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News Articles about Survivor Contestant Amber Brkich Mariano


Entertainment Weekly 1/19/07 Next ''Race'': the last you'll see of Rob and Amber?

Reality TV Calendar 1/18/07 "That Guy Must Have Hated You For Life!": Episode 1 Recap

Zap2It 1/16/07 Rob and Amber Lead 'Amazing Race: All-Stars' Cast

Boston Globe 1/11/07 Will Vegas be lucky for 'Rob & Amber'?

Variety 1/10/07 TV Review: Rob and Amber: Against the Odds

IGN 1/10/07 IGN Interview: Rob & Amber

Deseret News 1/8/07 Rob & Amber are back

E!Online 11/22/06 Romber's Amazing Return

Jam! 7/28/06 Reality duo Rob & Amber eye new show

Zap2It 7/20/06 Rob and Amber, Yet Again

Coming Soon 7/18/06 Still Haven't Had Enough Rob and Amber?

Variety 7/17/06 Fox Reality wedded to duo

Gateway Newspapers 5/31/06 'Sole Survivor' champion autographs book

St. Petersburg Times 5/8/06 Survival tips for girls - from a real Survivor

Yakima Herald 4/18/06 Checking in with 'Survivor' superstar 2/16/06 'Survivor' star doesn't blaze any new trails in new book

Cape Cod Times 2/4/06 Survival tactics

CBS 2/1/06 'Amber's Guide For Girls'

Daily News 1/30/06 ‘Survivor' All-Star writes guide for girls

Inside Pulse 1/4/06 Brain Spill: The Best Woman Ever

Dallas Morning News 11/11/05 Inside 'Romber'

Jam! 11/6/05 Reality sinks in for Amazing racer

Jam! 11/6/05 Reality sinks in for Amazing racer

Globe and Mail 11/5/05 Playing games with Rob and Amber is a different reality

Jam! 10/13/05 Rob and Amber milking quasi fame

Anderson Independent Mail 8/13/05 Celebrities praise Anderson area

Television Without Pity 6/10/05 Rob And Amber Get Married

Sun2Surf 6/6/05 Rob and Amber's amazing race

Reality TV Talk 6/4/05 Rob & Amber Get Married "The Taming of the Shrewd"

Reality Reel 5/29/05 The Amazing Race: Rob and Amber's Wedding

JokersUpdates 5/25/05 Rob and Amber's Fairytale Wedding

Reality Shack 5/25/05 Fab-U-Lous! – Rob and Amber Get Married

Reality TV Calendar 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married - The Recap

Reality HQ 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married

Reality News Online 5/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Married: The Reality Fairy Tale Wedding

Pittsburgh Live 5/24/05 Rob & Amber tie the knot tonight

USA Today 5/22/05 Much 'I do' about...

Times Online 5/22/05 At last, 'Rob and Amber Get Married'

Times Online 5/22/05 I'm the luckiest girl in the world

Extra 5/18/05 Rob and Amber Make the Ultimate Alliance

Times Online 5/22/05 I'm the luckiest girl in the world

Extra 5/18/05 Rob and Amber Make the Ultimate Alliance

The Oregonian 5/18/05 Say 'I do,' then say 'bye-bye' 5/12/05 - Romber on ‘Live with Regis & Kelly’

Post Gazette 5/12/05 Amber and Rob finish runners-up on 'Amazing Race'

Tribune Review 5/11/05 Pittsburgh's Amber Brkich just misses out on another cool million

Patriot Ledger 5/11/05 Canton native, wife miss TV payoff

Beaver County Times 5/11/05 Amber's family proud but sad

Toronto Star 5/11/05 Rob and Amber second best in Amazing Race

Chicago Tribune 5/10/05 'Race' couple who has it all might win more

Star Phoenix 5/10/05 All about Rob and Amber

Beaver County Times 5/4/05 'Amazing Race' - Fab! Rob, Amber in the lead

Beaver County Times 4/27/05 'Amazing Race' Amber, Rob not so fast anymore

MSNBC 4/26/05 Readers feel strongly about Rob and Amber

Quad City Times 4/26/05 No love for Rob, Amber in their ‘Amazing Race’

Orlando Sentinel 4/26/05 They rule TV's reality

MSNBC 4/26/05 Rob and Amber's success hurts ‘Amazing Race’

NY Times 4/26/05 On TV, Reality Loves a Villain

Zap2It 4/25/05 Rob and Amber Get Registered

Times Online 4/24/05 What do you buy for a bride who has everything?

Toronto Star 4/24/05 Romber's to the altar 4/21/05 Rob & Amber: They're really a couple

Orwell Project 4/20/05 Rob Mariano And Amber Brkich Wedding Special Coming To CBS In May

Beaver County Times 4/20/05 'The Amazing Race' Amber, Rob near finish line

Celebrity Spider 4/19/05 Reality Couple Rob & Amber Get Married On Television

TV is King 4/19/05 Rob and Amber to Get Married on TV

Reality TV Calendar 4/19/05 CBS Announces Romber Wedding Special Details & 1st Photo

TVRules 4/19/05 Survivor's Rob & Amber Get Married On CBS May 24

Reality TV World 4/19/05 CBS confirms 'Rob and Amber Get Married' wedding special to air on May 24

Zap2It 4/19/05 CBS Sets Date for Rob-Amber Nuptials

NY Daily News 4/19/05 'Race'-y pair ties the knot in a real deal

Zap2It 4/18/05 Rob and Amber Reportedly Wed

Jam! 4/18/05 'Ramber' wedding to face 'Idol' finale?

Entertainment Weekly 4/18/05 Isle to Aisle

Reality TV Calendar 4/18/05 Romber Married - Bahamas Ceremony Was Saturday

Boston Herald 4/18/05 `Amazing' Rob: `Survivor' veteran and fiancee turn reality TV on its ear

Reality TV World 4/15/05 Report: 'Survivor' couple Amber Brkich and Rob Mariano to marry on April 16

Beaver County Times 4/15/05 Upcoming nuptials kept hush by network

Times Online 4/13/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber and Rob still lead the race

POAC 4/12/05 They’re may be devious and you hate ’em. But Rob and Amber deserve to win ‘Race’

Beaver County Times 4/6/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob win another race, trip

USA Today 4/5/05 That Amber and Rob: 'Everyone hates them'

Seattle PI 3/31/05 Rob and Amber: an 'Amazing' disgrace

Beaver County Times 3/30/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob aren't making any friends

Beaver County Times 3/23/05 The Amazing Race - Rob and Amber ruffle more feathers with a win

Reality TV Calendar 3/19/05 I Hate Rob & Amber

Beaver County Times 3/16/05 'The Amazing Race' - Amber, Rob: By any means

Boston Herald 3/3/05 Rob and Amber find it Amazing some Race rivals detest them

Deseret News 3/1/05 And they're off!

Calgary Sun 3/1/05 Reality television’s Million Dollar Babies

Times Online 2/27/05 Reality Report - They're off

Zap2It 2/26/05 'Amazing Race' Puts 'Survivor' Vets to the Test

Chicago Tribune 2/18/05 Veterans of `Survivor' now in `Amazing Race'

Entertainment Weekly 2/3/05 Survivors Rejoin Reality

Reality News Online 1/26/05 'Amazing Race 7' Coming Soon - So Are Rob & Amber

Digital Spy 1/21/05 'Survivor' duo to run 'Amazing Race'

Entertainment Weekly 1/21/05 All-Star Draft

Post Gazette 1/20/05 Amber, Rob to run 'The Amazing Race'

CBS 9/14/04 'Survivor' Lovebirds Perch In N.Y.

WKBN 8/24/04 Meet Amber and Boston Rob

Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 8/21/04 'Survivor' to appear

CBS 8/17/04 Picks From Rob And Amber

PR Newswire 8/11/04 Survivor's Amber to Appear at Lifesteps' Summer Festival

Standardbred Canada 7/23/04 Survivor Stars at The Meadows

CBS 7/13/04 Rob And Amber's Wedding Plans

Reality TV World 6/29/04 'Survivor' Amber Brkich and fiance Rob Mariano negotiate for TV wedding

TVRules 6/28/04 Survivor: All Star Winner Donates To Local Museum

Reality TV Calendar 6/28/04 Survivor: Amber, The Bikinis, The Photos And More

Zap2It 6/28/04 'Survivor' Champ Amber Sheds Bikinis for Museum

Times Leader 6/27/04 Survivor star shows off bikinis in museum display

Boston Globe 6/8/04 15 minutes and ticking

Reality News Online 5/19/04 An Interview with ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Winner Amber

Survivor Fire 5/15/04 Amber - Sole Survivor

Beaver County Times 5/12/04 A task any father would love: Depositing a $1 million check

TVRules 5/12/04 Survivor Winner Amber & Runner Up Rob To Appear On Leno

Unofficial Survivor Guide 5/12/04 Amber Wins The Million Dollars - And The Ring

TV Barn 5/12/04 Take that, Dave -- Rob and Amber to appear on Leno

Post Gazette 5/11/04 Amber's Wave: She played 'the hardest game,' although Rob 'took all the bullets'

Chicago Sun-Times 5/11/04 Amber and Rob: A match made in dirt

USA Today 5/11/04 Rob and Amber's payoff: $1.25 million and two cars

Metro West Daily News 5/11/04 Love is the reality between Boston Rob and Amber

Reality News Online 5/11/04 Survivor: All-Stars – Why Amber Won

Reality TV World 5/10/04 Amber Brkich wins 'All-Stars', gets engaged to runner-up Rob Mariano

Beaver County Times 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor,' $1 million! She gets the ring and the runner-up

Post Gazette 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor' $1 million, plus marriage proposal

CBS2 5/10/04 Analysis: Why Amber Won The Million

Tribune Review 5/10/04 It's how you play the game: Beaver County's Amber is last 'Survivor' standing

Dallas Morning News 5/10/04 Amber bags a mil, snags a ring in 'Survivor: All-Stars' finale

Seattle Times 5/10/04 Amber wins $1 million, Rob's heart

WKBN 5/10/04 Western PA woman is the ultimate survivor

CBS 5/10/04 And Then There Was One: Amber Brkich Is The Sole Survivor

AJC 5/10/04 Amber Brkich wins 'Survivor'

CBS 5/10/04 Romantic Finish For 'Survivor'

Union Leader 5/10/04 Amber wins 'Survivor All-Stars' — NH's Jenna elopes

Zap2It 5/9/04 Slammin' Amber Wins 'Survivor: All-Stars,' Agrees to Join Robfather's Family

Fox News 5/9/04 Amber Wins $1M, Gets Engaged on 'Survivor: All Stars' Finale

Sun Sentinel 5/8/04 All eyes on Rob and Amber as All-Stars winds down

New Castle News 5/7/04 Amber survives

Reality TV Calendar 5/5/04 Survivor's Sunday Surprise: Is Amber Pregnant?

Beaver County Times 4/30/04 'Survivor': Only Five Remain Amber stays; Shii Ann's out

Beaver County Times 4/23/04 Amber is 'so sweet, you hate to hate her'

Beaver County Times 4/16/04 She's rough, tough and guess what? She's hot!

Edmonton Journal 4/15/04 'Romber' a Survivor force to be reckoned with

Times Online 4/11/04 Young. Famous. In Love? Amber and Rob noticed by People

Times Online 4/9/04 Lex let go

Dayton Daily News 4/2/04 Survivor mixes up tribes, hearts

Times Online 3/25/04 Brkich shows sense of humor in 'Survivor' outtakes episode

Times Online 3/17/04 'Survivor' challenge - TV Guide gives local cover to Pitt basketball over Amber

Times Online 3/5/04 Hawk quits

Times Online 2/20/04 Amber Brkich no longer timid

Times Online 2/2/04 Two local contestants remain alive after initial episode

TV Barn 1/22/04 Who's in the final 2 of "Survivor Allstars?"

Post-Gazette 1/13/04 Amber, Jenna make 'Survivor All-Stars'

Post Gazette 1/12/04 2 Pittsburgh women in Survivor: All Stars

CBS 1/12/04 'Old' Survivors Set For New Game

Reality News Online 1/10/04 ‘Survivor: All-Stars’ Players Revealed

Times Online 4/14/02 Fame fleeting for 'Survivor' star

Detroit Free Press 8/25/01 Gang of 'Survivor' alums to gather at the Palace

Reality News Online 6/26/01 Survivor Amber in Stuff Magazine: Less Clothes, More Makeup

Zap2It 6/15/01 Amber Calls 'Survivor' Suit 'Upsetting'

USA Today 6/15/01 The 'Stuff' that Amber's dreams are made of

Channel Cincinnati 6/14/01 'Survivor' Amber Shows Her Stuff

Net Music 6/14/01 Survivor Votes Britney Off First

Star 5/21/01 What Was Colby Doing in the Men's Room With Amber?

Zap2It 5/8/01 'Survivor's' Amber Strips for Stuff

Calgary Sun 4/27/01 Amber in the radar

Post Gazette 4/14/01 Not-quite-forever-Amber

Zap2It 4/13/01 Brkich Open to Posing For Playboy

Edmonton Sun 4/13/01 Another 'Survivor' ousted

Cincinnati Post 4/13/01 Soggy campers shift alliances to oust Amber

Milwaukee Journal 4/13/01 'Survivor's' Amber Learns From Error

Toronto Sun 4/13/01 It's down to five on 'Survivor'

Zap2It 4/13/01 Brkich Out On 'Survivor'

Post Gazette 4/13/01 'Survivor' waives Amber

Detroit Free Press 4/13/01 'Survivor': The quiet one goes

Zap2It 4/13/01 Gervase Assaulted? 4/12/01 Save The Drama For Your Mama

Time 4/12/01 On A Very Stormy 'Survivor,' the Placid One Goes Gently

Channel 6000 4/12/01 'Survivor': Weary Contestant Ousted, Relieved

Louisville Channel 4/12/01 'Survivor': Weary Contestant Ousted, Relieved

Milwaukee Journal 4/12/01 Amber packs up, moves on

Reality News Online 4/12/01 Survivor: Why Amber Lost

Post Gazette 4/11/01 'Survivor's' Jeff says Amber is shrewd player

Detroit Free Press 4/5/01 Amber's loyalty key to the next 'Survivor' vote

Zap2It 4/3/01 'Survivor' Women Draw A Crowd

Detroit News 3/14/01 'Survivor' leaks: Are they a web of tricks, again?

Post Gazette 3/3/01 Survivor Hype

Post Gazette 2/24/01 Survivor Hype

Reality TV Links 1/30/01 Amber Brkich Web Sites: See What's Hot

Post Gazette 1/5/01 Amber joins 'Survivor' tribe

Post Gazette 1/3/01 "Survivor 2" Contestants

Bergen Record 12/29/00 'Survivor' players identified

Post Gazette 12/28/00 Beaver Area grad among possible 'Survivor II' contestants

Milwaukee Journal 12/28/00 TV secrets can't survive Internet

Zap2It 12/26/00 Identities Of 'Survivor II' Contestants Revealed


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