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About $25 Million Dollar Hoax

On this show a daughter plays a "practical hoax" on her family by convincing them she has won the lottery and changed from a level-headed, sweet girl to a selfish spend-a-holic.  At the end of the show, if the daughter pulls off the hoax, the friends and family members are informed that there is no lottery prize. She gets a smaller cash prize for faking everyone out.  Ed McMahon joins the show to lend credibility.


News Articles about  Networks $25 Million Dollar Hoax


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Reality News Online 11/23/04 The $25 Million Dollar Hoax, Episode 3: The Dramatic! Emotional! Finale!

Reality TV Calendar 11/16/04 Good People Transform Bad TV: Episode 2 Recap

Reality News Online 11/16/04 The $25 Million Dollar Hoax, Episode 2: Little Diva

Reality Shack 11/16/04 Oops, I Blew All My Cash - The $25 Million Dollar Hoax, Episode 2

Contact Music 11/15/04 Bass to Appear in Mean Reality Show

Reality TV World 11/15/04 '$25 Million Dollar Hoax' debut swamped by 'CSI: Miami', draws only 7.1 million viewers

Fans Of Reality TV 11/10/04 25 Million Dollar Hoax Episode 1 Recap - Get Rich or Die Trying

Reality TV Calendar 11/9/04 Shock, Alienate and Crush Their Dreams: Episode 1 Recap

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Reality News Online 11/9/04 The $25 Million Dollar Hoax, Episode 1: Lies, Lies, Lies

Hollywood Reporter 11/8/04 $25 Million Dollar Hoax

NY Daily News 11/8/04 $25M 'Hoax' a total bust, for our money

Reality News Online 11/8/04 The $25 Million Dollar Hoax - A Preview

Milwaukee Journal 11/6/04 Hoaxes pocus: Reality TV fakes it

Reality TV World 10/18/04 NBC to air a 'Fiance'-like '$25 Million Hoax' series beginning November 8

NBCMV 10/15/04 NBC Announces Premiere of New Unscripted Series ’$25 Million Dollar Hoax’ on 11/8..


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