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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Reality TV Magazine 1/25/06 American Idol Offensive To Superheroes

Beavers On Idol 1/25/06 What American Idol Reveals... Accidentally

Fans of Reality TV 1/25/06 American Idol Let's Not Go Back Anytime Soon Now, Y'Hear?

Reality TV Magazine 1/25/06 American Idol Greensboro Auditions – I'm Not Saying That To Be Rude

Reality TV World 1/25/06 Arrested 'American Idol 5' audition twins dropped from show

American Reality TV 1/25/06 American Idol Judges Turn Mean and Ugly!

Reality TV Calendar 1/25/06 Show Us More Talent And Fewer Idiots 1/25/06 - Greensboro North Carolina

Reality TV Magazine 1/25/06 American Idol Gives A Message Of Hope

Reality Shack 1/25/06 American Idol 5, January 24th - The Best Endorsement For Randy and Paula's DVD 1/25/06 American Idol 5: Greensboro Auditions Recap (Episode 4) 1/24/06

Reality TV Calendar 1/25/06 It Takes Talent - No Hoochie Needed: Episode 3 Recap

Foxes On Idol 1/25/06 Idol Tidbits, January 25: The Latest on All Your Favorites

Reality News Online 1/25/05 American Idol 1/24: Go Simon. It's Your Birthday!

Entertainment Weekly 1/25/06 We'll Always Have Paris

MTV 1/25/06 Out On Bail, 'Idol' Twins Say They've Been Dropped From Show

USA Today 1/25/06 Seacrest rides career wave

Rockford Register Star 1/25/06 Rockford's own advances in 'Idol' competition

Pioneer Press 1/25/06 Local singer's kin makes 'Idol' cut

Charlotte Observer 1/25/06 In Greensboro, 'Idol' finds few gems, much rough

Washington Post 1/25/06 America's Winning Losers 1/25/06 American Idol: Paris Bennett and Her Grandmother, Ann Nesby, of Sounds of Blackness

Greensboro News Record 1/25/06 Triad hopefuls ready to see themselves on "Idol"

Birmingham News 1/25/06 'Idol' Chatter

Philippine News Online 1/25/06 Jasmine blossoms: Re-inventing the American idol

Columbus Dispatch 1/25/06 Former ‘Idol’ finalist seems to have few idle hours

MTV 1/25/06 Justin Guarini Says He Has No Hard Feelings For 'Idol' — Really!

MSNBC 1/25/06 Another North Carolina ‘Idol’?

Talon Marks 1/25/06 Former "American Idol" gets an ego

Kansas City Star 1/25/06 Undeserved worship for false ‘Idol’ 1/25/06 CORE, fat people have issues with 'Idol' too

Pop Matters 1/25/06 American Idol 5

Celebrity Spider 1/24/06 Southern Success on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 1/24/06 American Idol Stalker Denied Bail

Inside Pulse 1/24/06 D2 Review: The Best Part Of American Idol - "Welcome to Hollywood!"

Extra 1/24/06 Colorful Controversy Hits ‘Idol' Once Again

ABC News 1/24/06 'American Idol' Develops a Mean Streak

NMC 1/24/06 New Carrie Underwood Single One For Mom

Clarion Ledger 1/24/06 Mississippians get shot on 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 1/24/06 American Idol: Too Cruel to Be Kind?

Idol Go Home 1/24/06 Idol Go Home Exclusive! A Quick Chat with Jammin Gina Glocksen

Reality TV Calendar 1/24/06 The Brittenum Twins - We Got It Wrong & They Got A Deal

Foxes On Idol 1/24/06 Idol Thoughts, January 24: Let the Games Begin

Reality TV Calendar 1/24/06 Master P and Scott Savol - Even More Reader Response

Reality TV Magazine 1/24/06 How Real Are The American Idol 5 Auditions? 1/24/06 Auditions and debut audience point to wild, well-watched 'Idol'

SOHH 1/24/06 JD Signs American Idols Twin Thugs To SoSo Def 1/24/06 Man Denied Bail In Fla. 'Idol' Stalking

Buffalo News 1/24/06 'Idol' worship flourishes in Buffalo and across the U.S.

Palm Beach Post 1/24/06 Don't bother with names yet

The Gateway 1/24/06 “American Idol”: Nothing idle about season five 1/24/06 Triad hopefuls ready to see themselves on "Idol"

Washington Post 1/24/06 'Idol' Judges' Comments Stir Response From GLAAD

Metro 1/24/06 First jobs — Carrie Underwood

Plain Dealer 1/24/06 Scott Savol

BBC 1/24/06 Gay rights group attacks Cowell

Idol Go Home 1/23/06 The 'C' Factor- Garet Johnson May Win on Cuteness Alone

Celebrity Spider 1/23/06 How Not to Get on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 1/23/06 American Idol Chicago Audition Behind the Scenes Footage

MSNBC 1/23/06 Gay group questions ‘American Idol’ judges

Foxes On Idol 1/23/06 Idol Chartwatch, January 23: Bo and Carrie Moving on Up!

Reality TV Calendar 1/23/06 Brittenum Idol Twins - Charges Dropped

Reality TV Calendar 1/23/06 Master P And Scott Savol - Readers Write 1/23/06 'American' success story

MTV 1/23/06 Fugitive 'American Idol' Twin Surrenders To Police 

Tampa Bay's 10 1/23/06 Accused American Idol stalker in Tampa court 

Indy Star 1/23/06 Teen survives 1st stage of 'Idol'

Lansing State Journal 1/23/06 'Idol' oddities surface in opening audition

Sun Sentinel 1/23/06 An Idol isn't always a star

Always Reality Television 1/22/06 American Idol 5 - 1/18 Recap, Do The Banana!

Celebrity Spider 1/22/06 Will Fox Reveal Weekly American Idol Vote Totals?

Time 1/22/06 Beautiful Losers

Reality TV Calendar 1/22/06 Master P And Scott Savol

Idol Go Home 1/22/06 Simon Says - American Idol Topping Internet Searches

News Democrat 1/22/06 No time to be idle

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 American Idol to Stay on Track With Song Selection Process

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 American Idol to Run in Syndication in September as "American Idol Rewind"

Celebrity Spider 1/21/06 Gay Rights Group: "American Idol is Homophobic"

National Ledger 1/21/06 American Idol: The 'Super-Tan Girl' 1/21/06 Biggest audience ever tunes in to `Idol' busts

Charleston Post Courier 1/21/06 A look back at 'Idol' moments, the highs and the lows

Television Without Pity 1/21/06 Bo Bice Is The New Clay Aiken, Part I

Fans of Reality TV 1/20/06 American Idol Things To Do In Denver When You're Bored

Celebrity Spider 1/20/06 Kelly Clarkson's Crush on Matthew McConaughey

Celebrity Spider 1/20/06 Simon Cowell Warns American Idol Wannabes to be Honest About Criminal Past 1/20/06 - First Week Auditions

Reality Shack 1/20/06 Season 5 Opener - American Idol 5, Week One Commentary

Idol Media 1/20/06 A review of the second episode

Reality TV Magazine 1/20/06 American Idol Controversies & Scandals Already Emerging

Reality TV Calendar 1/20/06 Grumpy, Sweetie, And The Dawg

Celebrity Spider 1/20/06 Producers Keep American Idol Lean and Mean

Zap2It 1/20/06 Kelly vs. 'Idol': Much Ado about Nothing?

CBS 1/20/06 Carrie Underwood Debuts First Album

Torrington Telegram 1/20/06 Resident of Veteran advances to the Hollywood stage

Reality TV World 1/20/06 'American Idol Rewind' to premiere in weekend syndication in September

NMC 1/20/06 Carrie On How She's Handled Success

Joplin Globe 1/20/06 Welcome to Claynation 

Record Herald 1/20/06 Reality check

Birmingham News 1/20/06 Another Alabamian on 'Idol'? Producer Lythgoe takes fifth

Media Guardian 1/20/06 American Idol breaks new ratings records 

Chart Attack 1/20/06 American Idol Twins Make Round Two And Get Arrested

Journal Now 1/20/06 Greensboro auditions to be featured in Tuesday's American Idol

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 American Idol January 18th “Singing for high stakes in Denver”

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 American Idol Premiere Sets Ratings Record

Fans of Reality TV 1/19/06 Premiere Recap They're Ba-ack

Orwell Project 1/19/06 American Idol Denver Auditions Recap - Wednesday, January 18

Foxes on Idol 1/19/06 American Idol 5: Double Your Pleasure, Double the Charges

Reality TV World 1/19/06 'American Idol 5' audition twins facing forgery charges in Georgia

American Reality TV 1/19/06 American Idol Temper Tantrums

Reality Shack 1/19/06 From the Colorado Rockies to Some Rocky Auditions - American Idol 5, 01-18-06

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 American Idol Talent Stronger Than Ever

Foxes on Idol 1/19/06 American Idol 5: Since You've Been Gone 1/19/06 Kelly in, Twins Out On American Idol Season 5

Celebrity Spider 1/19/06 American Idol Kelly Clarkson Buckles Under Simon Cowell Pressure

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/06 Idol Twins In Trouble - One In Jail

Reality TV Calendar 1/19/06 Denver's Good, Bad, and Ugly: Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 1/19/06 American Idol 5, January 18: Rocky Mountain Highs and Lows

Reality TV Magazine 1/19/06 Will American Idol Become Bigger Than The Super Bowl?

Extra 1/19/06 'Idol' Brothers Charged with Theft, Forgery

Star Exponent 1/19/06 Idol co-hosts predict vicious competition

Commercial Appeal 1/19/06 'Idol' twin 'sings' from Shelby jail

Entertainment Weekly 1/19/06 Not Quite Mile High

USA Today 1/19/06 Man charged in stalking 'Idol' contestant

MSNBC 1/19/06 Mile-high 'Idol' hopes for all ages

Washington Post 1/19/06 Fox Bows to Golden 'Idol'

Rocky Mountain News 1/19/06 'Idol' talk centers on Abdul

Metro 1/19/06 Idol finds some gems

Chicago Sun Times 1/19/06 'Idol's' Chicago premiere most-watched

NY Post 1/19/06 Paula Abdul Still a Flirt

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 American Idol Talent Stronger Than Ever, Expect Big Things From the Guys

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 Simon Cowell Blasts "Ungrateful" Kelly Clarkson

Celebrity Spider 1/18/06 American Idol January 17th Part 1 “So many big dreamers and so little talent”

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/06 American Idol 5 – Yellow Pajamas, Cosmic Coasters, and Androgyny 1/18/06 American Idol 5: Denver Auditions Recap (Episode 3) 1/18/06

Reality TV World 1/18/06 Paula Abdul a no-show for 'American Idol' pre-debut news conference

Orwell Project 1/18/05 American Idol Premiere, Chicago Auditions - Tuesday, January 17

MSNBC 1/18/06 Mile-high 'Idol' hopes for all ages

E!Online 1/18/06 From Simon to Kelly

Extra 1/18/06 Paula's New Look Has Everyone Talking

E!Online 1/18/06 America Idolizes "Idol," Mostly

E!Online 1/18/06 "Idol" Returns, Paula's Eye Burns

Reality TV World 1/18/06 Fox's 'American Idol 5' premieres to record debut ratings 1/18/06 - They Won't Rock Us

Reality TV Calendar 1/18/06 Welcome To American Idol 5! Episode 1 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/06 American Idol 5 – The Year Of The Twins

Reality Shack 1/18/06 American Idol 5, January 17th - My Kind Of Town, Chicago Is

Reality TV Magazine 1/18/06 American Idol 5 Gives Us Crazy Dave Hoover!

Reality News Online 1/18/06 American Idol 5, January 17 1/18/06 Randy & Simon dish on new 'Idol'

Rockford Register Star 1/18/06 Local gets air time on ‘American Idol’

Tribune Review 1/18/06 Pittsburgh's own William Hung

Chicago Tribune 1/18/06 `Idol' finds Chicago lacking

Metro 1/18/06 Contestants delusional

Deseret News 1/18/06 Abdul can't talk? Riiiight

Entertainment Weekly 1/18/06 Zinging Competition

Electric New Paper 1/18/06 Bice Still Nice

Washington Post 1/18/06 Paula Abdul AWOL From 'Idol' Panel

NY Daily News 1/18/06 Abdul skips 'Idol' chatter

Post Gazette 1/18/06 Paula Abdul absent from 'Idol' conference

Jam! 1/18/06 Abdul sidelined by eye infection

Dallas Morning News 1/18/06 'Idol' gets lavish praise as it returns to the lineup

Reality TV Magazine 1/17/06 Did American Idol Recycle The Tan Girl?

Idol Media 1/17/06 A review of the first episode

Always Reality Television 1/17/06 American Idol 5 - 1/17 Recap, Who Wants to be Publicly Humiliated? 1/17/06 American Idol 5: Episode 1 Recap Chicago Auditions 1/17/06

Beavers On Idol 1/17/06 Will American Idol 5 Fall into the Play of Vote For the Worst this Year?

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 Expect More Attitude on American Idol 5

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 Will American Idol Raise Age Limit?

Orwell Project 1/17/06 Get Ready for American Idol Starting Tonight, January 17 at 8:00

Reality News Online 1/17/06 "It's Going to be a Very Strong Season, I Think"

Celebrity Spider 1/17/06 American Idol Star Diana DeGarmo to Tread the Boards

Reality TV World 1/17/06 Fox's 'American Idol 5' returns with more shrieks, slight tweaks

Foxes On Idol 1/17/06 Idol Thoughts, January 17: Bo Bice, In the Moment

Reality TV Calendar 1/17/06 What To Expect: Previewing Season 5

Reality TV Calendar 1/17/06 Reviewing Seasons Past: American Idol 4

Palm Beach Post 1/17/06 The 'American Idol' Boot Camp is reporting for duty

Milwaukee Journal 1/17/06 All eyes focus on missing 'Idol' judge Paula Abdul at TV industry press event

Orlando Sentinel 1/17/06 'Idol' remains vital as the latest group hits the stage

Patriot News 1/17/06 What are previous winners doing now?

Newsday 1/17/06 'Idol' nation to be idle no more

Detroit News 1/17/06 New 'American Idol' season starts with the worst singers

Newsday 1/17/06 'Idol' nation to be idle no more

Celebrity Spider 1/16/06 Paula Abdul Defended by Hotel Boss

Celebrity Spider 1/16/06 American Idol Judges Revved Up for Season 5

Celebrity Spider 1/16/06 Simon Cowell: My Juvenile Taste Made Me

Milwaukee Journal 1/16/06 American idolizing

AJC 1/16/06 Expect more of same-old surprises on latest 'Idol'

USA Today 1/16/06 'American Idol' backers nervously wait in the wings 1/16/06 American Idol's Diana DeGarmo is New Penny Pingleton in Hairspray

MSNBC 1/16/06 10 things ‘Idol’ can do without

Calgary Sun 1/16/06 Prime-time talent show

Foxes On Idol 1/16/06 Idol Chartwatch, January 16: Carrie Continues to Rule!

Reality TV Calendar 1/16/06 Reviewing Season's Past - American Idol 3

MSNBC 1/16/06 ‘Idol’ returns as winter comfort viewing 1/16/06 `Idol' May Fail to Lift Fox to Top Rank, Chief Says 1/16/06 Can TV's 'Idol' stay on top?

Hartford Courant 1/16/06 Gunning For The Top Spot To Be More Intense On `Idol'

Salt Lake Tribune 1/16/06 Our judges offer do's and don'ts for latest would-be 'American Idols'

Chicago Tribune 1/16/06 `Idol' will get ugly in its new season

Star Bulletin 1/16/06 Into the ‘Idol’ 1/16/06 Who will be the next ‘American Idol’?

USA Today 1/16/06 'American Idol' won't mess with success

The Independent 1/16/06 Simon Cowell: And the real winner is...

Jam! 1/15/06 'American Idol' returns for 5th season

Knox News 1/15/06 'Idol' back for fifth season with high expectations

Chicago Sun-Times 1/15/06 On 'Idol,' what's talent got to do with it?

Zap2It 1/15/06 Maroulis Reflects as 'Idol' Returns

Chicago Tribune 1/15/06 `Idol' hands Fox a big advantage in prime time

St Petersburg Times 1/15/06 Turns out the show is really the 'Idol' 1/15/06 Picking our idols, one singer at a time

Leaf Chronicle 1/15/06 Local 'Idol' fans in good company

Reality TV Calendar 1/14/06 The Sponsors and The Red Room

Charlotte Observer 1/14/06 Greensboro wins 'Idol' praise as 'honest town'

Journal Now 1/14/06 My Idol: Season Five begins

Celebrity Spider 1/13/06 Nigel Lythgoe Confirms Rumors About American Idol 5 Attitude

Reality Shack 1/13/06 American Idol 5 - Preview

Incense and Spices 1/13/06 What I Learned by Being a Clay Fan

Press Gazette 1/13/06 Teen review: CD: Underwood needs more heart

TV Week 1/13/06 Ford, Coca-Cola, Cingular Return as 'Idol' Sponsors

Tribune-Review 1/13/06 DeMato agrees to treatment, comm. service

Entertainment Weekly 1/13/06 Cowell in 5-year production deal at Fox TV

NMC 1/13/06 Carrie's Got Cosmo Covered

Birmingham News 1/13/06 Idol thoughts

News-Press 1/13/06 B.J. Thomas, 'Baby V' to play Spring Festival in Lehigh

News Times 1/13/06 'Idol' star seeks to avoid jail

Celebrity Spider 1/12/06 Paula Abdul Accused of Getting Hotel Workers Fired

Celebrity Spider 1/12/06 Kelly Clarkson Wants a Birthday Engagement Ring

Reality Reel 1/12/06 Idol Chasers – Catch Up With Your American Idols – 1/11/06

Sturgis Journal 1/12/06 All set for another season

Reality TV Calendar 1/12/06 Reviewing Season's Past - American Idol 2

Indy Star 1/12/06 'Idol' conversation

Scripps Howard News Service 1/12/06 A new season of 'American Idol' begins 1/12/06 Carrie on for a cause

PR Web 1/12/06 Elemental Software Announces the Launch of AI Season 4 Finalist, Nadia Turner's, Official Website

Nashville Scene 1/12/06 Independence Day

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 American Idol Star Carrie Underwood Breaks Records

Celebrity Spider 1/11/06 American Idol Season 5 Preview Video Clips 1/11/06 ‘I’m Ilocano, believe me!’ 1/11/06 Bo Bice Proves He's 'The Real Thing' On CMT's 'In The Moment'

Billboard 1/11/06 Clarkson, McGraw Win People's Choice Music Awards

Reality TV Calendar 1/11/06 Reviewing Season's Past - American Idol 1

Washington Post 1/11/06 Ryan Seacrest: Icon, Non-Scientist, Pipe

Beavers On Idol 1/10/06 Trust Matters: Response to "Bah Humbook! Cyber Grinches Have Been Busy"

Media Life 1/10/06 Expect 'American Idol' to score again

MSNBC 1/10/06 Who’s the real ‘American Idol’? Ryan Seacrest

CNN 1/10/06 American Idol worship 1/10/06 Carrie Underwood Makes Music History Again As 'Some Hearts' Hits Double-Platinum Status

Village Voice 1/10/06 Simon Cowell Owns the Universe

Reality TV Magazine 1/9/06 Simon Cowell Says A Southerner Will Win American Idol 5

Foxes On Idol 1/9/05 Idol Chartwatch, January 9: A Ho-Hum Week on the Charts

NMC 1/9/06 Kelly Clarkson Walks Away

North Jersey 1/9/06 Buying into the next season of 'American Idol'

Always Reality Television 1/8/06 Conference Call Interview with Randy Jackson

Reality TV Magazine 1/8/06 Survivor Panama Exile Island Cast To Be Announced On The Early Show

Reality TV Magazine 1/7/06 Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway Is The #3 Best-Selling Album of 2005

Reality TV World 1/7/06 'American Idol' repeats to air in weekly syndication beginning this fall

Reality TV World 1/7/06 'American Idol 3' runner-up Diana DeGarmo lands 'Brooklyn' musical lead

American Reality TV 1/6/06 - American Idol ­ The Phenomenon Strikes Again

Beavers On Idol 1/6/06 American Idol: Going for the Gold

MSNBC 1/6/06 ‘Idol’ season four: Country vs. rock ‘n’ roll

Birmingham News 1/6/06 Bo peeps make some noise about review

Christian Science Monitor 1/6/06 Backstory: Idol speculation

Playbill 1/6/06 Diana DeGarmo and Melba Moore to Head Cast of Brooklyn Tour

CBS 1/5/06 Why People Go On 'American Idol'

Post Dispatch 1/5/06 It's Nikko time

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 American Idol Host Ryan Seacrest Signs Up for Red Carpet Coverage

Celebrity Spider 1/4/06 Ryan Seacrest Sets Up Shop at E!

The Trades 1/4/06 American Idol - The Best and Worst of American Idol

News-Press 1/4/06 Vonzell named marshal for Edison parade

NMC 1/4/06 Carrie Says Jesus Had The Wheel In '05

Market Wire 1/4/06 New Software to Simplify Voting on "American Idol"

Celebrity Spider 1/3/06 Simon Cowell Slams Music Scene

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/06 Getting Ready For Evil Idol 5

Reality TV World 1/3/06 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest officially joins the E! team

Beavers On Idol 1/3/06 Bah Humbook! Cyber Grinches Have Been Busy

Reality TV Magazine 1/3/06 Ryan Seacrest Gets Hired By E!

Boston Globe 1/3/06 'American Idol' star entertains troops

NMC 1/3/06 Kelly Clarkson Is Woman Of The Year

Shelby Star 1/3/06 Idol in progress

MSNBC 12/31/05 ‘Idol’ season three: William Hung to Fantasia

Orlando Sentinel 12/31/05 All hail the 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 12/30/05 No Resolutions for Simon Cowell

Christian Post 12/30/05 'American Idol' Winners Top Year-End Religious Music Charts

St. Petersburg Times 12/30/05 'Claymates' cheer Aiken show

Reality Reel 12/30/05 Idol Chasers - Catch Up With Your American Idols - 12/30/05

Country Weekly 12/30/05 Carrie Still Carries The Day

NMC 12/30/05 Carrie Underwood's Musical Beginnings

Celebrity Spider 12/29/05 Fox Reality Debuts Original American Idol Programming

Celebrity Spider 12/29/05 Carrie Underwood Named Top Oklahoman

Baltimore Sun 12/29/05 Bo Bice - The Real Thing

Royal Gazette 12/29/05 George Huff New Year's Eve concert cancelled

Celebrity Spider 12/28/05 Idol Artists Continue to Dominate Album Charts Worldwide

NBC13 12/28/05 Ciara, Rueben Studdard Will Perform At Orange Bowl

WCSH-TV 12/28/05 American Idol Finalist Visits Portland

Florida Today 12/28/05 Clay Aiken spreads 'Joy' in Brevard

UPI 12/28/05 Caregiving: Clay Aiken is about inclusion

Florida Today 12/28/05 Clay Aiken's 'Joyful Noise' not your typical holiday show

Reality TV Calendar 12/27/05 Carrie Underwood Is "Oklahoman of the Year."

Zap2It 12/27/05 'Idol' Winner Adds Oklahoman of the Year Crown

St. Petersburg Times 12/27/05 It's not easy being Clay

MSNBC 12/27/05 Bo Bice hopes to show he's ‘The Real Thing’ 12/27/05 Since American Idol, life has been joyful for Clay Aiken

MSNBC 12/26/05 ‘Idol’ season two: Where are they now?

Montgomery Advertiser 12/26/05 Is Bo Bice 'The Real Thing'?

Celebrity Spider 12/24/05 Simon Cowell's Christmas in the Indian Ocean

Oklahoman 12/24/05 'Idol' takes honors in state magazine

Celebrity Spider 12/23/05 American Idols Dominate Holiday Album Chart

Foxes On Idol 12/23/05 Idol Chartwatch, December 23: Idols Top the Charts

Reality TV Magazine 12/23/05 Bo Bice The Real Thing Review

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 12/23/05 Magazine names Carrie Underwood ‘Oklahoman of the Year’

Orlando Sentinel 12/23/05 Clay Aiken tries more adventurous tour

Inside Bay Area 12/23/05 Kelly Clarkson moves way above and beyond 'American Idol'

Jam! 12/22/05 CD Review: Bo Bice: The Real Thing

Digital Spy 12/22/05 'American Idol' retains male-female split

USA Today 12/22/05 A Q&A with ... Bo Bice

UPI 12/22/05 Caregiving: Clay Aiken urges reaching out

Arizona Daily Star 12/22/05 Bo Bice's debut CD is generic affair

Zap2It 12/22/05 'Idol' Finalists Battle on Album Charts

USA Today 12/22/05 Bice does nicely

NY Post 12/22/05 Knight Of Red Carpet

Reality TV World 12/21/05 Report: E! in talks to sign 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest

Extra 12/21/05 Ryan Seacrest Joins E! Network

E!Online 12/21/05 "Idol" Rerun: Bo Battles Carrie on Charts

Digital Spy 12/21/05 Cowell plans 10 years of 'American Idol'

Zap2It 12/21/05 Jackson Foresees Deep, Balanced 'Idol'

The State 12/21/05 Aiken brings crowd merry Christmas gift

People 12/21/05 Ryan Seacrest's New Job: E! News Anchor

TV Guide 12/21/05 New Idol Promises Stars and Snipes

EURWeb 12/21/05 Kimberly Locke is #1 FOR 3rd Tim: Pop Star & Model Scores With Holiday Hit Song.

Press-Enterprise 12/21/05 'Claymates' get to question their idol

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Bo Bice Falls Ill on the Eve of Radio Music Awards

Celebrity Spider 12/20/05 Randy Jackson Discusses Season 5 of American Idol

Foxes On Idol 12/20/05 Idol Chartwatch, Special Editioen: Billboard Year-End Results

E!Online 12/20/05 "Idol" Gets Experimental

Extra 12/20/05 'Idol' Returns with Emotions Running High

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Fox Announces American Idol Season 5 Competition Schedule

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Bo Bice Interview Video Clip

Reality TV Magazine 12/19/05 Bo Bice's Health Problems Force Cancellation of Radio Music Awards Performance

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 Carrie Underwood Interview Video Clip

Celebrity Spider 12/19/05 American Idol Star Pleads Not Guilty

Dallas Morning News 12/19/05 Jackson says he has no time for guest judges, and 'Idol' could've lived without Cowell 12/19/05 Constantine From American Idol On Tour

Foxes On Idol 12/19/05 Is “The Real Thing” the Real Thing? A Review of Bo Bice’s Album

E!Online 12/19/05 Bo Bice Bitten by RMA Curse

Bosh 12/19/05 Kelly Clarkson rocks the votes as Blender’s “Woman of the Year”

Zap2It 12/19/05 'Idol' Runner-Up Bice Hospitalized 12/19/05 Bo Bice cancels Radio Music Awards appearance

MSNBC 12/19/05 First season ‘Idols’: Where are they now? 12/19/05 Fantasia Joins UNCF's An Evening Of Stars Tribute To Stevie Wonder 12/19/05 Constantine Maroulis takes Betty on the road 12/19/05 Aiken brings the ‘Joyful Noise’

USA Today 12/19/05 'Idol' schedule is set

East Valley Tribune 12/18/05 Aural Fixations - ‘American Idol’ alums produce a bland mixed bag

Gwinnett Daily Post 12/18/05 Caroling in the cold: Chorus, DeGarmo perform

Press of Atlantic City 12/18/05 Constantine enjoying life after ‘American Idol’

Houston Chronicle 12/18/05 Swing and a miss for Bo Bice

Celebrity Spider 12/17/05 Bo Bice to Perform at the 2005 Radio Music Awards

Reality TV Magazine 12/17/05 Randy Jackson Says American Idol 5 Has Interesting Fighting

News Times Live 12/17/05 ‘Idol’ star pleads not guilty to drug charges

Calendar Live 12/17/05 'American Idol' to get nastier

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Fantasia Barrino Leaves Jury Duty Mid Case

Celebrity Spider 12/16/05 Simon Cowell's Girl is Tired of Not Being Number One 12/16/05 20 Questions With Carrie Underwood

Sun Herald 12/16/05 Oh no, Bo, you let 'em make you a schmo

Foxes On Idol 12/16/05 Idol Chartwatch, December 16: Idols in a Holding Pattern

Charlotte Observer 12/16/05 Q&A with Clay

CBS 12/16/05 Bo Bice Wows 'Em

Teen People 12/16/05 Carrie Underwood: Lil' Bit Country, Lil' Bit Rock & Roll

Reality TV World 12/15/05 'American Idol 3' winner Fantasia Barrino leaves jury duty mid-case

Fairfield Mirror 12/15/05 Clay Aiken creates "Joyful Noise" in Wallingford

Media Post 12/15/05 'American Idol' Looks To Make Another Splash

MTV 12/15/05 Constantine Maroulis Hopes For 'Roseanne'-Type Success

Nashville City Paper 12/15/05 Bice’s new release finally hits the street

NMC 12/15/05 Kelly Clarkson Has A New Beau 12/15/05 Carrie Underwood Podcast

NY Times 12/15/05 It's Pop Goes the Rocker Again, This Time a Longhaired Alumnus of 'American Idol'

ET Online 12/14/05 The 'Real' Deal

Birmingham News 12/14/05 Rush to release sucked color, life out of Bo's album

Metro 12/14/05 Underwood's pipes aid average effort

Asbury Park Press 12/14/05 "Idol" alum Constantine to visit Freehold today

Celebrity Spider 12/13/05 Simon Cowell Teased by Kelly Osbourne

Reality TV Magazine 12/13/05 Simon Cowell Responsible For Fifth Most Looked Up Word Of The Year

Foxes On Idol 12/13/05 Idol Thoughts, December 13: It’s Bo Bice Day

The Examiner 12/13/05 Music - Aiken for the holidays

Pensacola News Journal 12/13/05 It's easy to get into a Southern drawl-fest with Clay Aiken

Foxes On Idol 12/12/05 Idol Chartwatch, December 12: Happy Anniversary, Kelly!

Christian Today 12/12/05 Heart of Clay

National Ledger 12/12/05 Bo Bice Still Down to Earth, Walker Views Underground Dogfighting

News OK 12/12/05 State's American Idol joins holiday concert

Chicago Sun-Times 12/11/05 Bo Bice out to prove he's 'The Real Thing'

Celebrity Spider 12/10/05 Paula Abdul to Entertain Las Vegas Visitors 12/10/05 Theatrics detract from Aiken's schtick

Celebrity Spider 12/9/05 Paula Abdul to Pen Autobiography

MTV 12/9/05 Intestines, 'Idol,' Baby And Bon Jovi Helped Inspire Bo Bice's Debut

Bismarck Tribune 12/9/05 'Idol' words can't stop singer

Zap2It 12/9/05 Seacrest Promises 'Idol' Drama Aplenty

Beavers On Idol 12/9/05 Justin Guarini's Jazzy Comeback

Reality TV Magazine 12/9/05 Clay Aiken To Perform On Dear Santa

NMC 12/9/05 Carrie Underwood TV Alert

The Oklahoman 12/9/05 State's Garth and Carrie are tough acts to follow

Metro 12/9/05 'American Idol' loser to play Tarzan on Broadway

Albany Times Union 12/9/05 Aiken's 'Joyful Noise' is strange

Caller Times 12/9/05 Clarkson's voice carries the crowd 12/9/05 Clay Aiken explains his re-energized yule show at the Tweeter

Chicago Tribune 12/8/05 Look who's judging Cowell

The Monitor 12/8/05 Idol winner performs at Dodge

Portland Mercury 12/8/05 Life is Not a Fairy Tale

Times Union 12/8/05 Claymates in Clayland

Oregon Live 12/8/05 'Idol' winner Barrino gets to sing, live her own fairytale

Norwich Bulletin 12/8/05 He'll make a joyful noise

Celebrity Spider 12/7/05 American Idol Star Arrested

Extra 12/7/05 Why Simon Almost Walked Away from 'Idol'

Country Weekly 12/7/05 Toby and Carrie Big at Billboard

Reality TV World 12/6/05 'American Idol 2' finalist Julia DeMato busted for drug possession

Celebrity Spider 12/6/05 Simon Cowell Splashes Out on Mum's Birthday

Lansing State Journal 12/6/05 Rarely an idle moment for reigning 'Idol' star

E!Online 12/6/05 Ex-"Idol" Star Busted

MTV 12/6/05 Former 'American Idol' Finalist Julia DeMato Busted For Drugs

Reality TV Magazine 12/6/05 Bo Bice Sings The Real Thing On The Tonight Show, More Info On His Debut CD Released

Foxes On Idol 12/6/05 Idol Tidbits, December 6: All Idols, All the Time!

Reality TV Magazine 12/6/05 '05 Billboard Music Awards-Kelly Clarkson, Bo Bice, Carrie Underwood & Fantasia up for awards

TV Guide 12/6/05 William Hung Is Still She-Banging!

Celebrity Spider 12/5/05 Kelly Clarkson's Breakaway Celebrates First Anniversary

Celebrity Spider 12/5/05 American Idol Finalist Bo Bice Releases Debut Album "The Real Thing"

Foxes On Idol 12/5/05 Idol Chartwatch, December 5: The Heat Is On

CBS 12/5/05 Aiken In The Christmas Spirit

Boston Herald 12/5/05 Aiken making ‘Joyful Noise’ on holiday tour 12/5/05 Bice is all about keeping it 'Real'

Boston Globe 12/5/05 A very Aiken Christmas

News Times 12/4/05 Brookfield 'Idol' star arrested

Indy Star 12/4/05 'Idol' star boasts crossover move

WFSB 12/4/05 Former American Idol contestant arrested on drunken driving charge

Toledo Blade 12/4/05 'Idol's' Fantastia Barrino hits a sour note 12/3/05 Constantine rocks Manila

Reality TV Magazine 12/3/05 Fox Reality To Offer Exclusive American Idol Content

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Paula Abdul Struggles to Find Romance

Celebrity Spider 12/2/05 Kelly Clarkson's New Rocker Boyfriend

Mercury News 12/2/05 She believes

News Record 12/2/05 'Idol' semi-finalist to sing at benefit concert

NY Post 12/2/05 There's No Heart-Aiken From Angelic Idol

The Monitor 12/2/05 Behind Her Hazel Eyes

Journal News 12/2/05 Clay makes a joyful noise

Celebrity Spider 12/1/05 Fox Reality to Premiere Exclusive American Idol 5 Original Programming 

Reality TV World 12/1/05 Fox's 'American Idol 5' to premiere January 17, remain on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Foxes on Idol 12/1/05 “I’m More Than Just A Singer”: An Interview with American Idol’s Nikki McKibbin

Teen People 12/1/05 Kelly Clarkson: New Rocker Boyfriend

Post Gazette 12/1/05 Concert Review: Clay Aiken is a sideshow in his own concert

NY Times 12/1/05 Fox Looks at 'Idol' Schedule and Decides It's Just Fine 12/1/05 American Idol Carrie Underwood Follows Historic Chart Debut with Another Incredible Week

Washington Post 12/1/05 'American Idol's' Song and Dance

Hollywood Reporter 12/1/05 No action after Fox's 'Idol' talk

Celebrity Spider 11/30/05 Fox Announces American Idol to Stay Put on Tuesday and Wednesday

Reality News Online 11/30/05 Settlement of the Simons Nets Big Gains for ‘American Idol’

Reality TV Magazine 11/30/05 American Idol To Remain On Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Premieres On January 17

NY Daily News 11/30/05 Cowell votes to stay at 'Idol'

NMC 11/30/05 Carrie Underwood Appearances

SirLinksalotShop 11/29/05 American Idol Show Gives Viewers a Backstage Pass, Spawns Interactive Magazine

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 American Idol Continues Reign On FOX With Simon Cowell

Celebrity Spider 11/29/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Settle

Foxes On Idol 11/29/05 Idol Chartwatch, November 29: It’s All About Carrie

Curlio 11/29/05 Bo Bice's album full of extras

Chart Attack 11/29/05 Better Late Than Never For Bo Bice's Debut Album

Reality TV World 11/29/05 Fox re-signs 'American Idol' and judge Simon Cowell for at least three more seasons

Washington Post 11/29/05 At 'American Idol,' Simon Stays

NY Times 11/29/05 'Idol' Star and Producer Settle, Clearing Way for Future Shows

E!Online 11/29/05 Simon Sticking with "Idol"

FOX 23 11/28/05 Simon Cowell's American Idol Deal

Pittsburgh Tribune 11/28/05 Playing with Clay

TV Guide 11/28/05 Paula Abdul Relives Idol's Best and Worst

Reality TV Magazine 11/27/05 Bo Bice Lost American Idol To Carrie Underwood By Only 134 Votes

South Coast Today 11/27/05 American Idol Underwood basks in first country release

The Independent 11/27/05 My £4.7m TV fee is too little, says Cowell

Detroit News 11/26/05 'Some Hearts' spans boundaries

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Simon Cowell Slammed by X Factor Judge

Celebrity Spider 11/25/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Seek Agreement

News-Press 11/25/05 'Idol' favorite lights Flame opening weekend

Reuters 11/25/05 'Idol' finalist Huff believes in 'Miracles'

Gwinnett Daily Post 11/25/05 ‘Idol’ finalist to join cast of ‘Christmas Canteen’

Miami Herald 11/25/05 This Idol sounds better on CD than on TV

Cincinnati Post 11/24/05 Aiken here for Christmas show

People 11/24/05 Simon Cowell's Idol Power Play

NY Post 11/24/05 Simon vs. Simon

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Carrie Underwood Debuts at #1 on Billboards Country Albums Chart

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 Simon Cowell and Simon Fuller Headed to Court

Celebrity Spider 11/23/05 CMT to Feature Carrie Underwood in One Hour Special

Zap2It 11/23/05 Abdul Promises Twins and Talent for 'Idol 5' 11/23/05 How Carrie Underwood Made Country Music History

Metro 11/23/05 "American Idol" judge Cowell's court case delayed

Maui News 11/22/05 Velasco to headline isle concert

Channel News Asia 11/22/05 Kelly Clarkson just wants to concentrate of making music

Reality News Online 11/22/05 Battle of Simons Puts ‘American Idol’ In Jeopardy

Cinema Spider 11/22/05 Jennifer Hudson Lands the Plum Role of Effie in 'Dreamgirls'

Hershey Chronicle 11/22/05 Clay Aiken's holiday show comes to Reading

Zap2It 11/22/05 Abdul Raves About 'Idol' DVD

Foxes On Idol 11/22/05 Idol Tidbits, November 22: Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Reality TV Magazine 11/22/05 Is Simon Cowell Leaving American Idol?

NY Times 11/21/05 For Fox's 'Idol,' Success Is Set on a Shaky Pedestal

Reality TV World 11/21/05 Report: Simon Cowell may be leaving 'American Idol,' show may move to Thursdays

Beavers On Idol 11/21/05 The Joyful Noise Experience

E!Online 11/21/05 Cowell's Uncertain "Idol" Future

MTV 11/21/05 'American Idol' Without Simon Cowell? It Could Happen

Foxes On Idol 11/21/05 Idol Chartwatch, November 21: Idols Moving on Up

Times Leader 11/21/05 Singer promotes a 'more adventurous' holiday show

Tuscaloosa News 11/21/05 For Fox's 'Idol,' Success Is Set on a Shaky Pedestal

Charlotte Observer 11/21/05 Underwood: An appealing 'Heart'

Brandon Sun 11/20/05 Winning hearts and minds

National Ledger 11/20/05 American Idol Without Simon Cowell?

Courier Journal 11/20/05 Clay Aiken's 'joyful noise'

Robertson County Times 11/20/05 Music Row welcomes Carrie Underwood with open arms

Manila Times 11/20/05 Back-to-back MiG Ayesa and Constantine Maroulis 11/19/05 - Carrie Underwood Arrives with “Some Hearts” and Takes Mine.

Reality TV Magazine 11/19/05 People Magazine Recognizes Constantine & Simon Cowell, Plus Photos Of Bo Bice's Baby

Celebrity Spider 11/18/05 American Idol Contestant Jennifer Hudson Wins Dream Role in Dreamgirls

Chicago Maroon 11/18/05 Idol’s Carrie Underwood won’t let country clichés keep her down 11/18/05 American Idol winner cancels NZ concerts

Reality TV Magazine 11/18/05 American Idol Magazine For Season 5 Hits Newsstands

USA Today 11/18/05 Cowell juggles many duties

Country Weekly 11/18/05 Checotah Girl

Journal Gazette 11/18/05 High and low notes of ‘Idol’

Hollywood Reporter 11/18/05 Lucas tapped to pen series for 'Idol' man

Celebrity Spider 11/17/05 Kelly Clarkson Says Sorry by Performing for Free

People 11/17/05 Bo Bice Shows Off Baby Son Aidan

Reality TV Calendar 11/17/05 Keeping Up With Carrie

People 11/17/05 Constantine Chats with People

Kansas City Star 11/17/05 Feats of Clay include a Christmas twist

USA Today 11/17/05 'Idol' finalist Hudson lands lead in 'Dreamgirls' film

Pioneer Press 11/17/05 Well, bless his little aiken, breakin' heart, plus club notes

Beavers On Idol 11/17/05 Touched by an Angel at Clay Aiken's Joyful Noise '05 Concert

Chicago Sun-Times 11/17/05 Seacrest proves capable of filling Big Guy's shoes

Reality TV World 11/16/05 'Idol 3' runnerup Jennifer Hudson bests Fantasia for 'Dream Girls' role

Zap2It 11/16/05 'Dreamgirls' Role Goes to 'Idol' Vet Hudson

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/05 Perfectly Carrie - Her Country Pop Rocks: Some Hearts Review 11/16/05 ‘I hope to meet someone I can have a family with’- An interview with Constantine

Muskogee Phoenix 11/16/05 Muskogee grabs Carrie's new CD

News OK 11/16/05 Hometown Hero Has a Big Day

KOTV 11/15/05 `American Idol' Winner Poised To Become Nashville Idol 11/15/05 Catching up with Constantine

Reality TV Magazine 11/15/05 A Big Day For American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood

Rocky Mountain News 11/15/05 With Christmas show, Aiken seizes the season 11/15/05 Phila. International and 'Idol' singer to talk 11/15/05 Constantine, ‘Idol’ of Pinoys, has one wish 11/14/05 'American Idol' winner readies for first country release

Extra 11/14/05 Abdul Opens Up About Painful Eating Disorder

CBS 11/14/05 'Idol' Winner Poised for Nashville 11/14/05 Kelly's fans aglow

Foxes On Idol 11/14/05 Idol Tidbits, November 14: Let’s Hear it For the Girls... and Bo Bice

Reality TV Magazine 11/14/05 Constantine Maroulis Sitcom To Be Like Raymond Meets Cheers

Sun-Sentinel 11/14/05 Idol's Randy Jackson to be grand marshal of Winterfest Boat Parade 11/14/05 Rock Star INXS, American Idol finalists in Manila 11/14/05 Idol credibility

Ananova 11/14/05 Simon wins showbiz award

OurSports Central 11/14/05 Post-Game Concerts From Natalie and George Huff Highlight Flame Opening Weekend

Metro 11/13/05 'Idol' champ Underwood aims for crossover success

Beavers On Idol 11/13/05 Kelly Clarkson Must Release Another Instead of Gone

News Tribune 11/13/05 Clay Aiken fan finds him her cup of special tea

NY Post 11/13/05 Seeking Carrie-Over Appeal

Commercial Appeal 11/13/05 American Idol star's story of literacy problems prompts outpouring of support

Reality TV Magazine 11/12/05 Bo Bice’s Album To Be Called The Real Thing

NC Times 11/12/05 Pop nerd Clay Aiken brings 'Joyful Noise' to San Diego

New Zealand Herald 11/12/05 How to be an ideal Idol

WREG 11/12/05 American Idol poised to become Nashville idol

Celebrity Spider 11/11/05 Kelly Clarkson Gives Back to Bay Area Fans

Beavers On Idol 11/11/05 The Invisible Revolution: Clay Aiken and the Fans Who Made Him a Star

Deseret News 11/11/05 Aiken creates yule production

NewsOK 11/11/05 DVD review: 'The Best and Worst of American Idol Seasons 1-4'

Foxes On Idol 11/11/05 Idol Chartwatch, November 11: Carrie Takes the Wheel

Herald Sun 11/11/05 Kelly Clarkson wants to stop being Idolised

North County Times 11/10/05 Pop nerd Clay Aiken brings 'Joyful Noise' to San Diego

Cranberry Journal Star 11/9/05 American Idol runner-up makes stop in Cranberry 11/10/05 'I've never dissed Duff'

The Hub 11/10/05 Fantasia's big lips and bigger talent dazzle

Herald Sun 11/10/05 Scripts behind Kelly Clarkson eyes

USA Today 11/10/05 Carrie takes the wheel

News Record 11/10/05 Quest for Stardom: My tryout for American Idol

Geelong Info 11/10/05 Kelly fever hits Geelong

Tennessean 11/9/05 'Idol' contestants come to Nashville in triplicate

Top 40 Charts 11/9/05 Carrie Underwood To CNN'S 'Larry King Live' Monday, Nov. 14

RTE 11/9/05 American Idol star announces Dublin date

Reality TV World 11/8/05 Simon Cowell already has a favorite 'American Idol 5' singer

Daily Breeze 11/8/05 Aiken jolly about Christmas tour, not this interview 11/8/05 American Idol 11/8/05 Carrie Underwood’s “Some Hearts": A track-by-track review

Jam! 11/8/05 Lowdown: Aiken, Cdn. producer See Eye To Eye 11/8/05 Clarkson in town 11/8/05 Gay 'American Idol' reject kills attacker

Beavers On Idol 11/7/05 An Open Letter to Clay Aiken

MTV 11/7/05 Carrie Underwood Fantasizes About Taking A Bat To Her Man's Car

Sun Star 11/7/05 Constantine Maroulis live in Cebu

Foxes On Idol 11/7/05 Idol Chartwatch, November 7: A Whole Lot of Idols

Mercury News 11/7/05 Diana DeGarmo : American Idol unplugged

Robertson County Times 11/7/05 Why are Ruben and Dionne in town tonight?

Sydney Morning Herald 11/6/05 Now Cinderella is having a ball 11/5/05 Kelly Clarkson kicks off Australian tour 11/4/05 Bo Bice Afraid of Bonnaroo Hippies

Inside Bay Area 11/4/05 10 minutes on the phone with Clay Aiken 11/4/05 You won’t catch Clay Aiken sending critics hate mail

Seattle Times 11/4/05 The Claymates have vociferously spoken

The Nassau Guardian 11/3/05 DJ's jokes about his weight fall flat on Ruben Studdard

Billboard 11/3/05 Aiken Celebrates Holidays, Preps New Album

Foxes On Idol 11/3/05 Idol Tidbits, November 3: Idols Break Out

Ananova 11/3/05 Kelly Clarkson announces UK tour

Wave Magazine 11/3/05 West Side Idol

Dover-Sherborn Press 11/3/05 Wrentham teen enjoys 'American Idol' competition

Celebrity Spider 11/2/05 Simon Cowell Admires Genuine Victoria Beckham

Silicon Valley's Metro 11/2/05 Go West, Young Idol

NMC 11/2/05 Bo Bice Pushes Solo Debut to Dec. 13

Incense and Spices 11/2/05 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

The Oregonian 11/1/05 Deck the halls: Clay's on his way 11/1/05 Ryan Seacrest – Queen of the Carnaval

Foxes On Idol 10/31/05 Idol Chartwatch, October 31: It’s Getting’ Hot in Here

Milwaukee Journal 10/31/05 Fox considers new day for 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/05 American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood Goes Broadway, New Single Rockets Up Charts

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/05 Anthony Fedorov To Do Celebrity Fear Factor

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/05 Everybody Hates Constantine?

Reality TV Magazine 10/30/05 AI Runner-up Bo Bice Nominated For VH1 Big Reality Star, Album Due Out In December

Times Online 10/30/05 The Cowell and the pussycat

KFOR-TV 10/28/05 Underwood steals the show during Hall of Fame inductions

Muskogee Daily Phoenix 10/28/05 'Idol' Carrie makes surprise visit
Teen People 10/28/05 There's Something About Kelly

Boston Globe 10/28/05 Judges don't idolize Boston

The Gateway 10/28/05 Reality Check: Is “American Idol” really worth it for contestants?

Lowell Sun 10/28/05 The cold, hard lessons of ‘American Idol'

Daily News Transcript 10/28/05 Teen enjoys 'American Idol' competition

KGET 10/27/05 Bo Bice Gathers Stars for Debut Album

Breathe Cast 10/27/05 George Huff - Miracles

Inside Bay Area 10/27/05 DeGarmo trades 'Idol' for Maria in 'West Side Story'

ET Online 10/27/05 On the Road with the 'Idol' Hopefuls

Chart Attack 10/27/05 Bo Bice Readies Debut

Rome News 10/26/05 American Idol finalist helps Berry’s community outreach

Bayou Buzz 10/25/05 American Idol Fantasia Barrino´s LowPoint 10/25/05 Idol’s Aiken more than proud to be a mama’s boy

Asbury Park Press 10/25/05 George Huff knows all about "Miracles"

Celebrity Spider 10/24/05 Simon Cowell Faces His Trouser Demons

Foxes on Idol 10/24/05 Idol Tidbits, October 24: Fantastic Fantasia

WPVI 10/24/05 Carrie Underwood, Cosmo Girl

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Simon Cowell Not Ready to Retire

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Simon Cowell: "Kids? I'd Rather Have a Terrapin"

Celebrity Spider 10/23/05 Il Divo: "Simon Cowell Couldn't Criticize Us" 10/23/05 Former `Idol' Amy Adams tailors her sound for `Dreamcoat'

Celebrity Spider 10/22/05 Money Mad Simon Cowell Can't Get Enough

Reality TV Magazine 10/22/05 Constantine Maroulis Goes Solo, No Christmas Special For American Idol

Mobile Register 10/22/05 Grand jury indicts former 'American Idol' contestant

Foxes On Idol 10/21/05 Idol Chartwatch, October 21: Idols Hang in There!

New Pittsburgh Courier 10/21/05 'American Idol' is the proven short cut to fame

NY Post 10/21/05 'Idol' Up For 'Dream' Role

C21Media 10/21/05 American Idol sings to Japanese

Celebrity Spider 10/20/05 Clay Aiken Embarks on 'Joyful Noise 2005 Tour

Reality TV World 10/18/05 Hometown residents upset about 'Idol' winner Fantasia Barrino's "lies"

Reality TV Calendar 10/18/05 Carrie's First Album - First Glimpse

Foxes on Idol 10/18/05 George Huff's "Miracles" CD - A First Listen

E!Online 10/18/05 Fantasia's Hometown Hurt
WCNC 10/18/05 Couple asks city to remove signs honoring Fantasia

Zap2It 10/17/05 Foxx Endorses Fantasia for 'Dreamgirls' Role

Foxes On Idol 10/17/05 Idol Tidbits, October 17: Idols Working it Out on Award Shows, Benefit Concerts and CDs

Birmingham News 10/17/05 Bo Bice, band thrill 3,000 for hurricane relief

The News-Press 10/17/05 Vonzell performs to 'Idol' worship

New Zealand Herald 10/17/05 Kelly Clarkson prepares to rock Auckland

Charlotte Observer 10/16/05 How this star emerged after a life of scars

SF Chronicle 10/16/05 London Calling 

Decatur Daily 10/15/05 Bo to rock at benefit concert in Pelham

Baraboo News Republic 10/15/05 UW-Baraboo student tries out for 'Idol'

Charleston Gazette 10/15/05 'Idol' dreams

Birmingham News 10/14/05 Bice, SugarMoney book Pelham show for hurricane relief

Foxes On Idol 10/14/05 Idol Chartwatch, October 14: The Charts Look Pretty

KGET 17 10/14/05 Corey Clark’s ‘Life’

Naples Daily News 10/14/05 'Baby V' performs homecoming concert Sunday

Howard University Hilltop 10/14/05 The Illiterate Idol 10/14/05 Ozzie and Nikko Smith return home

Idol Habit 10/13/05 Clay Aiken and The "Useless Celebrity" Mode

Billboard 10/13/05 Underwood Puts 'Heart' Into Debut Album 10/12/05 Fantasia keeps working toward a happy ending

Detroit News 10/12/05 When an Idol can't read 10/12/05 Idols Set To Appear At New Music Weekly Awards

AJC 10/12/05 What's new with Diana? 10/12/05 Clay Aiken onstage at Bobcats Arena! 10/11/05 "American Idol" Finalist To Star in West Side Story in California

Foxes On Idol 10/11/05 Idol Tidbits, October 11: George Huff's CD Released and Bo Bice Planning Benefit Concert

Review Journal 10/11/05 'Idol' Worshippers

Celebrity Spider 10/10/05 Fantasia Barrino is Simon Cowell's Favorite

UCW Entertainment Newswire 10/10/05 Clay Aiken Fans Plan Joyful Celebration

McKeesport Daily News 10/10/05 'Idol,' new mom Adams relishes plum 'Joseph' role

Reality TV Magazine 10/10/05 Bo Bice To Play Hurricane Benefit, Working On Album

Daily Pennsylvanian 10/10/05 Crowd packs bookstore for 'American Idol' winner

The News-Press 10/10/05 Nadia, 2 other Idols to join Baby V show

WCNC 10/10/05 Have You Heard? Clay Aiken returns to Charlotte

Bergen Record 10/9/05 Fans in Ridgewood sing praises of 'Idol' winner at book signing

Charlotte Observer 10/8/05 Providence High grad goes for another shot at fame

Caller Times 10/8/05 Kelly Clarkson set to perform

Celebrity Spider 10/7/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Physical Abuse

Rolling Stone 10/7/05 Fantasia Presses Forward

Foxes On Idol 10/7/05 Idol Chartwatch, October 7: Idol Chart Action

The Dispatch 10/7/05 'American Idol' judges: Fantasia our favorite winner

Chetek Alert 10/7/05 Fantasia Uses Talent to Overcome Failure

Rolling Stone 10/7/05 Fantasia Presses Forward

Huntsville Times 10/6/05 Bo Bice, SugarMoney concert will benefit hurricane victims

Greensboro News Record 10/6/05 Idol celebrity judges hear hopefuls today

Reality TV World 10/5/05 'Idol 4' runner-up Bo Bice gathers all-star lineup for debut album

Celebrity Spider 10/5/05 Kelly Clarkson's Family OK's Painful Break Up Video

Celebrity Spider 10/4/05 American Idol Star Constantine Maroulis Lands New TV Show

MTV 10/4/05 Bo Bice Working With Ben Moody, Members Of Nickelback, Bon Jovi, Skynyrd For LP

Greensboro News Record 10/4/05 What Fantasia said about growing up in High Point

NMC 10/4/05 New Kelly Clarkson Video

News Record 10/4/05 Seeking a shot at stardom, ridicule

Philippine Headline News 10/4/05 Jasmine Trias: Home Is Where The 'Idol' Is

Pensacola News Journal 10/4/05 Clay Aiken fans can see idol in concert

WFMY 10/4/05 Burlington Mom Auditions To Become The Next American Idol

SOHH 10/4/05 Tamyra Gray Has Something to Say About Fantasia

Zap2It 10/3/05 'Idol' Rejectee Maroulis Gets Sitcom Deal

Reality TV World 10/3/05 'Idol 4' winner Carrie Underwood preparing for debut album release

Foxes On Idol 10/3/05 Idol Tidbits, October 3: Fantasia Tells All, Updates on Former Idols, and News on Constantine

Idol Habit 10/3/05 American Idol: Kelly Clarkson Takes A Swing---And Gets Smacked Down?

Reality TV Magazine 10/3/05 American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood's New Single To Be Called Jesus Take The Wheel

Montgomery Advertiser 10/3/05 Former 'Idol' finalists seek greater recognition 10/3/05 Expect scandals on 'Idol,' Cowell says

WECT 10/3/05 Thousands wait for spotlight on American Idol tryouts

Greensboro News Record 10/2/05 'Idol' wannabes hope early bird catches fame

Shreveport Times 10/2/05 Former Idols try to gain greater recognition

Montgomery Advertiser 10/2/05 'Idol' hopes

Celebrity Spider 10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino Reveals Abuse Trauma
Celebrity Spider 10/1/05 Fantasia Barrino: "I Can Barely Read or Write"

MTV 10/1/05 Kelly Clarkson Fights With Husband, Sings To Herself In 'Because' Clip

News-Press 10/1/05 Vonzell says 'This is my home'

Reality TV Magazine 10/1/05 Fantasia Reveals She's Illiterate And Was Raped

Celebrity Spider 9/30/05 Kelly Clarkson Lands the Feud She Wished For

Extra 9/30/05 Beyond "American Idol"

Reality TV Magazine 9/30/05 Constantine Maroulis Signs Sitcom Deal & To Appear On Leno,....

Incense and Spices 9/30/05 The Uncluttered Corner

Reality TV World 9/30/05 'Idol 4' finalist Constantine Maroulis signs ABC TV sitcom deal

Portland Tribune 9/30/05 Claymates share ‘clack’ and ‘glowing feeling of love’

ABC News 9/30/05 Fantasia's Memoirs Reveal Experiences With Illiteracy, Rape

Foxes On Idol 9/30/05 Idol Chartwatch, September 30: Let the Games Begin!

News Press 9/30/05 Fort Myers' 'Idol' plans local concert

ABC News 9/30/05 Excerpt: 'Life Is Not a Fairy Tale,' by Fantasia

News Record 9/30/05 'Idol' show comes to Greensboro in search of new talent

Gwinnett Daily Post 9/30/05 DeGarmo, friends shop for troops

News Record 9/30/05 How to make the 'Idol' cut


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