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About Adria and Natalie

Adria Okins was 30 years old on the show and comes from Birmingham, Alabama.  She is married and works as a web designer.  She is also known as Adria Montgomery-Klein according to the Fitness Twins website and has a twin sister Natalie Montgomery-Carroll.  Natalie is taking turns in the house pretending to be Adria.


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News Articles about Big Brother 5 Contestants Adria and Natalie


Zap2It 6/24/15 'Big Brother 17' twin twist: Let Season 5's Adria and Natalie explain

Reality News Online 9/5/04 “It Was All About Taking Chances”: An Interview with Big Brother 5’s Adria

Reality News Online 9/4/04 Big Brother 5: Why Adria Lost

Reality TV World 9/4/04 Adria Klein becomes the eighth houseguest to be evicted from the 'Big Brother 5' house 9/3/04 Adria on 'The Early Show'

Zap2It 9/2/04 Deja Vu: Another Twin Departs 'BB5'

CBS 9/1/04 Adria and Cowboy on Ice: Karen Turns Cold Shoulder

JokersUpdates 8/30/04 Big Brother 5 - Interview w/Natalie's husband Breck Carroll 8/28/04 - BB5 Natalie on 'Housecalls'

Reality News Online 8/27/04 Big Brother 5: Why Natalie Lost

Reality TV World 8/27/04 Natalie Carroll becomes the seventh houseguest to be evicted from the 'Big Brother 5' house

CBS 8/27/04 Natalie Nixed, Marvin HOH

CBS 8/25/04 Adria Achieves PoV: Cowboy Goes Up In Her Place

CBS 8/22/04 Double Trouble: Adria & Natalie On The Block

CBS 8/20/04 Adria Frees Willy; Nakomis HoH Again

CBS 8/18/04 Adria Scores Veto: Marvin And Will Stay On The Block

Reality TV Hall of Fame 8/18/04 Double the Fun: Adria and Natalie – the Twin Twist – from ‘Big Brother 5’

CBS 8/15/04 A Rules The Day: Marvin & Will Nominated

I Love Reality 8/13/04 Adria discusses her nomination options with Natalie

Birmingham News 8/6/04 Area twins hoodwink `Big Brother' housemates

Montgomery Advisor 8/6/04 Twin sisters twist 'Big Brother'

Zap2It 8/6/04 Twins Are In, But the 'Big Brother' House Is Scott-Free

Reality News Online 8/6/04 Big Brother 5, August 5: Seeing Double

Digital Spy 8/5/04 Twin switch-out to be revealed

USA Today 8/4/04 'Big Brother' bombshell: The twin-sister switcheroo

Reality TV Calendar 8/3/04 What Happens When The Twins Are Revealed? RTVC Analysis

Reality News Online 7/29/04 Big Brother 5: If Adria Goes, What About Natalie?

CBS 7/28/04 Nakomis Saves Herself, Drew Puts Up Adria

I Love Reality 7/16/04 BB5 - The low-down on Adria and Natalie

BigBrotherUpdates 7/15/04 Twins Revealed & New HOH

I Love Reality 7/12/04 Adria and Natalie caught on cam together!!!

I Love Reality 7/12/04 The Twin Status - Four and Counting....

Big Brother's Little Sister 7/11/04 The Twin Switch Twist (TST) is now in progress!

I Love Reality 7/11/04 Big Brother 5 - The Swapping Twins Revealed

Big Brother's Little Sister 7/2/04 Uncovering The Real Contestant Bios: Adria Odkins

WTVY 7/2/04 Big Brother Houseguest

Zap2It 6/30/04 Meet the Latest Pack of 'Big Brother' Shut-ins


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Yahoo Group - Adria & Natalie


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