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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Reality TV Magazine 5/21/06 Simon Cowell Says He Would Bring Back Chris Daughtry & Eliminate One Of The Other AI Finalist

Reality TV Magazine 5/21/06 American Idol: Will The Original Song Be Fair To Both Singers?

WritingUp 5/21/06 American Idol 5 – This Week's Finale Preview

STL Today 5/21/06 Carrie Underwood's big year continues at 41st ACM Awards

Beavers On Idol 5/21/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 3 Performances

Chicago Sun-Times 5/21/06 The trouble with 'Idol'? The singing

Reality TV Magazine 5/21/06 American Idol: What Songs Will Katharine McPhee Sing On The Final Performance Show?

Montgomery Advertiser 5/21/06 'Idol' relishes down-home freshness

Reality TV Magazine 5/21/06 American Idol: What Songs Will Taylor Hicks Sing On The Final Performance Show?

Attleboro Sun Chronicle 5/21/06 Ayla Brown wows crowd at Kiss Concert 2006

Chicago Tribune 5/21/06 Tracking the 'Idols'

Reality TV Talk 5/21/06 AI5: Taylor vs Kat, Who Should Win and Why

Miami Herald 5/21/06 Katharine vs. Taylor: With the finale this week, our Idol Watch columnist looks back at the best season yet 5/21/06 George Huff Launches Music Video

Reality Shack 5/21/06 American Idol 5 – Encores CD Review

Reality TV Magazine 5/21/06 Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun Of American Idol Finalists

MSNBC 5/21/06 ‘Idol’ fever hits climax after triumphant season 5/21/06 10 reasons Taylor Hicks should win 5/21/06 10 reasons Katherine McPhee should win

ABC News 5/21/06 Music Teachers Use 'American Idol' in Class

Celebrity Spider 5/20/06 Kelly Clarkson Struggles to Perform Hit

Reality TV Talk 5/20/06 American Idol 5 Three Left Recap "Pick a Peck of Perky Pap"

MTV 5/20/06 Katharine Promises Hot Dress; Taylor Vows To Remain Funky

LA Times 5/20/06 'McPheever' is tepid in blasé L.A. 5/20/06 Going overboard on “Over the Rainbow”

Always Reality Television 5/20/06 Kat Gets Catty

Mobile Register 5/20/06 'American Idol' finalists both feel like winners

The Star 5/20/06 Last (wo)man standing

The Scotsman 5/20/06 Simon Callow's acid reign

Washington Times 5/20/06 Is the California girl an 'Idol' underdog?

Celebrity Spider 5/19/06 Daniel Powter to Appear on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 5/19/06 American Idol Season Finale Week Schedule

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/19/06 The Great Jones Mystery Solved

WritingUp 5/19/06 American Idol 5, Friday Commentary – What Does the 3-Way 33% Tie Really Mean?

Chancelucky 5/19/06 Elliott Yamin Out at Third

Entertainment Weekly 5/19/06 'American' Classic

Fans of Reality TV 5/19/06 American Idol Interview With Elliott Yamin 5/19/06 The American Idol Runners-Up: Where Are They Now?

Reality TV Calendar 5/19/06 Death Knell for Elliott As Katharine Grins

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/06 Is Katharine McPhee The Misunderstood American Idol Finalist?

Reality TV Magazine 5/19/06 Elliott Yamin Is A Class Act All The Way

Toledo Blade 5/19/06 American Idol: Seasonful of memories

MTV 5/19/06 It's Not 'Adult Contemporary Idol,' So Why Are Guests So Old?

Cleveland Jewish News 5/19/06 Nice Jewish boy' Yamin is our ‘American Idol'

NMC 5/19/06 Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson On Hot List

MSNBC 5/19/06 Princes William and Harry watch ‘Idol’

Orlando Sentinel 5/19/06 '24,' 'Idol' will be back -- in January

USA Today 5/19/06 Katharine, Taylor speak up

Toledo Blade 5/19/06 'Idol': Who's next?

Delaware Beachcomber 5/19/06 'American Idol' Carrie Underwood to appear

Newsday 5/19/06 Not singing the blues

Mobile Register 5/19/06 More than 'Idol' on Fox

Celebrity Spider 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week Idol Finale

Celebrity Spider 5/18/06 Odds Are Taylor Hicks Will Become the Next American Idol

Fans of Reality TV 5/18/06 Results Show 5/17 : You Can Go Home Again

Reality TV Magazine 5/18/06 American Idol: Do You Believe The Percentages? 5/18/06 A Song in my Heart

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/06 Final Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 18th

Music Reviews Online 5/18/06 American Idol 5 Top 3 Vocal Masterclass: The Triple Threat: Showcasing the Top3

Reality TV World 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin sent home as 'American Idol 5' reveals its finale finalists

San Francisco Chronicle 5/18/06 `Idol' Veterans Turn Out to Be Winners

Celebrity Spider 5/18/06 American Idol May 17th “The Axe Fell, But On The Wrong Person” 5/18/06 The final two; By a whisker. Idolista and Idolhead crunch the numbers

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/06 Keeping The Vote Totals Private 5/18/06 American Idol Week 18 results: McPhee, Hicks advance

Reality Shack 5/18/06 The Triple Threat is Reduced to a Daring Duo - American Idol Commentary and Results, Week 18 5/18/06 American Idol Fans Are a Diverse Group

MSNBC 5/18/06 Simon Cowell cashing in on ‘American Idol’

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/06 Vote Shocker - It's Closer Than We Thought

Foxes On Idol 5/18/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 3

Reality TV Calendar 5/18/06 The Vanilla Kat Vs. The Soul Patrol: Top 3 Results Show Recap 5/18/06 American Idol Week 18: The Semifinals

Foxes On Idol 5/18/06 American Idol 5: Why Elliott Lost 5/18/06  No No No!! Say It Ain’t So

Reality TV Magazine 5/18/06 American Idol: Seacrest Makes Excuse For Turnout At Katharine McPhee's Hometown Visit

Reality News Online 5/18/06 American Idol 5, May 17: Triumph and Tears for the Final Three 5/18/06 Barking with the Great Overdogs

Reality TV Magazine 5/18/06 American Idol Controversy: Elliott Yamin Fans Angry Over Katharine McPhee's Reaction

WritingUp 5/18/06 American Idol 5, May 17th – It's Taylor and Kat

Times Dispatch 5/18/06 Yamin wins House tribute

Newsday 5/18/06 Bye bye, Elliott

Dallas Morning News 5/18/06 'Idol' index: Katharine and Taylor show they're in it to win

Detroit Free Press 5/18/06 Finally, 'Idol' is down to only 2

Mobile Register 5/18/06 'American Idol' -- Down to Hicks and McPhee

Birmingham News 5/18/06 Close three-way split in 'Idol' votes advances Hicks to show's final week

Detroit News 5/18/06 Soulful dark horse Elliott rides into sunset in close vote

NY Daily News 5/18/06 'Idol' Elliot told go home

Boston Globe 5/18/06 Elliott is eliminated on 'Idol'

NY Post 5/18/06 Kate vs Taylor For Idol

CBS 5/18/06 Elliott Yamin Exits 'Idol'

Memphis Flyer 5/18/06 American Idol: Memphis Has a Dog in the Hunt

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/06 Emotional American Idol Exit For Elliott Yamin 5/17/06  Who Made It To The Finals?

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/06 American Idol Results - Elliott Yamin Eliminated In Very Close Voting

TV Rules 5/17/06 American Idol 5: 5/17 Results Summary

Reality TV World 5/17/06 Elliott Yamin sent home in razor thin 'American Idol' pre-finale vote

JokersUpdates 5/17/06 American Idol : Top 3 Results. By the Narrowest Margin

Times Dispatch 5/17/06 'Idol' hopes over for Elliott 5/17/06 Elliott Yamin fails to advance on 'American Idol' 5/17/06 American Idol: Clive Davis must be stopped

Entertainment Weekly 5/17/06 Close Calls

Zap2it 5/17/06 'Idol' Sets Its Final Two

Celebrity Spider 5/17/06 American Idol May 16th “Three Singers, Three Songs, Three Chances”

Jam! 5/17/06 Another Idol given the boot, leaving just two contenders for crown 5/17/06 - Nigel Lythgoe Talks About The Top 3

Reality TV Talk 5/17/06 The RTVT Roundtable Discussion - Pick a Song night! 5/17/06  American Idol 5 Contest

Fans of Reality TV 5/17/06 - 5/16 An Ancient Dinosaur picking Crappy Songs for Mediocre Talent

Beavers On Idol 5/17/06 AI5 Top 3 - Choice Songs (and I really miss Chris Daughtry)

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/17/06 Ryan, Look Out! Another House Is Going To Fall!!

Buffalo News 5/17/06 Trio tackles tunes in intense sing-off

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/06 The Top 3: Here's What The Fans Are Saying 5/17/06 Meh - A Nervous Wreck, A Spazzlor, and A Steak Sandwich

Reality News Online 5/17/06 American Idol 5, 5/16: Good Things Happen in Threes

The Trades 5/17/06 American Idol 5: Week 13 - Clive Davis, Judges, and Idol Choice Themes

Knox News 5/17/06 Bickering ends -- for now -- with another 'Idol' selection

MTV 5/17/06 'American Idol Recap': Katharine Strikes Gold, Taylor Picks The Perfect Song

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? Top 3 Prediction By The RTVC Staff

Reality TV Calendar 5/17/06 It's Going To Be A Kat Vs. Taylor Finale: Top 3 Performance Recap 5/17/06 - The top 3 sing 9. Was it over the rainbow or dancing in the dark?

Foxes On Idol 5/17/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! – American Idol 5, May 16 5/17/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and a Fricking Pissed

Beacon Journal 5/17/06 Katharine is the best of a so-so bunch

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 5/17/06 Taylor Soul Man Hicks the best of the night- American Idol- 05-16-2006 5/17/06 Transcript of 'Idol' Chatter

MTV 5/17/06 Are 'Idol' Fans Voting Under The Influence Of Simon? 5/17/06 - AI5 Top 3: Two Men and a Lady

Reality TV Magazine 5/17/06 Did Taylor Hicks Win American Idol The Day Chris Daughtry Left?

WritingUp 5/17/06 American Idol 5, April 16th – "See You Next Tuesday" 5/17/06 - If I'm Gonna Get Bashed, It Might As Well Be Worth It!

Reality Shack 5/17/06 American Idol 5, May 16th – Judges' Choices Make The Night

Rockford Register Star 5/17/06 Idol’ crooner Hicks makes most of three-song show

Dallas Morning News 5/17/06 'Idol' index: We miss Chris, but we are healing

Union Tribune 5/17/06 American Idol May 16

Entertainment Weekly 5/17/06 Is Taylor Made? 5/17/06 American Idol: Defending Elliott Yamin

Washington Post 5/17/06 We Watch ... So You Don't Have To

Reality TV World 5/16/06 Former 'American Idol' contestants making their mark on Broadway

Reality TV Magazine 5/16/06 AI Top Three Performance Show: Taylor Hicks Claims His Spot, Katharine McPhee Has A Shot 5/16/06 - Pro-Choice?

JokersUpdates 5/16/06 American Idol : Top 3 Perform. Who's Your Idol?

TV Rules 5/16/06 American Idol 5: 5/16 Performance Summary - The Top 3

Celebrity Spider 5/16/06 Richmond Phone Company Sets Up Phone Banks to Support Elliott Yamin

People 5/16/06 Idol Watch: Elliott Next to Go?

I Love Reality 5/16/06 Tuesday Night: The songs they sang and the numbers to dial

MSNBC 5/16/06 Taylor a lock to make final two on ‘Idol’ 5/16/06 - Chris Daughtry on 'Ellen'

USA Today 5/16/06 Backstage bits on 'American Idol'

Beavers On Idol 5/16/06 Vote Like Yamin It!

Extra 5/16/06 Ryan Ambushes Simon as the Competition Heats Up

Newsday 5/16/06 Idol psychics

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/16/06 The Great Jones Mystery…Solved?

Reality TV World 5/16/06 Kellie Pickler's newly paroled dad wants to attend 'Idol' finale 5/16/06 - Predictions

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/06 Daughtry Fans Demand Re-Do 5/16/06 - R45S: Your Dream Top 12: The Results!

LA Times 5/16/06 'Idol'-ized

Foxes On Idol 5/16/06 Idol Thoughts, May 16: Why Taylor MUST Win!

I Love Reality 5/16/06 Simon on Leno - thinks Taylor has a chance to win.

USA Today 5/16/06 Three to get ready...

Reality TV Games 5/16/06 Celebrating Elvis with Boxer Briefs and Mariah's Ex

Foxes On Idol 5/16/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Tenth?

USA Today 5/16/06 had Daughtry's number

Reality TV Magazine 5/16/06 American Idol: Chris Daughtry Fans Still Angry 5/16/06 Carrie Underwood Tapped As One Of The '25 Hottest Stars Under 25' In Teen People

Reality TV Calendar 5/16/06 Voter Frustration - Here's The Solution

Reality TV Magazine 5/16/06 Will There Be An American Idol All-Stars?

CNN 5/16/06 'Bad Day'? Not for 'Idol'-linked singer

LA Daily News 5/16/06 Got 'McPheever'? If so, put your digits to work

Mercury News 5/16/06 Abdul reveals her choice to win 'Idol'

AM New York 5/16/06 Singing for more than their supper 5/16/06 American Idol: What's next for the Idols?

Mobile Register 5/16/06 Hicks to sing Cocker song

Entertainment Weekly 5/16/06 Grade A, or Eh?

National Ledger 5/16/06 Elliott Yamin: The Rodney Dangerfield of American Idol

Detroit Free Press 5/16/06 Chris fans irate at 'Idol' vote

NY Daily News 5/16/06 'Idol' rejection Fuels talk about Chris' future

Chicago Sun-Times 5/16/06 Instant Messages: 'American Idol'

Reality TV World 5/15/06 Fans of ousted 'Idol' finalist Chris Daughtry demand new vote

I Love Reality 5/15/06 Two weeks to go. Three songs this week. 5/15/06 - Chris Daughtry on 'Live with Kelly & Probst'

Foxes On Idol 5/15/06 This Week in American Idol History, The Top Three – Girls’ Night Out!

Coming Soon 5/15/06 Powter to Perform Bad Day on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 5/15/06 Idol Chartwatch, May 15: The Calm Before the Storm

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/06 The Fans Take On Simon

Chicago Tribune 5/15/06 'American Idol' judge Paula Abdul not ashamed to root for Elliott Yamin

Reality TV Magazine 5/15/05 American Idol - Did Governor Schwarzenegger Snub Katharine McPhee?

MSNBC 5/15/06 Sizing up the ‘American Idol’ final three

Reality TV Calendar 5/15/06 It Ain't Over 'til the Greyhaired Guy Sings

Sun-Sentinel 5/15/06 As Chris loses out, American Idol wins with unpredictability 5/15/06 American Idol: Remaining contestants creep along

Birmingham News 5/15/06 Booting Daughtry off 'AI' shows America has no soul 5/15/06 Talking to: Chris Daughtry

National Ledger 5/15/06 American Idol Finalist Ace Young Says No Playgirl Ambitions

People 5/15/06 Idol's Katharine McPhee Goes Back to School

National Ledger 5/15/06 American Idol Favorite Taylor Hicks Mom Speaks Out, Gives Advice

Post Chronicle 5/15/06 American Idol Controversy: Is Katharine McPhee a Scientologist?

National Ledger 5/15/06 American Idol: Chris Daughtry Tells Fans Move On, Tackles Rumors

Beavers On Idol 5/15/06 Gems in the Pan, or, Why I Love American Idol Again

Celebrity Spider 5/14/06 American Idol: What Will Chris Daughtry do Next?

Leper House 5/14/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Four Left: The Ghost of Elvis Has Left the Solar System" 5/14/06 - The Top 3 Show: Evolution of Song Choices

Reality TV Magazine 5/14/06 All Remaining American Idol Finalists Go Home

National Ledger 5/14/06 The American Idol Conspiracy: Chris Daughtry vs. Katharine McPhee

Celebrity Spider 5/13/06 American Idol Odds Posted for Final Three Contestants

Celebrity Spider 5/13/06 Shakira: I Didn't Snub American Idol Contestants

Fans of Reality TV 5/13/06 Interview With Chris Daughtry

Beavers On Idol 5/13/06 Clay Aiken's Next Hit: One Arrow, Straight and True

Reality TV Magazine 5/13/06 American Idol: Is It Paula Abdul's Fault That Chris Daughtry Was Eliminated?

Reality TV Magazine 5/13/06 Bucky Covington Rumored To Be Meeting With Sawyer Brown

Mobile Register 5/13/06 'American Idol' star Taylor Hicks dazzles fans on visit home, adds Gov. Riley to Soul Patrol

TMZ 5/13/06 Taylor Takes Over Birmingham

Birmingham News 5/13/06 Hicks' next: 'You Are So Beautiful'

LA Daily News 5/13/06 Valley's favorite warbler stops in

Times Dispatch 5/13/06 Richmond's 'Idol'

Celebrity Spider 5/12/06 Ryan Seacrest Comments On Chris Daughtry Send Off and Taylor Hicks Future 5/12/06 R-4-5-S- Your Dream Top 12: You Decide

Foxes On Idol 5/12/06 Chris Daughtry Offered Gig with Fuel

Reality Shack 5/12/06 All Hail the King - American Idol Commentary and Results, Week 17 5/12/06 AI’s Top 3: Where Are Our Past 3rd Place (all female) Finishers Now?

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 12th

Reality TV Games 5/12/06 The Balder They Are, The Harder They Fall

Chancelucky 5/12/06 Chris Daughtry Leaves the Building

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/06 American Injustice - Have The Voters Gone Mad?

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/06 Chris Daughtry Blames American Idol Elimination On Fans Not Voting As Much

Foxes On Idol 5/12/06 American Idol: The Top 50 Performances

Montgomery Advertiser 5/12/06 Alabama 'Idol' has long love of stage

Washington Post 5/12/06 The Horror! The Horror! Chris After the Apocalypse

Newsday 5/12/06 This 'Idol' site is really up to speed

WTVM 5/12/06 `American Idol' finalist Taylor Hicks visits Alabama home 5/12/06 Final Three: What songs would YOU choose?: Their Possibilities…

Reality TV Magazine 5/12/06 Chris Daughtry Got Rejected From Rock Star

Reality TV Calendar 5/12/06 Chris Daughtry's Fans Are Screaming Mad

WCCO 5/12/06 Former 'Idol' Contestant Visits Minneapolis Class

Newsday 5/12/06 Daughtry fueled for choices after 'Idol'

Jam! 5/12/06 'Idol' loser Daughtry gets an offer

San Bernardino Sun 5/12/06 McPhee survives close call on 'Idol'

CBS 5/12/06 Daughtry to Use 'Idol' As Launchpad

Washington Post 5/12/06 We Get the Idols We Deserve

NY Daily News 5/12/06 Daughtry is still shocked by 'Idol' loss

Celebrity Spider 5/11/06 American Idol May 10th “The Hopeful Trio”

Reality TV Magazine 5/11/06 Eliminated American Idol Finalist Chris Daughtry Gets Offer From Fuel

Reality TV World 5/11/06 Fuel asks eliminated 'Idol' finalist Chris Daughtry to be its frontman

WritingUp 5/11/06 American Idol 5 – 24 Hours After The Shock Has Worn Off

Reality TV World 5/11/06 Ousted 'Idol' finalist Chris Daughtry thought elimination was a joke

Celebrity Spider 5/11/06 Chris Daughtry Eliminated From American Idol 5/11/06 - Lessons Never Learned

Music Reviews Online 5/11/06 AI5 Top 4 Vocal Masterclass: Celebrating The Music Of The King Of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley

Extra 5/11/06 Chris Daughtry Gets 'Idol' Boot and Offer of a Lifetime

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/11/06 Chris Daughtry…The Fire to the Fuel

Times Dispatch 5/11/06 Elliott Comes Home

Foxes On Idol 5/11/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 4 5/11/06 - Chris Daughtry on 'FOX Thing in the Morning'

Foxes On Idol 5/11/06 American Idol 5: Was Chris’ Loss the Shock of the Season?

TMZ 5/11/06 Major Band to Give Daughtry the Break of a Lifetime 5/11/06 American Idol Week 17 results: Daughtry exiled, McPhee survives 5/11/06 - American Idol Has Officially "Jumped The Shark"

TMZ 5/11/06 Sucker's Bet: Predicting a Win on 'American Idol'

Extra 5/11/06 Ryan Seacrest Reunites with Old Flame

Reality TV World 5/11/06 Chris Daughtry sent home in 'American Idol 5' elimination shocker

Reality News Online 5/11/06 American Idol 5, May 10: Top Four Results – Next Stop, Heartbreak Hotel 5/11/06 - The Kat just might have nine lives. 

MTV 5/11/06 Daughtry On Elimination: 'I Wasn't Going To Pretend To Be Happy'

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/06 Shocking, But Maybe Chris Is Better Off: Top 4 Results Show Recap

Fans of Reality TV 5/11/06 5/10 Recap A Shocker for the Rocker

Zap2It 5/11/06 A Little Less 'Idol' Action for Chris

Reality TV Magazine 5/11/06 American Idol: Chris Daughtry Fans Want A Do Over 5/11/06 - We're All Rocked Out

MTV 5/11/06 What Went Wrong For Onetime 'Idol' Front-Runner Daughtry?

Foxes On Idol 5/11/06 American Idol 5: Why Chris Lost

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/06 Chris Is Shocked - The Fans Are Livid!

Birmingham News 5/11/06 Elvis tunes help Hicks advance to final three on 'Idol'

I Love Reality 5/11/06 American Idol Shocker... who wins now?

Reality TV Calendar 5/11/06 The Fans Have Their Favorites

JokersUpdates 5/11/06 American Idol : Top 4 Results. Hey Hey Rock and Roll. Rock On

Entertainment Weekly 5/11/06 Down With the King

Charlotte Observer 5/11/06 Daughtry stunned he got the hook

Dallas Morning News 5/11/06 'Idol' Index: The results

MSNBC 5/11/06 One ‘Idol’ checks into Heartbreak Hotel

People 5/11/06 Idol's Chris: Getting Cut Was 'Gut Wrenching'

Montgomery Advertiser 5/11/06 American Idol finalist Taylor Hicks coming to Montgomery on Friday

USA Today 5/11/06 Daughtry: 'I was pretty shocked'

Crossville Chronicle 5/11/06 I Say: Hicks is Taylor-made for "Idol"

Huntsville Times 5/11/06 Bo, Regis recognize local mom

OCRegister 5/11/06 Former 'American Idol' contestant to perform Saturday

National Ledger 5/11/06 How Elliott Yamin Can Win American Idol

WritingUp 5/10/06 American Idol 5, May 10th – The Wrong Idol Has Left The Building

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 American Idol Shocker: Elliott Slays Chris The Giant

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 American Idol Results: Chris Daughtry Is Gone! 5/10/06 - Who Has Left The Building? 5/10/06 American Idol 5: Top 4 Results Summary

AJC 5/10/06 On 'Idol,' losing isn't always bad

Times Dispatch 5/10/06 Elliott in 'Idol's' final three 5/10/06 Elliott Yamin advances on 'American Idol,' plans Friday trip to Richmond for parade, R-Braves game

Newsday 5/10/06 Chris voted off 'Idol'

Charlotte Observer 5/10/06 Daughtry cut, last of N.C. 'Idol' hopefuls

Celebrity Spider 5/10/06 American Idol May 9th “The King and His Court”

Fans of Reality TV 5/10/06 Show Recap 5/9 - It's Karaoke With a Capital K

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 American Idol: Could Chris Daughtry Be On His Way Home?

MTV 5/10/06 Former 'Idol' Finalist Jasmine Trias Goes To Juvie 5/10/06 - Nigel Lythgoe Talks About The Top 4

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 Nigel Lythgoe Says American Idol Will Lose Someone They Don't Want To Lose 5/10/06 - Lions & Tigers & Turnips, Oh My!

Reality TV Talk 5/10/06 AI5 Roundtable Discussion - The Final Four Sing Elvis Songs

Orwell Project 5/10/06 American Idol Recap: Top 4 Elvis Night  -- 5/9/06 5/10/06 Underwood to headline Coke 600 pre-race

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/10/06 There’s Trouble Brewing – It’s a Whole New Game! 5/10/06 American Idol Week 17: Elvis, The original American Idol

The Trades 5/10/06 American Idol 5: Week 12 - Elvis Theme

Beavers On Idol 5/10/06 AI5 Top 4 - The King Has Left the Building Leaving Elliott in His Place

WritingUp 5/10/06 American Idol 5, May 9th – Elvis, The Original Idol 5/10/06 - Before Elvis Left The Building, He Brought Three Guys

Foxes On Idol 5/10/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, May 9 5/10/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, and Revenge of the True Underdog

Fox News 5/10/06 Elliott Yamin Checks In to the Heartbreak Hotel

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? Top 4 Prediction By The RTVC Staff

MTV 5/10/06 Ousted 'Idol' Contestants Share Emotional 'Last Supper' Ritual

Dallas Morning News 5/10/06 'Idol' Index: They want a crown, too 5/10/06 - The Final 4 Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Reality TV Calendar 5/10/06 Getting Into Trouble Can Save You: Top 4 Performance Recap 5/10/06 - Top 4: Did Anybody Check Into Heartbreak Hotel?

Reality Shack 5/10/06 American Idol 5, May 9th – Elvis Is In The Building

Zap2It 5/10/06 An 'Idol' Fit for The King

Indy Star 5/10/06 Yamin's chances improve after Elvis-inspired 'Idol'

NY Times 5/10/06 'American Idol' Online as a Sociological Study

Greensboro News Record 5/10/06 Daughtry may sing Friday at Greensboro ballpark

Entertainment Weekly 5/10/06 All Shook Up

Orlando Sentinel 5/10/06 Go, Elliott

MTV 5/10/06 'American Idol' Recap: Elliott Comes Out Swinging, Katharine Fails To Connect

National Ledger 5/10/06 American Idol Hunk Ace Young Offered Playgirl Deal

WRAL 5/10/06 American Idol's Chris Daughtry Croons To Elvis Songs

Style Weekly 5/10/06 Goose Bumps and T-Shirts, Elliott’s “Already Won”

Washington Post 5/10/06 We Watch ... So You Don't Have To

People 5/10/06 Idol Watch: Chris Misses

Concord Monitor 5/10/06 Hold the cream with that apple pie

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 Unforgettable Night For Elliott Yamin on American Idol

Reality News Online 5/10/06 American Idol 5, May 9: All Shook Up

Reality TV Magazine 5/10/06 American Idol: Are Simon and Ryan Being Too Mean To Paula?

Milwaukee Journal 5/10/06 'Idol' final four pay tribute to the King 5/9/06 Taking Care of Business?

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/06 Katharine McPhee Fans McFurious Over American Idol Elvis Theme

TV Rules 5/9/06 American Idol 5: Top 4 Performance Summary - 5/9

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/06 American Idol: Elliott Comes Out Fighting On Elvis Week

JokersUpdates 5/9/06 American Idol : Top 4 Perform. It's Now or Never

Celebrity Spider 5/9/06 Elvis Themed Show Features Idols at Graceland Tonight on American Idol

Charlotte Observer 5/9/06 Daughtry hangs his hopes on Elvis

TV Tracker 5/9/06 American Idol May 9 5/9/06 Songs Freakin’ Leaked: Who is Going Down?

Inside Pulse 5/9/06 D2 Review: American Idol - The Final Four

Foxes On Idol 5/9/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Ninth? 5/9/06 Trepidation on Tuesday

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/06 American Idol Top Four: A California Girl & Three Southern Boys 5/9/06 - Annoying Guest Judges...Who's Your Least Favorite?

Reality TV Calendar 5/9/06 Sixty Percent Believe The Outcome Is Fixed

Reality TV Magazine 5/9/06 American Idol 4 Finalists To Appear At World's First Reality TV Convention

Foxes On Idol 5/9/06 Idol Thoughts, May 9: The Best Final Four Ever

Entertainment Weekly 5/9/06 Guess Work

ABC 5/9/06 Will Sleeping Computers Pick the Next 'American Idol'?

Detroit Free Press 5/9/06 Experts pick their idols

Milwaukee Journal 5/9/06 'Idol' Standout Hicks Likes Music With Soul

Charlotte Observer 5/9/06 Daughtry draws from small-town roots

Contra Costa Times 5/9/06 Katharine McPhee: Local girl makes good on 'American Idol'

Virginia Pilot 5/9/06 Family and friends rooting for Yamin on ''Idol''

Daily Press 5/9/06 Yamin's singing talent a welcome surprise to 'Idol' hopeful's family

Rockford Register Star 5/9/06 Paris appears on ‘Today’ 5/9/06 'Idol' thoughts

Seattle PI 5/9/06 Tim McGraw an 'American Idol' fan

Mobile Register 5/9/06 Idol' goes to Graceland

Celebrity Spider 5/8/06 American Idol Carrie Underwood Graduates 5/8/06 The Cynic & American Idol

Reality TV Calendar 5/8/06 Here's What The Fans Are Saying 5/8/06 Paris Bennett on 'Live with Regis & Kelly' 5/8/06 - Why “The Other Guy” Might Just Be The Guy 5/8/06 An American Idol Addict's Week in Review

Foxes On Idol 5/8/06 This Week in American Idol History: The Final Four

Reality TV Games 5/8/06 Hot Pink Heels, Turquoise Toes, and Taylor's Paisley Nightmare

Reality TV Magazine 5/8/06 American Idol Dark Horse Rising: Does Elliott Yamin Stand A Chance?

Leper House 5/8/06 American Idol 5 "Five Left: Sucking Songs from the Past and the Present ... and the Future?"

Beavers On Idol 5/8/06 Ya Gotta Believe in Yamin!

Knox News 5/8/06 Former 'Idol' contestant to visit Nashville

Hawaii Channel 5/8/06 'Idol' Finalists Kellie, Bucky Get Huge Hometown Welcomes

Chancelucky 5/7/06 Paris Bennett's Last Kiss

Reality TV Magazine 5/7/06 Simon Cowell Predicts Chris Daughtry & Taylor Hicks For The American Idol Final Two

Mercury News 5/7/06 Country singer Carrie Underwood graduates

Detroit News 5/7/06 'American Idol' finalists visit Graceland

Fans of Reality TV 5/6/06 Interview with Paris Bennett

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 American Idol Season 5 Compilation Album Hits Stores May 23rd

Celebrity Spider 5/6/06 American Idol Winner Fantasia Barrino Stars in Lifetime Movie

Beavers On Idol 5/6/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 5 Performances

Charlotte Observer 5/6/06 Albemarle cheers its 'Idol'

WSOCtv 5/6/06 Fans Throw Party For Covington 5/6/06 Thank you, Miss Paris

News 14 5/6/06 Town celebrates Pickler's homecoming

The State 5/6/06 Predictability leads to a Big Three showdown

WCNC 5/6/06 Albemarle welcomes Kellie Pickler home

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 Simon Cowell's $35 Million Contract

Celebrity Spider 5/5/06 American Idol Odds Posted

Orwell Project 5/5/06 American Idol Recap: Results Night -- 5/3/06

Charlotte Observer 5/5/06 NC Idols to get city welcomes 5/5/06 - AI Top 4: Where Are Our Past 4th Place Finishers Now?

Rockford Register Star 5/5/06 Paris Bennett says ‘American Idol’ effort makes her a role model for children

Birmingham News 5/5/06 Paris says adieu; Hicks stays around

Sun-Sentinel 5/5/06 Underwhelmed by Underwood as American Idol star hits SunFest

WCNC 5/5/06 Kellie Pickler coming home to Albemarle

Pioneer Press 5/5/06 She'll always be an idol to her fans

Rocky Mountain News 5/5/06 Already basking in afterglow, Ace Young to meet John Elway

Teen People 5/5/06 Paris Bennett Sees Grammy in Her Future

Zap2It 5/5/06 Fantasia Playing Fantasia in 'Fantasia Story'

Charlotte Observer 5/5/06 'American Idol' parade in Albemarle

Post Chronicle 5/5/06 Claymates vs. John Paulus: In Defense of Clay Aiken

Seattle Times 5/5/06 Giving voice to her inner "Idol"

Ananova 5/5/06 Cowell gets £400,000 an hour

Celebrity Spider 5/4/06 American Idol May 3rd “The Dust Settles”

Celebrity Spider 5/4/06 Paris Bennett Eliminated From American Idol, Next Week - Elvis Music

Reality TV Magazine 5/4/06 American Idol Finalist Paris Bennett Says She Wouldn't Change Her Speaking Voice 5/4/06 - Final Four: Bringing out the Elvis: Their Song Choices 5/4/06 - Can we just call it a draw?

Palm Beach Post 5/4/06 SunFest 2006: Carrie Underwood's Appetite for Axl!

MTV 5/4/06 Paris Calls Katharine A Beauty Queen, Taylor Her Big Brother

Music Reviews Online 5/4/06 AI 5 Top 5 Vocal Masterclass: Celebrating 2006 Billboard Hits and Top 5 Birth Year Classics

LA Daily News 5/4/06 Carrie gussies up for CMA

Entertainment Weekly 5/4/06 'Kiss' Off

Toledo Blade 5/4/06 Voters send 17-year-old 'Princess P' packing

Extra 5/4/06 Why Simon's Girlfriend Was Caught Kissing Randy Jackson

Reality Shack 5/4/06 Then, Now, and All Over the Place - American Idol 5 Commentary and Results, Week 16

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of May 4th

Zap2It 5/4/06 Don't Forget Paris

Reality TV World 5/4/06 Paris Bennett becomes the eighth 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

MSNBC 5/4/06 Youth is no benefit on ‘American Idol’ 5/4/06 - It’s down to 4 so who’s out the door? 5/4/06 American Idol Week 16 results: Princess P departs, Yamin survives

WMC-TV 5/4/06 American Idol contestants coming to Memphis

JokersUpdates 5/4/06 American Idol : Top 5 Results. We'll Always Have Paris

Reality News Online 5/4/06 American Idol 5: May 3 - Five Faces, Four Places 5/4/06 - Top 5 Results Show: Wednesdays Are Awful!

Reality TV Calendar 5/4/06 A Bad Day For Paris: Top 5 Results Show Recap

Foxes On Idol 5/4/06 American Idol 5: Why Paris Lost

WRAL 5/4/06 N.C.'s Chris Daughtry Advances To Final Four On 'American Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/4/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 5 5/4/06 - Paris Bennett on 'FOX Thing in the Morning'

WritingUp 5/4/06 American Idol 5, April 3rd Announcing Your American Idol Five Final Four

MSNBC 5/4/06 What a long, strange ‘Idol’ season it’s been

Memphis Flyer 5/4/06 American Idol Finalists Hit Graceland Today

MTV 5/4/06 'American Idol' Viewers Kiss Paris Bennett Goodbye

Teen People 5/4/06 Idol Bids Adieu to Paris

Palm Beach Post 5/4/06 "American Idol": We won't always have Paris

Entertainment Weekly 5/4/06 Forget Paris

Detroit Free Press 5/4/06 Chris Daughtry leads "Idol" voting

Dot Music 5/4/06 Cowell wins £20m American Idol deal

Washington Post 5/4/06 We Watch ... So You Don't Have To

CBS 5/4/06 Soul Singer Gets 'Idol' Pink Slip

WCNC 5/4/06 Have You Heard? N.C. Idol Chris Daughtry survives another round

Chart Attack 5/4/06 Idol Says Bye To Bennett, Cowell Weighs In, And CD On The Way

National Ledger 5/4/06 American Idol Carrie Underwood Ready To Do It Up Big at ACM's

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 American Idol Results: Paris Bennett Gone This Week, Elliott Yamin Likely Next

Fans of Reality TV 5/3/06 Recap 5/2 It's Two-for-One Night on American Idol

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 American Idol Viewers Value Simon Cowell's Opinion According To Survey

Fans of Reality TV 5/3/06 Results Recap 5/3 Five Faces, Four Places 5/3/06 - Any Surprises?

TV Rules 5/3/06 American Idol 5: 5/3 Results Summary

LA Daily News 5/3/06 'Odds' - and fans - with McPhee

Reality TV World 5/3/06 Fox to make individual 'American Idol' performances available for sale

Reality TV World 5/3/06 'American Idol' host Ryan Seacrest says Paula Abdul feud was his fault

Richmond Times-Dispatch 5/3/06 Elliott has another close 'Idol' call

Charlotte Observer 5/3/06 There'll be no Paris in Memphis

Newsday 5/3/06 'Idol' won't have Paris anymore 5/3/06 - Nigel Lythgoe Talks About The Top 5

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 American Idol: Will Bleep Controversy Send Paris Bennett Home?

Celebrity Spider 5/3/06 American Idol May 2nd “Gunfight at the American Idol Corral” 5/3/06 - The White Boy Sure Was Funky!

Reality TV Talk 5/3/06 RTVT Roundtable Discussion: Songs From the Past and Present 5/3/06 - Ryan Seacrest on 'Ellen'

Beavers On Idol 5/3/06 AI5 Top 5 - One Wild, Interesting, Erratic Night

Mrs Jones on Idol 5/3/06 Does Double Duty Spell Double Trouble?

ABC News 5/3/06 'Renegade' Daughtry Odd-On Favorite to Win 'American Idol' 5/3/06 American Idol Week 16: Definitely not Bill-bored!

Buffalo News 5/3/06 Two shots at heights are twice as nice 5/3/06 - A Sharp, A Flat, Some Knee Dancing, and a Plea to Go Home 5/3/06 - The Final 5: Is That Your Final Answer?

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/06 Everything Old Is New Again: Top 5 Performance Show Recap 5/3/06 - The top 5 sing 10

Foxes On Idol 5/3/06 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 5, May 2

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 American Idol: Will Bleep Controversy Send Paris Bennett Home? 5/3/06 - Top 5: The Past, The Present, and The Welcome Return of Taylor Hicks!

JokersUpdates 5/3/06 American Idol : Top 5 Perform. Where's a Frontrunner When You Need One?

LA Daily News 5/3/06 Fan power

Reality TV Calendar 5/3/06 Who Is Going Home And Why? RTVC Staff Prediction

MTV 5/3/06 'American Idol' Recap: Katharine Scorches The Stage, Elliott Isn't A Star

Reality TV Magazine 5/3/06 American Idol Top Five: Another Wild Idol Night

Reality Shack 5/3/06 American Idol 5, May 2nd – "Wildly Unpredictable Night"

Indy Star 5/3/06 Each 'Idol' had hits, misses on 2-song night

LA Daily News 5/3/06 Katharine's songs

WritingUp 5/3/06 American Idol 5, May 2nd – Play That Funky Music, White Boy 5/3/06 Take two aspirin and sleep off this 'Idol' headache

People 5/3/06 Idol Watch: Taylor Makes a Comeback

Palm Beach Post 5/3/06 "American Idol": Sing that funky music, Joe Cocker Boy!

Orlando Sentinel 5/3/06 Up-and-down "Idol" night

Daily News Transcript 5/3/06 America Idol star drops in 5/3/06 American Idol: Paris gets the can-can tonight

Washington Post 5/3/06 We Watch ... So You Don't Have To

Metro 5/3/06 Idols tank on old school hits

Jam! 5/3/06 Straight up now: Is Paula Abdul nuts?

Entertainment Weekly 5/3/06 Hits and Misses

USA Today 5/3/06 Hatcher's 'Idol' worship doesn't include the host

Tampa Bay Online 5/3/06 Devoted Voters For 'American Idol' Do Their Duty On A Presidential Scale

Reality News Online 5/3/06 American Idol 5, May 2: A Bit Erratic

The Trades 5/3/06 American Idol 5: Week 11 - Birth Year & Billboard Themes

AJC 5/3/06 'Idol' seems to save the best for last

Decatur Daily 5/3/06 Will 'Idol voters spare Paris Bennett?

Metro West Daily News 5/3/06 Ayla Brown to appear at fundraiser 5/2/06 - Hits of Yesteryear & Today

TV Rules 5/2/06 American Idol 5: 5/2 Performance Summary

Charlotte Observer 5/2/06 Mixed results for Daughtry on 'Idol'

Fox News 5/2/06 It's Anybody's Guess on 'American Idol'

Reality TV World 5/2/06 Ousted 'Idol' finalist Kellie Pickler not told of dad's prison release

Fayetteville Online 5/2/06 Clyde Pickler talks about his 'American Idol' daughter

People 5/2/06 Idol's Matt Rogers, Wife Have a Boy 5/2/06 - Nigel Lythgoe on 'Ellen'

People 5/2/06 Teri: Ryan Ended Things

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/06 Survey Says - Who Is Voting And Why?

NMC 5/2/06 Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson On Hot List 5/2/06 - Let’s Be Blunt: Who Deserves to Win & the Newly Leaked Song List

AJC 5/2/06 Song choice playing bigger factor this year on 'Idol'

Foxes On Idol 5/2/06 Idol Thoughts, May 2: Taylor vs. Simon – Let’s Get it On!

Reality TV Calendar 5/2/06 Is It Fixed? Do The Votes Really Count?

Foxes On Idol 5/2/06 American Idol 5: Which Idol Will Fall Eighth?

National Ledger 5/2/06 American Idol Finalist Taylor Hicks Pot-Bust Past Revealed 5/2/06 Kellie Pickler shows sheer stupidity on 'Ellen'

MSNBC 5/2/06 Five ‘Idol’ finalists all hit different notes

USA Today 5/2/06 Rating the final five

San Gabriel Valley Tribune 5/2/06 `American Idol' finalist has ties to Glendora 5/2/06 Carrie Underwood To Host America's Grand Ole Opry Weekend ACM Awards Special

National Ledger 5/2/06 Is This the End of Clay Aiken's Christian Career?

MSNBC 5/2/06 On ‘American Idol,’ get your hook ready

Montgomery Advertiser 5/2/06 Fans of Alabama native Taylor Hicks hope singer wins it all

Star Ledger 5/2/06 Never an 'Idol' moment

Jam! 5/2/06 'Idol' fame a blessing for Pickler

Post Gazette 5/2/06 What's the magic behind 'Idol'?

Palm Beach Post 5/2/06 'American Idol' boot camp 5/2/06 Magic moment

Richmond Times Dispatch 5/2/06 As Elliott goes, so go the ratings

Arizona Reporter 5/2/06 This Week on American Idol

Celebrity Spider 5/1/06 Shakira Denies Blowing Off American Idol Contestants

Celebrity Spider 5/1/06 American Idol Tour Schedule Announced

Celebrity Spider 5/1/06 Michael Bolton Babysat Paula Abdul

Extra 5/1/06 Hatcher Reveals Truth behind Ryan Seacrest Kiss

Reality Reel 5/1/06 Idol Chasers – Catch Up With Your American Idols – 5/1/06

WritingUp 5/1/06 American Idol 5 – This Week's Theme 5/1/06 Kellie Pickler on 'Live with Regis & Kelly'

Foxes On Idol 5/1/06 Idol Chartwatch, May 1: Everyone’s a Winner

Foxes On Idol 5/1/06 This Week in American Idol History: The Final Five

Beavers On Idol 5/1/06 AI5 Royal Flush: The Heir and Four Spares 5/1/06 American Idol: Say goodbye to Paris Bennett

People 5/1/06 Kellie Pickler's Dad Gets Out of Prison

WCNC 5/1/06 Albemarle to welcome home 'Idol' hero Pickler

The Hub 5/1/06 Seacrest ... in! 'Idol' host has built an entertainment empire

Celebrity Spider 4/30/06 New American Idol Odds Posted 4/30/06 - AI’s Top 5: Where Are Our Past 5th Place Finishers Now?

Reality TV Talk 4/30/06 American Idol 5 Recap "Six Left: Love is Blind And Mean" 4/30/06 - A Final Look at the Final Five

Fans of Reality TV 4/30/06 American Idol Interview With Kellie Pickler 4/30/06 - Birth Year & Billboard: Their Options for Staying in the Game

Reality TV Games 4/30/06 McBoobies, McPanties, and bit of Bocelli for good measure 4/30/06 - American Idol Producers: Keep it Real!

Charlotte Observer 4/30/06 Pickler shares highs, lows of 'American Idol' time

Times Dispatch 4/30/06 'Idol' touch

Courier Post 4/30/06 'Idol' winners have nowhere, but down, to go

Charlotte Observer 4/30/06 Albemarle to welcome home 'Idol' hero Pickler

NY Times 4/30/06 How a Hit Almost Failed Its Own Audition

Dallas Morning News 4/30/06 Handicapping the 'Idol' race

Reality TV Magazine 4/29/06 American Idol: Taylor Hicks' Fans Upset By Song Changing Controversy

Beavers On Idol 4/29/06 American Idol 5: A Look at the Top 6 Performances

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/06 Will the World End For 30 Million People?

Always Reality Television 4/29/06 Top 6 Recap - You... Move... Me...

Reality TV Calendar 4/29/06 Tour Dates Announced

Celebrity Spider 4/28/06 Queen Rocker Angered by American Idol Edit

Reality TV World 4/28/06 'Idol' judge Randy Jackson signs three year contract extension 4/28/06 - In Defense of Taylor Hicks: The Non-Favorite of the Judges

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/06 Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of April 28th 4/28/06 - The Top 15 Stand Out Performances This Season

Foxes On Idol 4/28/06 American Idol 5: The Case for Elliott 4/28/06 - The Worst 15 Performances by our Top 5

Reality TV Calendar 4/28/06 Kellie, Ace and Constantine - No Romance

Reality TV Magazine 4/28/06 Kellie Pickler Says American Idol Is Not Scripted

Foxes On Idol 4/28/06 American Idol 5: A Pickler Post-Mortem

WritingUp 4/28/06 American Idol 5, April 27th – Fox Adds A Little Extra

Reality TV Magazine 4/28/06 Why Do Southerners Do So Well On American Idol?

Charlotte Observer 4/28/06 Pickler's 'Idol' loss part of a bigger win

Mobile Register 4/28/06 Wacky charisma gives Hicks an edge on 'Idol'

WCNC 4/28/06 Pickler's 'Idol' loss part of a bigger win

MTV 4/28/06 Ex-'Idol' Standout Tamyra Gray Done Being Serious, Ready For Fun

News 14 Charlotte 4/28/06 Local fans say they're proud of Pickler

Celebrity Spider 4/27/06 Kellie Pickler Eliminated From American Idol; Next Week - Birth Year Songs

Celebrity Spider 4/27/06 American Idol April 26th - Who Got Voted Out Tonight?

Music Reviews Online 4/27/06 Celebrating Classic Love Songs with the Legendary Andrea Bocelli and David Foster

Celebrity Spider 4/27/06 Rod Stewart's Great American Songbook Sales Double After American Idol Appearance

Reality TV World 4/27/06 Daniel Powter's 'Bad Day' continues 'American Idol'-fueled charts run

Reality TV World 4/27/06 Ousted 'American Idol' finalist Kellie Picker laughs off romance rumors 4/27/06 - Simon apologizes, Kat’s in the top 2, and the Pickle is dill

Chancelucky 4/27/06 Kellie Pickler Gets Whacked

Mrs Jones on Idol 4/27/06 The Thick Hick Chick Got the Kick…Sorry Pick!

MTV 4/27/06 Pickler Says 'Idol' Helped Her Accept Imprisoned Dad, Absent Mom

Tee Vee 4/27/06 In a Pickle

Foxes On Idol 4/27/06 Idol Sound-Off, Top 6 4/27/06 - Top 6 Results: Never Underestimate the Voters! 4/27/06 American Idol Week 15 lacks 'love' for Pickler

Reality TV World 4/27/06 Kellie Pickler becomes the seventh 'American Idol 5' finalist eliminated

Reality TV Calendar 4/27/06 A Night Of Shocks And Thrills: Top 6 Results Show Recap

Reality Shack 4/27/06 Love Stinks - American Idol 5 Commentary and Results - Week 15

Foxes On Idol 4/27/06 American Idol 5: Why Kellie Lost 4/27/06 - Kellie Pickler on 'FOX Thing in the Morning'

JokersUpdates 4/27/06 American Idol : Top 6 Results. Picked Off

Reality TV Calendar 4/27/06 Viewers Demand Change To Voting System 4/27/06 Viewers React To Paula Abdul's Odd Behavior

WritingUp 4/27/06 American Idol 5, April 26th – Kellie Caught In A Pickle

AJC 4/27/06 Another close call for Fayetteville 'idol'

Albuquerque Tribune 4/27/06 `American Idol' star to headline fair

MSNBC 4/27/06 Picked off

Entertainment Weekly 4/27/06 Out on a High Note

Metro 4/27/06 Idol stretching its target audience

Mobile Register 4/27/06 Hicks stays alive on 'Idol'

Teen People 4/27/06 'Robotic' Kellie Pickler Voted Off Idol

San Bernardino Sun 4/27/06 McPhee wins raves - and judge's apology

Newsday 4/27/06 Kellie wouldn't be Pickler's pick

News & Observer 4/27/06 Albemarle's Pickler picked to leave 'Idol'

MTV 4/27/06 Maybe We Should Just Call It 'Southern Idol'

KVUE 4/27/06 Another 'Idol' booted; Kellie Pickler latest victim

MTV 4/27/06 Kellie Pickler Canned From 'American Idol' Competition

Reality TV Magazine 4/27/06 Why Is American Idol So Popular?

Reality News Online 4/27/06 American Idol 5, April 26: I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Newsday 4/27/06 Pickler picked off 'Idol'


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