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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Buffalo News 3/17/04 Hometown 'Idol'

Maui News 3/17/04 Maui 'Idol' shaky in finalist contest 3/17/04 What It Iz: William Hung, American Sambo

Zap2It 3/17/04 One Teen Leaves the Scene on 'Idol'

Reality News Online 3/17/04 American Idol 3, March 17: I Love You, I Love You Not

TVRules 3/17/04 Jonathan's AI3 Takes 3/17

Reality HQ 3/17/04 American Idol 3: Episode 20 Recap - And now there are eleven...

TVRules 3/17/04 American Idol Results 3/17 3/17/04 - 3/17/04 American Idol 3

Post-Dispatch 3/17/04 Kelly and Clay - together

Extra 3/17/04 Idol Insider: Beginning of the End

Reality TV Talk 3/17/04 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Soul Music Theme!

Star-Telegram 3/17/04 It's curious, how George stays on 'Idol'

KPUA 3/17/04 Hawaii singers vie to become next "American Idol"

WRAL 3/17/04 High Point Singer Wows 'Idol Judges'

Digital Spy 3/17/04 Ruben is 'best of friends' with Clay

Dallas Morning News 3/17/04 Idol curiosity? Catch up with Kelly

Crazy4RealityTV 3/17/04 "The Top 12 Starts With A Bang!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 18

The Trades 3/17/04 American Idol 3: Soul Theme

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/04 Top 12: Love...Peace...and SOUL!

Foxes On Idol 3/17/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, March 16

Reality TV Talk 3/17/04 Final 12...Filet of Soul

TVRules 3/17/04 Jonathan's 3/16/04 AI3 Takes

Reality News Online 3/17/04 American Idol 3, March 16: Soulful: Version 12

Reality HQ 3/17/04 American Idol 3: Ep isode 19 Recap - The Final 12 perform

AJC 3/17/04 Snellville, singing heroine shine

Zap2It 3/17/04 Early 'Idol' Favorites Emerge: Who Stole the Soul

Press Citizen 3/17/04 Ex-Hawk gets mixed reviews

Hollywood Reporter 3/17/04 'Idol' delivers weekly demo win for Fox

Tee Vee 3/16/04 "Idol" Chatter

TVRules 3/16/04 American Idol-Top Twelve Performance Summary 3/16

Maui News 3/16/04 Maui's Camile Velasco hits 'Idol' stage tonight

TVRules 3/16/04 On The Red Carpet With The Twelve American Idol Finalists

Beavers On Idol 3/16/04 Independent Tour: The Church of Clay

Zap2It 3/16/04 ABC Moves 'It's All Relative' Out of 'Idol's' Way

Foxes On Idol 3/16/04 Prelude to the American Idol 3 Top 12 Showdown: Something to Think About!

Jacksonville Daily News 3/16/04 Local couple have rooting interest when 'American Idol' airs tonight

San Bernardino Sun 3/16/04 The real "American Idol'' competition is about to begin
AJC 3/16/04 'Idol' contestant back on stage tonight

Television Without Pity 3/16/04 The Spazz Singer

MTV 3/16/04 'American Idol' Hookups? Simon Cowell Says It's Happened

USA Today 3/16/04 'Idol' countdown begins at 12

Northern Star 3/16/04 `American Idol' winner Studdard embarks on first U.S. tour

Seattle PI 3/16/04 Go 2 Guy: Show time for a former Husky

Star Ledger 3/16/04 What's wrong with 'American Idol'?

USA Today 3/16/04 Handicapping the 'American Idol' field

The Advocate 3/15/04 Louisiana native 'Idol' finalist

TVRules 3/15/04 There's No Business Like Show Business: Handicapping the Idols

Zap2It 3/15/04 TV Gal Predicts 'Idol' Final Four

Reality TV World 3/15/04 Clay Aiken to perform live on 'American Idol's March 17 Top 12 results show

TVRules 3/15/04 The Top 12 Finalists Perform In 2 Hour Special

TVRules 3/15/04 Clay Aiken To Make Appearance On American Idol

Elites TV 3/15/04 The Hopeful Dozen -- Who Should Go Home Now?

Digital Spy 3/15/04 Cowell picks his 'American Idol' faves

NoPointNecessary 3/15/04 American Idol 3 recap Wild Card Show 'Wild Is Right'

Zap2It 3/15/04 Aiken Sets First 'Idol' Return 3/15/04 What's up with wild-card 'Idol'?

Foxes On Idol 3/15/04 Idol Thoughts, March 15: Wrap It Up!

Tee Vee 3/13/04 America, You A'ight, Dawg

KTVU 3/12/04 No Idleness Allowed: 'American Idol' Finals Begin

Standard Journal 3/12/04 Rexburg idol back in

NBC13 3/12/04 Magazine Reveals Simon Cowell's Paycheck 3/12/04 American Idol 3 Betting Preview: Jon Peter Lewis

Hollywood Reporter 3/12/04 'Idol' votes Fox a Wednesday win

Flint Journal 3/12/04 Idol' runner-up Clay set for summer gig in Clio

Beavers On Idol 3/12/04 Jennifer? Leah? George? Jon P? Who Should Have Made It?

Foxes On Idol 3/12/04 The Host with the Most? Suggestions for Ryan Seacrest

Foxes On Idol 3/12/04 Idol Chartwatch, March 12: Newlywed Hits It Big

The Express Times 3/12/04 Musikfest to open with Aiken

Chicago Sun-Times 3/12/04 Chicago singer makes final dozen on 'American Idol'

The Spoof 3/12/04 Clay Aiken And Ryan Seacrest Get Married

Extra 3/11/04 America’s Newest Un-hip Hero

Zap2It 3/11/04 Fantasia Named Early 'Idol' Favorite

Digital Spy 3/11/04 Clay Aiken's mother to judge 'Gimme The Mike'

Foxes On Idol 3/11/04 Eating Crow – Why the Wildcard Twist Didn’t Catch On

TVRules 3/11/04 American Idol 3: The Final Twelve

Beavers On Idol 3/11/04 BOI Judging Panel - Wild Card Special

Reality TV World 3/11/04 Jon, Jennifer, Leah and George complete 'Idol's Top 12 finalists

Foxes On Idol 3/11/04 Which Idol Will Fall First?

TVRules 3/11/04 Jonathan's 3/10/04 AI3 takes

Fans Of Reality TV 3/11/04 American Idol 3 3/10/04: The Cast Is Now Complete

Reality News Online 3/11/04 American Idol 3, March 10: We Have Our Final 12

Reality HQ 3/11/04 American Idol 3: Episode 18 Recap - The Final 12

Digital Spy 3/11/04 Last four 'Idol' finalists announced

Hollywood Reporter 3/11/04 Fox wins Tuesday primetime with 'Idol' power

Mercury News 3/11/04 SJSU Student's `Idol' Wish Ends

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/11/04 ‘American Idol’ goes on ... without Katie Webber

Washington Post 3/11/04 'American Idol' Picks 12 Finalists

Register-Pajaronian 3/11/04 Leuschner is told not to perform

Seattle PI 3/11/04 Seattleite Leah gets second chance on 'American Idol'

Zap2It 3/11/04 'Idol' Wild Card: Pen Boy Becomes Pen Man

Seattle Times 3/10/04 How Seattle's LaBelle did on 'American Idol' tonight

TVRules 3/10/04 American Idol 3/10/04 - Wild Card Results Summary

The Spoof 3/10/04 Oops! Britney Gets Married William Hung!

Reality TV Talk 3/10/04 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion/Recap – The Wildcard Group!

WCNC 3/10/04 'American Idol' picking 12 finalists

ESP Magazine 3/10/04 Runner-up Clay Aiken molded into gold

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/10/04 ‘Idol’: Lisa’s out, but Katie still has a shot

TVRules 3/10/04 William Hung Signs Recording Deal With Fuse & Koch Records

The Trades 3/10/04 American Idol 3: Wild Card Round

Foxes On Idol 3/10/04 Could There Be a Wildcard Twist?

TVRules 3/10/04 Jonathan's 3/9/04 AI3 Takes

Foxes On Idol 3/10/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, March 9

Fans Of Reality TV 3/10/04 American Idol 3 3/9/04: A Wild, Wild Wildcard Show

Reality News Online 3/10/04 American Idol 3, March 9: Twelve Will Get You Eight

Reality HQ 3/10/04 American Idol 3, Episode 17 Recap

Boston Globe 3/10/04 'Idol' singers fill arena with exuberance

Kansas City Star 3/10/04 ‘Idol' pair goes live

Mercury News 3/10/04 Return To `American Idol'

ET Online 3/10/04 Which Wild Card Will Make the Cut?

Zap2It 3/10/04 'Idol' Wild Cards Make Their Cases

Register-Pajaronian 3/10/04 Leuschner to perform tonight on FOX show 'American Idol'

NMC 3/9/04 Ruben’s Tour Shifts Gears

TVRules 3/9/04 American Idol-3/9 The Wildcard Performance Summary

ET Online 3/9/04 'American Idol' Goes 'Wild'!

Zap2It 3/9/04 Daffy Record Exec Calls Hung 'The New Elvis'

MTV 3/9/04 William Hung Idol-ized With Record Deal, Remixes

Television Without Pity 3/9/04 You're Nobody Till Everybody Loves You

Beavers On Idol 3/9/04 Clayvention

Reality TV World 3/9/04 'Idol' reject William Hung lands record deal, album to be in stores April 6

Star Bulletin 3/9/04 Wildcard ‘Idols’

Press Enterprise 3/9/04 Simon says sing

Rolling Stone 3/9/04 William Hung Bangs Out Debut

Zap2It 3/9/04 'Idol' Returns to Top, But CBS Wins Week

Foxes On Idol 3/9/04 He Bangs! American Idol 3’s William Hung’s First CD Coming April 6

NoPointNecessary 3/9/04 American Idol 3 recap Fourth 8 of 32 'Ryan vs Simon'

Birmingham News 3/9/04 Ruben to sing at City Stages

AZ 3/9/04 Valley's Vulaca gets ready to be 'wild'

SF Chronicle 3/9/04 'American Idol' cast-off cashing in on his celebrity

Dayton Daily News 3/9/04 Oxford man gets another chance at becoming 'Idol'

Arizona Republic 3/9/04 Hawaii blossoms, crooner cruises to the next level

Milwaukee Journal 3/9/04 Beloit native ready for 'Idol' wild card

Billboard 3/8/04 'Idol' Reject William Hung Inks With Koch

Detroit News 3/8/04 'Idol' Reject Hung Has Recording Deal

Mattoon Journal 3/8/04 Sullivan native could have another shot at 'American Idol'

KPUA 3/8/04 Hawaii "American Idol" fans face giddy dilemma

580 CFRA Radio 3/8/04 Idol Secrets

Washington Post 3/8/04 At MCI, American Idolatry For the Feats of Clay and Kelly

Scranton Times 3/8/04 Clarkson, Aiken: Two idols who just might turn out OK

Foxes On Idol 3/8/04 Idol Thoughts, March 8: The Wild and Wooly Wildcards

ET Online 3/8/04 Randy's Wild Card Spoilers!

MSN 3/7/04 'Measuring' Up

Newsday 3/6/04 Still more like puppets than idols

Deseret News 3/6/04 3 Utahns lose grip on reality

Reality Reel 3/6/04 Group Four - A Hit Or Miss? Simon Says...

Toronto Star 3/6/04 Geeky Idol redhead revives Dino-mania

Daily Record 3/6/04 Just Simon The Dotted Line

NoPointNecessary 3/6/04 American Idol 3 Third Group of 32 "One Clear Winner" 3/5/04 'American Idol' champ Ruben Studdard shuffles spring tour plans

Foxes On Idol 3/5/04 Idol Chartwatch, March 5: Albums Fall, Singles Do Okay

Detroit News 3/5/04 Former 'Idol' contestant is eager to show what he brings to the table table is set

Boston Globe 3/5/04 An 'Idol' with aw-shucks appeal

Sun News 3/5/04 Touring, life and celebrity

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/5/04 Local ‘Idols’ get call back

Times Herald 3/5/04 'Idol' antics

AJC 3/5/04 'American Idol' territory

The Chattanoogan 3/5/04 William Hung: America's Lovable Loser

Go Erie 3/5/04 'Idol' narrows to Elite 8

Las Vegas Mercury 3/4/04 Off the Charts: Ruben Studdard

NBC13 3/4/04 Another 'Idol' Singer Hits Charts

Newsday 3/4/04 High school crooner advances on ``American Idol''

WCNC 3/4/04 Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken perform on NBC's Today Show

KPUA 3/4/04 Jasmine Trias advances to final 12 on "Idol"

Gazette Extra 3/4/04 Beloit 'American Idol' contestant is wild-card pick

Walker County Messenger 3/4/04 ‘American Idol’ contestant from Rome returning home

Reality TV World 3/4/04 Jasmine Trias and John Stevens advance to 'American Idol' Top 12...

TVRules 3/4/04 American Idol, Reference Guide (Top 8 Plus Wildcards)

Beavers On Idol 3/4/04 BOI Judging Panel - Group 4

Buffalo News 3/4/04 Williamsville East student croons way into Top 10 on 'American Idol'

TVRules 3/4/04 Jonathan's AI3 Takes 3/3/04

TVRules 3/4/04 American Idol 3/03/04 - Results Summary

Reality TV Talk 3/4/04 American Idol - 3/3/04 - Group Four Results Show

Reality HQ 3/4/04 American Idol 3: Episode 16 Recap

Star Bulletin 3/4/04 Jasmine also wins ‘American Idol’ nod

Free Lance Star 3/4/04 Aiken's ready for a new claim to fame

Zap2It 3/4/04 Youth Is Served in 'Idol' Group Four

St Petersburg Times 3/4/04 Spring Hill singer cut from 'Idol'

Seattle Times 3/4/04 Seattle's LaBelle still has shot at 'Idol' title

Mercury News 3/4/04 Studdard of `American Idol' postpones Sunday S.F. show

Deseret News 3/4/04 Utahn makes a fast exit from 'Idol'

Wisconsin State Journal 3/4/04 Beloit singer gets second chance on 'Idol'

The Spoof 3/4/04 Paris Hilton's Night with William Hung

Milwaukee Journal 3/4/04 Former Miss Beloit given one last chance

Washington Post 3/4/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

Contra Costa Times 3/4/04 'Idol' exerts ironlike grip on ratings

Reality News Online 3/4/04 American Idol 3, March 3: Pick a Wildcard, Any Wildcard

Fans Of Reality TV 3/4/04 American Idol 3 3/3/04: You Could've Knocked Me Over With A Feather

Business Wire 3/3/04 Ruben Studdard crosses America with guests Kem and Calvin Richardson

Digital Spy 3/3/04 Clay, Ruben appear on CNN

Seattle Times 3/3/04 How Seattle's LaBelle did on 'American Idol' tonight

Extra 3/3/04 A House Divided: Fussin' & Feudin' on 'American Idol'

Digital Spy 3/3/04 Jackson: "American singers are better"

Reality TV Talk 3/3/04 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion - Group 4

Beavers On Idol 3/3/04 Did George Manage to Do a Great Job?

Beavers On Idol 3/3/04 Triumphant Homecoming: Kelly/Clay Tour Hits Raleigh

Foxes On Idol 3/3/04 Clarkson and Aiken Take the Show on the Road

The Trades 3/3/04 American Idol 3: Fourth Round of 8

Oklahoma Daily 3/3/04 OU student aims for 'Idol'

KPUA 3/3/04 Mililani teen hopes to become next "American Idol"

Deseret News 3/3/04 Provoan takes 'Idol' stage

Birmingham News 3/3/04 Cool cat dons party hat

Reality TV Talk 3/3/04 Group 4...I'm Lisa and these are my breasts

Foxes On Idol 3/3/04 The Wildcards: One Last Shot

Foxes On Idol 3/3/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, March 2

Zap2It 3/3/04 Mixed Messages for Latest 'Idol' Group

MTV 3/3/04 Kelly Clarkson's Rockin', Soulful Side To Show On New LP

Washington Post 3/3/04 We Watch So You Don't Have to

NBC13 3/3/04 Studdard Reads Seuss To Second-Grade Class

Milwaukee Journal 3/3/04 Former Miss Beloit gets mixed reviews

Reality News Online 3/3/04 American Idol 3, March 2: The Push and the Pull

Fans Of Reality TV 3/3/04 American Idol 3 3/2/04: Did They Save The Best For Last?

Buffalo News 3/3/04 Williamsville student pins 'Idol' hopes on Sinatra melodies

WRAL 3/2/04 Clay Aiken's Mom Reflects On Son's Fame, Security Issues 3/2/04 Ruben Studdard appears in elementary class to promote reading

Mercury News 3/2/04 'American Idol' singer reschedules S.F. concert

TVRules 3/2/04 Jonathan's AI3 Takes 3/2/04 Group 4

Reality HQ 3/2/04 American Idol 3: Episode 15 Recap

TVRules 3/2/04 American Idol: Group Four Performance Summary 3/2

TVRules 3/2/04 American Idol: 3/1 Summary

News Observer 3/2/04 Aiken was best of two 'Idol' stars

Brigham Young NewsNet 3/2/04 BYU student lives American Idol dream

Star Bulletin 3/2/04 American Idol doll 3/2/04 'Idol's' success has rivals scrambling

Reality TV Talk 3/2/04 American Idol: 3/1/04 Special – Giving No Talent a Bad Name

Reality News Online 3/2/04 March 1: Uncut, Uncensored, Untalented, But Occasionally Meaningful

Arizona Republic 3/2/04 Valley hopeful ready to let loose tonight on 'Idol'

Wisconsin State Journal 3/2/04 Beloit singer on 'American Idol'

Times Picayune 3/2/04 Crooner gets second chance

News Journal 3/2/04 Talent no longer required

USA Today 3/2/04 Culling continues on 'Idol'

Purdue Exponent 3/2/04 William Hung mania sweeps the nation

Digital Spy 3/1/04 'Idol' judges appear on 'Larry King Live'

Milwaukee Journal 3/1/04 Wisconsin 'Idol': Ex-Miss Beloit hopes to be show finalist

News Sentinel 3/1/04 `Idol' judges should spare feelings of younger contestants

Charlotte Observer 3/1/04 Q&A with NC's Clay Aiken, on touring, life and celebrity

News14 3/1/04 Aiken's return thrills fans from all areas

TVRules 3/1/04 American Idol Wild Card Results Air 3/10

TVRules 3/1/04 Idol 90 Minute Live 'Wild Card' Show 3/9

Deseret News 3/1/04 Y. student hits his next stage

Television Without Pity 3/1/04 London's Bridge Is Really Loud

Digital Spy 3/1/04 NC Museum of History to exhibit Clay's clothes

Foxes On Idol 3/1/04 ‘From Justin to Kelly’ Given a Golden Raspberry

Foxes On Idol 3/1/04 Idol Thoughts, March 1: Good News and Bad News

Sun Sentinel 3/1/04 Aiken and Clarkson show off Idol mettle at concert

Salt Lake Tribune 3/1/04 'Idol' contestant from BYU hopes to warble his way to the finals

Miami Herald 3/1/04 'American Idol' stars show strong signs of development

Daily Trojan 3/1/04 Good Will Hung, sing: succeeding in comedy without really trying

WRAL 3/1/04 Concert Brings Clay To Raleigh, WRAL

Seattle PI 3/1/04 A moment with ... Leah LaBelle, 'American Idol' contestant

Palm Beach Post 3/1/04 'American Idols' lack independence

Milwaukee Journal 2/29/04 'Idol' reject shows it can be good to be bad

Times-Star 2/29/04 Hung time revisited and London calling

Zap2It 2/29/04 Seacrest Judges the Judges

Foxes On Idol 2/29/04 Clay’s “Solitaire” and “The Way” to Be Released on CD March 16

Reality Reel Media 2/29/04 Group 3 Steps It Up With Shocking Performances

Palm Beach Post 2/29/04 No talent? No problem

Milford Daily News 2/29/04 Pop Psychology: Hung jury

New Straits Times 2/29/04 IT could only happen in the United States. 2/29/04 American Idol 3 Betting: LaToya London Into 5/1

Beavers On Idol 2/28/04 Searching AI3 for the Great Male Hope

St Petersburg Times 2/28/04 Clay soars, Kelly rushes

NY Daily News 2/28/04 Washout getting his 'Idol' moment

Times Star 2/27/04 Livermore man booted off 'Idol'

Chart Attack 2/27/04 Clay Aiken’s Clothes To Be Exhibited In Museum

Newsday 2/27/04 'Idle' just isn't in their vocabulary

Beavers On Idol 2/27/04 BOI Judging Panel - Group 3

The Robesonian 2/27/04 Lowry's star trip 'Idols'

Washington Dispatch 2/27/04 The Lovable Loser

BBC 2/27/04 Place in history for US Idol star

Times Herald 2/27/04 'Idol' antics

Foxes On Idol 2/27/04 Idol Chartwatch, February 27: Bad Week for Idols

Digital Spy 2/27/04 Williams disqualified from 'American Idol'

Arizona Republic 2/26/04 Awfully surprising voices can become terribly popular

Reality TV Talk 2/26/04 American Idol 3 "Group 3 Results Recap"

Reality TV World 2/26/04 La Toya London and Amy Adams advance to 'American Idol' Top 12

Knox News 2/26/04 'Idol' host Seacrest far from idle these days

Zap2It 2/26/04 First 'Idol' Contestant Disqualified

Seattle PI 2/26/04 Garfield High School's LaBelle gets booted off 'American Idol'

Newsday 2/26/04 Clarkson and Aiken are keeping it simple

WVEC 2/26/04 Clay's clothes to be display at N.C. museum

Foxes On Idol 2/26/04 American Idol 3: When One Car Door Closes…

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/26/04 Moananu’s out but ‘Idol’ ain’t over yet

Foxes On Idol 2/26/04 I’m a Matt Fan – Whose Fault Is That?

Foxes On Idol 2/26/04 Group 3 Voting: Oops, They Did It Again!

St Petersburg Times 2/26/04 America loves a runner-up

TVRules 2/26/04 Donnie Dropped & Replaced With Alternate

Reality TV World 2/26/04 Donnie Williams pulled from 'Idol' following arrest, replaced by George Huff

TVRules 2/26/04 Jonathan's AI 3 Result's Show Takes 2/25/04

NY Daily News 2/26/04 'Idol' dreams go bust

Mercury News 2/26/04 Oakland Singer Makes `American Idol' Finals

Zap2It 2/26/04 It's Ladies' Night for 'Idol' Group Three

Fayetteville Online 2/26/04 Charly Lowry eliminated from 'Idol'

The Robesonian 2/26/04 Lowry woos UNCP crowd, but what will voters think?

Hollywood Reporter 2/26/04 Fox wins Tues. with 'Idol'

Post Dispatch 2/26/04 Fallen idol: Yoder is eliminated

Herald Sun 2/26/04 UNC student fails to make 'Idol' finals

Mansfield News Journal 2/26/04 Two move up on 'Idol'

Munster Times 2/26/04 Design firm gets a boost with Aiken account.

Foxes On Idol 2/26/04 Drunk Driving Allegation Leads to Removal of ‘Idol’ Semi-Finalist

Contra Costa Times 2/26/04 'Idol' hopeful arrested on I-680

Chart Attack 2/25/04 American Idol To Celebrate Celebrity Judges And Regular Losers

Royal Purple Online 2/25/04 Whitewater ‘Idol’ to perform on TV

Fans Of Reality TV 2/25/04 American Idol 3 2/25/04: With These Picks, We've Got Six

Reality News Online 2/26/04 American Idol 3, February 25: All Better Now

KGET 2/25/04 Bakersfield’s American Idol

Fayetteville Online 2/26/04 Charly Lowry eliminated from 'Idol'

TVRules 2/25/04 American Idol 2/25 - Results Summary

Reality HQ 2/25/04 American Idol 3, Episode 14 Recap

Reality TV World 2/25/04 'AI' semi-finalist Donnie Williams arrested for drunk driving and speeding

Reality TV Talk 2/25/04 London Calling

Extra 2/25/04 Surprising Judgements From Simon

Zap2It 2/25/04 'Idol' Contestant Arrested

Reality TV Talk 2/25/04 The RTVT Roundtable/Recap - Group 3 Semi-finals

TVRules 2/25/04 Will American Idol Hopeful Be Cut From Competition?

The Trades 2/25/04 American Idol 3: Third Round of 8

Foxes On Idol 2/25/04 The Legend of William Hung

Zap2It 2/25/04 'Idol' Yields Another Tuesday Rout for FOX

TVRules 2/25/04 Jonathan's AI3 takes- 2/24/04

Foxes On Idol 2/25/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, February 24

Fans Of Reality TV 2/25/04 American Idol 3 2/24/04: Well, The Second Spot Is Up For Grabs

WCNC 2/25/04 Clay Aiken in Charlotte spotlight as concert tour kicks off

Fayetteville Online 2/25/04 'American Idol' hopeful competes

Washington Post 2/25/04 'American Idol': We Watch So You Don't Have To

Contra Costa Times 2/25/04 Livermore's 'American Idol' hopeful arrested

Herald Sun 2/25/04 N.C.'s 'Charly' has solid night on 'Idol'

Charlotte Observer 2/25/04 Clay shines in city he calls 'home'

AJC 2/25/04 'Idol' fever strikes at Gwinnett arena

Digital Spy 2/25/04 'American Idol' wannabe arrested

ET Online 2/25/04 Which Wannabes Will Move Ahead?

Zap2It 2/25/04 Group Three Seeks 'Idol' Redemption

ET Online 2/25/04 Rub-a-Dub-Dub! Kelly & Jenny Hit the Tub

Milwaukee Journal 2/25/04 'American Idol' Special to Air on Fox

Reality News Online 2/25/04 American Idol 3, February 24: Things Can Only Get Better

Niner Online 2/24/04 'This is the night'

TVRules 2/24/04 American Idol: Group Three Performance Summary 2/24

Reality HQ 2/24/04 American Idol 3, Episode 13 Recap

WRAL 2/24/04 Pembroke Girl Hopes To Make It Big On 'American Idol' 2/24/04 'Idol' Hopeful Trias Gets Big Send-Off

ET Online 2/24/04 'Idol's Amiable Host Talks Favorites & Flat Irons

Mercury News 2/24/04 Oakland singer seeks 'Idol' spot

Reality TV World 2/24/04 William Hung to appear on Fox's 3/1 'Uncut, Uncensored And Untalented' Idol 

Billboard 2/24/04 Manilow Marches Onto 'American Idol'

Contra Costa Times 2/24/04 'American Idol' contestant arrested on suspicion of dunken driving

NBC17 2/24/04 Aiken's Tour With Clarkson Kicks Off In Charlotte

Digital Spy 2/24/04 Manilow to guest on 'American Idol'

Star Bulletin 2/24/04 Moananu’s the man

Beavers On Idol 2/24/04 What the Vanilla Revolution Has Become

Foxes On Idol 2/24/04 Jonah the Idolmaker

Foxes On Idol 2/24/04 Why Isn’t Lisa Leuschner in the Top 12?

Courier Journal 2/24/04 'Idol' is a tough ratings competitor 2/24/04 Pact could be sour note in William Hung's career

Herald Sun 2/24/04 Cheering on Charly for 'Idol'

Post Dispatch 2/24/04 Will Yoder go all the way?

USA Today 2/24/04 Who's next for 'Idol'? Read on

News 14 2/24/04 Pembroke resident takes shot at becoming next Idol

Detroit Free Press 2/24/04 'American Idol' finalist in musical here

Seattle PI 2/24/04 Seattle teen shoots for the 'American Idol' final 12

Charlotte Observer 2/24/04 `Idol' entertainment praised as family fun

Contra Costa Times 2/24/04 She's ready to be 'Idol'-ized

Globe and Mail 2/24/04 American Idols and drag queens

Register-Pajaronian 2/24/04 Simon says: Who cares what he says

Maui News 2/24/04 'Idol' finalist Camile Velasco returns to IHOP

WTVD 2/23/04 Two NC Natives Head for American Idol

Navy News Stand 2/23/04 Blue Ridge Sailor’s Daughter Vies for Fame on ‘American Idol’

NoPointNecessary 2/23/04 American Idol 3 Second Eight of Final 32 "Judges Duped"

Television Without Pity 2/23/04 2 Fat 2 Furious

The Robesonian 2/23/04 Lowry has plenty of support 2/23/04 "American Idol" Veteran Olivarez Is Tracy Turnbald in Canadian Hairspray

TVRules 2/23/04 American Idol: Uncut, Uncensored & Untalented Airs 3/1

WCNC 2/23/04 Tickets still available for Clay Aiken concert Tuesday

Maui News 2/23/04 Maui's TV 'Idol' comes back to earth

Fayetteville Online 2/23/04 UNCP to show 'Idol' episode

Boston Globe 2/23/04 .....; a local takes the 'Idol' stage

The Trentonian 2/23/04 No talent? No problem for ‘American Idol’ reject

Salt Lake Tribune 2/23/04 'American Idol' reject is now livin' la vida loca

Contra Costa Times 2/23/04 'Idol' Hopeful Full Of Hope

Star Telegram 2/23/04 Unlikely star off-key but on the map

Straits Times 2/23/04 Only Hung will do

Pacific Stars and Stripes 2/23/04 ‘American Idol’ contender has command ship in her corner

Foxes On Idol 2/23/04 Idol Thoughts, February 23: Bad Begets Bad

Beavers On Idol 2/22/04 Matt? Camile? Both? Neither? Or, Maybe the Romans?

San Francisco Chronicle 2/22/04 'Idol' fantasies: Take off the kid gloves

Fans of Reality TV 2/20/04 Conference Call with Ryan Seacrest

E!Online 2/20/04 "Idol" Fans Hung Up on Hung

WCNC 2/20/04 Clay Aiken to rock Coliseum

Daily Bulletin 2/20/04 Rancho singer may be next "Idol"

Digital Spy 2/20/04 Fuse, Koch offer Hung record deal

TVRules 2/20/04 American Idol-The Top 32 Who? Reference Guide

Register-Pajaronian 2/20/04 Local misses the cut on 'American Idol'

Globe and Mail 2/20/04 American Idol reject idolized by Web fans

Newsday 2/20/04 'Idol' Reject Ignites Fuse Cable Offer

Daily Californian 2/20/04 Elect William Hung!

Access North Ga 2/20/04 TV talent show finalist asked to cancel her appearance at legislature

AJC 2/20/04 Clarkson, Aiken crooning at Gwinnett arena Wednesday

Miami Herald 2/20/04 'Idol' loser has last laugh

MSNBC 2/20/04 He's a loser, baby

Daily Bulletin 2/19/04 Rancho singer may be next "Idol"

Niles Daily Star 2/19/04 American Idol finalist singing in Edwardsburg

Oxford Press 2/19/04 Miami graduate graces stage on 'American Idol'

WTVD 2/19/04 UNC Student Seeks to Become Next 'American Idol'

AJC 2/19/04 Fox forces 'Idol' contestant to cancel legislative visit

Billboard 2/19/04 Studdard Fills Out U.S. Trek

Reality Reel 2/19/04 The Next 8 Finalists Aren’t Up To The Challenge

Herald and News 2/19/04 KF woman misses cut in 'Idol'

NMC 2/19/04 Ruben on Tour

Extra 2/19/04 The Best of Times and the Worst of Times

Zap2It 2/19/04 William Hung Offered Bangin' Record Deal

Bronx Times 2/19/04 Bronx brothers, Jesus and Noel Roman, vie for American Idol title

Reality TV World 2/19/04 Camile Velasco and Matthew Rogers advance to 'American Idol' Top 12

TVRules 2/19/04 American Idol: Meet Group Four

TVRules 2/19/04 American Idol: Meet Group Three (Performing 2/24)

Rolling Stone 2/19/04 Ruben Gets Ready for Road

Reality HQ 2/19/04 American Idol 3, Episode 12 Recap

Foxes On Idol 2/19/04 Idol Chartwatch, February 19: Mayhem on the Charts

BBC 2/19/04 Pop Idol's Cowell joins Simpsons

Star Bulletin 2/19/04 Audience greenlights Velasco

CBS 2/19/04 Willam Hung: Singing The Boos

Iowa City Press-Citizen 2/19/04 Ex-Hawk one of 12 'Idol' finalists

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/19/04 Santa Cruz ‘Idol’ reaches end of road

Redlands Daily Facts 2/19/04 Catch Clay

Oakland Tribune 2/19/04 Idol wannabe gets record deal

Daily Californian 2/19/04 From Campus Talent Show to Record Deal

Washington Post 2/19/04 And the Non-Losers Are . . . 2/19/04 Maui Resident Camile Velasco Reaches American Idol Final 12

Zap2It 2/19/04 'Idol' Voters Reject Jesus for the Hawaiian and the Lineman 2/19/04 American Idol 3 Betting: Matthew Rodgers At 8/1

Hollywood Reporter 2/19/04 'Idol' leads Fox to Tues. wins in total viewers, 18-49 demo

Foxes on Idol 2/19/04 How Did Matthew Make It Through?

Reality News Online 2/19/04 American Idol 3, February 18: The Not-So-Great Eight

Bergen Record 2/18/04 'Idol' failure goes out with a bang, and then some

Fans Of Reality TV 2/18/04 American Idol 2/18/04: We Get Two More, And We're Up To Four

TVRules 2/18/04 Jonathan's AI3 takes- 2/18/04

TVRules 2/18/04 American Idol 2/18 - Results Show Summary

Reality TV Talk 2/18/04 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion – Group 2 Semi-Finals

Extra 2/18/04 Is Randy the Next Simon?

Beavers On Idol 2/18/04 BOI Judging Panel - Group 2

WBAL 2/18/04 'Idol' Reject Finds Way To Cult Stardom

Reality TV World 2/18/04 Ruben Studdard announces nineteen city concert tour

The Trades 2/18/04 American Idol 3: Second Round of 8 2/18/04 - What Were the Judges Thinking?

Foxes On Idol 2/18/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, February 17 2/18/04 American Idol 3 Betting: Fantasia Barrino At 6/4

AJC 2/18/04 Legislature will honor 'Idol' contestant Friday

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/18/04 Lisa might make ‘Idol’ cut

Zap2It 2/18/04 Group Two Gropes Blindly for 'Idol' Glory

MTV 2/18/04 Ben Moody Bringing Kelly Clarkson's Music To Life

Reality News Online 2/18/04 American Idol 3, February 17: And Then There Was Group Two…

Fans Of Reality TV 2/17/04 American Idol 3 2/17/04: Doesn't Anybody Want To Win This?

TVRules 2/17/04 American Idol 2/17 Summary-Group Two

TVRules 2/17/04 Jonathan's AI3 Takes: 2/17/04 Group Two

Detroit News 2/17/04 'Idol' winner works out dates for a U.S. tour

Digital Spy 2/17/04 Top ratings for 'Idol' in Clay Aiken's home town

MTV 2/17/04 Ruben Studdard Headlining Theater Tour With Just A Few Cats

Foxes On Idol 2/17/04 Fantasia: What Befits An Idol Most

Access North Ga 2/17/04 American Idol finalist to visit Georgia lawmakers

Rolling Stone 2/17/04 "American Idol" Rejects Speak

Foxes On Idol 2/17/04 Justin Guarini: Down But Not Done!

CNN 2/17/04 'Idol's' Jackson: Music 'in the toilet'

Times Star 2/17/04 Local talent vies for America's approval

USA Today 2/17/04 'Idol': Next eight sing their hearts out tonight

NMC 2/17/04 Ruben Has Laker Run-in

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/17/04 County’s next ‘Idol’ hopeful takes the stage

USA Today 2/17/04 Wild-card round could add a new twist

Press Enterprise 2/17/04 A different game

USA Today 2/17/04 Beautiful loser Hung now an idol of sorts

Fayetteville Online 2/17/04 'Idol' hopeful's big chance is next week

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/16/04 Returning home a star

The Regional 2/16/04 Sullivan native American Idol wannabe

WTVD 2/16/04 A Second North Carolinian Heads to American Idol

AJC 2/16/04 High school homecoming for 'Idol' phenom

Zap2It 2/16/04 'American Idol' Adjusts Wild Card Format

Star Bulletin 2/16/04 Maui's reluctant star plans to belt out her best in her "Idol" quest

AJC 2/16/04 'American Idolizing' at Shiloh

NBC13 2/16/04 American Idol's Simon Cowell Said To Have Soft Side

Beavers On Idol 2/16/04 Diana? Fantasia? Both? Neither?

Foxes On Idol 2/16/04 Idol Thoughts, February 16: Getting Better All the Time

Television Without Pity 2/16/04 The Pink and the Gray

ET Online 2/16/04 Victory's Sweet for 'Idols' Diana & Fantasia

Register-Pajaronian 2/15/04 Local to take center stage on 'American Idol'

Pacific Business News 2/15/04 American Idol party planned at Ward Entertainment

NY Times 2/15/04 Randy Jackson Takes Industry to Task

Beavers On Idol 2/15/04 The Gem That Is Kimberly Locke

Straits Times 2/15/04 Hung up on money

Dallas Morning News 2/15/04 Clarkson's honored, really, but ...

SB Sun 2/14/04 From football to "Idol"

Fans of Reality TV 2/14/04 Nigel Lythgoe, Executive Producer, Talks to the Press

NoPointNecessary 2/14/04 American Idol 3 Recap First 8 of the Final 32 "Saved The Best For Last"

Reality Reel 2/14/04 American Idol Auditions: Are they (for) Real?

Beavers On Idol 2/14/04 Cheating on Clay

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/13/04 Idol’ makes trip home to Snellville

Billboard 2/13/04 Studdard Tour Begins To Take Shape

Zap2It 2/13/04 He Bangs: William Hung May Return for 'Idol' Special

Reality Reel 2/13/04 The First Eight Try To Win America Over

WCNC 2/13/04 6NEWS gets personal with Clay Aiken

Times Herald 2/13/04 'Idol' antics

NY Daily News 2/13/04 'Idol' bros. from the block

AJC 2/13/04 DeGarmo 'Idol' watch begins in Snellville

Reality TV World 2/12/04 Fantasia Barrino and Diana Degarmo advance to 'American Idol' Top 12

Foxes On Idol 2/12/04 Idol Chartwatch, February 12: “Sorry 2004” Cracks the Top 10

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/12/04 Snellville teen advances on ‘Idol’

PR Newswire 2/12/04 AT&T Wireless Records Impressive Voter Turn Out for American Idol

WCNC 2/12/04 Clay Aiken speaks his mind

Reality Reel 2/12/04 Your First 2 American Idol Finalists

Beavers On Idol 2/12/04 It's Not a Competition

Elites TV 2/12/04 Round One: The Girls Rock, the Boys Drop!

BBC 2/12/04 Cowell scowls at American Idol hopefuls 2/12/04 - American Idol Results 2/11/04

Digital Spy 2/12/04 Cowell regrets turning down 'Idol' hopeful

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/12/04 S.C. ‘Idol’ hopeful falls short in voting

Beacon Journal 2/12/04 `Idol' vote falls short for ex-Hudson man

St Petersburg Times 2/12/04 Lynche doesn't make the cut on 'Idol'

Beacon Journal 2/12/04 Now we have the anti-celebrity

Fans Of Reality TV 2/12/04 American Idol 3 2/11/04: The First Two Get Through

Reality News Online 2/12/04 American Idol 3, February 11: The Great Eight

Access Hollywood 2/11/04 Life After 'Idol': Justin Guarini

NBA 2/11/04 205 Meets the 213

Zap2It 2/11/04 'Idol' Voters Experience Sonic Fantasia

TVRules 2/11/04 American Idol - Next Group to Perform on 2/17

Reality HQ 2/11/04 American Idol 3, Episode 10 Recap

TVRules 2/11/04 Jonathan's AI 3 takes 2/11/04 Results Show

TVRules 2/11/04 American Idol 2/11 Results Show Summary

Reality News Online 2/11/04 American Idol 3, February 10: Let the Games Begin!

Beavers On Idol 2/11/04 BOI Judging Panel - Group 1

MediaFiends 2/11/04 What do spaghetti bolognese, sweet and sour chicken and rodeos have in common?

TVRules 2/11/04 American Idol 2/10 Summary-Group One

AJC 2/11/04 Three cheers for Snellville's 'idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 2/11/04 American Idol 3 2/10/04: Let's Give 'Em Something To Talk About, Indeed

TVRules 2/11/04 Jonathan's AI3 Takes- February 10, 2004

Foxes On Idol 2/11/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, February 10

The Trades 2/11/04 American Idol 3: First Round of 8

St Petersburg Times 2/11/04 On 'Idol,' Lynche confident in the face of Simon

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/11/04 Local ‘Idol’ jazzes up Fox show in qualifying round

SF Chronicle 2/11/04 UC's accidental pop star 'American Idol' reject is hot item on campus-and far beyond

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/11/04 Hometown favorite

Charlotte Observer 2/11/04 'Idol' candidate already recognized

Toronto Star 2/11/04 Idol finalist in T.O. Hairspray?

The Diamondback 2/11/04 North Woods star doesn't impress Simon

News Journal 2/11/04 'American Idol' Voting

Zap2It 2/11/04 Eight Is Enough for First 'Idol' Group

Hollywood Reporter 2/11/04 'Idol' gives Fox new high to win weekly adult demo

Digital Spy 2/11/04 First group of eight performs

KOMO 2/10/04 Singer Frenchie Davis Survives Rocky Road To Stardom

ET Online 2/10/04 'Idol' Hopefuls: The First 8!

Television Without Pity 2/10/04 Thanks For Scaring!

Beavers On Idol 2/10/04 Editor's Pick from the 32 of AI3

Monterey Herald 2/10/04 6 Northern Californians among 32 finalists

Oakland Tribune 2/10/04 Student famous after bout with 'Idol' villain

Foxes On Idol 2/10/04 A Tale of Two Idols

Beacon Journal 2/10/04 `American Idol' narrowing field

AZ Central 2/10/04 As 'Idols' line up, speculation rises on who'll fall first

USA Today 2/10/04 Primary time for 'Idol' vote

Mobile Register 2/10/04 Paula Abdul promises 'Idol' surprises

Pacific Business News 2/9/04 Three "American Idol" finalists from Hawaii

Mattoon Journal 2/9/04 Sullivan native Yoder advances in American Idol

Television Without Pity 2/9/04 How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count The Ways

Foxes On Idol 2/9/04 Idol Thoughts, February 9: The American Idol Phenomenon

Chicago Sun-Times 2/9/04 Chicago singer's 'Idol' dreams become a reality

Review Journal 2/9/04 Las Vegan has hopes set to win on Fox's talent series

Mobile Register 2/9/04 'Idol's' Ruben up for Grammy tonight

That's Racin' 2/8/04 Former NASCAR-ite in chase for 'Idol' prize

Beavers On Idol 2/8/04 Rubenites, Despair!

Television Without Pity 2/8/04 The Road To Hollywood

Press Enterprise 2/8/04 'American Idol' tries to market lifestyle

Staten Island Advance 2/8/04 And then there were 32

Beavers On Idol 2/7/04 Chat Room: Wednesday, AI3 the Final Pre-Elimination Round

Foxes On Idol 2/7/04 Can Kelly or Ruben Take Home a Grammy?

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/7/04 Pair of ‘American Idol’ finalists county residents

Digital Spy 2/7/04 FOX adds another 'American Idol' special

Deseret News 2/7/04 Utahns get real

Beavers On Idol 2/7/04 Editor of Idol Website Takes Steps to Protect Authors

Houston Chronicle 2/6/04 Latest 'Idol' winners: scent-sational

Dayton Daily News 2/6/04 Miami U graduate to appear on 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/6/04 What ‘American Idol 3’ Contestants Need to Know

NoPointNecessary 2/6/04 American Idol3 - Final 32 Recap - "Tragedy & Triumph"

Reality Reel 2/6/04 “American Idol” It’s Your Time To Shine

St. Petersburg Times 2/6/04 'Idol' stirs nerves in seasoned performer

Beavers On Idol 2/6/04 Of Molds, Revolutions, and Clay Aiken

Star Bulletin 2/6/04 Local idol trio ready for Simon

Foxes On Idol 2/6/04 Idol Chartwatch, February 6: ‘Soulful’ Continues to Rise

The Sun Link 2/6/04 In season 3, 'American Idol' again celebrates the good and the horrible

Times Daily 2/6/04 Studdard, Oldham represent Alabama

Pomerado News 2/6/04 ‘American Idol’ finalist is a Rancho Bernardo High grad

Knox News 2/5/04 Knoxville native not among 32 to make the cut

Honolulu Advertiser 2/5/04 Three from Hawai'i make 'Idol's final 32

Grand Rapids Press 2/5/04 'American Idol' contestant gets the hook

Washington Post 2/5/04 'Idol' Goes On Without Scooter Girl

Denver Post 2/5/04 'Idol' stokes star-maker machinery

Beavers On Idol 2/5/04 Thoughts of a Fan

Sun News 2/5/04 Singing becomes 'Idol' pastime for NOHS grad

Fans of Reality TV 2/5/04 Say Goodbye to Hollywood (2/4 Episode)

Hollywood Reporter 2/5/04 Fox fiery as 'Idol' aids Wednesday win

Reality TV World 2/5/04 'American Idol' Top 32 revealed, semifinals to begin next week

Reality Reel 2/5/03 Down to 87 “American Idol” Survivors

TVRules 2/5/04 American Idol: Meet The Final 32

TVRules 2/5/04 American Idol: First Group Of Eight

Fayetteville Online 2/5/04 Pembroke's 'Idol' still in running

PR Newswire 2/5/04 RealPlayer and RealVideo 10 Will Be the Exclusive Format for AI Season 3...

ET Online 2/5/04 The 'Idol' Hopefuls: Who Made the Cut?

Digital Spy 2/5/04 Words desert 'American Idol' contestants

Reality News Online 2/5/04 American Idol 3, February 4: Nobody’s Perfect 2/4/04 Simon Sez Learn Your Lyrics

NoPointNecessary 2/4/04 American Idol 3 Round 2 Recap "The First Culling of the Herd"

Reality HQ 2/4/04 American Idol 3, Episode 8 Recap

Reality TV World 2/4/04 'American Idol' continues setting ratings records with Tuesday broadcast

TVRules 2/4/04 American Idol-2/4 Summary-117 Left- Last Chance To Shine

Reality Reel 2/4/04 Down To 117 Contestants

Extra TV 2/4/04 'American Idol'

MediaFiends 2/4/04 The Road to Hollywood is Littered with Buts

Fans Of Reality TV 2/4/04 American Idol 3, 2/3/04: California, Here They Come

Reality News Online 2/4/04 American Idol 3, February 3: The First Cut Is the Deepest

MTV 2/4/04 'American Idol' Steps Up Screening Process For Contestants

Santa Cruz Sentinel 2/4/04 Two county residents vie for ‘Idol’ title

Zap2It 2/4/04 Other Networks Still 'Idol'-ize FOX on Tuesday

TVRules 2/3/04 American Idol 2/3 Summary-Gather The Masses

Reality HQ 2/3/04 American Idol, Episode 7 Recap

Television Without Pity 2/3/04 Them Against the Music, Part V

Seattle Times 2/3/04 Ex-Husky appearing on 'American Idol'

The Virginian-Pilot 2/3/04 ''Idol'' trio are not always in tune

CBS 2/3/04 Idol Judge: Nearly Half The Man

Reality News Online 2/3/04 American Idol 3, February 2: You’re Going to Hollywood! But…

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/04 Road to Hollywood: The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

KLTV 2/2/04 East Texan Makes "American Idol," Hollywood

Reality HQ 2/2/04 American Idol Episode 6 Recap

TVRules 2/2/04 American Idol 2/2 Summary-Off To Hollywood!

Hartford Courant 2/2/04 `Idol' Audition Winners; GQ's Film On Hip-Hop

Beavers On Idol 2/2/04 Claymates, Despair!

TVRules 2/2/04 American Idol: First Live Result Show Premieres Feb 11

Daily Californian 2/2/04 Berkeley Junior Shot Down in American Idol Tryout

TVRules 2/2/04 American Idol: The First 8 Semi-Finalists Begin Feb 10

News Journal 2/2/04 Kilgore singer may appear on 'American Idol'

Rosenberg Herald Coaster 2/2/04 Katy resident, 'American Idol' Caldwell returns home for visit

USA Today 2/2/04 'Idol' marketers rolling up their sleeves

Foxes On Idol 2/2/04 Idol Thoughts, February 2: California, Here We Come!

Television Without Pity 2/2/04 Them Against the Music, Part 4

Grand Rapids Press 2/1/04 'Scooter Girl' attempts to ride onto 'Idol' this week

Beavers On Idol 2/1/04 What the Judges Learned from Clay

KBCI 1/31/04 Former BYU-Idaho trying for American Idol

Reality Reel 1/30/04 The Last of The Auditions

Teen Music 1/30/04 Abdul Reportedly 'Out Of It' On Tv Show

Birmingham News 1/30/04 Studdard, others garner Spirit awards

MTV 1/30/04 'American Idol' Finalist Kimberly Locke Is Radio's '8th Wonder'

The Californian 1/30/04 Correctional officer wouldn't lose 'Idol' shot

Foxes On Idol 1/30/04 A&E’s Biography: Simon Cowell – Beyond “Mr. Nasty”

KPVI 1/30/04 From BYU-Idaho To American Idol

The Villager 1/29/04 Local teen's 'American Idol' appearance causes international stir

Reality Reel 1/29/04 Idol Fever On The West Coast

Foxes On Idol 1/29/04 Idol Chartwatch, January 29: Ruben Is Movin’

Reality HQ 1/29/04 American Idol Episode 5 Recap

Reality TV World 1/29/04 'American Idol 3' continues setting ratings records in second week broadcasts

Foxes On Idol 1/29/04 American Idol 3: Strictly Business

TVRules 1/29/04 American Idol: Let's Go Surfing, Nah Let's Sing in Hawaii 1/28 Summary

Fans of Reality TV 1/29/04 Aloha Oy Vey! 01/28 Episode 1/29/04 Governor presents first Spirit of Alabama awards

Teen Hollywood 1/29/04 American Idol Still On Top

Zap2It 1/29/04 'Idol' Passes Yet Another Audition Wednesday

Reality News Online 1/29/04 American Idol 3, January 28: Say Aloha to Hollywood

Digital Spy 1/29/04 Contestant who splashed Cowell "proud"

NY Daily News 1/29/04 'Idol' ratings romp is music to Fox ears

KVAL 1/29/04 American Idol Contestant

Extra 1/28/04 'American Idol'

Digital Spy 1/28/04 Extra 'American Idol' episode announced

USA Today 1/28/04 'Idol' pulls Fox out of fall swoon

The Leader 1/28/04 'American Idol' audition gains Krabill her 15 minutes of fame - maybe more

Access North Ga 1/28/04 The Real American Idol? Seacrest's star rises with host gig

NY Times 1/28/04 'American Idol' Crushes Tuesday Night Competition

Zap2It 1/28/04 Fox Schedules Season's First 'Idol' Special

Fans Of Reality TV 1/28/04 It All Comes Back To Cali.

Reality News Online 1/28/04 American Idol 3, January 27: Boys vs. Girls

Reality TVTalk 1/28/04 American Idol 3 LA & San Fran Auditions - Commentary

Digital Spy 1/28/04 Guarini hires new manager, agent

Hollywood Reporter 1/28/04 Rivals left speechless as 'Idol' sings

Mobile Register 1/28/04 Trump is beaten back by 'Idol'

TVRules 1/27/04 American Idol Moves to LA/San Fran, 1/27 Summary

Extra 1/27/04 'American Idol'

Detroit News 1/27/04 Singing Marine from 'Idol' signs country deal

Zap2It 1/27/04 Globes and 'Idol' Are Golden for NBC, Fox

MTV 1/27/04 'American Idol' Preview: Randy Jackson Teases 'It Might Be About A Girl'

USA Today 1/27/04 'Idol' again celebrates good, bad singer 1/27/04 AT&T Wireless Taps Mobliss For 'Idol' Promo

Star Bulletin 1/27/04 Hawaii fans and contestants idolize ‘American Idol’

The Tennessean 1/27/04 The singing Marine signs a country deal (middle of article)

Washington Post 1/27/04 "What's Up, Dawg?"

USA Today 1/27/04 '03's 'Idol' rich: Ruben, Clay rack up singles

TVRules 1/27/04 American Idol Moves to LA/San Fran, 1/27 Summary

Extra 1/27/04 'American Idol'

Detroit News 1/27/04 Singing Marine from 'Idol' signs country deal

Zap2It 1/27/04 Globes and 'Idol' Are Golden for NBC, Fox

MTV 1/27/04 'American Idol' Preview: Randy Jackson Teases 'It Might Be About A Girl'

USA Today 1/27/04 'Idol' again celebrates good, bad singer 1/27/04 AT&T Wireless Taps Mobliss For 'Idol' Promo

Star Bulletin 1/27/04 Hawaii fans and contestants idolize ‘American Idol’

The Tennessean 1/27/04 The singing Marine signs a country deal (middle of article)

Washington Post 1/27/04 "What's Up, Dawg?"

USA Today 1/27/04 '03's 'Idol' rich: Ruben, Clay rack up single

Television Without Pity 1/27/04 Them Against the Music, Part 3

Post Gazette 1/27/04 Audition drama draws viewers to 'American Idol'

Beacon Journal 1/26/04 We are a nation of overindulging coddlers of the untalented

Fans Of Reality TV 1/26/04 Conference Call with Ken Warwick

Foxes On Idol 1/26/04 Idol Thoughts, January 26: The Auditions

Digital Spy 1/26/04 'American Idol' a ratings winner for ITV2

Television Without Pity 1/26/04 Them Against The Music, Part 2

Delta Democrat 1/26/04 Promises to be a ‘charm' in Fox third season

Beavers On Idol 1/25/04 Round Two, Atlanta

News 14 1/25/04 Clay Aiken concert quickly sells out

CMT 1/23/04 American Idol Finalist Signs With Nashville Label

NBC 13 1/23/04 Ruben Studdard Among Grammy Hopefuls

Gazette Times 1/23/04 ‘American Idol': Just say no!

Courier Press 1/23/04 The Svengali behind 'American Idol

Reality TV World 1/23/04 Wednesday 'Idol' scores biggest numbers yet, draws over 29.4 million viewers

Reality Reel 1/23/04 Musical Food Poisoning

Beavers On Idol 1/23/04 About Ruben's Exciting Soulful Album and AI

Foxes On Idol 1/23/04 American Idol 3: What a Fake!

Penn Live 1/23/04 Justin Guarini, we hardly knew ya!

Beavers On Idol 1/23/04 Can Clay Ever Climb the Charts?

St Petersburg Times 1/23/04 Competition fulfills a lifetime of 'Idol' dreams

Sioux City Journal 1/23/04 No 'Idol' bystander, Paula Abdul loves the bounce TV provides

Digital Spy 1/23/04 'American Idol' ratings hold strong 1/23/04 - Third Time's Not the Charm

The Oregonian 1/23/04 Tracy Moore finds help to control her schizophrenia, allowing her to try out on "AI"

NBC17 1/23/04 Clay Aiken Appears On Leno; 'Ed' Next

LA Times 1/23/04 Ruben Studdard for president? That's politics by the numbers

WCNC 1/23/04 Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson coming to Charlotte

Media Guardian 1/23/04 Cowell roughs up Trump's Apprentice in US ratings

NY Daily News 1/23/04 'Idol' Trumps Donald

Zap2It 1/22/04 Clay's Aiken For Actin'

Reality Reel 1/22/04 American Idol—Let The Sing Off Begin

Foxes On Idol 1/22/04 Idol Chartwatch, January 22: Ruben Tops the R&B Chart

Reality Reel 1/22/04 "Simon Says" - American Idol Episode 2

USA Today 1/22/04 Sorry, Donald: 'American Idol' crushes 'The Apprentice'

Charlotte Observer 1/22/04 Live from New York ... it's Clay Aiken

Morgan County Citizen 1/22/04 Madison agency helps place contestant on 'American Idol'

Miami Herald 1/22/04 Clay Aiken to Appear on NBC's 'Ed'

TVRules 1/22/04 American Idol Premiere Summary (Part 3) 1/21

Entertainment Central 1/22/04 Most Memorable Personalities: New York, Atlanta, and Houston

Fans of Reality TV 1/22/04 Um, Houston? God, Do We Have a Problem!

Reality News Online 1/22/04 American Idol 3, January 21: Houston, We Have a Problem 1/22/04 American Idol: Have We Seen A Winner?

Oklahoma Daily 1/22/04 OU student makes next level on 'American Idol' 1/22/04 Catty Cowell A TV Idol

Times Dispatch 1/22/04 Two 'Idols' MIA

Sun Herald 1/22/04 Singer: 'Idol' is lifetime chance

Digital Spy 1/22/04 Friction starts among 'Idol' judges

Gulf Live 1/22/04 Local hopefuls aim for stardom

Hollywood Reporter 1/22/04 'American Idol' trumps Bush in Tues. primetime

Guardian 1/22/04 American Idol watched by 30m
Washington Post 1/22/04 'Idol' Worshipers Give the Hook to the President


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