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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Television Without Pity 1/21/04 Them Against the Music, Part I

Reality TV World 1/21/04 Second 'American Idol 3' episode draws over 21 million viewers

Sun Herald 1/21/04 Escatawpa singer advances on 'American Idol'

Launch 1/21/04 R. Kelly, Linkin Park, Mariah Songs Banned From 'American Idol' Auditions

Billboard 1/21/04 Third 'Idol' Season Spins New Record

Rolling Stone 1/21/04 Clay, Kelly Set Dates

Beavers On Idol 1/21/04 And the Winner Is

Winnipeg Sun 1/21/04 Love that Simon

Flint Journal 1/21/04 Idol' stars set Joe Louis date

Ananova 1/21/04 Cowell putdowns prove a ratings winner

USA Today 1/21/04 'Apprentice' challenges 'Idol' Wednesday at 8

Fans of Reality TV 1/21/04 Not All Is Peachy In Atlanta 1/21/04 - The Deluded

Reality News Online 1/21/04 American Idol 3, January 20: Synthesize Me!

Hartford Courant 1/21/04 `Idol' Taking Turn For Worse

Washington Post 1/21/04 'American Idol' Hits the Top Of the Charts

BBC 1/21/04 American Idol scores with viewers

Digital Spy 1/21/04 Clay, Kelly announce joint tour dates

Hollywood Reporter 1/21/04 'Idol' spins new record

NY Daily News 1/21/04 'Idol' hits high note

NY Times 1/21/04 'Idol' Grabs Huge Audience As It Starts a New Season

Bergen Record 1/19/04 American Idol: Love it or hate it

Borowitz Report 1/19/04 Kucinich a Surprise Winner on American Idol

TVRules 1/19/04 American Idol-1/19 Premiere Summary

CNN 1/19/04 90-Second Pop, Culture Watch

Sun-Sentinel 1/19/04 Bad is good for American Idol reality

STL Today 1/19/04 'American Idol' judges agree: This could be a woman's year

Beavers On Idol 1/19/04 An Effort to Clarify Certain Assumptions in Honor of the Impending Kelly/Clay Tour

Deseret News 1/19/04 Utahns hope to make it as 'idols'

Orlando Sentinel 1/19/04 Fox's high hopes

The Province 1/19/04 Judges search for Idol

Times Star 1/19/04 Show starts third season with new cast of hopefuls

Plain Dealer 1/19/04 They said that?!

Calgary Sun 1/19/04 Idol Mania 1/19/04 Simon says 'Idol' isn't skin deep

Chicago Sun-Times 1/19/04 Fox gets even more obnoxious as 'Idol' returns, 'Fiance' bows

NY Daily News 1/19/04 America's hottest 'Idol'

Mobile Register 1/19/04 'Idol' is back for third season

SMH 1/19/04 Even Rupert has his beady eye on American Idol III

Milwaukee Journal 1/18/04 Let the games begin: Here's how to seize your 'Idol' moment

Fox News 1/18/04 Aspiring 'Idols' Hope Third Time's the Charm

Reality TV World 1/18/04 Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken announce thirty city concert tour

Knox News 1/18/04 As usual, 'American Idol' starts with the losers 1/18/04 Cowell eyes new victims - er, singers 1/18/04 Three pros weigh in on what an Idol needs

Detroit News 1/18/04 'American Idol' Returning for Third Year

NY Times 1/18/04 The Good, the Bad, the Terrible

AJC 1/17/04 Former 'Idols' to stop at Arena

Beacon Journal 1/17/04 Akron woman on way to `Idol'

Hartford Courant 1/17/04 Surprise Winner

Teen Music 1/17/04 'American Idol' Vets Team For Tour

Detroit News 1/17/04 'Idol' is sure to come back with some pleasant surprises

Gwinnett Daily Post 1/17/04 Idol’ alumni to play Arena

Milwaukee Journal 1/16/04 'American Idol' set for third season

Live Daily 1/16/04 'American Idol' vets Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson team for arena tour

Media Life 1/16/04 Fox's worry: Not such an 'Idol' threat

Beavers On Idol 1/16/04 My AI Survival Handbook

Times Delta 1/16/04 'American Idol' set for new season

Digital Spy 1/16/04 Cowell 'soaked' by 'Idol' contestant

Zap2It 1/15/04 Ryan Seacrest Tunes up for More 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 1/15/04 Idol Chartwatch, January 15: Ruben Up, Clay Down

Go Memphis 1/15/04 Not a day goes by that's not Trenyce's to sing about

MegaStar 1/15/04 Simon gets soaked

News Journal 1/15/04 'Idol' worship returns

NY Daily News 1/15/04 Cowell aims at 'Cupid 2'

Beavers On Idol 1/15/04 If I Were Clay

The Oregonian 1/14/04 Seacrest on the way up while Grammer on the way out

This Is London 1/14/04 Cowell gets a soaking

Billboard 1/14/04 Clarkson, Aiken Ready To Hit Road

MTV 1/14/04 Clay Aiken, Kelly Clarkson Plan Joint Headlining Tour

NMC 1/14/04 Aiken Announces Tour

Digital Spy 1/14/04 'American Idol' gears up for third season

Ananova 1/14/04 Cowell gets a soaking 1/13/04 The Clay Aiken-Kelly Clarkson Tour

Beavers On Idol 1/13/04 Is Clay Aiken Really "Out" in 2004?

Beavers On Idol 1/13/04 Let the Games Begin

NMC 1/13/04 Aiken Finally Getting His Due

Miami Herald 1/12/04 The hardest working guy on the air

Rolling Stone 1/12/04 Norah, Ruben Visit "Sesame"

SunSpot 1/12/04 Realizing 'Idol' Dreams

AJC 1/12/04 Life of Ryan

Seattle Times 1/12/04 'Idol' star Aiken gives to alma mater

NY Times 1/11/04 His Feet in 'American Idol,' and Reaching to Be a Star

SBN 1/10/04 Clay Aiken, bobbleheads and college basketball  Click here to buy a Clay Bobblehead

WCNC 1/9/04 Clay Aiken bobblead doll: 'American Idol' star or 6NEWS reporter?

Digital Spy 1/9/04 ITV2 to air 'American Idol 3'

Washington Post 1/9/04 'American Idol,' Stepping Out of Bush's Way

Seattle PI 1/9/04 'American Idol's' Frenchie to star in Seattle's 'Dreamgirls'

Extra 1/8/04 Ryan Seacrest

News 14 1/8/04 UNC-C fans to get Aiken bobbleheads

Foxes On Idol 1/8/04 Clay to Tour with Kelly, Get Own Bobblehead Doll

Foxes On Idol 1/8/04 Idol Chartwatch, January 8: Albums Up, Singles Down

NBC17 1/8/04 Clay Aiken Bobblehead Dolls Now Available

Reality Reel 1/6/04 On The Road Again

Zap2It 1/6/04 Ford, Coke Return to Fill Time on 'American Idol'

WCNC 1/6/04 Clay Aiken to sing at 49ers game this weekend

Beavers On Idol 1/6/04 Thoughts on Fox's Choice of the "Number One Fan"

News 14 1/6/04 Aiken to perform at basketball game

NMC 1/6/04 Aiken and White Stripes Out

The Province 1/6/04 Ignoring Kurt dicey for Kelly's career

Beavers On Idol 1/6/04 American Idol: The Playstation 2 Video Game Review

Channel News Asia 1/6/04 Singapore Idol to debut on MediaCorp's Channel 5

Foxes On Idol 1/5/04 Simon Cowell’s Book Tells It Like He Sees It

UNC Niner 1/4/04 Aiken scheduled to perform at 49ers game vs. East Carolina

Beavers On Idol 1/4/04 Hey Fox and Simon Fuller: Can We Have a Little Ryan Malcolm in the U.S.?

Fans of Reality TV 1/2/04 Life On the Road Special: On the Road Again

Foxes On Idol 1/2/04 American Idol: Life on the Road

Foxes On Idol 1/2/04 Idol Chartwatch: Mixed Chart Results As We End 2003

NMC 1/2/04 Funnyman Clay Aiken

NY Times 1/1/04 Wash. Post Says Aiken, Jonze Out in 2004

NY Times 1/1/04 So You Want to Be a Star? Help for Your Audition Tape

NBC 17 1/1/04 Clay Aiken Depicted In Comic Strip

Beavers On Idol 12/31/03 Perspective of a Post-AI Kelly Fan: Why She Has Staying Power

Teen Music 12/31/03 Idol Star's Luck Gets Worse

News Observer 12/31/03 This was the year for Aiken

Digital Spy 12/30/03 'Idol' finalist Guarini being sued

Reality TV World 12/29/03 Ruben's 'Soulful' drops to #8 in US while Clay's CD sales surpass Kelly

Reality TV World 12/29/03 Kelly Clarkson's 'Thankful' certified double platinum in U.S.

Foxes On Idol 12/29/03 Catching Up With American Idol 2’s Trenyce

NMC 12/29/03 Aiken Grants Wish

KFOXTV 12/28/03 American Idol Season 3 Starts Soon!

Television Without Pity 12/27/03 Ruben Studdard: "Soulful"

Beavers On Idol 12/27/03 Deception of a Fan

Foxes On Idol 12/26/03 Clay Shows Chart Staying Power, Kelly Dropping Down

News Tribune 12/26/03 Tacoma singer has sights set on fame

Launch 12/25/03 Kelly Clarkson Not A Fan Of New Year's Resolutions

Foxes On Idol 12/25/03 Ruben’s ‘Soulful’ Drops to #8 While Single Debuts Highest

Foxes On Idol 12/24/03 Next Up, Kimberley Locke

NMC 12/23/03 Studdard Settles Suit

Reality TV World 12/23/03 Ryan Seacrest to host Fox New Year's countdown,...

MTV 12/23/03 From Soulful To Mouthful: Ruben Wants To Open Restaurant

Foxes On Idol 12/23/03 Ruben and 205 Flava Settle Lawsuit

Beavers On Idol 12/23/03 Soulful: A Review

Foxes On Idol 12/23/03 Is Radio Getting Over the Clay & Idol Bias?

Reality TV World 12/22/03 Ruben Studdard settles lawsuit against Birmingham jersey-maker 205 Flava

E!Online 12/22/03 Ruben Settles Flava Fight

News 14 12/22/03 Aiken takes to the ice at the RBC Center

WRAL 12/22/03 Aiken To Give Away Hockey Tickets During Appearance At Raleigh Mall

St Petersburg Times 12/22/03 'Idol' star Aiken awarded degree

WCNC 12/22/03 Clay Aiken returns home to promote foundation

Zap2It 12/21/03 Studdard Settles Suit with '205' Clothing Maker

News14 12/20/03 Clay Aiken accepts education degree

AJC 12/20/03 Clay Aiken gets his education degree

Birmingham News 12/20/03 Studdard, 205 Flava settle suit over jerseys

TVRules 12/19/03 Ruben's Soulful Debuts At #1

Reality TV World 12/18/03 Ruben Studdard to guest-star on UPN's 'One on One'

Reality TV World 12/18/03 RCA cans commercial release of Clay Aiken's "Invisible" CD single

Extra 12/18/03 Kelly Clarkson

Zap2It 12/18/03 Aiken Pops Up on 'Ed'

Reality TV World 12/18/03 Clay Aiken to guest star on NBC's 'Ed' in January 12/18/03 Do we really need dueling 'American Idol' books?

NMC 12/18/03 Studdard Sells 416,000

Times Dispatch 12/18/03 Fame still surprises Idol winner

NMC 12/18/03 Aiken To Get Honorary Doll From Team

Reality Reel 12/18/03 Clay Makes His Acting Debut

Foxes On Idol 12/18/03 Ruben Debuts at #1, Plus Other Idols on the Charts

Digital Spy 12/18/03 Ruben tops the US chart

NY Times 12/18/03 Who Becomes an Idol Most?

Rolling Stone 12/17/03 Ruben Bounces Alicia

MTV 12/17/03 Ruben Debuts At #1 But Can't Match Clay's First-Week Sales

Chart Attack 12/17/03 Ruben Studdard Debuts At #1 In U.S.

Zap2It 12/17/03 Studdard's 'Soulful' Rises to the Top

TVRules 12/17/03 Ruben To Appear On UPN's One On One

TVRules 12/17/03 Clay Plays Clay On NBC's Ed

E!Online 12/17/03 Ruben Too "Soulful" for Competition

NBCMV 12/17/03 'This Is the Night' For 'AI's' Clay Aiken When He Makes Acting Debut in 'Ed'

Reality TV World 12/17/03 Ruben Studdard's 'Soulful' debuts at #1 in U.S. with sales of 416,500 units

TV Barn 12/17/03 Duel PR for Clay and Ruben

Teen Music 12/17/03 Clarkson's Mature New Album

Beavers On Idol 12/17/03 Clay Aiken's Solitaire

Elites TV 12/17/03 Clay Aiken - The Customer is Always Right!

Billboard 12/17/03 Studdard Takes 'Soulful' To No. 1

MTV 12/17/03 Hilary Duff, Clay Aiken Unwrap The Mysteries Of Holiday CDs

Beacon Journal 12/17/03 Female fans scream for Clay Aiken

Digital Spy 12/17/03 Clay is year's best-mannered person

NMC 12/17/03 First Place For Aiken! Finally!

Hollywood Reporter 12/17/03 Fox banks on next 'Idol' for sked revival

Zap2It 12/16/03 Clay's Not Aiken for Manners

WCNC 12/16/03 Clay Aiken picked as 2003's best-mannered person

Foxes On Idol 12/16/03 Clay’s “Invisible/Solitaire” CD-Single Cancelled

Beacon Journal 12/16/03 Clay fans mold column reaction

ET Online 12/16/03 Paula & Ruben Reunited!

VH1 12/15/03 Kelly Clarkson Says You'll Hear A Lot More Passion On Next LP

UNC Niner 12/15/03 Clay Aiken bobble head night set for Jan. 10

Chart Attack 12/15/03 Frenchie Davis Is Still An American Idol

Hits Daily Double 12/15/03 Week In Preview: Ruben Eating Their Lunch

TVRules 12/15/03 Frenchie Davis Lands Lead In DreamGirls 12/15/03 'Idol' victor's first disc hardly 'Soulful'

Beacon Journal 12/14/03 Post-'Idol' Ruben Studdard

Elites TV 12/14/03 American Idol Winner Ruben Studdard's Debut 'Soulful' Released 12/12/03 The Africana QA: American Idol's Trenyce

Billboard 12/12/03 Ruben Studdard

Beavers On Idol 12/12/03 Has Clay Aiken "Paid His Dues"?

Houston Chronicle 12/12/03 Booted from 'Idol', Davis picked up by 'Dreamgirls' 12/12/03 The Clay Aiken Grammy Controversy

NMC 12/12/03 Aiken Scores Victory Over Victor

Plain Dealer 12/12/03 Studdard's R&B release proves Idol hasn't been idle

Staten Island Advance 12/12/03 Are you still looking for your big break?

E!Online 12/11/03 Seacrest Surfs America's Airwaves

Foxes On Idol 12/11/03 Clay’s Album Heads Back Up the Charts, Other Idols on Charts As Well

News 14 12/11/03 Aiken wins award, performs at Billboard Music Awards

Reality TV World 12/11/03 Fox moves 'American Idol 3' premiere to January 19

Foxes On Idol 12/11/03 Supporting the American Idols: So What Do We Do Now?

Dallas Morning News 12/11/03 'American Idol' host to replace Casey Kasem on 'American Top 40'

Hartford Courant 12/11/03 'Soulful' by Ruben Studdard

Beacon Journal 12/11/03 Is it Claymation?

BBC 12/11/03 Huge album sales for Idol's Aiken

Reality TV World 12/10/03 Clay Aiken's final college course led to launch of Bubel/Aiken Foundation

Extra 12/10/03 Ruben Studdard

TVRules 12/10/03 American Idol's Kelly & Ruben Both Nominated For Grammy

TVRules 12/10/03 New Premiere Date For American Idol Announced

TVRules 12/10/03 American Idol 3 Preview On Billboard Music Awards

TVRules 12/10/03 American Idol Audition Book & CD Released

Foxes On Idol 12/10/03 Soul Man – A Review of Ruben Studdard’s “Soulful”

Washington Post 12/10/03 Ruben Studdard Tests His Wings

NMC 12/10/03 Another Reason To Idolize Aiken

MSNBC 12/10/03 ‘Soulful’ proves ‘Idol’ voters right

NY Daily News 12/10/03 Ruben's heart is in his music

ET Online 12/9/03 Ruben Cruises Sesame Street!

UNC Niner 12/9/03 UNCC officials say Aiken received no special treatment

News Observer 12/9/03 This goal just isn't worthy

The Gate 12/9/03 "American Idol" 3 Debuts In January

Launch 12/9/03 Album Review - Soulful

Chart Attack 12/9/03 CD Reviews: Ryan Malcolm, ....Ruben Studdard and many more

Foxes On Idol 12/9/03 Enter the Idol

MTV 12/9/03 Ruben Studdard Misses Football But Wouldn't Change A Thing

Arizona Republic 12/9/03 'Idol's 'Teddy Bear' plays it safe (and soulful) on debut CD

News Tribune 12/9/03 Flu cuts short set by 'Idol' singer Clay Aiken

Digital Spy 12/9/03 FOX adds extra night of 'American Idol'

WAFF 12/9/03 Ruben Tries to Reclaim Spotlight

CNN 12/9/03 'Idol' Studdard tries to reclaim spotlight

Playbill 12/9/03 Frenchie Davis Talks About West Coast Dreamgirls

USA Today 12/9/03 'Idol' status put to test as Studdard releases album

Washington Post 12/9/03 'American Idol,' Stepping Out of Bush's Way

NY Daily News 12/9/03 When Prez speaks, 'Idol' jumps

NBC13 12/8/03 A Close-Up Look At Ruben Studdard's 'Soulful'

USA Today 12/8/03 'Idol' winner Studdard to release CD

Foxes On Idol 12/8/03 “Invisible” CD-Single Put on Hold as Album and Single Move Up the Charts

TV Barn 12/8/03 Fox PR: "Idol" premiere date moved

NMC 12/8/03 Aiken, Clarkson & Studdard Soar

Birmingham News 12/7/03 'Idol' gets soulful on first solo CD

Zap2It 12/5/03 'American Idol' Winners Score Grammy Nods

Birmingham News 12/5/03 Studdard in race for Grammy

NBC13 12/5/03 Ruben Studdard CD Already Considered Hit

CBS 12/5/03 Simon Cowell Speaks His Mind

Foxes On Idol 12/5/03 Both American Idols Nominated for Grammys

WAFF 12/5/03 "Idol" Winner Studdard Nominated for Grammy

Times Star 12/5/03 Clay Aiken's 'Measure of a Man' doesn't measure up

Zap2It 12/4/03 Cowell Will Judge 'World Idol'

Foxes On Idol 12/4/03 Vanessa Olivarez Takes the High Road… By Way of Canada

News 14 12/4/03 UNCC issues tickets for graduation

Digital Spy 12/4/03 Idol finalist Guarini "dropped from label"

Business Wire 12/3/03 Over 1.3 Million Orders for Ruben Studdard's 'Soulful'... 12/3/03 Justin's career could use a tune-up

TVRules 12/3/03 RCA Dropping Justin?

Reality TV World 12/3/03 Justin Guarini reportedly dropped by RCA Records

WRAL 12/3/03 Aiken Invites Visitors To Raleigh

News 14 12/3/03 Raleigh cashes in on Clay

WSOC 12/3/03 UNC Charlotte May Prosecute Students Who Scalp Graduation Tickets

MTV 12/3/03 Where's Justin Guarini These Days? Not On RCA Records, Apparently

Foxes On Idol 12/3/03 Justin Guarini: The Troubles He’s Seen 12/3/03 'Idol's' Seacrest has new show

NY Daily News 12/3/03 'Idol' host's no idle hand

Extra 12/2/03 Simon Cowell

Billboard 12/2/03 Reports: Guarini Dropped By RCA

MSNBC 12/2/03 Do you have what it takes to be a star?

Foxes On Idol 12/2/03 What American Idol Can Learn from Canadian Idol

Launch 12/2/03 Justin Guarini Dropped By RCA, Missing From 'Idol' Christmas Special

Foxes On Idol 12/2/03 Charges Dropped Against Corey Clark

News Observer 12/2/03 'Chasing Clay' gets instant airtime

Chicago Sun-Times 12/2/03 Simon puts 'Idol' thoughts about Paula, Clay in book

WCNC 12/1/03 eBay bidder pays over $100 for Clay Aiken graduation ticket

Tucson Citizen 12/1/03 Fans connect to 'Idol' Clay Aiken

Foxes On Idol 12/1/03 Frenchie Davis: Trading ‘Rent’ for a ‘Dream’

Dallas Morning News 12/1/03 Hot corner: Invitation to a bash

Television Without Pity 11/30/03 An American Idol Christmas

WRAL 11/30/03 Ticket To Aiken's Graduation Sells For More Than $100

Star Telegram 11/29/03 Sing -- and the world votes for or against you

WRAL 11/28/03 Aiken Makes Holiday Rounds

Beavers On Idol 11/26/03 A Canadian in Los Angeles: An American Idol Christmas

Reality News Online 11/26/03 An American Idol Christmas

E!Online 11/26/03 Justin's Silent Night

Fans of Reality TV 11/26/03 Christmas Special: Rockin' Around the AI Tree

WRAL 11/25/03 Raleigh Christmas Parade To Be Re-Broadcast On Time Warner Cable

Foxes On Idol 11/25/03 As Idols Soar, Music Industry Sneers

Local Tech Wire 11/25/03 Raleigh Heart-Throb Clay Aiken’s Foundation Launches Web Site

WSOC 11/25/03 American Idol Star Forces Graduation Changes

Chicago Tribune 11/25/03 `American Idol' gets head start on Christmas

WRAL 11/24/03 There's No Place Like Home: Aiken To Perform At Dec. 22 Hurricanes Game

TBO 11/24/03 UT Runner Chases `American Idol' Dreams

Business Wire 11/24/03 FremantleMedia Grants License for AI 3 to Fleer Trading Cards

News 14 11/24/03 Clay and Santa headline holiday parade

Billboard 11/24/03 Beyoncé, Clay, Shania To Play Billboard Awards

Beacon Journal 11/23/03 Simon Cowell, rude?

Reality TV World 11/23/03 Report: Fox looking to add another Brit as fourth 'American Idol' judge

News Observer 11/22/03 Singer Aiken draws thousands to Raleigh Christmas parade

Times-Star 11/22/03 Clay Aiken looks to shake one-hit wonder label with release of 'Invisible'

Reality TV World 11/21/03 Clay Aiken CD certified double platinum, while Clay prepares for graduation day

Journal Star 11/21/03 Singer's Nebraska fans fill their days with Clay

WRAL 11/21/03 Claymania Spreading At Fever Pitch

Foxes On Idol 11/21/03 ‘American Idol’ Dipping into ‘Pop Idol’ for Fourth Judge

Digital Spy 11/21/03 'Idol' Aiken is grand marshal at Raleigh parade

Launch 11/21/03 Tickets Required for Aiken's Graduation

News14 11/21/03 Aiken's graduation from UNCC requires ticket to get in 11/21/03 Clay Aiken: Boy-next-door turns chart topper

UNC Niner 11/20/03 Possible Aiken appearance impacts winter commencement

E!Online 11/20/03 PETA Gets Catty with Clay

MTV 11/20/03 Will Clay Aiken 'Carry' Fans Or Show Them 'The Way'?

The Gate 11/20/03 PETA Blackmailing Clay Aiken?

TVRules 11/20/03 American Idol Returns January 20

Foxes On Idol 11/20/03 Clay’s Album Continues Decline as Other Reality Show Singers Appear on Charts

Foxes On Idol 11/20/03 American Idol: The Great Holiday Classics – A Foxes On Idol Review

Chart Attack 11/19/03 Clay Aiken Targeted In Ridiculous Ad Campaign

Foxes On Idol 11/19/03 Clay’s Single of “Invisible” and “Solitaire” Delayed

Foxes On Idol 11/19/03 PETA Delays Clay Ad, Wants to Use Him for More Publicity

Digital Spy 11/19/03 Waterman "to join" Cowell on 'American Idol'

BBC 11/19/03 Singer Aiken in cat controversy

Launch 11/18/03 PETA Delays Ad Poking Fun at Clay Aiken

Teen Music 11/18/03 Missy Pulls Out Of Ruben Project

Zap2It 11/18/03 PETA Backs Off Triumph-Aiken Ad

Business Wire 11/18/03 Now Simon Can Insult You Anywhere, Anytime as Codemasters Ships

NY Daily News 11/18/03 PETA's calling off the dog

Reality TV World 11/17/03 Third season of 'American Idol to premiere January 20 and 21

TV Week 11/17/03 Fox Sets 'Idol' Premiere Dates

Zap2It 11/17/03 'Idol' Returns to Save Fox in January

TVRules 11/17/03 American Juniors Join AI Christmas Special

Reality TV World 11/17/03 Clay Aiken wins American Music Awards "Fan's Choice" award

Zap2It 11/17/03 Aiken Fans' Choice at AMAs

Business Wire 11/17/03 American Idol Judge Simon Cowell Gets His Just Rewards..

Foxes On Idol 11/17/03 Clay Aiken – Fans’ Choice

News 14 11/17/03 Clay Aiken wins American Music Award

WRAL 11/17/03 Fans Choice: Clay Aiken Wins AMA

Reality TV World 11/15/03 Strategy shift: RCA to release commercial CD of Clay Aiken's "Invisible" single

Reality TV World 11/15/03 'AI2' semifinalist Jaered Andrews acquitted in bar fight death

Rolling Stone 11/14/03 Triumph Bites Clay for PETA

TVRules 11/14/03 Fox Announces American Idol Christmas

Chicago Sun-Times 11/14/03 Miss Independent: Should she be idolized?

Straits Times 11/14/03 Feat of clay

Chicago Sun-Times 11/14/03 Aiken irked by PETA's measure of his manhood

Beavers On Idol 11/14/03 It's All About the Music

Foxes On Idol 11/14/03 Former ‘AI2’ Semi-Finalist Acquitted in Bar Fight Death

Zap2It 11/14/03 Ex-'Idol' Hopeful Acquitted of Assault

Seattle PI 11/14/03 Ex- 'American Idol' contestant acquitted

Foxes On Idol 11/14/03 ‘World Idol’ Is Definitely a Go

Foxes On Idol 11/14/03 PETA Ad Attacks Clay, Calls Him “Neutered”

TVRules 11/13/03 Cowell's I Don't Mean To Be Rude Available December 2

Reality TV World 11/13/03 'World Idol' competition planned for holiday season,... 

Zap2It 11/13/03 Triumph Poops on 'Neutered' Aiken

Mercury News 11/13/03 International 'Idols' to compete on Fox

TV Week 11/13/03 Fox to Air 'World Idol'

Beavers On Idol 11/13/03 Clay Aiken: Measure of a True Idol

Zap2It 11/13/03 Clarkson Competes for 'World Idol' Crown

BBC 11/13/03 Pop Idols tackle global showdown

Foxes On Idol 11/13/03 Big Debuts and Declining Sales Knock ‘Measure of a Man’ Out of Top 5

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 ‘World Idol’ May Air in December

Reality TV World 11/12/03 Clay Aiken CD drops to #8 in U.S. as total sales top 1 million units

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 Clay CD Single to be Released on Same Day as Ruben’s Album

Foxes On Idol 11/12/03 Clay’s Mother and Other Information Put the Josh Groban Song Story to Rest

Ananova 11/12/03 Fuller 'planning World Idol'

Beavers On Idol 11/11/03 Vanessa Olivarez Begins to Shine in Canada

Business Wire 11/11/03 Now Everyone Can Play for the Title of American Idol...

Beavers On Idol 11/10/03 Opinion of a Fan

Chart Attack 11/10/03 Justin Guarini Sued In Alleged Accident

Newsday 11/10/03 'Idol' Runner-Up Enjoys Celebrity Perks

Arizona Daily Wildcat 11/10/03 Small turnout, big fans at 'American Idol' jam

Foxes On Idol 11/10/03 Justin Guarini Sued over Car Accident

Foxes On Idol 11/10/03 The Clay Aiken/Josh Groban Story: An Editorial

BBC 11/10/03 Simon Cowell cashes in

Chicago Sun-Times 11/10/03 Censored: British comedian's 'Idol' comments about Cowell

Zap2It 11/9/03 'Idol's' Guarini Sued over Accident

Washington Post 11/8/03 "American Idol" Star Justin Guarini Sued

Buffalo News 11/7/03 'Idol' worship

Birmingham News 11/7/03 Can't wait for Ruben's solo CD?

MTV 11/7/03 Kelly Clarkson Hits The Roof For New Clip, Plans DVD

Foxes On Idol 11/7/03 Did Clay Write Josh Groban’s “To Where You Are”?

NBC 17 11/6/03 Clay Aiken Nears Platinum Status With Debut CD

Beavers On Idol 11/6/03 Perception of a Fan

Rolling Stone 11/6/03 Measure Of A Man Review

WSB-TV 11/6/03 Aiken CD Highest-Selling Debut Album Since 1993

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Gwinnett Daily Post 9/5/03 ‘American Idol’ star helps kick off United Way campaign

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Reality TV World 9/4/03 'Idol' finalists Justin Guarini and Julia DeMato to sing at 9/11 benefit skate

Reality TV World 9/4/03 Clay Aiken single spends 12 straight weeks as Canadian #1, 11th week as U.S. #1

Birmingham News 9/4/03 Studdard to help start United Way campaign

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Birmingham News 8/24/03 Ruben fans grab 10,000 free tickets to concert

Salt Lake Tribune 8/24/03 Concert draws thousands to see finalists of the talent show perform

Mobile Register 8/24/03 Ruben's fans snap up tickets for Mobile show

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Mobile Register 8/22/03 Ruben to sing for tax vote

The Oregonian 8/22/03 'Idol's' Studdard ready to tackle stardom

Foxes On Idol 8/22/03 Ruben’s Album Postponed – Clay’s to Be Released First

Reality TV World 8/21/03 Clay Aiken's single continues to hold #1 in Canada for 10th week

Reality TV World 8/21/03 Release dates set for CDs from 'AI' Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken

Chart Attack 8/21/03 Clay Beats Ruben Once Again

Reality TV World 8/21/03 Clay Aiken to perform at Miss America pageant

Reality TV World 8/21/03 'AI' runner-up Clay Aiken's single drops to #2 after 10 straight weeks at #1

Charlotte Observer 8/21/03 Clay to sing for Miss America

Billboard 8/21/03 Ruben, Clay Set Fall Release Dates

Salt Lake Tribune 8/21/03 'American Idol' contestant now ready for her close-up

Press of Atlantic City 8/21/03 ‘Idol’ finalist Clay Aiken will sing at Miss A finals 8/21/03 Hundreds audition for a shot to be the next American Idol

The State 8/21/03 Some people wait a lifetime...

Star Telegram 8/21/03 American Idols fall into deep end in Dallas

AJC 8/21/03 'Idol' rich in hopes, dreams, clichés

Napa News 8/20/03 Student goes from high school choir to American Idol

Washington Post 8/20/03 Breathlessly, TV's 'Idol' Seeks Singers

Dallas Morning News 8/20/03 Review: 'American Idol' stars made for marketing to the kiddies

Ananova 8/20/03 Simon Cowell waxwork unveiled

BBC 8/20/03 Waxwork Cowell judges the public

Birmingham News 8/19/03 Studdard & Son 

Sun Sentinel 8/19/03 American Idol host has notions of his own media empire 8/19/03 'American Idol' Knock-Off Big In Middle East

Ananova 8/19/03 Simon Cowell wants his own US chat show

NY Daily News 8/19/03 Simon says he may solo

Salt Lake Tribune 8/19/03 First 'Idol' continues to win over America

Post Dispatch 8/18/03 American Idols Live!

WAFF 8/18/03 Ruben Holds Sold-Out Concert in Birmingham

Dayton Daily News 8/18/03 Singer wins shot at 'American Idol’ 8/18/03 Opelousas man wins Louisiana competition

Birmingham News 8/17/03 Studdard, team idolized for performance

Go Memphis 8/17/03 Trenyce, Idols rock Pyramid

News Observer 8/17/03 Singers queue overnight for 'Idol' shot

St Louis Post-Dispatch 8/16/03 American Idols are idling on radio playlists

Times Herald 8/16/03 'American (Canyon) Idol'

The State 8/16/03 Area student wins shot at 'Idol' audition

Herald Tribune 8/16/03 Lemon Bay High teens to audition for 'American Idol'

Dayton Daily News 8/15/03 'Idol' finalists down to 11 8/15/03 Idol worshippers, your night is near

Dayton Daily News 8/15/03 ‘Idol’ worshippers take shot at stardom

Huntsville Times 8/15/03 'American Idol' tryouts to be held in Huntsville

CSM 8/15/03 N.C. happy for, if bemused by, its 'Idol'

Tuscaloosa News 8/14/03 Ruben back home in Birmingham with American Idol tour

ABC News 8/14/03 Recall Ruben

Foxes On Idol 8/14/03 Clay Aiken’s Stardom: The Real Way People Measure a Man!

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Dayton Daily News 8/14/03 ‘Idol’ tryout lines form early

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Sun-Sentinel 8/13/03 Studdard's the Idol, for sure

Miami Herald 8/13/03 Idol' Tour Better the Second Time Around

Launch 8/13/03 Kelly Clarkson Surprised By Christina Aguilera Credit On 'Miss Independent'

Pasadena Citizen 8/13/03 Thousands endure heat, two-day wait for reality show auditions 8/13/03 Rent's Frenchie Davis Sings at Next "Broadway in Bryant Park," 8/14

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News Observer 8/9/03 Aiken sings in another "hometown" -Charlotte

Foxes On Idol 8/8/03 Albany Meets American Idol

MTV 8/8/03 Kelly Clarkson's Next Single May Be Reunion With Tamyra Gray

Reality TV World 8/8/03 FOX announces 'AI 3' auditions dates for Houston and Atlanta 8/8/03 Commentary: Camping out for 'American Idol' audition

Beavers On Idol 8/8/03 American Idol: Ruben Takes the Stand

Charlotte Observer 8/8/03 "Idols" grow closer without show competition

Charlotte Observer 8/8/03 'American Idol' mega-obsession: Enough, already! 8/7/03 Clay Aiken talks about his future

Reality TV World 8/7/03 'Idol' runner-up Clay Aiken's single hits 9th week as #1 in sales, by 157 copies 8/7/03 Fans give Clay Aiken a roaring welcome home

Reality Reel 8/7/03 Clay May Be the Winner After All

MegaStar 8/7/03 Idol dollars

Beavers On Idol 8/7/03 Clay Aiken: Man of Fire

News Observer 8/7/03 'There's no place like home'

NY Daily News 8/7/03 The shirt off Ruben's back

AJC 8/6/03 'Idol' auditions set (3rd story down)

Express Times 8/6/03 'Idol' finalist reaches for TV fame

MTV 8/6/03 50 Cent, Good Charlotte To Perform; Diddy, Kelly Clarkson To Present At VMAs

Milwaukee Journal 8/6/03 Clarkson having a fair old time

WXXA 8/6/03 Clay Aiken Starts New Charity

Zap2It 8/6/03 205 Flava Claims Company Stuffed Velvet Teddy with Cash

Reality TV World 8/6/03 205 Flava claims secret payoffs to 'AI' winner Ruben Studdard

BBC 8/6/03 Pop winner 'wore clothes for cash'


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