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About Survivor Vanuatu Contestant Ami Cusack

Ami Cusack was born and raised in Golden, Colorado, to Richard, a top gun pilot and explosives engineer, and Virginia, a former substitute English teacher and homemaker. After graduating Golden High School, she attended Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver.  She is currently single. Her birth date is January 25, 1973.  On Survivor Vanuatu Ami was thirteenth voted off having made the final six.


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News Articles about Survivor Vanuatu & Survivor Micronesia Contestant Ami Cusack


Inside Pulse 2/23/10 Greatest Survivor Player Of All-Time: Contenders – Ami Cusack

Windy City Times 4/16/08 Ami ousted from ‘Survivor'

Reality News Online 4/10/08 Survivor: Micronesia – Why Ami Lost

IGN 4/9/08 Survivor: Micronesia Interview - Ami

TV Guide 4/9/08 Survivor Castoff Ami Discusses Life on the Island

Rocky Mountain News 4/8/08 The second boot drops for Colorado 'Survivor'

Reality News Online 4/7/08 “I Never Wanted to Get Rid of Ozzy” – An Interview with Survivor: Micronesia’s Ami

Deadbolt 4/7/08 Emotions Run High for Ami as She Leaves Micronesia

Survivor Fans Podcast 4/4/08 Interview with Ami Cusack

Reality TV World 4/4/08 Exclusive: Ami Cusack talks about her 'Survivor: Micronesia' adventure

Unofficial Survivor Guide 4/4/08 Vote Of No Confidence: Erik's Puppy Eyes Send Ami to the Dog House

Reality TV World 4/4/08 Ami Cusack the tenth castaway eliminated from 'Survivor: Micronesia'

Reality TV Magazine 4/3/08 Survivor: Micronesia — Ami Voted Out

Windy City Times 2/13/08 Gay Survivors Amy and Chet Square Off in 16th Season

After Ellen 2/7/08 Interview With Ami Cusack

Rocky Mountain News 2/6/08 Game on for 'Survivor' Cusack

Celebrity Spider 1/4/08 CBS Announces 20 Castaways for Survivor: Micronesia - Fan vs Favorites

Denver Post 1/4/08 Denver woman on new "Survivor"

Entertainment Weekly 1/3/08 Survivor Micronesia Scouting Report - Ami Cusack

Reality News Online 12/11/04 "I Felt As If I Had Too Much Input": An Interview with Survivor's Ami

SheKnows 12/5/04 Episode 12: Queen Ami is knocked off her thrown

Survivor Review 12/5/04 Ami's Demise

The Trades 12/4/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Episode 12 - Ami Fingers the Competition

Survivor Review 12/4/04 Ami's Big Road Trip

Survivor Updates 12/4/04 Tribal Voice: Episode 12 - Ami a.k.a. Queen Midol

Survivor Updates 12/3/04 Episode 12 - Ami Walks--Finger Talks 12/3/04 Ami from Survivor Vanuatu on 'The Early Show'

Reality News Online 12/3/04 Survivor: Vanuatu - Why Ami Lost

Unofficial Survivor Guide 12/3/04 Ami Keeps Her Integrity, But Not Her Throne

Reality TV World 12/3/04 Ami Cusack gets overthrown, becomes the thirteenth castaway to be booted from 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

CBS 12/2/04 Adios, Ami

Zap2It 12/2/04 Chasing Ami: New Order Rules on 'Survivor: Vanuatu'

CBS 12/2/04 Queen Overthrown: Ami Voted Out

Reality TV Calendar 11/23/04 Chad Blames Ami

Southern Voice 10/29/04 ‘Survivor’ secrets

Survivor Review 10/24/04 It's All About Ami

Planet Out 8/21/04 New "Survivor" features two lesbians

Reality TV Calendar 8/20/04 Meet The Survivors: Ami Cusak Bio and Photo

After Ellen 8/17/04 Finally! Lesbians on Survivor!

Reality TV World 8/17/04 CBS officially announces identities of 'Survivor: Vanuatu's eighteen castaways

MSNBC 8/17/04 Castaways announced for ninth ‘Survivor’

Reality TV Calendar 8/15/04 Spoiler: Meet The Survivors - Bios and Photos


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