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News Articles about FOX Networks American Idol


Celebrity Spider 3/19/07 American Idol Star Simon Cowell Given Taste of His Own Medicine by Race Aces

Reality TV World 3/19/07 'American Idol 5' champ Taylor Hicks drops 22 pounds, gets fit

Truth is Pagan Media that Bites 3/19/07 Not impressed with the Final Twelve - My predictions

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/07 Should American Idol Be Fixed?

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/19/07 Talkin’ with Bucky Covington – An Exclusive Interview

Idolhead Ed 3/19/07 Peisha McPhee's Top 4 from the top 12

Reality TV World 3/16/07 Brandon Rogers "absolutely knew" he would be eliminated from 'Idol'

Foxes on Idol 3/19/07 American Idol: Goodbye Antonella, Hello Again Mario

Idol Thoughts 3/19/07 Chris Daughtry Tops Debut Week of Idol Buzzmeter

Foxes on Idol 3/19/07 This Week in American Idol History: The Somewhat Predictable Top 11

OC Register 3/19/07 On 'Idol' it's a matter of faith

Celebrity Spider 3/18/07 Simon Cowell Regrets Turning Down Sex Cash

Reality TV Magazine 3/18/07 Simon Cowell To Appear On 60 Minutes

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/18/07 Interview with Brandon Rogers: The First Victim of Sanjaya

NY Post 3/18/07 Boy Trouble

Reality TV Magazine 3/17/07 American Idol - Bad Song Choices To Blame For Brandon Roger's Elimination

Sea of Islands 3/17/07 American Idol 6 "Twelve Dirty Diana" 3/17/07 One Down...A Guy! 11 To Go! What Else Can We Expect? 3/17/07 Diana Ross Night: Stop! In The Name Of ... My Ears

Idol Thoughts 3/17/07 Sanjaya Malakar: Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Celebrity Spider 3/16/07 Lulu and Peter Noone to Coach Top 11 on American Idol Tuesday March 20

Chancelucky 3/16/07 Brandon Rogers Hurries Off Without Love

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/16/07 Recap: This... Is... Jeopardy

Idol Thoughts 3/16/07 Ten Best Top 11 Performances of All Time

Idolhead Ed 3/16/07 Another look at the week that was. Top 12

Idolhead Ed 3/16/07 The odds and the polls don’t bode well for Haley

Foxes on Idol 3/16/07 Idol Chartwatch, March 16: New Releases Push Idols Down on the Charts

Entertainment Weekly 3/16/07 Bye Bye, Brandon

NY Post 3/16/07 'Maybe It's Your Hair Keeping You In'

Celebrity Spider 3/15/07 Brandon Rogers Eliminated From American Idol; British Pop Theme Tuesday

Celebrity Spider 3/15/07 Paula Abdul: "Simon Cowell and I are Great Friends"

Reality Thumbnails 3/15/07 American Idol 6: Two Shows In One - Our Thoughts On The Top Twelve

Reality Shack 3/15/07 American Idol Season 6, Week 4 Results: Back to Backup

Reality TV World 3/15/07 'American Idol' sends Brandon Rogers home, reveals Top 11 finalists

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/15/07 The Idol Guy, Top 12: Pronounciating to Perdition

TV Robot 3/15/07 Disappointing and Even Depressing Idol Result Show

Idol Thoughts 3/15/07 Upcoming Idol TV Appearances 3/15/07 Was That American Idol I Was Watching or is Someone Pulling My Leg?

LauraBelle 3/15/07 In So Many Words: American Idol Commentary - Measuring Up to Our Expectations

Reality TV Calendar 3/15/07 No Love For Brandon - Sanjaya Is Safe: Results Show Recap

Reality TV Calendar 3/15/07 Ranking The Top 11: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of March 15th 3/15/07 The Twelfth Man Has Left the Field

Foxes On Idol 3/15/07 Idol Sound-Off: Top 12

Foxes On Idol 3/15/07 American Idol 6: Why Brandon Lost

Reality News Online 3/15/07 American Idol 6, March 14: When Will I Come Home to You

The Trades 3/15/07 American Idol: Week 4 - Results

Idolhead Ed 3/15/07 Top 12 is now Top 11. The competition has officially started.

Idolhead Ed 3/15/07 11: The Safe, Lucas, Repunit, Eisenstein, Strobogrammatic, Dihedral Prime

Idol Thoughts 3/15/07 Bye Bye Brandon: Top 12 Results Recap

US Magazine 3/15/07 Idols Sanjaya Gets the Last Laugh

Washington Post 3/15/07 The March of The Men Begins

MSNBC 3/15/07 Men are in jeopardy as Brandon exits ‘Idol’

NY Post 3/15/07 'Idol' Lyric Loser 

Metro 3/15/07 Idol highlight: A Ford commercial

Detroit News 3/15/07 'Idol' axes forgetful Rogers

Entertainment Weekly 3/15/07 Two Out of Three Ain't Bad

Hollywood Reporter 3/15/07 'Idol' romps Tuesday against mostly repeats

MTV 3/15/07 'Idol' Voters Eliminate Forgetful Brandon Rogers

Star Ledger 3/15/07 Forgetful 'Idol' singer is just a memory

NY Post 3/15/07 '60 Mins' vs. Simon

Chicago Sun-Times 3/15/07 All-'American' rejects

Reality TV Magazine 3/14/07 American Idol Results – Brandon Rogers Eliminated 3/14/07 The Brandon, The Bald & The Beautiful

JokersUpdates 3/14/07 American Idol : Top Twelve Results. Just a Quick One Before You Go

Charlotte Observer 3/14/07 America votes, Brandon gone

Celebrity Spider 3/14/07 American Idol Has Massive Impact on Radio Airplay

Union Tribune 3/14/07 American Idol 3/14

Reality TV World 3/14/07 Ryan Seacrest's height alerted 'Idol' hopeful Jared Cotter to elimination 3/15/07 American Idol Season Six Vocal Masterclass For The Top 12 Performers

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/14/07 Recap: I Hear A Symphony (Of Misery)

Inside Pulse 3/143/07 Random Reality - American Idol - The Final 12

Reality Shack 3/14/07 American Idol 6, March 13th – Guys Not Supreme

Reality TV Talk 3/14/07 AI6 Report Card and Roundtable Discussion – Week 1

TV Robot 3/14/07 Simonese is Back for another Go

Sea of Islands 3/14/07 American Idol 6 "Drew's Reviews for March 13"

RealityTVRules 3/14/07 American Idol 6:Top 12 Performance Summary 3/13/07

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/14/07 These Top 12 Are Not Flying High

Idol Thoughts 3/14/07 Notes on Chris Sligh, Carrie, Elliott, Paris and Jennifer

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/07 Rating The Top 12 - Who Performs Like A Star?

The Trades 3/14/07 American Idol 6: Week 4 - Diana Ross Theme

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/07 Who Is Going Home This Week? RTVC Staff Predictions

Idol Thoughts 3/14/07 Who's Going Home?

TV Robot 3/14/07 So is That Why Mario Left American Idol Position in the First Place? 3/14/07 The Diva’s Dozen

Reality TV World 3/14/07 'American Idol's sixth season Top 12 take the stage and perform live

Reality TV Calendar 3/14/07 The Top 12 Sing to Survive: Performance Recap

Reality News Online 3/14/07 American Idol 6, March 13: Stop! In the Name of Love

Foxes on Idol 3/14/07 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 6, March 13

Idol Thoughts 3/14/07 Stop! In The Name of My Ears: Top 12 Performance Recap

Idolhead Ed 3/14/04 American Idol Top 12....Well.... Top 3 at least

Idolhead Ed 3/14/07 I didn't Exactly Hear a Symphony

TV Guide 3/14/07 Idol Chat: Which Top 12 Finalist Faces the Biggest Hurdle?

Entertainment Weekly 3/14/07 They Keep Hangin' On

Union Tribune 3/14/07 American Idol 3/14

Metro 3/14/07 Lakisha in Hudson’s footsteps

Variety 3/14/07 All about 'Idol'

Newsday 3/14/07 A Very Gay Exchange on "American Idol"

US Magazine 3/14/07 Seacrest Fights Back: Simon's Childish!

Chicago Sun Times 3/14/07 A 'Love' supreme? Not quite

MTV 3/14/07 'Idol' Recap: Lakisha Edges Out Melinda, Haley Has A Breakdown

Washington Post 3/14/07 Let the Games Begin

Celebrity Spider 3/13/07 New Scandal for American Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/13/07 Sundance Head Praises American Idol Producers for Withholding Tragic News 3/13/07 Come Out Ryan

JokersUpdates 3/13/07 American Idol : Top Twelve. Where Did Our Love Go?

Reality TV Magazine 3/13/07 American Idol Top 12 Performance Show Mostly Disappoints Judges

Idolhead Ed 3/13/07 A Sharp, a Flat, and a few fearless Experiments

BuddyTV 3/13/07 American Idol: Top 12 Performance Show, Quick Thoughts

Idolhead Ed 3/13/07 This is the top 12 in America?

Celebrity Spider 3/13/07 Diana Ross Coaches Top 12 American Idols & Will Perform Tonight & Tomorrow

HubPages 3/13/07 Trenyce: Life After American Idol

Reality TV World 3/12/07 Jared Cotter, Sundance Head, Sabrina Sloan dish on 'Idol' experience

BuddyTV 3/13/07 American Idol: Top 12 Power Rankings

LauraBelle 3/13/07 Can We Stand Another American Idol Scandal?

Inside Pulse 3/13/07 D2 Review: American Idol : Pick up your phones, people!

Idolhead Ed 3/13/07 The Soul Patrol Invades Birmingham

Foxes On Idol 3/13/07 American Idol 6: Which Idol Will Fall First?

Idol Thoughts 3/13/07 Katharine McPhee Gets Silver Screen Treatment

Foxes On Idol 3/13/07 American Idol 6: Why Sabrina Lost

Idol Thoughts 3/13/07 American Idol Top 12: What Order Will They Fall?

Idolhead Ed 3/13/07 The Good, The Bad, and The Boring

Newsday 3/13/07 Idol Psychics

TV Guide 3/13/07 Idol Chat: Which Top 12 Finalist Faces the Biggest Hurdle?

MSNBC 3/13/07 ‘American Idol’ has begun its decline

USA Today 3/13/07 Women dominate the field 3/13/07 High-water mark for American Idol?

Entertainment Weekly 3/13/07 Advice for the ''Idol'' Top 12

Newsday 3/13/07 LaKisha, Melinda or the door

USA Today 3/13/07 Coaches analyze the finalists: Christina Warren

Celebrity Spider 3/12/07 FOX Reality's American Idol Extra is Back for Season Two

Celebrity Spider 3/12/07 Paula Abdul's Greatest Hits Album to be Released May 8

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/12/07 Interview with Antonella Barba: No Publicity is Bad Publicity

Beavers On Idol 3/12/07 Chris Sligh's 'Win-win' American Idol Situation

Foxes On Idol 3/12/07 American Idol 6: Ranking the Idols – The Top 12

Sea of Islands 3/12/07 American Idol 6: Another Man's View on 3rd Semi-Finals March 6-7

Foxes On Idol 3/12/07 American Idol 6: Why Jared Lost

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/12/07 Interview with Sundance Head: The One Who Never Lived Up To the Hype

Reality TV Calendar 3/12/07 What The Hell Is Going On Here?

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/12/07 Interview with Sabrina Sloan: The Big Shocker of the Night

WCNC 3/12/07 Pickler’s purity influenced by new shoes?

Reality TV Calendar 3/12/07 America Got It Right, Whatever Right Is

Idolhead Ed 3/12/07 A Look Ahead To Tuesday and the top 12

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/12/07 Interview with Jared Cotter: I'm sure there's more to life than being really good looking

Idolhead Ed 3/12/07 A Sharp, A Flat, and a Look at our Brand New 12 (God help us!)

Idolhead Ed 3/12/07 Fox Steam rolls the networks in the ratings last week

Foxes on Idol 3/12/07 This Week in Idol History: The Top 12 - Let the Games Begin!

Entertainment Weekly 3/12/07 Judging the Judges: Semifinals Week 3

MSNBC 3/12/07 Laying odds on the 12 ‘American Idol’ finalists

NY Times 3/12/07 New Twist for ‘Idol’: Time Out for Charity

Newsday 3/12/07 LaKisha, Melinda or the door

OC Register 3/12/07 "American Idol": The experience of a lifetime.

MTV 3/12/07 Ex-'Idol' Employee Sues Show, Mario Vazquez; Claims Sexual Harassment

Idol Thoughts 3/11/07 Ten Best First Finals Performances

Sea of Islands 3/11/07 American Idol 6: "Last Chance Chat Ups: 3rd Semi-Finals"

Idolhead Ed 3/11/07 Soul Patrol Meltdown: Idols and CD Sales

Seattle PI 3/11/07 'Idol' judges hated our tryouts, but viewers gave them 3 stars

Newsday 3/11/07 'Idol' Buzz

Knox News 3/11/07 Talking with the 'Idol' finalists

MSNBC 3/11/07 Laying odds on the 12 ‘American Idol’ finalists

NY Post 3/11/07 Tunes With 'Tude On 'Idol' 

Daily Herald 3/11/07 Pondering the reality of the ‘Idol’

Celebrity Spider 3/10/07 Four More Eliminated From American Idol; 12 Finalists Take the Stage Tuesday

Celebrity Spider 3/10/07 Simon Cowell Offers Sanjaya Malakar No Chance

Celebrity Spider 3/10/07 Jennifer Hudson Hits Back at Simon Cowell

Reality Thumbnails 3/10/07 American Idol 6: Three Shows In One - Our Thoughts On The Top 16

Idolhead Ed 3/10/07 A Look Back At the Week That Was.

Incense and Spices 3/10/07 The Top Twelve & Why American Idol Still Works

Idol Thoughts 3/10/07 Jennifer Hudson: The New Face of Avon

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/10/07 Recap: The ‘Yo’ Factor

Beavers On Idol 3/10/07 American Idol - Seasons 6 & 3 - History Repeats Itself

Idol Thoughts 3/10/07 Soul Patrol Meltdown: Idols and CD Sales

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/10/07 The Idol Guy, Top 16: The Good, the Bad, and the Ghastly

NY Daily News 3/10/07 'Idol' reject bares feelings about pics

Yuma Sun 3/10/07 Former 'Idol' star talks of legal woes

Malaysia Star 3/10/07 Mostly mediocre dozen

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 American Idol - “Chop, Whack, Chop, Whack”

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 Antonella Barba Offered Sex DVD Deal

Fans of Reality TV 3/9/07 The Dirty Dozen

Chancelucky 3/9/07 The Adventures of Sanjaya and His Bodyguard Sundance (AI6 review)

Foxes On Idol 3/9/07 Idol Sound-Off: Top 16

BuddyTV 3/9/07 American Idol: Top 16 Results Show, Recap

Idol Thoughts 3/9/07 The "White Girl Spot": First Sent Home?

The Trades 3/9/07 American Idol 6: Week 3 Results

Celebrity Spider 3/9/07 American Idol Gives Back

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 Antonella And Sanjaya - The Conspiracies Begin

Foxes On Idol 3/9/07 Idol Chartwatch, March 9: Best Week Ever for Idols on the Charts

Reality Shack 3/9/07 American Idol Season 6, Week 3 Results: America, What Are You Smokin'?

Reality TV World 3/9/07 Antonella Barba declines to discuss 'American Idol' photo scandal

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 A Top Twelve And A Worthy Six: Episode 19 Recap

Foxes On Idol 3/9/07 American Idol 6: Why Sundance Lost

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 Antonella - The Bidding War Has Begun

Idol Thoughts 3/9/07 American Idol Nielsen Ratings Report: Top 16 Results

Reality News Online 3/9/07 American Idol 6, March 8: Take a Bow

Foxes On Idol 3/9/07 American Idol 6: Why Antonella Lost

Reality TV World 3/9/07 'American Idol 6' reveals Top 12 finalists, sends Antonella Barba home

Reality TV Calendar 3/9/07 Ranking The Top 12: Photo Scoreboard and Rankings as of March 9th

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 Paula Abdul Speaks Out

MTV 3/9/07 'Idol' Final 12 Celebrate With Simon; Antonella And Sundance Head Home

ET Online 3/9/07 'Idol''s Top 12 Celebrate

E! Online 3/9/07 Antonella's No Idol

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 More Exit Interviews

Washington Post 3/9/07 'Idol' Won't Be Sitting Idly By

Newsday 3/9/07 'American Idol' gets down to the finals

MSNBC 3/9/07 Judges disagree with two of ‘Idol’ finalists

MTV 3/9/07 Antonella, Other 'Idol' Castoffs Say They're Shocked To Be Heading Home

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 Twelfth Nightmare

FOX News 3/9/07 Secret Confessions on 'American Idol'

Entertainment Weekly 3/9/07 12 To Go

MTV 3/9/07 Gwen Stefani, Pink, Borat Team Up For 'Idol' Charity Special

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 Daughtry Once Again Locks Down #1 Spot on Billboard Top 200

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 American Idol's Bucky Covington Makes Grand Ole Opry Debut

Inside Pulse 3/8/07 Random Reality - American Idol - Top 8 Women 3/8/07 Sally Struthers Presents AI

Idol Thoughts 3/8/07 Top 16 Results Show Recap

Idolhead Ed 3/8/07 Not what I expected. Not what I wanted. I want my money back.

JokersUpdates 3/8/07 American Idol : Top Sixteen Becomes Top Twelve. Big Announcement

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/07 American Idol Results Shocker – Antonella Barba Out, Sanjaya Malakar In

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 American Idol Producer Nigel Lythgoe Responds to Rosie O'Donnell

Celebrity Spider 3/8/07 American Idol - “Eight Lasses Singing”

LauraBelle 3/8/07 American Idol Commentary - Simon Must Be Amazed

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/07 American Idol Top Twelve Finalists Revealed 3/8/07 Of Cranky Pants, Weather Balloons and Over-Hyped Special Announcements

Idolhead Ed 3/8/07 Prognosticator Wanted: Proceeds go to Charity

Idolhead Ed 3/8/07 America gets it half right 3/8/07 It’s Like the 1980’s All Over Again! (With a Snap, a Twist, and a Little Bee-boppin’)

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/07 Antonella And Blake Lead The Voting

The Trades 3/8/07 American Idol 6: Women's Week 3

BuddyTV 3/8/07 American Idol: Top 8 Girls, Performance Grades

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/07 The Girls Bring The "Yo" Episode 18 Recap

Reality Shack 3/8/07 American Idol 6, March 7th – It's All About the Yo

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/8/07 Sheer Insanity

LauraBelle, 3/8/07 American Idol Commentary - Gals Doing All They Can

TV Robot 3/8/07 Simonese Strikes a Chord

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/07 Rating The Top 16 - Who Will Make It?

MasterclassLady.Com 3/8/07 American Idol Season Six Vocal Masterclass For The Top 8 Female Performers

Reality TV Calendar 3/8/07 Pron Idolgate: Antonella Offered $250,000.00!

Foxes on Idol 3/8/07 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 6, March 7

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/8/07 Recap: Boy’s Night Takes a Turn for the Worse

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/07 It's An America Idol Hug-Off

Reality News Online 3/8/07 American Idol 6, March 7: The Yo Factor

Reality TV Magazine 3/8/07 American Idol Producer Responds To Rosie O'Donnell Criticism

Idolhead Ed 3/8/07 The Girls show how it's done..For the third time

Entertainment Weekly 3/8/07 Now That's What I Call Music!

MTV 3/8/07 'Idol' Recap: Simon Says Antonella's Time Is Up, Melinda Aces It Again

Metro 3/8/07 LaKisha sings while the inevitable inches closer 3/8/07 A double standard for 'Idol'?

Dallas Morning News 3/8/07 Simon tells it like it is

MTV 3/8/07 Frenchie Davis Wonders Why 'Idol' Gave Her The Boot, Spared Antonella Barba

MSNBC 3/8/07 Ladies show guys how it’s done on ‘Idol’ 3/7/07 Doverman Pickle

Reality TV Magazine 3/7/07 Antonella Barba Controversy Finally Mentioned On American Idol

BuddyTV 3/7/07 American Idol: Top 8 Girls, Quick Thoughts

JokersUpdates 3/7/07 American Idol : Top Eight Women. That's W-O-M-E- N

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 Girls still reign Supreme 3/7/07 Last Night Was a Warmup, Tonight It’s the Real Deal

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 Pickle, But No Ham

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 A Sharp, A Flat , and Lakisha's got Nothing

Reality TV Magazine 3/7/07 American Idol Girls Once Again Show Up the Boys

Celebrity Spider 3/7/07 American Idol - “Eight Lads Singing”

Celebrity Spider 3/707 Carrie Underwood Returns to American Idol Thursday

Celebrity Spider 3/7/07 Jennifer Hudson Surprises American Idol Contestants

BuddyTV 3/7/07 Exclusive Interview: Anthony Federov, former American Idol Finalist 3/7/07 American Idol 6: Men's Week 3

TV Robot 3/7/07 Simonese Continues, Albeit Baffled and Disappointed

Mrs. Jones On Idol 3/7/07 Hasta La Vista , Baby

BuddyTV 3/7/07 American Idol: Top 8 Guys, Performance Grades

LauraBelle 3/7/07 American Idol Commentary - Guys' Last Chance to Wow Us

MasterclassLady.Com 3/7/07 American Idol Season Six Vocal Masterclass For The Top 8 Male Performers

Inside Pulse 3/7/07 Random Reality - American Idol - Top 8 Men

Reality Shack 3/7/07 American Idol 6, March 6th – No Surprises Here

Reality TV Calendar 3/7/07 Porn Idolgate - Antonella Affair With Simon?

Foxes on Idol 3/7/07 We'll Be The Judge of That! - American Idol 6, March 6

Reality TV Calendar 3/7/07 Only Four Guys Deserve To Make It: Top 8 Guys Recap

Reality TV Magazine 3/7/07 American Idol Surprise Event To Be Revealed Thursday

Reality News Online 3/7/07 American Idol 6, March 6 - Last Chance

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 The Big Thursday Surprise

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 Who Wants to stay? Who Wants to Go? I couldn't tell

Idolhead Ed 3/7/07 A Sharp, A Flat, and a Man Singing LeeAnn Rimes

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/07 Gone, but Not Forgotten

TMZ 3/7/07 "Idol" Producer Slams Rosie, Defends Show

Star Ledger 3/7/07 May the worst candidate win

MTV 3/7/07 'Idol' Gets Its First Taste Of Hip-Hop — Thanks To A Rock Band

E! Online 3/7/07 Idol Wild: Daughtry Returns to No. 1

US Magazine 3/7/07 The Weight War is On: Idol Attacks Rosie

Metro 3/7/07 Idol’s men are limp

E! Online 3/7/07 Frenchie's Idol Exposure Revisited

MSNBC 3/7/07 ‘American Idol’ men continue to struggle

Newsday 3/7/07 ‘Idol’ away the summer

Entertainment Weekly 3/7/07 Eight Men Off

Post Gazette 3/7/07 'American Idol's' contestants are missing that 'it' factor

Detroit News 3/7/07 'American Idol': 'All mixed up'? 3/6/07 Pearl Jam For Grannies

JokersUpdates 3/6/07 American Idol : Top 8 Men. An Hour You'll Never Get Back

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/07 American Idol Romance? - Chris Sligh Hugs Ryan Seacrest

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 Simon Cowell Couldn't Stand American Idol Winner Taylor Hicks

Celebrity Spider 3/6/07 American Idol Contestant Antonella Barba Tops Lycos Search List

Reality TV World 3/6/07 Ex-'Idol 2' semifinalist Frenchie Davis crying foul over Antonella Barba 3/6/07 The Guys Climb the Big Rock Candy Mountain

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/07 American Idol Guys Have One Of The Worst Nights In Idol History

Reality TV Magazine 3/6/07 Which American Idol Guys Will Make The Top Twelve Finalists?

BuddyTV 3/6/07 American Idol: Top 16 Power Rankings

Foxes On Idol 3/6/07 American Idol 6: Why Alaina Lost

Jam! 3/6/07 'Idol' contestants missing the 'it' factor

Hollywood Reporter 3/6/07 Singing America's tune: So what if it's off-key?

Idolhead Ed 3/6/07 The Guys Take Two Steps Backwards

Idolhead Ed 3/6/07 To Be Elliott Yamin, or Not to Be

Newsday 3/6/07 Idol 'psychics' predict who's next to go

USA Today 3/6/07 'Idol' final follies: A history of mysteries

TV Guide 3/6/07 Idol Chat: Our Experts Weren't Lovin' Last Week's Theme 3/6/07 'Idol' thoughts

NY Post 3/6/07 Frenchie Fuming

Idolhead Ed 3/6/07 The Odds and Polls Spell Trouble for would be Idol

Celebrity Spider 3/5/07 Simon Cowell Blasts Jennifer Hudson for American Idol Stepping Stone Comment

Celebrity Spider 3/5/07 Bucky Covington Video Debuts at #1 CMT Pure Country

Reality TV World 3/5/07 Kellie Pickler has no comment on breast implant speculation

Foxes On Idol 3/5/07 American Idol 6: Why Leslie Lost

BuddyTV 3/5/07 Frenchie Davis Supporters Claim Racial Bias on American Idol

Foxes On Idol 3/5/07 American Idol 6: Despite What Activist Says, Antonella Situation Not a Double-Standard

Reality TV Calendar 3/5/07 Frenchie Davis Plans Protest And More

Mrs. Jones on Idol 3/5/07 Calling Out All Elliott Yamin Fans

Reality TV Calendar 3/5/07 Porn Idolgate - No Voice - So What She's Naked Dude

Foxes on Idol 3/5/07 Idol Thoughts, March 5: Antonella-Gate - Ignorance is Bliss, Right?

Foxes On Idol 3/5/07 American Idol 6: Which Idols Will Fall in the Third Semi-Final Round?

MTV 3/5/07 Can 'American Idol' Hopefuls Skate By On Looks, Personality Alone?

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/07 Unsolved Mysteries From American Idol Results Show

Reality Shack 3/4/07 American Idol Season 6, Week 2 Results: Four on the Floor

Beavers On Idol 3/4/07 Antonella Barba Revelations

Idolhead Ed 3/4/07 The odds are already posting for AI 6 winner.

Reality Thumbnails 3/4/07 American Idol 6: Three Shows In One - Our Thoughts On The Top 20

Reality TV Magazine 3/4/07 Antonella Barba Photos Creating American Idol Phenomenon

Fox News 3/4/07 'American Idol' Scandals and Surprises

NY Post 3/4/07 Soul 'Idol'

Newsday 3/4/07 'Idol' Buzz

Chicago Tribune 3/4/07 Her `Idol' quest over, Hunt looks to future

The Courier News 3/4/07 Idol worship is pervasive

Indy Star 3/4/07 Life after victory 3/4/07 On tour, reigning 'Idol' champ is balancing the Fox franchise

Celebrity Spider 3/3/07 Four More Eliminated from American Idol; Top 12 Revealed Thursday

Idolhead Ed 3/3/07 A Group Look Back At the Week That Was

Sea of Islands 3/3/07 American Idol 6 "Semi-Finals Bloodbath 2: Only Not That Much Blood This Week"

Beavers On Idol 3/3/07 American Idol: The Rules of the Game 3/3/07 Cool Is The New Bad

LauraBelle 3/3/07 Antonella Barba, American Idol's Newest Scandal

Washington Post 3/3/07 Judging by the Crowd, 'Idol' Can't Compete With Itself

Variety 3/3/07 It's time to hit the brakes on Fox's 'Idol'

Deseret News 3/3/07 'Idol' helps Fox sweep away the competition

Celebrity Spider 3/2/07 American Idol - "Booted Out"

Fans of Reality TV 3/2/07 Four Minutes of Results and Fifty-Six Minutes of Filler

The-Trades 3/2/07 American Idol 6: Week 2 Results

Entertainment Weekly 3/2/07 Exit Interviews

TV Robot 3/2/07 Behind on the Barba Scandal is No Excuse

Foxes On Idol 3/2/07 American Idol 6: Why A.J. Lost

Fans of Reality T.V. 3/2/07 Recap: Clear Winners, And Some Other Chicks Too

Chancelucky 3/2/07 Didn't You Used to Be Kellie Pickler?

TV Robot 3/2/07 Simonese for the Girls Does Little to Keep Best Singers

Reality TV Calendar 3/2/07 The Worst Don't Always Go Home

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Charlotte Observer 9/13/06 Mark your calendars, Clay fans

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Celebrity Spider 9/8/06 Clay Aiken to be Appointed White House Advisor

Chart Attack 9/8/06 Chris Daughtry Enlists Fuel Guitarist, Rob Thomas And Others For Debut Album 9/8/06 'Idol' dreamers flood Minneapolis

KTBS 9/8/06 American Idol Visits Youree Drive Middle School

Dallas Morning News 9/8/06 Idols pleasing larger and larger crowds

Foxes on Idol 9/8/06 Idol Chartwatch, September 8: Tamyra Gray Surfaces

WCCO 9/8/06 'Idol' Wannabees Converge On Target Center

Celebrity Spider 9/7/06 Color Me Badd Singer Weds Idol Finalist

Jackson Sun 9/7/06 Status of local 'Idol' hopefuls unknown

Star Telegram 9/7/06 Singer Clarkson has a fan in high places: her U.S. senator

Rocky Mountain News 9/7/06 Ace Young gets all hug-happy

Mrs Jones on Idol 9/6/06 Jones Talkin’ with Ace – The Man Behind the Smile…The Fans Behind the Man

Seattle Times 9/6/06 "Idol" worship was Taylor-made

Entertainment Weekly 9/6/06 Taylor-Made

KARE 9/6/06 Idol Mania hits the Twin Cities

Rocky Mountain News 9/6/06 Smooth 'Idol' easily revs up show's fans

Austin American Statesman 9/6/06 Taylor Hicks, 'Idol' finalists to show their stuff in Austin

News Observer 9/6/06 Clay Aiken to be appointed to committee

Rocky Mountain News 9/6/06 Hanging out late with Boulder's Idol, Ace Young

Pioneer Press 9/6/06 'American Idol' idle: Traffic stops near Target Center

Dallas Morning News 9/6/06 Idol speculation

Reality TV Magazine 9/5/06 American Idol Memphis Auditions Bring Second Largest Turnout In Show's History

People 9/5/06 American Idol's Tamyra Gray Gets Married

Rocky Mountain News 9/5/06 Where Ace is king

Post Standard 9/5/06 An Idol, Almost

Jackson Sun 9/5/06 North Side High graduate asked back for 'Idol'

Beavers On Idol 9/4/06 Justin Guarini in Concert

Seattle Times 9/4/06 Just like on TV, no one could hold a candle to Hicks

Star Tribune 9/4/06 Singing for Simon

Jackson Sun 9/4/06 For every audition, there's an 'Idol' tale

Commercial Appeal 9/4/06 'Idol' worshipers

Daily Journal 9/4/06 Many try, few prevail

WMC-TV 9/3/06 Thousands Flock to FedExForum with American Idol Hopes

Brownsville Herald 9/3/06 Local talent take their shots at ‘American Idol’

WREG 9/3/06 American Idol hopefuls line up in Memphis

Victoria Times Colonist 9/2/06 American Idol judge loathed and scared

Aberdeen American News 9/2/06 Fulfilling 'Idol' obsession

Times Reporter 9/2/06 I knew you when ... – T-R writer recalls teaching ‘American Idol’ finalist

Morning Call 9/2/06 'Idol'-ists on Broadway

Foxes on Idol 9/1/06 Idol Chartwatch, September 1: Quiet Week on the Charts

Mercury News 9/1/06 Soul Patrol goes wild for club show

Inside Bay Area 9/1/06 An evening with Taylor Hicks

The Oregonian 9/1/06 'Idol' thoughts from Kellie Pickler

Seattle Times 9/1/06 Sweet on Taylor Hicks

Celebrity Spider 8/31/06 Taylor Hicks Settles Over Copyright

Reality TV World 8/31/06 Fox's 'American Idol 6' open audition tour hits New York City

Olympian 8/31/06 Hear your favorite 'American Idol' contestants sing in Tacoma

Rocky Mountain News 8/31/06 Parker: Look for some jammin' by 'Idol' crew at Herman's Hideaway

Times Union 8/31/06 Mariah wannabes put their pipes at risk

INQ7 8/31/06 My ‘kababayan’ Jannelle So and those ‘Idols,’ live

USA Today 8/31/06 ‘American Idol' tour rolls on through U.S. arenas

Reality TV Magazine 8/31/06 American Idol Winner Carrie Underwood Nominated For Four CMA Awards

NY Daily News 8/30/06 'Idol' hands on deck in NYC

Celebrity Spider 8/29/06 American Idol Star Katharine McPhee is a Wonder Woman

Celebrity Spider 8/29/06 Fantasia Barrino Helps Single Mothers With Beauty Salon Business

Raleigh Chronicle 8/29/06 Clay Aiken Fans Generating Giant Buzz Online About New Album

Post Standard 8/29/06 Underwood's charisma grows

Mercury News 8/29/06 Know your `American Idol' finalists

Celebrity Spider 8/28/06 Taylor Hicks Plaintiff Hits Back in Copyright Battle 8/28/06 R45S: Where are they Now: AI Season One- Top 30

National Enquirer 8/28/06 Squeaky-Clean Kelly Gets Down And Dirty 

Foxes On Idol 8/28/06 American Idol: It’s Just a TV Show, Right?

Orange County Register 8/28/06 One last moment for 'Idol' finalists to shine

Burlington Free Press 8/28/06 Review: Underwood charms, sparkles at Fair

TMZ 8/28/06 Inside the "Idol" Tour After-Party

Charlotte Observer 8/28/06 300 beat heat in Charlotte 'Idol' tryouts

San Antonio Express News 8/27/06 Hopefuls surprise 'Idol' judges

KXAN 8/27/06 San Antonio "American Idol" hopefuls sing for judges

Los Angeles Times 8/26/06 An 'Idol' who enjoys being one of the guys

Orange County Register 8/26/06 An 'Idol' returns

Celebrity Spider 8/25/06 American Idol Star Mikalah Gordon Recovering After Las Vegas Robbery

Celebrity Spider 8/25/06 American Idol Taylor Hicks Sues to Protect Early Recordings

Celebrity Spider 8/25/06 American Idol Contestant Constantine Maroulis Broadway Bound

Foxes On Idol 8/25/06 Idol Chartwatch, August 25: It’s All About Mario

Reality TV Magazine 8/25/06 Bo Bice Fans Petition RCA For Original Songs

Union Tribune 8/25/06 Performers at 'Idols' concert concentrate on replicating rock classics

Raleigh Chronicle 8/25/06 Raleigh's Clay Aiken Releasing New Album On Sept. 19th

Charlotte Observer 8/25/06 Sony recording artist Kelly Clarkson grand marshal at California Speedway

Black Hills Pioneer 8/25/06 Local teen meets idol Kelly Clarkson

TMZ 8/25/06 Clay Aiken Goes "A Thousand Different Ways"

Boston Globe 8/25/06 Former American Idol singer Ayla Brown moves "Forward" with CD

MTV 8/25/06 Producer Being Sued By Taylor Hicks Says His Motives Are 'Purely Altruistic'

Mrs Jones on Idol 8/24/06: Jones Talkin’ with ACE – The Interview

Sturgis Journal 8/24/06 The Farr Side: This 'Idol' is a winner in niece's book

Charlotte Observer 8/23/06 For `Idol' hopefuls, dream starts Sunday

Reality TV World 8/23/06 Fox's 'American Idol 6' open auditions continue in Birmingham

Pioneer Press 8/23/06 'Idols' bring mixed bag

Birmingham News 8/22/06 Hopes, dreams, and Seacrest

Birmingham News 8/22/06 `Idol' host in city to talk, walk with contestants in `magical place'

Tennessean 8/22/06 Birmingham crawls with 'Idol' wannabes

Montgomery Advertiser 8/22/06 More than 8,000 swarm 'American Idol' auditions

Journal Star 8/22/06 For fans, 'American Idol' competition still rages

Journal Star 8/22/06 'Idol' fans make the cut

Poughkeepsie Journal 8/22/06 Chasing the 'Idol'

Foxes on Idol 8/21/06 The Fantasia Barrino Story: Life is Not a Fairy Tale

ABC 8/21/06 Wrentham-native Brown of American Idol fame signs record deal

TMZ 8/21/06 Daughtry Is Fan's Favorite TV Moment

MSNBC 8/21/06 Why is ‘Idol’ fascinated with bad singers?

Birmingham News 8/20/06 So you want to be an Idol? Taylor Hicks tells you how

Birmingham News 8/20/06 'Idol' hopefuls hope Magic City magic strikes again

Hudson Reporter 8/20/06 They came for fame but most left rejected

Soo Today 8/20/06 How we got to meet the Idols

Chicago Sun-Times 8/19/06 'Idol' dropout Vazquez finds his own success

NBC13 8/19/06 Idol Hopefuls Brave Heat, Long Lines For Chance At Stardom

NY Daily News 8/19/06 Fantasia's double life

Mobile Register 8/19/06 Idols in print, on screen

Clarion Ledger 8/19/06 Mississippians attempt to be next 'American Idol'

Hartford Courant 8/19/06 `Idol' Winner Fantasia Barrino Plays Herself In The Cinderella Story Of Her Life

Celebrity Spider 8/18/06 Paula Abdul Shocked by Weird British

Star Ledger 8/18/06 An 'Idol' bio

Zap2It 8/18/06 Fantasia's Not-So-Perfect 'Fairy Tale'

Mrs. Jones on Idol 8/18/06 Jones Talkin’ Fans to Fedorov – The Interview

Foxes On Idol 8/18/06 Idol Chartwatch, August 18: Looking Ahead to Fall Releases

Fox News 8/18/06 Behind the Scenes at the 'American Idol' Auditions

Indy Star 8/18/06 'Idol' show offers contrasting styles

Herald Leader 8/18/06 Harboring an 'Idol' fascination

Cleveland Plain Dealer 8/18/06 It's one thing to sing superbly, another thing entirely to be a star

Courier Journal 8/18/06 Fantasia Barrino stars in film on her tough life, 'Idol' climb

NY Post 8/18/06 Fantas-tic

Knox News 8/18/06 Singer hopes 'Idol' leads to new road

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Justin Timberlake Backtracks Over Taylor Hicks Criticism

Celebrity Spider 8/17/06 Kelly Clarkson Shows Off Her Wild Side at Rock Club

Reality TV World 8/16/06 'American Idol 5' finalist Chris Daughtry working on debut album

News Observer 8/17/06 One life, two views

Pioneer Press 8/17/06 'AI' rules!

Detroit News 8/17/06 Crowd worships 'Idols' at The Joe

Herald Net 8/17/06 Victor's Pick: Fantasia Barrino

Post Gazette 8/17/06 TV Review: Fantasia's fairy tale an uplifting TV movie

NY Daily News 8/17/06 Biopic of 'Idol' winner doesn't sing

Mobile Register 8/17/06 'Idol' casts net in Alabama

Buffalo News 8/17/06 Underwood lives up to her Idol status with performance at fair

Celebrity Spider 8/16/06 Justin Timberlake Slams "Tuneless" Taylor Hicks

Grand Rapids Press 8/16/06 'Idol' worship in full force at Van Andel

Grand Rapids Press 8/16/06 'American Idol' stars hit high note here

TMZ 8/16/06 It's Hard Out Here for an "Idol"

CBS 8/16/06 Carrie Underwood's 'Amazing' Year-Plus

Celebrity Spider 8/15/06 Simon Cowell: "I'm Not Vain"

Foxes On Idol 8/15/06 A Night at the Opera… American Idol Style

Milwaukee Journal 8/15/06 'Idol' fan completes pass of No. 4 jersey

Reality TV World 8/14/06 'American Idol' judge Simon Cowell talks about his favorite albums

USA Today 8/15/06 Northeast: Shout-outs to Grandpa, Grandma and 'Cher the Messiah'

St. Louis Today 8/15/06 An evening at the “American Idol” concession stands

Times Leader 8/15/06 In company of colorful characters

Detroit Free Press 8/15/06 Catch up with the 'Idol' crowd 8/15/06 Dreams die hard at 'Idol' auditions

Bergen Record 8/15/06 For many 'Idol' hopefuls, it's time to sing the blues

NY Daily News 8/15/06 News staffers aim to be 'Idol'-ized - but get traumatized

Celebrity Spider 8/14/06 Simon Cowell is the Man in the Mirror

NY Daily News 8/14/06 I am an 'Idol' reject

Kalamazoo Gazette 8/14/06 Running on Idol Mom spends grocery money on tickets for `Idols' Grand Rapids tour stop

Post Dispatch 8/14/06 American Idols

Yahoo! 8/14/06 "Idol" software brings music-making to home front

Asbury Park Press 8/14/06 More losers than winners at American Idol tryouts 8/14/06 Who should have won American Idol: A Concert Review

Newsday 8/14/06 Thousands turn out for “American Idol” auditions in N.J.

Celebrity Spider 8/13/06 American Idol Stars Boost Tourism in Alabama

Grand Rapids Press 8/13/06 Confessions of an 'American Idol' addict 8/13/06 Waiting in line to carry a note

Grand Rapids Press 8/13/06 'Idol' a while for high-wattage, multistar concert

Star Ledger 8/13/06 'Idol' hopefuls tuning up in N.J.

Columbus Dispatch 8/13/06 Bo Bice uses Southern-boy charm on Fair audience

NY Daily News 8/13/06 Idol worshipers queue up in N.J.

News & Observer 8/13/06 Believe it: Biopic uneven but heartfelt

The Oregonian 8/13/06 Barrino's woes turn to wows in monotonous biopic

Beauregard Daily News 8/13/06 Live ‘Idols' are even better than television

Montgomery Advertiser 8/13/06 'Idol' Worship

Times Dispatch 8/13/06 Fantasia is film's star and subject

News Journal 8/13/06 Four 'Idol' dreamers

Reality TV World 8/12/06 Fox's 'American Idol 6' auditions draws thousands in San Antonio

1010 Wins 8/12/06 American Idol Auditions Comes to NJ

Allentown Morning Call 8/12/06 'Idol' finalist Maroulis seduces Croc Rock crowd

Washington Post 8/12/06 Fantasia's Lifetime Story

San Antonio Express 8/12/06 At least 7,000 tryout for 'American Idol' at Alamodome

Celebrity Spider 8/11/06 Simon Cowell Urges American Idol Wannabes to be Nice to Animals

Foxes on Idol 8/11/06 Idol Chartwatch, August 11: Idol Music Idle on the Charts

Delaware Beachcomber 8/11/06 'American Idol' Carrie Underwood performs Aug. 13

San Antonio Express 8/11/06 Former 'Idol' contestant has no regrets

Detroit News 8/11/06 'Idols' not always up to the Cowell standard

NY Daily News 8/11/06 'Idol' worship only grows

Town Online 8/11/06 Maddocks: 'American Idol' contestant tests positive for soul-enhancing drugs

Holmen Courier 8/11/06 Onalaska singer gets shot at ‘American Idol’ audition

Star Tribune 8/11/06 Wyo highway worker makes first 'Idol' cut

Idol Go Home 8/10/06 American Idol Sues Fan For $500,000

Milwaukee Journal 8/10/06 Tried and tested in the public eye

National Ledger 8/10/06 Idol Impressions: Forget Taylor Hicks, Chris Daughtry & Elliott Yamin are the Stars

Reality TV World 8/9/06 Fox's 'American Idol 6' begins open auditions at Pasadena Rose Bowl

Reality TV World 8/9/06 Former 'American Idol 5' finalist Chris Daughtry buys new home

Jackson Hole Star Tribune 8/9/06 Wyoming highway worker makes first 'Idol' cut

Metro 8/9/06 LA roads clogged as hopefuls flood tryout

Chicago Sun Times 8/9/06 'Idol' tryout quick joy or heartbreak

MSNBC 8/8/06 A new frenzy as ‘Idol’ auditions resume

Celebrity Spider 8/8/06 Clay Aiken Sued by Biographer 8/8/06 The Saga: Meeting Idolhead and the Idols (minus Elliott) in Atlanta

Foxes On Idol 8/8/06 Idol Thoughts, August 8: ‘Bama Boys Boost Birmingham and More

Courier Journal 8/8/06 Invasion of Idols

Daily Press 8/8/06 Are 'Idols' paupers or pop stars?

Newsday 8/8/06 Thousands of contestants expected as ’American Idol’ auditions for season 6 kick off in California

MTV 8/8/06 Could You Be The Next Taylor Hicks? Audition Advice From 'American Idol' Vets


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