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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Dallas Morning News 1/20/05 'American Idol' season opener vanquishes rivals

Orwell Project 1/20/05 32 More Hopefuls Head to Hollywood - American Idol 4: Episode 2

The View Factor 1/20/05 American Idol 4 - Elimination By Design

Reality TV Calendar 1/20/05 It's Not About The Talent

Reality Shack 1/20/05 When Adam Met Dirk - American Idol 4 - 1/19/05

CNN 1/20/05 ABC's 'Lost' takes a bite out of 'Idol' 1/20/05 Triplets hopeful after 'Idol'

Muskogee Phoenix 1/20/05 Checotah woman advances on 'Idol'

Joplin Globe 1/20/05 McDonald County graduate appears on American Idol

WECT 1/20/05 Wilmington resident hopes to be next "Idol"

The Trades 1/20/05 Roundtable Discussion American Idol 4 - Audition Week 1, Episode 2

Reality TV Calendar 1/20/05 The St. Louis Auditions, 32 Make The Show

TVRules 1/20/05 American Idol: Premiere Part Two Summary-St. Louis 1/19/2005

Metro 1/20/05 Idol hopefuls have difficulty accepting ‘no’

Entertainment Weekly 1/20/05 There's Something About Mary

Reality News Online 1/20/05 American Idol 4, January 19: Grading On An Arch

NY Daily News 1/20/05 America idle as 33 million stay hooked

NY Times 1/20/05 Huge Ratings for 'Idol' Puts Fox on Top

Washington Post 1/20/05 'American Idol' Belts Out a Huge Opening Number: 33.6 Million

Daily Record 1/20/05 Nasty Simon is Back for Another Pop

Teen Today 1/20/05 Simon Cowell branded an "a***"

Boston Globe 1/20/05 'Idol' is an increasingly cruel reality

Chart Attack 1/20/05 Despite Its Tedious Formula, People Are Still Lovin' American Idol

Access Hollywood 1/19/05 The Highs & Lows Of 'Idol's' Return

Post Dispatch 1/19/05 St. Louis' own idols

Fans of Reality TV 1/19/05 Show Me Some Talent In The Show-Me State

Orwell Project 1/19/05 Forty-Two Wannabe Idols Make the Hollywood Rounds - American Idol 4: Episode 1

Extra 1/19/05 'Idol' From the Inside

Fans of Reality TV 1/19/05 Ohhh Say Can You Sing?

SheKnows 1/19/04 Round 1: Washington DC 1/19/05 American Idol Contestant Quits Competition

Reality TV World 1/19/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' premieres to record ratings 1/19/05 Season 4 American Idol Premiere Blows The Competition Away

Foxes on Idol 1/19/05 Idol Chartwatch January 19: New Year, New Season, New Entries

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/05 The D.C. Auditions - 42 Make The Show

The Trades 1/19/05 American Idol 4 - Audition Week 1

Reality Shack 1/19/05 "You Sing Terribly, But Spank Well" - American Idol 4,  1-18-05

WCNC 1/19/05 Belly laughing moments on return of 'American Idol'

Syracuse Post Standard 1/19/05 Syracuse mom out of 'American Idol'

MSNBC 1/19/05 Welcome to another season of ‘Delusional Idol’

Zap2It 1/19/05 'Idol' Premiere No. 1 with a Bullet

Daily Press 1/19/05 Idol seeker faces next hurdle

Reality News Online 1/19/05 American Idol 4, January 18: Breaking The Band

JokersUpdates 1/19/05 American Idol: A weekly or bi-weekly series

Media Post 1/19/05 Atlanta Is the Ratings Judge for 'American Idol,' As Fox Plays Down Success

Metro News 1/19/05 Lack of talent kicks off Idol

Entertainment Weekly 1/18/05 Abdul: Men rule this season on ''Idol''

TVRules 1/18/05 American Idol 4: 1/18/2005 Premiere Summary

Missoulian 1/18/05 Bitterroot Valley teen secures audition for 'American Idol'

Launch 1/18/05 Diana DeGarmo Gives Advice To New 'American Idol' Hopefuls

Milwaukee Journal 1/18/05 Best bits on 'Idol' are the bad ones

Times Herald Record 1/18/05 'Idol' singing different tune

Hartford Courant 1/18/05 Saturation Rollout For Fourth Season Of `American Idol'

East Valley Tribune 1/18/05 Love it or hate it, ‘American Idol’ retains loyal teen fan base

TVRules 1/18/05 American Idol: Meet Mary Roach

Newsday 1/18/05 American Idols, Where are they now?

MTV 1/18/05 'Idol' Producer Warns Not To Expect Another William Hung 1/18/05 Changing its tune

TVRules 1/18/05 Can This Be Our Next American Idol?

Winnipeg Sun 1/18/05 Idol's Simon still quite a charmer 1/18/05 Roanoke-area guys sing their way through 'Idol' land

People 1/18/05 Clay Aiken Heading Back into the Studio

NMC 1/18/05 LL Cool J to Help Judge American Idol

Courier Journal 1/18/05 Fans will face more music on 'American Idol'

Contact Music 1/18/05 Randy Jackson to Help Overweight Kids Get in Shape

Detroit Free Press 1/18/05 'Idol' auditions new format

Marietta Times 1/18/05 Former Belpre resident to appear on American Idol

El Paso Times 1/18/05 El Pasoan takes mike in 'American Idol' return

Mobile Register 1/18/05 'Idol' kicks off season

Jam! 1/18/05 'American Idol' gets new look 1/18/05 Cowell's down on any age limit as 'Idol' moves it up

Chicago Sun Times 1/18/05 'Idol' readies prickly-nice 4th year

Post Gazette 1/18/05 Fox's golden 'Idol' best hope for season

NY Daily News 1/18/05 'Idol's' changing voice

The Trades 1/18/04 Diana DeGarmo "Blue Skies" Review

Milwaukee Journal 1/17/05 'Idol' keeps attitude

USA Today 1/17/05 Tuning up American Idol

Foxes On Idol 1/17/05 Idol Thoughts, January 17: Ready, Set, Go

The Trades 1/17/05 Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway" Review

Beacon Journal 1/17/05 `Idol' back, with some `tweaking'

CNN 1/17/05 Fox looks to 'Idol' for ratings lift

Ironton Tribune 1/17/05 Rising Star? Local singer may appear on 'American Idol'

MLive 1/16/05 'American Idol' talent show-soap opera tweaks a little and revs up 4th season

Nashua Telegraph 1/16/05 Men make impression as 4th edition of ‘Idol’ set to begin

Indy Star 1/16/05 'Idol' speculation

Digital Spy 1/15/05 Cowell complains about 'Idol' phoneys

Zap2It 1/15/05 Cowell Begins Hunt for Fourth 'American Idol'

Philippine Star 1/15/05 The American Idol fever rages on

Reality TV World 1/14/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' returns with changes

Daily Record 1/14/05 Will Local Be Next American Idol?

MTV 1/14/05  Battle Of The Sexes Among Changes Planned For American Idol

Detroit News 1/13/05 'Idol' promises half the slots to men

Contact Music 1/13/05 Clarkson Low Maintenance With Her Hair

Calgary Sun 1/13/05 Idol chatter

MTV 1/13/05 Battle Of The Sexes Among Changes Planned For 'American Idol'

Dallas Morning News 1/13/05 Fantasia has earned the right to sing about being a single teen mom, but let's not endorse it

News Journal 1/13/05 Local singers didn't make cut, but they'll watch anyway

Foxes on Idol 1/13/05 Chartwatch 2004: The Year of the Idols

East Bay Express 1/12/05 Oakland Idol

The View Factor 1/11/05 American Idol 4: Winning Is Not That Important – Just Ask Clay or William

Beavers On Idol 1/11/05 So Now Kelly Is an Avril Wannabe?

London Free Press 1/11/05 Idol win, album free Fantasia from past

San Bernardino Sun 1/11/05 'American Idol' tweaks the formula for season No. 4

Contact Music 1/10/05 Cowell  Searches For Teen Songwriter

TVRules 1/10/05 American Idol: Episode (4-5) Preview 1/25-1/26

TVRules 1/10/05 American Idol: Season Four Episodes (1-3) Previews 1/18/05-1/19/05

Lima News 1/9/05 Lima native gets chance to work for ‘American Idol’

News & Observer 1/9/05 Aiken aids tsunami efforts

Gwinnett Daily Post 1/8/05 DeGarmo unveils new Mustang

Newsday 1/8/05 Cowell Hopes for Single for Tsunami Relief

Electric New Paper 1/8/05 Spotlight on family worries William

Beavers On Idol 1/7/05 Halt! Who Goes There? Fan or Foe?

Asbury Park Press 1/7/05 Pop 'idol' shouldn't forsake students, free speech 1/7/05 Kelly, Tamyra, Ruben, Clay, Kimberly, Josh, Fantasia, and Diana CD’s of 2004 1/7/05 My Grown up Idolhead Christmas List (Even though Christmas is over)

Reality News Online 1/6/05 American Idol 4: "The Toughest Yet"

AHL 1/6/05 Idol's Guarini to sing in Springfield

Daily Herald 1/6/05 Kelly Clarkson still top American Idol

Zap2It 1/6/05 William Hung Debuts in 'Mama's Boy' Movie

St Petersburg Times 1/6/05 'Idol' reject Hung seeks good-guy roles

Reality TV Calendar 1/6/05 Rules, Format and Schedule Changes For AI-4

Channel News Asia 1/6/05 William Hung goes from She Bangs to Shao Bing with his HK movie debut

STL Today 1/5/05 Tanka plans to be an "Idol," one way or another

OurSports Central 1/5/05 American Idol's Justin Guarini to Sing Anthem at Falcons' Game Friday 1/5/05 William Hung says he's a serious singer - honest

Arizona Republic 1/5/05 Stars dig deep, and William Hung 'sings,' to aid victims

Ravalli Republic 1/5/05 Corvallis teenager advances closer to 'American Idol' appearance

NMC 1/4/05 Simpson, Clarkson Play The Orange Bowl

Milwaukee Journal 1/4/05 'Idol' makes some smart tweaks for next season

Beavers On Idol 1/4/05 An Open Letter to So-Called Internet Music Critics

Media Bulletin 1/4/05 American Idol and Stallone reality show head ITV2 list

TVRules 1/4/05 American Idol 4 Gets Ready For Some Changes

Lima News 1/4/05 True confessions of an ‘American Idol’ judge

Reality TV World 1/3/05 'Idol's Simon Cowell ranks as 2004's highest paid British TV personality

Reality TV World 1/3/05 Fox's 'American Idol' to undergo fourth season changes

Zap2It 1/3/05 'American Idol' Revamps Early Rounds

Reality TV Calendar 1/3/05 Let The Countdown Begin!

San Bernardino Sun 1/3/05 Abdul keeps defying odds

USA Today 1/3/05 'Idol' will adjust its winning formula

Beacon Journal 1/2/05 Kelly Clarkson lost on second album

Montgomery Advertiser 1/1/05 'American Idol' returns

Montreal Gazette 12/31/04 2004 The Year of William Hung 12/31/04 Live Review: Clay Aiken in Phoenix

Miami Herald 12/31/04 Life after 'American Idol': Join the circus

Star Bulletin 12/31/04 ‘Idol-mania’ tops local list

TVRules 12/31/04 American Idol: Season Four Audition Previews

Baltimore Sun 12/30/04 Clarkson breaks from 'Idol' spotlight

National Enquirer 12/29/04 Students Back Teacher Suspended For Criticizing Clay Aiken

Zap2It 12/28/04 'American Idol' Dominates 2004 Yahoo Searches

Hollywood Reporter 12/28/04 Internet users worship 'American Idol' 12/27/04 American Idol Diana Sings, Opens Up!

Business Wire 12/27/04 Yahoo! Search Announces Top Buzz Searches of 2004: American Idol Is the Number One Search Term

The Star 12/27/04 American Idol’s back

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 12/25/04 ‘Idol’ contestant rode wave of isle support

WPVI 12/24/04 Ruben Studdard Makes Christmas Wishes Come True

Asbury Park Press 12/24/04 'American Idol' runner-up George Huff relies on talent, not over-production

Reno Gazette-Journal 12/23/04 Hold your ears: Here comes William Hung

NMC 12/23/04 Clarkson Sings at Disney World Parade

Canton Repository 12/23/04 Clay Aiken delights ‘Claymates’ in Cleveland

Plain Dealer 12/23/04 Clay Aiken spreads spirit of the season in solemn Christmas show

Times Dispatch 12/23/04 Original 'Idol' is on right path

TVRules 12/22/04 American Idol's Diana DeGarmo To Unveil New 2005 Mustang

Beavers On Idol 12/22/04 I Survived the Great Raleigh Camp Out for Clay

Beavers On Idol 12/22/04 Clay Aiken's Unusual Christmas Special 12/22/04 - AI 4 Clip

Tampa Tribune 12/21/04 Bucs Rookie Linked To `Idol' Winner Barrino

AJC 12/20/04 Diana's prospects brighten

Reality TV Calendar 12/20/04 Joyful Noise Concert Review By Bonnie Lini Markowski

USA Today 12/20/04 Being a TV 'Idol' doesn't guarantee big CD sales

Foxes On Idol 12/20/04 Idol Thoughts, December 20: A Look Back at 2004

New Straits Times 12/18/04 JPL's cool about fame

Detroit News 12/18/04 Fantasia says she doubted 'Idol' chances

Orlando Sentinel 12/18/04 Only sugarplums from Aiken

Florida Today 12/17/04 Aiken fans jam King Center

Contact Music 12/17/04 Abdul Spreads Good Vibes On American Idol Set

Zap2It 12/17/04 'Idol' Runner-Up DeGarmo's Sales Are Ludacris-ly Low

USA Today 12/17/04 Aiken makes a joyful noise

Foxes On Idol 12/17/04 Idol Chartwatch, December 17: New Idol Offerings Take Over the Charts

Ravalli Republic 12/17/04 Small teenager has big talent

Contact Music 12/16/04 Idol Star Buys Beverly Hills Bachelor Pad

TVRules 12/16/04 Ryan Seacrest To Host FOX's New Years Eve Event

LA Independent 12/15/04 Free Yourself Fantasia J Records

Aberdeen News 12/15/04 O come, all ye Idols

WHNT 12/15/04 Ruben Studdard: Hangin' with Mr. President 12/15/04 - American Idol Clip

Seattle Weekly 12/15/04 Blue Boy

Charlotte Observer 12/15/04 Teacher suspended over Aiken e-mail

Charlotte Observer 12/15/04 Students to join Aiken on stage

Big News 12/15/04 Studdard almost recovered from pneumonia

Tribune-Review 12/14/04 Bidding war breaks out for Clay Aiken tickets

Electric New Paper 12/14/04 Three Idols, two a treat

News 14 Carolina 12/13/04 Clay Aiken returns to Raleigh

WTVD 12/13/04 Claymaniacs Brave Cold Overnight Temperatures for Book Signing 12/13/04 Aiken Sings, Signs For Hometown Fans

ABC13 12/13/04 'American Idol' winner watching his health after being hospitalized

Extra 12/13/04 Ruben's Weight Loss Challenge: Comeback

MSNBC 12/12/04 N.J. Students Say Clay Aiken Stiffed Them On Fee

Beavers On Idol 12/12/04 Kelly Breaks Away with "Breakaway" 12/12/04 Speaking out on Clay-gate earns a teacher a timeout

Gwinnett Daily Post 12/12/04 ‘Idol’ returns home to sign CD

Indy Star 12/12/04 'American Idol' sensation merits better treatment

Dallas Morning News 12/11/04 Idols are left idling

NY Times 12/11/04 The Big Voice of 'Idol' Gets Christmas Spirit

Gloucester County Times 12/11/04 Anti-Aiken post gets teacher suspended

Dallas Morning News 12/11/04 'Idol' reject woos local fans

Flint Journal 12/11/04 Idled: Freezing on stage costs 'Idol' hopeful

Times Picayune 12/10/04 George Huff, New Orleans own rising star, issues a Christmas CD

Journal Gazette 12/10/04 ‘Idols’ take battle from stage to name’s brand Music

Jewish Times 12/10/04 Clay Aiken Taps Fort Garrison Kids

Contact Music 12/10/04 Aiken's Mother Unimpressed With 'Smutty' AMAs
Orlando Sentinel 12/10/04 Studdard fading but Fantasia frisky

WLWT 12/10/04 N.J. Students Say Clay Aiken Stiffed Them On Fee

Foxes On Idol 12/10/04 Idol Chartwatch, December 10: Holiday Happenings

Detroit News 12/10/04 Kelly Clarkson, "Breakaway" (RCA) 12/10/04 - Review of Diana DeGarmo’s “Blue Skies”

Waterbury Republican American 12/10/04 Clay Aiken: Very merry at the Oakdale 12/10/04 - Clay Aiken on Leno, Diana on The Early Show, and Kelly on The View

Reality News Online 12/10/04 A Clay Aiken Christmas: A Very Peculiar Christmas

STL Today 12/9/04 Fantasia, "Free Yourself" and Ruben Studdard, "I Need an Angel"

Zap2It 12/9/04 First 'Idol' Clarkson Shows Legs

Reality TV Calendar 12/9/04 A Clay Aiken Christmas Review 12/9/04 Hey, Idol: Quit bullying kids

Reality TV Calendar 12/9/04 Clay's Future

WCNC 12/8/04 Clay Aiken's Christmas special airs tonight

Pittsburgh Live 12/8/04 Aiken hopes TV special buries awards show

Cincinnati Enquirer 12/8/04  Aiken brings G-rated act to TV special
Washington Post 12/7/04 'Idol' Winners, But Only on TV

Contact Music 12/7/04 Aiken Reluctant to Perform With Studdard

Contact Music 12/7/04 Aiken Shows Off His Inner Workings

Reality TV Calendar 12/7/04 Doing It His Way: A Conversation With Clay Aiken - Part 2

CBS 12/7/04 'Idol' DeGarmo Gets Emotional

This Star 12/7/04 'American Idol' finalist Camille Velasco in Manila for concert

Montgomery Advertiser 12/7/04 Clay Aiken's Christmas special battles Billboard awards

NMC 12/7/04 Kelly Clarkson on ABC 12/7/04 I Need an Angel: Ruben Studdard

PR Newswire 12/6/04 Diana DeGarmo  releases her album "Blue Skies" December 7th on RCA Records  (Purchase)

AJC 12/6/04 DeGarmo plugs CD via aisles, airwaves

Foxes On Idol 12/6/04 Clay Aiken’s “Merry Christmas with Love” – A First Listen

Beavers On Idol 12/5/04 Kelly Clarkson: Breakaway - Prelude to Greatness

Zap2It 12/5/04 NBC Special Caps Busy Holiday Season for Clay Aiken

Lowell Sun 12/5/04 Singer Clay Aiken is making the most of his talent and his 'American Idol' boost

Zap2It 12/5/04 Aiken Sees in the Holiday Season

Montgomery Advertiser 12/5/04 'Idol' winner has no time to be idle

The Trades 12/3/04 "William Hung, "Hung For The Holidays"" Review

WJZ 12/3/04 Local Students To Perform With "Idol" Contestent

Orange County Register 12/3/04 Two 'Idols' break out of the box

Sun Sentinel 12/3/04 The first album from Fantasia fulfills fans' Idol wishes

Foxes On Idol 12/3/04 Ruben Studdard's "I Need an Angel" - A First Listen 12/3/04 Clearview group gains feat of Clay

Monterey Herald 12/3/04 Solid debut for 'Idol' winner

Business Wire 12/3/04 Ruben Studdard Soars to #1 on Gospel Sales Chart

Foxes on Idol 12/3/04 So You Think You Know Kelly Clarkson? A Look at Breakaway

The State 12/3/04 These days, Fantasia’s the (scratchy) voice of optimism

Times Leader 12/3/04 'Idol's' Fantasia keeps it real

Zap2It 12/2/04 Fantasia's Debut CD Falls Short

Pacific Daily News 12/2/04 Fans of all ages flock to get autograph of 'Idol'

Salisbury Post 12/2/04 'Idol' contestant records in Spencer

Big News 12/2/04 Aiken's Christmas memories not all fond

Contact Music 12/2/04 Idol Kelly Upset About Missing Albums 12/2/04 - Kelly Clarkson’s Second effort………….First rate!

Union Tribune 12/1/04 From poverty to 'American Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 12/1/04 Doing It His Way: A Conversation With Clay Aiken - Part One

WCNC 12/1/04 A very Merry Christmas for Clay Aiken

TVRules 12/1/04 A Clay Aiken Christmas Special To Air On NBC

Charlotte Observer 12/1/04 Aiken rises on book, music charts

Democrat and Chronicle 12/1/04 No denying her talent, despite 'Idol' rejection

Beavers On Idol 11/30/04 Breakaway: A First Impression

MTV 11/30/04 New Releases: Kelly Clarkson, Nas, Jay-Z/ Linkin Park, T.I. & More

TVRules 11/30/04 Kelly Clarkson To Release Second CD Breakaway Tuesday, November 30

TVRules 11/30/04 Clay Aiken's Holiday CD Debuts Topping Holiday Charts

Reality TV World 11/29/04 Clay Aiken reschedules "The Joyful Noise Tour" holiday concert tour dates

Rolling Stone 11/29/04 Clay, BNL Lead Xmas CDs

Reality TV World 11/29/04 Clay Aiken's "Merry Christmas With Love" holiday album debuts to record sales

Chart Attack 11/29/04 New Releases: Kelly Clarkson Drops The Pop And Gets Ready To Rock

Pacific Daily News 11/29/04 Eager fans greet Jasmine Trias at airport

KUAM 11/29/04 American Idol finalist Jasmine Trias headlines concert this weekend 11/29/04 Fantasia Barrino Launches New Shades With M*A*C

Detroit News 11/29/04 Fantasia is living a dream

Foxes On Idol 11/29/04 Fantasia’s “Free Yourself” – A First Listen

Detroit News 11/29/04 Fantasia is living a dream

Indy Star 11/29/04 Fantasia transforms street reality into star quality

Reality TV Calendar 11/28/04 Clay Recovers, Ruben Questionable, Clay's CD Breaks Record

Contact Music 11/28/04 Ruben Studdard Out Of Hospital

Big News 11/28/04 Clay Aiken begins tour, reschedules dates

News 14 Carolina 11/27/04 High Point museum looking for items for Fantasia exhibit

News Record 11/27/04 Museum seeks items to honor city's 'Idol'

Flint Journal 11/27/04 Local karaoke queen ready to be 'Idol'-ized

Salt Lake Tribune 11/26/04 Clay out to prove he's solid as a rock

Deseret News 11/26/04 Christmas memories: Clay Aiken's Monday concert will be all holiday songs 11/26/04 Mullally and Manilow to Join "Idol"'s Aiken for TV Christmas Special

Charlotte Observer 11/26/04 'Idol' winner has no time to be idle 11/26/04 - Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia special: A Review

SF Chronicle 11/25/04 Fantasia should take cues from debut title

Gwinnett Daily Post 11/25/04 DeGarmo to share stage with other celebs at Philips Arena

Reality Shack 11/25/04 American Idol – Home for the Holidays

Reality News Online 11/25/04 Kelly, Ruben, and Fantasia: Home For the Holidays 11/25/04 - Idolhead Ed's look at Diana DeGarmo's new single "Emotional"

KHNL 11/25/04 Hawaii's American Idol to Play at Home

CBS 11/24/04 Fantasia: One For The Single Moms

Contact Music 11/24/04 American Idol Star Hospitalised

PR Newswire 11/24/04 Clay Aiken Shatters Sales Record, Making History With the Biggest Selling Debut ..for a Holiday CD

Chart Attack 11/24/04 Ruben Studdard In The Hospital, The American Idol Machine Chugs On

Herald-Tribune 11/24/04 Fantasia does one for the 'baby mamas' on new album

Reality TV Calendar 11/24/04 Ruben Hospitalized, Clay Cancels Concerts

News Record 11/24/04 Anticipation: Fantasia's debut CD causes stir

BBC 11/24/04 US Idol winner taken to hospital

Montgomery Advertiser 11/24/04 Studdard concert at ASU canceled

Digital Spy 11/24/04 'American Idol' winner hospitalised

The Trades 11/23/04 Clay Aiken "Merry Christmas With Love" Review

Charlotte Observer 11/23/04 Fantasia has CD, holiday special

Business Wire 11/23/04 G. Media's GospelCity Lands American Idol Ruben Studdard...

WCNC 11/23/04 Have You Heard? Fantasia's new CD is out

Zap2It 11/23/04 Studdard Hospitalized for Exhaustion

E!Online 11/23/04 Ruben, Clay in Sick Bay

Playbill 11/23/04 "Idol"'s Guarini, Wicked's Fitzgerald and More Join Kitchen Sink Benefit

MTV 11/22/04 Kelly Clarkson: Just Listen

MTV 11/22/04 Missy's Got Fantasia's Ear, But An Ex-Lover Has Caught Her Eye

Contact Music 11/22/04 Aretha Makes American Idol Winner Nervous 11/22/04 American Idol's Justin Guarini Added To Kitchen Sink Benefit Dec 19th

CBS 11/22/04 Clay Aiken: Lessons Mom Taught Me

NMC 11/22/04 American Idol Christmas Special

East Valley Tribune 11/22/04 Aiken looks to leave ‘American Idol’ in his wake

MSNBC 11/22/04 ‘Idol’ fans overwhelmingly favor Clay

Tallahassee Democrat 11/22/04 Don't give thanks for too much fat

NY Daily News 11/22/04 The making of an 'Idol' 11/21/04 Home is the Idol

Beavers On Idol 11/21/04 Teaching to Listen: Review of Clay Aiken's Learning to Sing

NY Daily News 11/21/04 Fantasia taking flight

Big News 11/21/04 Clay Aiken cement handprints for $15,099

Charlotte Observer 11/20/04 Clay-mania branches into books

Charlotte Observer 11/20/04 Excerpts From Clay Aiken's Book

Contact Music 11/20/04 Ill Aiken Postpones Start Of Tour

Zap2It 11/20/04 Aiken Ailment Delays Tour

MSNBC 11/19/04 Which ‘Idol’ singers can make it in music?

Extra 11/19/04 Ruben's Weight Loss Challenge: Back on Track

NMC 11/19/04 American Dreams With Kelly Clarkson 11/19/04 Clay Aiken Remembers Christmas Follies

Digital Spy 11/18/04 'American Idol' return date set

Westcoast Music 11/18/04 Diana DeGarmo: Blue Skies, American Idol star is releasing her solo album

Reality TV World 11/18/04 Fox's fourth 'American Idol' edition to premiere January 18

Reality TV World 11/18/04 NBC to air Clay Aiken Christmas special on December 8

Reality TV World 11/18/04 Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard and Fantasia Barrino to star in 11/24 Fox Christmas special

Montgomery Advertisers 11/18/04 American Idol plays ASU concert

Billboard 11/17/04 'Idol' Fave London Signs Label Deal

Press Release 11/17/04 Meet Multi-Platinum Superstar Clay Aiken Courtesy Of McDonald's Corporation

WCNC 11/17/04 Print it | Discuss it | E-mail it to a friend The many chapters of Clay Aiken's life

The Malaysia Star 11/17/04 Raucous fun with William Hung

The Age 11/17/04 Clarkson to tour Australia

Big News Network 11/17/04 'American Idol' sets fourth season

Business Wire 11/17/04 American Idol Finalist, Latoya London, Signs Record Deal with Peak Records

Live Daily 11/17/04 Clay Aiken talks Christmas tour and more

Beavers On Idol 11/17/04 Clay Aiken - The Real Thing (Shines through in Learning to Sing) 11/17/04 Review of Clay's new Cd "Merry Christmas with Love"

UNICEF 11/16/04 Musical artist Clay Aiken appointed UNICEF Ambassador

TVRules 11/16/04 American Idol's Justin Guarini Drops Out Of Good Vibrations

Beavers On Idol 11/16/04 Merry Christmas with Love: A First Impression

Press Enterprise 11/16/04 An 'Idol'-studded holiday coming

PR Newswire 11/16/04 Aiken Takes Message of 'Education for All' Center Stage

Beavers On Idol 11/15/04 Kelly Clarkson: Something for Everyone

Zap2It 11/15/04 NBC Decks Halls with Clay Aiken

Reality TV Calendar 11/15/04 Clay Aiken's Joyful Noise Tour: Preview by Bonnie Lini Markowski

San Diego Union Tribune 11/15/04 'Idol' minds do differ

News 14 11/15/04 Clay Aiken's Christmas CD goes on sale

Westside News 11/14/04 Summer experience includes American Idol try-out

Zap2It 11/13/04 Ex-'Idol' Guarini's 'Good Vibrations' Go Bad

Big News Network 11/14/04 University offers 'American Idol' course

Beavers On Idol 11/12/04 My Compliments to the Raleigh Claymates 11/12/04 Kelly Clarkson Admits She's Not Metallica, But She Does Like To Destroy Things

ABC News 11/12/04 'American Idol's' Fantasia Frees Herself

Contact Music 11/12/04 Studdard: 'A Lot Of Performers Are Unhealthy

Sify 11/12/04 Madonna slams `American Idol`

Extra 11/11/04 Ruben's Weight Loss Challenge: Setback?

Billboard 11/11/04 Fantasia Debut Bolstered By R&B Vets

ABC13 11/11/04 "American Idol" wanna-be flips burgers at McDonalds

Contact Music 11/11/04 Idol Star Clay Was An Unwanted Child

Chart Attack 11/11/04 Fantasia Hopes To Free Herself From The Curse Of Lousy Idol CDs

Foxes On Idol 11/11/04 George Huff’s “My Christmas EP” – A First Listen

Rolling Stone 11/11/04 Fantasia Gets "Free"

E!Online 11/10/04 No "Fun, Fun, Fun" for Justin Guarini 11/10/04 "American Idol"'s Justin Guarini Leaves Cast of Good Vibrations

Beavers On Idol 11/10/04 Kelly Clarkson: Outside the Box

NBC13 11/10/04 'Idol' Guarini Exits Beach Boys Musical

Business Wire 11/10/04 Fantasia Declares: Free Yourself with Debut Album on November 23

Philippine Star 11/10/04 Postscript to Jasmine’s visit

New Kerala 11/9/04 American singer to make lead debut on 'Bombay Dreams'

TVRules 11/9/04 American Idol's Justin Guarini To Star In Good Vibrations

TVRules 11/9/04 American Idol Winner Kelly Clarkson Returns To American Dreams 11/21/04

AJC 11/8/04 DeGarmo to reward cleanup projects 11/8/04 Fantasia returns home

Extra 11/8/04 Ruben's Weight Loss Challenge: Comeback

CCM Magazine 11/8/04 American Idol Finalist George Huff Releases Christmas EP

The Malaysia Star 11/8/04 Hung on William?

WPVI 11/7/04 No More TV Diet for Ruben Studdard 11/7/04 American Idol's Josh Gracin To Appear Saturday At BSU Football

NY Daily News 11/7/04 Crooner's new tune is fitness 11/6/04 George Huff to release Christmas EP..

Florida Today 11/6/04 Clay Aiken show sells out in 30 minutes 11/5/04 Clay Aiken adds more stops to Christmas tour

Yahoo 11/5/04 'American Idol' To Perform In Hometown

Zap2It 11/5/04 Ex-'Idol' Guarini Hits Broadway

Extra 11/5/04 Ruben's Weight Loss Challenge: Crisis

TVRules 11/5/04 Fantasia Guest Stars as Aretha Franklin on American Dreams

Contact Music 11/5/04 Ruben Ditches TV Diet

News Record 11/5/04 Barrino set to sing at AIDS event

Florida Today 11/4/04 'Idol' worship

Billboard 11/4/04 Billboard Bits: George Huff, ...

Philippine Star 11/4/04 Jasmine to have a solo concert in San Fo 11/4/04 Fantasia to attend benefit in High Point

Extra 11/4/04 Is the Challenge Weighing on Ruben?

Fox News 11/4/04 Fantasia's Fantastic Performance

Foxes On Idol 11/4/04 Idol Chartwatch, November 4: Lip-Sinking?

MTV 11/3/04 Kelly Clarkson Shreds Clothing, Sweetheart Image In New Video

News & Observer 11/3/04 Clay gives Tar Heel fans an edge

NY Times 11/3/04 'Idol' Winners Try Stretching Out Their Fame

NY Daily News 11/3/04 Cable Guy gets flak makin' fun of Aiken

KATC 11/1/04 "American Idol" finalist George Huff to release Christmas E-P

Contact Music 11/1/04 Idol Problems As Producers Walk Out

Beavers On Idol 10/31/04 Clay is a Conundrum

Denver Post 10/31/04 'American Idol' runner-up sings anthem

Zap2It 10/30/04 'Idol' Gets College Cred

Digital Spy 10/30/04 US university offers 'American Idol' course

NY Daily News 10/30/04 Fox feud on 'Idol'?

Celebrity Justice 10/29/04 Fallen 'Idol?'

MTV 10/29/04 Kelly Clarkson Tries For Another 'Breakaway' Hit

Zap2It 10/29/04 Troubles Reported in 'American Idol' Camp

Milwaukee Journal 10/29/04 N. Carolina-Charlotte Offers 'Idol' Course

Greensboro News Record 10/28/04 Idol returns: AIDS event to feature Barrino

NMC 10/28/04 Fantasia Gets Help From Friends

Reality TV Calendar 10/28/04 American Idol Stars Will Perform and Present Awards

Foxes On Idol 10/28/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 28: All Over the Map

Contact Music 10/27/04 Fantasia Lines Up Big Names For Album

MTV 10/27/04 Missy Elliott, R. Kelly Helping Fantasia With Her Debut LP 10/27/04 - Idolhead Ed's belated review of Tamyra Gray's "The Dreamer"

Beavers On Idol 10/25/04 Sometimes It's Not Whether You Win or Lose - But the Heart You Show Along the Way

Foxes On Idol 10/25/04 Idol Update, October 25: Tamyra on Broadway, Justin on AMC, and More!

Beavers On Idol 10/24/04 Unconditional Surrender

Entertainment Weekly 10/23/04 Five ''American Idol'' albums crash into stores over the next six weeks

MLB 10/22/04 Kelly Clarkson to perform at Fenway Park

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/22/04 Liability limits Jasmine Trias' great stellar potential

Mercury News 10/22/04 `Idol' runner-up set for acting gig on AMC

Beavers On Idol 10/22/04 Christian Idols and Other Taboo Subjects

Beavers On Idol 10/22/04 Much to Love about "One Love"

Montgomery Advertiser 10/22/04 Studdard to perform at ASU concert

Raleigh News 10/22/04 'Mates' follow Clay on tour 10/22/04 What are Trenyce and Lucy Hale up to? 10/21/04 Clay Aiken confirms more Christmas shows, holiday album due 10/21/04 Ruben can inspire fans with diet 10/21/04 'My dream come true'

Country Weekly 10/20/04 Josh Gracin's Shaky Start

Beavers On Idol 10/20/04 An Open Letter to Clay Aiken

Modesto Bee 10/20/04 They get their say on Clay

Foxes On Idol 10/20/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 20: Awake in a Dream?

Big News 10/20/04 Kelly Clarkson to release second album

Digital Spy 10/19/04 'Idol' winner 90lbs heavier than expected

WCNC 10/19/04 Clay Aiken performs at North Carolina State Fair

Beavers On Idol 10/19/04 My Wish List for Kelly Clarkson

Digital Spy 10/19/04 Clay Aiken to release festive album

Raleigh News 10/19/04 Clay still finds home welcome

News 14 10/19/04 Clay Aiken brings new friends together

BBC 10/19/04 Orchestra to back Idol's Aiken

News 14 10/19/04 Clay Aiken performs at Dorton Arena

Contact Music 10/19/04 Idol Star Shocks With Weigh-In

Extra 10/18/04 Ruben's Makeover: Day One

Rolling Stone 10/18/04 Kelly Clarkson Rocks Out

News14 10/18/04 Claymates throw pre-concert party

WCNC 10/18/04 Clay Aiken returns to Charlotte

Sun Star 10/18/04 Idolatry

News14 10/18/04 Clay Aiken performs at Dorton Arena

Billboard 10/18/04 Aiken Confirms Holiday Tour Dates 10/18/04 Clay Aiken Fans Ready For State Fair Concerts 10/18/04 Hung joins Gators for Madness 10/18/04 Clay Aiken Big Attraction At State Fair Monday

News 14 10/17/04 Aiken performs at Carowinds 10/17/04 Aiken Expected At Kimberley Locke's State Fair Concert Sunday 10/17/04 - More Magic From Aladdin's Lamp

Beavers On Idol 10/17/04 Fan Wars: Calling a Truce

Beavers On Idol 10/17/04 American Idol Will Be Missing Clay

Big News 10/17/04 Clay Aiken to release book and holiday CD

Manila Bulletin 10/16/04 Hype or High?

Maui News 10/16/04 ’Gifted daughter of Maui’ honored 10/16/04 Basketball: Midnight Madness Leaves No “Hung” Jury

Charlotte Observer 10/16/04 Drawing inspiration from his faith 10/15/04 Beazer, Govich and Martin Added to Vibrations

Zap2It 10/15/04 'Idol' Vet Gray Has 'Bombay Dreams'

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/15/04 24 hours with Jasmine Trias 10/15/04 Clay Aiken delivers 'Joyful Noise' for the holidays

Raleigh News 10/15/04 Clay's fair without fear

Charlotte Observer 10/15/04 Will fickle fans keep 'Idol' from flaming out?

WCNC 10/15/04 Clay Aiken returns to North Carolina

UNC Niner 10/15/04 UNCC offers 'Idol' class

WOKR-TV 10/14/04 Exclusive Interview: Kimberley Locke 10/14/04 "American Idol"'s Tamyra Gray to Join Bombay Dreams

Digital Spy 10/13/04 'American Idol' books Christmas special 10/13/04 American Idol Winners Are Home For Christmas

Florida Today 10/13/04 Aiken brings 'Christmas Show' to King Center

WRAL 10/13/04 'Idol' Contestant Jasmine Big Hit In Philippines

Chicago Sun-Times 10/13/04 Who's your idol?

Detroit Metro Times 10/13/04 Morrissey vs. Clay Aiken: Who’s Rock’s Greatest Celibate?

Foxes On Idol 10/13/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 13: Movin’ On Up

Zap2It 10/12/04 'Idol' Winners Dream of Premature Christmas

The Manila Times 10/13/04 Jasmine Trias meets President but snubs Malacañang press

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/13/04 It's Jasmine Day in Cavite

Beavers On Idol 10/12/04 Kelly Clarkson: The Star Who Never Forgets Where She Came From

Beavers On Idol 10/12/04 On the Road with Clay Aiken and Other Thoughts

Times-Star 10/12/04 Second chance for Williams in 'Idol' derby

Miami Herald 10/12/04 Arroyo Praises 'Idol' Finalist Trias

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/12/04 Arroyo meets Fil-Am idol sans funfare

San Francisco Examiner 10/11/04 S.F.'s 'Idol' party 10/11/04 American Idol star Diana DeGarmo to sing National Anthem

Zap2It 10/11/04 Two 'Idol' Winners Lead 'Dreams' Guest List

News Observer 10/11/04 Clay's former roomie

Beavers On Idol 10/10/04 Anticipating Kelly Clarkson's Sophomore CD 10/10/04 Studdard ready to lose weight

Manila Times 10/10/04 Everyone’s idol

Dallas Morning News 10/9/04 'Idol' ad prices hit the upper register

Philippine Daily Inquirer 10/9/04 Jasmine was 'kind of scared' to visit RP

Mail Tribune 10/9/04 No Idol shot? No problem

NBCMV 10/8/04 'American Dreams' Takes a Spin into the Past with Fantasia Barrino & Kelly Clarkson as Guest Stars in Season 3

Zap2It 10/8/04 Deposed 'Idol' Singer Gets Second Chance

News Record 10/8/04 Gillette singer may have made 'Idol' cut

Foxes On Idol 10/8/04 Idols Don’t ‘Mask’ Attempt to Help Charity

Beavers On Idol 10/8/04 Beyond Idols

Oakland Tribune 10/8/04 Livermore singer gets second chance to be 'American Idol'

eMediaWire 10/8/04 William Hung American Idol Phenomenon Performs Live in his First Dallas Visit

Foxes on Idol 10/8/04 David Foster: Fostering Idol Superstars 10/8/04 Clay Aiken releasing book, album

CNN/SI 10/7/04 The Edge

Contact Music 10/7/04 Guarini Parts Ways With Medina

NMC 10/7/04 Clarkson Sings For Cancer Awareness

WCNC 10/7/04 Have You Heard? Clay Aiken's latest plans

Beavers On Idol 10/7/04 Lost at the Fair While Seeing Clay Aiken

Tuscaloosa News 10/7/04 'Idol' Finalist Trias Arrives in Manila

Alameda Times-Star 10/7/04 A day in the life of an 'American Idol' candidate

MSNBC 10/7/04 Aiken releasing book, album in November

Electric New Paper 10/7/04 Idol stars sing away young patients' hospital blues

Straits Times 10/7/04 Only idols, not yet gods

Malaysia Star 10/7/04 William Hung is alive and kicking

Philippine Headline News 10/7/04 Jasmine Trias: Home Is Where The 'Idol' Is

Daily Tribune 10/6/04 Jasmine this side oh shore

Channel News Asia 10/6/04 Triple treat for fans at American Idol concert

Oakland Tribune 10/6/04 10,000 'Idol'-izers at Cow Palace sing for orange slip, green light

Foxes On Idol 10/6/04 Idol Chartwatch, October 6: Better Late Than Never

Tri Valley Herald 10/6/04 Singers seek to be the next 'American Idol'

Contra Costa Times 10/6/04 For some, Idol wishes may come true

Daily Review 10/6/04 Hopefuls get reality checks at 'American Idol' auditions

Bella Online 10/5/04 Clay Aiken Fan Interview

Beavers On Idol 10/5/04 Clay Aiken: We Now Know We Have Touched Him

Channel News Asia 10/5/04 American Idol finalists dazzle Singapore fans

KESQ 10/5/04 American Idol auditions held today in Daly City

Disneyland Report 10/5/04 American Idol star Clay Aiken sings deleted song at DVD debut of Disney's Aladdin

INQ7 10/5/04 Jasmania in Manila

Oakland Tribune 10/4/04 Local talent aiming for fame on 'American Idol'

Straits Times 10/4/04 There's no time to Idol

York Daily Record 10/4/04 Locke sets the stage

Channel News Asia 10/4/04 American Idols bring cheer to sick children ahead of concert

Contact Music 10/3/04 Idol Star Kelly Loves to Get Naked

Channel News Asia 10/3/04 American Idols in Singapore for concert

Big News 10/3/04 A bitter sweet end to American Idol tour

Straits Times 10/3/04 American idols in town for one-night concert

KTVU 10/2/04 'Idol' Auditions Return To SF

Times Dispatch 10/2/04 Former 'Idol' gives confident performance

Beavers On Idol 10/2/04 Clay Has Come A Long Way: Thoughts on the Summer Tour

Zap2It 10/1/04 Aiken Debuts 'Lost' Song at 'Aladdin' Screening

Malaysia Star 10/1/04 American idols to perform live in Singapore

York Daily Record 10/1/04 A Locke for York Women's Show

Anchorage Daily News 10/1/04 'Idol' hopefuls get their KFAT chance

Carolina Morning News 10/1/04 'Idol' contestants coming to the Lowcountry

Mercury News 9/30/04 `Idol' auditions set

Hartford Courant 9/30/04 Locke, Simpson at Big E

CTV 9/30/04 William Hung celebrates the holidays with a new CD

Eureka Reporter 9/30/04 An Idol In The Making

Beavers On Idol 9/29/04 Answering the Question: What Is "IT" about Clay Aiken?

Contact Music 9/29/04 Advertisers Pay Big For American Idol Slots

Honolulu Advertiser 9/29/04 Fans scream for all that is 'Idol'

Star Bulletin 9/29/04 ‘Idols’ bring mixed talent levels to Blaisdell Arena

Foxes on Idol 9/29/04 Idol Chartwatch Sept. 27: Slippin' and Slidin' 9/29/04 Onalaska man wins 'Idol' audition

Brigham Young NewsNet 9/29/04 BYU students aim to be next 'Idol'

NY Times 9/28/04 "American Idol' Charges Most for Ads

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 9/28/04 Idols ready for isles

Times-Star 9/28/04 American Idols prove they're worth celebrity

PR Newswire 9/28/04 Kelly Clarkson, etc Perform at Lifetime TV's Fifth Breast Cancer Awareness Concert, 'WomenRock!'

Manila Times 9/28/04 PBA tries to woo ‘Idol’ Trias to opening rites

Winona Daily News 9/28/04 WSU student among area ‘Idol' finalists

Straits Times 9/28/04 'I hate American Idol'

Live Daily 9/27/04 'Idol' runner-up Kimberly Locke sets sights on solo tour 9/27/04 Aiken’s Extra State Fair Concert Sells Out In 14 Minutes

Zap2It 9/27/04 Advertisers Pay Big for 'American Idol'

News14 9/27/04 Aiken tickets sell out again

Straits Times 9/27/04 Fun first, then fame for Idols

Ad Age 9/27/04 TV's Most Expensive Show: 'American Idol'

Reuters 9/26/04 Concert Review: American Idols Live

Post Standard 9/26/04 Studdard stirs crowd at Turning Stone

Ledger Enquirer 9/25/04 Winning bidder on lunch with 'Idol' star may give away prize

Fresno Bee 9/24/04 An 'Idol' moment

AJC 9/24/04 'Bibbleman' wins date with a bid of $10,099

AJC 9/24/04 Last chance for lunch with DeGarmo

York Daily Record 9/24/04 Story on Aiken breakin' hearts

Foxes On Idol 9/24/04 Idol Update, September 24: George Huff to Release a Christmas Album (and Other Idol Tidbits)

Star Bulletin 9/24/04 American Idols

Indiana Statesman 9/24/04 American Idol sends Kelley to next round

Market Wire 9/23/04 Get Ready to Deck the Halls With William Hung's Soon-to-Be-Released Christmas EP on 10/19

Hershey Chronicle 9/23/04 Aiken wows his 'Claymates' at York Fair performance

AJC 9/22/04 Bids for lunch with Diana top $1,000

AJC 9/22/04 Snellville's favorite idol darts in and out of town

The Republican 9/22/04 Clay Aiken wows Big E crowd 9/22/04 Alabama group to auction lunch with American Idol star DeGarmo

AJC 9/21/04 Bidders nibbling on eBay for lunch with DeGarmo

Foxes on Idol 9/20/04 Idol Chartwatch Sept 20: A Mixed Bag

Post Dispatch 9/20/04 American Idols

Billboard 9/20/04 'Idols' Tell All On 'Billboard Radio Countdown'

Philippine Daily Inquirer 9/20/04 $100,000 talent fee for Jasmine Trias

SF Chronicle 9/19/04 Fantasia Is Living Post-'Idol' Dream

NY Times 9/19/04 The American Idol Diaries

Electric New Paper 9/18/04 America Idol 3 Runner-Up's Advice to S'Pore Idol Finalists: Stay positive , believe in yourself

Electric New Paper 9/17/04 Man-child behind the money-maker

Chicago Tribune 9/17/04 ‘Hair’ comes our Jennifer

York Daily Record 9/17/04 Screeching for Clay

WPVI 9/17/04 Ruben Studdard Issued Weight Challenge

The Malaysia Star 9/17/04 William Hung’s moment in time

El Paso Times 9/17/04 Inspirational effort leads singer to Hollywood

NMC 9/16/04 New Clarkson Album in October
CBS 9/16/04 Abdul: Straight Up On Simon Cowell

St. Louis Post-Dispatch 9/16/04 'American Idol' contestants find peace on the road

News-Enterprise 9/16/04 Idol dream ends for E'town woman

USA Today 9/16/04 5 'Idol' alumni carve out niche for holidays

Malaysia Star 9/16/04 Catch William Hung at Genting

Star Tribune 9/16/04 Casper singer tries for 'Idol' spot

KFOX 9/16/04 American Idol Update

The Buffalo News 9/15/04 Stevens shows why he's our Idol

News Messenger 9/15/04 Clyde singer fails in second attempt at 'American Idol' 9/15/04 "American Idol"'s Hudson and Broadway's Sieber Join All-Star Hair Concert

Democrat & Chronicle 9/15/04 Our own judge scoffs at 'Idol' worship

National Enquirer 9/14/04 Maid Hits A Sour Note With 'Idol' Judge

Electric New Paper 9/14/04 Less mummy, more tummy

Straits Times 9/14/04 More than just laughs

Reality TV World 9/14/04 'Idol' creator sues Simon Cowell and Fremantle Media over new UK 'The X-Factor' reality show

Las Vegas Review-Journal 9/14/04 Reaching For The Stars: It takes hours of idle time to become `American Idol' 9/14/04 Aiken fans cheer on their guy

Big News Network 9/14/04 'Idol's' Ruben Studdard getting makeover

Birmingham News 9/14/04 `Flashback' marks Ruben's 26th birthday

Charlotte Observer 9/14/04 Clay to serenade new Miss America

Business Wire 9/14/04 Ruben Studdard to Release Contemporary Inspirational Album on November 2nd...

WCNC 9/14/04 Clay Aiken adds second concert at N.C. State Fair

Foxes On Idol 9/14/04 Idol Chartwatch, September 14: Down We Go!

KFOX 9/14/04 El Pasoan Will Audition For American Idol Judges

Food & Entertaining 9/13/04 A family affair

TVRules 9/13/04 American Idol's Clay Aiken To Perform At The Miss America Pageant

Extra 9/13/04 We Shrink the Velvet Teddy Bear

Zap2It 9/13/04 Aiken Returns to Miss America

E!Online 9/13/04 Simon versus Simon in Court

Zap2It 9/13/04 Not-So-Simple Simons: Fuller Sues Cowell

Ledger Enquirer 9/13/04 Studdard's birthday a flashback to Birmingham 9/13/04 Review: Idol singers deliver with energy and emotion

Straits Times 9/13/04 Hung hits S'pore with a bang

CNN 9/13/04 'Idol' creator sues Cowell

Music For Everyone 9/12/04 Idol Updates

Malaysia Star 9/12/04 Idol mania in Singapore

Times Picayune 9/12/04 'Idol' Worshippers

Wichita Eagle 9/11/04 Kansans idolize Aiken

Anchorage Daily News 9/11/04 Reality TV bites for 'Idol' fans

Channel News Asia 9/11/04 Fans turn up at IMM Building to meet American Idol reject William Hung

Star Ledger 9/11/04 Paula Abdul's tag team takes plunge

Straits Times 9/11/04 His moment in time

CBS 9/11/04 Second Cup Cafe: Josh Gracin

Channel News Asia 9/10/04 American Idol William Hung reject arrives in Singapore; Sunday concert at Esplanade

Beavers On Idol 9/9/04 Kelly Clarkson: Two Years of Dreams 9/9/04 Local 'Idol' winner heads to Vegas for big chance

Slidell Sentry News 9/9/04 Hometown star tapped for 'American Idol'

Sun Herald 9/9/04 My audition for 'American Idol'

Straits Times 9/9/04 Hung fans, get ready

Dallas Morning News 9/9/04 Fans true to Aiken turned up at pop star's Nokia show

Courier Press 9/9/04 'Claymates' rejoice! His tour stops here

Contact Music 9/8/04 Gracin Completes Military Service 10 Days Early

WCNC 9/8/04 There's something about Clay Aiken

Dallas Morning News 9/7/04 There's something about Clay

Foxes On Idol 9/7/04 Idols in Albany: A Review

Contact Music 9/7/04 Clarkson Struggles to Train Her Pooch

Foxes On Idol 9/7/04 Idol Chartwatch, September 7: Up and Down and Up and Down

Contact Music 9/6/04 American Idol Turns Nurse to Allergic Tour Pal

Desert Dispatch 9/6/04 Community makes sure Idol hopeful goes to Vegas

The Age 9/6/04 Idol reject casts off

Sun Herald 9/5/04 'Idol' won't be South Mississippian

Anchorage Daily News 9/5/04 'Idol' showcases -- or spoofs -- Alaska

The Town Talk 9/4/04 Ball man advances after "Idol" audition

Zwire 9/3/04 America 'idol'izes Diana

Straits Times 9/3/04 Fantasia and Idol finalists coming to S'pore

Beavers On Idol 9/3/04 Who Is Clay Aiken?

The Town Talk 9/3/04 Ball man going forward in "American Idol" competition

Reuters 9/3/04 Idol Castoff Hung Says He Keeps Getting Better

Contact Music 9/2/04 Fantasia Buys New Home for Family

WRAL 9/2/04 Finalists Compete In Durham For Chance To Be On 'American Idol'

The Messenger 9/2/04 American Idol tryout good experience

Hershey Chronicle 9/2/04 'American Idol' veteran discusses her career, experiences on the show

Alexandria Town Talk 9/2/04 Ball man makes it to audition with 'American Idol' judges

Sun Herald 9/2/04 'Idol' finalists include 2 locals 9/2/04 Finalists Compete In Durham For Chance To Be On 'American Idol'

TVRules 9/1/04 Ruben Studdard & Kimberly Caldwell To Appear On FOX's 'Related By Family'

Times Picayune 9/1/04 'Idol' Idealists

Newsday 9/1/04 LI man makes ‘American Idol’ cut

Alexandria Town Talk 9/1/04 Local "American Idol" hopefuls fail to advance

The Advertiser 9/1/04 'Idol' fame fleeting

The View 9/1/04 Idol Time

The Republican 9/1/04 Too few high points in 'Idols'

Opelousas Daily World 9/1/04 Opelousas teen pursues 'American Idol' dream at New Orleans auditions

Beavers On Idol 8/31/04 Chasing Clay Aiken - Summer Solo Concert Tour, 2004

Zap2It 8/31/04 'Idols' Studdard, Caldwell Join Fox's 'Family'

Newsday 8/31/04 'Idol' hands hold too little personality

The Town Talk 8/31/04 Locals fail to advance in "American Idol" audition

The Advertiser 8/31/04 Local ‘Idol’ keeps looking up

Hartford Courant 8/30/04 `American Idols Live!' Better Than TV Version 8/30/04 'Idol' traveling show a pleasant surprise

Foxes On Idol 8/30/04 Idol Chartwatch, August 30: The Comeback Kids

NY Daily News 8/30/04 Tune out this 'Idol' nonsense

Beavers On Idol 8/29/04 Clay Aiken: Free Fallin'

Journal Gazette 8/29/04 Clay Aiken

Orlando Sentinel 8/29/04 A lot of time in idle for a chance to be 'Idol'

Hartford Courant 8/29/04 Seeking Their Moment In The Sun

The Advertiser 8/29/04 Singer strikes a sweet chord

Journal Standard 8/29/04 Casting call for 'American Idol'

NY Times 8/28/04 'Idol' Judge Simon Cowell Sees End of His Own Fame

Omaha World-Herald 8/28/04 Michael Kelly: Triplets a big hit at 'Idol' tryouts

Milwaukee Journal 8/28/04 Measure of a runner-up American Idol 8/28/04 American Idol's Josh Gracin Added To GameDay Lineup

News-Miner 8/28/04 Fairbanks teen wins audition for show 8/28/04 'Idol' teaches hard lessons

Mississippi Press 8/28/04 Pas woman sings her way to Idol' audition

Register-Pajaronian 8/28/04 Leuschner to perform benefit concert

TBO 8/27/04 `Idol' Symphony Was Bitter, Sweet

Sun Sentinel 8/27/04 'American Idol' hopefuls sing, mope, rejoice

Florida Today 8/27/04 'Idol' dismisses singers, but dreams still remain

Lancaster Newspapers 8/27/04 Teen chases her dream auditioning for 'Idol'

Times-Leader 8/27/04 For Fantasia, fame still worth the sacrifices

Herald-Tribune 8/27/04 Some make the cut, but most leave tryouts dejected

Orlando Sentinel 8/27/04 'American Idol' hopefuls sing, mope, rejoice

News-Press 8/27/04 ‘American Idol’ dreams lure four local singers

Star Tribune 8/27/04 Review: A likable Clay Aiken brings freshness to the State Fair

Free Lance-Star 8/27/04 'Idol' is different in person

Pioneer Press 8/27/04 Clay Aiken has unerring knack for selling a tune

The Chattanoogan 8/27/04 Ocoee River Days To Feature American Idol Josh Gracin

Hartford Courant 8/27/04 Contest Is Chance At Idol Dream


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