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Aaron was born April 25, 1975 in Belmont County, Ohio.  He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Hospitality Management from Ohio State University. After college, he moved to Chicago for some time and then to Hawaii.. He is currently works as a surfing instructor while also tending bar and managing a tapas restaurant. He has previously worked in home remodeling.


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News Articles about Survivor China contestant Aaron Reisberger


Stuff 11/9/07 Food scarce, Survivor victim says

Inside Pulse 10/25/07 An Interview with Survivor: China's Aaron Reisberger

Reality News Online 10/25/07 Survivor: China – Why Aaron Lost

IGN 10/24/07 Survivor: China Interview - Aaron

TV Guide 10/23/07 Survivor: China Front-runner Aaron Victimized by the "Twist"

RealityWanted.net 10/22/07 Interview With Aaron Reisberger Of Survivor China

Fans Of Reality T.V. 10/20/07 Interview with Aaron: "How could you do that?"

Reality TV World 10/19/07 Interview: Aaron Reisberger talks about 'Survivor: China' ouster

Reality News Online 10/19/07 “Swapping Two People Was Not Fair Whatsoever” – An Interview with Survivor: China’s Aaron

Marietta Times 9/26/07 He’s a ‘Survivor’: One contestant has local connection

Reality TV Calendar 9/13/07 Contestant Biography: Aaron Reisberger

WTRF 8/21/07 New 'Survivor' Contestant Has Ohio Valley Ties

Celebrity Spider 8/20/07 CBS Announces 16 New Castaways for Survivor: China


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