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On this show hosted by Mark Walberg & Claudia DiFolco we see how far people will go to start stop or save a relationship.

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Fans of Reality TV 7/22/03 Anything For Love: "Blue Balls and Bull Beaus"

Reality News Online 7/22/03 Anything for Love, Episode 8: Endings and New Beginnings

Fans of Reality TV 7/15/03 Leave your dignity at the door (7/14 recap)

Reality News Online 7/15/03 Ep 7: Good Genes, Bad Scenes, and High School Dreams

Reality News Online 7/9/03 Episode 6: A Horse Is a Horse, of Course of Course

Fans of Reality TV 7/7/03 Liars, Mounts, the Mile High Club? Anything for love recap 

Fans of Reality TV 7/1/03 Slip of the Tongue, Repeat, Slip of the Tongue (6/30)

Reality News Online 7/1/03 Anything for Love: Episode 5

Fans of Reality TV 6/26/03 Fun With Elevators, Moving Vans, and Dancing Girls 

Press Release 6/24/03 Casting Call for Anything for Love

Reality News Online 6/24/03 Anything for Love: Episodes 3 & 4

Reality News Online 6/23/03 ‘Anything for Love’ Is Just Too Much

Fans of Reality TV 6/19/03 Pole Dancing, Prancing & Breasts: Episode 1

Reality News Online 6/17/03 Anything for Love – Episodes 1 & 2

Reality TV Talk 6/17/03 Anything For Love - Episode 2 Recap - "Psychos, Elevators and Lies!"

Reality TV Talk 6/17/03 Anything For Love - Episode 1 Recap - "What The Hell Am I Watching?"

Reality TV World 6/11/03 FOX's 'Anything For Love' still looking for "hot men and women"

Zap2It 6/11/03 Mark Walberg: Host of the Most

Press Release 6/11/03 Casting Call - Anything for Love

Press Release 2/4/03 Casting Call for New Reality Series - Anything for Love

Press Release 9/13/02 All You Need is Love Casting Call


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