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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Reality TV World 3/1/06 Ayla Brown's dad dismisses report of 'American Idol 5' political tie 3/1/06 - Anything Girls Can Do Boys Can Do Better

TV Rules 3/1/06 American Idol 5: 3/01 Top 10 Guys Performances 3/1/06 - Girls finally show some gumption (thank God)

Always Reality Television 3/1/06 Bennett Says He Has "No Regrets"

Celebrity Spider 3/1/06 American Idol February 28th “The Top 10 Girls Sing”

Always Reality Television 3/1/06 Hall Says He Has "A Lot To Look Forward To"

Celebrity Spider 3/1/06 Carrie Underwood Returns to American Idol to Perform "Jesus Take the Wheel"

Northwest Herald 3/1/06 Radford performs Sinatra tune on 'Idol'

Reality TV Calendar 3/1/06 Who Are These Girls? Top 10 Girls Performance Recap

WCAV 3/1/06 Fluvanna Teachers Remember American Idol Hopeful

Morning Call 3/1/06 Musikfest again places bet on an 'American Idol'

WXIX 3/1/06 Idol has Local Fan Base

Inside Pulse 3/1/06 American Idol 5 - Recap - Episode 5-13

National Enquirer 3/1/06 Gay Clay Exposes Himself -- Says Gay Teacher 

American Reality TV 2/28/06 Bland and Boring Performances: American Idol 2-28-2006

Inside Pulse 3/1/06 D2 Review: American Idol

MSNBC 3/1/06 Only the strong will survive on ‘Idol’

Metro 3/1/06 Idol hopefuls fall flat

Toronto Star 3/1/06 Pilots park on American Idol coattails

Beavers On Idol 3/1/06 AI5 Ladies Night - Attack of the Bad Song Choices

The Trades 3/1/06 American Idol 5: Women's Week 2 3/1/06 - Girls Night out Part 2

WritingUp 3/1/06 American Idol 5, February 28th - Calamari And Dog Jaw Make The Night 3/1/06 - The Women: Deal... Or No Deal

Foxes On Idol 3/1/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, February 28

JokersUpdates 3/1/06 American Idol : Ten Women Sing. I Saw You Yawning

Reality News Online 3/1/06 American Idol 5, February 28: Song Choice! 

Reality Shack 3/1/06 American Idol 5, February 28th - Unofficially Country Night

Fans of Reality TV 3/1/06 Our Interview With Bobby Bennett

Reality TV Magazine 3/1/06 American Idol Girls Struggle With Song Choice

Entertainment Weekly 3/1/06 Risk-Free Business

State Hornet 3/1/06 No Hollywood ending for ‘Idol’ contestant

Dallas Morning News 3/1/06 Idol index: Rating the weekly performances on 'American Idol'

Go Triad 3/1/06 Daughtry prepares for another round

Portsmouth Herald News 3/1/06 Idol Watch

Buffalo News 3/1/06 Brenna Gethers: Last dance?

Baltimore Sun 3/1/06 10 angry women

Gwinnett Daily Post 3/1/06 Local ‘Idol’ hopeful goes country 3/1/06 American Idol: Final 10 girls limp along

Daily News Tribune 3/1/06 Ayla impresses again

Mercury News 3/1/06 American Idol: Paris Bennett, Mandisa, Kellie Pickler stand out

Richmond Times Dispatch 3/1/06 Yamin to 'mix it up' tonight

Newsday 3/1/06 After 'Idol' run, Savol still plugging away

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 3/1/06 Brown wows judges

Post Chronicle 3/1/06 American Idol Top 10 Girls: The Favorites Fall 2/28/06 - The Songs Remain All Lame

TV Rules 2/28/06 American Idol 5: 2/28 Top 10 Ladies Perform

Celebrity Spider 2/28/06 Chippendales Offer Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson Talent Scout Jobs

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/06 Our Interview With Stevie Scott

Fans of Reality TV 2/28/06 Our Interview With Patrick Hall

Television Without Pity 2/28/06 Semifinals, Week 1: The Results

Burlington Hawk Eye 2/28/06 BSD signs Bice, Poison

CBS 2/28/06 Barry Bonds Impersonates Paula Abdul

Bradenton Herald 2/28/06 Negative feedback dismissed in 'Idol'

Post Chronicle 2/28/06 Fueled By Lucas, Paulus Determined To Ruin Clay Aiken's Career

Rockford Register Star 2/28/06 Paris to sing tonight

Allentown Morning Call 2/28/06 Underwood, Heart, Kansas and Styx at Musikfest

Manila Bulletin 2/28/06 Jasmine Trias: En route to pop dance diva status

Boston Globe 2/28/06 Is `American Idol' impeding Healey's choice for a running mate?

Clanton Advertiser 2/28/06 Idol contestant has local ties 2/28/06 American Idol: Kevin Covais is dead man walking

Palm Beach Post 2/28/06 Who will get the boot?

Newsday 2/28/06 'Idol' Psychics

St. Petersburg Times 2/28/06 Battle Royal

Milford Daily News 2/28/06 Ayla Brown to perform tonight on ’Idol’: Local girl says she’s rehearsing constantly

Foxes on Idol 2/28/06 Idol Thoughts, February 28: Could This be the Best Season Ever?

Journal News 2/28/06 Mount Vernon resident Brenna Gethers performs tonight on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 2/28/06 American Idol 5: Why Patrick Lost

ic Wales 2/28/06 Preview: Kelly Clarkson

Foxes On Idol 2/28/06 American Idol 5: Which Idols Will Fall in the Second Semi-Final Round?

Journal News 2/28/06 Lower Hudson Valley weighs in on 'American Idol'

Television Without Pity 2/28/06 Semifinals, Week 1: The Boys

Reality TV Magazine 2/28/06 American Idol Cover-Up: Where Is Cortney Layne?

Tampa Bay Online 2/28/06 Tampa 'Idol' Contestant To Kick Up Effort With Help From Her Friends And A Moose

Times Dispatch 2/28/06 American Idol: The Elliott look 2/28/06 American Idol: Elliott Yamin's dental dilemna

TBO 2/28/06 Tampa 'Idol' Contestant To Kick Up Effort With Help From Her Friends And A Moose

Reality TV World 2/27/06 'Idol 3' finalist Jennifer Hudson honored as "Female Star of Tomorrow"

Celebrity Spider 2/27/06 Kelly Clarkson Installs Studio on Bus

Reality HQ 2/27/06 American Idol 5 - The Voting

Reality HQ 2/27/06 American Idol 5 - Top 12 Guys' Night

Beavers On Idol 2/27/06 American Idol 5: Big Ratings, Bigger Talent 2/27/06 - AI 5 end of the week report at the beginning of the week

Foxes On Idol 2/27/06 American Idol 5: Why Stevie Lost

Foxes on Idol 2/27/06 Idol Chartwatch, February 27: Carrie and Kelly Trading Places

Portsmouth Herald News 2/27/06 Chasing a dream: ‘Idol’ hopeful has relatives in Seacoast 2/27/06 What Was Stevie Scott Thinking?

OurSports Central 2/27/06 Ayla Brown's Magic Number is 08

NY Post 2/27/06 'Idol': No Way 'Out' 2/27/06 Becky O'Donohue Tells Me What It's Like to Be on Idol

Reality TV Magazine 2/26/06 American Idol The Magazine Features Constantine Maroulis On The Cover

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 2/26/06 Clay Aiken Gender roles and challenges- A Critique Continuum

Fans of Reality TV 2/26/06 American Idol The FORT's Interview With Becky O'Donohue

Beavers On Idol 2/26/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 24 Performances

Newsday 2/26/06 Idol chatter

Scottsbluff Star-Herald 2/26/06 'Idol' star amazed at newfound popularity

Boston Globe 2/26/06 Rox root for Ayla on 'Idol'

Dallas Morning News 2/26/06 Idol: The geezer vote

News Times 2/26/06 Probation for fallen 'Idol' 2/26/06 Girls stand out on 'AI' 2/26/06 Jackson voice teachers say few 'American Idol' singers have compelling technique

Coshocton Tribune 2/26/06 'Idol' fans sing the show's praises

Fans of Reality TV 2/25/06 2/23 Recap Exciting New Ways to Say You Didn't Make It

American Reality TV 2/25/06 Patrick Hall Gone- Tell me it isn’t true America: American Idol Semi-Final Elimination 02-23-2006

Reality HQ 2/25/06 American Idol - Ladies Night

Television Without Pity 2/25/06 Semifinals, Week 1: The Girls

Beavers On Idol 2/25/06 AI5 Guys Night - Simon Could Have a Worse Attitude?

Reality TV Magazine 2/25/06 Becky O'Donohue Talks About Maxim, Playboy, and Fear Factor

Journal News 2/25/06 Dobbs Ferry woman's dreams not dashed by "Idol" loss

Reality TV Magazine 2/25/06 Bobby Bennett Knew He Was Going To Be Eliminated From American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 2/25/06 Patrick Hall Blames Song Choice, Going First And Lack Of Screen Time For His AI Elimination

Reality TV Magazine 2/25/06 Stevie Scott Reveals She Was Sick During American Idol Performance

Newsday 2/25/06 Probation for ``American Idol'' finalist in drug and alcohol case

Post Chronicle 2/25/06 Gay Scandal Could Derail Gospel Honors For Clay Aiken

NY Times 2/25/06 'Idol' Is What the Televised Olympics Try to Be, and There's No Curling

Charlotte Observer 2/25/06 Surprise! He's Paula's date

National Ledger 2/25/06 Threatened Action Against Clay Aiken is Misguided, Foolish

Ynetnews 2/25/06 Kelly Clarkson concerts sold out

Celebrity Spider 2/24/06 American Idol February 23rd “Four Dreams Dashed”

Celebrity Spider 2/24/06 The American Idol Countdown Continues, Four Go Home This Week

American Reality TV 2/24/06 My Response to the Clay Aiken Class Action suit. Due Process Of Law Ladies!  

MSNBC 2/24/06 ‘Idol’ results show revels in cruelty

MTV 2/24/06 Early 'Idol' Eliminations Say They Regret Song Selections

LA Daily News 2/24/06 'Idol' dream still alive for McPhee

BP News 2/24/06 Mandisa, a fan favorite, advances to next round of ‘American Idol’

The Advocate 2/24/06 Sing it, sister!

WCNC 2/24/06 Little known facts about Idol contestant Kellie Pickler 2/24/06 - 24 to 20: Who’s gone? Well I’m missing one already.

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 2/24/06 Superb, Excellent, Quality Fun Show: American Idol- 02-22-2006

Mobile Register 2/24/06 'Idol' viewers give Hicks thumbs up

Beavers On Idol 2/24/06 AI5 Ladies - The Expected and the Unexpected

Reality Shack 2/24/06 Oh, Goodbyes are So, So, Sad... Sort Of - American Idol 5, 2-23-06

Foxes On Idol 2/24/06 American Idol 5: Why Bobby Lost

Orwell Project 2/24/06 American Idol Top 24: First Results Recap! -- 2/23/06

MSNBC 2/24/06 ‘American Idol’ skates circles around Olympics

Foxes On Idol 2/24/06 American Idol 5: Why Becky Lost

Reality TV Calendar 2/24/06 Song Choice Can Doom You: Top 24 Results Recap

Foxes On Idol 2/24/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 24

Zap2It 2/24/06 'Dreamgirl' Hudson Is ShoWest's Star of Tomorrow

Reality TV World 2/24/06 Fox's 'American Idol 5' eliminates its first four semifinalists

Entertainment Weekly 2/24/06 Semifinal Destination

Chicago Sun-Times 2/24/06 David lives to croon another day

Zap2It 2/24/06 'Idol' Flushes Four in First Elimination

Beacon Journal 2/24/06 Akron native avoids `Idol' cut

Newsday 2/24/06 LI guy still on 'Idol'

Daily News Transcript 2/24/06 Rooting for Ayla

Bellingham Country Gazette 2/24/06 Ayla reflects on ’Idol’ so far

Daily Record 2/24/06 Fans see dreams dashed, many shocked

WIS 2/24/06 Columbia native makes it to final round of "American Idol"

Times Dispatch 2/24/06 Two 'Idol' entrants advance

Daily Progress 2/24/06 Fluvanna alumnus survives 1st 'Idol' round

Milford Daily News 2/24/06 Rooting for Ayla: Friends glad Wrentham girl has advanced on ’Idol’ 2/24/06 `Idol' chops field to 20

WCNC 2/24/06 Have You Heard? All 4 N.C. contestants survive 1st 'Idol' round

Northwest Herald 2/24/06 Radford survives 'American Idol' cut

Greensboro News Record 2/24/06 'American Idol’ watch

Reality News Online 2/24/06 American Idol 5, February 23: The First Cut is the Deepest

Hollywood Reporter 2/24/06 Hudson is dream girl at ShoWest

USA Today 2/23/06 'Idol' makes first cuts of new season 2/23/06 - The Duck Lives to Quack Again

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/06 American Idol Results – Two Shockers, Two As Expected

TV Rules 2/23/06 American Idol 5: 2/23 Results Summary

JokersUpdates 2/23/06 Amercan Idol: First Results. No Second Chances

Celebrity Spider 2/23/06 Clay Aiken Fans Move Forward With Lawsuit

Beloit Daily News 2/23/06 Rockford native advances on ‘Idol'

Celebrity Spider 2/23/06 American Idol's Becky O'Donohue Steps Up to Maxim's Plate

Fans of Reality TV 2/23/06 American Idol Let's Hear It For The Boys

The Citizen 2/23/06 Paris, you are safe

OCRegister 2/23/06 O.C. 'Idol' contestant to learn fate tonight

MTV 2/23/06 Bo Bice's Debut Video To Include Smurfs, Fairy Dust (Just Kidding!)

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 The Men Gave Us Reason to Cheer

Orwell Project 2/23/06 American Idol Top 24: Gentlemen' Night -- 2/22/06

Reality TV World 2/23/06 'American Idol' clarifies text voting only works with Cingular Wireless

Extra 2/23/06 Simon and Ryan Go Head to Head in Latest Feud

Reality TV World 2/23/06 Media "uncovers" 'Idol' semifinalist Becky O'Donohue's 'Maxim' shoot 2/23/06 American Idol: The problem with Kellie Pickler

AJC 2/23/06 Taylor and Ace — thank you! 2/23/06 - Top 12 Guys?

TMZ 2/23/06 Exclusive: 'Idol' Secrets

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Top 24: Becky O'Donohue Bares The Twins

TMZ 2/23/06 TMZ Digs Up Past Performances of 'A.I.' Contestants 2/23/06 - Bring on the Men and Let the Fun Begin

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Top 24: Here's How I Rank The Guys

WIS 2/23/06 America to decide if Columbia native makes it to final round of "American Idol"

JokersUpdates 2/23/06 American Idol 6: Twelve Men Audition Naked 2/23/06 - A few good men? Hell Yeah!

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? RTVC Staff Predictions For The Top 24

Reality News Online 2/23/06 American Idol 5, February 22: Let’s Hear It for the Boys!

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/06 American Idol Lost: What Happened To Cortney, The Missing 45th Idol?

Reality TV Calendar 2/23/06 Top 24: The Males Performance Recap 2/23/06 - Hot & Cold

The Trades 2/23/06 American Idol 5: Men's Week 1

Reality Shack 2/23/06 American Idol 5, February 22nd - Simon Admits To Being Wrong! 

Reality TV Magazine 2/23/06 Becky O'Donohue, American Idol Contestant's Sexy Background Revealed 

Foxes on Idol 2/23/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, February 22

Dallas Morning News 2/23/06 'Idol' index: The men

Entertainment Weekly 2/23/06 Rough and Ready

Southwest Daily Times 2/23/06 Panhandle teen makes good after stab at 'American Idol'

Charlottesville Daily Progress 2/23/06 Daughtry wows 'American Idol' judges 2/23/06 Ayla Brown gets lukewarm praise from Idol judges

WRAL 2/23/06 'Idol' Performer Makes Local Relatives Proud

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/23/06 Idol's Cowell praises Yamin

WTKR 2/23/06 Virginia Contestants Earns Rave Reviews On ' American Idol' 2/23/06 American Idol: Final 12 boys show little promise

MTV 2/23/06 Constantine Maroulis Going Adult Contemporary On Solo LP

WCAV 2/23/06 Local Makes Final 24 on American Idol

Mercury News 2/23/06 "American Idol": Taylor Hicks, Ace Young, Elliott Yamin lead the way

Daily News Transcript 2/23/06 Brown has earned her spot in the sun, friends say

The State 2/23/06 Not even Simon fazes Kinnik Sky. But what if she wins?

Benton County Daily Record 2/23/06 ‘American Idol’ party tonight to watch Gravette’s Patrick Hall

Needham Times 2/23/06 Ayla's knocking out the competition

Birmingham News 2/23/06 'Idol' chatter

Reality TV World 2/22/06 Former 'American Idol' co-host Brian Dunkleman "breaks his silence"

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/06 American Idol Top 12 Boys – Taylor, Chris, Elliott, And Ace Steal The Show

TV Rules 2/22/06 American Idol 5: 2/22/06 Boys' Performance Summary

MSNBC 2/22/06 Clone-free zone

Orwell Project 2/22/06 American Idol Top 24: Ladies' Night -- 2/21/06

Metro 2/22/06 Jose, Bobby only Idol ills

Palm Beach Post 2/22/06 "American Idol" Boyz in the good!

Celebrity Spider 2/22/06 American Idol February 21st “Of The Dozen, Whom Do You Remember?”

Zap2It 2/22/06 'Idol' Singer Bared Most for Magazine

Orange County Register 2/22/06 Anaheim's 'Idol' contestant awaits fate

Rockford Register-Star 2/22/06 Paris Bennett’s performance one ‘everyone’s gonna remember’

Extra 2/22/06 An ‘American Idol's' Dirty Little Secret Exposed

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/06 Here's How I Rank The Girls 2/22/06 - Blech on the Ladies

Inside Pulse 2/22/06 American Idol 5 - Recap - Episode 5-11

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/06 Top 24: The Females Performance Recap

ABC News 2/22/06 'Idol' Singer Strikes Sexy Pose With Twin 2/22/06 - The top 12 girls throw down the gauntlet

JokersUpdates 2/22/06 American Idol: Season 6. Round 1. I Wish I Could Quit You Idol

Reality TV Calendar 2/22/06 A Rough Start For Most of the Ladies

Foxes On Idol 2/22/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, February 21

Reality TV Magazine 2/22/06 American Idol Top 12 Girls – Who's Going Home? 2/22/06 - Amazon Women, Teens, and Some Singing

The Trades 2/22/06 American Idol 5: Women's Week 1 2/22/06 - Sorry You Had to Stare at My Butt

Reality Shack 2/22/06 American Idol 5, February 21st - Greatest Show On Earth

American Reality TV 2/22/06 Likeability factor and Some Serious Strong Competition: American Idol 2-21-2006 2/22/06 American Idol: Some girls shine, some slip up 2/22/06 Battle of the Teen Divas on American Idol?

Metro 2/22/06 Four of 12 women have Idol potential

Entertainment Weekly 2/22/06 Chirpers by the Dozen

Dallas Morning News 2/22/06 'Idol' index: The women

Milford Daily News 2/22/06 Ayla sings her heart out on ’Idol’

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/22/06 Idol watch

Sun Chronicle 2/22/06 Brown in the spotlight

San Francisco Examiner 2/22/06 South City’s ‘Idol’ threat

Beacon Journal 2/22/06 'Idol' hopeful has roots in Akron

Southern Pines Pilot 2/22/06 Couple's Grandson on 'American Idol'

Mercury News 2/22/06 American Idol: Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Katharine McPhee shine

Journal News 2/22/06 Lower Hudson's 'Idols' get turn to shine

USA Today 2/22/06 Dunkleman questions leaving 'Idol' gig

Birmingham News 2/22/06 'Idol' Chatter

Mobile Register 2/22/06 Idol' wins ratings gold

Reality News Online 2/22/06 American Idol 5, February 21: The Diva Dozen

TV Rules 2/22/06 American Idol 5: 2/21 Top 12 Girls Performance Summary

Always Reality Television 2/22/06 Making The Grade, Week 1 - Girls

Metro West Daily 2/22/06 Ayla Brown gets good reviews on ’Idol’

MSNBC 2/21/06 Youth trumps experience for ‘Idol’ women

The Citizen 2/21/06 Fayette’s Rising Star, Part 3

MSNBC 2/21/06 Twenty, twenty, twenty-four Idols to go

Virginian Pilot 2/21/06 Richmonder goes from karaoke to ''American Idol'' 2/21/06 - Top 24: Part 2: the boys are back in town

Birmingham News 2/21/06 Soul patrolman

Reality TV World 2/21/06 Ace Young deemed the favorite to win Fox's 'American Idol 5'

LA Daily News 2/21/06 Sherman Oaks woman may be next Idol

Northwest Herald 2/21/06 CL teen adjusts to 'Idol' life

AZ Central 2/21/06 'Idol' 24

Rockford Register Star 2/21/06 ‘Not your ordinary soul singer’

Arkansas Democrat Gazette 2/21/06 Arkansan on Idol

Foxes On Idol 2/21/06 American Idol 5: Handicapping The Top 24

WCNC 2/21/06 Commentary: Picking the early favorites on 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/21/06 What ‘American Idol 5’ Contestants Need to Know

Bismarck Tribune 2/21/06 'Idol' contestant has Bismarck connection

News & Observer 2/21/06 Meet the N.C. 'Idol' hopefuls

The Scotsman 2/21/06 Kelly Clarkson

Mobile Register 2/21/06 Alabama Idols

Robertson County Times 2/21/06 Simon isn't the only one impressed with her auditions

Washington Post 2/21/06 Click Five and Bo Bice: Opposites Distract

Daily News Transcript 2/21/06 ’Idol’ pursuit resumes

andPoP 2/21/06 Carrie Underwood Takes the High Road with Grace

WDC Media News 2/21/06 American Idol’s Mandisa, now in contest’s final 24, makes her faith in Christ known

Chicago Sun-Times 2/21/06 Crystal Lake's teen 'Idol' 2/21/06 Kenny Chesney with Carrie Underwood

The Star 2/21/06 Hits and misses

San Mateo County Times 2/21/06 Bay Area entry hopes 'A.I.' fans walk this Sway

Hollywood Reporter 2/21/06 'Idol' goes for gold in Olympics matchup

Reality TV Magazine 2/21/06 American Idol Top 12 – Reality TV Magazine's Predictions

Foxes On Idol 2/21/06 Idol Thoughts, February 21: Let the Games – and Predictions – Begin

Beavers On Idol 2/21/06 Why I Am Excited about American Idol 5

Malaysia Star 2/21/06 Catching up with William

NY Post 2/21/06 Skating vs. 'Idol'

WIS-TV 2/20/06 Columbia native taking center stage on "American Idol"

Post-Star 2/20/06 Idle vs. Idol -- It's now time to pick your Idol ponies

Inside Pulse 2/20/06 D2 Review: American Idol

Reality TV World 2/20/06 Simon Cowell dishes about 'American Idol 5's Top 24 semifinalists

Reality TV Calendar 2/20/06 Simon Says I Lied

Foxes On Idol 2/20/06 A ‘Shocking’ American Idol 5 Prediction 2/20/06 Top 24: Ladies first

Foxes On Idol 2/20/06 Idol Chartwatch, February 20: The Power of Grammy… or Two

Chicago Tribune 2/20/06 `Idol' wannabes get help from voice coaches

Media Week 2/20/06 Olympics Web Beats Idol's Site

TV Week 2/20/06 'Idol' Sweeps Up Against Olympics

Always Reality Television 2/19/06 American Idol 5 2/14 and 2/15 Recap, Bling Bling and Shine On

Florida Today 2/19/06 Cowell not close with former 'Idols'

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/19/06 Brown back on 'Idol' on Tuesday night

Coshocton Tribune 2/19/06 'Idol' thoughts on a cultural phenomenon

INQ7 2/19/06 Fil-Am among 'Idol's' top 24

Journal Star 2/19/06 How I became an 'American Idol' fan

Journal Now 2/19/06 Singing Passion: 'Idol' contestant from Jonesville grew up in musical family

Television Without Pity 2/19/06 Hollydidn't, Paulashouldn't

Celebrity Spider 2/18/06 Kelly Clarkson & Canadian Idol Competitors Earn Canadian Music Award Nominations

Celebrity Spider 2/18/06 Upset Clay Aiken Fans Plan Class Action Lawsuit

Celebrity Spider 2/18/06 American Idol Odds Posted

Reality TV World 2/18/06 Kelly Clarkson talks about her breakup with boyfriend Graham Colton

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 2/18/06 In Defense of Kelly Clarkson

Electric New Paper 2/18/06 She's a little bit of Kelly, a whole lot of country

Beavers On Idol 2/18/06 American Idol 5: First Look at the Top 24 Contestants

Charlotte Observer 2/18/06 'Idol' finalist holds on to his sense of humor

Daily Progress 2/18/06 Fluvanna alumnus makes it on 'Idol' 2/18/06 Introducing Carrie Underwood's Album 'Some Hearts' In Australian Market

Independent Record 2/18/06 ‘Crying Cowboy’ happy with time on reality show

Charleston Gazette 2/18/06 Analyzing American Idol

Roseville Press Tribune 2/18/06 Hopeful for hit TV show misses cut

Fans of Reality TV 2/17/06 American Idol Finally, The Top 24

Celebrity Spider 2/17/06 Kelly Clarkson Battled Eating Disorder

Reality Shack 2/17/06 Gotta Love the Groups and Getting Down to 24 - American Idol, Week 5 Commentary

Zap2It 2/17/06 Oddsmakers Install Ace, Katharine as 'Idol' Favorites

Fox News 2/17/06 Why Americans Choose 'Idol' Over Olympics

Extra 2/17/06 Simon Says: Hello 'Regis and Kelly!'

Reality TV Magazine 2/17/06 American Idol Contestant Crazy Dave's Shocking Confession

Reality TV Calendar 2/17/06 The Top 24: Photos, Info, And More

TMZ 2/17/06 Simon Fesses Up

Chicago Tribune 2/17/06 Though Radford's not in school, he's not idle -- he's on 'Idol'

Newsday 2/17/06 LI’s ‘baby face’ an ‘Idol’ threat?

Charlotte Observer 2/17/06 'American Idol's Pickler: Singer and survivor

The Journal News 2/17/06 Lower Hudson Valley worships its 'Idols'

Commercial Appeal 2/17/06 An 'Idol' dream is real for Yo! teen

Daily News Transcript 2/17/06 Ayla Brown is ready to ’kick butt’

The State 2/17/06 Sky high over ‘American Idol’

Patriot-News 2/17/06 Bo Bice brings 'The Real Thing' to Harrisburg's Dragonfly

News Record 2/17/06 Guilford singer still an 'Idol' contender

Daily Record 2/17/06 Exclusive: Independent Woman 2/17/06 Idol wannabe Ayla Brown may face a tough decision

NY Daily News 2/17/06 Three local contestants to 'Idol'-ize

Gwinnett Daily Post 2/17/06 Diana DeGarmo musical coming to Atlanta stage

Arizona Republic 2/17/06 'Idol' boss offers critiques on Randy, Paula and Simon

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/17/06 Two on 'Idol' have ties to Virginia

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/17/06 Ayla battles `all-American' image

Pioneer Press 2/17/06 Q & A with 'Idol' finalist Paris Bennett

People 2/17/06 Cowell: 'I Don't Know Who's Gonna Win'

Bellingham Country Gazette 2/17/06 Ayla advances on 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Fantasia Barrino, Hilary & Haylie Duff and to Appear at Nascar Race

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 Top 24 American Idol Semifinalists Revealed

Celebrity Spider 2/16/06 24 Semifinalists Perform on Two Double Episodes of American Idol Next Week

Beavers On Idol 2/16/06 American and Canadian Idol Music Floods Canadian Radio

Orwell Project 2/16/06 American Idol Auditions - Final 24 Recap

TMZ 2/16/06 Cowell Describes His Relationship With Past 'Idols' As Tiny

WCNC 2/16/06 Have You Heard? Albemarle waitress among four N.C. 'Idols'

Birmingham News 2/16/06 City's Taylor Hicks a top-24 finalist

OurSports Central 2/16/06 Rox adopt an Idol

Richmond Times Dispatch 2/16/06 Another Virginian is 'Idol' finalist

MSNBC 2/16/06 Time to face the judges 2/16/06 Four From N.C. Make Final 24 On 'Idol' 2/16/06 Richmonder makes 'American Idol' cut

Greensboro News Record 2/16/06 'Idol' hopefuls grateful for exposure

Reality TV World 2/16/06 'American Idol 5' wraps audition rounds, reveals Top 24 semifinalists 2/16/06 - This Group of 24 Has A LOT to prove-and where the heck is..

Reality News Online 2/16/06 American Idol 5, February 15: The Last Cut is the Deepest

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Reality TV Calendar 2/16/06 The Long Walk Of Fate: Episode 10 Recap

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Dallas Morning News 2/16/06 'Idol': Fox's other 24

Metro 2/16/06 Underdogs make it

Reality HQ 2/16/06 American Idol Season 5 Contestants

Tucson Citizen 2/16/06 'Idol' hopeful loses, but wins r-e-s-p-e-c-t

Rockford Register Star 2/16/06 Rockford’s Bennett moves on in ‘Idol’ competition 2/16/06 Birmingham native Taylor Hicks makes final cut on "American Idol"

Northwest Arkansas Times 2/16/06 Gravette man advances on ‘American Idol’

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 2/16/06 Brown moves on

Daily News Transcript 2/16/06 Local teen gets trip to Hollywood

NY Post 2/16/06 'Idol's Dual Divas Ousted

Chicago Tribune 2/16/06 Shrill sells as `Idol' picks 24

Pioneer Press 2/16/06 Former Twin Cities teen makes 'Idol' cut to 24 finalists

News & Observer 2/16/06 Two Tar Heels make 'American Idol' cut

MTV 2/16/06 Would 'American Idol' Be Better Off Without Simon Cowell?

Mobile Register 2/16/06 Alabama singer in the 'Idol' Top 24

Taunton Gazette 2/16/06 Local gets his 5 minutes of fame

Des Moines Register 2/16/06 D.M. native Bobo won't be next 'Idol' 2/15/06 - Somebody Has To Get A Yes

Fans of Reality TV 2/15/06 American Idol I Don't Do Groups

American Reality TV 2/15/06 Kiss Me Your Through! The semi final 24 are chosen

Reality TV Magazine 2/15/06 American Idol Final 24 Are…

TV Rules 2/15/06 American Idol 5: 2/15 Top 24 Revealed

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Orwell Project 2/15/06 American Idol Auditions - Hollywood Week, part 2

Reality TV Calendar 2/15/06 Hissy Fits In Hollywood: Episode 9 Recap

American Reality TV 2/15/06- All that Bling,Bling, Shine On and Drama Queen’s

Reality Reel 2/15/06 American Idol Runner-up, Bo Bice, Debuts "The Real Thing"

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 2/15/06 Paula Abdul can't get a man!

Celebrity Spider 2/15/06 24 Semifinalists Are Revealed Tonight on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 2/15/06 Simon Cowell Upset Over Comments Airing on American Idol

Washington Post 2/15/06 'Idol' Sends Olympics Into a Tailspin 2/15/06 - Why Can't I Quit You?

Reality TV Calendar 2/15/06 Simon Makes His Excuses

MTV 2/15/06 A Lot Of Lovin', A Lot Of Livin' Shaping Fantasia's Next LP

Allentown Morning Call 2/15/06 Bo Bice proves he's the real thing

Milford Daily News 2/15/06 ’Idol’ of their eyes?

NU Purple 2/15/06 Niagara’s O’Donohue Among Final 44 "American Idol" Contestants

Arizona Daily Star 2/15/06 'Idol' contestant shoots for finals 2/15/06 American Idol: In defense of Terrell Brittenum

MSNBC 2/15/06 Twin tantrum 2/15/06 Exclusive: Secret Terms of 'A.I.' Contracts

Tyler Morning Telegraph 2/15/06 Welcome Home For 'Idol' Contestant On Tap

Newsday 2/15/06 'Idol' hopeful is still a star in Levittown

OurSports Central 2/15/06 American Idol 2 star Josh Gracin to perform at March 18 Griffins game

CRI 2/15/06 American Idol on Chinese TV

Beacon Journal 2/15/06 Tiny teen, huge 'Idol' promise

Entertainment Weekly 2/15/06 Harmonic Divergence 2/15/06 Local 'Idol' contestant aiming high

Houston Chronicle 2/15/06 Former host makes a game out of living an Idol life

FMQB 2/15/06 Kelly Clarkson Looking To Collaborate On Next Record

NY Post 2/15/06 'I Didn't Mean It': Simon

RealityShack 2/15/06 American Idol 5, February 14th - The Brittenum Twins ... Who Else?

Reality TV Magazine 2/15/06 Brian Dunkleman Regrets Leaving American Idol, Would Host Show Again

Reality News Online 2/15/06 American Idol 5, February 14: Brittenum Idol

Reality TV Magazine 2/15/06 American Idol Group Auditions, Are The Twins In Or Out? 2/14/06 Still no Real Band of Gold

Celebrity Spider 2/14/06 Idol Meets All Stars, Carrie Underwood to Perform at NBA Game

Reality TV Magazine 2/14/06 Will The American Idol Cowboys Get A Record Deal?

TV Rules 2/14/06 American Idol 5: 2/14 Hollywood Part 2 Summary

Foxes On Idol 2/14/06 Idol Thoughts, February 14: Because of Kelly

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Jam! 2/14/06 'Idol' beats Olympics in ratings

Palm Beach Post 2/14/06 Who should get the boot this week?

Mobile Register 2/14/06 Idol' wraps auditions, nears season's live shows

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Manila Bulletin 2/14/06 Getting to know ‘American Idol’s’ William Hung

Buffalo News 2/14/06 Countdown to the final 24 contestants

Times Dispatch 2/14/06 Is Richmonder 'Idol' contender?

News Press 2/14/06 Our 'Idol' draws fans to store

Reality TV World 2/14/06 Simon Cowell says 'American Idol' comments were supposed to be off the record

National Enquirer 2/13/06 Anger over Paula's Secret TV Deal

Boston Globe 2/13/06 Clarkson's breakaway success

Orwell Project 2/13/06 American Idol Auditions - Hollywood Week, part 1

Opelika Auburn News 2/13/06 Auburn native competes on 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 2/13/06 Idol Chartwatch, February 13: Slippin’ and Slidin’

Always Reality Television 2/12/06 2/7 American Idol 5 Recap, When Cher-Man Attacks

Reality Shack 2/12/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: Judgment Day For AI Judges

Television Without Pity 2/12/06 Hollywouldn't

Chicago Sun-Times 2/12/06 Dirty Laundry: "American Idol" judges

LA Times 2/12/06 Why we worship 'American Idol' 2/12/06 Local 'American Idol' contestant's shoplifting rap plays on Web site

Jakarta Post 2/12/06 American idol idolized -- are these people idiots?

Beavers On Idol 2/11/06 American Idol 5: Separating the Contenders from the Wannabes - Part 2

News India Times 2/11/06 Auditioning for 'American Idol': Behind the scenes with contestant Rani Karnik

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Fans of Reality TV 2/10/06 2/8 Recap It's Hollywood, Baybee

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Reality Shack 2/10/06 American Idol 5, Week 4 Commentary - Thank God the Auditions are OVER!!

MSNBC 2/10/06 Hooray for Hollywood: ‘Idol’ starts cutting

Plain Dealer 2/10/06 It took years, but Idol's' Bice finds music magic before 30

NY Daily News 2/10/06 Broadway hit by an 'Idol' wave of talent

Arizona Daily Star 2/10/06 Tucson 'Idol' hopeful is still in the running

Lowell Sun 2/10/06 'Idol' in Boston tough on local contestants

Scottsbluff Star-Herald 2/10/06 Idol success one step closer for Veteran cowboy 2/10/06 Area teen may yet be Idol material

Benton County Daily Record 2/10/06 Hall is Gravette’s ‘Idol’

Town Online 2/10/06 Ayla makes the ’Idol’ cut

The Advocate 2/10/06 Idol thoughts...and rants

WMDT 2/10/06 Salisbury Woman Part Of American Idol

Celebrity Spider 2/9/06 American Idol February 8th - Hollywood Shakedown

Celebrity Spider 2/9/06 Kelly Clarkson Thanks Best Pal With Grammy Kiss

Beavers On Idol 2/9/06 Time for Congratulations

Reality TV World 2/9/06 Original 'American Idol' Kelly Clarkson wins two Grammy Awards

Beavers On Idol 2/9/06 "The Five Year Itch" Starring Simon Cowell

Reality News Online 2/9/06 American Idol 5, February 8: Hollywood Horrors and Highlights

Reality TV World 2/9/06 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson sets down roots in Texas 2/9/06 Hollywood Hell Week Begins

Foxes On Idol 2/9/06 “To Be Honest”: An Interview with American Idol Producer Ken Warwick

Reality TV Calendar 2/9/06 It's Hell Week In Hollywood: Episode 8 Recap

Reality Shack 2/9/06 American Idol 5, February 8th - Found: Missing Talent 2/9/06 Sound and the Fury

MSNBC 2/9/06 ‘Idol’ fans have plenty to say

Providence Journal 2/9/06 People: Two from R.I. fail on American Idol, but gain celebrity

Seattle PI 2/9/06 'American Idol' crushes Grammys in ratings

Rockford Register Star 2/9/06 Rockford’s ‘Idol’ makes the cut

Entertainment Weekly 2/9/06 Everyone's a Winner

Go Memphis 2/9/06 Fox hopes sizzling 'Idol' will scorch Olympics in ratings

Town Online 2/9/06 Ipswich singer makes the cut on ’American Idol’

Enterprise News 2/9/06 Taunton man conquers 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 American Idol Caught Up in Another Crime Rap Scandal

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 American Idol February 7th “Rain fell in torrents on Boston, but only a trickle of talent”

Reality TV Magazine 2/8/06 American Idol Hollywood Week Results – Crying Cowboy, Crazy Dave, & Twins

Celebrity Spider 2/8/06 Simon Cowell Bans American Idol Songs

TV Rules 2/8/06 American Idol 2/08:Hollywood Review

Kearney Hub 2/8/06 Windmill Festival signs ‘Idol’ star

Fans of Reality TV 2/8/06 2/7 Recap American Idol is Wicked Awesome

Orwell Project 2/8/06 American Idol Auditions - Week 4 -- Boston 2/8/06 American Idol 5: Boston Auditions Summary 2/07/06

Reality TV Calendar 2/8/06 Simon's Bad Mood - So What's New? Episode 7 Recap 2/8/06 - Boston Audition 2/8/06 - I Love That Dirty Water, Boston You're My Home

Reality News Online 2/8/06 American Idol 5, February 7: Last Chance 2/8/06 R.I.'s Maccarone gives it back to Idol's Simon

Des Moines Register 2/8/06 Iowan nears shot at 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 2/8/06 Serenity Now

Metro 2/8/06 Idol hopefuls howl havoc

NY Post 2/8/06 Worst is Over
ET Online 2/8/06 'American Idol' Comes to Hollywood

Boston Globe 2/8/06 Local 'Idol' winners get TV time

Rockford Register Star 2/8/06 Paris Bennett sings on tonight’s ‘Idol’

Milford Daily News 2/8/06 Wrentham teen advances on ’American Idol’

Pioneer Press 2/8/06 Hollywood hopes, 'Idol' dreams

Newsday 2/8/06 Simon says - and 'Idol' soars

Pop Matters 2/8/06 An Interview with Carrie Underwood

Celebrity Spider 2/7/06 Anthony Andolino Comments on Simon Cowell's Audition Slam

Celebrity Spider 2/7/06 Kelly Clarkson Wants Steve Tyler to be Her Valentine

Celebrity Spider 2/7/06 Kelly Clarkson "Forced Into" Idol Movie Flop 

Reality TV Magazine 2/7/06 American Idol – Girls Rule Boston, Looks Like Clay Aiken

Reality TV Magazine 2/7/06 American Idol Boston Auditions Said To Be Best Yet

USA Today 2/7/06 'Idol' singers and zingers

Newsday 2/7/06 Simon says - and 'Idol' soars

The Des Moines Register 2/7/06 Mother: Roosevelt grad advances on 'Idol'

OC Register 2/7/06 Josh Gracin's too busy to stay 'Idol' 2/7/06 Diana DeGarmo Picks Up a Penny in Broadway's Hairspray Feb. 7

Palm Beach Post 2/7/06 From sea to shining Seacrest!

Courier Journal 2/7/06 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell should idle sharp tongue

News Tribune 2/7/06 Clarkson might not get Grammy, but she revived career 2/7/06 Boston takes center stage on American Idol

News Record 2/7/06 "Idol" star up for four Grammys

Ukiah Daily Journal 2/7/06 Shawna White: Being an Idol hasnt gone to her head

Daily News Transcript 2/7/06 Wrentham girl expected to be on ’Idol’ tonight....

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 American Idol Las Vegas Audition Video Clips

Celebrity Spider 2/6/06 Simon Cowell Plans to Retire From American Idol When Contract Runs Out

Reality Reel 2/6/06 Idol Chasers – Catch Up With Your American Idols – 2/6/06

Television Without Pity 2/6/06 Bo Bice is the New Clay Aiken, Part III

Reality TV Calendar 2/6/06 The Top 48 Revealed? Here's The List And More

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NMC 2/6/06 Carrie Underwood's Super Gift To Sister

MTV 2/6/06 The Scourge Of 'American Idol': Oversingers

AJC 2/6/06 Talking to the “Idol” producer

NY Daily News 2/6/06 Kelly's got new 'trix!

New University 2/6/06 Insults Toward American Idol Contestants Go Too Far

Daily Times 2/6/06 Salisbury's 'Idol' 2/6/06 Carrie Underwood, ....For The 2006 Country Thunder Festival

Always Reality Television 2/5/06 American Idol 5 2/1 Recap, The Attack of the Singing Zombies

Time 2/5/06 Miss Independent

The Trades 2/5/06 Interview: Christine Davis: No Idol Proposal

Inside Bay Area 2/5/06 These days, Simon Cowell is no one's idol

Washington Post 2/5/06 'Idol' May Give Olympics Run for the Money

Arizona Daily Star 2/5/06 Singer from Nogales excited about chance to be 'American Idol'

Celebrity Spider 2/4/06 Kelly Clarkson Stunned by Film Reference

Celebrity Spider 2/4/06 Kelly Clarkson No Fan of Award Ceremonies

Reality TV Magazine 2/4/06 American Idol Producer Ken Warwick Denies Voting Problems

Beavers On Idol 2/4/06 Justin's Back - and Better!

Reality Shack 2/4/06 More Crazies, Bad Hair, and Slutty Girls - American Idol 5, Week 3 Commentary

Reality TV Magazine 2/4/06 SwayGate – American Idol Producer Clarifies The Rules

The Courier 2/4/06 Woodlands resident on American Idol 2/4/06 Cleveland native banking on 'American Idol' run

Daily Democrat 2/4/06 'AI' winner to perform at May Fair

Celebrity Spider 2/3/06 Simon Cowell Never Wants Kids

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/06 Will Jose "Sway" Penala Be Uninvited?

Fans of Reality TV 2/3/06 - American Idol Attack of The Clones

Reality TV Calendar 2/3/06 The Austin Auditions Never Happened

Foxes On Idol 2/3/06 Idol Chartwatch, February 3: Bring it On

Reality TV Magazine 2/3/06 American Idol, Should He Sway Or Should He Go?

Reality TV Magazine 2/3/06 American Idol Contestant Halicia Thompson Criminal Past Exposed

NMC 2/3/06 Carrie Underwood's Sizzle To Be A Zazzle

Daily Progress 2/3/06 Underwood coming to Pryor

News-Press 2/3/06 Vonzell to appear at diamond store

Dallas Morning News 2/3/06 Idol in Austin? Not quite

Desert Sun 2/3/06 Josh Gracin goes from Marine to country crooner

WRIC 2/3/06 Richmond American Idol

Times Herald 2/3/06 Vallejo's own 'Idol' shoots for the stars

Los Banos Enterprise 2/3/06 Local man performed on 'American Idol' television show

Celebrity Spider 2/2/06 Kelly Clarkson is Single Again

Celebrity Spider 2/2/06 American Idol February 1st “Where is the Talent in Austin?”

Always Reality Television 2/2/06 American Idol 5 - 1/31 Recap, Return of The Psychos

Reality Shack 2/2/06 Simon Messes With Texas - American Idol 5, 2-1-06

Celebrity Spider 2/2/06 Kelly Clarkson and Ciara to Perform at the Grammy Awards Show

Celebrity Spider 2/2/06 Clay Aiken Fans Celebrate Third Year Anniversary

Austin Statesman 2/2/06 Weird Austin “Idol” hopefuls debut

KLTV 2/2/06 Longview Man Competes In "American Idol"

Orwell Project 2/2/06 American Idol Auditions - Las Vegas and Austin

MSNBC 2/2/06 ‘Idol’ doesn't mess with Texas

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/06 This Time Simon IS Rude And Wrong

WRIC 2/2/06 Richmond American Idol 2/2/06 American Idol 5:Austin Auditions Summary 2/1/06 2/2/06 - Austin Auditions

Zap2It 2/2/06 FOX Bags More Winning 'Idol' Auditions Wednesday

Reality News Online 2/2/06 American Idol 5, February 1: Idol in Austin

Reality TV Calendar 2/2/06 The Nightmare In Austin: Episode 6 Recap

Palm Beach Post 2/2/06 "American Idol": Geez, Louise, don't we have enough singers yet?!?

Metro 2/2/06 Talent finally turns up

MTV 2/2/06 Kelly Clarkson, Sir Paul To Make Grammy Performance Debuts

Scripps Howard News Service 2/2/06 Judging the 'American Idol' judges

MSNBC 2/2/06 Is Simon crossing the line on ‘Idol’?

NY Post 2/2/06 False 'Idol'?

WFAA 2/2/06 TV review: Austin 'Idol' an exercise in tedium

Entertainment Weekly 2/2/06 No Show

Broadcasting & Cable 2/2/06 Idol Rewind Clearances Top 80% 2/2/06 Seacrest, out!

USA Today 2/2/06 'Idol' makes its voice heard

Celebrity Spider 2/1/06 Randy Jackson Comes to Term With Simon Cowell Meltdown

Celebrity Spider 2/1/06 American Idol, January 31, 2006 "Gambling for the Big Jackpot in Las Vegas

Reality TV World 2/1/06 Activists lash out at 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell's cruelty

Extra 2/1/06 The War Behind the Scenes of 'American Idol' 2/1/06 American Idol 5: Las Vegas Auditions Summary 1/31/06 2/1/06 - Whatever Happens In Vegas...

Reality TV Calendar 2/1/06 It Should Have All Stayed In Vegas: Episode 5 Recap

NY Post 2/1/06 Porn Show No 'Idol' Threat

Reality Shack 2/1/06 American Idol 5, January 31st - CSI: American Idol

Reality News Online 2/1/06 American Idol 5, January 31, 2006: A Desert of Talent

Reality TV Magazine 2/1/06 Taylor Hicks, Is He Too Old For American Idol?

Mobile Register 2/1/06 Alabama singer heads to Hollywood 2/1/06 Is Simon Crossing The Line?

Torrington Telegram 2/1/06 Local celebrity awaits Hollywood stage

Birmingham News 2/1/06 'Idol' chatter

Entertainment Weekly 2/1/06 Promise of a New Paula

Metro 2/1/06 Sinful singers in showbiz capital

Philippine News Online 2/1/06 Bankers’ son makes it to American Idol’s next round

Washington Times 2/1/06 Activists lash out at Cowell's cruelty

Daily Herald 2/1/06 Dualistic local makes debut on tonight's American Idol

Yes! Weekly 2/1/06 The tone deaf wannabes, lend us your injured egos

Inside Pulse 1/31/06 D2 Review: American Idol Auditions Continue

Reality TV Magazine 1/31/06 AI Vegas – More Fat Jokes, An African-American Redneck, & A Gray-Haired Soul Singer

Celebrity Spider 1/31/06 Dr Phil Helps Paula Abdul Date

MSNBC 1/31/06 Sin City is Snooze City for ‘Idol’ auditions

Foxes On Idol 1/31/06 Idol Thoughts, January 31: Bad Audition Blues

Reality TV Magazine 1/31/06 Jose "Sway" Penala, Is He American Idol's Next Big Controversy?

Mobile Register 1/31/06 An Alabama 'Idol' hopeful

Beacon Journal 1/31/06 'Idol' continues amazing run for Fox

Times Herald 1/31/06 'American Idol' winner to take stage in Dixon

Daily News 1/31/06 Salter Path folks abuzz about one of their own

Herald Extra 1/31/06 Dualistic local makes debut on tonight's American Idol

Opelika Auburn News 1/31/06 Locally performing artist to appear in 'American Idol' auditions tonight

American Reality TV 1/30/06 Gay Soldier comes out of closet but did Clay Aiken

Foxes On Idol 1/30/06 Idol Chartwatch, January 30: Idols in a Holding Pattern

NY Times 1/30/06 Why Hold the Superlatives? 'American Idol' Is Ascendant

Foxes On Idol 1/30/06 Foxes On Idol Writer Donna Reynolds Puts Her ‘Idol Thoughts’ Into a Book

Jacksonville Daily Record 1/30/06 Bonkers for Bo

The Reporter 1/30/06 Vallejo teen advances to Hollywood on 'Idol'

Free Press 1/30/06 Two Eastern N.C. boys tryout for ‘Idol’

Reality TV Magazine 1/29/06 Paris Bennett, Will She Live Up To The Hype?

USA Today 1/29/06 'American Idol' favored for gold over Olympics

Star Tribune 1/29/06 'Idol' worship: Goshen County resident earns praise on reality show

Fans of Reality TV 1/28/06 American Idol Let's Just Get Through It, Shall We

Reality TV Magazine 1/28/06 American Idol 5 News & Rumors

Beavers On Idol 1/28/06 Clay Aiken and ClayNation Undergo New Round of Attacks

Reality TV Magazine 1/28/06 Kellie Pickler, Is She Too Similar To Carrie Underwood?

Times-Mail 1/28/06 Hackney not giving up on ‘American Idol'; Bedford woman fails to qualify

Reality Shack 1/27/06 What The ...? - American Idol 5 Commentary, Week Two

Celebrity Spider 1/27/06 Randy Jackson Blasts Simon Cowell Over American Idol Walk Outs

Celebrity Spider 1/27/06 American Idol Behind the Scenes Clips - Greensboro Auditions

Beavers On Idol 1/27/06 American Idol 5: Separating the Contenders from the Wannabes

Incense and Spices 1/27/06 Caught between the Lies and Chocolate Bars

Reality TV Calendar 1/27/06 Paula's Love Life And Dr. Phil

WGRZ-TV 1/27/06 A Local Makes American Idol!

Pioneer Press 1/27/06 Eagan teen to compete on 'A.I.'

Eden Daily News 1/27/06 Already a star 1/27/06 Maroulis came in 6th on 'Idol,' but he's a winner now

Charlotte Observer 1/27/06 Try a little tenderness? Not on 'Idol' 1/27/06 New Artist Spotlight: Carrie Underwood

Washington Post 1/27/06 LaToya London "Love & Life" Peak

Beaver County Times 1/27/06 Constantine's 'Soul'

Clarion Ledger 1/27/06 Jacksonian advances on 'Idol'

Charlotte Observer 1/27/06 Try a little tenderness? Not on 'Idol' 1/27/06 New Artist Spotlight: Carrie Underwood

Washington Post 1/27/06 LaToya London "Love & Life" Peak

Beaver County Times 1/27/06 Constantine's 'Soul'

Clarion Ledger 1/27/06 Jacksonian advances on 'Idol'

People 1/27/06 Troubled Twins Dropped from American Idol

Washington Blade 1/27/06 ‘American Idol’ under fire

Roanoke Times 1/27/06 'Idol' is vaudeville for the 21st century

Celebrity Spider 1/26/06 American Idol January 25th “Cable Car Bells are Ringing, but there is singing in San Francisco?”

Reality Shack 1/26/06 You Should Get a Soundproof Shower Curtain - American Idol 5, 1-25-06

Celebrity Spider 1/26/06 Gay Soldier Urges Lover Clay Aiken to Come Clean About His Sexuality

Orwell Project 1/26/06 American Idol Auditions - Greensboro and San Francisco - January 24 and 25

Celebrity Spider 1/26/06 American Idol's Bo Bice Explains Sudden Weight Loss

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/06 The Brittenum Twins - Out Both Ways 1/26/06 San Francisco Auditions

Reality News Online 1/26/06 American Idol 5, January 25: I Lost my Mind in San Francisco

Reality TV Calendar 1/26/06 San Francisco - Simon Throws A Hissy Fit: Episode 4 Recap

Reality TV Magazine 1/26/06 American Idol San Francisco Auditions – Simon Has Left The Building 1/26/06 Greensboro Auditions: This Show Is Crazy Weird. Except Not

Extra 1/26/06 What Really Went Down on 'American Idol' 1/26/06 Here's and 'Idol' thought: Take singing lessons first

Contra Costa Times 1/26/06 Local 'Idols' relive amazing experience, bask in TV glory

The Citizen 1/26/06 Starr’s Mill senior an American Idol hopeful

Metro 1/26/06 Talent runs thin at Idol auditions 1/26/06 Justin Guarini, "Stranger Things Have Happened" 1/26/06 What if talent were all that Simon had to judge?

Clayton News Daily 1/26/06 American idol discovers singer's talents

Toronto Star 1/26/06 Simon Cowell? Insensitive?

Entertainment Weekly 1/26/06 The San Francisco Beat

Celebrity Spider 1/25/06 American Idol January 24th “Getting Lucky in Greensboro”


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