortly after the show

Washington Post 5/22/03 'American Idol' Winner to Release Single

Zap2It 5/22/03 'Idol' Finale Turns Up the Heat

Extra TV 5/22/03 The New American Idol

Boston Globe 5/22/03 America picks Ruben as its newest 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 The Real American Idol Scandal: Clay Knew

NY Times 5/22/03 No Losers as Talent Tops Image in 'American Idol' 5/22/03 Simon isn't sure he'll be back as 'Idol' judge  

Fans of Reality TV 5/22/03 American Idol Finale: And the Winner Is . . .

Reality Stars 5/22/03 American Idol - Until Next Time

Elites TV 5/22/03 All Talk But No Game

Reality TV World 5/22/03 'Idol' finale averages 33+ million viewers, tops 40+ million at the end

BP News 5/22/03 Friends gather at Ala. church; watch one of their own win 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 Clay’s X-Factor

Zap2It 5/22/03 Seacrest Rides 'Idol' Wave to Syndication Deal

Reality Reel 5/22/03 What happened with Locke?

CNN 5/22/03 Entertainment reporters talk 'Idol'

Newsweek 5/22/03 American Idle

Business Wire 5/22/03 J Records Signs 'American Idol' Champion Ruben Studdard

Teen Hollywood 5/22/03 Clay loses to Ruben

New Zealand Herald 5/22/03 Idol's all over when the fat man sings

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 Why Ruben, Not Clay?

Reality TV World 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard crowned 'Idol,' but Clay Aiken still tops Amazon Sales List

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 A Two-Hour Debacle 5/22/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Finale A Ratings Smash

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 Clay and Ruben: Does It Matter Who Won?

Reality TV World 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard becomes 2nd 'AI' winner by razor-thin margin

News Observer 5/22/03 Aiken loses title, but will still have single released

Chicago Sun-Times 5/22/03 Round mound of sound gets crowned 5/22/03 'Idol' Winner Ruben Studdard Says He's Living Out His Dream 5/22/03 Fans say Aiken is still their idol

SF Chronicle 5/22/03 'Idol' Win A Squeaker

BBC 5/22/03 Ruben is America's Idol 5/22/03 American Idol Season 2 Finale - 5/21/03

TV Rules 5/23/03 American Idol Finale - America Gets it Right

Reality TV Talk 5/22/03 American Idol Finale - Part 2 5/22/03 'American' Controversy

Wilmington Star 5/22/03 Fans pack Birmingham church to celebrate Ruben's win

Birmingham News 5/22/03 America picks Ruben!

News Observer 5/22/03 Local Aiken fans disappointed, but hopeful

Kansas City Star 5/22/03 Ruben new Idol, but count is sketchy

Miami Herald 5/22/03 Studdard stands alone as the 'Idol'

Mongomery Independent 5/22/03 Big, easygoing guy beats skinny crooner to win 'AI'

Miami Herald 5/22/03 'Idol'-ized: Ruben edges out Clay

St Petersburg Times 5/22/03 Breaking the Mold

Ananova 5/22/03 Ruben is new 'American Idol'

Washington Post 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard Squeezes Into the 'Idol' Pantheon

NY Daily News 5/22/03 'American' & tasty as apple pie

NY Daily News 5/22/03 Ruben's our Idol

USA Today 5/22/03 The guy can sing: Ruben wears 'Idol' crown

Detroit News 5/22/03 Sorry, Clay -- Ruben is America's new 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 5/22/03 A big hug for 'Idol' Ruben

Zap2It 5/22/03 'American Idol' Finds Two Stars, One Winner

Foxes On Idol 5/22/03 Was Clay Robbed?

Reality News Online 5/22/03 American Idol 2, May 21: This Is It!

Washington Post 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard Squeezes Into the 'Idol' Pantheon

AJC 5/22/03 Ruben Studdard is latest 'Idol'

Billboard 5/21/03 Studdard Wins Second 'American Idol'

TV Rules 5/21/03 American Idol-Finale And The Winner Is...

NBC 13 5/21/03 Birmingham Native Wins 'American Idol'

Herald Tribune 5/21/03 Fans pack Birmingham church to celebrate Ruben's win

ABC 5/21/03 Studdard Becomes New 'American Idol' 5/21/03 Studdard Becomes New 'American Idol'

MSNBC 5/21/03 The Teddy Bear ‘Idol’

Reality TV Talk 5/21/03 AI Roundtable Discussion - The Final Showdown!

Reality TV World 5/21/03 Penultimate episode of 'American Idol 2' draws over 27 million viewers

Television Without Pity 5/21/03 American Idol: The Final Two

BBC 5/21/03 American Idol reaches climax

Herald Tribune 5/21/03 Clay Aiken hoping to bring 'American Idol' title home to N.C.

Launch 5/21/03 'American Idol' Finalists Grateful For Program

Media Post 5/21/03 American Idol Host Gets New Show

Herald Sun 5/21/03 Clay or Ruben? 'Idol' to be crowned tonight 5/21/03 Is This The Day For Clay?

WXII 5/21/03 Congressmen Put Barbecue, Ice Cream On Line In 'American Idol' 5/21/03 Thousands expected at RBC Center to support Clay Aiken 5/21/03 Thank God It's (Almost) Over - The Death of Popular Music

Zap2It 5/21/03 Zap2it Readers Pick Clay

Reality TV Talk 5/21/03 American Idol 2 "Final Two Recap - 5/20/03"

Foxes On Idol 5/21/03 American Idol’s Final Voting Process: Fair or Flawed? 5/21/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Earning Superior Ratings 5/21/03 American Idol Season 2 - 5/20/03

Foxes On Idol 5/21/03 American Idol – A Guide to Withdrawal

Herald Sun 5/21/03 Idol’-izing fans’ final frenzy

News14 5/21/03 Fans gather once again for Clay at Raleighwood

Charlotte Observer 5/21/03 Behind the Scenes

Birmingham News 5/21/03 Will it be Ruben?

WAFF 5/21/03 American Idol already Alabama Icon

Foxes On Idol 5/21/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, May 20: Disappointment

Fans Of Reality TV 5/20/03 American Idol, The Finals: Showdown At The AI Corral

Reality Stars 5/21/03 American Idol - Last Chance

Tuscaloosa News 5/21/03 Who will be the next American Idol?’

Charlotte Observer 5/21/03 Claymania keys up in Aiken's hometown

Times Daily 5/21/03 Local singer, songwriter, producer hopes to bring Ruben to the Shoals

The Trades 5/21/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2

MSNBC 5/21/03 Final ‘Idol’ with few shivers, chills 5/21/03 Who'll take 'Idol' title?

NY Daily News 5/21/03 Kelly has hit it big

BBC 5/21/03 Pop Idols: Where are they now?

NY Daily News 5/21/03 The skinny guy gets my vote

NY Daily News 5/21/03 Who will be America's 'Idol'?

Detroit News 5/21/03 Ruben vs. Clay a hot topic on

Beacon Journal 5/21/03 No voting necessary to choose new `Idol'

Toronto Star 5/21/03 Clay and Ruben face their final curtain

Zap2It 5/21/03 Clay and Ruben Do It Their Ways

Foxes On Idol 5/21/03 Thoughts on Contestants and Judges, May 20: Can’t We Just Call It a Tie?

Reality News Online 5/21/03 American Idol 2, May 20: Decision Time

TV Rules 5/20/03 American Idol 5/20-The Home Stretch

TV Rules 5/20/03 American Idol Finale Part One 5/20 Summary

Extra TV 5/20/03 'American Idol'

WHNT 5/20/03 Former Alabama A&M Student Vies for American Idol

Reality TV Talk 5/20/03 The Final Two: The Final Filler Show

Huntsville Times 5/20/03 Alabama's own Ruben competes for 'Idol' title 5/20/03 A look at 'Idol' also-rans

Slate 5/20/03 Searching for Kelly Clarkson

Seattle PI 5/20/03 'American Idol' Finalists Appear on AOL

Charlotte Observer 5/20/03 What Happened Monday Night

CNN 5/20/03 Cashing in on American Idol

BBC 5/20/03 American Idol 2 showdown looms

Reality TV Talk 5/20/03 AI Roundtable Discussion - Pick A Song Theme!

Reality TV World 5/20/03 Clay Aiken CD ranked #1 in Amazon CD Sales Rank, Ruben Studdard at #40 

Foxes On Idol 5/20/03 The Odds on Ruben, Clay, and the Guy Suing to Stop the Show

St Petersburg Times 5/20/03 'Idol' gets it less wrong

Foxes On Idol 5/20/03 Triumph of the South on American Idol 2

AJC 5/20/03 Idol finalists break pinup mold 5/20/03 Fans show support for Clay as competition nears end 5/20/03 American Idol 5/19/03 - The Final Two

Foxes On Idol 5/20/03 Vocal Masterclass 401 for ‘AI’ Contestants: The Triumverate

TV Guide 5/20/03 Idol Showdown: Clay vs. Ruben!

Tuscaloosa News 5/20/03 Ruben-mania Hometown support high for 'Idol’ finalist

Birmingham News 5/20/03 Realtor organizes group to help stump for Studdard

Chicago Sun-Times 5/20/03 'Idol' favorite a really big talent--and that's the problem

Birmingham News 5/20/03 Win or lose, Ruben's made mama proud

WRAL 5/20/03 Raleigh's Aiken Goes for 'American Idol' Title Tuesday Night

The Herald 5/20/03 Clay who? 'Idol' finalist remembered as class clown

Charlotte Observer 5/20/03 `American Idol' fans can't get enough of Clay Aiken

Herald Sun 5/20/03 Aiken fans boosting area charities

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/20/03 Former AI contestants from area still pursuing dreams

Reality News Online 5/20/03 May 19’s Final Two Show: Gonzo and the Turkey Sandwich

BBC 5/20/03 Industry bored by 'dreary' Idol

NY Daily News 5/20/03 Belt size fails to worry 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/20/03 Clay As an Inspiration

USA Today 5/20/03 Rooting for Ruben or Clay?

Dayton Daily News 5/20/03 America will crown its ‘Idol’ on Wednesday

Hartford Courant 5/20/03 `Idol' Wave

Post Dispatch 5/20/03 "American Idol" may provide rare role model for girls

Arizona Republic 5/20/03 Time to pick 'Idol': Hype, hype, hooray

Knox News 5/19/03 Ruben's big success comes in part from his mama's cooking

Elites TV 5/19/03 Ruben Or Clay: Who Deserves To Win It All?

TV Rules 5/19/03 The Final Two, Review Show Summary-5/19

Zap2It 5/19/03 Oddsmakers Have 'Idol' Finalists Nearly Even

MTV 5/19/03 After 'Idol,' Clay And Ruben Will Share A Stage 39 More Times

Foxes On Idol 5/19/03 Clay’s Love Affair with the Camera

Reality TV World 5/19/03 Oddsmakers give edge in 'American Idol' finale to Ruben Studdard

Extra TV 5/19/03 'American Idol'

Reality TV World 5/19/03 Fox gets clearance to broadcast 'American Idol' finale

Extra TV 5/19/03 Justin Guarini

Birmingham News 5/19/03 Birmingham's native son seeks to be next "American Idol"

Media Post 5/19/03 Clay Wins Survey of American Idol Viewers

CNN 5/19/03 'Idol' ready to select its new star

WOKR 5/19/03 Idol Marine Given Special Leave to Tour

CNN 5/19/03 'American Idol' wins, reality losing

Foxes On Idol 5/19/03 The Top 20 Greatest American Idol Performances Ever

KXAS 5/19/03 'American Idol' Winner Returns To N. Texas For KISS Party 5/19/03 Aiken selling songs already

Star Ledger 5/19/03 Why Clay should win

Star Ledger 5/19/03 Why Ruben should win 5/19/03 Local fans talk up favorites as contest gets down to the wire

Foxes On Idol 5/19/03 Clay Fever

Television Without Pity 5/19/03 Surrender Dorothy

Detroit News 5/19/03 'Idol' speculation nears an end

Star Bulletin 5/19/03 "American Idol" prognosticators are down to three for the top prize

Foxes On Idol 5/19/03 Clay and Ruben: A Success Story

Detroit Free Press 5/18/03 On 'Idol,' a nice guy will finish first

Foxes On Idol 5/18/03 Vocal Terminology 101: The Bel Canto Approach

TV Rules 5/18/03 American Idol: From the Dozen to the Pair-Looking Back

Birmingham News 5/18/03 Final 'Idol' showdown 5/18/03 Clay Aiken fans raise money for charity

The Oregonian 5/18/03 O, 'American Idol': the horror, the pity

WRAL 5/18/03 Clay Aiken CD Single Tops Amazon's Sales List

Newsweek 5/18/03 ‘Idol’ Worship 5/18/03 S.A.'s link to 'Idol' is hardly idle

Beacon Journal 5/18/03 America should skip `Dreams,' `Idol' CDs 

Charlotte Observer 5/18/03 Tune in end to not be idle American

NY Times 5/18/03 The State of American Singing as Heard on 'I-I-I-I-I-I-Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/18/03 Hungry for Guarini

Mountain Laurel Review 5/17/03 The Next American Idol (or Is This Vote Rigged, Too?)

Reality TV World 5/17/03 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Final Three Edition"

Foxes On Idol 5/17/03 Ruben or Clay? Clay or Ruben?

Charlotte Observer 5/17/03 Aiken prepared for either outcome

News Observer 5/17/03 Mayor casts Raleigh's vote for Clay

Mobile Register 5/17/03 Songs for the next 'American Idol' show are kept a secret 5/17/03 Clay mania hits fever pitch

Sacramento Bee 5/17/03 Don't sit idly by ... cast your vote

Film Jerk 5/16/03 Minimizing the Damage: Fox Declines to Make Trailers for ''From Justin To Kelly'

Zap2It 5/16/03 'Idol' Finalists Are TV's New Odd Couple

Elites TV 5/16/03 Clayfatuated

Reality TV World 5/16/03 FOX sued by man claiming credit for 'American Idol' concept

Zap2It 5/16/03 Suit Claims 'American Idol' Is Stolen Idea 5/16/03 Friday is "Clay Aiken Day"

Charlotte Observer 5/16/03 'American Idol' finalists narrowed to two

Foxes On Idol 5/16/03 You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto: The Clay Conspiracy

Foxes On Idol 5/16/03 Voter Fraud, Part 2: The Pendulum Swings Back 5/16/03 Bookies, Britney Manager Weigh In With 'American Idol' Picks

BP News 5/16/03 Aiken, Studdard hold on for final round of 'Idol'

York Daily Record 5/16/03 To York’s dismay, Clay, Ruben survive 5/16/03 Frenchie Davis, Idled American Idol, Is New Soloist in Broadway's Rent

CBS 5/15/03 Kelly Clarkson: Thankful

Elites TV 5/15/03 Triple Treat Becomes Final Two

Extra TV 5/15/03 'American Idol'

Extra TV 5/15/03 Justin Guarini

Reality TV Talk 5/15/03 American Idol 2 "A 'Solid' Semi-Final -- 5/14 Results Recap"

Reality Reel 5/15/03 American Idol Last Night

Herald Sun 5/15/03 ‘American Idol’ voters keep Aiken

Foxes On Idol 5/15/03 Oprah Takes Us Behind the Scenes at ‘American Idol’

Foxes On Idol 5/15/03 Thank You Kimberley

USA Today 5/15/03 Kimberley's exit leaves just 2: Clay and Ruben

Birmingham News 5/15/03 Ruben rocks -- and rolls to finals 5/15/03 Local idol advances to final round 5/15/03 Booted 'American Idol' Returns To Marines, Corps Will Let Him Tour

Havelock News 5/15/03 Havelock teen travels to Hollywood to support her American Idol 5/15/03 - AI2 Ratings Tracker - Idol Audience Still Growing

Foxes On Idol 5/15/03 Why Kimberley Lost

Foxes On Idol 5/15/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges, May 14: Down to Two 5/15/03 American Idol Season 2 - 5/14/03

Birmingham News 5/15/03 `Idol' jam linked to call volume, redial

Times Daily 5/15/03 Is 205's Velvet Teddy Bear to be next American Idol? 5/15/03 'Idol's' now down to just two guys

Charlotte Observer 5/15/03 Less than a week till star launched

MSNBC 5/15/03 It’s Clay Aiken vs. Ruben Studdard

Record Journal 5/15/03 AI hopeful Ruben Studdard has a Sumter fan, Aunt Jacqueline Weatherly

Detroit News 5/15/03 'American Idol' Finals Narrowed to Two

Dallas Morning News 5/15/03 Kimberley locked out of 'Idol'

Zap2It 5/15/03 Locke's Stopped and Two Smoking 'Idol' Finalists Remain

Fans Of Reality TV 5/15/03 American Idol, Top 3 Results Show: And Then There Were Two...

Reality News Online 5/15/03 American Idol 2, May 14: One for the Money, Two for the Show

TV Rules 5/14/03 American Idol - The Final Two

TV Rules 5/14/03 American Idol-Results Show 5/14 Now We Have Two

Cullman Times 5/14/03 Go Ruben: 256 rooting for the man from the 205

MSNBC 5/14/03 ‘Idol’-izing America and Oprah, too

Birmingham News 5/14/03 Fans find out tonight if Ruben's one of two

BP News 5/14/03 'AI' finalist Clay Aiken, a Baptist lauded for work with youth 5/14/03 AI2 Ratings Tracker-Another Ratings Uptick For Idol 5/14/03 American Idol Season 2 - 5/13/03

Foxes On Idol 5/14/03 Thoughts on Contestants & Judges, May 13: Picking from the Best 5/14/03 - Oprah & ‘American Idol’

Foxes On Idol 5/14/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, May 13: An Impossible Choice

Reality TV Talk 5/14/03 Recap - 05/13/03: The Final Three 5/14/03 White supremacy 5/14/03 Utah's American Idol Tells All

Reality News Online 5/13/03 American Idol 2, May 13: Sing a Song of Three Picks

Charlotte Observer 5/14/03 Local Fox affiliate rejected Aiken

The Tennessean 5/14/03 Fallen 'Idol'

TV Rules 5/14/03 American Idol - Almost There 5/13 Summary

TV Rules 5/14/03 American Idol Summary 5/13-Down to Three

The Trades 5/14/03 Roundtable Discussion -American Idol 2

USA Today 5/14/03 Locke goes for the 'Gold'

Detroit News 5/14/03 Ruben, Clay will likely advance to 'Idol' finale

Zap2It 5/14/03 Final Three Sing, Sing, Sing on 'Idol'

Lodi News-Sentinel 5/14/03 'AI' singer, eating contest will highlight Galt Strawberry Festival

Ananova 5/14/03 Robbie gives lap dance to Simon Cowell

Teen Music 5/13/03 Timberlake Brands American Idol 'satanic'

Detroit News 5/13/03 Joshua Gracin is not quite idle after being booted from 'Idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 5/13/03 American Idol, Top 3: Wow, This Is Gonna Be Tough..

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/03 FORT Interview with Joshua Gracin

The Guardian 5/13/03 American Idol lifts News Corp profits

Newsday 5/13/03 New 'Idol' CD: Too Simple, Too Soon

Foxes On Idol 5/13/03 The American Idol Experience

Arizona Republic 5/13/03 Bye, Josh; Kimberley, you're next

Elites TV 5/13/03 Armchair Quarterbacking The American Idol Final 3

USA Today 5/13/03 'Idol' producers, music pros approve of the fans' choices

Television Without Pity 5/13/03 The Fat And The Furious

CBC Raleigh 5/12/03 American Idol Hometown Hero Clay Aiken Visits The Triangle

Extra TV 5/12/03 Oprah and 'American Idol' 5/12/03 American Idol Comes To Canada

Reality TV World 5/12/03 Ex-'AI' contestant Frenchie Davis to appear in 'Rent' on Broadway

Reality TV World 5/12/03 'AI' finalist Kimberly Caldwell joins Fox sports show '54321'

Reality TV World 5/12/03 'AI' finalist Clay Aiken meets his Internet portrait artist

Modesto Bee 5/12/03 My Idol Experience

Charlotte Observer 5/12/03 Clay Aiken enjoys success, but remembers kids

Launch 5/12/03 'American Idols'' Trenyce Predicts Ruben Or Clay Will Win

Elites TV 5/11/03 Why should Kim be Locked out of Final 2? 5/11/03 - Top 3 Count Down

Chicago Sun Times 5/11/03 It's raining songs, thanks to those 'American Idol' kids

Elites TV 5/11/03 At Ease, Soldier!

The Tennessean 5/10/03 'Idol' finalist on whirlwind PR blitz of her home base

Detroit Free Press 5/10/03 Westlander hopes 'Idol' moments will boost his career

Charlotte Observer 5/10/03 Aiken visits autistic boy in Charlotte 5/10/03 N.C. Gov. Aiken doesn't dance around issue

Waterloo Courier 5/10/03 Simon says: Josh, go home

TV Rules 5/10/03 Why Clay Aiken should be the next American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/10/03 Can Ruben Really Be the American Idol? Part II

Reality TV World 5/9/03 'American Idol' finalist Clay Aiken gets advice from N.C. governor

Zap2It 5/9/03 NC Gov. to Clay: 'Shake Yo Booty'

York Daily Record 5/9/03 Voters disagree over Josh’s ouster

Nashville City Paper 5/9/03 'Idol' hopeful visits Belmont

MSNBC 5/9/03 If ‘Idol’ looks can’t thrill ...

North County Times 5/9/03 Marine's run on 'American Idol' ends

WTVD 5/9/03 Clay-mania Continues Across the Triangle

Foxes On Idol 5/9/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Gracin the Stage

News14 5/9/03 Clay Aiken tours hometown

Foxes On Idol 5/9/03 Vocal Masterclass 301 for ‘AI’ Contestants: The Final Four

Herald Sun 5/9/03  Enthusiastic Bulls fans show they're Aiken for Clay

Herald Sun 5/9/03 ‘Idol’ facts: Q&A with singing sensation

Nashville City Paper 5/9/03 'Idol' hopeful visits Belmont

Foxes On Idol 5/9/03 Whose Song Is It You Want to Hear?

Charlotte Observer 5/9/03 `Idol' hopeful hailed as hero

Reality TV World 5/8/03 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "The Bee Gees Edition"

Zap2It 5/8/03 'Idol' CDs Selling Fast

Zap2It 5/8/03 'Rent' Finds the Frenchie Connection

News14 5/8/03 Clay Aiken tours hometown

FOX News 5/8/03 Idol Gossip: Oprah Visits the Set

Foxes On Idol 5/8/03 Can Ruben Really Be the American Idol?

KFMB 5/8/03 Pendleton Marine Eliminated From American Idol

News Observer 5/8/03 American Idol contestant comes home to Raleigh

TV Rules 5/8/03 American Idol - Staying Alive....For 3

TV Rules 5/8/03 American Idol: Results Show 5/7

Herald Sun 5/8/03 Area ‘American Idol’ crooner will sing at Bulls game

Foxes On Idol 5/8/03 Joshua Gracin: His Fans and Detractors

News14 5/8/03 Clay Aiken's former chorus teacher proud of her student 5/8/03 American Idol Season 2 - 5/7/03

Fans of Reality TV 5/8/03 Top 4 Results Show: Stayin' Alive For Another Week

Reality TV Talk 5/8/03 American Idol 2 "Bee Gees Results Recap"

Birmingham News 5/8/03 Ruben's capturing hearts and ratings

Charlotte Observer 5/8/03 N.C.'s Aiken makes top 3 on `American Idol' 5/8/03 'Idol' viewers give Marine his marching orders

Calgary Sun 5/8/03 Code red for Josh

Zap2It 5/8/03 Marine Resources Dwindle on ‘Idol’

Foxes on Idol 5/8/03 Why Joshua Lost

Reality Stars 5/7/03  American Idol - A Salute to Josh

Reality News Online 5/7/03 American Idol 2, May 7: Stayin’ Alive?

Reality TV Talk 5/7/03 American Idol 2 "Recap - Bee Gees Episode"

WRAL 5/7/03 Clay Aiken Hopes To Earn Special Visit To Triangle

Reality TV Talk 5/7/03 AI RoundTable Discussion - BeeGees Songs! 5/7/03 Frenchie Davis Is New Soloist in Broadway's Rent, May 16

Stars and Stripes 5/7/03 'American Idol' fans may be tiring of singing Marine

The Trades 5/7/03 Roundtable Discussion- American Idol 2

Foxes On Idol 5/7/03 Attack of the Killer Males

Foxes On Idol 5/7/03 Mike’s Idol Thoughts, May 6: Ruben Scores with BeeGees Hits 5/7/03 American Idol Season 2 - 5/6/03

Reality Stars 5/7/03 American Idol - Being Creative

Fans Of Reality TV 5/7/03 AI, Top 4: How Can You Mend A Broken Eardrum?

Charlotte Observer 5/7/03 Fox flays rumors of fix as 'Idol' speculation

USA Today 5/7/03 In the key of Bee Gee

Detroit News 5/7/03 Locke is no lock on Idol

Zap2It 5/7/03 'Idol' Finalists Do Some Jive Talkin'

Globe and Mail 5/7/03 American Idol girl gets fur flying in Montreal

Reality News Online 5/7/03 American Idol 2, May 6: Pulling Out All the Stops! 5/6/03 Digging Clay

Hartford Courant 5/6/03 `Idol' Chatter: Winners All?

Detroit News 5/6/03 'Idol' to kick off 39-date road tour

TV Rules 5/6/03 The Case For Kimberley Locke

Extra TV 5/6/03 'American Idol'

TV Rules 5/6/03 American Idol: 5/6 Down to the Final Four

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/03 The FORT Interview with Trenyce

Foxes On Idol 5/6/03 The Voters’ Dream! The Contestants’ Nightmare!

Reality TV World 5/6/03 'AI' Gay Idol Journal - "The Neil Sedaka Hits Edition"

Foxes On Idol 5/6/03 The American (Idol) Revolution: Semper Hi-Fi

Tuscaloosa News 5/6/03 Family, friends rooting for 'AI’ hopeful Ruben 

Go Memphis 5/6/03 Trencye looks back at Idol run

Beacon Journal 5/6/03 `Survivor,' `Idol' lead reality race

Chicago Sun-Times 5/6/03 Flaws in 'Idol' voting are Rubenesque

USA Today 5/6/03 Experts dissect the 'Idol' final four

USA Today 5/6/03 For 'Idol' finalists, survival is just the start

Mobile Register 5/6/03 Birmingham singer advances on 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/6/03 From Justin to Kelly – Inside Information

Salon 5/6/03 Thou shalt worship "American Idol" 5/5/03 Kelly Clarkson Distances Herself From 'Idol,' Throws House Party For New Video

Star Ledger 5/5/03 All TV: Beating shyness

Dallas Morning News 5/5/03 Ruben dodges a ballot 5/5/03 - Who Do You Want to Win?

Foxes On Idol 5/5/03 Voter Fraud: Has It Really Come to This?

Newsday 5/5/03 'Personality' and 'Idol': Of Masks and Marines

Zap2It 5/5/03 Online Book Installs Ruben as 'Idol' Favorite

Foxes On Idol 5/5/03 Vocal Masterclass 201 for ‘American Idol’ Contestants

PR Newswire 5/5/03 Announces Odds on AI 'Final Four'

Foxes On Idol 5/5/03 And the Winner Is…

Foxes On Idol 5/5/03 The Josh Campaign

Television Without Pity 5/5/03 Throwing The Paybee Out With The Bathwater

WOKR 5/5/03 Local 'American Idol' Contestants Deal With Rejection

Go Memphis 5/3/03 Now Idol can start paying off

News Observer 5/3/03  May 16 is 'Clay Aiken Day'

Post Gazette 5/3/03 Vote shakes up 'Idol' hero's fans

National Enquirer 5/3/03 Playboy Eyes 'Idol' Girls

WCF Courier 5/2/03 Teddy bear Ruben escapes extinction

Extra TV 5/2/03 Simon Cowell's Acting Debut

Foxes On Idol 5/2/03 What Went Wrong and How We Can Prevent It

Entertainment Central 5/2/03 AI Conspiracy Theories: Politically Correct Idol?

Foxes On Idol 5/2/03 The Marine Has Landed – In the Final Four

Birmingham News 5/2/03 Ruben fans blame faulty lines, ratings ploy in vote tally


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