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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Fans of Reality TV 4/26/06 Results Recap 4/6 There's A First Time For Everything

Reality TV Magazine 4/26/06 American Idol Results: Kellie Pickler Picked For Elimination

Celebrity Spider 4/26/06 Paula Abdul Denies Ryan Seacrest Feud 4/26/06 - About Time!

Charlotte Observer 4/26/06 Kellie Pickler: I deserved cut

TV Rules 4/26/06 American Idol 5: 4/26 Results Summary

Reality TV Magazine 4/26/06 American Idol Shocker Of An Elimination 4/26/06 American Idol: Kellie Pickler deserved it

NMC 4/26/06 Ruben Studdard Working With Ne-Yo

Milwaukee Journal 4/26/06 Small-town charmer Pickler stays chatty until the end

Orwell Project 4/26/06 American Idol Recap: Top 6 Classic Love Songs -- 4/25/06

Extra 4/26/06 Paula Goes On Emotional 'Idol' Coaster

SheKnows 4/26/06 American Idol Week 15: Feelin' The Love (Songs)

Reality TV Talk 4/26/06 RTVT Roundtable Discussion: The Greatest Love Songs of All Time

Inside Pulse 4/26/06 American Idol 5 - Recap - Episode 5-35 (04/23/2006) 4/26/06 - Elliott Yamin: A Song For Us

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/26/06 Idols Beaten Up With Amore!

Fans of Reality TV 4/26/06 4/25 Recap I'm Not Lovin' The Theme

Beavers On Idol 4/26/06 AI5 Top 6 - Love Don't Live Here Anymore 4/26/06 - Top 6: Love is Difficult and So Are the Songs

WritingUp 4/26/06 American Idol 5, April 25th – Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

JokersUpdates 4/26/06 American Idol : Top 6 Perform. If It Wasn't for Paula, We'd All Be Sleeping

Reality TV Calendar 4/26/06 Is The Current Voting System Fair? 4/26/06 - Top 6 do the love song thing; Well, at least 4 did.

Reality TV Calendar 4/26/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? Top 6 Prediction From The RTVC Staff 4/26/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and the Utter Destruction of a Righteous Brother’s Song

Foxes On Idol 4/26/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, April 25 4/26/06 - Italian Opera Night?

Reality TV Calendar 4/26/06 All You Need Is Love: Top 6 Performance Recap

Entertainment Weekly 4/26/06 Blonde Ambition

Reality Shack 4/26/06 American Idol 5, April 25th – Love Is In The Air

The Trades 4/26/06 American Idol 5: Week 10 - Love Songs Theme

MSNBC 4/26/06 ‘Idol’ contestants drown in sea of sap

Entertainment Weekly 4/26/06 Big Love

Chicago Tribune 4/26/06 Simon's silenced and Paula's driven to tears on 'Idol'

Washington Post 4/26/06 We Watch . . . So You Don't Have To 4/26/06 American Idol: Paula Abdul needs intervention

Charlotte Observer 4/26/06 `American Idol': Much love for Chris, not Kellie

Mercury News 4/26/06 A night of love is tempered by tears, tantrums

Boston Globe 4/26/06 The final 'American Idol' countdown

Orlando Sentinel 4/26/06 Pickler in a pickle, Part II

Mercury News 4/26/06 American Idol: They're no Bocelli, but Elliott Yamin and Katharine McPhee show heart

Medford News 4/26/06 American Idol Carrie Underwood Will Perform At Southern Oregon's Britt Festival

Dallas Morning News 4/26/06 'Idol' index

Union Tribune 4/26/06 American Idol 4/25

People 4/26/06 Idol Watch: Pickler's Last Stand?

Ledger-Enquirer 4/26/06 Albemarle cashes in on 'Idol' fame

The Ledger 4/26/06 Yeah to Simon, a Truth-Teller

Metro 4/26/06 Love songs fall on tone-deaf Idol judges’ ears

Buffalo News 4/26/06 Judges don't feel the love on night of romance

WRAL 4/26/06 Daughtry Shines, Pickler Struggles On 'American Idol'

Zap2It 4/26/06 Just Six Old-Fashioned Love Songs on 'Idol'

Reality News Online 4/26/06 American Idol 5, April 25: Just An Old-Fashioned Love Song

NY Post 4/26/06 Punch Drunk

Reality TV Magazine 4/25/06 American Idol Love Songs: Katharine Flashes Viewers On A Bizarre Night 4/25/06 - Untuned Melody

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Ryan Seacrest Admits Feud With Paula Abdul

TV Rules 4/25/06 American Idol 5: 4/25 Performance Summary

Celebrity Spider 4/25/06 Andrea Bocelli Takes the American Idol Stage Wednesday April 16th

Reality TV World 4/25/06 'American Idol' judge Randy Jackson sticks with boy winner prediction

Bitz of Brin 4/25/05 Ace Dealt a Bad Hand

Access Hollywood 4/25/06 Ryan & Paula Disagree On Feud

Reality TV World 4/25/06 'American Idol' producer debunks Prince appearance report

Mercury News 4/25/06 Producer leery of taping reunion with convict dad 4/25/06 - Don't get Complacent: A Plea for Talent!

Zap2It 4/25/06 'Idol' Producer Pooh-Poohs Prince Rumors

Reality TV Calendar 4/25/06 Who Will America Vote For Tonight?

AJC 4/25/06 And the winner is ... Taylor rules eBay

Charlotte Observer 4/25/06 Daughtry's success `put McLeansville on the map'

Foxes On Idol 4/25/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Seventh?

Times Dispatch 4/25/06 Elliott's looks, and chances, evolving

People 4/25/06 Ruben Reveals His Idol Pick to Win

MTV 4/25/06 Ruben's Got Ne-Yo, Wants Fantasia, Responds To Mandisa

Virginian Pilot 4/25/06 Yamin-Mania!

People 4/25/06 Ryan Seacrest & Paula Abdul's Feud Heats Up

USA Today 4/25/06 'Idol' judges now sit in the hot seat

Detroit News 4/25/06 Can Idol change Ford's blue tune? 4/25/06 American Idol 'R-E-S-P-E-C-T'

News-Press 4/25/06 Vonzell Solomon now a screen 'Idol' 4/25/06 How will Kellie Pickler embarrass herself this week?

Times Herald 4/25/06 Almost 'Idol' lands concert date at McMorran Arena

Star Tribune 4/25/06 'Idol' worship: Pros and cons of the top 6 on 'Idol'

NY Post 4/25/06 Jackson Predicts Guy Win

Kansas City Star 4/25/06 ‘Idol’ site calls up surprisingly accurate results

TV Guide 4/25/06 Ace Is Low on American Idol

Kansas City Star 4/25/06 No secret to Seacrest’s success

Mobile Register 4/25/06 Classical crossover star, love songs on 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 4/25/06 The 'Idol' Idols

Foxes on Idol 4/25/06 This Week in American Idol History - The Top Six

Foxes on Idol 4/25/06 Idol Chartwatch, April 25: A Closer Look at the Top Six

Reality TV Talk 4/24/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Seven Left: Rod Flushes Small Face With American Standard"

Reality TV Games 4/24/06 America's Next Top Model - Episode 8 - Cry Me A River, Doll Face 4/24/06 - Randy Jackson on 'The View' 4/24/06 Ace on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Foxes On Idol 4/24/06 Idol Chartwatch, April 24: Idol Influence Continues on the Charts

AJC 4/24/06 Elvis theme coming & other Idol revelations

NY Post 4/24/06 Paula Ab-Jewel

ET Online 4/24/06 Ace Young Sings on the ET Set!

MTV 4/24/06 If It Weren't For Bo, Could Chris Rock Out On 'Idol'?

Decatur Daily 4/24/06 Alabama and ‘Idol’ success 4/23/06 Classic Love Song Selections: Or American Standards Part 2

Portsmouth Herald 4/23/06 Ayla Brown pitch perfect for fans of ‘American Idol’ 4/23/06 You Think That People Would Have Had Enough of Silly Love Songs 4/23/06 AI’s Top 6: What’s In Store For Our 6th Place Finisher?

Jam! 4/23/06 Ousted 'Idol' has positive outlook

Orwell Project 4/22/06 American Idol: Results Night -- 4/19/06

WritingUp 4/22/06 American Idol 5 – Ace and Bo In The News

Reality TV Calendar 4/22/06 Here's What The Fans Are Saying

Beavers On Idol 4/22/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 7 Performances

Charlotte Observer 4/22/06 The news, the gossip backstage at 'Idol'

Detroit News 4/22/06 Gospel star keeps her eye on 'Idol'

Commercial Appeal 4/22/06 No curiosity: 'Idol' viewers like being in control

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Ne-Yo Gives American Idol Star a Boost

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Mandy Moore: "I Would Have Auditioned for American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 4/21/06 Results Recap 4/19 That's All Ace 4/21/06 - Halfway Point: Trying to Figure out this Unpredictable Season

Celebrity Spider 4/21/06 Simon Cowell to Knock Down Jennifer Lopez Home 4/21/06 - Kelly Clarkson on 'The Early Show'

Mrs Jones On Idol 4/21/06 The Ace of Hearts Folds

CBS 4/21/06 Kelly Clarkson: Idol And Beyond

TMZ 4/21/06 Kellie Pickler's Autographs Pull in Big Bucks

E!Online 4/21/06 Paula Abdul: TV Producer? 4/21/06 - In Defense of Katharine McPhee: Really Cocky or Really Scared?

Reality TV Magazine 4/21/06 Ace Young Would Step In Front Of A Moving Train For Chris Daughtry

Reality TV Calendar 4/21/06 In a Pickle About The Southern 'Mink'

Entertainment Weekly 4/21/06 Been There, Sung That 4/21/06 The attack of American Idol apparel

Chicago Tribune 4/21/06 Why is `Idol' such a ratings giant?

Dallas Morning News 4/21/06 Birmingham home to 3 'American Idol' finalists

Duluth News Tribune 4/21/06 NASCAR rookie David Stremme has a wild ride en route to 'American Idol' set

NY Post 4/21/06 Ace: No Fashion Victim

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 American Idol April 19th “Ace Was Dealt a Bad Hand”

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Ace Young Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Classic Love Songs

Fans of Reality TV 4/20/06 Interview With Ace Young

Reality TV World 4/20/06 'American Idol 4' runner-up Bo Bice punches ex-NFL lineman in bar

Music Reviews Online 4/20/06 AI 5 Top 7 Vocal Masterclass: The Music From Retro Rod Stewart's American Songbook CDs.

Chancelucky 4/20/06 That's All for Ace Young 4/20/06 - Sorry Ace “That’s All"

Reality TV Calendar 4/20/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 20th

Celebrity Spider 4/20/06 Paula Abdul Snapper Captures Fight

Access Hollywood 4/20/06 'Idol' Chatter

Entertainment Weekly 4/20/06 Forever Young

OC Register 4/20/06 'Idol' contestant to visit Stanton

TMZ 4/20/06 TMZ Exclusive Video: 'A.I.' Goodbye Dinner for Ace

Extra 4/20/06 The Deck Falls Short for 'Idol's' Ace 4/20/06 - Top 7 Results: America and DialIdol Got It Right - That’s All!

TMZ 4/20/06 Paula's Paparazzi Love Connection

E!Online 4/20/06 "Idol" Race Ends for Ace

MTV 4/20/06 Ace Says Fate — Not Ponytail — Brought On 'Idol' Exit

Reality Shack 4/20/06 In Mourning … American Idol 5 Commentary and Results - Week 14

ET Online 4/20/06 'Idol' Says 'Adios' to Ace!

Zap2It 4/20/06 Ace Ready to Play a New Hand

TMZ 4/20/06 'American Idol' Contestants Go Dodger Blue 4/20/06 Week 14 results: That's All for Young

ET Online 4/20/06 Kelly Clarkson's Confessions

NY Post 4/20/06 'Idol' Punch Grazes NFL Star 

Reality TV World 4/20/06 Ace Young becomes the sixth 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

ET Online 4/20/06 Kelly Clarkson's Latest Loves 4/20/06 - Ace on 'FOX Thing in the Morning'

JokersUpdates 4/20/06 American Idol : Final 7 Results. Who's in the Hole?

Reality TV Magazine 4/20/06 All About Taylor Hicks

Foxes On Idol 4/20/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 7

Reality TV Calendar 4/20/06 Chris In The Bottom Three! Top 7 Results Show Recap

MTV 4/20/06 Bo Knows Bar Fights: Bice Allegedly Scuffles With Ex-NFL Player

People Magazine 4/20/06 Ace Young: I'm No Diva

Foxes On Idol 4/20/06 American Idol 5: Why Ace Lost 4/20/06 Ace in the hole; Yamin moves on in 'American Idol'

Reality News Online 4/20/06 American Idol 5, April 19: I'll Be Seeing You!

MSNBC 4/20/06 ‘American Idol’s’ Ace finally folds

AM New York 4/20/06 Ace gets discarded on 'American Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 4/20/06 Ace in the Hole

WritingUp 4/20/06 American idol 5, April 19th – Ace, That's All ... Folks

Charlotte Observer 4/20/06 N.C.'s Daughtry holds higher card than Ace

Vicksburg Post 4/20/06 Bo Bice to headline Friday night

Mobile Register 4/20/06 Hicks in the 'zone' on 'Idol'

Arizona Daily Star 4/20/06 Former contestants weigh in on 'American Idol'

Richmond Times Dispatch 4/20/06 Elliott advances on American Idol

Rockford Register Star 4/20/06 Paris survives ‘American Idol’ bottom again

LA Daily News 4/20/06 Ace out; McPhee earns raves

Times Dispatch 4/20/06 Fans of Yamin complain about jammed lines 4/20/06 American Idol: Ace Young's exodus anti-climactic

NY Post 4/20/06 Idol Ace is Out

Fans of Reality TV 4/19/06 4/18 Recap American Idol Takes on American Standards

Reality TV Magazine 4/19/06 American Idol Results: Ace Young Out, Most Shocking Bottom Three Yet

Reality TV Magazine 4/19/06 American Idol: How Did Chris Daughtry Wind Up In The Bottom Three? 4/19/06 Standards Results

TV Rules 4/19/06 American Idol 5: 4/19 Results Summary

Times Dispatch 4/19/06 Elliott advances on American Idol

AJC 4/19/06 Measuring the 'Idol' factor for musical legends

Charlotte Observer 4/19/06 Daughtry hits new low, but survives 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 American Idol April 18th “These Songs ARE the Standards” 4/19/06 - The Oldies Are Goodies

Orwell Project 4/19/06 American Idol: Top 7 American Songbook Night -- 4/18/06

Celebrity Spider 4/19/06 Rod Stewart Impressed by American Idols

Journal Gazette 4/19/06 Gracin, Tomlinson sign on for Red, White & Blue Days

TMZ 4/19/06 Who's the 'A.I.' Diva? -- Hint: It's Not a Woman

Reality TV Talk 4/19/06 Roundtable Discussion: Week #5 – Rod Stewart American Standard Songs!

Beavers On Idol 4/19/06 AI5 Top 7 - Raise the Bar by Setting the Standards

NMC 4/19/06 Chesney, Toby, Carrie ACM Performers

MTV 4/19/06 'Bad Day' Singer Powter Says He Doesn't Watch 'American Idol'

ABC News 4/19/06 'Idol' Helps Established Stars Too 4/19/06 - Seven-Up or Down? Was it Good For You?

The Trades 4/19/06 American Idol 5: Week 9 - The Standards Theme

WritingUp 4/19/06 American Idol 5, April 18th – Rod And Idols Sing The Classics 4/19/06 - The Idols Sing the Songbook, and Most Sing it Well! 4/19/06 Elliott's stock is rising, Chris hangs in there

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/19/06 The Classics, Idol Style

Rockford Register Star 4/19/06 Paris shines on stellar night of ‘Idol’ 4/19/06 Week 14: "Songbook" - Cowell Glow

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/06 The Important People, The Fans, Weigh In 4/19/06 - The "Songbook" Opened and Grabbed Me By The B***s

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/06 The Best Night Of The Season! Top 7 Performance Show Recap 4/19/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and a League of Their Own 4/19/06 - The Top 7 prove they’re the top 7 with the standards

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? RTVC Top 7 Predictions

National Ledger 4/19/06 American Idol Countdown: Is Kellie Pickler At Risk? 4/19/06 N.C. Idol Contestants Get Mixed Reviews

LA Times 4/19/06 Our 'Idol' Obsession

Metro 4/19/06 American Idol’s top seven take new stage and shine

Entertainment Weekly 4/19/06 Classic Struggle

NY Times 4/19/06 Music Labels Jockey for 'American Idol' Exposure

Washington Post 4/19/06 We Watch ... So You Don't Have To

Dallas Morning News 4/19/06 Idol Index

Beacon Journal 4/19/06 A night devoid of train wrecks

Buffalo News 4/19/06 Satisfied judges skewer just a few

People 4/19/06 Idol Watch: The End for Elliott?

MTV 4/19/06 'American Idol' Recap: Ace Is Out Of Time, Katharine Can't Be Stopped

The Decatur Daily 4/19/06 Who's out next? Oddsmakers' say it'll be Young

Mercury News 4/19/06 American Idol: Paris and Chris back on top 4/19/06 American Idol: Highly entertaining, hardly good

MSNBC 4/19/06 ‘Idols’ prove themselves standards bearers

Union Tribune 4/19/06 American Idol 4/18

Foxes on Idol 4/19/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, April 18

Reality News Online 4/19/06 American Idol 5, April 18: Setting the Standards

Reality TV Magazine 4/18/06 American Idol Delivers Near Perfect Night 4/18/06 The Great American Idol Songbook

Reality Shack 4/18/06 American Idol 5, April 18th – What A Wonderful World ... And Night

JokersUpdates 4/18/06 American Idol : Top 7 Perform. Great American Classics? 4/18/06 American Idol 5: Top 7 Performance Summary 4/18/06

Celebrity Spider 4/18/06 American Idol Quitter Mario Vazquez to Release Album This Summer

AM New York 4/18/06 'Idol' psychics

Reality TV Magazine 4/18/06 Bo Bice Honored in Alabama Music Hall of Fame

Reality TV Games 4/18/06 Bohemian Crapsody

Foxes On Idol 4/18/06 Idol Thoughts, April 18: Judge Not Lest Ye Be Judged

Reality TV Magazine 4/18/06 Are American Idol Themes Unfair To Female Singers?

Foxes On Idol 4/18/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Sixth?

MSNBC 4/18/06 Idols get sent to Old School, not School of Rock

NMC 4/18/06 Carrie Can't Forget 'Don't Forget'

USA Today 4/18/06 Fox's 'American Idol' juggernaut rolls on

Washington Post 4/18/06 Who Put The Y'all In 'Idol'?

Mobile Register 4/18/06 'SNL' spoofs Taylor Hicks

Ashville Citizen Times 4/18/06 'American Idol' contestant, Kellie Pickler, might be pouring it on just a little thick

USA Today 4/18/06 Coaches to Ace: Don't fold

Celebrity Spider 4/18/06 Kelly Clarkson Tour Schedule Announced

Arizona Republic 4/18/06 With no Prince, Queen dominates the show; Bucky gets the royal boot

Portsmouth Herald 4/18/06 An ‘American Idol’ guest

Birmingham News 4/18/06 Talkin' about Taylor

Gazette Journal 4/18/06 ‘Idol’ voters ring up tutor’s bills 4/18/06 In 'Idol' audience: Hands up, signs down

Zap2it 4/18/06 'Idol' Finale Ads Will Cost Many C-Notes

Knox News 4/18/06 This year, the men reign on 'Idol,' 'Star'

Celebrity Spider 4/17/06 Rod Stewart Takes the American Idol Stage April 19th 4/17/06 - Love it or Hate it, it is a cultural phenomenon, and TV juggernaut

Reality TV World 4/17/06 Former 'Idol' finalist Bucky Covington fires parting shots at Simon Cowell 4/17/06 - Elliott Yamin: The Voice: Can you handle it? 4/17/06 - Bucky on 'Live with Regis & Kelly' 4/17/06 - The Standard for What they Should sing: Their Options

Kansas City Kansan 4/17/06 ‘Idol’ Kelly Clarkson, duo of country stars to perform at Verizon

Star Tribune 4/17/06 No magic 'Idol' moment yet

MTV 4/17/06 Ex-'Idol' Singer Scott Savol Halts LP For Being Too Hip-Hop

National Ledger 4/17/05 American Idol Finalist Taylor Hicks Will Not Dye Grey Hair

Reality TV Talk 4/17/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Eight Elicit Ennui with Queen Quickies"

Reality TV Magazine 4/17/06 Is Simon Cowell Trying To Keep Taylor Hicks From Winning American Idol?

Foxes on Idol 4/17/06 Idol Chartwatch, April 17: Billboard Hits and Misses

Beavers On Idol 4/17/06 Is Simon Cowell Off His Rocker?

Harnesslink 4/17/06 American Idol At Plainridge Racecourse 

Post Chronicle 4/17/06 American Idol: Top 8 Elimination

Reality TV World 4/16/06 Hugh Grant insists 'American Dreamz' role not Simon Cowell spoof

Reality TV World 4/16/06 Queen guitarist says the band has no rift with Fox's 'American Idol' 4/16/06 - Reader Emails, and an Apology to Ace and His Fans

Jam! 4/16/06 Bucky's future is looking bright

News & Observer 4/16/06 'Idol' watch: And then there were seven

Metro West Daily News 4/16/06 Ayla Brown is seldom ’Idol’

NY Daily News 4/16/06 Everybody hates Simon 4/15/06 - Top 15 Performances so Far: Part 4

Reality TV Magazine 4/15/06 Brian May Of Queen The Latest To Complain About American Idol Editing

Always Reality Television 4/15/06 We Are Not Easily Rocked

Beavers On Idol 4/15/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 8 Performances

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Brian May Regrets American Idol Appearance

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Simon Cowell Cringes at His Own Insults 4/14/06 - Censoring the Truth About Singing

Celebrity Spider 4/14/06 Mandy Moore Devastated to Miss American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 4/14/06 American Idol Interview With Bucky Covington

Beavers On Idol 4/14/06 Living the Dream: Lindsey Cardinale Releases CD

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 4/14/06-Prediction Taylor Hicks will win Idol Title

Fans of Reality TV 4/14/06 American Idol Queen For A Day

Reality TV Magazine 4/14/06 Will Bucky Covington Join Sawyer Brown?

Reality TV Magazine 4/14/06 Bucky Covington Feels Good About Last American Idol Performance

Extra 4/14/06 Why Simon Cowell Says Ryan Seacrest Owes Him

Tampa Bay Online 4/14/06 'American Idol' Develops New Pastime: Predicting The Winners And Losers

Malaysia Star 4/14/06 Carrie Underwood is living the dream

Charlotte Observer 4/14/06 Bucky says he's out on high note

Fayetteville Online 4/14/06 Bucky says he’s ready for next big step

Sun Herald 4/14/06 Mandissa confused by loss on Idol

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Paula Abdul "Lied" About Attack

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 American Idol April 12th “The Door Slammed”

Reality TV Calendar 4/13/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 13th

Reality TV World 4/13/06 'Bad Day' continues its 'American Idol'-fueled run atop singles charts

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Bucky Covington Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Rod Stewart

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/06 American Idol It's A Kind of Magic

Music Reviews Online 4/13/06 American Idol 5 Top 8 Vocal Masterclass: Celebrating The Music Of Queen

Celebrity Spider 4/13/06 Paula Abdul Accuses Ryan Seacrest of Fuming Over Rolling Stones Snub

Fans of Reality TV 4/13/06 American Idol Interview With Mandisa Handley

Entertainment Weekly 4/13/06 Boot Scoot

NMC 4/13/06 Carrie Underwood Celebrates 3 Million

TMZ 4/13/06 Simon's 'Are You Drunk?' Comment Offends Taylor

News 14 4/13/06 Rockingham rallies around Bucky

Fayetteville Online 4/13/06 N.C. 'Idol' contestant says Cowell's comments no longer helpful

MTV 4/13/06 It's Your Turn To Scream 'Kelly Clarkson!' This Summer

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 4/13/06 Mr Sweetness-Bucky Covington Ousted -04-12-06

Fayetteville Online 4/13/06 Bucky off ‘Idol,’ but career is taking off

Reality TV World 4/13/06 Bucky Covington the fifth 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated 4/13/06 - Top 8 Results: Why Is Ace Still Here?

MTV 4/13/06 Bucky Tells Elliott: 'Don't Worry, I'll See You Next Week'

MSNBC 4/13/06 Time runs out for Bucky on ‘American Idol’ 4/13/06 Week 13 results: Another One Bites the Dust

Reality Shack 4/13/06 "I Feel Bad for Freddie Mercury" - American Idol 5 Commentary and Results - Week 13

Reality News Online 4/13/06 American Idol 5, April 12: Another One Bites the Dust

JokersUpdates 4/13/06 American Idol : Top 8 Results. America's Next Top Amazing Idol

Reality TV Calendar 4/13/06 No Shocker This Week: Top 8 Results Show Recap 4/13/06 - Bucky on 'FOX Thing in the Morning'

WritingUp 4/13/06 American Idol 5, April 12th – Home Is Where The Heart And Turnip Greens Are

NY Post 4/13/06 'Idol' Chucks Bucky 

Entertainment Weekly 4/13/06 He's Not the Champion

Foxes On Idol 4/13/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 8

Newsday 4/13/06 Bye, bye Bucky

Journal Now 4/13/06 Kellie Pickler's buddy gets up close look at 'Idol'

Boston Globe 4/13/06 Shooting star, after 'Idol'

Zap2It 4/13/06 Bucky Stays True to His Roots

People 4/13/06 Idol's Bucky: I Left on a High Note 4/13/06 Kelly Clarkson tours before hitting the studio

News 14 4/13/06 Two N.C. Idols remain, one voted off

St. Petersburg Times 4/13/06 Bucky Covington booted from 'American Idol'

The Gazette 4/13/06 American Idol amour

NY Post 4/13/06 Idol Chucks Bucky

Foxes on Idol 4/13/06 American Idol 5: Why Bucky Lost

MTV 4/13/06 Bye Bye Bucky — 'Idol' Voters Send Country Boy Home

Mobile Register 4/13/06 Taylor Hicks makes it into 'Idol's' lucky seven

Washington Post 4/13/06 America Rules Against Bucky

Charlotte Observer 4/13/06 The boot drops on Bucky

Chancelucky 4/12/06 Bucky Bites the Dust

Reality TV Magazine 4/12/06 American Idol Results: Bucky Covington Eliminated After His Best Peformance 4/12/06 - Who Went Home?

TV Rules 4/12/06 American Idol 5: 4/12 Results Summary

LA Daily News 4/12/06 Valley's songbird still on 'Idol' idyll

TeeVee 4/12/06 God Save the Audience

Charlottesville Newsplex 4/12/06 Daughtrys Featured on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 American Idol April 11th “Were You Rocked?”

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Wynn Las Vegas Releases American Idol Odds

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 American Idol Caught Up in Another Scandal

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/06 Next Gigs

The Trades 4/12/06 American Idol 5: Week 8 - Queen Theme

Beavers On Idol 4/12/06 AI5 Top 8 - Hail to the Queen

Reality TV World 4/12/06 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul launching QVC jewelry line 4/12/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and Revenge of the Cop Outs

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/12/06 Another One Bites The Dust 4/12/06 American Idol, Week 13: Music of Queen

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Simon Cowell Blames "Mad" Paula Abdul for Clashes

WritingUp 4/12/06 American Idol 5, April 11th – Bovine Population Taking A Hit

Celebrity Spider 4/12/06 Paula Abdul Makes Awkward Television Appearance

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/06 Miles of Styles

USA Today 4/12/06 'Idol' turns 'Bad Day' into anything but

Buffalo News 4/12/06 On Queen tunes, some royal flops

MTV 4/12/06 Can eBay's Taylor Tees, Paris Pins Predict 'Idol' Winner?

Reality TV Calendar 4/12/06 "Mad" Paula Strikes Back 4/12/06 - So, Did God Save The Queen?

Metro 4/12/06 Idol finalists tank on Queen-themed episode

Reality TV Calendar 4/12/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? Top 8 Prediction from the RTVC Staff 4/12/06 - Top 8: Who Are The Champions?

Foxes on Idol 4/12/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, April 11

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 4/12/06 We Will-We Will-Bore You, American Idol Recap-4-11-06

Zap2It 4/12/06 God Save the Queen Songs From 'Idol'

MSNBC 4/12/06 ‘Idol’ wannabes rock judges with Queen tunes

Reality TV Calendar 4/12/06 We Will Rock You...A Little: Top 8 Performance Recap

Reality Shack 4/12/06 American Idol 5, April 11th – We Will Rock You ... Gently?

MTV 4/12/06 'American Idol' Recap: Kellie Heats Things Up, Bucky's Easy To Forget

News Record 4/12/06 Chris Daughtry is McLeansville’s hometown hero

Pioneer Press 4/12/06 Pickler throws Simon for a loop

Dallas Morning News 4/12/06 'Idol' index

Palm Beach Post 4/12/06 Bucky's the champion, my friends!

Electric New Paper 4/12/06 William Hung gets the Prune 4/12/06 Idol judge critical of Birmingham crooner 4/12/06 Kellie Pickler whoring it up?

Entertainment Weekly 4/12/06 Queen for a Day

Pioneer Press 4/12/06 Country girl rises to Queen challenge

Washington Post 4/12/06 We Watch . . . So You Don't Have To

Mercury News 4/12/06 American Idol: Bad night at the opera for Queen fans

Rockford Register Star 4/12/06 Will Paris survive? Find out at 7:30 p.m.

Reality TV Magazine 4/11/06 American Idol Finalists Find Redemption With Queen 4/11/06 - Somebody to Love?

Reality News Online 4/11/06 American Idol 5, April 11: Under Pressure

Reality TV Talk 4/11/06 RTVT Roundtable Discussion: Songs from Queen

TV Rules 4/11/06 American Idol 5: Top 8 Performance Summary 4/11/06

JokersUpdates 4/11/06 American Idol : Top 8 Perform. Where Were the Champions?

Reality TV Magazine 4/11/06 Could Bucky Covington Win American Idol?

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Simon Cowell: "I Miss Sharon Osbourne"

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Carrie Underwood Big Winner at CMT Awards

Celebrity Spider 4/11/06 Nicole Richie Loves Simon Cowell

Union Tribune 4/11/06 American Idol 4/11

Reality TV Magazine 4/11/06 Is Katharine McPhee Conceited?

Foxes On Idol 4/11/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Fifth? 4/11/06 USA Today reveals Queen Song Choices

Foxes on Idol 4/11/06 Idol Tidbits, April 11: Idols in the News

Reality TV Magazine 4/11/06 American Idol Finalist Bucky Covington's Twin-Swapping Legal Scandal

Foxes On Idol 4/11/06 Idol Thoughts, April 11: Idol Fans… Gotta Love ‘Em

Buffalo News 4/11/06 'Idol' contestant upset by gay reports

Asian Journal 4/11/06 Let Him take the wheel

NT Times 4/11/06 'American Idol' Contestants Attract Web Handicappers and Pundits

MTV 4/11/06 Do 'Idol' Contestants Want To Sing — Or Just Be Famous?

BBC 4/11/06 Idol winner takes country awards 4/11/06 8 ways to re-'Idol'-ize

Mobile Register 4/11/06 'Idol' contestants will sing songs by Queen

Times Dispatch 4/11/06 Mom is proud of her 'Idol' 4/11/06 How American Idol changed Carrie Underwood’s life

Celebrity Spider 4/10/06 American Idol Returns to Kodak Theatre for Finale May 23 & 24th

Celebrity Spider 4/10/06 Whoopi Goldberg Appeared on American Idol for Grandchildren

MSNBC 4/10/06 How about some ‘Idol’ fantasy?

Court TV 4/10/06 "American Idol" Contestant Fooled Cops with Twin Tales 4/10/06 - Mandisa on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Times Dispatch 4/10/06 Meet 'Idol' Elliott's mom 4/10/06 - Latest Predictions Since the Week that Wasn't 4/10/06 - Long Live the Queen: What the heck should the sing?

Reality TV Talk 4/10/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Nine Nashville Never-Will-Be's"

Foxes on Idol 4/10/06 Idol Chartwatch, April 10: Some Go Up, Others Go Down

Alexander City Outlook 4/10/06 Local American Idol contestant still keeping up with his passion for statewide sports 4/10/06 Taylor Hicks Craze Continues on American Idol 4/10/06 American Idol: The transformation of Kellie Pickler

Local6 4/10/06 Ex-'Idol' Contestant Mandisa Says She's Not Anti-Gay

MSNBC 4/10/06 Regis: How about ‘Idol’ for celebrities?

KGET 17 4/10/06 "American Idol" Loser "Really Upset" About Interview

Jam! 4/10/06 Idol's Mandisa given the booty

Beavers On Idol 4/10/06 Ho-Town Hoedown on American Idol

WritingUp 4/9/06 American Idol 5 – The Dress Rehearsal

NY Times 4/9/06 Is There Life After 'American Idol'?

Arizona Daily Star 4/9/06 Underwood: Country Thunder's idol

CBS 2 4/9/06 Seacrest Buys Costner's Hollywood Hills Home

Celebrity Spider 4/8/06 American Idol Betting Strategies

Celebrity Spider 4/8/06 Chris Daughtry and Katharine McPhee Top American Idol Odds

Celebrity Spider 4/8/06 Carrie Underwood Scores Platinum Record 4/8/06 - This History of the Bottom Three

Beavers On Idol 4/8/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 9 Performances

Reality TV Games 4/8/06 - Starring: The swiveling hips of one Katharine Mcphee; Rachel Bilson cameos

Arizona Republic 4/8/06 'Idol' families sacrifice to cheer their hopefuls to stardom 4/8/06 Mandisa: Can’t cry hard enough

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Prince Unlikely to Make American Idol Appearance

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Shakira Angers American Idol Producers

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Paula Abdul Attacked

Celebrity Spider 4/7/06 Ryan Seacrest: "Simon Cowell is Pompous"

CBS 4/7/06 Mandisa Says She's Not a Gay 'Advocate'

TMZ 4/7/06 Mandisa's Fashion Faux Pas 4/7/06 Carrie Underwood Wins GMA Award For 'Jesus, Take The Wheel'

Extra 4/7/06 'Idol' Insider: Simon Breaks the Code of Silence

Incense and Spices 4/7/06 Myths and Skeletons

Foxes On Idol 4/7/06 American Idol 5: Was Mandisa’s Exit the “Shocking Result” of the Season?

Music Reviews Online 4/7/06 American Idol 5 Top 9 Vocal Masterclass: Country Music Showcase With Kenny Rogers

Reality TV Magazine 4/7/06 Why Was Mandisa Eliminated From American Idol?

Reality TV Calendar 4/7/06 Save the Worst for Last

Birmingham News 4/7/06 Hicks' goldfish make big splash on Web

Jam! 4/7/06 Ousted 'Idol' says she’s not done entertaining

Mississippi Press 4/7/06 Moss Point family cheers 'American Idol' hopeful 4/7/06 Paris Bennett, teen survivor

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 American Idol April 5th “Shocked”

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 Mandisa is Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week - Queen

Reality TV Calendar 4/6/06 Did Personal Beliefs And Song Choice Doom Mandisa?

MSNBC 4/6/06 Readers don't understand Mandisa’s ‘Idol’ snub

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/6/06 The Best Pipes Sent Back to Pack

Reality TV Calendar 4/6/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 6th

Foxes On Idol 4/6/06 American Idol 5: Why Mandisa Lost 4/6/06 Mandisa on 'Fox Thing in the Morning'

Rolling Stone 4/6/06 Idol Worship

Toledo Blade 4/6/06 Mandisa sang country; country said, 'Bye'

CSM 4/6/06 How to fix 'American Idol'

Reality Shack 4/6/06 "Fun With Kenny Rogers" - American Idol Commentary and Results - Week 12

Reality TV Calendar 4/6/06 It's Style Over Substance, Again: Top 9 Results Show Recap

WritingUp 4/6/06 American Idol 5, April 5th – The Church Of Mandisa Is Empty Tonight

Reality News Online 4/6/06 American Idol 5, April 5: Country Roads Take Someone Home

Reality TV World 4/6/06 Mandisa Hundley becomes the fourth 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

Celebrity Spider 4/6/06 Teri Hatcher Still Single Despite Ryan Seacrest Smooch 4/6/06 What a Strange Turn of Events

MSNBC 4/6/06 Shocking night on ‘American Idol’

Zap2It 4/6/06 Mandisa Won't Look Back

Foxes On Idol 4/6/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 9

Reality TV Magazine 4/6/06 Autographed American Idol T-Shirt Currently $1,500 On Ebay 4/6/06 Down to Eight with three new occupants in the bottom 3

Entertainment Weekly 4/6/06 Exit Interview

Mobile Register 4/6/06 Hicks hangs on, though 'Idol' judges criticize performance

LA Daily News 4/6/06 McPhee gains ground in 'Idol' contest

Centre Daily 4/6/06 N.C. trio still carrying their tunes on `Idol'

Toledo Blade 4/6/06 Mandisa sang country; country said, 'Bye'

Columbus Dispatch 4/6/06 Mandisa sent packing

TMZ 4/6/06 Backstage Buzz: Mandisa's Anti-Gay Affiliation May Have Done Her In

Extra 4/6/06 Mandisa Gets the Boot

Entertainment Weekly 4/6/06 Taking the Twain Home

Metro 4/6/06 Country trips up Idol hopeful

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 American Idol Finalist Lisa Tucker to Guest Star on "The OC"

Celebrity Spider 4/5/06 American Idol April 4th “Country Song Bust” 4/5/06 Who Went Home?

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 4/5/06 American Idol Results shocker 4-5-06  What Utter Crock-Unbelievable

TV Rules 4/5/06 American Idol 5: 4/05 Results Summary

Times Dispatch 4/5/06 Yamin barely survives 'American Idol' vote

Fans of Reality TV 4/5/06 American Idol This Is The Night That Breaks My Heart

Reality TV Magazine 4/5/06 Is American Idol Vote Racist?

MSNBC 4/5/06 Shocking night on ‘American Idol’

Fans of Reality TV 4/5/06 American Idol is Country-tastic

JokersUpdates 4/5/06 American Idol : Final 9 Results. One Bad Song Can Ruin the Whole Bunch, Girl

Reality TV Magazine 4/5/06 American Idol Results: Mandisa Going Home

Beavers On Idol 4/5/06 AI5 Top 9 - Country Songs, Desperate Housewives & Alternate Realities

Orwell Project 4/5/06 American Idol: Top 9 Yee Haw! Country Night  4/4/06

The Trades 4/5/06 American Idol 5: Week 7 - Country Theme 4/5/06 A Sharp, A Flat, and A Tape the Never Recorded

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/5/06 Blame it All on my Roots, I Showed up in Boots, and Ruined your Idol Affair

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 4/5/06 The Many Music Career Transitions of Icon Great Kenny Rogers

WritingUp 4/5/06 American Idol 5, April 4th – Paula Gets Booed 4/5/06 American Idol, Week 12: A Little Bit of Country 4/5/06 Finals Week 4: Hee Haw Idol

Reality TV Calendar 4/5/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? RTVC Staff Top 9 Predictions

Reality Shack 4/5/06 American Idol 5, April 4th – Kenny Rogers Without The Chicken 4/5/06 Ye Haw! It’s country, well sort of. Nine give it a try.

Reality TV Talk 4/5/06 AI5 Roundtable Discussion - Week #4 –Country

Reality TV Calendar 4/5/06 Boring, Uninspiring, I Fell Asleep: Top 9 Performance Show Recap 4/5/06 Top 9: Whose Country Road Will Lead Them Home?

TMZ 4/5/06 Ace Young -- His Lost Recording

Metro 4/5/06 Country doesn’t quite rock for Idols

Entertainment Weekly 4/5/06 Some Mighty Rough Country

South Florida 4/5/06 Idol becomes an odds-on favorite at offshore betting sites

Washington Post 4/5/06 Twanger Management 4/5/06 Is N.C. 'Idol' Pickler for real?

Citizen Times 4/5/06 "American Idol": Country music night brings out the good, the bad and the ugly

Mobile Register 4/5/06 Kenny Rogers sings, but where's the chicken?

AJC 4/5/06 Contestant's call thrills 9-year-old

Buffalo News 4/5/06 Idols trot out country talents

Pioneer Press 4/5/06 The nine "American Idol" finalists tried to embrace their twangy...

MTV 4/5/06 'American Idol' Recap: Mandisa's Lost Her Luster, Katharine Comes Back Strong

Inside Pulse 4/4/06 American Idol 5 - Recap - Episode 5-29 (April 4, 2006)

Reality TV Magazine 4/4/06 Unshaven Ryan Seacrest Questions The Sobriety Of The American Idol Judges

Reality News Online 4/5/06 American Idol 5, April 4: Know When to Hold 'Em

Reality TV Magazine 4/4/06 American Idol Country Theme – Does the Audience Deserve Better?

Foxes on Idol 4/5/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, April 4

JokersUpdates 4/4/06 American Idol : Top 9 Perform. The Grand Ole Idol 4/4/06 - They're a Little Bit Country..

TV Rules 4/4/06 American Idol 5: American Idol 5: 4/4 Top 9 Summary

Kansas City Star 4/4/06 American Idol Watch

Celebrity Spider 4/4/06 Teri Hatcher Discusses Her Relationship With Ryan Seacrest

Celebrity Spider 4/4/06 Prince to Perform on American Idol

Extra 4/4/06 ‘Idol' Fever Heats Up In Hollywood

Foxes On Idol 4/4/06 Idol Thoughts, April 4: Nobody’s Perfect

Reality TV Calendar 4/4/06 Simon and Kellie? Oh No!

Foxes On Idol 4/4/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Fourth?

Access Hollywood 4/4/06 'Idol' Families Make Sacrifices 4/4/06 Pickler picks Charlotte stylist

Toronto Star 4/4/06 The reign of stupidity continues

Mobile Register 4/4/06 Fox's American Idol' goes country this week

South Florida 4/4/06 Idol an odds-on favorite

Birmingham News 4/4/06 Birmingham's 'Idol' four 4/4/06 The why of Bucky 'Idol'-atry

The State 4/4/06 “Idol” keeps hitting all the right notes

Palm Beach Post 4/4/06 Who should get the boot this week?

Celebrity Spider 4/3/06 Kenny Rogers to Perform on American Idol Wednesday, April 5th 4/3/06 Lisa Tucker on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Reality TV Calendar 4/3/06 Being Bizarre Pays Big For Paula

Foxes On Idol 4/3/06 Idol Chartwatch, April 3: Idols Fall on the Charts 4/3/06 Top 15 Performances so Far: Part 3 4/3/06 Worst 15 Performances so Far: aka The race of Kellie & Ace

Reality TV Talk 4/2/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Ten Tank the 21st Century"

Reality TV Games 4/2/06 Gimpy Legs, Funky White Boys, and Droppin' it like its Hot

Beavers On Idol 4/2/06 Tweaky Tuesday on 21st Century Fox

Reality Shack 4/2/06 Does the 21st Century Really Suck This Bad?? American Idol Commentary & Results - Week 11

Celebrity Spider 4/1/06 Beyonce Knowles' Dad Challenges Simon Cowell

Celebrity Spider 4/1/06 Simon Cowell Wants Sculpture Like Britney Spears

Fans of Reality TV 4/1/06 Interview With Lisa Tucker

Reality TV Magazine 4/1/06 Lisa Tucker Takes American Idol Elimination In Stride

Always Reality Television 4/1/06 3/28 Recap - When Mediocrity Attacks 4/1/06 - Paula’s Out! Idolhead Ed is in!

Beavers On Idol 4/1/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 10 Performances

Canton Repository 4/1/06 Ousted ‘Idol’ gets big hometown greeting

TMZ 4/1/06 Did 'A.I.'s' Chris Daughtry Kill a Bird?

Celebrity Spider 3/31/06 Ryan Seacrest Confirms Teri Hatcher Romance

Celebrity Spider 3/31/06 Simon Cowell's Arresting Secret

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of March 31st

TMZ 3/31/06 Tucker Was Not Surprised by 'A.I.' Vote

Mrs Jones on Idol 3/31/06 America Ordered 1 Double McNervous, Extra Ace on the Side, and a Lisa to Go

Reality TV Calendar 3/31/06 Lisa's Sailing Ship Has Sunk

Washington Post 3/31/06 Clothes Cacophony On 'American Idol'

MTV 3/31/06 'Idol' Comeback Kid Nikko Smith Going 'Buck Wild' On New Album

News & Observer 3/31/06 Martina made her do it

The Mirror 3/31/06 Simon Growl - Girlfriend snaps at Cowell over YET another flirt claim

Teen People 3/31/06 Lisa Tucker Talks

Birmingham News 3/31/06 `Idol' mania? We've got it down cold 3/31/06 Lessons learned from 'American Idol'

National Ledger 3/31/06 American Idol's Simon Cowell vs. Beyoncé's Dad 3/30/06 - Thus Does a "Necessary Evil" Become an Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 American Idol March 29th “The Tears Are Genuine”

Music Reviews Online 3/30/06 American Idol 5 Top 10 Vocal Masterclass: Celebrating The Music Of The 21st Century

Beavers On Idol 3/30/06 Anatomy of an Idol Smear Campaign

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Lisa Tucker Eliminated From American Idol; Kenny Rogers to Perform Next Week

TMZ 3/30/06 Saying 'Goodbye' the 'A.I.' way 3/30/06 - Complacency Killed the Kat: And a Look Back So Far.....

Jam! 3/30/06 Ousted 'Idol' singer feted in hometown

Fans of Reality TV 3/30/06 American Idol -Someone's Going Home Because Of You

Reality TV Calendar 3/30/06 For Me It's About The Talent: Am I Alone?

National Ledger 3/30/06 RCA Tries to Clarify the Clay Aiken Release Date Confusion

Orwell Project 3/30/06 American Idol: Results Night Recap -- 3/29/06

Wilmington Morning Star 3/30/06 The tour starts here for Idol champion

TMZ 3/30/06 Bo Bice: Speed Racer

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 3/30/06 American Idol recap 03-30-06-Lisa Tucker was robbed 3/30/06 - What the…!? Who left, who stayed and who prayed

Reality News Online 3/30/06 American Idol 5, March 29: Votes Don't Lie

Foxes On Idol 3/30/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 10 3/30/06 - Lisa Exits With Class, But Is The McPheever Waning?

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/06 Tucker: The Teen and Her Dream

Reality TV Calendar 3/30/06 Shocked, Upset, Sad, And Confused: Top Ten Results Show Recap 3/30/06 - Lisa on 'Fox Thing in the Morning'

WritingUp 3/30/06 American Idol 5, March 29th – Hips Don't Lie And Neither Do The Votes

Reality TV World 3/30/06 Lisa Tucker becomes the third 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

Foxes on Idol 3/30/06 American Idol 5: Why Lisa Lost

JokersUpdates 3/30/06 American Idol : Top 10 Results. Experience Counts

Celebrity Spider 3/30/06 Teri Hatcher and Ryan Seacrest Caught Kissing

Washington Post 3/30/06 We Watch . . . So You Don't Have To

Newsday 3/30/06 Levittown's got Idol-eyes for Kevin

Rockford Register Star 3/30/06 Bennett, ‘Idol’ finalists going country

MSNBC 3/30/06 Lisa leaves ‘Idol,’ and viewers mostly agree

TMZ 3/30/06 'A.I.' Contestants Chow Down at Farewell Dinner

MTV 3/30/06 Lisa 'Mighty Tuck' Tucker Says She's Satisfied With Results

Metro 3/30/06 Shakira a hit, Idol hopeful a miss

Pioneer Press 3/30/06 Once again, former hometown girl Paris Bennett has advanced on Fox...

NY Post 3/30/06 'Idol' Kid Is Kaput 

MTV 3/30/06 Clothes, Games, Ring Tones: How Much 'Idol' Is Too Much?

Charlotte Observer 3/30/06 Tar Heel trio now a third of `Idol' pie

San Bernardino Sun 3/30/06 McPhee teeters but doesn't fall

STL Today 3/30/06 Lisa Tucker booted from 'Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 3/30/06 Tuckered Out

Chart Attack 3/30/06 American Idol Says Goodbye To Lisa Tucker

Mobile Register 3/30/06 On 'American Idol,' Taylor Hicks survives

Toledo Blade 3/30/06 Youngest hopeful sings her way off the show

National Ledger 3/30/06 Cold Feet at RCA? American Idol Clay Aiken Removed from Website

WBBM780 3/30/06 Chicagoan Jennifer Hudson Heads Toward Stardom

Birmingham News 3/30/06 Taylor's safe; Lisa Tucker's out

MSNBC 3/30/06 Lisa goes home on a surprising ‘Idol’ night

WNBC 3/30/06 'Idol' Contestant To Get Key To Nassau County

Chicago Tribune 3/30/06 Tucker goes out on `American Idol'

People 3/30/06 Lisa Tucker Gets the Boot on Idol

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Results: Katharine McPhee In Bottom Three, Lisa Tucker Eliminated

OC Register 3/29/06 Anaheim's Lisa Tucker eliminated from 'Idol'

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Shocker - Were The Phones Working On The West Coast?

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Autographed T-Shirt Auction To Benefit Kid One Transport 3/29/06 - So Close

Zap2It 3/29/06 'American Idol' Is All Tuckered Out

Celebrity Spider 3/29/06 Paula Abdul Signs New Multi Year Deal With American Idol

TV Rules 3/29/06 American Idol 5: 3/29 Results Summary

Reality TV Talk 3/29/06 RTVT Roundtable Discussion: Songs from the 21st Century

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Songs Of The 21st Century Fail To Impress Judges

Fans of Reality TV 3/29/06 American Idol Taking It Back To Present Time

Celebrity Spider 3/29/06 American Idol March 28th “Dull Times at American Idol”

Reality TV World 3/29/06 'American Idol 4' dropout Mario Vasquez releases his debut single

TMZ 3/29/06 Shakira Clashes With FOX Over 'A.I.'

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 More American Idol Phone Number Madness, Wrong Number For Mandisa

Asbury Park Press 3/29/06 'Idol's' Studdard Plans Youth Program

Buffalo News 3/29/06 Grumpy judges crab at Top 10

Reality TV Magazine 3/29/06 American Idol Sacrilege: Did Paula & Ryan Offend Mandisa?

MTV 3/29/06 'American Idol' Recap: Paris Works Beyonce Song, Chris Digs Up Old Creed

Extra 3/29/06 Seacrest and Hatcher Make Waves in Malibu

TMZ 3/29/06 Backstage 'Idol' Secrets

Beavers On Idol 3/29/06 AI5 Top 10 - Let the Mayhem Ensue

The Trades 3/29/06 American Idol 5: Week 6 - 21st Century Theme

Foxes On Idol 3/29/06 We'll Be the Judge of That! -- American Idol 5, March 28

WritingUp 3/29/06 American Idol 5, March 28th – Join The Church Of Mandisa! 3/29/06 - Top 10: The Good, The Bad, and the Awful

Mrs Jones on Idol 3/29/06 Idol's Train Wreck of the 21st Century 3/29/06 American Idol, Week 11: Songs of the 21st Century 3/29/06 - Kevin Covais on 'Live with Regis & Kelly' [Lisa Rinna]

TMZ 3/29/06 Mastermind Behind Worst 'Idol' Gets Threatened 3/29/06 - The Flop 10: 2001 Seconds Of A Singing Idiocy

Reality News Online 3/29/06 American Idol 5, March 28: Karaoke Idol

Inside Pulse 3/28/06 American Idol 5 - Recap - Episode 5-27 (March 28, 2006) 3/29/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and the Complete Vocal Betrayal of the Majority

Reality TV Calendar 3/29/06 Who Is Going Home And Why - Top 10 Prediction From The RTVC Staff 3/29/06 - Top 10 Ramble through the 2000’s. No wonder CD sales are down

Reality TV Calendar 3/29/06 No Standouts From Idols Or The Judges: Top 10 Performance Recap

Reality Shack 3/29/06 American Idol 5, March 28th – Welcome To The 21st Century 

Entertainment Weekly 3/29/06 American All-Dull

Dallas Morning News 3/29/06 'Idol' index

Times Dispatch 3/29/06 Tracking Virginia's Idols

Mercury News 3/29/06 Randy Jackson shows flash of life on "American Idol" ... then he go bye-bye

Charlotte Observer 3/29/06 N.C. `Idol' contestants criticized

WCNC 3/29/06 Judges tough on Idol's NC trio

MSNBC 3/29/06 ‘Idol’ wannabes get 21st century blues

Ledger-Enquirer 3/29/06 'Idol' tackles 21st century -- and it's ugly

Washington Post 3/29/06 We Watch . . . So You Don't Have To

Decatur Daily 3/29/06 Which 'Idol' finalist will fall from grace tonight?

National Ledger 3/29/06 American Idol Top 10: Only Taylor Hicks Impresses

MTV 3/29/06 'Idol' Finalists Spill Song-Selection Secrets; Bo Bice Offers Advice

Saginaw News 3/29/06 Josh Gracin of 'American Idol' joins lineup on Ojibway Island

Columbus Dispatch 3/29/06 Ohio native ensures that singing finalists look like stars onstage

Citizen-Times 3/29/06 'American Idol': Songs from the 21st century needed the Manilow touch 3/29/06 American Idol: Final 10 stink up stage

Post Chronicle 3/29/06 American Idol: The Top 11 Perform

Star Tribune 3/29/06 Paris chooses Beyoncé as her 21st century 'Idol'

The Ledger 3/29/06 Man declared unfit for trial in stalking of 'Idol' contestant

Mercury News 3/29/06 AMT adds shows starring Rivera and DeGarmo to lineup


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