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"Amne$ia" is a high-energy, original comedy game show where contestants are challenged to answer a variety of questions from their own life for money and prizes. Memories will be tested and blasts from the past will be revealed as contestants wrack their brains to answer some of the most challenging questions often times with hilarious results.  The show is hosted by Dennis Miller.


News Articles about NBC Networks Amnesia


Celebrity Spider 2/29/08 Preview for Tonight's Episode of "Amnesia"

Variety 2/24/08 Amne$ia

Celebrity Spider 2/22/08 Preview for Tonight's Series Premiere of "Amnesia"

KGET 17 2/22/08 Man with local ties appears on reality show

South Coast Today 2/22/08 'Amne$ia' probes how well you know yourself

Zap2It 2/22/08 Dennis Miller, Mark Burnett Have 'Amne$ia' for NBC

News-Leader 2/22/08 'Amnesia' tests knowledge of one's own life

Media Life 2/22/08 'Amne$ia,' easily forgettable, actually

Jam! 2/22/08 Dennis Miller game show nice guy

TV Guide 2/22/08 Dennis Miller Tests Memories on Amnesia

USA Today 2/22/08 Game shows get funnymen, and Miller is the latest

Hartford Courant 2/22/08 This Is Your Life: 'Amne$ia' Joins Friday Night's Game Show Lineup

Post Gazette 2/17/08 Hosts Miller, Cortese become players in game show world

Celebrity Spider 1/28/08 NBC Announces Premieres of "Amnesia" and "My Dad is Better Than Your Dad"

Celebrity Spider 11/1/07 Dennis Miller to Host NBC Quiz Show "Amen$ia"

Zap2It 11/1/07 Dennis Miller Gets 'Amne$ia'

Variety 10/31/07 Miller returns to NBC with 'Amne$ia'

Celebrity Spider 8/22/07 NBC Announces New Quiz Show "Amne$ia"

Zap2It 8/22/07 NBC, Mark Burnett Have 'Amne$ia'

Washington Times 8/22/07 Burnett's new venture

TV Week 8/19/07 Exclusive: Mark Burnett Sells NBC 'Amne$ia'


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