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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Times-Star 4/25/04 It's 'American Idol,' not 'American Teen Idol'

Beavers On Idol 4/25/04 There Is a Solution to Achieving Better AI Voting Results: But Who Will Listen?

Reality Reel 4/25/04 Jennifer Hudson Goes Home On A Shocking American Idol 4/25/04 - American Idol 3 Fancy A Flutter 4/25/04 Update

Reality Reel 4/25/04 Barry Manilow Week On American Idol

Chicago Sun-Times 4/24/04 Hudson thinks she didn't get 'Idol' boot on talent

Post Gazette 4/24/04 'Idol' voters getting tough with the talent 4/24/04 A Well-Known Vocal Coach Explains Why Singers Succeed In Mass Media!

Beavers On Idol 4/24/04 Mellow Manilow: Final Thoughts on Barry Manilow Night

Washington Post 4/23/04 A Vote Fix at Fox, Or Just 'Idol' Gossip?

Maui News 4/23/04 A little post-'Idol' idle time for Camile Velasco

Express Times 4/23/04 ennifer Hudson gets the boot, Our panelists react -- with venom

Media Life 4/23/04 Not such an 'Idol' question: Is it fixed?

RealityTVTalk 4/23/04 AI Results “Now’s As Good A Time As Any to Visit New England"

Zap2It 4/23/04 Hudson Talks Frankly About 'Idol' Dismissal

Extra 4/23/04 'Idol' Judges Disappointed By Hudson's Heave-ho

Beavers On Idol 4/23/04 Facing the Music: Clay Aiken Has Got the Looks That Keeps Fans Looking

Chicago Sun Times 4/23/04 Chicagoan's 'Idol' ouster hits sour note for fans

Palm Beach Post 4/23/04 American Idol Boot Camp extra!

Foxes On Idol 4/23/04 American Idol 3: Why Are We Surprised?

CNN 4/23/04 'Idol' voting results start controversy

Foxes On Idol 4/23/04 The American Idol Problem Defined 4/23/04 'Idol' favorite knocked off, it must be rigged!

Foxes On Idol 4/23/04 Idol Chartwatch, April 23: The Downward Drift

Contra Costa Times 4/23/04 People: Odd 'Idol' voter call-in knocks Hudson out

TeeVee 4/22/04 America, You Ain't Right, Dawg

Milwaukee Journal 4/22/04 Were 'Idol' voters idle?

Extra 4/22/04 Did Midwest Storms Result in Diva’s Dismissal?

Zap2It 4/22/04 'Idol' Upset Breeds Conspiracy Theories

Media Fiends 4/22/04 Blame the System Not the Voters

Reality TV Talk 4/22/04 AI3 The RTVT Roundtable Panel's Thoughts on Jennifer Hudson's Exit

Beavers On Idol 4/22/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 7 (Barry Manilow Night)

TVRules 4/22/04 American Idol: 4/20-4/21 And the Points Go to....

Foxes On Idol 4/22/04 American Idol 3: Is It a Popularity Contest or Not?

TVRules 4/22/04 Next Week On American Idol: Latin Theme Week 4/27

Reality HQ 4/22/04 American Shocker: Who's at fault?

Reality TV World 4/22/04 Jennifer Hudson becomes the sixth 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated 4/22/04 Shocking finale! My sweet-singing cousin is off 'Idol'

Chicago Tribune 4/22/04 `American Idol' voters oust Chicago's Hudson

Foxes On Idol 4/22/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class Top 7: The Manilow Makeover Effect

Elites TV 4/22/04 The Betrayal

Star Bulletin 4/22/04 Then there were 6; Trias still in the game

Manila Times 4/22/04 Jasmine Trias: Fil-American idol

Celebrity Cafe 4/22/04 Fantasia Barrino Takes it to Church on American Idol

Charlotte Observer 4/22/04 It was a close call for N.C.'s Fantasia

Foxes On Idol 4/22/04 American Idol 3: Producer Manipulation and the Voters

Media Fiends 4/22/04 America: You Should Hang Your Heads In Shame!!!

Foxes On Idol 4/22/04 American Idol 3: Why Jennifer Lost

Chicago Sun Times 4/22/04 Hudson Loses, and Even Ryan is Shocked

Washington Dispatch 4/22/04 American Idol gets Shocked by America

TVRules 4/22/04 American Idol: Paula's Manicure Gone Bad

Reality News Online 4/22/04 American Idol 3, April 21: I Can’t Smile Without You

Crazy4RealityTV 4/22/04 "A Bottom 3 Surprise!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 29

TVRules 4/22/04 Jonathan's 4/21/04 AI3 Takes

Orlando City Beat 4/22/04 Hudson voted out of 'American Idol'

KPUA 4/22/04 Hawaii contestant survives American Idol cut

Reality TV World 4/22/04 'American Idol' Top 12 finalists to release "Greatest Soul Classics" album 4/27

Grand Forks Herald 4/22/04 American Idol tour set for Fargodome

Roanoke Times 4/22/04 'Idol's' Clay Aiken coming to Roanoke

Rugged Elegance 4/21/04 'Battle of The Divas' Ends Prematurely as Jennifer Hudson is Voted Off

Zap2It 4/21/04 Viewers Dispatch Diva Favorite on 'Idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 American Idol 3, Top 7 Results: One Less Diva 4/21/04 - 4/21/04 AI Results Shocker!

TVRules 4/21/04 American Idol Results Summary - 04/21/04

Reality HQ 4/21/04 American Idol 3: Episode 30 Recap - American Shocker

NoPointNecessary 4/21/04 American Idol 3 'Seven Make Manilow Proud'

Extra 4/21/04 Idol Insider: Becoming a Diva-nation

Zap2It 4/21/04 Problematic Paw Pains Paula 4/21//04 American Idol Top 7 - Jokers Rate the Idols

Star Tribune 4/21/04 Manilow theme on ‘Idol’ works well for Jasmine

AJC 4/21/04 Diana's singing of Manilow song garners compliments

Calgary Sun 4/21/04 Mayo-noise

Evening Sun 4/21/04 Idol' star Clay Aiken to perform at York Fair

KPUA 4/21/04 Trias wins over judges on "American Idol"

WHIO 4/21/04 Clay Aiken To Make Summer Appearance In Dayton 4/21/04 - Barry Manilow Night: It’s a Miracle

Reality TV Talk 4/21/04 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Barry Manilow Songs!

Beavers On Idol 4/21/04 The Independent Tour Experience (Part 2)

TVRules 4/21/04 Jonathan's 4/20/04 AI3 Takes

Foxes On Idol 4/21/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, April 20 4/21/04 Oh My!! That Was A Bit Painful, Don't Ya Think??

Fans Of Reality TV 4/21/04 American Idol 3, Top 7: He Writes The Songs, But Can They Sing Them?

Reality News Online 4/21/04 American Idol 3, April 20: He Wrote the Songs…

Crazy4RealityTV 4/21/04 "Battles of The Divas!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 28

WCNC 4/21/04 'America Idol' girls dominate; guys on chopping block

USA Today 4/21/04 Which Idols make the grade?

The Trades 4/21/04 American Idol 3: Week 6 - Barry Manilow Theme

USA Today 4/21/04 Bombast bursting on air

York Daily News 4/21/04 'Aiken Fever' propels pop 'Idol' into York Fair lineup

USA Today 4/21/04 Lucky few become Idols

Rugged Elegance 4/21/04 AI Sings Barry Manilow Hits Customized for Each Finalist by the Legend, Himself

Zap2It 4/21/04 Man, Oh, Manilow: Barry Rules 'Idol'

Buffalo News 4/20/04 Stevens must add showmanship for Manilow night on the 'Idol'

Reality HQ 4/20/04 American Idol 3: Episode 29 Recap - They sing the songs

TVRules 4/20/04 American Idol: 4/20 Performance Summary

Palm Beach Post 4/20/04 The American Idol Boot Camp

MTV 4/20/04 Do 'Idol' Judges Serve A Purpose Beyond Saying 'You Suck'?

Zap2It 4/20/04 'Idol' Bootee Lewis Pens His Farewell

Television Without Pity 4/20/04 From Dusk Till Jon

Extra 4/20/04 Barry Manilow on the Bench

TVRules 4/20/04 American Idol: The Final Five 2004 To Air May 3

Foxes On Idol 4/20/04 American Idol 3: Sizing Up the Seven

Reality TV World 4/20/04 Fox to air 'American Idol: The Final Five' special on May 3

SF Chronicle 4/20/04 Hung As Buckwheat

Fans Of Reality TV 4/20/04 Conference Call Interview With Jon Peter Lewis

Foxes On Idol 4/20/04 Idol Bits: News on Former Idol Contestants

Fayetteville Online 4/20/04 'Idol' contestant's kin has Bragging rights

Deseret News 4/20/04 Despite looks, JPL's no 'Idol'

Arizona Republic 4/20/04 'Idol' has a good week for performances, judging

Star Bulletin 4/20/04 Jasmine’s dad having a great time

Dayton Daily News 4/20/04 Clay Aiken to perform at Nutter

CBS 4/20/04 Risk Taker Of 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/20/04 Which Idol Will Fall Sixth?

Foxes On Idol 4/20/04 “There’s Only One You in the World”: An Interview with Jon Peter Lewis

Times Picayune 4/20/04 Moment of truth

Plain Dealer 4/20/04 'Idol' singers seek Manilow magic

Dallas Morning News 4/20/04 In the end, will talent win on 'Idol'? It's up to you

Arizona Republic 4/20/04 'Idol' wave can carry a bad tune

Seattle Times 4/20/04 'Idol' reject Hung is hanging in there — but how? And why?

Post Crescent 4/20/04 ‘American Idol’s’ Aiken performs here July 10

Charlotte Observer 4/20/04 Hear that fabulous voice? That's my cousin on 'Idol'

Gwinnett Daily Post 4/20/04 Church to hold ‘American Idol’ viewing party

AJC 4/19/04 Whatever happens, Diana's happy with her run

Daily Press 4/20/04 'Claymania' coming to town

Knot Magazine 4/19/04 Why William Hung's Act Isn’t Funny

TVRules 4/19/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Jon Peter Lewis

Reality Reel 4/19/04 Movie Week On American Idol With Guest Judge Quentin Tarantino

Reality Reel 4/19/04 Results For American Idol Movie Week

AJC 4/19/04 DeGarmo fans to watch 'Idol' at different location 4/19/04 American Idol 3 Sixth Eviction Betting Odds Update

BBC 4/19/04 Denzel's hooked on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 4/19/04 Pretenders and Contenders: The Fans Strike Back

Elites TV 4/19/04 They Ought To Be In Pictures

Foxes On Idol 4/19/04 Idol Thoughts, April 19: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Mercury News 4/19/04 `American Idol' reject delivers laugh riot 4/18/04 - AI3: Fancy A Flutter? 4/15/04 Update

Reality TV World 4/18/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 5" 4/18/04 Hair's the thing (end of article) 4/18/04 'Idol' worshippers flock to see Justin

Newsday 4/18/04 He's 16, he's terrible and he's ours 4/18/04 No longer idle for `Idol'

Newsday 4/18/04 He's stirring up fans with 'Inspiration'

Digital Spy 4/18/04 Tarantino swearing forced 'Idol' retake

Daily Journal 4/17/04 Hung bangs into town

Kansas City Star 4/17/04 Empty (but sincere) ‘Idols'

Elites TV 4/17/04 Movie Night – The Idols Bring It Together At Last (Well most of them did!)

Star Tribune 4/17/04 Concert review: Aiken's star quality shines in St. Paul

Pioneer Press 4/17/04 Clay finding way; Kelly may go another 4/17/04 Aiken for Clay

TVRules 4/17/04 American Idol: 4/14-15 And the Points Go to.... 4/17/04 - The British Angle 4/15/04

Beavers On Idol 4/17/04 AI3 Finally Gaining Credibility: Final Thoughts on Movies Night

AJC 4/16/04 Friend gives DeGarmo break from 'Idol'

RealityTVTalk 4/16/04 American Idol Results Recap – “Return to Sender!”

Fans Of Reality TV 4/16/04 American Idol 3: Conference Call Interview With Camile Velasco

Crazy4RealityTV 4/16/04 "JPL No Longer Rocking" - American Idol 3 - Episode 27

Star Bulletin 4/16/04 Trias spared spot in ‘Idol’s’ bottom 3

Flint Journal 4/16/04 Ticket-hungry Claymates' camp out in Clio

Billboard 4/16/04 'Idol' Gives Sedaka New Songwriting Life 4/16/04 - He Wrote The Songs That We Hope Won’t Make Us Cry

Foxes On Idol 4/16/04 Idol Chartwatch, April 16: Revenge of the Non-Idols 4/16/04 Reality Needs To Be Real

Reality TV World 4/16/04 Jon Peter Lewis becomes the fifth 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Foxes On Idol 4/16/04 American Idol 3: Why Jon Peter Lost

Foxes On Idol 4/16/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class: The Top 8

TVRules 4/16/04 Jonathan's 4/15/04 AI3 Takes

AJC 4/16/04 Diana DeGarmo goes on another week

News Observer 4/16/04 Barrino's Gershwin wows 'Idol' judges

Salt Lake Tribune 4/16/04 BYU-Idaho student booted off 'Idol'

KPUA 4/16/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round

Rugged Elegance 4/16/04 AI III's Jon Peter Lewis Gets The Death Penalty After Singing 'Jailhouse Rock'

Charlotte Observer 4/16/04 N.C. singer advances on 'Idol' contest

Boston Globe 4/16/04 A new fallen 'Idol'

The State 4/16/04 Jon Peter Lewis is latest ‘Idol’ loser

Kansas City Star 4/16/04 Review: Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken

Media Bulletin 4/16/04 Tarantino pulps Idols as he outdoes Cowell's Mr Nasty 4/16/04 American Idol 3 Betting Odds After 5th Eviction

Digital Spy 4/16/04 Down to seven remaining 'Idols'

Express Times 4/16/04 The President was not a guest judge, the show was pushed back a night

The Enquirer 4/16/04 Idol's grant used to make gifts

Chicago Sun-Times 4/16/04 Hudson makes magnificent seven

Reality News Online 4/16/04 American Idol 3, April 15: From the Jailhouse to the Outhouse

Fans Of Reality TV 4/16/04 AI 3, Top 8 Results: So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye..

Milwaukee Journal 4/15/04 Tarantino useless as 'Idol' guest judge

Zap2It 4/15/04 Pen Boy Runs Out of 'Idol' Ink

Reality HQ 4/15/04 American Idol 3: Episode 28 Recap - Roll the credits, another Idol gone

TVRules 4/15/04 American Idol Results Summary 4/15/04 4/15/04 - AI3 Results Show 4/15/04

Reality TV Talk 4/15/04 American Idol 3 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Movie Songs Theme! 4/15/04 American Idol Top 8 - Two Jokers Rate the Idols

Extra 4/15/04 Kimberly Unlocks Her Debut Video

Gwinnett Daily Post 4/15/04 Loyal fans turn out to cheer ‘Idol’ contestant on 4/15/04 There's A New Mr Nasty

AJC 4/15/04 Will Diana DeGarmo stay afloat on 'Idol'?

This Is London 4/15/04 Tarantino turns to Pop Fiction

MSNBC 4/15/04 He believes he can fly, but can Hung sing?

The Spoof 4/15/04 Bennifer Has Been Replaced: Hollywood has new "Super Couple"

Cheektowaga Times 4/15/04 Local coaches praise Stevens ‘Idol’ efforts 4/15/04 Kathie Lee disses William Hung

Cheektowaga Times 4/15/04 Coaches cheer for "Idol"

Rugged Elegance 4/15/04 AI III Finalists Sing Movie-Themed Songs with Quentin Tarantino As Guest Judge

Zap2It 4/15/04 Delayed 'Idol' Wins Wednesday for FOX

Star Tribune 4/15/04 Clay Aiken goes from 'Idol' to idol 4/15/04 An almost-American Idol is coming to Syracuse 4/15/04 - Against All Odds

WRAL 4/15/04 'Idol' Reject's Album Debuts At No. 34 On Charts

TVRules 4/15/04 American Idol: William Hung's 'Inspiration' Debuts At #34

Reality HQ 4/15/04 William Hung mixtape banned from eBay

Foxes On Idol 4/15/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, April 14

Reality TV Talk 4/15/04 American Idol Review: Ruben's Soulful Tour - Hit or Miss?

The Trades 4/15/04 American Idol 3: Week 5 - Movie Theme

Detroit News 4/15/04 'Idol' isn't the ideal to look for ways to praise performers

Star Bulletin 4/15/04 Trias draws mixed reactions in performing movie music

NoPointNecessary 4/15/04 American Idol 3 'Eight Flick It: Ebert & Roeper Give It 2 Thumbs ...' 4/15/04 America: I Have Two Words For You And Those Words Are:

TVRules 4/15/04 Jonathan's 4/14/04 AI3 Takes

Fans of Reality TV 4/15/04 Top 8: Summertime...And The Singin' Is Cheesy

Crazy4RealityTV 4/15/04 "Idols Go To The Movies!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 26

Reality News Online 4/15/04 American Idol 3, April 14: Cinematic Drama 4/15/04 American Idol star Clay Aiken to perform at URI

USA Today 4/15/04 John and Jon step up on 'Idol' movie night

Zap2It 4/15/04 Tarantino Visits 'Idol' Without Bloodshed

Indy Star 4/15/04 Clay Aiken, Phish to play local concerts

Mobile Register 4/15/04 'Idol,' 'Apprentice' vie for season's hot-show status

TVRules 4/14/04 American Idol-4/14 Performance Summary

Reality HQ 4/14/04 American Idol 3: Episode 27 Recap - Idols go to the movies

Reality TV World 4/14/04 'Idol' reject William Hung's CD 'Inspiration' debuts at #34 in U.S. sales charts

Access Hollywood 4/14/04 Sneak Peek: Big Screen 'Idol'

Reality TV World 4/14/04 Former 'Idol' RJ Helton releases Christian-themed CD, signs management deal

Reality TV World 4/14/04 Ruben Studdard's tour bus stopped; three passengers busted for pot possession

Buffalo News 4/14/04 Nothing scientific about 'Idol' voting

Indy Star 4/14/04 Clay Aiken to sing at State Fair

Zap2It 4/14/04 Registers Rung by Young William Hung

Beacon Journal 4/14/04 Ruben Studdard show solid, soulful

Kansas City Star 4/14/04 Idol not idle while in KC

MTV 4/14/04 How Has John Stevens Survived On 'Idol'? Must Be The Hair

Rocky Mountain News 4/14/04 Live singing at concert? Who would have thunk it

Kansas City Star 4/14/04 Modeling Clay

NBC11 4/14/04 Tarantino Is Guest Judge On 'Idol'

Billboard 4/14/04 'Idol' Contestants Show Their Soul

USA Today 4/14/04 'Idol' and '24' fans annoyed at White House

MTV 4/13/04 William Hung's Sales Figures Are Nothing To Laugh At

Reality Reel 4/13/04 Bush Preempts American Idol Tonight 4/13

Extra 4/13/04 'Idol' Judge Quentin Shoots From the Lip

Capital Journal 4/13/04 Taken with Aiken

Beavers On Idol 4/13/04 Who "Raised the Bar" for the Next American Idol Winner?

Television Without Pity 4/13/04 I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues

Arizona Republic 4/13/04 Weak link's singing is enough to make a dog cry

Foxes On Idol 4/13/04 Justin Guarini and Nicole Richie: Reality Romance

Digital Spy 4/13/04 Bush shifts 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 4/13/04 Is Radio Dead?

Star Bulletin 4/13/04 ‘Idol’ fans blame pranks for Velasco’s loss

Times Picayune 4/13/04 'American Idol' heads down the stretch

Reality News Online 4/13/04 American Idol Postponed a Day Due to President Bush

Foxes On Idol 4/13/04 Which Idol Will Fall Fifth?

Zap2It 4/13/04 Fox Rearranges 'Idol' for Bush Press Conference

TeeVee 4/12/04 Silence of the Hams

Star Bulletin 4/12/04 Idol worship

Reality HQ 4/12/04 Pot found on Ruben's Tour Bus

Reality TV World 4/12/04 4/13 presidential press conference forces Fox to shuffle 'AI' broadcast schedule

Extra 4/12/04 Idol Insider: Here Come Da Judge

TVRules 4/12/04 American Idol Date Changes

Reality TV World 4/12/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 4"

Reality HQ 4/12/04 Update: Idol bumped for President's Press Conference

Chicago Tribune 4/12/04 Studdard bares his soul to 'Idol' fans

Contra Costa Times 4/12/04 Hung up on a little hard work 4/12/04 Troopers Allegedly Find Drugs On 'Idol' Bus

AZ Central 4/12/04 Hung's CD expected to debut in Top 40

News Sentinel 4/12/04 Unlikely idol's our inspiration

Foxes On Idol 4/12/04 Idol Chartwatch, April 12: A Sinking Feeling

Reality TV World 4/12/04 Tamyra Gray to guest-star on Fox's April 15 'Tru Calling'

Foxes On Idol 4/12/04 Idol Thoughts, April 12: Time to Step it Up

Elites TV 4/12/04 A Star Is Born

Foxes On Idol 4/12/04 “I Wouldn’t Have Traded It for Anything!”: An Interview with Camile Velasco

Rocky Mountain News 4/12/04 Aiken's voice quiets skeptics

Rocky Mountain News 4/12/04 Just 'Thankful'

Kansas City Star 4/12/04 Aiken's fans more an ache for DJs

AJC 4/11/04 Oddsmaker gives DeGarmo three more weeks

Milwaukee Journal 4/11/04 Studdard shines with earnest charm 4/11/04 - Fancy A Flutter

TVRules 4/11/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Camile Velasco

Maui News 4/11/04 Life as an 'Idol' finalist isn't easy

Digital Spy 4/11/04 Tarantino to guest on 'American Idol'

Florida Today 4/11/04 'Idol' music director has ringside seat to history

Calgary Sun 4/10/04 Clay moulds a solid career

Maui News 4/10/04 Camile looks to future 4/10/04 AI3 4/6 & 4/7 Review From Across The Pond

Seattle Times 4/10/04 'Idol' duo gets crowd's vote at KeyArena

Honolulu Advertiser 4/10/04 Ousted 'Idol' Camile tells of life backstage 4/10/04 'Idol' has stalled

Santa Cruz Sentinel 4/10/04 Life after ‘Idol’: County singers relive wild ride in Hollywood

Go Memphis 4/9/04 Fans 'Idol'ize Studdard awhile, but props to show opener Kem

Maui News 4/9/04 Hometown girl a winner

The Advocate 4/9/04 …and Sir Elton makes 10!

Beavers On Idol 4/9/04 Mixed Results This Week: Final Thoughts on Elton John Night

WOKR 4/9/04 Nicole Richie Marrying Justin Guarini?

Denver Post 4/9/04 Confessions of an instant heartthrob

Flint Journal 4/9/04 Studdard embraces Idol' fame

US Newswire 4/9/04 25 Winners Awarded $2,000 by Clay Aiken & Bubel/Aiken Foundation..

Ahwatukee Foothills 4/9/04 'Idol' singer named Easter parade grand marshal

Fans Of Reality TV 4/9/04 American Idol3:Conference Call Interview With Amy Adams

Foxes On Idol 4/9/04 Excuse Me – But I LIKED Camile!

Foxes On Idol 4/9/04 Kimberley Locke’s “One Love” – A Preview

TVRules 4/9/04 American Idol: The Final 9 Meet Elton John (Video)

TVRules 4/9/04 American Idol: 4/6-4/7 And the Points Go to....

Seattle PI 4/9/04 'Idol' stars Clarkson, Aiken light up KeyArena

Express Times 4/9/04 All Eyes on Idol: Goodbye little Miss Velasco

Honolulu Advertiser 4/9/04 'Idol' results hit sour note with local fans

Detroit Free Press 4/9/04 Ruben's his own man, thank you

Plain Dealer 4/9/04 Idol With Soul

Register-Pajaronian 4/9/04 Local 'American Idol' contestant performs at Lakeview Middle School

Anchorage Daily News 4/9/04 Sensation's bad singing Hung out for all to hear

Foxes On Idol 4/9/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class: The Top 9

Star Bulletin 4/8/04 ‘Idol’ ax finally falls as Camile is ousted

Reality TV World 4/8/04 Clay Aiken's 'Solitaire'/'The Way' remains top-selling single in U.S. and Canada

Maui News 4/8/04 Camile gets the bump on 'Idol'

NMC 4/8/04 Ruben Plays Wichita Fest

Access Hollywood 4/8/04 'Idol:' End Of the 'Road' For Camile

Sun Newspaper 4/8/04 Spoofing an 'American Idol'

MTV 4/8/04 Jon Peter Lewis Tries 'My Girl,' Fantasia Barrino Does Aretha For 'Idol' LP 4/8/04 - American Idol Results 4/8/04: Are We Having Fun Yet?

Zap2It 4/8/04 Tarantino Unloads Pulp Friction as 'Idol' Judge 4/8/04 AI-3 April 6th Review from "Monnica's World"

TVRules 4/8/04 Next Up On American Idol: Movie Theme Week 4/13

Reality TV World 4/8/04 Camile Velasco becomes the fourth 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Sir Elton John Week On American Idol: Groovin' Now

TVRules 4/8/04 Christina Christian To Appear On American Idol Results Show 4/14

Reality Reel 4/8/04 Camile Velasco Goes Home On The One Hour American Idol Results Show

Foxes On Idol 4/8/04 American Idol 3: Why Camile Lost 4/8/04 So Janet Can't Show Her Nipple But Simon Can Do What He Did Last Night?

Crazy4RealityTV 4/8/04 "Hawaii Has One Less Idol" - American Idol 3 - Episode 25 4/8/04 - AI3 Review From Across The Pond

Beavers On Idol 4/08/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 9 (Elton John Night)

TVRules 4/8/04 Jonathan's 4/7/04 AI3 Takes

Reality TV Talk 4/7/04 American Idol Results - Exploring Songs from (the) John Show

Times Star 4/8/04 Clarkson appeases Clay-mates 4/8/04 - America Finally Gets It Right (Well....sort of)

Fans Of Reality TV 4/8/04 American Idol 3, Top 9 Results: Something About The Way You Sang Last Night

KPUA 4/8/04 Velasco canned from "American Idol"

Washington Post 4/8/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

SF Chronicle 4/8/04 A runner-up proves his princely worth

Playbill 4/8/04 "American Idol" Veteran Olivarez Stars in Canadian Bow of Hairspray, Starting April 8

Chicago Sun-Times 4/8/04 'Idol' moments

Zap2It 4/8/04 Aloha, Camile: 'Idol' Halves Its Hawaiians

Mansfield News Journal 4/8/04 'American Idol' narrowed to 8

Calgary Sun 4/8/04 Blue Hawaii

The Lumberjack 4/8/04 Idols Clarkson and Aiken step into spotlight

Reality News Online 4/8/04 American Idol 3, April 7: Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me 4/7/04 American Idol Top 9 - Two Jokers Rate the Idols Link

AJC 4/7/04 TV 'Idol,' 'Star' sensations spur Snellville slogan sales

Milwaukee Journal 4/7/04 The dish on Ruben 4/7/04 - 4/7/04 AI3 Results Show

TVRules 4/7/04 American Idol Results Summary 04/07/04

Reality HQ 4/7/04 American Idol 3: Episode 26 Recap - Good-bye Yellow Brick Road

AJC 4/7/04 DeGarmo survives the cut on 'Idol'

Maui News 4/7/04 Simon says it's 'the end of the road' for Velasco

Mercury News 4/7/04 Clarkson is just fine, but Aiken shines at `Idol' show

TVRules 4/7/04 American Idol's Simon Cowell Guest Stars On Saturday Night Live

Buffalo News 4/7/04 'Idol' judges pan Stevens' 'valiant effort'

KPUA 4/7/04 Velasco, Trias criticized on "American Idol"

North County Times 4/7/04 Clay and Kelly, a study in contrasts

SF Chronicle 4/7/04 'American Idol' reject's new CD moving very slowly off shelves

Star Bulletin 4/7/04 Isle ‘Idols’ get wings trimmed

Knox News 4/7/04 'Idol' finalist got start at Music Mansion

Reality TV Talk 4/7/04 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Elton John Theme!

The Trades 4/7/04 American Idol 3: Week 4 - Elton John Theme

Fans Of Reality TV 4/7/04 American Idol 3, Top 9: Don't Go Breakin' My Eardrums

Foxes On Idol 4/7/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, April 6

NoPointNecessary 4/7/03 American Idol 3 'Nine Annhilate the Knight - Elton John Night' 4/7/04 - OK America: It Is Time To Put The Dog Out Of It's Misery....

Reality News Online 4/7/04 American Idol 3, April 6: Elton’s Songs Say So Much 4/7/04 - Someone Save My Life Tonight

Reality HQ 4/7/04 American Popularity Contest

Crazy4RealityTV 4/7/04 "Few Impress Simon Cowell This Week" - American Idol 3 - Episode 24

Oklahoma Daily 4/7/04 Choir roots on 'Idol' singer

Baltimore Sun 4/7/04 'Idol' loser revels in laughter

MTV 4/7/04 Tamyra Gray Returning To 'American Idol' This Week

Mercury News 4/7/04 Will power

AJC 4/7/04 Theme throws 'Idol' hopefuls a curve

MSNBC 4/7/04 ‘American Idol’ gives too much power to the People

MTV 4/7/04 Cutielicious: Kelly And Clay's Live Show Heavy On The Sugar

Washington Post 4/7/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

Wichita Eagle 4/7/04 'Idol' Studdard tops Riverfest schedule

Zap2It 4/7/04 'Idol' Singers Are Like Candles in the Wind

Media Life 4/6/04 No Hung jury: William's a hit

WCNC 4/6/04 American Idol: Cut Sinatra Loose

Reality HQ 4/6/04 American Idol 3: Episode 25 Recap - Someone save my life tonight

TVRules 4/6/04 American Idol 4/6 Performance Summary

Reality TV World 4/6/04 Clay Aiken retains top-selling single, but 'Solitaire' plummets on airplay chart

Maui News 4/6/04 From Pancakes to Stardom

SF Chronicle 4/6/04 William Hung: Racism, Or Magic?

Star Bulletin 4/6/04 Wristband sales jump after Velasco’s showing on ‘Idol’

Village Voice 4/6/04 Hung Out to Dry

Alameda Times-Star 4/6/04 Don't ever endanger La Toya again

Playbill 4/6/04 "American Idol" Singer Marque Lynche Joins Cast of Fame on 42nd Street

Gwinnett Daily Post 4/6/04 Pizza company gives ‘Idol’ a boost

Zap2It 4/6/04 Adams Stays Peppy After 'Idol' Departure

Foxes On Idol 4/6/04 Clay Wows His Fans; Kelly Also There

Billboard 4/6/04 Billboard Bits: Dual Play, Tamyra Gray, Holger Czukay

TV Barn 4/6/04 "SNL" PR: Simon Cowell joins Janet

Foxes On Idol 4/6/04 American Idol 3: Separating the Pretenders from the Contenders

Foxes On Idol 4/6/04 Which Idol Will Fall Fourth?

Television Without Pity 4/6/04 Buffoons in a Ten-Cent Motown

Arizona Republic 4/6/04 Dismal week has look, sound of mediocrity

Palm Beach Post 4/6/04 American Idol Boot Camp

Times Picayune 4/6/04 The George Huff Fan Club

Mercury News 4/6/04 Where's Ruben? `Idol' winner is touring solo at small venues

USA Today 4/6/04 Democracy confounds 'Idol' nation

Mercury News 4/6/04 Winning isn't everything

Star Ledger 4/6/04 'Idol' thoughts

Zap2It 4/5/04 Tamyra Gray Returns to 'Idol'

TVRules 4/5/04 American Idol Returns To Kodak Theatre For Finale

TVRules 4/5/04 Tamyra Gray Will Perform On Wednesday's (4/7) American Idol Results Show

Beavers On Idol 4/5/04 Radio Station That Clay's Solitaire Built

Beavers On Idol 4/5/04 Kelly Clarkson, a Christina Clone? I Think Not

Live Daily 4/5/04 Live Review: Clay Aiken and Kelly Clarkson in Glendale, AZ

Elites TV 4/5/04 Clay Aiken – The “Trump Method”

Ledger Enquirer 4/5/04 Grassroots campaign works to keep Diana DeGarmo on "American Idol," ..

Foxes On Idol 4/5/04 “Don’t Be Sad”: An Interview with Amy Adams

Elites TV 4/5/04 Motown Manipulations 4/5/04 'Idol' castoff may actually be a winner

Globe and Mail 4/5/04 A leading role to dye for

Zap2It 4/5/04 'Idol' Finale Returns to Kodak Theatre

Foxes On Idol 4/5/04 American Idol 3: Greatest Soul Classics – A Preview

Foxes On Idol 4/5/04 Idol Thoughts, April 5: Motown Highs and Lows

AJC 4/5/04 'Idol' long shot fighting the odds 4/5/04 American Idol 3: Fantasia Barrino Into Even Money

ET Online 4/5/04 Amy Adams Sounds Off on the ET Set 4/4/04 - Advice to the Remaining Nine

Shan's AI 4/4/04 Who Our Idols Look Like (No, Not Jay Leno)

Reality Reel 4/4/04 Time For The Results – American Idol Motown Week

Reality Reel 4/4/04 Motown Week On American Idol

Newsday 4/4/04 He's banging out potential hit songs

Staten Island Advance 4/4/04 Amy Goes Home- Say it isn't so, America 4/4/04 American Idol 3: 4th Eviction Betting Preview

VH1 4/3/04 Fashion Faux Pas Can Kill 'American Idol' Contestants, Stylists Say

TVRules 4/3/04 Next Up On American Idol: Elton John Week 4/6

TVRules 4/3/04 American Idol: 3/30-31 And the Points Go to....

USA Today 4/3/04 'Idol' reject William Hung set to release debut album 4/3/04 - American Idol Voting Hurts The Less Skilled

Contra Costa Times 4/3/04 Surprise: Aiken has talent

AZ 4/3/04 Fans in a frenzy for 'AI' duo

Union Tribune 4/3/04 'Idol' also-ran prepares for his next tour of duty

Sacramento Bee 4/2/04 Review: Clay Aiken's all the craze at Arco in 'Idol' lovefest

Beavers On Idol 4/2/04 Don't Take Advantage of an Easy Night: Final Thoughts on Motown Night

CNN 4/2/04 Hung on the radio

TVRules 4/2/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Amy Adams

Arizona Republic 4/2/04 YES talks to Kelly Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 4/2/04 American Idol 3: Why I’m Disappointed that Amy Is Gone

Foxes On Idol 4/2/04 Idol Chartwatch, April 2: Mixed News

Beavers On Idol 4/02/04 Amy Adams' Departure from AI3 Confirms Loyalty Vote Rules...

Seattle PI 4/2/04 Aiken says he'll teach special ed if his singing career falters

Reality TV World 4/2/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 3"

Times Leader 4/2/04 Entertaining 'Idol' questions

Everett Herald 4/2/04 Music was afterthought for this 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 4/2/04 Motown Week: A Retrospective

NY Mets 4/2/04 Studdard to perform National Anthem for Jackie Robinson Day at Shea Stadium

Pensacola News Journal 4/2/04 'Idol' star, blues guitarist, soul legend added to SpringFest

The Advocate 4/1/04 Chasing Amy’s boyfriend

Arizona Republic 4/1/04 Dream team

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/04 'Idol' untouchable for Fox Wednesday night

Maui News 4/1/04 Camile makes the cut on 'Idol'

Shan's AI 4/1/04 Put Your Dancin' Shoes Away, Amy

TVRules 4/1/04 American Idol: William Hung in an all-new Video Featurette Part II (Video) 4/1/04 - America! What were you thinking?

Access Hollywood 4/1/04 Amy Adams Gets The 'Idol' Boot

Extra 4/1/04 Idol Insider: Can Amy Take It on the Chin?

Reality TV World 4/1/04 Amy Adams becomes the third 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

TVRules 4/1/04 American Idol-Oh, The Mighty Fan Base

Fans Of Reality TV 4/1/04 AI3:Conference Call Interview With Matt Rogers

Foxes On Idol 4/1/04 John Stevens: The Face of Defeat

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/04 Top 10 Results: What The...?

Beavers On Idol 4/1/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 10 (Motown Night)

Foxes On Idol 4/1/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class: The Top 10

News Observer 4/1/04 High Point singer dazzles 'Idol' judges

Star-Bulletin 4/1/04 Simon said Velasco would see 1 more week

CNN 4/1/04 Hung on the radio

Foxes On Idol 4/1/04 American Idol 3: Why Amy Lost

Crazy4RealityTV 4/1/04 "Another One Bites The Dust" - American Idol 3 - Episode 23

TVRules 4/1/04 Jonathan's 3/31/04 AI3 Takes 4/1/04 - Conspiracy Theorist

Reality TV Talk 4/1/04 American Idol Motown Results Show – An Unexpected Outcome

Reality News Online 4/1/04 American Idol 3, March 31: The Motown Factory Defect

Elites TV 4/1/04 The Search for …. No Talent!

Hollywood Reporter 4/1/04 'American Idol' rules Tuesday primetime

Zap2It 4/1/04 Pink-Haired Amy Gets 'Idol' Pink Slip

Digital Spy 4/1/04 Third finalist booted from 'Idol'

The Star 4/1/04 William Hung’s new album

Calgary Sun 4/1/04 Fans colour blind

Union Tribune 4/1/04 'Idol' also-ran prepares for his next tour of duty 4/1/04 American Idol 3 Betting Update After 3rd Eviction

Chicago Sun-Times 4/1/04 'Idol' comments

Mansfield News Journal 4/1/04 Only 9 remaining in 'Idol' competition

The Maui News 3/31/04 Maui's Idol steps up the tempo

Orlando Sentinel 3/31/04 The lowdown on Motown

Reality HQ 3/31/04 American Idol 3 - Episode 24 recap

AJC 3/31/04 Diana Watch 3/31/04 - 3/31/04 AI3 Results Show

TVRules 3/31/04 American Idol Results Summary 03/31/04

NoPointNecessary 3/31/04 American Idol 3 Performance Review "Ten Mow Down Motown"

Reality TV Talk 3/31/04 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Motown Theme!

Crazy4RealityTV 3/31/04 "Top 10 Perform With Backup Band!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 22

Star Bulletin 3/31/04 Hawaii ‘Idols’ bring fire back to performances

Business Wire 3/31/04 The Soul of the Game Ruben Studdard Plays Detroit April 10 3/31/04 - I Heard it Through the Grapevine that it was Motown Week

Foxes On Idol 3/31/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, March 30

TVRules 3/31/04 Jonathan's 3/30/04 Takes

Fans Of Reality TV 3/31/04 American Idol 3, Top 10: The Motown Sound?

Reality News Online 3/31/04 American Idol 3, March 30: The Motown Experience

AJC 3/31/04 'Idol' finalist belts it out

USA Today 3/31/04 Motown on 'Idol'

The Trades 3/31/04 American Idol 3: Week 3 - Motown Theme

Calgary Sun 3/31/04 New low

Fox News 3/31/04 'Idol' Reject Hung Ready for Album Release

Zap2It 3/31/04 'American Idol' Gives Up the Funk for Motown Night

UVSA 3/31/04 An unlikely 'Idol'

AJC 3/31/04 Diana Watch

Santa Cruz Sentinel 3/30/04 A real ‘Idol’

Milwaukee Journal 3/30/04 Shining stars: Asian-Americans proud of 'Idol' survivors

Reality HQ 3/30/04 American Idol 3: Episode 23 Recap - The Top 10 go to Motown

TVRules 3/30/04 American Idol 3/30 Performance Summary

AJC 3/30/04 Dominating 'Idol' stage could be a bad thing 3/30/04 - Vote Now!!!

Zap2It 3/30/04 'Idol' Bootee Rogers Yearns to Be Husky Star

Slate 3/30/04 Why doesn't Simon Cowell understand his own show?

Launch 3/30/04 'American Idol' Contestants Forced To Leave Home

Extra 3/30/04 Bring Hung Home

Chicago Tribune 3/30/04 Behind the scenes

Star Bulletin 3/30/04 Velasco’s backers call for support

Beavers On Idol 3/30/04 The Miracle That Is Clay Aiken

TVRules 3/30/04 American Idol's Tamyra Gray On Tru Calling

Foxes On Idol 3/30/04 Recording Master Class for Clay Aiken’s “Solitaire” Single

Foxes On Idol 3/30/04 Which Idol Will Fall Third?

Television Without Pity 3/30/04 Honky Tonk Blahs

Reality TV Hall of Fame 3/30/04 American Idol: The Song Remains the Same 3/30/04 Frenchie Davis Revisits Effie in Dreamgirls, This Time in Pittsburgh

AJC 3/30/04 Local supporters rally for 'Idol' contestant

MTV 3/30/04 William Hung 'Bangs' Latin Lovers, R. Kelly Cover On Inspiration

The Sun News 3/30/04 'Idol' contestant redefines show with struggles

Arizona Republic 3/30/04 Ladies dominate as a big guy falls

Palm Beach Post 3/30/04 'American Idol' boot camp 3/29/04 HUNGry for Will

TVRules 3/29/04 Ashford & Simpson Guest Judge On American Idol 3/30 3/29/04 - American Idol: Where are those Earplugs? It’s Country Night

Foxes On Idol 3/29/04 A New Start for Tamyra Gray

Beavers On Idol 3/29/04 The Independent Tour Experience (Part 1: The Actual Show)

Elites TV 3/29/04 Country Night Craziness

Columbus Business First 3/29/04 Local stylist tabbed to work on American Idol finalists

Salt Lake Tribune 3/29/04 'American Idol' slims down; Clock is ticking again for '24'

East Valley Tribune 3/29/04 Clay Aiken’s a never-idle idol

Foxes On Idol 3/29/04 Idol Thoughts, March 29: Motown Week – Can George “Reach Out”?

Foxes On Idol 3/29/04 He Banged! He Banged! – The William Hung Concert 3/29/04 American Idol 3: Third Eviction Betting Preview

AJC 3/28/04 Shiloh High hustles to get calls to 'Idol' for DeGarmo

BBC 3/28/04 Sedaka enjoys chart renaissance

Reality Reel 3/28/04 American Idol Finalist, Matthew Rogers, Is Eliminated From The Competition

Gwinnett Daily 3/28/04 Snellville keeps cheering for DeGarmo

Shan’s AI 3/27/04 You were always on my mind, Simon

Press-Enterprise 3/27/04 Local "Idol" has plenty of options

Florida Today 3/27/04 Filipinos proud of 'Idol' survivors

Contra Costa Times 3/27/04 Studdard: Nice and easy 3/26/04 Rainbow Rowell: They love Clay, but don't tell anyone

Calgary Sun 3/26/04 She-Bangin’ on heaven’s door

SF Chronicle 3/26/04 Turning on the charm in a XXXL shirt

San Francisco Chronicle 3/27/04 'Idol' hews to ancient traditions

Salt Lake Tribune 3/26/04 Clarkson and Aiken take charge of careers with Independent Tour

Review Journal 3/26/04 Idol Talk

TVRules 3/26/04 American Idol Conference Call With Matt Rogersy

Extra 3/26/04 Idol Insider: Hopefuls Homeless; Ruben On the Road

Press Enterprise 3/26/04 'Idol' eliminates Inland man

Beavers On Idol 3/26/04 The Power of Symbols and Clay Aiken

Deseret News 3/26/04 Clay Aiken breaks the mold

KFMB 3/26/04 San Diegans All Hung Up On William Hung

Beavers On Idol 3/26/04 Buggy Idol Mansion Causes a Near-strike by AI3 Contestants

Alameda Times Star 3/26/04 Ruben Studdard's withering heights

Contra Costa Times 3/26/04 Clay Aiken's singing career is far from idle

Foxes On Idol 3/26/04 Recording Master Class for Ruben Studdard’s ‘Soulful’ CD

Beavers On Idol 3/26/04 Country Ain't Good: Final Thoughts on Country Night

Foxes On Idol 3/26/04 Idol Chartwatch, March 26: Solitaire’s Debut and a Kimberley Correction

Contra Costa Times 3/26/04 Is 'American Idol' seeking talent or simply spectacle

Maui News 3/25/04 Camile edges past 2nd round

Fans Of Reality TV 3/25/04 American Idol 3, Top 11 Results: Happy Trails To...

Foxes On Idol 3/25/04 American Idol 3: Why Matt Lost

TVRules 3/25/04 American Idol: 3/23-24..And the Points Go to....

Access Hollywood 3/25/04 Life After 'Idol:' Jim Verraros & Trenyce Cobbins

Chicago Sun Times 3/25/04 Jennifer's hair straight, sound flat

TVRules 3/25/04 Jonathan's 3/24/03 AI3 Takes

Crazy4RealityTV 3/25/04 "2 Down, 10 Remain" - American Idol 3 - Episode 21

Foxes On Idol 3/25/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class: The Top 11

Ananova 3/25/04 Pop Idol's Cowell warned after obscene gesture to Paula Abdul

Reality News Online 3/25/04 American Idol 3, March 24: Serious Business

NY Daily News 3/25/04 'Idol' hand's in a flip flap

TVRules 3/25/04 America's Newest Controversy: American Idol And Fingergate

Reality TV World 3/25/04 Simon Cowell denies making obscene gesture during 'American Idol'

Relish 3/25/04 RJ Helton wants people to forget he appeared on American Idol

Reality TV World 3/25/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 2"

Foxes On Idol 3/25/04 American Idol 3: The Girl Who Has Everything

Star Bulletin 3/25/04 Whew ... Velasco survives a close call

Hollywood Reporter 3/25/04 Fox again crushes rivals with 'Idol' on Tuesday

BBC 3/25/04 Simon Cowell denies obscene sign

Reality TV World 3/25/04 Clay Aiken's 'Solitaire' opens at #4 in Billboard Hot 100 chart

Seattle Times 3/25/04 Withdrawal from Leah? Catch her on KCTS

ET Online 3/25/04 Country Kills Matt's 'Idol' Dreams

Pioneer Press 3/25/04 Seacrest freaks on model's antics

CTV 3/25/04 Songwriter credits Idol for his climb up charts

Washington Post 3/25/04 'American Idol': Another Week, Another Record

Ananova 3/25/04 Cowell denies middle finger salute

KPUA 3/25/04 Trias and Velasco continue on "American Idol"

Media Life 3/24/04 Passing the crown to Fox's 'Idol'

Zap2It 3/24/04 Nothing's Coming Up Roses for Matt on 'Idol'

Rugged Elegance 3/24/04 American Idol Says Goodbye to Matthew Rogers

Reality TV Talk 3/24/04 American Idol Results show – Now It’s Down to Ten

Beavers On Idol 3/24/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 11 (Country Night)

TVRules 3/24/04 American Idol: Results Summary 3/24

Reality HQ 3/24/04 American Idol 3: Episode 22 Recap - Loser goes out to pasture

Metromix 3/24/04 Humility and charisma distinguish 'Idol' Aiken

MichNews 3/24/04 Clay Aiken's "Solitaire" serves as another 'Bridge" to his success

Reality TV Talk 3/24/04 AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Country Music Theme!

Reality TV World 3/24/04 Ruben Studdard's 'Soulful' CD certified platinum by RIAA

Computerworld 3/24/04 Hung up on business

Reality TV World 3/24/04 Clay Aiken's 'The Way'/'Solitaire' CD single debuts at #1 in U.S. sales chart

E!Online 3/24/04 Judging Simon's Finger

Extra 3/24/04 Reality Check: Is this Love?

E!Online 3/24/04 Norah, Clay Command Charts

The Spoof 3/24/04 American Idol's Randy Jackson Writes New Book

Crazy4RealityTV 3/24/04 "The Theme Was Country But Few Rocked It" - American Idol 3 - Episode 20

Reality TV World 3/24/04 Kimberley Locke to perform her new #1 "8th World Wonder" single on 3/24 'Idol'

The Trades 3/24/04 American Idol 3: Week 2 - Country Theme

Zap2It 3/24/04 Seacrest Tickled Pink in Protest

Deseret News 3/24/04 'Idol' chatter will continue

Reality TV World 3/24/04 'American Idol' Gay Idol Journal - "Week 1"

Detroit News 3/24/04 Funk Brothers to appear on 'Idol' episode

Zap2It 3/24/04 'Idol' Swamps Tuesday Competition

Business Wire 3/24/04 The Soul of the Game Ruben Studdard Plays Los Angeles March 26

TVRules 3/24/04 Jonathan's 3/23/04 AI3 Takes

Foxes On Idol 3/24/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, March 23

Washington Post 3/24/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

Foxes On Idol 3/24/04 Kimberley Locke Becomes First Idol to #1 with Non-Idol Song

Fans Of Reality TV 3/24/04 American Idol, Top 11: They're A Little Bit Country...Just A Little Bit...

Channel News Asia 3/24/04 William Hung's rendition of 'She Bangs' is SingTel's number one call tone hit

Chicago Sun-Times 3/24/04 The Kelly Clarkson and Clay Aiken concert

AJC 3/24/04 DeGarmo wows 'em! 3/24/04 Richmond Bangs!

Zap2It 3/24/04 The Twang's the Thang on Country 'Idol'

AJC 3/24/04 Diana watch

Digital Spy 3/24/04 'Idol' exec producer "hates" promo spots

Mercury News 3/24/04 'American Idol' host supports students censured for wearing pink

Register-Pajaronian 3/24/04 She did it her way

Toronto Star 3/24/04 Creating a first-hit wonder

Reality News Online 3/24/04 American Idol 3, March 23: Country Cooking

The Star 3/24/04 Pop wannabes

Pacific Business News 3/23/04 'Idol' accessories fuel eBay craze

TVRules 3/23/04 American Idol: 3/23 Performance Summary

Reality HQ 3/23/04 American Idol 3: Episode 21 Recap - Yeehaw, it's the top 11!

Access Hollywood 3/23/04 Life After 'Idol:' Jim Verraros & Trenyce Cobbins

Reality Reel 3/23/04 Here They Come, The First Week Of The Final 12

Star Bulletin 3/23/04 Local voters continue the double-vote strategy

Foxes On Idol 3/23/04 Matt Metzger: So Close

Elites TV 3/23/04 Clay Aiken - Farewell to American Idol

TVRules 3/23/04 Kimberley Locke To Appear On American Idol March 24

Foxes On Idol 3/23/04 The Trouble with Jennifer Hudson

Foxes On Idol 3/23/04 American Idol’s RJ Helton: That Was Then, This Is Now

TVRules 3/23/04 American Idol: Country Theme Slated For 3/23 Show

Foxes On Idol 3/23/04 Which Idol Will Fall Second?

Reality TV World 3/23/04 Style expert Steven Cojocaru to give 'AI' finalists a Old Navy fashion makeover

Television Without Pity 3/23/04 Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing

Times Picayune 3/23/04 George to the world

AJC 3/23/04 Oddsmaker calls DeGarmo a contender

USA Today 3/23/04 Star chart: Recognizing the constellations of 'American Idol'

AZ Central 3/23/04 Dreadful singing and tribute to boot

The Star 3/23/04 Hung up on William

MTV 3/23/04 Banana Boys And Cheese: What's Up With Those 'American Idol' Promo Spots? 3/23/04 Matt Rodgers, John Stevens See Eviction Support

Mobile Register 3/23/04 'Idol': And then there were 11

TVRules 3/22/04 Style Expert Steven Cojocaru To Give Idol Finalists A New Look

Beavers On Idol 3/22/04 He Has Come Full Circle

Zap2It 3/22/04 First 'Idol' Bootee Sounds Off

Elites TV 3/22/04 Let The Games Begin!

Post-Dispatch 3/22/04 American Idols

TVRules 3/22/04 William Hung Tracks Available On iTunes

Beacon Journal 3/22/04 Hollywood hopes not killed by `Idol' loss

Zap2It 3/22/04 Latest 'Idol' Singer Is a Locke for No. 1

Fans Of Reality TV 3/22/04 American Idol 3:Conference Call Interview With Leah Labelle

Foxes On Idol 3/22/04 Idol Thoughts: Time for a Reality Check

NY Times 3/22/04 Fox, Taking a Risk, Relies on Amateur Nights

Oakland Tribune 3/22/04 Youth chorus inspired by 'Idol' star

Chicago Sun-Times 3/22/04 Nice guy Clay Aiken wins first place in fans' hearts

Miami Herald 3/22/04 Moxie, lack of talent make Hung a real idol 3/22/04 American Idol 3: Second Eviction Betting Preview

Arizona Republic 3/22/04 Grin fading from cult-fave 'Idol' reject 3/21/04 American Idol 3 Betting : Jon Peter Lewis Odds Cut

Beavers On Idol 3/21/04 Clay's Triumphant Return

TVRules 3/21/04 Kimberley Locke's '8th World Wonder' Debuts At #1 Billboard's Hot 100 Singles

Beavers On Idol 3/20/04 Who Should Have Gone? Final Thoughts on Soul Night

JokersUpdates 3/20/04 - American Idol - Two Jokers Rate the Idols

TVRules 3/20/04 William Hung in an all-new Video Featurette

Star Telegram 3/20/04 Clarkson eclipsed by feats of Clay

Orlando Sentinel 3/20/04 A lovable nerd

New California Media 3/20/04 Asian 'American Idol': Stereotype or Star?

Extra 3/19/04 Will Kimberly Have a 'Locke' on the Pop Charts?

TVRules 3/19/04 American Idol: Twelve Remain-And The Points Go To....

New Milford Spectrum 3/19/04 Relative of local doctor is ‘American Idol’ finalist 3/19/04 'American Idol' Phone Scammers To Pay $40,000

Plain Dealer 3/19/04 Paula Abdul expected to draw young women to event

Foxes On Idol 3/19/04 Idol Chartwatch, March 19: Third and Fourth Place Show Their Faces

Foxes On Idol 3/19/04 Could You Predict the American Idol Winner? Bet on It!

Salt Lake Tribune 3/19/04 Utah group fined for misleading 'Idol' fans

Washington Post 3/19/04 FTC Says Telemarketers Rang Up a Profit on 'Idol' Voters

Times Herald 3/19/04 'Idol' antics

NMC 3/18/04 Ruben at Scooby Premiere

Extra 3/18/04 Idol Insider: Beginning of the End

Maui News 3/18/04 Camile advances on TV's 'Idol'

USA Today 3/18/04 FTC shuts 'American Idol' phone scam

Entertainment Central 3/18/04 The Best And Worst Top 12 Ever

Crazy4RealityTV 3/18/04 "The First Finalist Falls" - American Idol 3 - Episode 19

Reality TV World 3/18/04 Leah Labelle becomes the first 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Shan’s AI 3/18/04 Then There Were Eleven, a.k.a. "Randy Trips Again"

Beavers On Idol 3/18/04 Mid-term Test for Clay's Fan-base

Elites TV 3/18/04 Insanity vs Brilliance – A Definition Of Entertainment

Foxes On Idol 3/18/04 American Idol 3: Why Leah Lost

Beavers On Idol 3/18/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 12 (Soul Night)

News Observer 3/18/04 N.C. 'Idol' contender still in the game

Contra Costa Times 3/18/04 'American Idol' Tickets to Benefit Museum

Foxes On Idol 3/18/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class: The Top 12

Chicago Tribune 3/18/04 America: See ya, Leah

TVRules 3/18/04 American Idol: Results Summary 3/17

AJC 3/18/04 Diana DeGarmo survives first cut on 'American Idol'

Star Bulletin 3/18/04 Still in the game

Hollywood Reporter 3/18/04 Tuesday 'Idol' gives Fox new high

Seattle PI 3/18/04 No, they don't really love her -- Leah LaBelle voted off 'Idol'

NY Daily News 3/18/04 It's no 'Idol' boast: Show tops for Tues.

KHNL 3/18/04 Hawaii Contestants Move On In American Idol

Digital Spy 3/18/04 First finalist leaves 'American Idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 3/18/04 American Idol 3, Top 12 Results Show: Our First Farewell


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