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Amanda Overmyer (age 23 on the show) - Raised and currently lives in Mulberry, Indiana. Overmyer is a health-care specialist and is earning a bachelor's degree in business management. She was lead singer for the band Steeleto. In her spare time, Overmyer loves riding her motorcycle.  Amanda made the final 12 but was the second voted off.

News Articles about American Idol contestant Amanda Overmyer


Celebrity Spider 4/28/08 Amanda Overmyer to Perform at Berdoo Bikes & Blues Rendezvous

Journal & Courier 3/27/08 Ousted 'Idol' Overmyer at home in Mulberry

MSNBC 3/26/08 Cast off ‘Idol,’ Overmyer banking on momentum

Carroll County Comet 3/26/08 Amanda Overmyer - true to herself

Reality TV World 3/21/08 Amanda Overmyer talks about 'American Idol' ouster, uniqueness

Reality TV World 3/20/08 Ousted 'American Idol' finalist Amanda Overmyer felt she'd be booted

MTV 3/20/08 'American Idol' Castoff Amanda Overmyer Brushes Off Vote For The Worst Support: 'Votes Are Votes'

TMZ 3/22/08 Amanda Overmyer Is That Famous?

Reality TV Magazine 3/21/08 American Idol Nurse Not Going To Chase Unicorns

Reality TV Magazine 3/21/08 American Idol: Amanda Overmyer Had A Different Agenda

Fans Of Reality T.V. 3/21/08 Interview with Amanda Overmyer: The Colorful Hair Curse Strikes Again

Extra 3/21/08 Overmyer Over It

South Bend Tribune 3/21/08 A Hoosier's 15 minutes of 'Idol' fame

NY Post 3/21/08 Over for Overmyer

NY Daily News 3/21/08 Amanda won't 'Idol' - she'll 'move on'

Celebrity Spider 3/20/08 American Idol Recap: Another Idol's Dreams Shattered

Reality TV Magazine 3/20/08 American Idol Finalist Amanda Overmeyer Not Hurt By Vote For The Worst

BuddyTV 3/20/08 American Idol's Amanda Overmyer: Elimination Interview

Foxes On Idol 3/20/08 American Idol 7: Why Amanda Lost

Reality TV World 3/20/08 'American Idol' cuts Amanda Overmyer, reveals Top 10 finalists

MTV 3/20/08 'American Idol' Castoff Amanda Overmyer Brushes Off Vote For The Worst Support: 'Votes Are Votes'

Washington Post 3/20/08 For Amanda Overmyer, the Road Wasn't All That Long and Winding After All

Entertainment Weekly 3/20/08 'American Idol' Exit Q&A: Amanda Overmyer

Zap2It 3/20/08 'American Idol' Exit Interview: Amanda Overmyer

Reality TV Magazine 3/19/08 American Idol Results: Amanda Overmyer Voted Off

NY Daily News 3/19/08 American Idol audience got it wrong with booting Amanda Overmyer


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