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On this show, Phil Hurley is the owner of KYTX, a middle-market news station. Desperate to turn the tide of his news rating woes and compete with the longtime ratings giant, Phil has shocked the station and town of Tyler, TX, by bringing in Lauren Jones, a gorgeous model and former WWE diva with no previous news experience, to be his next ANCHORWOMAN – all in hopes of reinventing the look of Channel 19 and overhauling its below-average 6 share to a number more like his competitor’s 36.Jones, the former Miss New York and über-vixen, packs up her Versace dresses and heads to Tyler to start a new career. Can this bombshell make it as a serious reporter? Will she save KYTX, or make it the laughingstock of the Lone Star State? Lauren wants to show everyone she’s no airhead, and this is her big chance to prove she’s more than just a pretty face.The entire newsroom thinks the boss has made a giant mistake. Reigning anchor Annalisa Petraglia is not about to lose her Queen Bee status to some L.A. hottie. News Director Dan Delgado is fit to be tied as his beloved journalistic standards go out the window. Michelle Reese, a hard-nosed reporter bound for CNN, will take no prisoners. Lauren has a big job in front of her as she struggles with her news team and an unfamiliar town.


News Articles about FOX Networks Anchorwoman


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NY Post 8/24/07 Cancelled After One Day

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St. Petersburg Times 8/23/07 What do real anchorwomen think of 'Anchorwoman'?

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Variety 8/23/07 Fox's 'Anchorwoman' sinks

NY Times 8/23/07 Along Come Joneses, in Two Takes on Reality

Uncle Barky 8/22/07 New series review: Anchorwoman

Courier Journal 8/22/07 Fox's 'Anchorwoman' shows off her blond ambition – or not

Washington Post 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman': Talking Airhead

NY Daily News 8/22/07 WWE beauty's 'Anchorwoman' makes a splash

Boston Globe 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman' is hardly breaking news

Chicago Sun Times 8/22/07 You stay classy, and skip this

Jam! 8/22/07 WWE bombshell anchors the news

Tampa Tribune 8/22/07 Anchoring May Be So Easy A Bikini Model Can Do It, But Journalists Beg To Differ 8/22/07 How far-fetched is 'reality' anchor?

Hartford Courant 8/22/07 Model Turns Into `Anchorwoman' On Fox

Knox News 8/22/07 Fox sinks with 'Anchorwoman'

LA Times 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman' is shallow -- film at 11

Ad Age 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman' Needs to Find a Better Story

Buffalo News 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman' isn't too bright

Post Dispatch 8/22/07 Critic's TV picks for Wednesday: 'Anchorwoman'

Chicago Tribune 8/22/07 Conflict mostly contrived on 'Anchorwoman'

My FOX KC 8/22/07 'Anchorwoman' Holds Her Own with FOX 4's Mark Alford

Chicago Sun-Times 8/21/07 You stay classy, and skip this

Newsday 8/21/07 Review: 'Anchorwoman' is bad news

Chicago Tribune 8/21/07 Dumbest Fox reality show of the year? 8/21/07 Is former bikini model suited to anchor desk?

NY Post 8/20/07 Jones for News 

Pittsburgh Post Gazette 8/19/07 The Joke's on journalism in 'Anchorwoman'

Sioux City Journal 8/19/07 Model's ship sinks in 'Anchorwoman'

Variety 8/17/07 Anchorwoman

Celebrity Spider 8/10/07 Preview Clips for the "Anchorwoman" Season Premiere

Celebrity Spider 8/3/07 Anchorwoman Premiere Announced for Wednesday August 22

NY Daily News 7/26/07 Her experience isn't 'Anchor'-ed in news

Pop Matters 7/12/07 Show puts model in anchor seat

Beacon Journal 7/7/07 Skimpy outfits over at Texas TV station

NY Post 7/5/07 'Anchorwoman' Whips Up Storm In Texas Town 

Arizona Republic 6/22/07 Fox stirs up controversy with 'Anchorwoman'

Celebrity Spider 6/12/07 FOX Announces New Reality Series "Anchorwoman" to Premiere August 21

Reality TV World 6/11/07 Fox's upcoming 'Anchorwoman' reality show causes stir in Tyler, Texas

Zap2It 6/11/07 August Premiere for FOX's 'Anchorwoman'

Product Reviews 6/11/07 Lauren Jones wants to be Anchorwoman in Fox Reality TV show

Hollywood Reporter 6/11/07 Fox reality show roils East Texas town

Worldnet Daily 6/9/07 CBS affiliate braces for bikini backlash


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