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About Amber Siyavus


Amber Siyavus (age 27 years old on the show) is a cocktail waitress who works at Caesar's Palace casino in Las Vegas, NV.  Amber was nominated for eviction in week one but survived the vote 10-1.  Amber was the eighth houseguest evicted by a vote of 3-1 and becomes the third member of the jury.  Amber also appeared on the Power of 10 show as part of a PoV competition.


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News Articles about  Big Brother 8 contestant Amber Siyavus


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Buddy TV 9/21/07 Exclusive Interview: Amber Siyavus, from 'Big Brother 8'

Buddy TV 9/21/07 Big Brother 8: Amber Fired from Job in Wake of Anti-Semitic Comments?

Reality News Online 9/20/07 "It Was Just Me Being Me in the House" -- An Interview with Big Brother 8's Amber

NY Post 9/3/07 Amber Alert: No Interviews 

Celebrity Spider 9/1/07 Big Brother 8: Amber Sheds Her Final Tears as She is Sent Packing

Reality TV Calendar 8/31/07 Big Sister Report: Amber Disappears - What's Going On?

Wild Bluff Media 8/31/07 Big Brother 8: Where Amber Went Wrong

Reality News Online 8/31/07 Big Brother 8: Why Amber Lost

Reality TV Magazine 8/30/07 Big Brother Results Amber Siyavus Evicted

Wild Bluff Media 8/30/07 Big Brother 8: CBS To Prohibit Reporters Questions On Amber's Racism

Celebrity Spider 8/29/07 Big Brother 8 Housemate Amber Siyavus Wins $1,000 on Power of 10

Reality TV Magazine 8/26/07 Big Brother Amber And Zach Nominated For Eviction

Celebrity Spider 8/23/07 Big Brother 8 Houseguests Daniele & Amber to Appear Tuesday on Power of 10

Reality TV Calendar 8/22/07 God Is Lying To Amber

Reality TV Magazine 8/19/07 Big Brother Daniele Nominates Amber and Jameka

Idol Thoughts 8/9/07 CBS Releases a Statement About Amber's Anti-Semitic Comments

NY Post 8/9/07 'BB8' Jew Hater

TMZ 8/8/07 "Big Brother" Shiksa Learns Jews Have Jewish Names

FOX News 8/8/07 Anti-Semitic Rant on CBS' 'Big Brother 8'

Reality TV Magazine 7/8/07 Big Brother 8 Kail Nominates Amber & Carol

Celebrity Spider 6/29/07 CBS Reveals The Identities Of The 14 New Houseguests On 'Big Brother 8'


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