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This MTV reality show is sort of a spin off of Laguna Beach.  It follows a group of ten aspiring models living in Miami's trendy South Beach area.  8th and Ocean will build upon this distinctive method of storytelling with a compelling cast of models striving to succeed on the sands of South Beach.

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News Articles about MTV Networks 8th and Ocean


Reality TV World 2/19/09 Former '8th & Ocean' modeling agency closes due to poor economy 

DVD Talk 9/19/06 8th & Ocean - The Complete First Season

Reality Reel 5/19/06 The Sun Must Set Sometime - Even In Miami

Reality Reel 5/6/06 Tracie Chooses LA Over Miami

Reality Reel 4/29/06 Kelly Is Pea Green with Envy - And Fiery With Rage

Reality Reel 4/20/06 Teddy Learns That Karma Is A Bitch

Reality Reel 4/15/06 Sabrina's Back In The Saddle Again

Reality Shack 4/14/06 And This Is Why I Love Reality TV: 8th And Ocean, A Forgettable Address

Reality Reel 4/12/06 Kelly's New Boobs Will Go Together, But Will It Cause Her And Her Sister To Grow Apart

Reality Reel 3/31/06 Teddy Bear Doesn't Seem To Be So Cuddly Anymore

Yale Daily News 3/24/06 '8th & Ocean' pouts, purges

Reality Reel 3/24/06 Can Sabrina Clear Her Skin - And The Tension Between Her And Kelly?

Reality Reel 3/18/06 Vinci Ignites Mia - And Not Just With His Sex Appeal

Blogger Party 3/14/06 8th And Ocean and Why Watching Beautiful People is Addicting

Reality Reel 3/13/06 8th & Ocean Premieres, Dripping Style, Envy, And Sex Appeal

Washington Post 3/8/06 MTV's '8th & Ocean': 10 Hot Models Toss Inhibitions and Intellect Aside

Zap2It 3/7/06 Model Behavior at '8th & Ocean'

NY Daily News 3/7/06 Latest model behavior is ill-fitting

Hollywood Reporter 3/7/06 8th and Ocean

NY Daily News 3/2/06 MTV offers 'Ocean' view of model life

Miami Herald 2/21/06 MTV follows South Beach models

Reality TV World 2/8/06 MTV reveals '8th & Ocean' cast, series to premiere March 7

Media Week 10/6/05 Surf's Up for MTV's Laguna Beach, 8th & Ocean

Zap2It 10/6/05 'Laguna Beach' Team Goes Bicoastal

Reality TV World 10/6/05 MTV renews 'Laguna Beach' for third season, adds '8th & Ocean' show


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