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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Milwaukee Journal 5/25/04 OK, America, who's your idol?

Zap2It 5/25/04 With Three Songs, 'Idol' Final Two Go One-on-One

WCNC 5/25/04 North Carolina native proves what Idol judges knew all along 5/25/04 - Vote Now!!!

MTV 5/25/04 Think You Know Everything About 'American Idol'? Think Again

NoPointNecessary 5/25/04 American Idol3 "Final Two Performance Recap"

TVRules 5/25/04 American Idol-Final Performance 5/25 Summary

AJC 5/25/04 No longer just a dreamer

Extra 5/25/04 'Idol' Insider: Showdown

Reality HQ 5/25/04 American Idol 3: Episode 39 Recap - They did it their way

Foxes On Idol 5/25/04 “I’m Going to Sing Like I Never Sang Before!”: An Interview with Fantasia Barrino

Reality TV World 5/25/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 10"

Foxes On Idol 5/25/04 American Idol 3: Which Idol Will Win?

TVRules 5/25/04 American Idol Finalists Set To Perform At NASCAR Coca-Cola 600

TV Guide 5/25/04 Can Diana Really Win?

Access Hollywood 5/25/04 'Idol' Showdown: Diana Vs. Fantasia

Mobile Register 5/25/04 'Idol 3' draws to end as callers meet busy signals

Reality TV World 5/25/04 'AI' to assign additional voting phone numbers for finale... but will it matter?

Chicago Sun Times 5/25/04 Making final call on 'Idol' is signal for fans to get busy

JokersUpdates 5/25/04 What is Wrong with the American Idol Voting System?

Detroit Free Press 5/25/04 A teen queen & soulful stylist battle for singing supremacy

Seattle PI 5/25/04 'Idol' finale will be nothing to sing about

St. Petersburg Times 5/25/04 'Idol' is TV, not reality

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/25/04 Fantasia or Diana? One will be an 'Idol'

Washington Post 5/25/04 After 'Idol,' Straining for a High Note 5/25/04 Will logic prevail in choice of latest American Idol?

Beaufort Gazette 5/25/04 'American Idol' takes on Southern flavor 5/25/04 The wild vs. the mild on 'Idol'

Herald Online 5/25/04 'Idol' cheering section has family, friends from Rock Hill to Hollywood

Newsday 5/25/04 Rating the Idol' 5/24/04 Does It Really Matter Who Wins American Idol?

Zap2It 5/24/04 'American Idol' Finale: Diana Speaks

USA Today 5/24/04 'Idol' showdown: Soul vs. pop

Extra 5/24/04 'Idol' Insider: Voice To Voice

AJC 5/24/04 Georgians Urged to Support 'Idol' DeGarmo

Zap2It 5/24/04 'American Idol' Finale: Fantasia Speaks

Television Without Pity 5/24/04 Flower's Glum Song

TVRules 5/24/04 Tamyra Gray's 'The Dreamer' In Stores Tuesday, May 25

Access Hollywood 5/24/04 'Idol': Who Is Diana DeGarmo?

ET Online 5/24/04 Mary Hart's on the 'American Idol' Stage

TVRules 5/24/04 Fantasia & Diana Discuss American Idol Finale (Video)

NY Daily News 5/24/04 Fantasia or Diana...

WRAL 5/24/04 Easley Urges N.C. Residents To Vote For Idol Finalist

Zap2It 5/24/04 'Idol' Dials Up Revised Voting for Finale

TVRules 5/24/04 American Idol Finale Viewing Parties Held In Georgia & North Carolina

Thrill Network 5/24/04 Kimberley Locke at Great Escape Saturday

ET Online 5/24/04 Jasmine Trias: 'I Accomplished More Than I Wanted' 5/24/04 Will America crown Fantasia supreme on May 26?

Reality News Online 5/24/04 American Idol: The Phenomenon – Looking Back, Looking Forward

Foxes On Idol 5/24/04 Idol Thoughts, May 24: Here’s What I Really Think!

Dallas Morning News 5/23/04 'Idol' Speculation

Santa Cruz Sentinel 5/23/04 Family of ‘American Idol’ finalist heads to Hollywood

Nola 5/23/04 American Idol finalist Diana DeGarmo already making plans for first album

KPUA 5/23/04 'American Idol' performances in Honolulu sells out in two hours

Angry Country 5/23/04 American Idol Two's Josh Gracin Has Hit With First Single Release 5/23/04 ‘American’ women

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Jasmine Trias

NY Times 5/23/04 Why 'Idol' Is Always Oldies Night

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: Pre Finale Conference Interview With Diana DeGarmo

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: Pre Finale Conference Interview With Fantasia Barrino

Reality HQ 5/23/04 Kid's Eye on Idol, part 2

Charlotte Observer 5/23/04 `Idol' underlines unconfronted racial issues

TVRules 5/23/04 American Idol: 5/18-19 And the Points Go to....

Honolulu Advertiser 5/23/04 'Idol' hooked Hawai'i from start

NY Times 5/23/04 How 'American Idol' Got Hijacked by Its Viewers

Big News 5/23/04 Headley and Aiken in AIDS benefit

Zap2It 5/22/04 No More Tears for 'Idol' Bootee Trias

Reality TV Talk 5/22/04 American Idol 3 Recap and Roundtable - It's Pick A Song Night!

News Record 5/22/04 Aiken to host festivities for Fantasia at Coliseum

Beavers On Idol 5/22/04 The Truth about Justin Guarini's Album CD 5/22/04 The South Will Rise Again!!!

Beavers On Idol 5/22/04 Final Thought on Final Three

Post Gazette 5/22/04 Real 'Idol' competition: getting calls in to vote

NY Newsday 5/22/04 Idol moments

TVRules 5/21/04 American Idol: Extra Phone Numbers Added For Finale 5/21/04 American Idol: Diana or Fantasia?

MTV 5/21/04 Jasmine Trias Knew La Toya London Gave Better Performance

AJC 5/21/04 Jasmine: Diana, Fantasia 'both inspire me'

Nascar 5/21/04 'American Idol' finalists to sign anthem for 600

NMC 5/21/04 Studdard Serenades Simon and Elmo

The Advocate 5/21/04 Whitney Houston, we have a problem 5/21/04 Guy-dol wows US

Beavers On Idol 5/21/04 Oops! I Voted Again

Beavers On Idol 5/21/04 Is Clay Aiken Sexy?

Citizen Online 5/21/04 Snellville’s DeGarmo makes it to ‘American Idol’ final

Star Bulletin 5/21/04 Isle ‘Idols’ are keeping busy

Newsday 5/21/04 Memorable moments

WGRZ 5/21/04 Tickets On Sale Tomorrow For American Idol Tour

Foxes On Idol 5/21/04 Idol Chartwatch, May 21: Idle Idols

Charlotte Observer 5/21/04 5 questions for Fantasia Barrino

Express Times 5/21/04 Fantasia vs. Diana in the finals -- are there any losers here? 5/21/04 Diana Degarmo Out To 5/2 To Win American Idol 3

Cape Gazette 5/20/04 'Idol' star Clay Aiken to sing anthem at upcoming Dover race

Knox News 5/20/04 Another 'American Idol' finale ... other shows

Rugged Elegance 5/20/04 American Idol Fans Wear Flower To School in Honor of Jasmine Trias

Daily News 5/20/04 Congrats to ‘Idol' finalist Huff

Dover Community News 5/20/04 'Idols' to take to Manchester stage

Foxes On Idol 5/20/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class, Top 3: Last Chance for Votes!

WXIA-TV 5/20/04 DeGarmo Already a Winner at Home

Reuters 5/20/04 'American Idol' Rules Wednesday Ratings

Chart Attack 5/20/04 Loose Ends: The Idol Search Draws To A Close

CNN 5/20/04 Does talent show?

Straits Times 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias is out, finally

KMGH 5/20/04 Paula Abdul Claims Botched Manicure, Suing Salon

TVRules 5/20/04 Jonathan's 5/19/04 AI3 Takes

TVRules 5/20/04 American Idol: Jasmine Trias Out; The Final Showdown Begins

Reality TV World 5/20/04 Jasmine exits 'American Idol', Fantasia and Diana to compete in final showdown

TV Barn 5/20/04 E! PR: Because you can't have too much "Idol" coverage

Charlotte Observer 5/20/04 Fantasia breezes into top 2

Elites TV 5/20/04 The Final Three – Revenge of the Judges

Manila Times 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias roadshow ends

NBC11 5/20/04 Hold The Phone: Jasmine Voted Off 'Idol'

ESP Magazine 5/20/04 Fantasia mania grips the Triad

WRAL 5/20/04 Tar Heel Singer Advances To 'Idol' Final For Second Year

Crazy4RealityTV 5/20/04 "Hawaii Finally Succumbs" - American Idol 3 - Episode 37

Foxes On Idol 5/20/04 American Idol 3: Why Jasmine Lost

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/04 American Idol: The Final 3 Results - Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 5/20/04 American Idol 3, Top 3 Results: The Stage Is Now Set

AZ Central 5/20/04 Jasmine's 1-song trick finally gone

Star Bulletin 5/20/04 Jasmine Trias is voted off 'American Idol'

Calgary Sun 5/20/04 Island girl voted out

Times Picayune 5/20/04 Barrino, DeGarmo to face off in 'American Idol' finale

AJC 5/20/04 Vote jam makes for 'Idol' chatter 5/20/04 Jasmine gets the boot on 'American Idol,' setting up a Fantasia-vs.-Diana finale

AJC 5/20/04 Diana DeGarmo is in 'American Idol' final

News Record 5/20/04 Fantasia moves to top two

Herald Leader 5/20/04 'American Idol' veteran exudes style 5/20/04 American Idol 3 Final Betting Odds Update

Birmingham News 5/20/04 Birmingham native DeGarmo makes it to final round of `Idol'

Rugged Elegance 5/20/04 AI III Delivers Another Shocker with Finalists, Jasmine, Fantasia & Diana 

NY Daily News 5/20/04 Poised for faceoff

E!Online 5/20/04 "Idol" Sends Jasmine Packing

The Gazette 5/20/04 Idol finalists: Diana DeGarmo, Fantasia Barrino

Seattle Times 5/20/04 'American Idol' tour to hit Everett on July 17

USA Today 5/20/04 The next 'Idol': Fantasia or Diana

Digital Spy 5/20/04 'Idol' selects two finalists

Newsday 5/20/04 "Idol" update

News Journal 5/20/04 Only two left on 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 5/20/04 American Idol 3, May 19: You Almost Had It All

Maui News 5/19/04 Fans get time with Maui's 'Idol' finalist

Zap2It 5/19/04 'Idol' Gets Teen Dream Final Two

NoPointNecessary 5/19/04 AI3 "Three Song Night"

TVRules 5/19/04 American Idol Results Summary 05/19/04

Reality HQ 5/19/04 American Idol 3: Episode 38 Recap - The final two are...

TVRules 5/19/04 American Idol Call Ins Extended

Playbill 5/19/04 Clay Aiken and Broadway Faves to Join Headley at "Home" Concert

Extra 5/19/04 'Idol' Insider: Music Man

Elites TV 5/19/04 No-Theme Night Review

Straits Times 5/19/04 He bangs She Bangs, but Hung's a refreshing original

Chart Attack 5/19/04 William Hung Infiltrates Canadian Baseball Game

Beavers On Idol 5/19/04 BOI Judging Panel - Final 3 (Battle of the Teenagers)

Charlotte Observer 5/19/04 Hold the phone: That busy signal is 'Idol' theme song

WTEV 5/19/04 Abdul May Sue Salon Over Injured Thumb

Digital Spy 5/19/04 Abdul confirms fourth 'American Idol'

Fans Of Reality TV 5/19/04 American Idol 3, Top 3: Hey Mister Melody, Please Be In Tune For Me

TVRules 5/19/04 American Idol: A Take On The Road To The Final Two 5/19/04 - Could Someone Get Clive Davis a Translator?

WCNC 5/19/04 American Idol overshadowed by the WB's shameless effort: Superstar

Zap2It 5/19/04 'Idol' Trio Scores for FOX Tuesday

Star Bulletin 5/19/04 Jasmine’s singing leaves judges flat

Rugged Elegance 5/19/04 AI III 3 Finalists Sing 1 For Themselves, 1 For The Judges & 1 For Clive Davis

Star Bulletin 5/19/04 Young fans meet Camile at special Maui gathering

MSNBC 5/19/04 Will 'Idol' say aloha to Jasmine this week?

Foxes On Idol 5/19/04 American Idol Creator Simon Fuller Launches Record Label with Tamyra Gray

Foxes On Idol 5/19/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol, May 18

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/04 American Idol: The Final 3 Performance - Recap 5/19/04 - Game! Set! Match!... Fantasia Lays Waste To Her Competition!

TVRules 5/19/04 Jonathan's 5/18/04 AI3 Takes

Crazy4RealityTV 5/19/04 "Three Times the Charm" - American Idol, Episode 36

Reality News Online 5/19/04 American Idol 3, May 18: What’s Your Pleasure?

AJC 5/19/04 Judges expect to see DeGarmo again

Star Bulletin 5/19/04 Jasmine Trias criticized in tonight's 'American Idol' performance

Charlotte Observer 5/19/04 Fantasia steals 'Idol' spotlight

Arizona Republic 5/19/04 Fantasia seals her 'Idol' fate

The Trades 5/19/04 American Idol 3: Week 10 - Multiple Choice(s)

USA Today 5/19/04 'Idol': Now just a popularity contest rather than a singing one

Greensboro News Record 5/19/04 Fantasia Fever Gets Hotter

Beacon Journal 5/19/04 Singer has lock on audience

USA Today 5/19/04 'Idol' says its voting system is fair

Zap2It 5/19/04 Finalists Come Alive with Clive in the 'Idol' Hive

MichNews 5/19/04 Still Say She's A Tramp: AI Contestant Does Little To Mend Wild Image

Calgary Sun 5/19/04 Diva delight

NY Daily News 5/19/04 Abdul's thumbs-down to salon

Beacon Journal 5/19/04 Some folks seem `Idol' all the time

Times Herald 5/19/04 'Idol' worship

TVRules 5/18/04 American Idol 5/18 Performance Summary

Reality HQ 5/18/04 American Idol 3: Episode 37 Recap - The end draws near

NY Times 5/18/04 Here Comes the Judge: Take Cover, Would-Be Idols

Charlotte Observer 5/18/04 Fantasia's family: Fame is inevitable

The Spoof 5/18/04 Clay Aiken and William Hung to Record a Duet Together

Pacific Business News 5/18/04 American Idol tour adds Hawaii shows

Reuters 5/18/04 Voting Time Doubled for 'American Idol' Finale

Playbill 5/18/04 Broadway's Rent to Welcome Frenchie Davis and Drew Lachey

Grand Rapids Press 5/18/04 If  'Idol' keeps padding shows, we'll zap remotes right outta here

TVRules 5/18/04 American Idol's Tamyra Gray Joins 19 Recordings

TVRules 5/18/04 American Idol Creator Simon Fuller Creates New Record Label

Reality TV World 5/18/04 Distorted 'American Idol' voting due to an overtaxed American phone grid?

Beavers On Idol 5/18/04 Judging the Idol Judges 5/18/04 - Voting Alternative? 5/18/04 - Under 18 - Not Allowed!!!

Salisbury Post 5/18/04 'American Idol' uniting the world ... sort of

Star Bulletin 5/18/04 Jasmine says she is ready for life in the fast lane

Charlotte Observer 5/18/04 'Idol' conspiracy or idle voters?

Contra Costa Times 5/18/04 Second chance at stardom

KPUA 5/18/04 Trias may move to Hollywood to pursue music career

Star Bulletin 5/18/04 Lucky few remain in ‘Idol’ race

Times Star 5/18/04 Bomb concert: No Big Boi, but Hung hangs in there 5/18/04 Fox says it strives to keep 'Idol' voting fair

Television Without Pity 5/18/04 Aloha, LaToya

TVRules 5/18/04 American Idol: 5/11-5/12 And the Points Go to....

Foxes On Idol 5/18/04 American Idol 3: Which Idol Will Fall Tenth?

Reality News Online 5/18/04 American Idol 3, May 17: The Final Three Special

Foxes On Idol 5/18/04 Who Got the Shaft, and Who Needs to Write Some “Thank You” Cards

RealityTVTalk 5/18/04 American Idol Results Show: “LaTer LaToya”

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/18/04 DeGarmo performs tonight

Rugged Elegance 5/18/04 Randy, Paula, Simon, Jasmine, Fantasia & Diana Speak to Host Ryan Seacrest

Denver Post 5/18/04 Pleasure of "Idol" is not a guilty one

Arizona Republic 5/18/04 With La Toya's ouster, voters may be giving credibility the boot

AJC 5/18/04 Complaints piling up from 'Idol' fans who can't get through to vote

Palm Beach Post 5/18/04 Idol wannabes' CD could've been a lot worse

Milwaukee Journal 5/18/04 Let's vote to fix a shaky 'American Idol'

TVRules 5/17/04 American Idol: Recap Of Three 5/17 Summary

Access Hollywood 5/17/04 Randy Weighs In On 'Idol' Issues

Chart Attack 5/17/04 The American Idols Plan Trip To Canada

E!Online 5/17/04 "Idol" Voting Slammed

MTV 5/17/04 William Hung Overshadows Backstreet Reunion, All-Star Lineup At Wango Tango

Beavers On Idol 5/17/04 Has Idol Fallen Idle?

Ledger Enquirer 5/17/04 DeGarmo honed her 'American Idol' skills on karaoke

SF Chronicle 5/17/04 Fans drawn to island sweetheart Trias' charm

CTV 5/17/04 Canadian Idol Winner Ryan Malcolm to Appear on Tomorrow's American Idol

Broadcasting & Cable 5/17/04 American Idol Outrage: Your Vote Doesn't Count

Foxes On Idol 5/17/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class Top Four: Let's Dance

Foxes On Idol 5/17/04 Idol Thoughts, May 17: Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

The Trentonian 5/17/04 ‘Idol’ voters not racist, just stupid

WRAL 5/17/04 'American Idol' Calling Issues Probed

Foxes On Idol 5/17/04 “The Sky Is the Limit for Me Now!”: An Interview with LaToya London

Times Star 5/17/04 Livermore singer hits all the right notes

NY Daily News 5/17/04 Will your 'Idol' phone vote really count?

ET Online 5/17/04 Jessica, Janet & Clay's Weekend Tango!

Extra 5/16/04 'Idol' Insider: London Calling

Zap2It 5/16/04 'Idol' Loss Won't Send London Underground

Beavers On Idol 5/16/04 LaToya Is the Latest Victim of the Three Week Cycle Shocker

Beavers On Idol 5/16/04 Stop Pointing the Finger at America and Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Beavers On Idol 5/16/04 The Pearl before Swine: Clay Aiken and American Idol Judges

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/16/04 Politicians vying to rub elbows with ‘America Idol’ star

Honolulu Advertiser 5/16/04 Hawai'i sees itself in sweet, tough Jasmine

AJC 5/16/04 Shiloh ready to get out vote for Diana DeGarmo

Times Picayune 5/16/04 Huff Daddy
Time 5/16/04 The Making of an Idol

Go Memphis 5/16/04 Report: Jammed Phones Skew 'Idol' Tallies

TVRules 5/16/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With LaToya London

KPUA 5/15/04 Jasmine Trias spends another day in Honolulu

Wichita Eagle 5/15/04 A hot Ruben -- to go

Winston Salem Journal 5/15/04 Coliseum to hold a viewing party for American Idol finals Tuesday

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/15/04 ‘American Idol’ star DeGarmo pays visit to Snellville fans

Honolulu Advertiser 5/15/04 Kama'aina jazzed for Jasmine

NY Daily News 5/15/04 London hasn't foggiest

News OK 5/15/04 Former OU student seeks spotlight after 'Idol' ouster

Media Life 5/14/04 Fox's high risk of an 'Idol' sweeps fizzle

Access Hollywood 5/14/04 Ousted 'Idol' Diva La Toya Speaks Out

Salisbury Post 5/14/04 'American Idol' may lose a vote

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/14/04 ‘American Idol’ finalist given warm welcome in hometown

SF Chronicle 5/14/04 Hometown horrified as viewers bid 'aloha' to judges' favorite

Elites TV 5/14/04 Has American Idol Gone Off Course?

AJC 5/14/04 Shiloh welcomes its favorite 'Idol'

The Spectator 5/14/04 William Hung, who the heck is this guy anyway

Teen Music 5/14/04 Idol Aiken Splits With 19 Management?

AJC 5/14/04 After signing autographs at Wal-Mart, DeGarmo throws concert for her school

Teen Music 5/14/04 Eamon Slams American Idol

NBC13 5/14/04 Phone Records May Hold Key To 'Idol' Controversy

Orlando Sentinel 5/14/04 Something is missing on 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 5/14/04 The Music Industry vs. The American Public

Foxes On Idol 5/14/04 American Idol 3: Why Are We Surprised? – Part 2 5/14/04 Rabbit Rabid Remarks

Foxes On Idol 5/14/04 Idol Chartwatch, May 14: The Good, the Bad, and the Status Quo

Oakland Tribune 5/14/04 Ousted 'Idol' upbeat about her future

Beacon Journal 5/14/04 Another one bites dust. Blame me

News Record 5/14/04 Fantasia mania hits high note

MTV 5/14/04 La Toya London Says Fantasia Is The One To Beat On 'Idol'

Wichita Eagle 5/14/04 Idolatry may land you a great seat

News 14 5/14/04 Would-be "Idol": Fantasia basks in hometown love

Kalamazoo Gazette 5/14/04 'Idol' finalists to perform July 27 in Grand Rapids

Dallas Morning News 5/14/04 'Idol' speculation

Milwaukee Journal 5/14/04 Hawaii Helps Local Girl Prevail on 'Idol'

Express Times 5/14/04 All Eyes on Idol: Somehow, Hawaii's flower keeps its bloom

Times Herald 5/14/04 'Idol' antics

USA Today 5/14/04 It's aloha to La Toya on 'Idol'

AJC 5/13/04 Snellville's own 'Idol' finalist returns home to much fanfare

AJC 5/13/04 On the go, go, go to promo DeGarmo

Salon 5/13/04 American idle

Milwaukee Journal 5/13/04 'Idol' fans fume over latest shocker

Fans Of Reality TV 5/13/04 AI3, Final 4 Results: I Guess Hawaiian Homes DO Have 5 Phone Lines Each

Access Hollywood 5/13/04 London Falling: 'Idol' Diva Bites The Dust

Reality HQ 5/13/04 Idol Debate

Beavers On Idol 5/13/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 4 (Disco Night)

Hawaii 5/13/04 Hawaii Idol Jasmine Arrives Home

Reality TV World 5/13/04 'Idol 2' finalist Kimberley Locke's CD 'One World' debuts at #16 in U.S. charts

Extra 5/13/04 'Idol' Insider: What Is The Deal?

The Advocate 5/13/04 Island girl and Piggifer

WRAL 5/13/04 High Point 'Idol' Fantasia Advances, Gets Hometown Welcome

Macon Telegraph 5/13/04 Idol finalist DeGarmo returns to Snellville as hometown hero

AJC 5/13/04 Snellville declares Diana Mayor for the Day

MSNBC 5/13/04 Did London receive a Hawaiian Punch on ‘Idol’?

Calgary Sun 5/13/04 Idol fave voted off 5/13/04 - LaToya on 'On Air'

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 American Idol: Who Are The Real Losers? 5/13/04 - American Idol's Shameful Voting System Reprised

NBC13 5/13/04 Another 'Idol' Controversy Erupts After London Gets Boot

TVRules 5/13/04 American Idol: Latoya Out; Next Week Clive Davis To Judge 5/13/04 - Let's Impeach the Judges!!!!

Foxes On Idol 5/13/04 American Idol 3: It’s That Time Again

TVRules 5/13/04 Jonathan's 5/12/04 AI3 Takes

Reality TV World 5/13/04 Second 'AI' vote stunner: LaToya London out, while three teens remain 5/13/04 - AI's Ratings Booster? Latoya Out!

Crazy4RealityTV 5/13/04 "One Less Diva In The Running" - American Idol 3 - Episode 35

Foxes On Idol 5/13/04 American Idol 3: Why LaToya Lost

Star Bulletin 5/13/04 Jasmine’s survival stuns ‘Idol’ judges

Fox News 5/13/04 Clay Gets New Manager in Image Shakeup 5/13/04 Hawaii's Jasmine Trias Makes Final Three on The American Idol

Reality TV Calendar 5/13/04 American Idol: LaToya's Gone - The Final 4 Results Recap 5/13/04 America Blows It Again... If It Wasn's So Sad It Would Be Laughable!

Foxes On Idol 5/13/04 The Tamyra Effect Claims Another Victim

Oakland Tribune 5/13/04 La Toya's 'Idol' dreams voted down 5/13/04 Jasmine survives on 'Idol'

Star Bulletin 5/13/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round of 'American Idol'

Charlotte Observer 5/13/04 Boo! Sob! Fantasia's close call an outrage

AJC 5/13/04 Diana boogies her way back to back to Atlanta after advancing on 'Idol'

Newsday 5/13/04 Favorite La Toya voted off 'Idol' 5/13/04 La Toya is latest to take a surprising fall on 'Idol'

AZ Central 5/13/04 Jasmine overstays welcome on 'Idol'

News Journal 5/13/04 'Idol' down to three

NY Daily News 5/13/04 Diva shock on 'Idol'

Zap2It 5/13/04 London Falling: Another Upset Hits 'Idol'

Rugged Elegance 5/13/04 American Idol III "Travesty" -- La Toya London Voted Off The Show

Reality News Online 5/13/04 American Idol 3, May 12: Last Dance

Reality TV World 5/13/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 9" 5/12/04 - 5/12/04 AI3 Results

TVRules 5/12/04 American Idol Results Summary 5/12/04

Reality HQ 5/12/04 American Idol 3: Episode 36 Recap - Don't leave me this way

NoPointNecessary 5/12/04 AI3 Recap "Four Do-Do-DO Disco"

Extra 5/12/04 'Idol' Insider: Disco Disaster

Reality TV Talk 5/12/04 The AI3 Roundtable Discussion/Recap -It's Disco Night!

Foxes On Idol 5/12/04 “I Am Who I Am”: An Interview with American Idol’s Lisa Leuschner

MTV 5/12/04 Through The Wires: A Look At The Mechanics Behind 'Idol' Voting

KPUA 5/12/04 Judge: Trias 'definitely' going to leave 'American Idol'

Zap2It 5/12/04 'Idol' Pushes Fox to Standard Tuesday Win

The Spoof 5/12/04 New Judges Next Season. Simon remains; Omarosa and MJ Replace Paula and Randy

Washington Post 5/12/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

Calgary Sun 5/12/04 Disco divas

TVRules 5/12/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With George Huff

TVRules 5/12/04 Jonathan's 5/11/04 AI3 Takes

Crazy4RealityTV 5/12/04 "Disco Fever!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 34 5/12/04 - 25 Or So Years Later & Disco Still Sucks!

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/04 American Idol: The Final 4 Performance Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/04 American Idol: Why Diana Will Win

Foxes On Idol 5/12/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, May 11

Reality TV Talk 5/12/04 Disco Drama on American Idol 3

The Trades 5/12/04 American Idol 3: Week 9 - Disco Theme

Star Bulletin 5/12/04 Judges bring Jasmine to tears

AZ Central 5/12/04 Show leaves Jasmine in tears

USA Today 5/12/04 Was this the last dance for Jasmine?

Zap2It 5/12/04 'Idol' Disco Night: It's Raining Women

Daily Press 5/12/04 Fantasia's still singing

Rugged Elegance 5/12/04 American Idol III Divas Sing Disco

Reality News Online 5/12/04 American Idol 3, May 11: Meeting in the Ladies Room

Fans Of Reality TV 5/11/04 American Idol 3, Final 4: Oh Yes, It's Ladies Night...Oh, What A Night

Reality HQ 5/11/04 American Idol 3: Episode 35 Recap - Boogie Wonderland

TVRules 5/11/04 American Idol 5/11 Performance Summary

Baltimore Sun 5/11/04 A dearth of crooners

Reality TV World 5/11/04 Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan: potential 'American Idol 4' guest judges?

Zap2It 5/11/04 May Madness for 'Idol' Final Four

Extra 5/11/04 'Idol' Insider: Final Four Catch Disco Fever 5/11/04 - Disco Decisions

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/11/04 Dressing for ‘American Idol’ success

Cincinnati Enquirer 5/11/04 'Idol' competition is down to fab 4 5/11/04 - Youngsters vs. Divas???

Winston Salem Journal 5/11/04 Competition is new, singer says

AJC 5/11/04 Post-show plans: 2 days' sleep

Charlotte Observer 5/11/04 Fantasia keeps on singing, praying

Star Bulletin 5/11/04 ‘It’s been such a ride,’ Jasmine enthuses

Star Bulletin 5/11/04 Trias is a class act

Mercury News 5/11/04 Final four on `American Idol' 5/11/04 American Idol 9th Eviction And Winner Odds Update

USA Today 5/11/04 Which of the 4 will be more than a woman?

Foxes On Idol 5/11/04 Which Idol Will Fall Ninth?

Arizona Republic 5/11/04 Girl power takes charge at 'Idol' competition

News Observer 5/10/04 Aiken will earn fair's highest fee

Reality TV World 5/10/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 8"

ABC News 5/10/04 Many 'American Idol' Losers Winning Big

AJC 5/10/04 'Idol' divas all appear to be winners 5/10/04 American Idol: The Phenomenon Special 5/10/04 American Idol: The Final Three Special 2004

Beavers On Idol 5/10/04 American Idol Reconsidered

Television Without Pity 5/10/04 Another One Bites the Dust

Times Picayune 5/10/04 What former 'American Idol' contestants are up to

Beavers On Idol 5/10/04 Fan Wars and Ghosts in a Graveyard 5/10/04 - American Idol and the "Teeny-Boppers"

Fans of Reality TV 5/10/04 Our Interview With George Huff

Dallas Morning News 5/10/04 Review: Ruben Studdard, Kem enthrall fans with vocal charisma

Foxes On Idol 5/10/04 Idol Thoughts, May 10: The Beat Goes On

Foxes On Idol 5/10/04 “The Winner Will Be Me!”: An Interview with George Huff

Beavers On Idol 5/9/04 Of Metaphors and Clay

AJC 5/9/04 Don't expect Bob Dylan or hip-hop themes on 'Idol'

Maui News 5/9/04 Council honors 'Idol' finalist Camile Velasco 5/9/04 - America Got It Right & So Did Simon

Wichita Eagle 5/9/04 Ruben and Clay still duking it out

Star Tribune 5/9/04 Clay Aiken, ZZ Top lead off State Fair grandstand lineup

Honolulu Advertiser 5/9/04 Charming Camile thanks 'Idol' fans

Star Telegram 5/9/04 Inexperience prevents Studdard from rising above cover material

Crazy4RealityTV 5/8/04 American Idol 3 - The Final Four

Television Without Pity 5/8/04 The Final Five 2004

Beavers On Idol 5/8/04 Interesting Week: Final Thoughts on Big Band Night

Beavers On Idol 5/8/04 Dear Raleigh

Gwinnett Daily Post 5/8/04 ‘Idol’ tougher than it seems

ABC 5/8/04 'Idol' Hopeful Returns to High School

Reality TV World 5/8/04 'American Idol 3' CD sells only 55% of 'Idol 2' units in debut but places #10

Kansas City Star 5/8/04 Velvet teddy bear Ruben Studdard gets deserved Idol worship

MLive 5/8/04 eBay auction of Aiken ticket draws more than idle interest

CBS 5/8/04 Ruben Studdard's Big Love

Honolulu Advertiser 5/8/04 Weekly Wednesday wait is toughest for Hawai'i's 'Idol' 5/8/04 American Idol 3: 9th Eviction Betting Odds Update

Billboard 5/8/04 Kimberley Locke

AJC 5/7/04 Pals miss, rejoice with absent DeGarmo

RealityTVTalk 5/7/04 American Idol Results Recap “America Has Enough Huff Stuff”

Reality TV World 5/7/04 Clay Aiken's 'Solitaire' / 'The Way' leads U.S. singles sales for 7th straight week

WIVB 5/7/04 Local Idol Back Home and at School

Newsday 5/7/04 Back to school for ``American Idol'' crooner

AJC 5/7/04 George didn't leave 'Idol' in a huff

York Daily Record 5/7/04 Sad but true: Clay Aiken is the real ticket master

Wichita Eagle 5/7/04 Partying with Ruben no Idol task

Zap2It 5/7/04 Aiken Sings Deleted 'Aladdin' Song for DVD

Dallas Morning News 5/7/04 For Idols, fame is not fleeting

Aversion 5/7/04 Cex Champions William Hung 5/7/04 - Are We There Yet???? Huh? Huh?

Elites TV 5/7/04 Idol Speculation

TVRules 5/7/04 American Idol: 5/4-5/5 And the Points Go to....

News Tribune 5/7/04 Crowd loves Hung just the way he is

Express Times 5/7/04 All Eyes on Idol: We want the final two!

Times Herald 5/7/04 'Idol' antics

AJC 5/7/04 DeGarmo's success on 'Idol' means she'll miss prom

MTV 5/7/04 'American Idol' Loser George Isn't Leaving In A Huff

Detroit Free Press 5/7/04 A loser's success and a winner's failure raise cultural questions

Rockford Register Star 5/7/04 'American Idol' star to play MetroCentre in August

Foxes On Idol 5/7/04 Idol Chartwatch, May 7: A Not So “Studdard”ly Week

Extra 5/6/04 'Idol' Insider: It's A Ladies Game

The Star 5/6/04 Even pirates are hung up on American Idol reject 5/6/04 - Huff Snuffed

CBS 5/6/04 A Mom Who Rocks!

TVRules 5/6/04 American Idol: Huff Out- Donna Summer Up Next!

Foxes On Idol 5/6/04 George Huff: Only the Beginning

Reality TV World 5/6/04 George Huff becomes the eighth 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

TVRules 5/6/04 American Idol Tour Dates & Locations

AJC 5/6/04 The kitsch is fine, but where's Diana hanging out?

Star Bulletin 5/6/04 Huff’s leaving leads to all-woman finale

The Spoof 5/6/04 Bush Wants to Make Seacrest Campaign Manager:... 5/6/04 American Idol 3 Ninth Eviction Betting Odds

CTV 5/6/04 American Idol top 10 to go on tour this summer

Elites TV 5/6/04 Big Band Week Gave Big Performances

Reality TV Talk 5/6/04 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion/Recap – Big Band Night!

Crazy4RealityTV 5/6/04 "Huff Gets Snuffed" - American Idol 3 - Episode 33

Crazy4RealityTV 5/6/04 "A Walk Down Memory Lane" - American Idol 3 - Episode 32

Foxes On Idol 5/6/04 American Idol 3: Why George Lost

Foxes On Idol 5/6/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class Top 5: Swinging for Votes! 5/6/04 - Sorry George... Guess It's Not A Wonderful World After All

Fans Of Reality TV 5/6/04 American Idol 3, Top 5 Results: It's Not Such A Wonderful World...

KPUA 5/6/04 Jasmine Trias survives another round of American Idol

Winston Salem Journal 5/6/04 Barrino makes final 4 on 'Idol'

Hollywood Reporter 5/6/04 NBC's 'Frasier' frisky, but Fox's 'Idol' rules Tues.

Seattle Times 5/6/04 'Idol' reject William Hung is free — and so, finally, is John Stevens

Zap2It 5/6/04 'Idol' Viewers Have Enough Huff

Rugged Elegance 5/6/04 American Idol III: George Huff Departs Leaving An All Female Final Four

Charlotte Observer 5/6/04 N.C.'s Barrino dazzles her way into final four

AJC 5/6/04 Get happy: DeGarmo's safe

AZ Central 5/6/04 A sweaty send-off for George 5/6/04 George's Gone; An All-Girl 'Idol'

Marshfield News Herald 5/6/04 Marshfield man's video makes finals

MTV 5/6/04 The Hardest Part Of 'American Idol'? Picking The Songs

The Spoof 5/6/04 American Idol Shocker: Simon Cowell Fired For Sexually Harassing Paula Abdul

Reality News Online 5/6/04 American Idol 3, May 5: … And the Band Played On

Detroit News 5/5/04 Viewers Vote Huff Off 'American Idol'

Reality HQ 5/5/04 American Idol 3: Episode 34 Recap - Big Band Goodbye 5/5/04 - 5/5/04 AI3 Results

TVRules 5/5/04 American Idol Results Summary 5/5/04

The Spoof 5/5/04 American Idol Shocker: Fantasia Barrino's Secret Twin

Beavers On Idol 5/5/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 5 (Big Band Night) 5/5/04 American Idol Top 5 - Jokers Rate the Idols

SF Chronicle 5/5/04 'American Idol' contestant wins big with hometown, gets 'LaToya London Day'

KPUA 5/5/04 Hawaii singer's fate unsure after "Idol" performance

MTV 5/5/04 Don't Expect To Hear 'She Bangs' On This Year's 'Idol' Tour

Billboard 5/5/04 Fans Predict 'Idol' Victory For London

Live Daily 5/5/04 American Idols Live tour canvasses the U.S. this summer 5/5/04 - Has the show changed over time?

Beavers On Idol 5/5/04 "I Am a Clunk": Confessions of a Clayholic

The Trades 5/5/04 American Idol 3: Week 8 - Big Band Theme

TVRules 5/5/04 Jonathan's 5/4/04 AI3 Takes

Foxes On Idol 5/5/04 It’s Time for LaToya… To Go Home

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/04 American Idol: Final 5 Performance Recap

Foxes On Idol 5/5/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, May 4 5/5/04 - Big Band = Barbara Steisand & Queen??????

Fans Of Reality TV 5/5/04 American Idol, Top 5: It Don't Mean A Thing If You Can't Even Sing

Reality News Online 5/5/04 American Idol 3, May 4: I’m With a Band!

NoPointNecessary 5/5/04 AI3 'American I-Dull Fee Five Ho Hum: Big Band Night'

WCNC 5/5/04 Big band, big flop for some Idol contestants

USA Today 5/5/04 Big band, little point

NoPointNecessary 5/5/04 AI3 'American I-Dull Six Sick Up Salsa'

AZ Central 5/5/04 Standards are lost on 'Idol' contestants

Washington Post 5/5/04 We Watch So You Don't Have To

AJC 5/5/04 Boosters follow 'Idol' contender to L.A.

Star Bulletin 5/5/04 Jasmine Trias gets lukewarm reviews on 'American Idol'

Daily Press 5/5/04 'She's been singing for as long as I can remember'

IndyStar 5/5/04 Tour lets 'Idol' winner tell his story

Zap2It 5/5/04 'Idol' Finalists Get Happy with Big Band Night

Calgary Sun 5/5/04 Big Bland

Rugged Elegance 5/5/04 AI III's Five Finalists Sing Big Band Beat with Nigel Wright & The Penguins

News Journal 5/5/04 Clay Aiken pulls out of SpringFest appearance

Seattle PI 5/5/04 'American Idol' reject to perform in Tacoma

TVRules 5/4/04 American Idol Summary 5/4

Reality HQ 5/4/04 American Idol 3: Episode 33 Recap - In the Mood for American Idol

Billboard 5/4/04 'Idols' Plan North American Road Trip

AJC 5/4/04 Diana won't mind missing prom if she wins

The Tennessean 5/4/04 Kimberley Locke does 'Idol' proud

TBO 5/4/04 `American Idol' Strikes Up The Big Band As Controversy Subsides

Bayou Buzz 5/4/04 New Orleans Mayor Salutes Local American Idol

Pop Matters 5/4/04 Can The Subaltern Sing? Or Who's Ashamed of William Hung?

WIVB 5/4/04 John Stevens Doesn't Slow Down After Idol

Miami Herald 5/4/04 Is the public ready for humdrum music? 5/4/04 Dear John, We Hardly Knew You!!!

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/04 American Idol: Final 5 Special Recap

Foxes On Idol 5/4/04 Kimberley Locke’s “One Love”: A First Listen

AJC 5/4/04 Despite 'zero' on her apparel, DeGarmo rises

Times Picayune 5/4/04 George Huff on the hot seat 5/4/04 Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney May Be On 'American Idol'

Star Bulletin 5/4/04 ‘Idol’ enters realm of trading cards and games

Times Picayune 5/4/04 He Bangs! He Bangs!

Maui News 5/4/04 Camile feels 'totally great' about CD 5/4/04 Clay Aiken - A Man For The Changing Times

Journal News 5/4/04 'Idol' grant awarded to school

USA Today 5/4/04 Locke secures a so-so debut on 'One Love'

Reality News Online 5/4/04 American Idol 3, May 3: The Final Five Special

Foxes On Idol 5/4/04 Which Idol Will Fall Eighth?

Reality News Online 5/4/04 American Idol 3, May 3: The Final Five Special

Foxes On Idol 5/4/04 Which Idol Will Fall Eighth?

TVRules 5/3/04 American Idol Summary: The Final Five

Television Without Pity 5/3/04 Miami Ow Machine

Teen Hollywood 5/3/04 Mccartney To Appear On American Idol?

AZ Central 5/3/04 Justin Guarini's making a comeback

Beavers On Idol 5/3/04 Is It Possible That the Next American Idol Winner Will Be a Flop?

Beavers On Idol 5/3/04 Parade Magazine: My Adventure

Fans of Reality TV 5/3/04 Conference Call Interview with John Stevens

Foxes On Idol 5/3/04 Idol Thoughts, May 3: The Long and Winding Road

Foxes On Idol 5/3/04 Idol Chartwatch, May 3: Deja Two

The Star 5/3/04 The iconic but ironic William Hung

Newsday 5/3/04 Just 'Idol' gossip

USA Today 5/3/04 Stevens croons an optimistic tune 5/3/04 Ricky encourages bad version of 'She Bangs'!

AJC 5/3/04 'Idol' critics spout idle criticism 5/3/04 American Idol 3 Eighth Eviction Betting Odds Update

Press Of Atlantic City 5/3/04 The party begins when ‘Idol’ starts

Mobile Register 5/3/04 Three nights of 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 5/2/04 And then there were five ...

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/04 American Idol: Tour Dates & Locations

Reality Reel 5/2/04 Songs Sung On American Idol's Gloria Estefan Week

Reality Reel 5/2/04 American Idol Results Show: John Stevens Gets The Boot

Star Bulletin 5/2/04 Camile revitalizing before ‘Idol’ tour

Flint Journal 5/2/04 Worth the wait?

Staten Island Advance 5/2/04 "American Idol"-- Now There Are 5- John is gone, back to N.Y.

Beavers On Idol 5/2/04 AI3 Greatest Soul Classics: Unexpected Surprises and Disappointments

Defy 5/1/04 Hung's 15 Minutes

RealityTVTalk 5/1/04 American Idol Results Recap “America Gets Even.”

Zap2It 5/1/04 'Idol' Bootee Stevens Can Finally Relax

Reality TV World 5/1/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 7"

Courier Journal 5/1/04 Album Review -Inspiration

Malay Mail 5/1/04 Good Will Hung-Ting 5/1/04 - AI3 Tour Dates 5/1/04 - And The Most Likely Winner Is................

Reality TV Calendar 5/1/04 American Idol: Simon and the X Factor

Beavers On Idol 5/1/04 Gloria Does Not Rhyme with American Idol: Final Thoughts on Gloria Estefan Night

TVRules 4/30/04 American Idol: Conference Call Interview With John Stevens

WGRZ 4/30/04 John Stevens - Our Idol!

Express Times 4/30/04 All Eyes on Idol: Bring on the excitement

MTV 4/30/04 John Stevens On His Sweetness: 'I Don't Talk Back — That's Just Me'

Anorak 4/30/04 Simon Says

Orlando Sentinel 4/30/04 John Stevens: He's idle after votes are counted

Foxes On Idol 4/30/04 Is American Idol “Racist”? A Look at the Evidence

Foxes On Idol 4/30/04 “Simon Kept Me in My Place”: An Interview with John Stevens

Elites TV 4/30/04 John's Gone and All's Right with the World

Times Herald 4/30/04 'Idol' voters finally boot right singer

WIS 4/30/04 American Idols Live! to play Colonial Center Aug. 20

Beacon Journal 4/30/04 Kelly Clarkson to be part of show Sunday

TVRules 4/30/04 American Idol: 4/27-4/28 And the Points Go to....

Buffalo News 4/30/04 A rollicking 'Idol' ride for Stevens

CNN 4/30/04 Stevens' fans still support their 'Idol'

Indy Star 4/30/04 For 'Idol' winner Ruben Studdard, it's all good

Detroit Free Press 4/30/04 'Idol' laughingstock to headline at Oakland Mall

Extra 4/29/04 'Idol' Insider: Simon Lives it Up

NMC 4/29/04 Ruben Studdard May Tour Dates

Newsday 4/29/04 Stevens' fans still support their ``American Idol''

Reality TV World 4/29/04 John Stevens becomes the seventh 'American Idol' finalist to be eliminated

Washington Post 4/29/04 'Idol' Boots Stevens: Can 4 Million Fans Be So Wrong?

Foxes On Idol 4/29/04 American Idol 3: Seriously, It’s About Time

Beavers On Idol 4/29/04 BOI Judging Panel - Top 6 (Gloria Estefan Night)

MTV 4/29/04 Clay Aiken Says Goodbye Kelly, Announces Solo Tour

KPUA 4/29/04 Trias makes final five

Elites TV 4/29/04 The Morning After's Bitter Pill - Regret 4/29/04 Clay Aiken coming to fair 4/29/04 - Stevens – Out!

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 American Idol: The Final 6 Performance Recap

TVRules 4/29/04 American Idol: John Stevens Out - Big Band Next Week

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 American Idol: The Final 6 Results Recap

Foxes On Idol 4/29/04 American Idol 3: Why John Lost

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/04 American Idol: We Should Have Seen It Coming

Buffalo News 4/29/04 Stevens' 'Idol' run leads to the exit

AJC 4/29/04 The beat goes on for Diana DeGarmo on 'Idol'

News Observer 4/29/04 Barrino survives to compete again

Fox News 4/29/04 John Stevens Finally Axed on 'Idol' 4/29/04 'Idol' judges say Stevens' makes sense

Newsday 4/29/04 'Idol' chatter heats up another exciting round

Elites TV 4/29/04 How the Voting has Changed

St Petersburg Times 4/29/04 Studdard shows why he's an idol

The State 4/29/04 So Justin flopped? He’s hairless but happy ... and working

St Petersburg Times 4/29/04 'Idol' voters eject crooner after uproar 4/29/04 So Now What Will People Be Able To Complain About?

TVRules 4/29/04 Jonathan's 4/28/04 AI3 Takes

Foxes On Idol 4/29/04 American Idol 3 Vocal Master Class Top 6: Latino Spirit

Elites TV 4/29/04 Most Famous AI3 Finalist Not Likely to be the Winner

Elites TV 4/29/04 The Latin Beat Has Most Them Beat

WISC 4/29/04 Simon, Singer Answer Elton's Charges Of 'Racist' 'Idol' Voting 4/29/04 American Idol 3 Betting Odds After 7th Eviction

Arizona Republic 4/29/04 Goodbye, John (finally!); good luck with the girls

Calgary Sun 4/29/04 John gone

Daily Dispatch 4/29/04 'Idol' racism charges defy logic, evidence

BBC 4/29/04 Cowell denies Idol 'racism' claim

Digital Spy 4/29/04 Cowell: 'Idol' "needed a shakeup"

USA Today 4/29/04 Record 'Idol' vote speaks volumes

Zap2It 4/29/04 Even Stevens Can't Survive Record 'Idol' Vote

Fans Of Reality TV 4/29/04 AI 3, Top 6 Results: The End Of The Road For The King Of The Road

Crazy4RealityTV 4/29/04 "A Tearful Goodbye For John" - American Idol 3 - Episode 31

Reality News Online 4/29/04 American Idol 3, April 28: Coming Out of the Dark

Extra 4/28/04 'Idol' Insider: Controversy -- What the Heck Is Going On?

Rugged Elegance 4/28/04 American Idol III Bids A Fond Farewell to John Stevens 4/28/04 - John Stevens Voted Off American Idol

Reality HQ 4/28/04 American Idol 3: Episode 32 Recap - Turns the beat around... 4/28/04 - 4/28/04 AI3 Results

TVRules 4/28/04 American Idol 4/28 Results

MTV 4/28/04 Simon Says Hudson's Gone Because Of Performance, Not Racism

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/04 American Idol - It's Not John's Fault

Reality TV World 4/28/04 Elton John calls 'American Idol' voting "incredibly racist"

Reality TV Talk 4/28/04 The RTVT Roundtable AI3 Discussion/Recap – Gloria Estefan Night! 4/28/04 American Idol Top 6 - Jokers Rate the Idols

KPUA 4/28/04 Trias wins over judges on "American Idol"

Charlotte Observer 4/28/04 Clay Aiken takes stage at N.C. State Fair

E!Online 4/28/04 Elton Calls "Idol" Voters Racist

Live Daily 4/28/04 Clay Aiken mounts solo headlining tour this summer

MegaStar 4/28/04 Elton has a Pop

Foxes On Idol 4/28/04 We’ll Be the Judge of That! – American Idol 3, April 27

TVRules 4/28/04 American Idol Kelly Clarkson Lends Voice To King Of The Hill 4/28/04 - 4-27-04: All Chips and No Salsa

Buffalo News 4/28/04 Stevens, on hot seat, keeps cool

Dot Music 4/28/04 Elton blasts 'Pop Idol'

BBC 4/28/04 Elton criticises 'racist' American Idol voters 4/28/04 Is Latin Music Really That Awful?

TVRules 4/28/04 Jonathan's 4/27/04 AI3 Takes

Fans Of Reality TV 4/28/04 AI3, Top 6: The Rhythm Is Gonna Get You; The Performances Aren't

Reality HQ 4/28/04 From outrage to revenge

Buffalo News 4/28/04 'Idol' worship

Oakland Tribune 4/28/04 'Idol' star La Toya lets the rhythm get her

AJC 4/28/04 Diana holds her own with snippy judge

This Is London 4/28/04 'Idol' viewers are racist, says Elton

The Rugged Elegance 4/28/04 American Idol III Sings Gloria Estefan's Latin Pop Music

USA Today 4/28/04 'Idol' misses a beat

Star Bulletin 4/28/04 Jasmine Trias wins the praise of 'American Idol' judges

USA Today 4/28/04 Not just an 'Idol' concern

St Petersburg Times 4/28/04 An idle wish: Reveal 'Idol' vote tallies

BBC 4/28/04 Elton calls US Idol vote 'racist'

The Trades 4/28/04 American Idol 3: Week 7 - Gloria Estefan Theme

Zap2It 4/28/04 Miami Sound Machine Rolls Over 'Idol' Finalists

Ananova 4/28/04 Elton brands American Idol viewers 'racist'

NY Daily News 4/28/04 It's a racist 'Idol,' says Elton

Crazy4RealityTV 4/28/04 "Idols Go Latin!" - American Idol 3 - Episode 30

TBO 4/27/04 Jennifer Hudson Ousting Pops Question: What If 1-Style Wonder Wins?

Media Life 4/27/04 What Fox must do to fix 'American Idol'

ET Online 4/27/04 Elton John Blasts "Idol" As Racist

WCNC 4/27/04 American Idol train wreck chugs along

TVRules 4/27/04 American Idol: 4/27 Performance Summary

TVRules 4/27/04 American Idol's Kimberley Locke Appears On Air With Ryan

Reality TV World 4/27/04 American Idol - Gay Idol Journal, "Week 6"

Reality HQ 4/27/04 American Idol 3: Episode 31 Recap - The rhythm is gonna get you

Victoria Advocate 4/27/04 Ousted 'Idol' throws support to George 4/27/04 Clay Aiken: What We Forgot We Wanted

Reality HQ 4/27/04 Kid's eye on Idol

Zap2It 4/27/04 Elton John Decries 'Racist' 'Idol' Vote

Foxes On Idol 4/27/04 American Idol Season 3 Greatest Soul Classics: A First Listen

Reuters 4/27/04 Elton John says "American Idol" vote "racist"

Boston Globe 4/27/04 Behind the music 4/27/04 - Salsa Night Suggestions 4/27/04 The contestants are down to 6

Chart Attack 4/27/04 Elton John Speaks Out On American Idol Fiasco

Buffalo News 4/27/04 Stevens typifies underdog spirit

Arizona Republic 4/27/04 Diva dumping: Hudson taken for granted, or just unpopular?

Foxes On Idol 4/27/04 Which Idol Will Fall Seventh?

Television Without Pity 4/27/04 When Will I Scold You Again?

Times Picayune 4/27/04 A gift for George's mom

USA Today 4/27/04 Could this guy kill 'American Idol'?

Oakland Tribune 4/27/04 Fans rally for their local girl La Toya

Charlotte Observer 4/27/04 Can Fantasia make next 'Idol' cut?

USA Today 4/27/04 Controversial viewer vote has 'Idol' tongues wagging

Quad City Times 4/27/04 Iowa values help ‘American Idol’ stylist handle L.A. pressure

AJC 4/27/04 Estefan's songs next challenge for DeGarmo 4/27/04 American Idol 3 7th Eviction Betting Odds Update 4/27/04 What's wrong with this picture?

San Bernardino Sun 4/27/04 Keeping the harmony

Mobile Register 4/27/04 'Idol' fans still abuzz over surprising exit; ratings fall

Hartford Courant 4/27/04 Singing The Praises Of The Unjustly Banished `Idols'

Jamaica Observer 4/27/04  American Idol-"Blacked Out"

Palm Beach Post 4/27/04 American Idol Boot Camp

Seattle Times 4/26/04 William Hung: A cruel, racist joke for 'American Idol'

Milwaukee Journal 4/26/04 Viewers weigh in on 'Idol' ruckus

TVRules 4/26/04 American Idol Judges Appear On Bernie Mac 4/26

Extra 4/26/04 'Idol' Insider: Jennifer's Side

Salt Lake Tribune 4/26/04 Conspiracy theories run amokas 'Idol' fever grips the country

BBC 4/26/04 American Idol voting shock

OurSports Central 4/26/04 See American Idol Contestant Matt Rogers

Beavers On Idol 4/26/04 Come Back Tuesday

Fans Of Reality TV 4/26/04 American Idol 3: Conference Call Interview with Jennifer Hudson

Reality TV World 4/26/04 Buzz over Jennifer Hudson's ouster from 'American Idol 3' continues

TVRules 4/26/04 American Idol: Conference Interview With Jennifer Hudson

Foxes On Idol 4/26/04 Stop the Presses! Call in the Troops! We Are in a Crisis!

North Adams Transcript 4/26/04 Justin Guarini 'American Idol' star, singer and actor

Chicago Tribune 4/26/04 Chicago’s ‘good diva’

Elites TV 4/26/04 The Producers Get It Wrong It

Country Weekly 4/26/04 Country Boy At Heart

Foxes On Idol 4/26/04 “I’ve Always Had a Problem Being Called ‘Diva’”: An Interview with Jennifer Hudson

Foxes On Idol 4/26/04 American Idol 3: Meet the Enemy

Chicago Sun-Times 4/26/04 'Idol' vote process may explain Hudson loss

Foxes On Idol 4/26/04 Idol Thoughts, April 26: Dazed and Confused


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