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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Celebrity Spider 4/1/05 American Idol Ruben Studdard Guest Stars on "Life on a Stick"  

Randall the Vandal 4/1/05 I Have A Feeling That Jessica Ciara's Goodies Won't Survive This Week!

Tampa Bay Online 4/1/05 Rejected `Idol' Holds No Ill Will Toward Judge: `Simon Is Really Nice'

Zap2It 4/1/05 'Idol' Bootee Sierra Insists She's Darned Likeable

Star Tribune 4/1/05 'Idol' watch: Talent apparently goes only so far

Zap2It 4/1/05 'Idol' Producers Rule Savol Will Stay

MTV 4/1/05 'Idol' Finalist Scott Savol's Past Domestic Violence Rap Surfaces

Birmingham News 4/1/05 Mo' points about Bo, and what you may not know

Tahlequah Daily Press 4/1/05 Underwood and the 'it' factor

Reality TV Talk 4/1/05 The RTVT AI4 Roundtable Discussion: Bad Song Choices

Reality Shack 4/1/05 CD Review: Kelly Clarkson's "Breakaway"

Reality TV Calendar 4/1/05 Scott Savol Is Not A Worthy Idol

Foxes On Idol 4/1/05 Scott Savol's Past Revealed - But Will It Matter?

Reality TV World 4/1/05 'American Idol 4' finalist Scott Savol avoids boot despite prior misdemeanor convictions

Wireless Flash News Service 4/1/05 Past Life Expert Helps `American Idols' Channel Their Future

USA Today 4/1/05 Arrest won't cost 'Idol' finalist

MSNBC 4/1/05 Report: ‘Idol’ finalist has criminal record

Express Times 4/1/05 All Eyes on Idol: Angels weren't on Jessica's side

Entertainment Weekly 3/31/05 One Last Cry

The Smoking Gun 3/31/05 American Idol Finalist's Violence Rap

Celebrity Spider 3/31/05 Record Number of Votes Cast as Jessica Sierra is Eliminated from American Idol Competition

St. Petersburg Times 3/31/05 Supporters of Tampa 'Idol' see a beginning, not an end

Zap2It 3/31/05 'Idol' Finalist Has Violent Past 3/31/05 Fantasia - Free Yourself

Star Ledger 3/31/05 Reprieve for Jersey's 'Idol'

MTV 3/31/05 Jessica Sierra Says She Fought Tears During Final 'Idol' Song

Beavers On Idol 3/31/05 Topsy Turvy Top Ten

Foxes On Idol 3/31/05 A Look Behind Kelly's 'Behind Hazel Eyes' DVD

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 AI Voting: Wireless Is Killing American Idol

Foxes On Idol 3/31/05 American Idol 4: Why Jessica Lost

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 AI Voting: The Box of Chocolates Theory

Orwell Project 3/31/05 Record Breaking Votes Send o­ne More Home - American Idol 4: Episode 25

Reality TV World 3/31/05 Fox's 'American Idol' sets voting record while booting Jessica Sierra

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 AI Voting: Teenage Girls & Their Parent's Wallets

Reality Shack 3/31/05 Are Idol Voters Dialing the Wrong Numbers? - American Idol 4, 3-30-05

Beavers On Idol 3/31/05 Kissyface Judges and Other American Idol Psychodramas

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 31st

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/05 Top Ten Results Show Recap

Reality TV World 3/31/05 Jessica Sierra becomes the third 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated 3/31/05 - He Said, She Said; Down to 9 and we just don’t get it.

Music Reviews Online 3/31/05 American Idol 4 Top 10 Vocal Master Class 3/31/05 - American Idol Elimination Recap: -3-30-05- Jessica Sierra is out!

Inside Pulse 3/31/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday

Dayton Daily News 3/31/05 Nation parts ways with Valley in 'Idol' vote

Decatur Daily 3/31/05 Bice safe for next round of 'Idol'

Metro 3/31/05 Sierra walks the plank

MTV 3/31/05 'American Idol' Viewers Oust Jessica Sierra

Plain Dealer 3/31/05 Shaky showing doesn't hurt Cleveland-area 'Idol' hopeful

News-Press 3/31/05 'American Idol' watch

Toledo Blade 3/31/05 Sierra's exit leaves 9 'Idol' contestants

Dallas Morning News 3/31/05 'Idol' index 3/31/05 'Relief' for Fedorov fans

Chicago Tribune 3/31/05 Barrage of digs from Simon foretells Sierra's ouster

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/31/05 Ex-idol: Carrie's my fave

The Morning Call 3/31/05 Bucks' Fedorov dodges 'Idol' bullet

Kansas City Star 3/31/05 Kelly Clarkson At The Midland

Rugged Elegance 3/31/05 A High Sierra Shocker After American Idol IV Shows Off Their Girl Power with 90s Hits

Entertainment Weekly 3/31/05 Fallen Angel

Reality TV Talk 3/31/05 AI4 Ten Left "These Rocks Aren't Rolling"

Reality News Online 3/31/05 American Idol 4, March 30: When You Least Expect It, Expect It

Post-Dispatch 3/30/05 Nikko Smith finds he's still in the 'Idol' mix

JokersUpdates 3/30/05 American Idol : Final Ten Results. Yeah, That Show

Zap2It 3/30/05 Sierra Missed: 'Idol' Voters Eliminate Another Woman 3/30/05 - 3.30.05: 90's Results

MSNBC 3/30/05 ‘American Idol’ isn’t kind to teens

USA Today 3/30/05 Jessica Sierra ends her run on 'Idol'

TVRules 3/30/05 American Idol Results Summary 3/30/05

Zap2It 3/30/05 'Lost,' 'Idol' Finales Will Square Off

Orwell Project 3/30/05 Video Interview with Mikalah Gordon

The Morning Call 3/30/05 Fedorov founders as 'Idol' judge goes for jugular

Reality Reel 3/30/05 American Idol Experience Messenger Launched By MECA

MSNBC 3/30/05 Who should be voted off ‘Idol’?

Reality TV Talk 3/30/05 AI4 "More of A Cow's Blithering Commentary"

Reality TV Talk 3/30/05 AI4 "Commentary March 29 from the Mothership"

Orwell Project 3/30/05 Top Ten Heat it Up - American Idol 4: Episode 24

Idol Media 3/30/05 Episode 24 recap

Beavers On Idol 3/30/05 The Heat Is On

Reality Shack 3/30/05 Tipsy Paula - American Idol 4 - 3/29/05

Reality TV Calendar 3/30/05 The Top Ten Performance Recap

Wireless Flash News Service 3/30/05 Kelly Clarkson: Driven To Get Out On Road

MTV 3/30/05 'American Idol' Recap: Anthony Gets An 'Aikeover,' Vonzell Pulls Off Whitney

Reality TV Calendar 3/30/05 Who Is Going Home? RTVC Prediction Number 6

Inside Pulse 3/30/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday

Inside Pulse 3/30/05 Forecasting the Future for the American Idols

The Trades 3/30/05 American Idol 4: Week 3 - Nineties Theme 3/30/05 - He Said, She Said; Were the Top Ten the Top Tin?

Foxes on Idol 3/30/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 29 3/30/05 Fedorov tries new look for latest performance

Post-Dispatch 3/30/05 In a '90s songfest, 'Idol' judges nearly idolize Nikko 3/30/05 Life after 'Idol' not idle at all

USA Today 3/30/05 Constantine, Bo rate 3/30/05 Guarini vs. Fedorov: Both are knockouts

MSNBC 3/30/05 Constantine’s night

Decatur Daily 3/30/05 Good rocking for Bo Bice on 'American Idol' stage 3/30/05 American Idol's Top Ten show diversity of 90's

News-Press 3/30/05 'American Idol' watch

USA Today 3/30/05 'American Idol' zooms from hit show to massive business

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/05 The Safety Dance 3/30/05 Competition In American Idol Contest Heats Up

Pioneer Press 3/30/05 Idol chatter

Star Ledger 3/30/05 Low note for Jersey 'Idol'

Zap2It 3/30/05 'Idol' Singers Are Squealing, Paula's Reeling

Milwaukee Journal 3/30/05 Ranking 'Idol' contenders from 1 to 10

JokersUpdates 3/30/05 American Idol : Final Ten. No Frontrunner Yet

Reality News Online 3/30/05 American Idol 4, March 29: Keeping It Real: The Sequel 3/29/05 - 3.29.05: 90's Night

TVRules 3/29/05 American Idol-Top Ten Performance Summary 3/29/05

Reality TV World 3/29/05 American Idol 4 - Finals Week 2 summary

Reality TV World 3/29/05 'American Idol 4' reject Mikalah Gordon wants to try acting

Celebrity Spider 3/29/05 Diddy Deems Making the Band More Entertaining than American Idol

Las Vegas Sun 3/29/05 'Idol' cast-off Gordon seeks the big time

Shelby County Reporter 3/29/05 Shelby County fans support local American Idol finalist 3/29/05 Personal Ad Addresses Issue of Anwar Robinson's Sexual Orientation 3/29/05 American Idol: Interview With Mikalah Gordon 3/29/05 American Idol, Cingular and Telescope, Inc. Launch Mobile Chat Service

Beavers On Idol 3/29/05 Clay Aiken: Ambassador of the Heart

Decatur Daily 3/29/05 Stepdad Downes recalls years Idol contender spent overseas

The Morning Call 3/29/05 Fedorov resumes 'American Idol' quest tonight

News Press 3/29/05 Pain, pleasure mark fourth season of show

Decatur Daily 3/29/05 Harold Bice used to give son a quarter to publically perform

Rocky Mountain News 3/29/05 American Idol's Top 10

USA Today 3/29/05 Finalist time on 'Idol,' and the listenin' ain't easy

Metro 3/29/05 Mikhalah loses her verve

dBusiness News 3/29/05 Recording Artist/Guitarist Cesar Sets the Record Straight on Mario Vazquez

Mobile Register 3/29/05 31.5 million viewers cast votes for 'Idol'

Foxes on Idol 3/29/05 American Idol 4: Why Mikalah Lost

Foxes On Idol 3/29/05 Idol Thoughts March 28: Trying to Get that Feeling Again

Foxes On Idol 3/29/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Third?

National Enquirer 3/28/05 Real Reason 'Idol' Contestant Left Show

MTV 3/28/05 Forget Simon, Mikalah Gordon Says She'd Rather Take John Gotti To Her Prom Now

MSNBC 3/28/05 ‘Idol’ fans defend their favorites

NMC 3/28/05 Kelly Clarkson Remixed

Zap2It 3/28/05 'Idol' Bootee Gordon Eyes Sitcom Future

Beavers On Idol 3/28/05 Idol Success: What Defines Success for the Idol Alumni? 3/28/05 A look at the best top 10 ever 3/28/05 'Idol' producers breathe a big sigh of relief

OC Register 3/28/05 'Idol' Kimberley Locke eyeing reality-TV project

The Pitt News 3/28/05 Viewers aren't believing the "American Idol" mishap 3/28/05 American Idol Next Eviction Betting Odds News

The Telegraph 3/27/05 Mikalah exits stage left - and not a minute too soon

Decatur Daily 3/27/05 Bice Squad pup getting spoiled at local pet hotel

Beavers On Idol 3/27/05 Top 11 Performances Retrospective 3/27/05 - The Top 10

Beavers On Idol 3/27/05 Constantine's Secret Life as... Clay Aiken?

NY Times 3/27/05 How Broadway Lost Its Voice to 'American Idol'

Television Without Pity 3/27/05 "She Had Style! She Had Flair! She Got Tossed!" 3/26/05 American Idol 4: The Final Eleven Commentary

Fans of Reality TV 3/26/05 Finally...This Week's Results 3/26/05 The final 12: Voting times two 3/26/05 Idolhead Ed Reviews the Reviewers

Celebrity Spider 3/26/05 Kelly Clarkson Dumps Manager Fuller

Idol Media 3/26/05 Episode 22 recap

Reality TV Talk 3/26/05 AI 4 Eleven Left. Results. "This Bunch Rocks!"

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 Paula Abdul Put on Probation

Beavers On Idol 3/25/05 How Success Can Destroy an Idol Competition

Beavers On Idol 3/25/05 Peaking Too Early?

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 Almost Half of Access Hollywood Viewers Feel American Idol Mix Up Was a Publicity Stunt

Orwell Project 3/25/05 Time To Send Someone Home - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 23

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 American Idol Re-Vote Leads to Record Number of Votes

Zap2It 3/25/05 'Idol' Finalist Locke May Return to Reality

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 Mariah Carey Says No to Idol Job

Express Times 3/25/05 All Eyes on Idol: Number 1 hits, proofreader woes

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 Paula Abdul Pays Up

Celebrity Spider 3/25/05 Clay Aiken Visits Tsunami Victims

Reality TV Calendar 3/25/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 25th

Reality TV World 3/25/05 'American Idol 4' voting error results in record vote count

Inside Pulse 3/25/05 American Idol - Recap - Thursday

Reality TV Calendar 3/25/05 The Top 11 Results Show Recap

Reality Shack 3/25/05 The Results Are In, Finally! - American Idol 4 - 3/24/05

Reality TV World 3/25/05 Mikalah Gordon becomes the second 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated 3/25/05 He Said, American Idol shocker and it ain’t who got the boot

Entertainment Weekly 3/25/05 A Minor Annoyance

Birmingham News 3/25/05 Bo and the boys

Tahlequah Daily Press 3/25/05 Underwood passes another 'Idol' round

Reality TV World 3/25/05 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul pleads 'no contest' to hit-and-run, avoids jail

Jam! 3/25/05 Youngest 'Idol' contestant ousted

ET Online 3/25/05 Mikalah's 'Idol' Hopes Dashed 3/25/05 - March 24th Recap: America! Stop listening to Simon

Reality News Online 3/25/05 American Idoll 4, March 24: Super-Size Me

Beacon Journal 3/25/05 Savol makes final 10 on `Idol'

News-Press 3/25/05 'Baby V' one of show's top 10 finalists

JokersUpdates 3/24/05 American Idol : Watch. Vote. Repeat - The Results 3/24/05 Mikalah Gordon Knocked Off 'American Idol' 3/24/05 Results Show 3.24.05

Celebrity Spider 3/24/05 Paula Abdul Charged With Hit & Run

Post-Dispatch 3/24/05 Viewers' votes keep Nikko on track

Zap2It 3/24/05 Gordon Leaves 'Idol' in a Flash

Orwell Project 3/24/05 Oops, Idol Messed Up Again - American Idol 4: Episode 22

Reality TV World 3/24/05 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul charged with hit-and-run

TVRules 3/24/05 American Idol Results Do Over 3/24/05 Summary

TVRules 3/24/05 America's Next Top Model 4: Episode 4 Summary 3/23/05

Reality TV Calendar 3/24/05 The Revote, The Conspiracy Theories, and The Truth

Celebrity Spider 3/24/05 Clay Aiken Joins Forces With Youth Service America to Present the 'Able To Serve' Awards

Inside Pulse 3/24/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday

Reality Shack 3/24/05 Oops!! - American Idol 4, 3/23/05

Star Ledger 3/24/05 Hometown hero: Anwar's students cheer him on as 'Idol' heats up

Decatur Daily 3/24/05 Osmond compliments Bice on performances

Reality TV Calendar 3/24/05 The Top 11 Revote Show Recap

Foxes On Idol 3/24/05 Was the 'Idol' Re-vote Really Necessary?

Always Reality Television 3/24/05 AI4 Recap - Number 1 Hits + Hair = Disaster

WCNC 3/24/04 'American Idol 101' class in session

Reality TV World 3/24/05 American Idol 4 - "Gay Idol Journal, Finals Week 2"

Reality News Online 3/24/05 American Idol 4, March 23: The Great Do-Over

NY Daily News 3/24/05 Fox's 'Idol' makes a good call

NY Times 3/24/05 Mix-Up Leads to New 'American Idol' Vote

Decatur Daily 3/24/05 Compassion of Bo Bice 3/24/05 No 'Idol' snafu in Bucks County

Metro 3/24/05 U.S. Idol's massive blunder casts pall over season

MSNBC 3/23/05 Few opinions change on ‘Idol’ rebroadcast

Celebrity Spider 3/23/05 Graphics Snafu Spoils Show, American Idol "Do Over" on Wednesday, Results Show on Thursday

TVRules 3/23/05 American Idol-Performance Show Numbers 3/23

Music Reviews Online 3/23/05 American Idol 4 Top 11 Vocal Master Class: Billboard Numero Uno Hits!

Randall the Vandal 3/23/05 This Recap Doesn't Count...Just Like Your Votes Tuesday Night

Fans of Reality TV 3/23/05 Love Will Lead You Back...Lord Knows The Singing Won't...

Reality TV Talk 3/23/05 American Idol 4 Billboard #1's Commentary From the Mothership

Beavers On Idol 3/23/05 American Idol: Mario Who?

Reality News Online 3/23/05 Idol Phone Number Snafu and the Resulting Ripple

Orwell  Project 3/23/05 One Hopeful is Sure to Go - American Idol 4: Episode 21 3/23/05 Mikalah: They're coming to take her away

Chart Attack 3/23/05 American Idol Voting Mistake Forces Re-voting Episode

Zap2It 3/23/05 'Idol' Producer Blames Gaffe on 'Human Error'

Washington Square News 3/23/05 Brief shot at ‘Idol’ stardom

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/23/05 Underwood to sing again after 'Idol' vote glitch

MTV 3/23/05 'American Idol' Recap: Carrie's Performance Was Hot, Nadia's Mohawk Was Not 3/23/05 Last chance to sound off on Bucks County's Idol

Miami Herald 3/23/05 'Idol' theme trips Nadia

Zap2It 3/23/05 FOX Calls Do-Over for 'American Idol'

Curlio 3/23/05 American Idol puts up wrong numbers for 3 contestants

Reality Shack 3/23/05 Someone Get Mikalah, Anwar, And Nikko A Map - American Idol, 03-22-05

Beavers On Idol 3/23/05 It's Gettin' Hot in Here!

Reality TV World 3/23/05 Voting error forces Fox to rebroadcast 'American Idol', reopen voting lines

Reality TV Calendar 3/23/05 Even With A Revote - Who Is Going Home? Prediction #5 

Reality TV Calendar 3/23/05 The Top 11 Performance Recap

Reality TV Calendar 3/23/05 Revote Tonight! Tuesday Night's Results Thrown Out!

Inside Pulse 3/23/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday 3/23/05 - Finals, Week 2: C'mon! Get Happy! Best Episode in 2 Years

Foxes on Idol 3/23/205 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 22 3/23/05 - The Top 11 Tackle the Billboards and He Said, She Said, Who Was #1?

Entertainment Weekly 3/23/05 Taking Cover

USA Today 3/23/05 Big hair, high hopes

MSNBC 3/23/05 Carrie-d away

Decatur Daily 3/23/05 Bo gets high marks from judges during Tuesday's 'American Idol' 3/23/05 Idol Contestant Nadia Gets The Thumbs Down From Simon

Newsday 3/23/05 'Idol' error triggers replay 3/23/05 All Tuckered Out

Post-Dispatch 3/23/05 Nikko gets rave reviews - even Simon says so

The Trades 3/23/05 American Idol 4: Week 2 - Billboard Number Ones

Entertainment Weekly 3/23/05 The Ring Two

News-Press 3/23/05 'Baby V' impresses judges with performance

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/23/05 Carrie fans wear love on sleeves 3/23/05 American Idol's contestants show off their number ones

St. Petersburg Times 3/23/05 Support rings out for Tampa's idol

ET Online 3/23/05 Paula Abdul's 'Idol' Talk 3/23/05 - Important Program Change

Inside Pulse 3/23/05 Voting Error Prompts 'American Idol' Revote

Metro 3/23/05 Carrie and Jessica duke it out for U.S. Idol crown

The Express Times 3/23/05 Clay Aiken back at Musikfest

TV Guide 3/23/05 American Idol's Screaming Section

Charlotte Observer 3/23/05 Handicapping 'American Idols'

BBC 3/23/05 American Idol case fails in court

Zap2It 3/23/05 Heart Stopping Chart Topping on 'Idol'

Rugged Elegance 3/23/05 American Idol IV Contestants Deliver Billboard No. 1 Hits

Jam! 3/23/05 American Idol contestants get revote due to network error on phone numbers

JokersUpdates 3/23/05 American Idol : Top11 sing the Top10

Reality News Online 3/23/05 American Idol 4, March 22: Number 11 - Straight To Heaven 3/22/05 - 3.22.05 - Top 11 Sing Billboard #1s

Celebrity Spider 3/22/05 Three Florida contestants remain on American Idol

TVRules 3/22/05 American Idol-3/22 Performance Summary--Eleven Remain!

Hammond Daily Star 3/22/05 Local 'idol' comes home to cheering crowd

Morning Call 3/22/05 Friends and fans fuel Fedorov 'Idol' fever

Zap2It 3/22/05 Court Tosses 'Idol' Suit

National Ledger 3/22/05 Ex-American Idol Mario Vasquez Snubbed by Jessica Simpson

Beavers On Idol 3/22/05 Against All Odds: The Journey of Clay Aiken

Miami Herald 3/22/05 TV competitor has become 'Miami Idol'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/22/05 ‘Idol’ hopeful causes sensation in hometown, at Northeastern

Commercial Appeal 3/22/05 Nadia gets nod to win 'Idol'

Mobile Register 3/22/05 Go, Bo, go

MTV 3/22/05 'American Idol' Contestants Say Bring On The Theme Weeks

Union Tribune 3/22/05 U-T readers would have dumped Gordon, not Lindsey Cardinale

News-Press 3/22/05 'Idol' fans drive local TV ratings 3/22/05 Anthony Fedorov's friends Idol-ize him

Fox News 3/22/05 'Idol' Dropout Not Idle 3/22/05 Interview with Jim Verraros

St. Petersburg Times 3/22/05 Jessica fever heats up 3/22/05 Top 10 reasons we love to watch 'American Idol'

USA Today 3/22/05 'Idol' in the '60s: A bad trip

Foxes On Idol 3/22/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Second?

Celebrity Spider 3/21/05 Online Bookmakers unanimous Over Anwar Robinson, but Contestants Bice & Turner Making Headway  

AJC 3/21/05 DeGarmo incentive for cleanup

Beavers On Idol 3/21/05 The Community of Clay

E!Online 3/21/05 Ruben's Godfather Strikes Back

KHOU 3/21/05 Texan loses 'American Idol' lawsuit against Fox 3/21/05 Paula Abdul: Caught In A Hit-And-Run?

NMC 3/21/05 Ellen's Got Fantasia Tomorrow

ET Online 3/21/05 Ousted 'Idol' Lindsey Cardinale Talks to ET

Entertainment Weekly 3/21/05 The Ditty Dozen 3/21/05 American Idol 4 Next Eviction Betting Preview

Foxes On Idol 3/21/05 Idol Thoughts, March 21: The Week That Was

Celebrity Spider 3/20/05 Bettors Take Advantage as American Idol Contestant Mario Vazquez Pulls Out of Competition

Celebrity Spider 3/20/05 Ruben Studdard's Former Manager Seeks Damages

Reality TV World 3/20/05 American Idol 4 - Finals Week 1 summary

Beavers On Idol 3/20/05 Top 12 Performances Retrospective

SheKnows 3/20/05 The final 12: Goodbye Lindsey

Beavers On Idol 3/20/05 Idol News for Last Week: Recap and Commentary

Reality News Online 3/20/05 Sold: American Idol

Newsday 3/20/05 The other ‘Idol’ comeback that’s still paying off

MTV 3/19/05 Can You Still Rock If You're On 'American Idol'?

Birmingham News 3/19/05 Ex-manager: 'Idol' winner failed to pay

Times Picayune 3/19/05 Studdard's manager seeks $5K from star

Reality TV World 3/19/05 Clay Aiken tours tsunami-ravaged Indonesia for UNICEF

NY Times 3/19/05 Music Industry Financier Buys 'American Idol'

NY Daily News 3/19/05 American Idol gets sold

Newsday 3/19/05 $211M wins 'American Idol'

Star Tribune 3/19/05 'AI' viewers say goodbye to the wrong contestant

Celebrity Spider 3/18/05 Paula Abdul Eyed for Hit and Run Charges

AJC 3/18/05 Ex 'Idol' finalist hires Atlanta lawyer

Always Reality Television 3/18/05 AI4 Recap: The First Of Many Axings

Reality TV World 3/18/05 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul facing possible hit-and-run charges 3/18/05 'American Idol' winner revealed

Celebrity Justice 3/18/05 Paula Abdul Hit-and-Run Cover-up?

Reality TV World 3/18/05 'American Idol' dropout Mario Vazquez hires new lawyer, which may explain early departure

Bronx Times 3/18/05 Bronx singer pulls out of American Idol just before finals

Reality TV World 3/18/05 'Idol' creator Simon Fuller sells 19 Entertainment for over $210 million

Zap2It 3/18/05 Abdul May Face Hit-and-Run Charges

KLTV 3/18/05 Former "American Idol" Contestant Releases CD

New Straits Times 3/18/05 Paula Abdul flies in to host show

Express Times 3/18/05 All Eyes on Idol: One down, 10 to go

Zap2It 3/18/05 No Regrets as Cardinale Departs 'Idol'

Newsday 3/18/05 "American Idol" gets a new owner

E!Online 3/18/05 Paula Caught in Hit & Run?

Zap2It 3/18/05 'Idol' Creator Sold

The View Factor 3/18/05 American Idol: Idol Diaries - Parallel Worlds & The Price of Gas

Decatur Daily 3/18/05 Way to go, Bo; Somerville is proud of all you've done

Daily Progress 3/18/05 Turner back from 'Idol' experience

AJC 3/18/05 DeGarmo, Mullins share fest spotlight

Washington Post 3/18/05 Paula Abdul May Be Charged in Car Mishap

Decatur Daily 3/18/05 Bo Bice T-shirts back in production

Jakarta Post 3/18/05 Aiken from 'Idol' sings in Indonesian

NY Daily News 3/18/05 Charges weighed against 'Idol' Paula

Rugged Elegance 3/18/05 Who Will Be the 4th American Idol?

MTV 3/18/05 Prosecutors Mulling Hit-And-Run Charges Against Paula Abdul

Holbrook Sun 3/18/05 Emily is Radio Disney grand prize winner, will meet singing star Diana Degarmo

Reality TV Talk 3/18/05 AI4 Recap "Twelve Stick It to the Sixties"

Fans of Reality TV 3/17/05 Anyone Who Had An Eardrum

Entertainment Weekly 3/17/05 Power of Attorney

MTV 3/17/05 Ousted 'Idol' Finalist Lindsey Cardinale Says She Won't Give Up Her Dream

WAFF 3/17/05 Bo Bice Shoots to be the Next American Idol

Celebrity Justice 3/17/05 Man Accuses Paula Abdul of Hit and Run

Seattle PI 3/17/05 Mario Vazquez hires Clay Aiken's lawyer

Chart Attack 3/17/05 American Idol Down To 11, Returning Idol Hopeful Makes It Through

TVRules 3/17/05 American Idol: Conference Interview with Lindsey Cardinale

NY Times 3/17/05 As an Idol Deserts, Reality Pop Plays On

Entertainment Weekly 3/17/05 Knocked Out

Beavers On Idol 3/17/05 Why I Still Like American Idol

Orwell Project 3/17/05 Lindsey Sings her Good-byes – American Idol 4: Episode 20

Reality TV Calendar 3/17/05 MarioGate: Day 5 - The Real Reason Revealed

Reality TV Calendar 3/17/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as of March 17th

Reality TV World 3/17/05 Lindsey Cardinale becomes the first 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated

Beavers On Idol 3/17/05 Super Mario World - Not!

RealityShack 3/17/05 Pimpin' the Contestants - American Idol 4 - 3/16/05

Reality TV Calendar 3/17/05 Top 12 Results Show Recap

Idol Media 3/17/05 Episode 20 recap

Inside Pulse 3/17/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday

Decatur Daily 3/17/05 1 leaves 'American Idol;' Bo stays strong

Metro 3/17/05 Cardinale officially cut

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/17/05 'Idol' still in the thick of show

MSNBC 3/17/05 Lindsey Cardinale runs out of chances

Calgary Sun 3/17/05 American Idol’s first casualty 3/17/05 America holds on to Fedorov

Post-Dispatch 3/17/05 Voters tell Nikko: 'I Want You Back' for another week

Beacon Journal 3/17/05 Savol survives latest `Idol' cut

Dallas Morning News 3/17/05 'Idol' index

Portsmouth Herald News 3/17/05 ‘Idol’ finalist a Seacoast stage veteran

Cornell Daily Sun 3/17/05 Death of a True Idol

Chicago Tribune 3/17/05 `Idol' cuts 1 hopeful after shock of losing Vazquez

Boston Globe 3/17/05 In the fame game,'Idol' dropout shows he can play

Fox News 3/17/05 Ex-'Idol' Hires Clay's Lawyer  3/17/05 American Idol viewers place three girls on bottom

Nashua Telegraph 3/17/05 Idol’ has ties to New Hampshire arts world

New York Blade 3/17/05 Is 'American Idol' dropout Lebanese?

Toledo Blade 3/17/05 'Knock on Wood' unlucky

ET Online 3/17/05 The Fallen 'Idol'!

USA Today 3/17/05 For Lindsey Cardinale, 'Idol' dream is over 3/17/05 - The Top 12 become 11. He said, She said, did the right one go?

Foxes On Idol 3/17/05 American Idol 4: Why Lindsey Lost

Reality News Online 3/17/05 American Idol 4, March 16: The First Goodbye

Zap2It 3/16/05 Back to the Bayou: 'Idol' Voters Send Lindsey Packing

Jokers Updates 3/16/05 American Idol : One Down. Ten to Go 3/16/05 - 3.16.05 Results Show 3/16/05 American Idol: Final Twelve Results Show Summary 3/16/05

Reality TV World 3/16/05 American Idol 4 - "Gay Idol Journal, Finals Week 1"

Always Reality Television 3/16/05 AI4 Recap: Steak Vs. Hamburger

Celebrity Spider 3/16/05 Simon Cowell Apologizes for Raunchy American Idol Comment

Reality TV Talk 3/16/05 The RTVT AI4 Roundtable Discussion: The 60's!

Reality TV Calendar 3/16/05 MarioGate Day 5: His Top Ten Reasons

Orwell Project 3/16/05 Rock o­n Bo! – American Idol 4: Episode 19

Music Reviews Online 3/16/05 American Idol 4 Top 12 Vocal Master Class

Beavers On Idol 3/16/05 Kelly Clarkson: On the Edge of Superstardom

Reality TV Calendar 3/16/05 We Predict Who Is Going Home Tonight

KGET 17 3/16/05 Kelly Clarkson's New DVD

MTV 3/16/05 'American Idol' Recap: Randy's Unusually Harsh, But Bo's Still Sitting Pretty

WCNC 3/16/05 Clay Aiken sings for tsunami victims in Indonesia

Beavers On Idol 3/16/05 Let the Games Begin

TVRules 3/16/05 American Idol's Mario Vasquez On Letterman

TVRules 3/16/05 American Idol Experience Messenger Launched by MECA

TVRules 3/16/05 FOX Sets American Idol Finale For May 24/25

Electric New Paper 3/16/05 Watch out! It's the new Paula

CBS2 3/16/05 The Mario Mystery On 'Idol' 3/16/05 'American Idol' dropout visits Letterman 3/16/05 - The almost top 12: He Said, She Said, How did they fare?

Entertainment Weekly 3/16/05 Ghost in the Machine

Inside Pulse 3/16/05 American Idol Thoughts, Reviews, and Recaps 3/16/05 - Finals, Week 1: Blood, Sweat, and Nadia!

Reality TV Calendar 3/16/05 The Top 12 Performance Recap

Foxes On Idol 3/16/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 15

TVRules 3/16/05 AI: 3/15/05 Takes

Inside Pulse 3/16/05 What Prompted Vasquez To Quit Idol?

Reality Shack 3/16/05 Tonight's Theme: Singing the Tunes of Past Idols – American Idol, 03-15-05

Inside Pulse 3/16/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday

Curlio 3/16/05 American Idol's 60's theme keeps contestants at a stand still

Entertainment Weekly 3/16/05 Trouper Mario

Decatur Daily 3/16/05 Fans feel Bo Bice delivered a knockout on 'American Idol'

Suffolk Life Newspapers 3/16/05 Almost An Idol Singer Returns To LI After Being Voted Off

The Trades 3/16/05 American Idol 4: Week 1 - Sixties Theme

Beacon Journal 3/16/05 N.J. teacher `Idol' front-runner

USA Today 3/16/05 'Idol': Stuck in '60s

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/16/05 'When Will I Be Loved?' brings mixed reviews from 'Idol' judges

Zap2It 3/16/05 Bummer of Love: Sixties Theme Baffles 'Idol' Finalists 3/16/05 'Idol' judges' comments break up Fedorov party

Plain Dealer 3/16/05 Local finalist's already idolized

WNBC 3/16/05 N.J. Middle School Abuzz As Teacher Tries For 'Idol' Title 3/16/05 Lindsey Cardinale on her way out?

Pioneer Press 3/16/05 'Idol' pursuits

CNN 3/16/05 Vazquez does 'Top 10' on Letterman

USA Today 3/16/05 'Idol' mum on the Mario mystery

Houston Chronicle 3/16/05 Idol can cover Phil Collins, but he's not watching

NY Daily News 3/16/05 Bx. singer must 'Idol' after snub

Foxes On Idol 3/16/05 'American Idol 4' Drop-Out Mario Vasquez Appears on David Letterman

Reality News Online 3/16/05 American Idol 4, March 15: Opening Night Jitters

Randall the Vandal 3/16/04 Where In The World Is Mario Vazquez?

JokersUpdates 3/15/05 American Idol : Last 12. Round 1. Not 2 Exciting 3/15/05 - 3.15.05: Top 12 Perform

TVRules 3/15/05 American Idol-Top Twelve Performance Summary 3/15/05

USA Today 3/15/05 'Idol' mum on the Mario mystery

Hard Beat News 3/15/05 Nadia Turner Continues To Thrill American Idol Judges

Post Dispatch 3/15/05 Not everyone is thrilled with Nikko's return performance on Idol

MSNBC 3/15/05 ‘Idol’s’ uneven dozen

TVRules 3/15/05 Idol's Mario Vasquez Calls It Quits & The Media Speculation Continues

Times Picayune 3/15/05 'American Idol' moves on without Mario

Reality Shack 3/15/05 DVD Review - Kelly Clarkson's "Behind Hazel Eyes"

Newsday 3/15/05 Middle school abuzz as teacher tries for 'Idol' title

MTV 3/15/05 Mario Vazquez Still Under 'American Idol' Contract

SF Chronicle 3/15/05 'American Idol' Quitter Doing Letterman 3/15/05 Seacrest Forces Gay Porn Version Of 'American Idol' To Change

Digital Spy 3/15/05 Tarantino is a Simon Cowell fan

NMC 3/15/05 Fantasia Returns to American Idol

AJC 3/15/05 'Idol' speculation: Show's finals now look wide open

Chart Attack 3/15/05 Idol Competitor Vazquez Just Didn’t Feel Competition Was Right

MSNBC 3/15/05 ‘Idol’ 12 more talented than in past years

Reality TV Calendar 3/15/05 Mario Quit Because He's Gay, or Contract Phobia, or The Michael Jackson Connection or....?

Beavers On Idol 3/15/05 The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

TVRules 3/15/05 American Idol Finalists Perform Tonight!

Birmingham News 3/15/05 The Bice Squad keeps tabs on `Idol' contestant 3/15/05 'I'm going to be famous' 'Idol' contestant to chase dream in California

Daily Phoenix 3/15/05 Checotah 'Idol' fights for spot in final 11 tonight

NY Times 3/15/05 'Idol' Finalist Offers Little to Explain Exit From Show

News-Press 3/15/05 Withdrawal may boost 'Baby V'

Arizona Republic 3/15/05 'Idol' mystery Mario departs, and then there were 12

Naples Daily News 3/15/05 Parents of 'Idol' finalist from SW Florida in tonight's audience

NY Post 3/15/05 Mario Mystery Deepens

MSNBC 3/15/05 Fox ‘Idol’ 12 more talented than in past years

Ventura County Star 3/15/05 No makeovers for 'Idol' contestants

Palm Beach Post 3/15/05 American Idol Boot Camp

Calgary Sun 3/15/05 Idol’s top 12 wannabes 3/15/05 'Idol' rolls out the hit finalists 3/15/05 Marketing an 'Idol'

Newsday 3/15/05 Local "Idol" star is out

Media Post 3/15/05 'American Idol' Is Never Idle, Embraces Instant Messaging

Digital Spy 3/15/05 Fox confirms 'Idol' finale plans

Entertainment Weekly 3/15/05 The Ditty Dozen

Foxes On Idol 3/15/05 American Idol 4: Even Without Mario, the Show Must Go On

USA Today 3/15/05 Vazquez: 'Idol' run is over, but dream lives on

Washington Post 3/15/05 American Idol Journey

USA Today 3/15/05 On 'Idol,' the show is the star

Ananova 3/15/05 Cowell sorry for saucy comment

NY Daily News 3/15/05 Bronx crooner: Left 'Idol' over 'gut feeling'

Foxes on Idol 3/15/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall First?

Celebrity Spider 3/14/05 Idol Star Mario Vazquez Quits

Bergen Record 3/14/05 Two N.J. guys go for 'Idol' title

MTV 3/14/05 'Idol' Quitter Vazquez Explains, 'Us New Yorkers Are Crazy'

WCNC 3/14/05 Have You Heard? Clay Aiken visits victims of tsunami

NMC 3/14/05 Fantasia To St. Lucia's Jazz Festival

Bergen Record 3/14/05 Talking to: Constantine Maroulis

TV Week 3/14/05 The Dynamics of 'Idol' Worship

Extra 3/14/05 'Idol' Favorite Pulls Disappearing Act

Electric New Paper 3/14/05 Can they be the next American Rock Idol?

Rugged Elegance 3/14/05 AI says goodbye to Amanda Avila, Janay Castine, Travis Tucker & Mario Vazquez: Nikko Smith is back

Chart Attack 3/14/05 American Idol Contestant Drops Out Of Competition

Billboard 3/14/05 Vazquez Drops Out Of 'Idol,' Smith Returns

MSNBC 3/14/05 Fans abuzz over Vazquez quitting ‘Idol’

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/05 Top Ranked Mario Vazquez Withdraws - Speculation Runs Rampant

Reality TV World 3/14/05 American Idol 4 - Performance Week 3 summary 3/14/05 - 3.14.05: Kelly Clarkson on 'Today'

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/05 Photo Scoreboard & Rankings as March 14th

Reality TV World 3/14/05 Mario Vazquez quits 'American Idol', Fox names Nikko Smith as new finalist

Star Ledger 3/14/05 Jersey's 'Idol'

MTV 3/14/05 Mario Vazquez Quits 'American Idol'; Nikko Smith Returns

Sun Chronicle 3/14/05 `Idol' connection lingers

Newsday 3/14/05 Popular ‘American Idol’ finalist withdraws

Entertainment Weekly 3/14/05 Do I Don't

Foxes on Idol 3/14/05 Idol Thoughts, March 14: A Moment Like This!

USA Today 3/14/05 Popular 'Idol' contender calls it quits

Mobile Register 3/14/05 'Idol' down to a dozen

Star Ledger 3/14/05 A look at the 'Idol' bracket

Foxes on Idol 3/14/05 American Idol 4 Breaking News: Mario Vazquez Out, Nikko Smith In

Inside Pulse 3/14/05 Mario Vasquez Out - Niko Smith In

Post Dispatch 3/13/05 Nikko Smith will get second life

Zap2It 3/13/05 'American Idol' Shocker: Mario Out, Nikko In

TVRules 3/13/05 Nikko In/Mario Out of the Top 12

Beavers On Idol 3/13/05 What I Learned from Reading Clay Aiken's Book

Foxes On Idol 3/13/05 American Idol Top 24 'Jaded Journalist' Video Interviews

Decatur Daily 3/13/05 Bice fans, family to gather at diner

Beacon Journal 3/13/05 Anwar his `Idol,' thank you very much

News Press 3/13/05 Local businessman pays for family's flight to see 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 3/12/05 Top 16 Performances Retrospective

Idol Media 3/12/05 An Analysis of the finalists

Cincinnati Enquirer 3/12/05 Contenders begin quest to be called new 'Idol'

Asbury Park Press 3/12/05 "Idol" winner to perform at festival

News Press 3/12/05 She's everybody's baby

Post Dispatch 3/12/05 Nikko has no regrets 3/12/05 - Win American Idol season 4 on DVD. Just guess and win

Joplin Globe 3/11/05 Clay achin'

Wireless Flash News Service 3/11/05 Former `American Idol' Runner-Up Creates A Real Deaf Jam

Reality TV World 3/11/05 Online oddsmakers list 'American Idol 4' men as favorites to win

Beavers On Idol 3/11/05 Desperate Claymates

Reality Shack 3/11/05 Humor: American Idol Theme Weeks - Season 4

The View Factor 3/11/05 American Idol: Idol Diaries - Prelude to Stardom

NMC 3/11/05 TV Time with Kelly Clarkson

MLive 3/11/05 'Idol' winner Fantasia gets tropical gig

Free Lance Star 3/11/05 Tucker booted off 'Idol'

Times Dispatch 3/11/05 Ousted 'Idol' remains upbeat

AJC 3/11/05 'Idol' outcast decides she's no Californian

Potomac News 3/11/05 Tucker's 'Idol' days are over

Celebrity Spider 3/10/05 Anwar Will Be America's Idol at 3/10/05 Jaded Journalist Interviews the Top 24

Orwell Project 3/10/05 Top Twelve Idol Seats Filled – American Idol 4: Episode 18

Reality TV Calendar 3/10/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of March 10th 3/10/05 Lower Southampton teen keeps on singing

Reality Shack 3/10/05 Ripped Off! - American Idol 4 - 3/9/05

MTV 3/10/05 The 'American Idol' Final-12 Party: Nerves, Shock And ... Justin Guarini?

Reality TV Calendar 3/10/05 The Final 12 Revealed: Results Show Recap

Foxes On Idol 3/10/05 American Idol 4: Why Amanda Lost

Reality TV World 3/10/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' cuts four more, reveals its Top 12 finalists 3/10/05 - He Said, She Said, We now have our top 12, and they are……

Entertainment Weekly 3/10/05 Idol Chatter 3/10/05 America Chooses It's American Idol Top Twelve

Foxes On Idol 3/10/05 American Idol 4: Why Janay Lost

Reality News Online 3/10/05 American Idol 4, March 9: Movin' On

SGV Tribune 3/10/05 ‘American Idol' time runs out for performer raised in Valley

Foxes On Idol 3/10/05 American Idol 4: Why Travis Lost 3/10/05 Montclair ‘Idol’: MHS grad making it big on hit FOX show

Taunton Gazette 3/10/05 Maroulis a finalist in U.S. contest

Beacon Journal 3/10/05 Ohioan advances on `Idol'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/10/05 Checotah 'Idol' survives to sing another day

Plain Dealer 3/10/05 Shaker Heights native makes finals of 'Idol'

Decatur Daily 3/10/05 Bice in top 12

Foxes On Idol 3/10/05 American Idol 4: Why Nikko Lost

News Press 3/10/05 Family, fans not surprised 'V' lives to sing another day

AJC 3/10/05 Castine's 'Idol' exit no shock to viewers

The Shelby Star 3/10/05 Clay Aiken's mom to host benefit for HarvestWorks

News Press 3/10/05 Ousted 'Idol' singers still have shot as artist

Inside Pulse 3/10/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday Results

Idol Media 3/10/05 Episode 17 - Top 8 Girls Perform

MSNBC 3/9/05 Dream continues for lucky 12 ‘Idol’ finalists

JokersUpdates 3/9/05 American Idol : Final 12 Results. Seacrest Level Orange 3/9/05 3.9.05 Results - Your Top 12

TVRules 3/9/05 American Idol Results Summary 3/9/05

Post Dispatch 3/9/05 Nikko strikes out

News Press 3/9/05 'Baby V' part of 'Idol's' final dozen

Zap2It 3/9/05 Nikko Nixed: Minor Surprises as 'Idol' Cuts to 12 3/9/05 American Idol's Top 8 Female Performance

Orwell Project 3/9/05 Idol Girls Sing for Their Lives - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 17

After Elton 3/9/05 An End to American Idol's Gay Problem?

Reality TV Talk 3/9/05 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion Final Week For The Ladies

Orwell Project 3/9/05 Idol Guys Sing For their Lives - American Idol 4: Episode 16

Fans Of Reality TV 3/9/05 There's A Song For Us...Somewhere, A Song For Us

Beavers On Idol 3/9/05 When Good Girls Go Bad... or, Mediocre

The Trades 3/9/05 American Idol 4 - Women's Auditions Week 3

Foxes on Idol 3/9/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 8

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/05 Mythconceptions

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/05 The Top 8 Girls Perform 3/9/05 The Girls are back in town, but are their performances? He Said, She Said

Idol Media 3/9/05 Episode 16 - Top 8 Boys Perform 3/9/05 Ladies, Can We Talk? Especially you, Carrie?

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/05 The RTVC Staff Predicts Who Is Going Home

Inside Pulse 3/9/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday

Reality News Online 3/9/05 American Idol 4, March 8: One Step Closer

Birmingham News 3/9/05 Bice to sing for family, `Idol' fame 3/9/05 Fedorov faces music tonight

News-Press 3/9/05 'Baby V' awaits outcome

Metro 3/9/05 Half Idol women sing well

News-Press 3/9/05 The “American Idol” Phenomenon

Rapid City Journal 3/9/05 Life won't be the same for ‘American Idol' contestant

News-Press 3/9/05 Local fans turn out to support 'Baby V'

Hard Beat News 3/9/05 American Idol Judges Give Love To Former Miss Statia

Potomac News 3/9/05 Teacher knew Travis was destined for greatness

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 3/9/05 Oddsmakers: Checotah star a favorite to win 'Idol'

Reality Shack 3/9/05 Signs of the Times - American Idol, 03-08-05

Zap2It 3/8/05 Zodiac Killers: 'Idol' Women Sing Again

Hammond Daily Star 3/8/05 Ponchatoula shows its support for "American Idol" candidate

JokersUpdates 3/8/05 American Idol : 8 Girls. Last Dance. Last Chance 3/8/05 8 Girls 3.8.05

TVRules 3/8/05 American Idol-Top Eight Gals Performance Summary 3/8/05 3/8/05 Bad Imitations, Puppies, and Some Performances

MSNBC 3/8/05 Rough night for ‘Idol’ women

USA Today 3/8/05 'Idol' scaling down 4 3/8/05 - Who will be the last men standing? He Said, She said ……

Extra 3/8/05 Simon Reveals His 'Idol' Favorites 3/8/05 Boys: Losers are obvious this week

Reality TV Talk 3/8/05 The RTVT AI4 Roundtable Discussion – The Men: Final Week

Beavers On Idol 3/8/05 Let's Hear It for the Boys

The Trades 3/8/05 American Idol 4 - Men's Auditions Week 3

Fans of Reality TV 3/8/05 Every Little Thing They Sing Ain't Magic

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/05 The Top 8 Guys Perform: Recap & Commentary 3/8/05 - Win Kelly Clarkson's DVD

NMC 3/8/05 Kelly Clarkson Has New Single On the Way

Foxes on Idol 3/8/05 We'll Be the Judge of That! American Idol 4, March 7

Reality Shack 3/8/05 Hey Baby, What's Your Sign? - American Idol 4 - 3/7/05

JokersUpdates 3/8/05 American Idol : 8 Boys. It Must Be the Weather

TVRules 3/8/05 American Idol 3/7/05 Review

Reality News Online 3/8/05 American Idol 4, March 7: One Last Shot

Metro 3/8/05 Syrup was flowing in tidal waves on Idol

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/05 Idol Chatter

WECT 3/8/05 "American Idol" hopeful to perform at Azalea Festival

Decatur Daily 3/8/05 Bo showing is strong again on hit TV show 'American Idol'

KYW 3/8/05 Buxco Man May Be The Next American Idol

Manassas JM 3/8/05 Fans gather in Manassas restaurants to support local Idol

Post Dispatch 3/8/05 Nikko Smith hits all the right notes

MSNBC 3/8/05 Signs point to Bice

KSAT 3/8/05 Texas Man Who Claims He Created 'American Idol' Seeks Day In Court 3/8/05 Fedorov goes Latin in bid to advance

High Point Enterprise 3/7/05 Fantasy hair for Fantasia

Inside Pulse 3/7/05 American Idol - Recap - Monday

Fans Of Reality TV 3/7/05 American Idol 3/2: No Frills, Just Results

Beavers On Idol 3/7/05 Top 20 Performances Retrospective 3/7/05 - 3.7.05 - 8 Guys

TVRules 3/7/05 American Idol-Top Eight Guys Performance 3/7/05

Zap2It 3/7/05 'Idol' Men Are Born Under a Bad Sign

USA Today 3/7/05 'Idol' judges give more love to Anwar

Hammond Daily Star 3/7/05 Cardinale keeps her quiet image

Fox News 3/7/05 Grrr! Paula Abdul Is a Parrot

Palm Beach Post 3/7/05 American Idol Boot Camp 3/7/05 Former 'American Idol' contestant continues ministry around Texas

Rapid City Journal 3/7/05 Life won't be the same for ‘American Idol' contestant 3/7/05 - Review of Kelly Clarkson’s Behind Hazel Eyes 3/7/05 Something to croon about

Plain Dealer 3/7/05 Shaker native is 1 song away from American Idol' finals 3/7/05 Idol hopeful trying to stay grounded

Mobile Register 3/7/05 Alabama's Bo Bice still a hopeful on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 3/7/05 No. 1 with a ballad

Foxes On Idol 3/7/05 Idol Thoughts, March 7: Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em - The Great Air Time Debate

Always Reality Television 3/6/05 3/1 & 3/2 Recap "Pre-programmed Pop Stars"

Reality TV World 3/6/05 American Idol 4 - Performance Week 2 summary

The Trentonian 3/6/05 Locals pursue ‘American Idol’ glory

Potomac News 3/6/05 Manassas 'Idol' finds network of support

New Age Media Concepts 3/6/05 Is The Next American Idol Title Already Won?

Post-Dispatch 3/6/05 'Idol' wannabes made it to Hollywood but no further

Post-Dispatch 3/6/05 Aloha Mischeaux is afraid she let St. Louis down

TVRules 3/5/05 American Idol: Another Four Contestants Eliminated 3/2/05

TVRules 3/5/05 American Idol: The Final 16 Perform This Week 3/7/05-3/9/05

Fans of Reality TV 3/5/05 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun … Oh, and Sing Well, Too …

Idol Media 3/5/05 Fanbases and thoughts from week 2

Star Tribune 3/5/05 'Idol' worship: 15 to go

Malaysia Star 3/5/05 How's William Hung?

NMC 3/4/05 Kelly Clarkson To Final Four Fest

Free Lance-Star 3/4/05 Tucker is still alive on 'Idol'

Pasadena Star-News 3/4/05 Rowland Heights native still in running to be next 'American Idol'

News-Press 3/4/05 'Idol' hopeful savors spot in sweet 16

Beacon Journal 3/4/05 Best yet to come from `Idol' man

Entertainment Weekly 3/4/05 No Tone Unturned

Randall the Vandal 3/3/05 Same Amount of Carnage In Half the Time

St. Petersburg Times 3/3/05 Tampa woman advances on 'Idol'

Review Journal 3/3/05 Las Vegas entries advance on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 3/3/05 FW idol contestant nixed

Potomac News 3/3/05 Finding her inner voices

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 Has Simon Seen The Light?

Reality Shack 3/3/05 Cheated! - American Idol 4 - 3/2/05

Orwell Project 3/3/05 Four More Wannabe’s Booted – American Idol 4: Episode 15

Philippine Star 3/3/05 A new album from the 1st American Idol
Reality TV World 3/3/05 Fox's 'American Idol 4' cuts four more semifinalists, narrows field to sixteen

Entertainment Weekly 3/3/05 Idol Chatter

Metro 3/3/05 Voters' choice shocks viewers

JokersUpdates 3/3/05 American Idol : The Results. An Old Dawg Learns Some New Tricks

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 Teenage Girls Are Ruining This Show

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 A Kinder - Gentler Results Show

Reality TV Calendar 3/3/05 The Top Twenty Results Show Recap

WCNC 3/3/05 'American Idol' rights the ship

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why David Lost

Idol Media 3/3/05 Episode 16 recap

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Joseph Lost

Post-Dispatch 3/3/05 Show bids aloha to St. Louisan Mischeaux

Sturgis Online 3/3/05 This ‘Idol’ dozen has promise

Atlanta Journal 3/3/05 Castine slips into next round

MSNBC 3/3/05 Readers rave, rant about ‘Idol’

Post-Dispatch 3/3/05 Kelly Clarkson headlines Final Four festival

News-Press 3/3/05 ‘Baby V’ on to sweet 16

MSNBC 3/3/05 ‘Idol’ judges, viewers are unforgiving

Curlio 3/3/05 American Idol has predictable results

USA Today 3/3/05 'Idol' drops 4 more

Star Telegram 3/3/05 'Idol' eliminates Fort Worth singer 3/3/05 Girls: A disappointing week 2

Plain Dealer 3/3/05 'Idol' fans vote Shaker man into next round

Decatur Daily 3/3/05 'You're the real deal, Bo,' says Paula Abdul

Chicago Tribune 3/3/05 4 `Idol' wannabes are sent packing 3/3/05 Fedorov raises his game on 'Idol' 3/3/05 Studdard sues godfather, claiming unauthorized spending

Newsday 3/3/05 Long Island’s idol won’t be America’s

KHON2 3/3/05 'Idol' contestant gets ring replacement 3/3/05 - 4 More Fall: He Said, She Said; any surprises?

Inside Pulse 3/3/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday

Inside Pulse 3/3/05 American Idol Thoughts, Reviews, and Recaps

Zap2It 3/3/05 Aloha, Aloha: 'Idol' Cuts Four More

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Aloha Lost

Foxes On Idol 3/3/05 American Idol 4: Why Celena Lost

Reality News Online 3/3/05 American Idol 4, March 2: The Sweet Sixteen


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