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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


National Enquirer 6/3/05 Idol Carrie In A Love Triangle

News-Press 6/3/05 Vonzell won't sing here anytime soon

Rolling Stone 6/3/05 No Dice for Bo Bice? 6/3/05 - A Rank Four all Seasons: Top 46 Best Performances Ever!

Foxes On Idol 6/3/05 American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers - Good News and Bad News

Huntsville Times 6/3/05 'Idol' finalists trying to make difference with music

Daily News 6/3/05 Coldplay, 'Idols' hit Pittsburgh

New Straits Times 6/3/05 Hit List!: American Idol album is No. 6 on US Billboard

The State 6/3/05 You heard her here first

Orlando Sentinel 6/3/05 A must-see for 'Idol' worshippers

Canton Repository 6/3/05 From ‘American Idol’ to bonafide pop idol

Billings Gazette 6/3/05 'Idol' winner to play Bozeman

Journal Times Online 6/3/05 Confessions of an `American Idol' addict

Sturgis Online 6/2/05 The Farr Side: ‘Idol’ gets a classy close to season

Charlotte Observer 6/2/05 New 'Idol's' single hits stores June 14

Chart Attack 6/2/05 Carrie Underwood Looks At A Fall Release For Her Debut

MSNBC 6/2/05 ‘American Idol’ finalists make chart debut

CBS 6/2/05 Bo Bice, 'A Cat' Who Can Jam

Foxes On Idol 6/2/05 The Voice Coach: The True Meaning of an American Idol 6/2/05 - He Said, She Said: AI 4 Season Review

Reality Shack 6/2/05 Season Wrap-Up, American Idol 4

Chicago Sun-Times 6/2/05 Underwood's recording career counts down

Billboard 6/2/05 Q&A: Carrie Underwood

Reality TV Magazine 6/2/05 American Idol: Bo Bice Sells More, Carrie Underwood Plays More

AJC 6/1/05 Idol' Carrie reportedly leads PETA poll for sexiest vegetarian

WRAL-TV 6/1/05 'American Idol' Fantasia, Kenny Rogers Among N.C. Fair Acts

CBS 6/1/05 Carrie Underwood In 'Heaven'

Purdue Exponent 6/1/05 'American Idol' winner will serenade students next fall

Hartselle Enquirer 6/1/05 American Idol or not, Bice still has plenty of Bo-lievers

Television Without Pity 6/1/05 Skeptacular! Skeptacular! Part II

Media Life 5/31/05 And for Bo, it could be Bice as nice

MTV 5/31/05 Advice To Bo Bice: Embrace 'Beard Rock,' Change Your Name To 'Bob Ice'

Arizona Republic 5/31/05 Carrie Underwood toast for sale on eBay

Shelby County Reporter 5/31/05 Bo reminisces 'amazing ride'

Reality TV Calendar 5/31/05 The 4th Season In Review: Controversies And Fixes
Foxes On Idol 5/31/05 Idol Thoughts, May 31: Déjà vu All Over Again

Reality TV World 5/31/05 'American Idol' runner-up Bo Bice leads winner Carrie Underwood in early debut single pre-orders

Foxes On Idol 5/31/05 American Idol 4 - Done With the Hand Wringing

Reality TV Magazine 5/31/05 The Best Moments of the American Idol 4 Finale

Malaysia Star 5/31/05 Keeping the faith alive in Bo Bice

Always Reality Television 5/30/05 AI4 5/24 Recap - When Coin Tosses Go Wrong

Beavers On Idol 5/30/05 Top 2 Performances Retrospective

Television Without Pity 5/30/05 Skeptacular! Skeptacular! Part I

Mercury News 5/30/05 `American Idol' finalists abound

Pollstar 5/30/05 Kelly's Breakaway

Reality TV Magazine 5/29/05 American Idol Bloopers

Reality TV Magazine 5/29/05 Bo Bice Single Rockets to Top of Barnes & Noble Bestsellers List

Charlotte Observer 5/29/05 'Idol' encounter

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/29/05 New 'Idol' will stick to roots

Huntsville Times 5/29/05 Did vote set Bo on road to fame?

Staten Island Advance 5/29/05 Carrie is our new 'Idol'

Toledo Blade 5/29/05 Will 'Idol' worship continue for Carrie?

Reality TV Talk 5/28/05 American Idol 4 "Finale: More Rigging Than The Cutty Sark"

Seattle Times 5/28/05 No idling career for original "Idol" belter

Jam! 5/28/05 'American Idol' gears up for summer tour 5/28/05 Its Over! Some Random Thoughts from AI's "Creator" and Me

Beavers On Idol 5/27/05 Bo's Future Is Still Bright

Tahlequah Daily Press 5/27/05 Carried away over Underwood 5/27/05 Carrie Underwood Topples Bice -Bice Squad Eating Crow

Beavers On Idol 5/27/05 Is American Idol Rigged? You Betcha

The Trades 5/27/05 American Idol 4: Season in Review

Foxes on Idol 5/27/05 Idol Thoughts, May 27: There's Got to be a Morning After

Fans of Reality TV 5/27/05 Carrie On You Wayward Voters

Fashion Monitor 5/27/05 Carrie Underwood: 100% American Beauty

Express Times 5/27/05 All Eyes on Idol: God Bless the road that led us to Carrie

Entertainment Weekly 5/27/05 Clark Snark

NY Times 5/27/05 In Final Duel for Idolhood, Visions of the South Collide

Extra 5/27/05 Corey's Final Words, An 'Idol' Arrested

TVRules 5/27/05 Corey Clark Responds To American Idol Spoof

Fans of Reality TV 5/27/05 "Idol" Spoof Upsets Clark

Inside Pulse 5/27/05 Clark Upset By 'Idol' Sketch

Entertainment Weekly 5/27/05 Clark Snark

MSNBC 5/27/05 Many love Carrie; Bo fans disappointed

Birmingham News 5/27/05 Going behind the scenes at 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 Former American Idol Contestant Arrested

Foxes On Idol 5/26/05 Bo Bice: Rock's Ambassador to the Mainstream

Music Reviews Online 5/26/05 American Idol 4 Top2 Vocal Master Class

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 Carrie Underwood is Crowned the American Idol

Reality Shack 5/26/05 Bo’s a No Go as Carrie Walks Away With the Win - American Idol 4, Finale

Reality TV Talk 5/26/05 The AI Roundtable Ladies Speak: Our thoughts on the finale

Beavers On Idol 5/26/05 And So It Goes 5/26/05  Sudden Return of Magic: Oh my!

Reality News Online 5/26/05 American Idol 4, May 25: Over and Out

Reality TV Calendar 5/26/05 Carrie Is The American Idol - Finale Recap

Orwell Project 5/26/05 Carrie Wins! - American Idol 4 Finale Recap - Episode 41

Celebrity Spider 5/26/05 American Idol Carrie Underwood Receives a Marquis Jet Card

Extra 5/26/05 'Idol' Insider: Everything Came up Carrie

MTV 5/26/05 Rocking Runner-Up Bo Bice Wants To Show What He's Really About

Muskogee Phoenix 5/26/05 NSU cheers on their ‘Idol’

Decatur Daily 5/26/05 Say it ain’t so, Bo

MTV 5/26/05 'Did He Just Call My Name?' — Carrie On Her Big Win

KVOA 5/26/05 Corey Clark upset over last night's spoof on "American Idol"

Jam! 5/26/05 Idol makes hay

Entertainment Weekly 5/26/05 Country Smile

Detroit Free Press 5/26/05 Country crooner edges out rocker to win 'Idol' crown

Seattle PI 5/26/05 Microphones, telephones, and another star is born on 'American Idol'

NY Daily News 5/26/05 It's Carrie!

Newsday 5/26/05 Carrie is newest 'American Idol' 5/26/05 Country carries Carrie to 'Idol' crown

Chicago Sun Times 5/26/05 For love of country: Carrie wins 'Idol'

CBS 5/26/05 New 'Idol' Vows To Stay Country 5/26/05 He Said, She said: The Final Finale is Finished and Fun

Reality TV World 5/26/05 Carrie Underwood bests Bo Bice to win Fox's 'American Idol 4'

Jam! 5/26/05 Country gal crowned 'American Idol'

Foxes on Idol 5/26/05 American Idol 4: Why Carrie Won

Inside Pulse 5/26/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday Finale: Who Wins?

Foxes on Idol 5/26/05 American Idol 4: Why Bo Lost

MSNBC 5/26/05 Carrie is what ‘Idol’ is all about

Washington Post 5/26/05 Carrie Underwood, All Choked Up

Orlando Sentinel 5/26/05 Carrie is new 'Idol'

NY Daily News 5/26/05 2 hours of muck for 5 seconds of wow!

Montgomery Advertiser 5/26/05 Carrie beats Alabama's Bo

Alabama News 5/26/05 Checotah gets its Idol in hometown girl

Zap2It 5/25/05 'Idol' Winner's No Underdog

JokersUpdates 5/25/05 American Idol : Finale Results. A Final Flat Note

Detroit News 5/25/05 Carrie Underwood wins 'American Idol' contest

USA Today 5/25/05 Carrie Underwood named American Idol

TVRules 5/25/05 American Idol: Hour Two Finale Summary (9:00-10:00 PM)

TVRules 5/25/05 American Idol: Finale Hour 1 Summary (8:00-9:00 PM) 5/25/05 American Idol: Bo blew it

Reality TV World 5/25/05 'American Idol' powers Fox to 2004-2005 young adults ratings win

The Trades 5/25/05 American Idol 4: Week 11 - The Finale

Fans of Reality TV 5/25/05 Get Out of My Heaven You Creeps
Orwell Project 5/25/05 Final Showdown With Carrie & Bo - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 40

Celebrity Spider 5/25/05 American Idol Betting Hits Fever Pitch: Online Bookmakers Report Results

Beavers On Idol 5/25/05 Two for the Show 5/25/05 Carrie Underwood's 'Angels Brought Me Here' Not A New Song

Tulsa World 5/25/05 Carrie may be America's Idol, but she's not NSU's alumna

Chicago Sun Times 5/25/05 'Idol' dawgfight ends tonight

Entertainment Weekly 5/25/05 Season's Gradings

Reality Shack 5/25/05 Finalé or Finally? - American Idol

Inside Pulse 5/25/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday 5/25/05 - Underwood Out Sang Bice on Finale

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 Confessions Of A Teenage Voter: Part II

Foxes On Idol 5/25/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 24 5/25/05 The Grand Finale: "Inside Your Hell"

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 Who Will Win It All? Our Final Prediction 5/25/05 He Said, She Said: The Finale is Grand

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 The Final Two Performance Recap

Reality News Online 5/25/05 American Idol 4, May 24: The Finale - Bo vs. Carrie

Muskogee Phoenix 5/25/05 Simon predicts Carrie will win

BBC 5/25/05 Idol duo set for final showdown
NY Daily News 5/25/05 Lotta 'Idol' chatter

Rocky Mount Telegram 5/25/05 'Idol' rocker a veteran of the stage

Stars and Stripes 5/25/05 'Idol' finalist attended London Central High School

Chicago Tribune 5/25/05 We got your Idol

MTV 5/25/05 'American Idol' Recap: Carrie Gets Simon's Vote, Bo Has Proven Himself

Times Herald 5/25/05 Stylist makes cut on 'Idol'

Metro 5/25/05 No easy choice on Idol

Hartford Courant 5/25/05 It's Down To Carrie And Bo On 'American Idol' Finish

AJC 5/25/05 Olympic stars, DeGarmo at arena Oct. 12

Birmingham News 5/25/05 Only vital 'Idol' vote remains

Chicago Sun Times 5/25/05 'Idol' dawgfight ends tonight 5/25/05 Someone has to win

Washington Post 5/25/05 Bo vs. Carrie: Hold Your Nose, Not Your Breath

Zap2It 5/24/05 'Idol' Finalists Make Their Closing Arguments

JokersUpdates 5/24/05 American Idol : Bo and Carrie. Cashing in Chips 5/24/05 A Sharp, A Flat, and a Friggin' Frightening Finale

Reality TV World 5/24/05 American Idol 4 - Finals Week 10 summary

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 Rascal Flatts Tapped to Perform on American Idol 5/24/05  She's A Little Bit Country, He's a Little Bit Rock 'n Roll

TVRules 5/24/05 American Idol: Season Finale, Part One 5/24 Summary 5/24/05 You don't need to win to cash in on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/24/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Eleventh – and Who Will Win It All?

MTV 5/24/05 Kelly Clarkson Unveils More Tour Dates, Says 'Who's Bo Bice?'

Jam! 5/24/05 'American Idol' down to two

Newsday 5/24/05 'Idol' ending on a high note

Foxes On Idol 5/24/05 American Idol 4 Showdown - The Tale of the Tape

Celebrity Spider 5/24/05 Governor Bob Riley proclaims Tuesday, May 24 as Bo Bice Day in the state of Alabama.

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/24/05 The Winner's Circle: American Idol 3's Fantasia, the Girl Next Door - Like It or Not

Sun Sentinel 5/24/05 Idol thoughts: Who will it be -- Carrie or Bo?

NMC 5/24/05 Got Milk? -- Kelly Clarkson Does 5/24/05 'Idol' forecast

NY Daily News 5/24/05 No 'Idol' before us

Detroit News 5/24/05 Last 2 contestants will battle on 'American Idol'

Morning Call 5/24/05 'Idol' contestant Ian Holmes has some 'do's and don'ts' for Bo and Carrie

Lowell Sun 5/24/05 Next ‘American Idol' all comes down to ... Carrie vs. Bo

Palm Beach Post 5/24/05 American Idol boot camp final edition

Orlando Sentinel 5/24/05 'Idol' ending on a high note

Muskogee Phoenix 5/24/05 Final two go down the home stretch

Morning Call 5/24/05 A quirky walk through season four of 'Idol' 5/24/05 Suspenseful sing-off

Calgary Sun 5/24/05 Idol: Rocker vs. cowgirl

Rocky Mountain News 5/24/05 'American Idol' finalists go tune-to-tune tonight

MTV 5/23/05 Think You Know Everything About 'American Idol'? Part 2

Fans of Reality TV 5/23/05 Voting Window Extended for Idol Finale

Extra 5/23/05 Fantasia's Fantastic Year

All Africa 5/23/05 Clay Aiken to Visit Northern Uganda Children

Reality TV Calendar 5/23/05 Southern Idol: Carrie Vs. Bo

MSNBC 5/23/05 Where do ‘Idol’ contestants live?

Huntsville Times 5/23/05 Bo's success has spiritual element, too

Reality TV World 5/23/05 'American Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino to perform at charity benefit

AJC 5/23/05 DeGarmo graduates this week, to resume tours

St. Petersburg Times 5/23/05 For former 'Idol' contestant, life has a cabaret

Reality TV Hall of Fame 5/23/05 Hall of Fame Moment: Bo Bice's "Unplugged" Performance of "In a Dream"

Foxes On Idol 5/23/05 Idol Thoughts, May 23: Sitting Back Recollecting - It's All About the Bo

Star Ledger 5/23/05 Unlikely finalists

Huntsville Times 5/23/05 Bo's 'given it all he's got,' ex-prof says

Television Without Pity 5/23/05 The Girl Who Was Good At Singing Disco Songs

Dallas Morning News 5/22/05 'Idol' showdown

Beavers On Idol 5/22/05 Top 3 Performances Retrospective

Celebrity Spider 5/22/05 American Idol Stands to Become the Single Most Bet on Television Show Ever

Decatur Daily 5/22/05 The Bo Factor

Newsday 5/22/05 The making of an 'American Idol'

Rochester News 5/22/05 Idol Performs at Lilac Festival

MLive 5/22/05 Who's going to win 'Idol'? This writer gives nod to Bo

TVRules 5/22/05 American Idol: Season Finale (Part One 5/24, Part Two 5/25)

Staten Island Advance 5/22/05 Long-haired rocker vs. Southern belle on 'Idol'

The Star 5/22/05 Bo vs Carrie in American Idol finals 5/21/05 - Valient Vonzell, Carrie's Career, and the Bodaciousness of Bice

Zap2It 5/21/05 Seacrest Wraps up His 'Idol' Thoughts

INQ7 Interactive 5/21/05 Jasmine Trias bets on Bo

Tribune-Review 5/21/05 Fantasia to perform at benefit

St Petersburg Times 5/21/05 Fantasia to light up the Sun Dome

Times Reporter 5/21/05 Vehicle repairs result in trip to American Idol

Celebrity Spider 5/20/05 Carrie Underwood or Bo Bice...Who Will Be the Next American Idol

Tahlequah Daily Press 5/20/05 Underwood makes final two 5/20/05 Can singers stay in spotlight after `Idol'?

Zap2It 5/20/05 Going Postal with 'Idol' Vonzell

Extra 5/20/05 'Idol' Insider: The Bosses Bash Back

Beavers On Idol 5/20/05 Corey Clark: Cad or Whistleblower?

Reality TV Calendar 5/20/05 Carrie Vs. Bo: Preview and Commentary

TVRules 5/20/05 American Idol Extends Finale Voting Hours

Zap2It 5/20/05 Online Oddsmakers Predict 'Idol' Win for Bo

Birmingham News 5/20/05 Rooting for Bo

NMC 5/20/05 Fantasia On GMA Summer Lineup

News-Press 5/20/05 'Baby V' has more in store

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/20/05 'Idol' party set for civic center

NY Post 5/20/05 Vonzie's Cinderella Story Goes On

NMC 5/20/05 Today Show with Kelly Clarkson

Seattle PI 5/20/05 Kelly Clarkson finds more ways to refresh her act

Entertainment Weekly 5/20/05 Moments Like This

Foxes On Idol 5/20/05 The Voice Coach: Performing for the Man With the Golden Ears

Reality TV Talk 5/20/05 AI4 Three Left "Choosy I-Dolls Choose A Cappella"

Reality News Online 5/20/05 American Idol 4, May 18 - Three Into Two

Music Reviews Online 5/20/05 American Idol 4 Top 3 Vocal Master Class

Charlotte Observer 5/20/05 Woman's 'Idol' worship paying off

Express Times 5/20/05 All Eyes on Idol: 'Baby V' grows up on stage

Times Online 5/20/05 America falls for tattooed rocker over sweet charm of a student

Miami Herald 5/20/05 'Idol' reject's sludge rock tribute is drudgery

Philippine Star 5/20/05 Jasmine is back to do an album

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/05 Top Three Interview: A Chat With Vonzell Solomon

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Bo Bice Now the Favorite to be Named Next American Idol 5/19/05 A Look at the Final 2 to see who will win and why.

Reality Shack 5/19/05 Goodbye to Baby V! (But your mail might be late) - American Idol, 5-18-05

Celebrity Spider 5/19/05 Vonzell Solomon Eliminated From American Idol

WAFF 5/19/05 Bo Bice Makes it to Final Idol Round

Mercury News 5/19/05 'American Idol' voters have one last decision

Chart Attack 5/19/05 Vonzell Solomon Booted From American Idol, Only Two Remain

Extra 5/19/05 'Idol' Insider: All Together Now

MSNBC 5/19/05 ‘American Idol’ fans will miss Vonzell

Casino City Times 5/19/05 PinnacleSports Picks Bo as Next Idol

MTV 5/19/05 Vonzell Says She Doesn't Regret Picking Challenging Songs

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/05 Oddsmakers Predict The Winner Is......

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/05 Whoever Has The Most Keys, Wins

Reality TV World 5/19/05 'American Idol 4' eliminates Vonzell Solomon, making Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood its final 2 finalists 5/19/05 - He Said, She Said: And Then There Were Two… Who Made the Finale?

Foxes On Idol 5/19/05 American Idol 4: Why Vonzell Lost 5/19/05 - The Final Three: Let's Get Ready To Ruuuummmbllle!!

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/05 The Top 3 Results Show Recap 5/19/05 - The Black Goddess Vonzell Solomon was dethroned

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 19th

MTV 5/19/05 Vonzell Is History As 'Idol' Season Nears Its End

News-Press 5/19/05 Local fans, family mourn 'Baby V's' loss

Huntsville Times 5/19/05 Sun hasn't gone down on Bo

Metro 5/19/05 Vonzell gets Idol farewell

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/19/05 No ‘Crying’ for Carrie

PCC Courier Online 5/19/05 Corey Clark Must Stop Being an Attention Hog 5/19/05 Then there were two: Bo, Carrie in `Idol' finals 5/19/05 Retrospective of Vonzell Solomon's reign on Idol

Decatur Daily 5/19/05 Bo barrels on 5/19/05 'Idol' voters give Vonzell the boot

Beacon Journal 5/19/05 'American Idol' voters have one last decision

Chicago Sun-Times 5/19/05 Final choice: hairy vs. Carrie

USA Today 5/19/05 Last two standing: Bo, Carrie

Newsday 5/19/05 Baby V voted off 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 5/19/05 Vonz Is Not Enough

Zap2It 5/19/05 'Idol' Becomes Solomon's Minefield 5/19/05 American Idol Finale Lacks Black Competitors

Huntsville Times 5/19/05 WZYP plans 'Idol' party if Bo makes final

Charlotte Observer 5/19/05 Local mom on 'American Idol' red carpet

News Press 5/18/05 Local fans say her career is far from over

Orwell Project 5/18/05 As Hot As Idol Gets - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 38

JokersUpdates 5/18/05 American Idol : Final Three Results. Down to Two Softly 5/18/05 - Who Are The Top 2?

News-Press 5/18/05 Vonzell voted off 'American Idol' 5/18/05 `Baby V' exits `Idol' setting up Bo Bice and Carrie Underwood for finals

Beavers On Idol 5/18/05 Clive Davis and This Business of American Idol: Whose Music Is It Anyway?

Naples Daily News 5/18/05 'Baby V' knocked off 'American Idol'

MSNBC 5/18/05 Bye-bye Baby V 5/18/05 American Idol: Charmed Carrie, Badass Bo make finals

Chart Attack 5/18/05 Velvet Teddy Bear Ruben Studdard Preps Third LP

Billboard 5/18/05 Poll: Bo Bice Will Be The Next 'Idol'

Extra 5/18/05 'Idol' Insider: Simon's Last Call

MSNBC 5/18/05 The downside of ‘Idol’ worship

Cleveland Scene Weekly 5/18/05 Fallen Idol

Beavers On Idol 5/18/05 Choice Songs and a Buffet of Talent

TVRules 5/18/05 American Idol: Roundtable Part Three (Final Three)

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/05 The Top Three Performance Recap

Reality Shack 5/18/05 Pick Three - American Idol, 05-17-05

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/05 Who Is Going Home? Our Top 3 Prediction 5/18/05 - He Said, She Said: The top 3 are the Top Dawgs! 5/18/05 - Do they want to win? I wonder!

Celebrity Justice 5/18/05 "Poop on Ryan Seacrest's Star" Contest

Foxes On Idol 5/18/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 17

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/05 The Holy Trinity

Reality News Online 5/18/05 American Idol 4, May 17 - In The Presence of Greatness

The Trades 5/18/05 American Idol 4: Week 10 - Clive Davis's, Contestants', and Judges' Choices

MTV 5/18/05 'American Idol' Recap: It Will Take A Miracle To Beat Bo Bice

MSNBC 5/18/05 Some ‘Idol’ performances still reverberate today

WBAL 5/18/05 Clive Davis Favors Bo On 'Idol'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/18/05 Carrie makes push for spot in ‘Idol’ final

Metro 5/18/05 Bo knows best what woos Idol hearts

Dallas Morning News 5/18/05 'Idol' index: The final two

News-Press 5/18/05 Underwood needs to go, but fans have other idea

Huntsville Times 5/18/05 Gutsy choice could seal 'Idol' for Bo

Entertainment Weekly 5/18/05 Fever Pitch

Decatur Daily 5/18/05 'Bo, you are the bomb'

Chicago Sun-Times 5/18/05 Guest thinks Bo stole the show

WAFF 5/18/05 IMAX Hosts Bice Fans 5/18/05 Bo Bice – America’s Next Idol?

NMC 5/18/05 Fantasia On Baby Mama

New Age Media Concepts 5/18/05 Fantasia ''Turns On'' Atlantic City and Summertime at the City's 150th Birthday

Rugged Elegance 5/18/05 American Idol IV Top Three Perform Three Songs

Pioneer Press 5/18/05 All about fun on 'Idol'

Zap2It 5/18/05 Thrice Is Nice for Bice on 'Idol'

Tucson Citizen 5/18/05 This is the stuff idols are made of 5/18/05 - A Sharp, A Flat, and too much Fluff: The Final Three

JokersUpdates 5/18/05 American Idol : Final Three. Anything is Possible

Arizona Republic 5/18/05 Clarkson sheds 'Idol' chains with rock-out performance 5/17/05 - Top 3 Sing 3 Songs

TVRules 5/17/05 American Idol-Final Three Performance Summary 5/17/2005

MSNBC 5/17/05 Down to three

USA Today 5/17/05 Bo knows a cappella

Shelby County Reporter 5/17/05 Bo Bice rocks Helena - Idol opens Buck Creek Festival

East Valley Tribune 5/17/05 The Cult of Clarkson: She came, she crooned, she conquered

WBBH 5/17/05 Cashing in on Baby V 5/17/05 Studdard plots fall 'Return' with new CD

Always Reality Television 5/17/05 AI4 Recap 5/10 - Blaming The Band

Wireless Flash News Service 5/17/05 Alabama Country Singer Pens Bo Bice Tribute Song

News-Press 5/17/05 It's 'Idol' time for 'Baby V'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/17/05 3 songs hold key to ‘Idol’ final for Carrie

Foxes On Idol 5/17/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Tenth? 5/17/05 American Idol: And then there were three

Daily Sentinel 5/17/05 American Idol's Bo gets visit from home

Entertainment Weekly 5/17/05 Judge Dread

Arizona Republic 5/17/05 With classy Anthony gone, it's down to . . . The final trio 5/17/05 Time for a breakout number

MSNBC 5/17/05 ‘Idol’ fans debate remaining three

USA Today 5/17/05 The 'Idol' gods must be crazy

MIX 5/17/05 American Idol Gets Mixed With TC Electronic

Decatur Daily 5/17/05 Decatur woman's pottery trip turns into a 'Bice-capade'

Ventura County Star 5/17/05 3 contestants vie for votes tonight

The Star 5/17/05 Bedroom Idol

Reality TV World 5/16/05 American Idol 4 - Finals Week 9 summary

Celebrity Spider 5/16/05 American Idol Contestants Will Have Additional Phone Number for Voting

Extra 5/16/05 Extra 'Idol' Makeover: Ryan

Television Without Pity 5/16/05 Hope You Find A Lot Of Nice Things To Wear 5/16/05 Ex-'Idol' hopeful Stevens doing cabaret

Zap2It 5/16/05 'Idol' Opens Additional Phone Lines

Chart Attack 5/16/05 American Idol Covers Boost Sales For Artists 5/16/05 - The Bice Squad Bites Back

TVRules 5/16/05 American Idol: Interview With Anthony Fedorov

TVRules 5/16/05 American Idol Roundtable (Final Four Discussion, Part Two)

Foxes On Idol 5/16/05 Idol Thoughts, May 16: Down to Three, Who Will it Be?

New Straits Times 5/15/05 It’s the Carrie, Bo and Vonz show

Beavers On Idol 5/15/05 Top 4 Performances Retrospective

Beavers On Idol 5/15/05 Lights Dim for Anthony, the Fedoration of Love

Digital Spy 5/15/05 Cowell's relationship on the rocks?

Decatur Daily 5/15/05 Local country singer pens tribute song for Bo Bice

Journal and Courier 5/15/05 'American Idol' rolls toward the big finale

Nashua Telegraph 5/15/05 Did CC glitch spell doom for Anthony?

Journal and Courier 5/15/05 'Idol' finalist continues to pursue singing career

Ventura County Star 5/15/05 'Idol' controversy does not sway most of its faithful

Celebrity Spider 5/14/05 Corey Clark Signs Up Black Eyed Peas for Solo Album

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/14/05 Oklahoman Idol

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/14/05 Thousands welcome Carrie 5/14/05 - Bo's no Roger Daltrey

Reality TV Talk 5/14/05 AI4 Four Left "Bagel Heaven: Country Crock and Philadelphia Creaming Cheese"

Reality TV Calendar 5/14/05 Constantine Lives On

Beavers On Idol 5/14/05 Three to Get Ready

Birmingham News 5/14/05 `American Idol' finalist makes whirlwind tour to Alabama and back

Launch 5/14/05 Eminem, Lil' Jon, Fantasia To Appear At Hip-Hop Summit 5/14/05 Being nice pays off for Abdul

Naples Daily News 5/14/05 'American Idol' finalist Solomon makes home visit

Star Ledger 5/14/05 Anwar proves he's still Rider's 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 5/13/05 Carrie Underwood is odds makers favorite for American Idol

KOTV 5/13/05 American Idol's Carrie Underwood Returns To Checotah For A Quick Visit

Naples Daily News 5/13/05 'Idol' star signs autographs, sings to hometown crowd 5/13/05 Hundreds Gather In Helena To Welcome Bo Bice Home

Star Tribune 5/13/05 'Idol' worship: Fedorov hits the road 5/13/05 Fedorov reflects on his time on 'Idol'

News-Press 5/13/05 It's 'Baby V' day

Zap2It 5/13/05 Fedorov's 'Idol' Bubble Is Burst

Reality TV World 5/13/05 'American Idol 4' finalist Vonzell Solomon was "caught up in the moment"

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/13/05 Carrie comes back home

News-Press 5/13/05 Local 'Idol' on whirlwind homecoming tour 5/13/05 Fedorov: 'I went out on a high note'

Houston Chronicle 5/13/05 American Idol countdown: . . . 3 . . . 5/13/05 'Idol' winner Fantasia Barrino joins city's 150th birthday gala

Foxes On Idol 5/13/05 Corey Claims 'Explicit' Evidence, But He's Losing the P.R. Battle

Tahlequah Daily Press 5/13/05 Underwood heads into home stretch

NY Post 5/13/05 Vonzell's Secret

Seattle Times 5/13/05 Record mogul Clive Davis returns to 'Idol' 5/13/05 Helena To Celebrate Bo Bice's Return Home Friday

WAFF 5/13/05 Bo Bice Back Home in Alabama; See Him Friday

Fans of Reality TV 5/12/05 Top Four Interview: A Chat with Anthony Fedorov

Music Reviews Online 5/12/05 American Idol 4 Top 4 Vocal Master Class

Reality Shack 5/12/05 For Anthony It’s Curtains and Coach - American Idol 4, 5-11-05

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov is Eliminated From the American Idol Competition

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest Set Up Simon Cowell to Get Punk'd 5/12/05 - A Rank Four All Seasons: 46 Worst Performances Ever

Fans of Reality TV 5/12/05 The Dream is Over

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/05 I'll Take That Bet!

TVRules 5/12/05 When Simon Speaks Anthony Listens

Orwell Project 5/12/05 Another Hopeful Bites the Dust - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 37

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/05 R.I.P. Constantine - And Stop Emailing Me!

Foxes On Idol 5/12/05 The Voice Coach: From the Grand Ole Opry to the City of Brotherly Love

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 12th 5/12/05 - Carrie: The Carmen of Cowell's Dreams

WCNC 5/12/05 Results of 'American Idol' overshadowed by Paula-tics

Reality TV World 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov becomes the ninth 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated

Celebrity Spider 5/12/05 Simon Cowell Defends Paula Abdul

E!Online 5/12/05 A. Fed Gets the "Idol" Hook

MTV 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov Says Simon's Cruel Criticism Was Helpful

Chart Attack 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov Booted From Idol, Three Remain 5/12/05 Fedorov goes home without `Idol' title

andPop 5/12/05 Ousted Idol Constantine Maroulis Releases Album With Band 5/12/05 'Idol' sends Anthony packing

Las Vegas City Life 5/12/05 Nobody's idol 5/12/05 American Idol: Anthony's swan song bittersweet

MSNBC 5/12/05 Some fans think Anthony should have stayed

Huntsville Times 5/12/05 Bo's 'American Idol' dream keeps on going

Beacon Journal 5/12/05 Scott Savol fans checking in

MSNBC 5/12/05 Three’s company on ‘American Idol’

News-Press 5/12/05 Cancer-free after visiting Baby V; 11-year-old healthy

Naples Daily News 5/12/05 'American Idol' star to return home with full schedule

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/12/05 Carrie, a top three, returns home

Birmingham News 5/12/05 `Idol' finalist Bice to make quick VIP trip to Helena

Huntsville Times 5/12/05 Watch Bo rock 'Idol' amid rockets

Morning Call 5/12/05 The curtain goes down on Fedorov's 'American Idol' bid

Decatur Daily 5/12/05 Go, Bo, go!

News-Press 5/12/05 'Idol' to be honored here Friday 5/12/05 Bucks balladeer Anthony exits 'American Idol'

Sky News 5/12/05 Mr Nasty Defends Paula

MTV 5/12/05 Anthony Fedorov Doesn't Make 'Idol' Final Three 5/12/05 'Idol' Anthony now just idle 5/12/05 - Anthony Federov gets his Walking Papers!

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/05 The Top 4 Results Show Recap 5/12/05 - Finals Week 9: Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys

Foxes On Idol 5/12/05 American Idol 4: Why Anthony Lost 5/12/05 - He Said, She Said: No surprises 4 the final 4, 4 the first time.

TVRules 5/12/05 American Idol: 5/11/2005 Results Summary

Inside Pulse 5/12/05 American Idol - Recap - Wednesday 5/12/05 - Who Was Voted Out?

Inside Pulse 5/12/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday

Mobile Register 5/12/05 "Idol's' Bice may appear on Rick & Bubba' Friday

Star Ledger 5/12/05 Anthony's 'safe' choice falls flat with 'Idol' voters

Chicago Sun-Times 5/12/05 Federov voted off on 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 5/12/05 Fed X'd

USA Today 5/12/05 Anthony Federov knocked off 'American Idol'

Dallas Morning News 5/12/05 'Idol' index

JokersUpdates 5/11/05 American Idol : Final Four Results. No Gloating

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 American Idol Season 4: The Showstoppers

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 American Idol Star Stuns With Another Bombshell

Washington Post 5/11/05 Treacle, Treacle, Little Stars

Zap2It 5/11/05 American Dream Deferred on 'Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/05 They Got The Numbers Wrong Again

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 American Idol Fantasia Defends Troubled Paula Abdul

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Idol Reject Applauds Paula Abdul for SNL Skit

Celebrity Spider 5/11/05 Simon Cowell Started Criticizing From an Early Age 5/11/05 - Simon Cowell on ‘Ellen’ 5/11/05 Incorrect Close Captioning Stirs The Idol Controversy Pot Once Again

USA Today 5/11/05 Abdul puts syndrome in spotlight

Extra 5/11/05 Extra 'Idol' Makeover: Simon

MTV 5/11/05 'American Idol' Recap: Bo Knows Rock — And Country And Funk

Hartselle Enquirer 5/11/05 Are you an American Idol Bo-liever?

Access Hollywood 5/11/05 'Idol' Four Rock Philly, Nashville

Dallas Morning News 5/11/05 Review: Clarkson brilliant on rockers, ballads at Nokia Theatre

Metro 5/11/05 Top 4 make boring choices

Orwell Project 5/11/05 Final Four Perform - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 36

Reality Shack 5/11/05 Road Trip! - American Idol, 05-10-05

Beavers On Idol 5/11/05 Four on the Floor

Huntsville Times 5/11/05 After 'flat' start, Bo picks it up to bring 'Idol' crowd to its feet

The Trades 5/11/05 American Idol 4: Week 9 - Country and Gamble & Huff Themes

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/05 Who Is Going Home? RTVC Prediction #12

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/05 The Top Four Performance Show Recap

Foxes On Idol 5/11/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 10

Reality News Online 5/11/05 American Idol 4, May 10 - The Game and How To Change It 5/11/05 - The Final four finally raised the bar!

Fans of Reality TV 5/11/05 The Loud and the Louder 5/11/05 - He Said, She Said: Final four, or final bore?

JokersUpdates 5/11/05 American Idol : Final Four. Versatility Bites

Inside Pulse 5/11/05 American Idol - Recap - Tuesday

Entertainment Weekly 5/11/05 History Lessons

News-Press 5/11/05 Solomon breaks down in tears after performance 5/11/05 American Idol: Carrie still dull

Miami Herald 5/11/05 American Idol: This much sap would drive anyone to tears

Morning Call 5/11/05 Bucks' 'Ukrainian Cowboy' better than some flagging 'Idol' foes

Houston Chronicle 5/11/05 Performances make Kelly Clarkson a legitimate star

LA Daily News 5/11/05 'Idol' scandal largely ignored 5/11/05 Fedorov's supporters rely on superstitions

Decatur Daily 5/11/05 Mixed reviews for Bo 5/11/05 It’s Anthony’s Turn To Shine On American Idol

Rugged Elegance 5/11/05 American Idol IV Top 4 - A Little Bit Country, A Little Bit Philly

ET Online 5/11/05 'American Idol''s Fab Four

Zap2It 5/11/05 Sizzle and Cheesesteak: 'Idol' Finds Philly Sound

MSNBC 5/11/05 Soul survivors

USA Today 5/11/05 'Idols' crash and soar

Decatur Daily 5/11/05 Countdown to an Idol 5/10/05 - A Flat, a Sharp, and a Snooze- The Final Four 5/10/05 - 5.10.05: Final 4 Sing Country and Gamble & Huff

TVRules 5/10/05 American Idol: Final Four Summary 5/10/2005 5/10/05 American Idol's Top Four go Country 5/10/05 - Simon on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Celebrity Spider 5/10/05 Lycos Announces Paula Abdul is Four Times More Popular Than Corey Clark

News-Press 5/10/05 Third-, fourth-place finish on 'Idol' get you nowhere 5/10/05 Tonight's 'Idol' stars Sound of Philadelphia

MSNBC 5/10/05 ‘Idol’ fans favor Carrie, Bo to win it all

Huntsville Times 5/10/05 Helena? No. Hollywood? No. Pals know: 'Bo is Huntsville'

Fox Sports 5/10/05 American Idol stars to sing National Anthem at Coca-Cola 600

Undercover 5/10/05 Paula Abdul Goes Into Damage Control

Washington Post 5/10/05 Paula Abdul Makes a Mockery of Herself on 'SNL'

Media Life 5/10/05 Web-wise, all the buzz is over Paula

Quad City Times 5/10/05 Simon says no repurcussions for Abdul 5/10/05 Corey Clark says he has affair evidence

Extra 5/10/05 Extra 'Idol' Makeover: Paula's Princess Pad

Extra 5/10/05 Simon Says Clark's A Creep 5/10/05 If Paula did it, boot her

Birmingham News 5/10/05 Gaining Bo-mentum

Jam! 5/10/05 'Idol' ratings high despite controversy

Foxes On Idol 5/10/05 American Idol 4: Which Idol Will Fall Ninth? 5/10/05 It's the Paula Abdul show - and, oh yeah, some talent contest

The State 5/10/05 It’s time to idolize the judging process

Ananova 5/10/05 Simon Cowell defends Paula Abdul

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/10/05 Carrie shoots for a spot in ‘Idol’ final 3 5/10/05 The Votes Are In: American Idol is a Power Marketing Machine

Daily Inter Lake 5/10/05 Kalispell woman taught 'Idol' finalist 5/10/05 Psssssst, Anthony ...

USA Today 5/10/05 'Idol' paddling in reverse

CNN 5/10/05 Meet the 'Idol' finalists

USA Today 5/10/05 Scandalous show heads into finals

AZ Central 5/10/05 We can't contain our glee at getting off Scott-free

Mobile Register 5/10/05 Fallen Idol' a big draw last week for ABC

Celebrity Spider 5/9/05 Fans of American Idol Contestant Vonzell Solomon can Congratulate her at

Celebrity Spider 5/9/05 Paula Abdul Pokes Fun at American Idol Controversy

Celebrity Spider 5/9/05 Paula Abdul Urged to Take Lie Detector Test

Television Without Pity 5/9/05 The Glitter Rubs Right Off

Jam! 5/9/05 Vonzell Solomon goes from delivering mail to delivering hits on American Idol

NMC 5/9/05 Eminem, Fantasia Talk Finance

Jam! 5/9/05 American Idol rocker Bo Bice a softy for family, hometown and Moon Pies

Jam! 5/9/05 American Idol finalist Carrie Underwood has her small Oklahoma town talking

Reality TV World 5/9/05 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul appears on 'Saturday Night Live'

SF Chronicle 5/9/05 'Idol' Finalist Fedorov Feels Lucky

Billboard 5/9/05 Abdul Laughs At Troubles In 'SNL' Appearance

Reality TV Calendar 5/9/05 Paula Laughs It Up - She Thought It Was About The Drugs

Tampa Tribune 5/9/05 This Might Be Fixed? No!!!! Really?????

Deseret News 5/9/05 Abdul should go — if it matters 5/9/05 - Scott Savol on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Foxes On Idol 5/9/05 Ongoing News of the 'American Idol' Scandal: Corey's Story Takes More Lumps

Foxes on Idol 5/9/05 Idol Thoughts, May 9: Pick Your Favorite Flavor

WDIV 5/9/05 Abdul Pokes Fun At Scandal On 'SNL' 5/9/05 Go for it on 'Idol,' Anthony

USA Today 5/9/05 Paula trades troubles for laughs on 'SNL'

Philippine Star 5/9/05 American Idol’s Final Four

Celebrity Spider 5/8/05 American Idol Judge Paula Abdul Makes Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Decatur Daily 5/8/05 Biding time till Bo

Naples Daily News 5/8/05 Song advice for local 'Idol' contestant

Decatur Daily 5/8/05 Bice cousins keep up with L.A.

Dallas Morning News 5/8/05 Here's an 'Idol' thought

TVRules 5/8/05 American Idol 5/3/2005: Two for the Price of One

Beavers On Idol 5/8/05 Top 5 Performances Retrospective

NBC13 5/8/05 Abdul Pokes Fun At Scandal On 'SNL'

Celebrity Spider 5/7/05 Paula Abdul Brands Allegations "Character Assassination"

San Bernardino Sun 5/7/05 Josh Gracin's career not stuck in ‘Idol'

Slu One Stop 5/7/05 Fantasia Brings Down the House at Saint Lucia Jazz 5/7/05 A Rank Four All Seasons: Part Four: Vocals

Reality TV Talk 5/7/05 AI4 Five Left "Top 40 of Today and Yesteryear, or Isn't It Ironic?"

Reality TV Calendar 5/7/05 He Said - She Said & It Ends Up On SNL

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 Paula Abdul to Appear on Saturday Night Live?

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 Corey Clark Urges Producers Not to Fire Paula Abdul

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 Corey Clark: "I Won't Help Producer's Investigation

Celebrity Spider 5/6/05 USPS Issues Address Supporting American Idol Contestant Vonzell Solomon

CBS 5/6/05 Corey: 'Idol' Has Been Hounding Me

Contra Costa Times 5/6/05 Idol gossip puzzle

Chart Attack 5/6/05 American Idol Producer Not Buying Clark's Story

NY Times 5/6/05 The Blueprint of an Exposé: Motives and Mudslinging

MTV 5/6/05 Corey Clark Says Paula Abdul 'Told Me She Loved Me'

Media Life 5/6/05 Why no one cares about Paula's tryst

KOTV 5/6/05 Checotah Native Makes Final Four On "American Idol"

Jam! 5/6/05 Paula Abdul to make appearance on Saturday Night Live

Billings Gazette 5/6/05 Wyoming's 'American Idol' contestant heads to Hollywood

Chart Attack 5/6/05 American Idol Producer Not Buying Clark's Story

Tahlequah Daily Press 5/6/05 Underwood goes another round

Zap2It 5/6/05 Savol Discusses 'Idol' Controversies 5/6/05 - Corey Clark on 'Howard Stern Show'

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Clay Aiken Doesn't Believe Corey

Reality TV Calendar 5/6/05 Corey Clark Interviewed Again - He Reveals A Lot More 5/6/05 - Corey Clark on TES

Foxes On Idol 5/6/05 Corey's Story Has Holes, But We Still Need Answers from Paula 5/6/05 Fantasia's year as 'American Idol' winding down

MTV 5/6/05 'Idol' Producer Calls 'Primetime' Special 'Shoddy Journalism'

Plain Dealer 5/6/05 Savol upbeat after his 'Idol' luck runs out

Detroit Free Press 5/6/05 'Baby Mama' Barrino sings for all moms

Boston Globe 5/6/05 Viewers weigh in on the 'Idol' flap

CTV 5/6/05 Former Idol contestant dismisses Abdul scandal

Beacon Journal 5/6/05 Savol's life after 'Idol' will stay busy

Washington Post 5/6/05 13.7 Million Watch Corey Clark Sing on ABC 5/6/05 Fantasia's year as 'American Idol' winding down

Houston Chronicle 5/6/05 Idol countdown . . . 5 . . .

CBS 5/6/05 Corey: 'Idol' Has Been Hounding Me

Boston Herald 5/6/05 Clay gets Paula’s back

WRAL 5/6/05 Network Responds To 'Idol' Exposé About Paula Abdul -- Sort Of

Washington Post 5/6/05 Scott Savol, Left Holding the Baggy

The Trades 5/6/05 American Idol: Corey Clark Retrospective

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/5/05 There can be only one; Scott booted

Mercury News 5/5/05 Contestants Who Have Been Kicked Off 'American Idol'

Fox News 5/5/05 Grrr-Dendum: Paula's Gotta Go

Extra 5/5/05 Corey Clark Fires Back at Skeptics the Day After

Boston Globe 5/5/05 Ex-contestant stages new push at fame with report of 'Idol' affair

Zap2It 5/5/05 Clark: I Won't Help FOX Check My Story

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/05 Fallen Idol: What Does It All Mean?

Foxes On Idol 5/5/05 The Voice Coach: Still Room to Improve in the Final Five

Orwell Project 5/5/05 Top Five Turn into Final Four - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 35

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/05 Fallen Idol: No Harm - No Foul

Reality TV World 5/5/05 Scott Savol becomes the eighth 'American Idol 4' finalist to be eliminated

ABC News 5/5/05 Ex-'Idol' Won't Help Fox Probe Charges

Beacon Journal 5/5/05 Savol says he won't quit till he's a star 5/5/05 'Idol' survival is icing on his birthday cake

Morning Call 5/5/05 Fedorov makes 'Idol' final four

CBS 5/5/05 Clay Doubts Corey's Story

Huntsville Times 5/5/05 'Idol' cuts to 4 - Bo included

MSNBC 5/5/05 ‘Idol’ special offered a lot of nothing

Fox News 5/5/05 Corey Clark Tells FOX: 'Idol' Defamed Me 5/5/05 'Idol' is expected to go on; will Abdul?

Foxes On Idol 5/5/05 American Idol 4: Why Scott Lost

TVRules 5/5/05 Scott Savol Eliminated From American Idol

TVRules 5/5/05 American Idol Producers Respond To Fallen Idol Report

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/05 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 5th

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/05 The Top 5 Results Show Recap 5/5/05 Likability expert picks Underwood

MTV 5/5/05 Scott Savol Gets The 'American Idol' Heave-Ho

Newsday 5/5/05 'Idol' producers lambast ex-contestant

Dallas Morning News 5/5/05 Review: 'Idol' account has ring of truth

TVRules 5/5/05 American Idol Results Summary 5-4-05

Reality News Online 5/5/05 PrimeTime Live - Fallen Idol: A Paula Affair 5/5/05 - American Idol Primetime Scandal- Oh It’s true about Paula Abdul!

Foxes On Idol 5/5/05 Supporting Bo 100%: An Interview with Bo Bice's Sugar Money Bandmate, Shane Sexton

Boston Herald 5/5/05 `Idol' sings ballad of the boring dressers

Salon 5/5/05 Paula: Cold-hearted snake?

MTV 5/5/05 Corey Clark Advertises Affair, LP On 'Primetime'; Posts Book Online 5/5/05 American Idol Betting Odds After Scott Savol Exit

Zap2It 5/5/05 Scott-Free: National Nightmare Ends on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 5/5/05 'Idol' index

Washington Post 5/5/05 Paula Catches a Bouquet, Dodges a Bullet

BBC 5/5/05 American Idol hit by cheating claims

Hollywood Reporter 5/5/05 'Idol' expose give ABC a boost Wed.

USA Today 5/5/05 'Idol' scandal could help, not hurt, the show

NY Daily News 5/5/05 Abdul gets 'Idol' worshiped

CBS 5/5/05 American Idol: Pleas & Kisses

Reality News Online 5/5/05 American Idol 4, May 4 - I Will Ease Your Mind 5/4/05 Primetime Live’s American Idol Expose 5/4/05 - 5.4.05: Most Shocking Results Ever!

JokersUpdates 5/4/05 American Idol : Final Five Results. The Spell is Broken

USA Today 5/4/05 So long, Scott: 'Idol' names the final four

Celebrity Spider 5/4/05 Kelly Clarkson Says She Was on Ghetto Idol

WTVD 5/4/05 Is Claymania Cooling Off?

Mercury News 5/4/05 Kiss-and-tell tale suggests 'Idol' has new talent: scandal

Herald-Record 5/4/05 Former 'Idol' contestant not surprised by reported Abdul affair 5/4/05 Eyewitness News At Home With American Idol Winner Fantasia

Extra 5/4/05 Corey Clark's Claims Threaten 'American Idol' 5/4/05 Wheeler adds 'Idol' finalists and more to 600 pre-race show 5/4/05 - The Ghost of American Idol (a biased 5/3 recap)

Digital Spy 5/4/05 Pressure on 'Idol' judge Abdul intensifies

Foxes On Idol 5/4/05 American Idol Scandal: Could Paula Really Be That Dumb?

Beavers On Idol 5/4/05 American Idol Top 5 Double Feature: Leiber & Stoller + This Week's Billboard Top Charts

Deseret News 5/4/05 ABC takes aim at 'Idol'

Reality News Online 5/4/05 ABC Releases Information on ‘Fallen Idol’ Special – But Will the Allegations Stand? 5/4/05 - Carmen on 'Today' about Paula Scandal

Orwell Project 5/4/05 Top Five Sing Twice - American Idol 4 Recap - Episode 34

Entertainment Weekly 5/4/05 The High (and Low) Five

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/05 ABC Confirms It: Paula Is The Fallen Idol

Reality Shack 5/4/05 Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun? - American Idol, 05-03-05

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/05 The Top 5 Performance Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/05 Who's Going Home Tonight? RTVC Staff Prediction #11 5/4/05 - Kelly Clarkson at New York's Hammerstein Ballroom 5/4/05 - He Said, She Said: Top 5 Sing 10

Foxes On Idol 5/4/05 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 4, May 3 5/4/05 - Finals, Week 8: An Amazing Dream Thing 5/4/05 - Insipid-Robotic and Moxie Night!

The Trades 5/4/05 American Idol 4: Week 8 - Leiber & Stoller and Current Billboard Themes
Entertainment Weekly 5/4/05 Opposites Attract?

Fox21 5/4/05 Kelly Clarkson Performs In Clemson

Huntsville Times 5/4/05 Bo's crucial 'Idol' vote is tonight 5/4/05 Fans says Fedorov has it all

Newsday 5/4/05 Straight up, it's folly that plagues Paula 5/4/05 What you won't see on ABC's Fallen Idol

SF Chronicle 5/4/05 'Idol' Contest Proceeds Despite Scandal

Decatur Daily 5/4/05 Bo thanks fans; 'Life couldn't be greater'

NY Times 5/4/05 ABC Dishes Dirt on Fox's 'American Idol'

Arizona Republic 5/4/05 'Idol' of the awed

Washington Post 5/4/05 Can Corey Clark Sing? Like a Canary. With an Agent

Newsday 5/4/05 Show banks on 'Idol' exposé

MTV 5/4/05 'American Idol' Recap: Bo Is The One To Beat, Anthony's Time Is Up

News-Press 5/4/05 'American Idol' watch

USA Today 5/4/05 One good thing about 'Idol': At least no one's singing 'Wildfire'

MSNBC 5/4/05 Clark details ‘Idol’ claims about Abdul

Calgary Sun 5/4/05 The rap sheet

MTV 5/4/05 'Fallen Idol' Corey Clark Claims Abdul Gave Him Backstage Help 5/4/05 Show Reveals 'Idol' Contestant's Claims Of Abdul Affair

USA Today 5/4/05 Idols on, off track

USA Today 5/4/05 Abdul + 'Idol' contestant = big controversy

Citizen-Times 5/4/05 American Idol Update: Bitter end nears for Idols

BBC 5/4/05 Idol man insists on Abdul affair

Chicago Sun-Times 5/4/05 'Idol' washout judges Abdul harshly on 'Primetime'

Jam! 5/4/05 ABC exposes 'American Idol' soap opera

Sun Sentinel 5/4/05 Fox Acts to Ward Off 'Idol' Fallout

NY Daily News 5/4/05 I was her 'Idol'

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 5/4/05 Up close and personal 5/4/05 Bo Bice Rocks Idol For Third Straight Week

KHON2 5/4/05 Hawaii singer weighs in on 'American Idol' scandal show 5/4/05 American Idol: Scott the terrible

Reality News Online 5/4/05 American Idol 4, May 3 - Five Will Give You Two


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