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IGN 10/12/07 Dan Byrd on Aliens in America

Celebrity Spider 10/9/07 Raja becomes a Terrorist Suspect Next Week on "Aliens in America"

IGN 10/9/07 Aliens in America: "No Man is an Island" Review

Celebrity Spider 10/2/07 Preview for Next Week's Episode of "Aliens in America"

Uncle Barky 10/1/07 Fall TV Preview: New series -- Aliens In America (The CW)

Washington Post 10/1/07 'Aliens in America': Roll Up the Welcome Mat

Bangor Daily News 10/1/07 "Aliens in America" a touching family comedy

Zap2It 10/1/07 The CW Surrenders to 'Aliens in America'

Kansas City Star 10/1/07 New on the tube: ‘Aliens in America,’ ‘TMZ’

Boston Globe 10/1/07 'Aliens' is a sweet, gentle take on teen misfits

NY Times 10/1/07 A Sitcom With a Twist

Knox News 10/1/07 Please welcome CW's odd 'Aliens'

Courier Journal 10/1/07 'Aliens in America' uses humor to take on touchy topics

Detroit News 10/1/07 'Aliens' lands and makes a favorable impression

Detroit Free Press 10/1/07 Meet my buddy the Muslim

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 10/1/07 TV Review: 'Aliens' arrives with laughs

Seattle Times 10/1/07 Subversive sitcom: Tolerance is lesson in "Aliens in America"

NY Post 10/1/07 Allah in the Family

NY Daily News 10/1/07 'Aliens' star sees Muslim role as positive

NY Daily News 10/1/07 Surrender to irresistible 'Aliens in America'

Journal Sentinel 10/1/07 Finding 'Aliens' a home

Sun Sentinel 10/1/07 Heartland unlikely to accept CW's Aliens in America

Star Ledger 10/1/07 International brotherhood of nerds

LA Times 10/1/07 Yukking it up in post-9/11 America 10/1/07 Finally, 'Chris' gets a comedy mate, 'Aliens'

Newsday 9/30/07 Review: 'Aliens in America' on The CW

Chicago Tribune 9/30/07 'Aliens in America' gets laughs where you might not expect to find them

Sun Sentinel 9/30/07 Heartland unlikely to accept CW's Aliens in America

Deseret News 9/29/07 We're all sort of like 'Aliens' 9/29/07 You'll laugh, you'll - think

Seattle PI 9/28/07 'Aliens in America' explores cultural ignorance

IGN 9/28/07 Aliens in America: "Pilot" Advance Review

Variety 9/27/07 Review: Aliens in America

Mercury News 9/27/07 'Aliens' has modern twist on teen outsider scenario

Milwaukee Journal 9/27/07 Double-take on Muslims

Hollywood Reporter 9/27/07 Aliens in America

Celebrity Spider 9/26/07 Aliens in America to Premiere October 1 on The CW

The-Trades 9/26/07 Aliens in America - Pilot

Jam! 9/24/07 'Aliens in America' a rare treat

Chicago Tribune 9/13/07 'Aliens in America' goes under the microscope at a Chicago high school

LA Times 8/20/07 Comedy doers

Milwaukee Journal 7/22/07 Milwaukee area natives grace revived 'Jericho,' new 'Aliens'

NY Daily News 7/21/07 'Gilmore's' diner dad will pop up in 'Aliens'

MSNBC 7/20/07 New Show: 'Aliens In America'

OC Register 7/3/07 'Aliens in America' is all about survival

Celebrity Spider 5/17/07 The CW Announces New Comedy Series "Aliens in America"


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