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USA Today 6/13/06 'Super Size Me' filmmaker sizes up jail

USA Today 6/13/06 Show pairs Minuteman, immigrant family

Reality TV Links 3/7/06 Casting Call - 30 Days

The Independent 10/24/05 Morgan Spurlock: The burger king is back for a second bite at America

NY Times 10/11/06 TV Antics: A Sitcom Mocks Its Milieu

Knox News 10/11/06 Morrow: Fey, Baldwin rock for '30' laughs

Jam! 9/17/05 Morgan Spurlock gives us more to chew on

Celebrity Spider 9/4/05 Morgan Spurlock Plans Fiji Nuptials

Zap2It 8/17/05 FX Puts Another '30 Days' on Calendar

Hollywood Reporter 8/17/05 More 'Days' for FX with new season

Pop Matters 8/8/05 30 Days... Revisited

USA Today 7/25/05 Reality Check - 30 Days

Fans of Reality TV 7/22/05 Booze in the Name of Love

Fans of Reality TV 7/15/05 Dancing Rabbits, Soysage and Loads of Hu-manure

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/8/05 The Gayest Place On Earth

The Capital Times 7/5/05 Spurlock walks the walk on FX show

Reality TV Magazine 7/4/05 30 Days with Morgan Spurlock - Vito Summa Talks about being Off-The-Grid

Fans Of Reality T.V. 7/2/05 Falling Down The Rabbit Hole ... And Into Mecca

Reality Shack 7/2/05 "Muslims and America," 30 Days, Episode 3

TV is King 7/1/05 FX Presents 30 Days

Celebrity Spider 6/28/05 Supersize Me's Morgan Spurlock Lives on Minimum Wage for "30 Days"

Fans Of Reality T.V. 6/24/05 Life of Scott

Reality Shack 6/23/05 "Anti-Aging" - 30 Days, Episode 2

Salem Statesman Journal 6/23/05 Could you try a '30 Days'-type experiment?

Reality TV Calendar 6/18/05 Indoctrinize Me

Fans of Reality TV 6/17/05 Frugal is as Frugal Does

USA Today 6/17/05 Reality Check - 30 Days

Zap2It 6/17/05 Spurlock Super-Sizes FX's Ratings

Hollywood Reporter 6/17/05 Good night for FX's '30 Days'

Post Gazette 6/17/05 TV Review: Pilgrim's Progress

Reality Shack 6/16/05 "Minimum Wage" - 30 Days, Episode 1

Salon 6/15/05 Great bad ideas

NY Times 6/15/05 Walking in Someone Else's Shoes, Briefly

Courier Journal 6/15/05 Spurlock's 'Minimum Wage' captures futility of making a living

Deseret News 6/15/05 'Super Size' to minimum wage

Boston Globe 6/15/05 '30 Days': reality with bite

Seattle Times 6/15/05 Spurlock's "30 Days" super-sizes contrasting lives

Orlando Sentinel 6/15/05 Social mcnuggets

Chicago Sun-Times 6/15/05 'Supersize' guy offers new reality: '30 Days'

USA Today 6/15/05 'Super Size Me' director binges on social issues for '30 Days'

SF Chronicle 6/15/05 Trying on other identities for size -- another super undertaking

Washington Post 6/15/05 Morgan Spurlock's '30 Days': Minimize Me

Seattle PI 6/14/05 Spurlock outshines his subjects in '30 Days'

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/05 'Super Size Me' star cooks food for thought

Hollywood Reporter 6/14/05 'Super Size Me' star cooks food for thought

Channel 4 6/12/05 New project for Super Size director

Journal Now 6/11/05 Super Size Me filmmaker's new FX program sends people to live a different way of life for one month

Village Voice 6/10/05 Dude, Where's My Country?

NY Times 6/5/05 Serialize Me: America, 30 Days at a Time

Herald Sun 5/19/05 Super dose of reality

BBC 5/17/05 Reality TV for Super Size Me star

Boston Globe 5/17/05 'Super Size Me' turns to TV

Celebrity Spider 5/4/05 Super Size Me Director Fronts 30 Days TV Challenges

Reality TV Links 2/12/05 Casting Call - 30 Days

Zap2It 12/1/04 FX Orders Series from 'Super Size' Creator


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