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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Randall the Vandal 3/3/05 Same Amount of Carnage In Half the Time

St. Petersburg Times 3/3/05 Tampa woman advances on 'Idol'

Review Journal 3/3/05 Las Vegas entries advance on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 3/3/05 FW idol contestant nixed

Potomac News 3/3/05 Finding her inner voices

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 Has Simon Seen The Light?

Reality Shack 3/3/05 Cheated! - American Idol 4 - 3/2/05

Orwell Project 3/3/05 Four More Wannabe’s Booted – American Idol 4: Episode 15

Philippine Star 3/3/05 A new album from the 1st American Idol
Reality TV World 3/3/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' cuts four more semifinalists, narrows field to sixteen

Entertainment Weekly 3/3/05 Idol Chatter

Metro 3/3/05 Voters' choice shocks viewers

JokersUpdates 3/3/05 American Idol : The Results. An Old Dawg Learns Some New Tricks

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 Teenage Girls Are Ruining This Show

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 A Kinder - Gentler Results Show

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 The Top Twenty Results Show Recap

WCNC 3/3/05 'American Idol' rights the ship

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why David Lost

Idol Media 3/3/05 Episode 16 recap

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Joseph Lost

Post-Dispatch 3/3/05 Show bids aloha to St. Louisan Mischeaux

Sturgis Online 3/3/05 This ‘Idol’ dozen has promise

Atlanta Journal 3/3/05 Castine slips into next round

MSNBC 3/3/05 Readers rave, rant about ‘Idol’

Post-Dispatch 3/3/05 Kelly Clarkson headlines Final Four festival

News-Press 3/3/05 ‘Baby V’ on to sweet 16

MSNBC 3/3/05 ‘Idol’ judges, viewers are unforgiving

Curlio 3/3/05 American Idol has predictable results

USA Today 3/3/05 'Idol' drops 4 more

Star Telegram 3/3/05 'Idol' eliminates Fort Worth singer 3/3/05 Girls: A disappointing week 2

Plain Dealer 3/3/05 'Idol' fans vote Shaker man into next round

Decatur Daily 3/3/05 'You're the real deal, Bo,' says Paula Abdul

Chicago Tribune 3/3/05 4 `Idol' wannabes are sent packing 3/3/05 Fedorov raises his game on 'Idol' 3/3/05 Studdard sues godfather, claiming unauthorized spending

Newsday 3/3/05 Long Island’s idol won’t be America’s

KHON2 3/3/05 'Idol' contestant gets ring replacement 3/3/05 - 4 More Fall: He Said, She Said; any surprises?

Inside Pulse 3/3/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday

Inside Pulse 3/3/05 American Idol Thoughts, Reviews, and Recaps

Zap2It 3/3/05 Aloha, Aloha: 'Idol' Cuts Four More

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Aloha Lost

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Celena Lost

Reality News Online 3/3/05 American Idol 4, March 2: The Sweet Sixteen 3/2/05 - 3.2.05 Results

TVRules 3/2/05 American Idol 3/2/05 Results Summary

Randall the Vandal 3/2/05 Mario, Bo, The Russian Dude & Other Guys

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/05 The Boys Are Back, The Boys Are Back

Post-Dispatch 3/2/05 Song choice may hurt Mischeaux

Extra 3/2/05 'AI's' Constantine's Lost Performance for Love

Hartselle Enquirer 3/2/05 Sewn with love, a grandmother dresses her own American Idol 3/2/05 To survive 'Idol,' hit that fast-forward button

Reality Shack 3/2/05 A Look At The Final 20 - American Idol Commentary

TVRules 3/2/05 AI: 2/28/05 & 3/1/05 Takes 3/2/05 Judging the judges

Beavers On Idol 3/2/05 Where My Girls At?

Reality TV World 3/1/05 American Idol 4 - Performance Week 1 summary

Entertainment Weekly 3/2/05 Fair Game

Reality TV World 3/2/05 Fox cuts 'American Idol 4' results show back to 30 minutes

Reality Shack 3/2/05 Raising The Game - American Idol, 03-01-05

Foxes on Idol 3/2/02 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 1

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/05 The Top Ten Girls Perform

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/05 The RTVC Staff Predicts Who Is Going Home Tonight

InsidePulse 3/2/05 American Idol Thoughts, Reviews, Recaps 3/2/05 - Where In The World Is American Idol? 3/2/05 - 10 ladies, 1 mike, and only 1 great performance? He Said, She Said, What’s Up!?

Times Picayune 3/2/05 Nice while it lasted

NY Times 3/2/05 With 'Idol' and Super Bowl, Fox Wins Sweeps Month

Metro 3/2/05 Ladies fail to impress judges

Daily Eastern News 3/2/05 Not quite an 'American Idol'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/2/05 Judges rip 'Idol' hopeful's song choice, but locals still think Carrie can make the cut

Potomac News 3/2/05 Tucker bounces back from judges' remarks on 'Idol'

MSNBC 3/2/05 ‘Idol’ women take things slow

Chicago Sun-Times 3/2/05 Constantine craving

News Press 3/2/05 'Baby V' hoping to make sweet 16

Curlio 3/2/05 American Idol girls' show disappointing

Metro 3/2/05 'Idol' Helps Fox Sweep to Top Spot in February

USA Today 3/2/05 Sierra is a treasure

The Trades 3/2/05 American Idol 4 - Women's Auditions Week 2

Zap2It 3/2/05 Taking Chances: Mixed Results for 'Idol' Women

Inside Pulse 3/2/05 Cheri-Vision Recaps: American Idol Tuesday

Reality News Online 3/2/05 American Idol 4, March 1: Ladies Night and the Feelin' Ain't Right

Idol Media 3/2/05 Top 10 Girls Performance Review

Contact Music 3/1/05 Manilow Embraces Cowell Rejects

Search Engine Journal 3/1/05 William Hung Rocks The Ask Jeeves Party

Always Reality Television 3/1/05 Ai4 Recap - Please, Stop Screaming... 3/1/05 - 3.1.05: 10 Girls

TVRules 3/1/05 American Idol-Top Ten Gals Performance Summary 3/1/2005

JokersUpdates 3/1/05 American Idol : 10 Girls. I'm Flexible

TVRules 3/1/05 American Idol Results Show Slimmed Down

Zap2It 3/1/05 FOX Trims Wednesday 'Idol'

Extra 3/1/05 Triplets Transformed: the Final Test

Zap2It 3/1/05 Oscars, 'Idol' Lead Weekly Ratings

Magic City Morning Star 3/1/05 Single Mothers Get Their "15 Minutes of Fame" With Hit Song

The Morning Call 3/1/05 'Idol' contestant's parents say he is destined for great things

Hammond Daily Star 3/1/05 Ponchatoula shows its support for "American Idol" candidate

Miami Herald 3/1/05 Fox's 'American Idol' rocks out 3/1/05 Boys: Much better in week 2 of 'American Idol'

JokersUpdates 3/1/05 American Idol Week Six : 10 Lords A-leaping. Love Abundant

Orwell Project 3/1/05 Idol Guys Work It Out – American Idol 4: Episode 13

Reality Shack 3/1/05 The Men! The Men! - American Idol 4 - 2/28/05

Hard Beat News 3/1/05 Former 'Miss Statia' Among Top 20 American Idol Competitors

Hammond Daily Star 3/1/05 Cardinale keeps her quiet image as 'Idol' competition heats up

Beavers On Idol 3/1/05 So What about Those Upcoming AI4 Themes?

Beavers On Idol 3/1/05 The Boys Are Back in Tune

The Trades 3/1/05 American Idol 4 - Men's Auditions Week 2

Metro 3/1/05 Male American Idol performers need boost

Post-Dispatch 3/1/05 Nikko wows crowd, all three judges

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/1/05 Area ‘Idol’ hits stage tonight

Virginian Pilot 3/1/05 U.Va. student's latest finals are on ''American Idol''

Reality TV Calendar 3/1/05 The Top Ten Guys Perform

USA Today 3/1/05 'Idol' men show signs of life

Foxes On Idol 3/1/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, February 28 3/1/05 - The Good, The Bad, And Some Bad Screaming

Beavers On Idol 3/1/05 Breakaway vs. Thankful

Zap2It 3/1/05 Gaye Old Time: 'Idol' Men Get it On

Contact Music 3/1/05 Manilow Embraces Cowell Rejects

Inside Pulse 3/1/05 Cheri-Vision Recaps: American Idol Monday

Inside Pulse 3/1/05 American Idol Thoughts, Reviews, Recaps 3/1/05 10 guys,1 mike. He said, She said, Who scored and who fouled out

Reality News Online 3/1/05 American Idol 4, February 28: Drop It Like It's Hot

Curlio 2/28/05 American Idol guys give top quality show

Idol Media 2/28/05 Episode 14 recap 2/28/05 - 2.28.05: 10 Guys

TVRules 2/28/05 American Idol-Top Ten Guys Performance Summary 2/28/2005 2/28/05 - A short look at Carmen Rasmusen’s short debut CD

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/05 The First Four Are Shown The Door

Foxes On Idol 2/28/05 Idol Thoughts, February 28: Let the Games Begin

Arizona Republic 2/28/05 'Idol's' Carrie is bookies' choice

Potomac News 2/28/05 Friends fired up about Tucker's trek on 'Idol'

Palm Beach Post 2/28/05 American Idol boot camp

Mobile Register 2/28/05 Alabama rocker rocks on in TV's 'American Idol'

Ventura County Star 2/28/05 10 male singers vie for votes on 'Idol'

Always Reality Television 2/27/05 AI4 Recap: Personality, Personality, Personality

Beavers On Idol 2/27/05 Top 24 Performances Retrospective

Television Without Pity 2/27/05 "I Woke Up And One Of Us Was Crying" 

Always Reality Television 2/27/05 AI4 Recap: Elvis Impersonations And Hats

The Decatur Daily 2/27/05 Somerville holding its breath 2/27/05 Starting 'Idol' on high note

Staten Island Advance 2/27/05 4 down, 19 to go till we find the next 'Idol'

WECT 2/27/05 Wilmington's Idol comes home

Digital Spy 2/27/05 Seacrest uncomfortable with 'Idol' eliminations

The Southern 2/27/05 Harrisburg Singer Builds Audience Through Spot On 'American Idol'

Beavers On Idol 2/26/05 What Makes a Fan a Fan? 2/26/05 - The odds makers are at odds it would seem. Well….sorta

WECT 2/26/05 Wilmington's Idol returning home

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/26/05 Columbus on 1st 'Idol's tour

Star Tribune 2/26/05 'Idol' worship

St Martin Daily Herald 2/25/05 Former Miss Statia Nadia Turner competes for American Idol 2005

News Gazette 2/25/05 Ousted 'Idol' contestant still plans to chase dream

Hanford Sentinel 2/25/05 Melinda Lira: 'I will carry on'

MTV 2/25/05 'Idol' Controversy Starts Early As Singers Argue Over Screen Time

Morning Call 2/25/05 Bucks singer moves up to the next 'Idol' round

NMC 2/25/05 Kelly Clarkson Announces New Tour

Randall the Vandal 2/25/05 Results In! Seacrest Out!

Reality TV Calendar 2/25/05 Cool To Be Cruel? The FOX Response

Birmingham News 2/25/05 'Idol's' Bice Guy

Honolulu Star-Bulletin 2/25/05 Man on a mission

Charlotte Observer 2/25/05 Mather says `Idol' experience `amazing'

MTV 2/25/05 First Four Eliminated 'American Idol' Semifinalists Share Parting Words

The Hilltop 2/25/05 Fantasia Not so Fantastic: Album Sales Less Than Other Idols

RealityShack 2/25/05 Permission To Humiliate - American Idol Commentary

Dallas Morning News 2/25/05 'Idol' index

Free Lance-Star 2/25/05 'American Idol' is way overdone now

NY Daily News 2/25/05 'Idol' fans abuzz over 'cruel' cuts

Foxes On Idol 2/25/05 American Idol 4: Why Sarah Lost

Foxes On Idol 2/25/05 American Idol 4: Why Judd Lost

Reality TV Calendar 2/25/05 Was Melinda Right?

Zap2It 2/24/05 Oddmakers Make Underwood Early 'Idol' Favorite 2/24/05 'American Idol' week 1 a bummer for many

Extra 2/24/05 The Maynard Triplets: Could it be Magic?

Foxes On Idol 2/24/05 American Idol 4: Why Jared Lost

Orwell Project 2/24/05 America Send Four Hopefuls Home – American Idol 4 Recap – Episode 13

Reality TV World 2/24/05 'American Idol 4' eliminates its first four semifinalists

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/05 When Did It Become Cool To Be Cruel?

Foxes On Idol 2/24/05 American Idol 4: Why Melinda Lost

Arkansas Traveler 2/24/05 "American Idol" boasts Oklahoma native

Foxes On Idol 2/24/05 American Idol 4: In the Name of Good Television

Wireless Flash News Service 2/24/05 Nikki McKibbin's Son The Real Factor Behind `Fear Factor' Appearance

Reality Shack 2/24/05 Elimination Night - American Idol 4 - 2/23/05

Reality News Online 2/24/05 American Idol, February 23: Four on the Floor

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/05 Four Go Home, 20 Remain: Episode 13 Recap

ET Online 2/24/05 The 'American Idol' Aftermath 2/24/05 First 4 to go and He said, She said, they weren’t too happy

TVRules 2/24/05 American Idol Results Summary 2/23/05 2/24/05 Bucks contestant keeps on singing

Tennessean 2/24/05 Kimberley's love life is no longer idol

MSNBC 2/24/05 Melinda? Was she on ‘Idol’?

WCNC 2/24/05 Providence grad eliminated on 'Idol'

Metro 2/24/05 Votes eliminate 4

Plain Dealer 2/24/05 'Idol' fans vote to keep Shaker Heights native

Charlotte Observer 2/24/05 Viewers cut Providence grad on `Idol'

Orlando Sentinel 2/24/05 Randy Jackson's advice to young entertainers

AJC 2/24/05 'American Idol' hopeful stays to sing another day

Daily Progress 2/24/05 Student dodges 'Idol' criticism

Potomac News 2/24/05 Tucker passes on to next round on 'Idol'

Chicago Tribune 2/24/05 Back to Danville for `Idol' hopeful

News Press 2/24/05 ‘Baby V’ still going in ‘Idol’

Zap2It 2/23/05 First Cut Is the Deepest for Four 'Idol' Losers

JokersUpdates 2/23/05 American Idol : The Results. Here's A Big Round of Applause for Your Humiliation

TV Rules 2/23/05 American Idol: Who's In Who's Out 2/23/05

Rolling Stone 2/23/05 Kelly Clarkson Breaks Out

Zap2It 2/23/05 'CSI' and 'Idol' Battle for Weekly Ratings Split

Penn Live 2/23/05 The end of 'Idol' dreams

Post Dispatch 2/23/05 St. Louisans survive viewers' first vote 2/23/05 American Idol girls: Some classy, some tacky

Hammond Daily Star 2/23/05 Ponchatoula shows its support for "American Idol" candidate

Post-Dispatch 2/23/05 Aloha Mischeaux belts one out, dazzles the judges 2/23/05 American Idol boys: Many lame ducks

Reality TV Talk 2/23/05 American Idol 4 Roundtable Discussion –Semi-Finals – The Ladies!

Reality TV Talk 2/23/05 American Idol 3 Roundtable Discussion - Semi-finals - The Men!

TVRules 2/23/05 American Idol: Jonathan's Take On The Top Twelve Women 2/22/05

JokersUpdates 2/23/05 American Idol: It's Ladies' Night. I'll Probably be Sorry

JokersUpdates 2/23/05 American Idol: Finally they Sing! Paula Steals a Line

Orwell Project 2/23/05 Idol Girls Step onstage – American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 12

Beavers On Idol 2/23/05 It's Ladies Night: Oh What a Night, or, How the AI4 Ladies Got Their Groove Back

The Trades 2/23/05 American Idol 4 - Women's Auditions Week 1

Reality Shack 2/23/05 Tuesday Is Ladies Night - American Idol, 02-22-05

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/05 The RTVC Staff Predicts Who Is Going Home

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/05 The Final 12 Girls Perform: Recap by Jillian Kuras 2/23/05 - 12 Girls belt it out. He Said, She Said, Check it out 2/23/05 - The Antidote To Karaoke Hell?

Foxes on Idol 2/23/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, February 22

Metro 2/23/05 Ladies’ night

St. Petersburg Times 2/23/05 Tampa singer gets her 'Idol' time

Daily Phoenix 2/23/05 'Idol' rocks local fans

North County Times 2/23/05 'Idol' Winner Clarkson Going on Tour

Star Telegram 2/23/05 Local singer gets mixed reviews on 'Idol'

WECT 2/23/05 Wilmington cheers; judges pan local Idol contestant

Miami Herald 2/23/05 From auditions to rehearsals, it all adds up for local talent

Curlio 2/23/05 American Idol girls better than the boys

Express Times 2/23/05 The end of 'Idol' dreams

Toronto Star 2/23/05 Idol kids have feats of clay

Malaysia Star 2/23/05 American Idol contestants down to 24

USA Today 2/23/05 'Idol' ladies get funky

MSNBC 2/23/05 Ladies liven things up on ‘Idol’

Zap2It 2/23/05 Say 'Aloha' to the 'Idol' Women

Mobile Register 2/23/05 'Idol': Nice to Bice

News Record 2/23/05 'Idol' days may not be done

Reality News Online 2/23/05 American Idol 4, February 22: Hits and the Misses

Randall the Vandal 2/23/05 No Way I'm Calling This Where The Boys Aren't

USA Today 2/23/05 'Idol' ladies get funky

Beavers On Idol 2/23/05 Will "The Pride of Canada" Get a Shot at Performing on American Idol 4?

Fans of Reality TV 2/22/05 Yes, It's Ladies' Night...But Is The Singin' Right?

Tampa Tribune 2/22/05 Tampa Teen Ready To Face The Music On `Idol' Finals 2/22/05  2.22.05 Ladies' Turn

Idol Media 2/22/05 Top 12 Girls Performance Review 2/22/05 Providence grad has uneven 'Idol' debut

TVRules 2/22/05 American Idol-Top Twelve Girls Performance Summary 2/22/2005 2/22/05 Justin Guarini goes to Congress

Metro 2/22/05 Most Idol hopefuls' performances disappoint

Live Daily 2/22/05 Kelly Clarkson mounts inaugural headlining tour

Review Journal 2/22/05 Las Vegans enter final round of 'American Idol' tonight

MSNBC 2/22/05 Let’s hear it for the boys

Extra 2/22/05 Simon Sets the Record Straight 2/22/05 KOCH Records to Release New Album by American Idol Alumnus Jim Verraros on 4/26/05

Orwell Project 2/22/05 Idol Guys Rock America – American Idol 4: Episode 12

Beavers On Idol 2/22/05 Top 24 Guys' Night: Where Is the Love... and the Wow?

Beavers On Idol 2/22/05 Hollywood Retrospective: Top 24

The Trades 2/22/05 American Idol 4 - Men's Auditions Week 1 2/22/05 2.21.05 Guys Up First

Foxes On Idol 2/22/05 A ‘Shocking’ Idol Prediction

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/05 The Top 12 Boys Perform: Recap and Analysis

News OK 2/22/05 Checotah native to sing on 'American Idol' today

NY Daily News 2/22/05 'Idol' women include seasoned singers

Access Hollywood 2/22/05 'Idol' Shows Off Girl Power 2/22/05 Top 12 Guys Commentary

Foxes On Idol 2/22/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, February 21 2/22/05 American Idol 4: Best Field Of Men Yet

Reality News Online 2/22/05 American Idol 4, February 21: The Curse of Stevie Wonder

Randall the Vandal 2/22/05 Where The Girls Aren't

ET Online 2/22/05 'Idol''s 12 Guys Give It Their All 2/22/05 Local 'Idol' plays it safe

Star Telegram 2/22/05 Local woman's eye on 'Idol' prize

Potomac News 2/22/05 Manassas man performs on 'American Idol'

Post Dispatch 2/22/05 Smith's performance gets mixed reviews

WCNC 2/22/05 Providence grad flavors 'Idol' today

USA Today 2/22/05 Boy-ous 'Idol' noise

Celebrity Spider 2/21/05 Cowell Refuses to Listen to Anonymous Music

Zap2It 2/21/05 'American Idol' Day One: Of Bice and Men

Reality Shack 2/21/05 Change Is Good - American Idol, 02-21-05

Fans of Reality TV 2/21/05 Let's Hear It For The Boys

TVRules 2/21/05 American Idol-Top Twelve Guys Performance Summary 2/21/2005

Sign on San Diego 2/21/05 Surprise! Clarkson does pop-idol role justice

Plain Dealer 2/21/05 Shaker grad chasing 'American Idol' dream

Journal Now 2/21/05 Another Tarheel is doing well on 'American Idol'

Wireless Flash News Service 2/21/05 Tears for Fears: 'American Idol' Contestants Under Pressure

Foxes On Idol 2/21/05 Idol Thoughts, February 21: American Idol Syndrome - What Every Idol Fan Should Know

Knox News 2/21/05 Local singer glad to be free of 'Idol'

TVRules 2/21/05 American Idol: Top 20 Perform (10 on 2/28 10 on 3/1) Results Show (3/2)

Mobile Register 2/21/05 Alabama voice on 'Idol'

Television Without Pity 2/21/05 Knock It Off (The Box)

WCNC 2/21/05 'American Idol' a dream for local grad

Tahlequah Daily Press 2/21/05 NSU to host watch party for Underwood

Post Dispatch 2/20/05 St. Louisans find success singing on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 2/20/05 This time, it's serious

North Jersey 2/20/05 He's not singing the blues after 'Idol' 2/20/05 Making his way to 'Idol' break

NWA News 2/20/05 Bella Vista man happy to make top 100 on ‘American Idol’

News Leader 2/20/05 'American Idol' fulfilling for natives

WCNC 2/19/05 Wait lasted forever for 'Idol' finalist

TVRules 2/19/05 American Idol: Top 12 Female Singers, Recap With Photos

TVRules 2/19/05 American Idol: Top 12 Male Singers, Recap With Photos

Anchorage Daily News 2/19/05 Anchorage teen goes almost all the way on 'American Idol' 2/19/05 15 minutes with Diana DeGarmo

Newsday 2/19/05 Doing show was 'neat, not fun'

Manila Bulletin 2/19/05 Constantine Maroulis: The next ‘American Idol?’

Newsday 2/19/05 Long Islander makes 'American Idol' semis

Black Voice 2/19/05 Fantasia’s “Baby Mama” drama

Always Reality Television 2/18/05 AI4 Recap 2/16 - Sweet Date with the Semifinals

Birmingham News 2/18/05 Who knows Bo? Lots to learn about 'Idol' finalist

MTV 2/18/05 Your Next American Idol Is ... Barbie? 2/18/05 End of the road at 'AI' for Sharon Galvez

Market Wire 2/18/05 KOCH Records to Release New Album by American Idol Alumnus Jim Verraros

TVRules 2/18/05 FOX Releases Names and Bios Of American Idol 4 Contestants 2/18/05 - A few tips for the top 24; or how to get to the top 12 and beyond

Reality TV Calendar 2/18/05 The Final 24 Are Revealed

Plain Dealer 2/18/05 Shaker singer makes next 'Idol' round

MTV 2/18/05 'Idol' Fans Notice Paula's Finally Tellin' It Straight Up

Dallas Morning News 2/18/05 'Idol' finalist a local

The Oregonian 2/18/05 'American Idol' takes an agonizing turn

Potomac News 2/18/05 Osbourn Park grad still on American Idol

Beacon Journal 2/18/05 Idol' semifinalist feels worthy

Express Times 2/18/05 Church singers dominating 'American Idol'

ET Online 2/18/05 Get to Know 'Idol''s Final 24!

The View Factor 2/18/05 American Idol - The Art of Rejection Acceptance

Daily Bulletin 2/17/05 "Idol" cuts Ontario singer 2/17/05 Fedorov representing Bucks as 'Idol' finalist

Beacon Journal 2/17/05 'American Idol' picks 24 semifinalists

AJC 2/17/05 2 'Idols' claim other towns

News-Press 2/17/05 Local singer makes finals

The Star 2/17/05 The Dawg’s guide to success

News Record 2/17/05 'Idol' odyssey ends 2/17/05 Bay City keeping its Faith - Gatewood out on 'American Idol'

Stockton Record 2/17/05 Idol chatter

ArriveNet 2/17/05 'American Idol(TM)' Winner Fantasia Offers First-Hand Tips for Latest Breakout Star

Mustang News 2/17/05 'Idol' time: Mustang teen pursues dream

Charlotte Observer 2/17/05 A look at the 24 finalists

Contact Music 2/17/05 Kid Rock Blasts Talentless American Idol

Penn Live 2/17/05 Area 'Idol' hopeful loses out

WJLA 2/17/05 Manassas Man Among 24 'American Idol' Semifinalists

Star Tribune 2/17/05 Gillette man out of running for American Idol

The Star 2/17/05 Paula looks to the future

Access Hollywood 2/17/05 'Idol' Picks 24 Finalists

E!Online 2/17/05 New "Idol" Group: Tried, Tested

Zap2It 2/17/05 Meet the Prettier, Older 'Idol' Top 24

Randall the Vandal 2/17/05 No Singing No Dancing All Talking

Reality Shack 2/17/05 Who Is To Blame? - American Idol

Reality TV World 2/17/05 'American Idol 4' wraps auditions, reveals its 24 semifinalists

The Trades 2/17/05 American Idol 4 - The Top 24 2/17/05 The 24 Finalists Are At Last Chosen on "American Idol"

Entertainment Weekly 2/17/05 8 Simple Rules

Hollywood Reporter 2/17/05 Fox, 'Idol' overpowering again in Wednesday race

Reality Shack 2/17/05 American Idol Final 24! - 2/16/05

Fans Of Reality TV 2/17/05 American Idol 2/15: We're Almost There... 2/17/05 It was D-Day for all 44 contestants. Dooms Day or Destiny 24 Day. Who D’d right

JokersUpdates 2/17/05 American Idol Week Five : The Odds Aren't Good. Still, I Watch

Foxes On Idol 2/17/05 What 'American Idol 4' Contestants Need to Know

Beacon Journal 2/17/05 Shaker Heights man makes cut on `Idol'

Contact Music 2/17/05 Cowell Wants To Quit Los Angeles

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 2/17/05 Checotah 'Idol' singer makes it into final 24

AJC 2/17/05 Local contestant's fate now rests with viewers

MSNBC 2/17/05 Not much of a shock

Kansas City Star 2/17/05 Not an ‘Idol,' but she's not giving up

NMC 2/17/05 Fantasia Chicago In-Store 2/17/05 Few surprises in American Idol's top 24

Charlotte Observer 2/17/05 Providence grad makes 'Idol' finals

Express Times 2/17/05 Area 'Idol' hopeful loses out

News Record 2/17/05 Nash, out: City's ousted Idol wannabe keeps poise

Wilmington Morning Star 2/17/05 'Idol' run ends for Greensboro woman; Wilmington singer remains

Rapid City Journal 2/17/05 Idol' hopeful cut from final round

USA Today 2/17/05 12 vs. 12 on 'Idol'

ET Online 2/17/05 'Idol''s Final 24!

Ananova 2/17/05 Simon prefers Paula over Sharon

Reality News Online 2/17/05 American Idol 4, February 16: Where The Nitty Meets The Gritty

TVRules 2/16/05 American Idol: 2/16 Summary-Meet Your Official Twenty Four!

Idol Media 2/16/05 Episode 10 recap 

Idol Media 2/16/05 Episode 9 recap

Foxes On Idol 2/16/05 American Idol 4: The Top 24, and Before

Philippine News Online 2/16/05 Jasmine shines at Hawaii Pro Bowl 2/16/05 Gordie Bouler Makes It Far In American Idol Competition

Extra 2/16/05 Transforming the Triplets: Raise Your Voice

Orwell Project 2/16/05 Forty-four Semifinalists Remain - American Idol 4: Episode 9

TVRules 2/16/05 American Idol's Kimberley Locke Gets Engaged

TVRules 2/16/05 American Idol: The Final 44 Chosen

The Trades 2/16/05 American Idol 4 - Hollywood Week 2 - Episode 3

Reality TV Calendar 2/16/05 Good Rooms and Bad Rooms: Episode 9 Recap

Reality Shack 2/16/05 Nail-Biting Tension - American Idol, 02-15-05 2/16/05 - From 100,000 down to 44; The Happy, the Sad, the Whiners and Moaners; Act 2

NMC 2/16/05 106 & Park's Got Fantasia and Ja Rule

Curlio 2/16/05 American Idol down to 44

News Record 2/16/05 J. Paul still alive in auditions 2/16/05 Teen makes 'Idol' cut 2/16/05 Greensboro woman advances on American Idol

WCNC 2/16/05 North Carolina native among finalists on 'American Idol'

Contact Music 2/16/05 American Idol Scandal As Contestant Lies About Her Past

AJC 2/16/05 Lawrenceville's Castine, 17, still in running on 'Idol'

USA Today 2/16/05 'Idol' sorts out field

KHON2 2/16/05 Hawaii's American Idol fans wait to see the Maui girl

Arizona Republic 2/16/05 'Survivor,' 'Idol' return with fresh predictability

Jerusalem Post 2/16/05 'American Idol' star proves herself again

Reality News Online 2/16/05 American Idol 4, February 15: Four Rooms

Randall the Vandal 2/16/05 Hot Mama Knocked It Out Of The Box

Foxes On Idol 2/16/05 Kelly Clarkson's 'Behind Hazel Eyes' DVD Coming in March

MSNBC 2/15/05 Kill the suspense

TVRules 2/15/05 American Idol 4: Last Chance to Shine! 2/15 Summary

Honolulu Advertiser 2/15/05 On stage or off, Clay Aiken is an idol

TVRules 2/15/05 American Idol's Kimberley Locke Hosts Get Schooled 2005

Jam! 2/15/05 'American Idol' hits No. 1 in ratings

Extra 2/15/05 'American Idol' Kimberley Locke to Wed High-School Sweetheart

Reality TV World 2/15/05 'American Idol 2' finalist Kimberley Locke gets engaged

Foxes On Idol 2/15/05 American Idol: Leroy Wells – In Trouble Again

Beavers On Idol 2/15/05 Grammy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

Idol Media 2/15/05 Episode 8 recap

Times Record 2/15/05 Area Woman Charms Cowell

WCNC 2/15/05 Clay Aiken goes from 'Idol' to cafeteria worker

Orwell Project 2/15/05 Day 2 of the Hollywood Semi-Finals - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 8

Always Reality Television 2/15/05 AI4 Recap 2/9 - Triple Trouble

Star-Bulletin 2/15/05 Jasmine’s back, and she’s taking wing

London Free Press 2/15/05 American Idol coming to JLC

Manila Times 2/15/05 Next ‘Idol’?

Buffalo News 2/15/05 'Idol' remains strong draw locally

Digital Spy 2/15/05 'American Idol' judge appears on US soap

Palm Beach Post 2/15/05 The American Idol Boot Camp

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/15/05 If you could hear him now on 'American Idol'

News-Press 2/15/05 Local contestant gives 'American Idol' big boost

Pacific Business News 2/15/05 Jasmine Trias hopes to be hot at the Hut

PR Newswire 2/15/05 American Idol Star Kimberley Locke to Wed

USA Today 2/15/05 The 'House' that 'Idol' built

Miami Herald 2/14/05 Kimberley Locke of 'American Idol' engaged

KHON2 2/14/05 American Idols entertain Hawaii crowds 2/14/05 Jasmine Trias Releases CD Single

Reality TV Calendar 2/14/05 Clay Aiken Sings on Scrubs, Appears on Kimmel

TVRules 2/14/05 American Idol: Recap-Who Is Still In Hollywood?! And...Who Might Be?

Fresno Bee 2/14/05 Hanford resident holds own on 'American Idol'

Malaysia Star 2/14/05 No fuss Clarkson

Massillon Independent 2/14/05 Massillon’s ‘Idol’ stays positive

Foxes On Idol 2/14/05 Idol Thoughts, February 14: Keeping an Open Mind

Beavers On Idol 2/13/05 Hollywood Retrospective: Two Episodes 2/13/05 From Burlington to 'Idol'

Bella Online 2/13/05 American Idol 4: Gossip and Updates

Television Without Pity 2/13/05 "So What Are You Doing Here?"

Reality TV World 2/13/05 'American Idol 2's Clay Aiken to guest star on NBC's 'Scrubs'

MTV 2/13/05 Fantasia The Star Of Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Party

Tribune-Review 2/13/05 Clay Aiken to appear on 'Scrubs'

Reality TV Calendar 2/12/05 Is It Better or Worse?

Always Reality Television 2/12/05 AI4 Recap - Simon, The Heartbreaker

KHON2 2/12/05 Hawaii concert and record deal for Camile Velasco

Star Telegram 2/12/05 'Idol' doesn't hold much reality for Watauga teen

Teen Music 2/11/05 Kelly Clarkson: Behind Hazel Eyes 2/11/05 Measure Of A Meatloaf: Clay Aiken Works Cafeteria On 'Scrubs'

BP News 2/11/05 Nixed from ‘American Idol,’ worship leader sees ‘perfect plan’

NMC 2/11/05 Clarkson Heads To Saturday Night Live

Bay City Times 2/11/05 Bay City native chasing dream on 'Idol' show

Media Life 2/11/05 Ever-so-hot 'Idol' is chilling with teens

Greeley Tribune 2/11/05 Kelly Clarkson to perform at July 4 show

Orwell Project 2/11/05 Hollywood Idol Semi-Finals Kickoff - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 7

Beavers On Idol 2/11/05 Clay Aiken: Challenges, Issues and Myths

Greeley Tribune 2/11/05 Josh Gracin to perform on Stampede Free Stage

News Leader 2/11/05 Evangel grad cut in 'Idol' second round

Charlotte Observer 2/11/05 Fantasia heats up the Big Chill

Digital Spy 2/11/05 'Overweight Jessica Simpsons' receive makeover

Times Dispatch 2/11/05 Johnson out on 'American Idol' 2/11/05 Coca Cola, Ford back on 'American Idol'

Reality Shack 2/11/05 American Idol 4 - The Story So Far...

Daily Record 2/11/05 Local ‘American Idol’ hopeful out of the running

Fans of Reality TV 2/10/05 Baby, Baby...Where Did Those Lyrics Go?

Rugged Elegance 2/10/05 American Idol IV Auditions Begin In Hollywood: 48 Survive Day One of Boot Camp

Gillette News Record 2/10/05 'American Idol' hopeful hangs on in Hollywood

AJC 2/10/05 Teenage 'Idol' hopeful advances

Daily American Republic 2/10/05 Jackson native takes shot at 'Idol' stardom

Allentown Morning Call 2/10/05 Suspense at high pitch for Allentown 'Idol' 2/10/05 Just an 'Idol' glimpse of Bucks contestant

Nevada Appeal 2/10/05 Firefighter's daughter makes it through lightning round of TV's 'American Idol'

Ledger-Enquirer 2/10/05 American Idol contestant in jail again

Zap2It 2/10/05 'Idol' Reject Wells Jailed Again

Entertainment Weekly 2/10/05 Vocal Points

Randall the Vandal 2/10/05 All Horrible Things Come In Three

Reality TV Calendar 2/10/05 The Hollywood Shuffle Continues: Episode 8 Recap

Reality Shack 2/10/05 "Shambolic" – American Idol, 02-09-05

Reality News Online 2/10/05 American Idol 4, February 9: Group Dynamics and Other Odious Beasts

Foxes On Idol 2/10/05 Freeing Fantasia!

The Trades 2/10/05 American Idol 4 - Hollywood Week 1 - Episode 2

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 2/10/05 Checotah singer makes it past 'Idol' judges again

Access North Georgia 2/10/05 Gwinnett County girl stays in American Idol competition

Mobile Register 2/10/05 'American Idol' hopeful in jail again

MSNBC 2/10/05 Hollywood drama, ‘American Idol’ style

Morning Herald 2/10/05 Snyder comes up short in 'American Idol' try

Southeast Missourian 2/10/05 Jackson native takes shot at 'Idol' stardom 2/10/05 Second day in Hollywood proves challenging for American Idol

USA Today 2/10/05 'Idol' hopefuls drift

Herald-Record 2/10/05 Twins may be 'Idols' no more, but they're stars in the making

MTV 2/9/05 Jon Peter Lewis' Only Use For Pens Is Writing Songs

TVRules 2/9/05 American Idol: 2/9/05 Summary-- Group Singing Time!

Fans of Reality TV 2/9/05 Hooray for Hollywood

Contact Music 2/9/05 Cowell: 'American Idol Will End Alicia Keys' Career'

Contact Music 2/9/05 Abdul Would Never Have Sung For Cowell

Reality TV World 2/9/05 Fantasia Barrino's sales falling short of previous 'American Idol' winners

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 2/9/05 Checotah-native 'Idol' advances again on reality show

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/9/05 One local 'Idol' contestant out, but duo headed for 'Amazing Race'

Beavers On Idol 2/9/05 Auditions Retrospective: Last Three Cities 2/9/05 - Fans Will Get Exclusive Access to Kelly This Spring in Her DVD 'Kelly Clarkson: Behind Hazel Eyes' 2/9/05 Anticipation at Fever Pitch for 'Breakaway', Second Album from Kelly Clarkson

Reality Shack 2/9/05 Hooray for Hollywood! - American Idol 4, 2/8/05

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/05 Welcome To Hollywood! Episode 7 Recap

Randall the Vandal 2/9/05 Ain't No Song Bad Enough

Reality TV Hall of Fame 2/9/05 The Winner's Circle: American Idol 2's Velvet Teddy Bear, Ruben Studdard

KHON2 2/9/05 Clay Aiken concert to raise money for good cause

USA Today 2/9/05 'Idol' culls the herd

NMC 2/9/05 Fantasia Sings at Celebration of Gospel

Digital Spy 2/9/05 Seacrest: Cowell is "arrogant, pompous"

Metro 2/9/05 'Boot camp' tests hopefuls

Newark Advocate 2/9/05 Nerves thwart teen's 'Idol' run

Marietta Times 2/9/05 Local 'American Idol' contestant cut by judges

CNN 2/9/05 Seacrest calls 'Idol's' Simon 'arrogant, pompous'

WECT 2/9/05 Wilmington resident makes the cut on "Idol" 2/9/05 Lee High grad disappointed after 'Idol,' but looking ahead

Herald-Record 2/9/05 Last Molfetta 'chokes,' voted off 'Idol' show

MSNBC 2/9/05 Singers win out over stories on ‘Idol’ 2/9/05 After two days in Hollywood, 97 remain on American Idol

The Trades 2/9/05 American Idol 4 - Hollywood Week 1 - Episode 1 2/9/05 - Round 1: Hollywood Good news bad news

JokersUpdates 2/9/05 American Idol Week Four: It's All About the Numbers. Paula Doesn't Quit

Reality News Online 2/9/05 American Idol 4, February 8: Dreams Can Come True... Nightmares Too

Hartford Courant 2/8/05 Home in Hollywood, 'American Idol' should start to sing

TVRules 2/8/05 American Idol: 2/8/2005 Summary Hollywood (Day 1/2)

Rolling Stone 2/8/05 "Idol" CD Sales Down

Extra 2/8/05 You're Going to Hollywood Anyway!

Nevada Appeal 2/8/05 Fire captain's daughter earns spot on 'American Idol'

Maui News 2/8/05 Another Maui ’Idol’ finalist?

TVRules 2/8/05 American Idol: The Final 24 Begin Performances February 21

TVRules 2/8/05 American Idol Top 24 To Be Revealed February 16 2/8/05 - Have we seen the best or is the best yet to come? A look at the auditions

Foxes on Idol 2/8/05 American Idol: Fair to the Molfettas?

CNN 2/8/05 Seacrest continues to cruise

Portsmouth Herald News 2/8/05 How some 'Idols' are managing their brands

TVRules 2/8/05 American Idol: Tickets To Hollywood Recap

Foxes On Idol 2/8/05 American Idol 4: Eye On Hollywood!

Business Wire 2/8/05 Fantasia Trades 'Idol' Worship for Critical Praise - as Debut Album Free Yourself Earns RIAA Platinum

Plain Dealer 2/8/05 A blow struck for silence in 'Idol's' din

Palm Beach Post 2/8/05 The 'American Idol' Boot Camp

Times Dispatch 2/8/05 Local 'Idol' nears decision

BP News 2/7/05 Worship leader's next round on 'American Idol' airs this week

Contact Music 2/7/05 Cowell Slams DeGarmo

MegaStar 2/7/05 Simon's pop punt

Coshocton Tribune 2/7/05 Thornville 'Idol' auditioner going to Hollywood

Foxes On Idol 2/7/05 Idol Thoughts, February 7: Image and Idol - An Overview

Foxes On Idol 2/7/05 American Idol 4, The Christopher Noll Affair: Big Deal?

Contact Music 2/6/05 Cowell's Fellow Judges Fear For Their Lives

Always Reality Television 2/6/05 Dude Sounds Like A Lady

Casper Star Tribune 2/6/05 Gillette man's audition to air on American Idol Wednesday

Television Without Pity 2/5/05 Mentally Ill Is The New Hilarious, Part III

Beavers On Idol 2/5/05 An Open Letter to Simon Cowell

Idol Media 2/5/05 Top 10s from the audition

Winston-Salem Journal 2/5/05 An Idol Pays a Call

VH1 2/5/05 Simon Cowell Tempts Fate — Again — With $50K Bet

WCNC 2/5/05 Fantasia hopes song speaks to unwed teen mothers

Jam! 2/5/05 What's up with Paula?

Pacific Business News 2/4/05 Pro Bowl features Ho, Trias

Reality TV World 2/4/05 'American Idol' producers fooled by comic Chris Wylde

Charlotte Observer 2/4/05 Queen City pays homage to N.C. 'Idol'

Buffalo News 2/4/05 Stevens' star power still shines

Star-Bulletin 2/4/05 Maui deejay makes first ‘Idol’ cut

Texarkana Gazette 2/4/05 Times 2 twins looking forward to 'American Idol'

Marietta Times 2/4/05 Local 'Idol' contestant responds to past allegations

Contact Music 2/4/05 Cowell Blasts American Idol Winners

KGET 2/4/05 Clay Aiken Helps Promote Raleigh, North Carolina

KHON2 2/4/05 Maui girl Hawaii's newest American Idol hopeful

Reality Shack 2/4/05 Udders and More - American Idol 4 - 2/2/05

News 14 2/4/05 City leaders honor Fantasia

The Ironton Tribune 2/3/05 Local singer advanced on 'American Idol'

Knox News 2/3/05 Cowell says many 'Idol' contestants are 'insincere'

Entertainment Weekly 2/3/05 Wylde On

Reuters 2/3/05 Audiences Vote for 'Idol' Over Bush

WCNC 2/3/05 Charlotte city leaders honor 'American Idol' winner

Access Hollywood 2/3/05 The Undiscovered Pasts Of 'Idol' Rejects

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/05 Not Too Many San Francisco Treats

Reality Shack 2/3/05 Behind The Scenes at American Idol

JokersUpdates 2/3/05 American Idol Week Three : Denial is Bliss. I'll Be Busy

Always Reality Television 2/3/05 AI4 Recap - Paula Goes Postal

Reality TV World 2/3/05 'American Idol' producers boosting security for judges

The State 2/3/05 Barrino’s mantra: Hard work, hugs and hope

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/05 San Francisco - 32 Make The Show: Episode 6 Recap

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/05 They Gave Us A Ringer!

Orwell Project 2/3/05 Cleveland & Orlando Send 46 Songsters to Hollywood - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 5

TVRules 2/3/05 American Idol: 2/2/2005 Summary-San Francisco!

Metro 2/3/05 Auditions agonize

MSNBC 2/3/05 Auditions make ‘Idol’ a joke

KHON2 2/3/05 Maui woman makes American Idol cut

Curlio 2/3/05 American Idol ends auditions on a high note

Times Recorder 2/3/05 Recent Sheridan grad appears on 'American Idol'

Herald-Record 2/3/05 JP Molfetta knocked out of "American Idol"

Contact Music 2/3/05 Abdul Makes Wild Kylie Claim

Entertainment Weekly 2/3/05 Huggy Bear

NMC 2/3/05 Fantasia To Soul Train Awards

Ananova 2/3/05 Cowell shows he's nasty even without cameras

Reality News Online 2/3/05 American Idol 4, February 2: Udderly Ridiculous in San Francisco

Foxes On Idol 2/3/05 Idol Chartwatch, February 3: Rise Up

TVRules 2/2/05 American Idol 2/1/2005 Summary-Cleveland/Orlando

Idol Media 2/2/05 Episode 6 recaps from San Francisco

SheKnows 2/2/05 Round 1: Cleveland and Orlando

The Trades 2/2/05 American Idol 4 - Audition Week 3, Episode 5

Billings Gazette 2/2/05 Gillette man's American Idol audition to air tonight

Cincinnati Enquirer 2/2/05 Four in our area advance to next 'American Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/05 Cleveland 31 - Orlando 15: Episode 5 Recap

Reality Shack 2/2/05 From Desmond to Vonzell - American Idol, 02-01-05

Reality News Online 2/2/05 American Idol 4, February 1: Expect The Unexpected

IndeOnline 2/2/05 Local ‘Idol’ entry moves on

Decatur Daily 2/2/05 Students give 'Idol' concept mixed reviews

News Journal 2/2/05 Senior Grad Misses 'Idol' Spot

Metro 2/2/05 Finally, talent dominates

Guardian 2/2/05 Talent spotting ... the making of a modern media mogul

Contact Music 2/2/05 Abdul and Cowell Get Protection

Beacon Journal 2/2/05 `American Idol' is nice to Cleveland

Plain Dealer 2/2/05 Cleveland comes out singing at 'American Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 2/1/05 Idol Chatter

Fans of Reality TV 2/1/05 Blue Hair, "White Boys", and LL Cool J...Oh My!

Idol Media 2/1/05 Episode 5 recaps from Cleveland and Orlando

SheKnows 2/1/05 American Idol: Vegas baby!

Extra 2/1/05 'Idol' Insider: Audition Fever

Beavers On Idol 2/1/05 Simon Says 'Clay... biggest-selling Idol artist ever': the Devil Gets Frostbite

Orlando Sentinel 2/1/05 Keep your eye on 2 Orlando singers on tonight's 'Idol'

News 14 2/1/05 Aiken promotes downtown Raleigh in video

Foxes On Idol 2/1/05 Kelly Clarkson - Now That's Singing!

MTV 1/31/05 'Idol' Producer Calls Past Use Of Guest Judges 'Unfair'

Contact Music 1/31/05 Abdul Eyes Career As A Sitcom Star

Times Union 1/31/05 NorthWood Grad On ‘American Idol’

Newsday 1/31/05 Idols who would never have made it

Detroit News 1/31/05 Abdul looks to restart singing career

Jam! 1/31/05 From the mail room to the executive suite - Simon Cowell sits centre stage

Jam! 1/31/05 Randy Jackson's road to stardom only recently paved with the help of TV

Foxes On Idol 1/31/05 Idol Chartwatch, January 31: A Winners' Week

Foxes On Idol 1/31/05 Idol Thoughts, January 31: When They Were Good, They Were Very, Very Good

Montgomery Advertiser 1/30/05 Lucky few listen to singing 'Idol'

Dawgnet 1/31/05 'Breakaway' enchants

Salt Lake Tribune 1/31/05 TV: Idol sings the competition away

Always Reality Television 1/27/05 - AI4 Recap 1/25 - 101 Ways To Get Simon Crunk

Beavers On Idol 1/30/05 Auditions Retrospective: First Four Cities

Boston Globe 1/30/05 'Idol' chatter

Foxes On Idol 1/30/05 "Nothing to Lose" and a Lot to Gain: A Review of Josh Gracin's Self-Titled Debut

Television Without Pity 1/30/05 Mentally Ill Is The New Hilarious, Part II

Beavers On Idol 1/30/05 Holy Smoke! Clay Aiken Fans Exposed!

Post-Dispatch 1/30/05 Hegger auditions in ‘idol' hot seat

NY Daily News 1/30/05 Did 'Idol' go too far? - Yes

NY Daily News 1/30/05 Did 'Idol' go too far? - No

New Straits Times 1/29/05 American Idol: Amid the tears and laughter

News-Press 1/29/05 Woman has 'Idol' dreams

Signal Online 1/28/05 Fantasia “Free Yourself” Review

Rugged Elegance 1/28/05 American Idol 4 Leaves Las Vegas with 24 Talents: Kenny Loggins Serves as Guest Judge

The View Factor 1/28/05 Idol Tales & An Interesting Exit Motion -- Can Ya Dig It?

Digital Spy 1/28/05 Simon and Paula kiss and make up

Beavers On Idol 1/28/05 Have They Forgotten Josh Gracin?

Village Voice 1/28/05 Identity Crisis

Times Herald-Record 1/28/05 Idols judge and perform in Newburgh

Rugged Elegance 1/28/05 AI Judges Go To Randy Jackson's Home State: Only 16 Head to Hollywood from New Orleans

Contact Music 1/28/05 Abdul's Waistline Still Shrinking

Times Herald-Record 1/28/05 "American Idol" audition not what it seemed

LaCrosse Tribune 1/28/05 Holmen native takes shot at ‘Idol'

Reality TV World 1/28/05 'American Idol 4' reject Leroy Wells had to watch himself from jail

SheKnows 1/28/05 Round 1: New Orleans

Foxes on Idol 1/28/05 KISSing Judges - Gene Simmons on American Idol

Foxes on Idol 1/28/05 American Idol 4, Breaking News: More Than Meets the Smiling Eyes

Media Life 1/27/05 'Idol' holds its Wednesday audience

The Trades 1/27/05 American Idol 4 -- Audition Week 2, Episode 4

Orwell Project 1/27/05 23 Vegas Songsters Sent to Hollywood - American Idol 4: Episode 4

Digital Spy 1/27/05 Oddball 'American Idol' auditionee arrested

Fairfax Times 1/27/05 Nerves derail 'Idol' attempt

TVRules 1/27/05 American Idol: Las Vegas Auditions Who's In Who's Out

Boston Globe 1/27/05 Fox Has 'Simple' Solution as 'Idol' Rules Wednesday

Contact Music 1/27/05 Abdul Storms Out of American Idol Audition

NMC 1/27/05 Kelly Clarkson Joins Ellen Tomorrow

Zap2It 1/27/05 Incoherent 'Idol' Reject Watched From Jail

Reality Shack 1/27/05 Viva Las Vegas! - American Idol 4, 1/26/05

MSNBC 1/27/05 ‘Idol’ longshots strike it rich in Vegas

Herald-Record 1/27/05 "American Idol" audition not what it seemed

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/05 The Las Vegas Auditions - 23 Make The Show: Episode 4 Recap

Fans Of Reality TV 1/27/05 American Idol 1/26: Viva Las Earplugs!

Entertainment Weekly 1/27/05 Paula Dearest

TVRules 1/27/05 American Idol: 1/26/2005 Summary--Las Vegas!

TVRules 1/27/05 American Idol: New Orleans Who's In Who's Out

Reality News Online 1/27/05 American Idol 4, January 26: The Lights Get Brighter!

Daily Record 1/27/05 We Won't Work With This Jerk

Metro 1/27/05 Sin City reveals eclectic hopefuls

Oregon Daily Emerald 1/27/05 'American Idol' and 'Apprentice' jump into another reality TV round 1/27/05 Cowell attacked on show 1/27/05 In Singapore, Star World's 'American Idol' beats all

The Mirror 1/27/05 Cowell Is Sworn At In US Idol

Daily Evergreen 1/27/05 'Idol'-izing America- once again

NMC 1/26/05 Peas, Clarkson and Keys To Super Bowl

WSFA 1/26/05 American Idol Winner To Perform In Montgomery

Idol Media 1/26/05 Episode 4 recaps from Las Vegas

JokersUpdates 1/26/05 Idol Recap: Week Two

WPMI 1/26/05 American Idol hopeful Leroy Wells watches his performance from the lockup

Digital Spy 1/26/05 Clay Aiken to begin work on third album

Fans of Reality TV 1/26/05 Singin' Time And They're In The Big Easy

Idol Media 1/26/05 Episode 3 recaps from New Orleans

Orwell Project 1/26/05 16 New Orleans Hopefuls Off to Hollywood - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 3

Ralston Recorder 1/26/05 Triple the talent: 'Idol' gives Maynard sisters first taste of fame

Hollywood Reporter 1/26/05 Fox crows as 'Idol' draws 30 mil Tuesday

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/05 New Orleans Auditions: 16 Make The Show - Episode 3 Recap

Reality  Shack 1/26/05 Ladies' Underwear and Red Lipstick - American Idol, 01-25-05

Herald-Record 1/26/05 Local twins appear on American Idol 1/26/05 The re-invented American Idol 1/26/05 American Idol: Bigger, better, louder, crazier!

Metro 1/26/05 Twins, talent rise on Idol

East Carolinian 1/26/05 American Idol is back: full throttle

MSNBC 1/26/05 On ‘Idol,’ image is everything, and nothing 1/26/05 American Idol fails in New Orleans

The Trades 1/26/05 American Idol 4 - Audition Week 2, Episode 3

Reality News Online 1/26/05 American Idol 4, January 25: Crunk and Loathing in New Orleans

Reality TV World 1/25/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' dominates the ratings in its first week return

Slidell Sentry-News 1/25/05 Hometown girl has sight set on Idol

Visalia Times-Delta 1/25/05 Locals cheer return of 'American Idol'

TVRules 1/25/05 American Idol: 1/25/2005 Summary--New Orleans!

Idol Media 1/25/05 Episode 2 recap from January 19th, 2005

Collegiate Times 1/25/05 Behind the scenes of show American Idol

Deseret News 1/25/05 Simon's act is wearing thin on 'American Idol' 1/25/05 Will American Idol Fave Diana DeGarmo Be Beauty and the Beast's Next Belle?

Collegiate Times 1/25/05 American Idol helps launch music career of Tech graduate

Times Picayune 1/25/05 New Orleans 'Idol'

NY Sun 1/25/05 Finding the Tragic Strain of 'American Idol'

Media Guardian 1/25/05 American Idol helps ITV2 overtake Sky 1/24/05 'Idol' judge should eat his words, viewers say

Entertainment Weekly 1/24/05 Small-Screen 'Idol'

Contact Music 1/24/05 Paula Abdul Plans Comeback 1/24/05 American Idol: Episode 6/7 Previews 2/1-2/2/04

Reality TV World 1/24/05 Mattel to release 'American Idol' Barbie dolls 1/24/05 American Idol: Hollywood Semifinals Rounds (1&2) 2/8-2/9/05

Kane County Chronicle 1/24/05 'Idol' contestants sure to draw crowds

Fosters Online 1/24/05 Bennett of Eliot tries out for ‘Idol’

CNN 1/24/05 Barbie auditions for 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 1/24/05 Idol Thoughts, January 24: You Had Me at Hello

San Francisco Chronicle 1/24/05 'American Idol' judges wrongly pick trills over genuine singing

Always Reality Television 1/23/05 Friends, Teachers, and Psychos

Television Without Pity 1/23/05 Mentally Ill Is The New Hilarious, Part I

Reality TV Calendar 1/22/05 Who's the Meanest One of All?

Manhunt 1/22/05 Fantasia, Free Yourself Review

Niner Online 1/21/05 Past 'Idols' enjoying present success with album releases

Journal Now 1/21/05 Fantasia's win will help make this year's 'Idol' better, Abdul says

San Angelo Standard Times 1/21/05 Mean-spirited 'Idol' is music to my ears

Always Reality Television 1/21/05 The Good, The Bad, and the Oh-M-Gah

Foxes On Idol 1/21/05 American Idol 4: The More Things Change... They Really Did Change
Express Times 1/21/05 Allentown man and 'Idol' wannabe advances to second round

SheKnows 1/21/05 Round 2: St. Louis, MO

New York Blade 1/21/05 Those feats of Clay


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