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Ace Gordon is a self-proclaimed charmer in every sense of the word. With an English accent and a shaved head, he is an absolute fan of the game and 100% confident in his manipulation skills. Born in New York but raised in London, Ace attended the prestigious Hill House School in Knightsbridge. His privileged background and world travels lead Gordon to mockingly state, “I’m probably better than you and highly more [sic] educated.”


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News Articles about Survivor Gabon contestant Ace Gordon

Reality TV World 1/5/09 Charges dropped against 'Survivor: Gabon' castaway Ace Gordon
Reality TV Magazine 11/24/08 Survivor: Gabon's Ace Gordon Falsely Accused Of Hitting A Woman In Bar
BuddyTV 11/19/08 Survivor: Gabon - Ace Gordon Arrested in Florida (Plus, a Little One-Act)
Reality TV Calendar 11/19/08 Ace Gordon Arrested - "But I'm Famous!"
Celebrity Spider 11/18/08 Survivor Contestant Arrested
Reality TV World 11/18/08 Bar owner: 'Survivor' Ace Gordon hit another male patron, not a woman
Reality TV World 11/17/08 'Survivor: Gabon's Ace Gordon arrested for intoxication, resisting arrest
Whats Hot On TV  11/17/08  Survivor - Ace Gordon Arrested
TMZ 11/17/08 'Survivor' Arrested--Not Immune From The Booze
Orlando Sentinel 11/17/08 'Survivor' contestant arrested in Naples
Reality News Online 11/6/08 Survivor: Gabon – Why Ace Lost
Fans of Reality TV 11/2/08 Interview: Survivor Gabon: Interview with Ace and Dan - "I'm not an ex-fatty at all."
Survivor Fans Podcast 10/31/08 Interview with Ace Gordon and Dan Kay
Reality TV World 10/31/08 Exclusive: Ace Gordon discusses his surprise 'Survivor: Gabon' ouster
Reality News Online 10/31/08 Survivor: Gabon Episode 7 Temptations - Playing the Ace 10/31/08 Ace Blind-Sided On Survivor 17: Gabon
CBS11 10/31/08 "Survivor" Twist Ends The Game For Ace & Dan
Reality News Online 10/31/08 “Yes, the Accent’s Real!” – RealityNewsOnline’s Exclusive Interview with Survivor: Gabon’s Ace
Reality TV Calendar 10/31/08 Video Interview with Ace - The Day After He Got The Boot
Reality TV World 10/31/08 'Survivor: Gabon' eliminates both Ace Gordon and Dan Kay
NaplesNews 10/31/08 Naples Resident Voted Out of 'Survivor'

Reality TV Fans 10/28/08 Survivor Gabon, Episode 6: Ace: Portrait of a Villain 10/24/08 Naples 'Survivor' Barely Hangs In There For Another Episode
Whats Hot On TV 10/23/08 Survivor - Why Is Ace Still There?
BuddyTV 10/17/08 Survivor: Gabon - Changing My Mind on Ace
BuddyTV 10/3/08 Survivor: Gabon - The Merits of Ace, an Arrogant Jerk

The News-Press 9/24/08 Naples man had equator opportunity

Naples Daily News 9/16/08 Naples man is a 'Survivor' contestant
BuddyTV 8/27/08 Survivor: Gabon - Meet Your Cast!


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